…Russia overcame the inertia of collapse and started reviving its power, while the West, being lulled by sweet day-dreams of the liberal ‘end of history,’ castrated its armed forces to the point, when they could be good [only] for leading colonial wars with weak and technically backward enemies. The balance of forces in Europe has thus changed in Russia’s favor.

Pravda, 13 November 2014

The headline of the Pravda article cited above reads, “Russia takes complete advantage of castrated armed forces of the West.” We also read in that same Russian article, “The illusion of world supremacy played a cruel joke on Washington.” We must ask a question here: Who fostered the illusion of American world supremacy? What country supposedly quit the business of nuclear competition, the business of communist subversion, the business of the Cold War? Russia supposedly quit. But they did not quit!

Nevertheless, we find Tucker Carlson and Patrick Buchanan saying that we have been unfair to Russia, that we have needlessly provoked Vladimir Putin, tricking the Russians with false promises. No. The Russians tricked us. And they were already laughing at us in November 2014. America wanted to believe that the nightmare threat of Mutual Assured Destruction was a thing of the past. The Americans never wanted a conflict with Russia, or with China. The Americans wanted to live in peace. But we will not be living in peace. The war is coming to us whether we want it or not. And the war has now begun in Ukraine and there will be additional moves.

Here is my discussion with Nevin Gussack of the Populist Patriot.

War Episode With Nevin


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396 thoughts on “The War in Ukraine: Interview With the Populist Patriot

  1. A war with Russia, whether initiated by the West or East, would certainly assist the global elite’s effort to reduce the global population to a maximum of five hundred million souls, as intimated by the Georgia Guide-stones. The dream of global democratic liberalism, as well as that of Marxian totalitarianism, has often been sought through a universal conflagration. Certain (globalist) forces want to force an unprepared NATO into a nuclear conflict. Elite liberalism needs a conflict in order to catalyse a post-“religious” syncretism.

    1. Just because some elite crackpots want to see the world’s population gradually reduced to 500,000 (without killing anyone) does not mean there is a plan to kill 7.2 billion people. Your conclusion here is crazy and not proven. The facts your kind refer to are constructions short of proof, tendentious and focused on blaming capitalism. Please stop repeating this nonsense unless you can prove such a conspiracy actually exists. What really bothers me is your assigning guilt to the wrong parties. Your accusations are better laid to the communist powers, who are the only powers who have actually carried out genocidal massacres, and who have launched a biological war on the world with China’s release of COVID.

      1. Until we get rid of all the Venezuelan internet voting machines, we are sitting ducks. So far, not one county has scrapped them, and mid term elections rapidly approach. Then what do we do? Gun sales have set another new record again. Does China wish to cultivate irradiated farm land, or will Russia spoil China’s plans? Not all mRNA serums are the same formula. Half of the US will be dead or brain dead with Alzheimer’s then die from AIDS. That’s still leaves a population equal to Russia’s not counting newly conquered populations. Why does Putin get so irritated by the thought of sanctions, if he doesn’t care about money? If he cares about money, then there’s no point in eliminating the US. Russia is on the defensive. Lets see if they want to pull their spy ships out of US waters, if we agree to leave the Black Sea.

      2. Hello, Jeff! What’s NATO current awareness of its military weakness? Is NATO avoiding direct involvement due to its military feebleness? I’ve heard many analysts simply surprised at Russian military capability, so I wonder where these people were in the last 20 years.

      3. Arthur Henz: Russia allowed its military to deteriorate for about 20 + years. The purpose was to stop paying for maintenance on old equipment while spending the money instead on development of new weapons. Then the actual production and deployment of these new weapons only in the last few years. 20 years ago NATO saw a rusting enemy. So NATO got lazy. So suddenly Russia appears with the new weapons and NATO is not ready.

    2. Let’s say that’s true – what is the “global elite’s” endgame, once NATO loses? Is the premise here that there is some hidden “global elite” above or beyond all of this, ie, behind and driving the governments of the US, Europe, Russia, China, Pakistan, India, Iran – all of them, in a unified grand conspiracy? By a cadre of “global elite” that somehow will share the spoils, once most of the world population is wiped out? And – critically – that this elite cadre represents LIBERALISM?

      Because it makes a lot more sense that elite COMMUNISM is behind it all, not elite LIBERALISM, and if we’re seeing the unfolding of an elaborate conspiracy, it’s China/Russia playing Western elite liberalism, not the other way around. I know it’s hard to watch the coordination among Western governments and the WEF/UN, and not see massive coordination to bring the governments of the world under a tyrannical NWO. It’s hard to reconcile it all. The WEF juggernaut has more of a fascist spirit – ie, the melding of corporate and government powers. But at base, it’s more transactional than ideological, and too enamored with money and the trappings of technocratic comforts; it is blinded by hubris, dismissive of raw, brute force, and thus subject to the manipulations of an ideology that understands the power of brute force (ie, communism).

      I do think it’s overly reductive to say all evil in the world stems from communism. Western liberalism became corrupted and perverted when it turned away from God. Maybe that was communist influence and so, then, all evil DOES stem from communism); but all the same, I see a current of corruption in Western elite liberalism that is twisted in its own unique way, which sees high capitalism as some sort of worldly eschaton, and from this view, communism is some anachronistic, backwater ideology destined for the dustbin of history. I think there are Western Elites who DO imagine that nation-states (as drivers of history) are quaint and outmoded, and the World Economic Forum’s New World Order is our destiny. What I’ve learned here, from Nyquist, is that communism can USE that blinded hubris for its own purposes.

      In short, Western Elite Liberalism may well believe a war with the East could be a useful crisis. But they are woefully misguided. China and Russia intend to win, and are playing for keeps.

      1. If NATO falls most of the capitalist elite go to the wall and get expropriated. Maybe some will get the Order of Lenin for their contribution to The Revolution. Moscow’s “right strategy” is always followed by a turn to the Left and the liquidation of all kulaks. As if, of course, there is one single, unified global elite. If they had that kind of cohesion the communists would not be winning. Then there is the groupthink of the comfortable classes. Here we find the combined effect of the stupid party and the evil party. Let’s not misunderstand the epiphenomena of late capitalism.

      2. PS – I do not think “elite liberalism” is the correct description of people like Klaus Schwab, for example. Diana West’s latest essay posts a picture of Schwab with a bust of Lenin on the shelf behind him. Could you imagine if it was a bust of Hitler? Neither busts belong in a liberal library. These are not elite liberals.

      3. (This is actually a response to Nyquist responses)

        Very helpful clarifications. I think the “epiphenomena of late capitalism” are what get so confusing. Tempting to infer a conspiracy among the neoliberals, the comfortable class, the transhumanists … basically what we call the “ruling class” or “elites” among the West. But I think groupthink describes it better than conspiracy. And then layer on the significant communist infiltration among their ranks. I had forgotten about the Lenin bust in Schwab’s office. Really says it all.

      4. If we understand the sociology of liberalism, with all its economism and its hedonistic utopian tendencies, we begin to see the emergence of degenerative forces — especially moral nihilism. To understand this complex unfolding is not easy. Conspiracy theory is a shortcut — and a fatal one.

      5. Visitor: corruption stems from the sin and rebellion against God. Certainly communism is one of the ultimate corruptors of mankind because it hardens into its own laws, policies that embrace a position opposed to the worship of God and the denial of His moral laws of authority. That is why much of history coming out of communist regimes is likened to “insanity”. Any nation that openly embraces rebellion against God and of Christ will become “satanic” and in league with the devil. As the west embraces the same spirit of “corruption”, will will be in league with the devil.

    3. Yadi yada. Does it ever occur to you all capitalist conspiracy theorists that Hitler came by Communist design to conquer Europe? It is called Icebreaker, read it. The same manner of imbecile capitalists nowadays egged on and encouraged by these little fubar communists in universities bear the same mark. These people got rich and sponsored for the same reasons communists have been blocking the like of JRN from having a forum. The west’s schizophrenia is of course our own, but “believe you me”, it has been systemically encouraged by the left. Racism and capitalism is not systemic in America, but bogey images to create a fiction. The real syatemis, is communism. Every court, school, government agency is filled with this imbecility. Even cops federated by Bush Rinos in the guise of funding against domestic violence will scream at you until blue in the face that racism and sexism within their own ranks is systemic, all the while they do not think for one second what this left oriented funding control them is for – which is to hide the very fact that nazis are not the systemic problem but communists.

      1. What makes you think we aren’t aware of Suvarov’s thesis? Hitler’s inclinations were apparent when the Molotov-Ribbentrop treaty was signed, and Stalin was thrilled with it as was Hitler.

    1. First he gave the China/Russia alliance Afghanistan (plus a base the size of a major city). Now he’s given them Ukraine.

      Meanwhile, the Atlanticists are congratulating themselves for their stellar intelligence (“we called it!”) and for the fact this vital intelligence afforded them the time to agree on an anemic sanctions package. They’ll probably be equally as satisfied with themselves when they drum up panic over a cyberattack, and then it happens.

    2. And then some. The gopnik Putin-communist mentality is without skin. It is total self hatred humiliation,ergo imagine what it wants out of its victims (which is everyone else with an ounce of decency). Do you think the books by Solzhnetsyn or by the handicapped talking about the attrocious ghoulish treatment by the Soviet system would be word of caution to them, no, it actually word of pride to them. Anything else of sacred or decency is viewed as capitalistic. You cannot be a virgin woman in that place and be wealthy. Any such gain means unequivocal availability for exploitation and abuse – not only obedient to superiors but to the depravity,

      As a result, Putin/them, will not be satisfied until they have leveled every private and privacy area pf our own we protect. Even the violent American rap singer is a choir child in comparison to this gopnik bunch. They will not rest until these rap singers have not exposed themselves on youtube or tictoc beating their wife, mother or disabled child for the miserable gain this self destruction of intimacy exposed would provide. They have zero self respect.

  2. “People not breathing now!”

    Thanks for remembering our fallen in this 100+ year “Cold” war.

    Another MUST WATCH video.
    Tip to Nevin.
    I used to do interlibrary loan at USC in the mid 70s.

  3. I haven’t listened to the interview yet, but I read a tweet today with video that showed Chechnyan soldiers being deployed to Ukraine as essentially modern day Hessian mercenaries. The tweet said these guys were particularly hardened and no nonsense.

    I look forward to listening. I’m particularly interested to know what Putin’s possible next moves are.

    1. Didn’t the story about the Chechens originate in the Russian media? I suspect it’s disinformation to inflame Russian nationalists, who generally hate the Chechens, into supporting the Ukraine invasion.

    2. Chechens but also Kossak. Lately Putin has been courting them with benefits and more autonomy. Now we know why. The Kossaks make good mercs.

  4. Jeff, what is fascinating (and illuminating) the last few days is to see which right/conservative websites are actually Russian propaganda and which are genuinely conservative.

    Contrast Breitbart’s celebration of the heroic Ukrainian peoples’ resistance to the Russian invaders with the coverage of https://www.revolver.news, which has story upon story of Russian propaganda about how Russia had to act to defend itself and how the Ukrainians are (take your pick) either fleeing cowards or Nazi butchers. I had liked Revolver’s coverage of the COVID hysteria, but I will SHUN them in the future. I hope others will do likewise.

    When the eventual attack upon the U.S. happens, you can be sure they will blame us and laud the Russkies and Chinese!

    1. Revolver news has done good first-hand research/reporting on J6, Covid and a few other topics. If you shun otherwise decent news outlets for getting something wrong – you won’t be left with much!

      I suspect sources like Revolver and Tucker Carlson are jaded having watched the sordid collusion between Ukraine and the democrat/intelligence cabal under Obama/Biden (and against Trump). It can be confusing to sort out that Russia is still the bigger threat and bad guy. This is true of a flank of the right. For many of them (especially those who usually see through BS), I say have a little patience. They are seeing a lot of dynamics correctly, but have blindspots. Many people I respect misattribute and underestimate malevolent actions and actors. I’ve seen them come around on other things. Many who blame “the globalists” are accurately perceiving that we’re lied to by our leaders, and likely will come to understand the deeper dynamics.

      We’ve got to differentiate between those whose worldviews depend on lies, and those who just aren’t seeing the full picture (yet).

      1. There is a twofold issue here: 1) the primary “Ukrainian” counterparts were actually pro-Russian oligarchs (like Yanukovich’s buddy the Burisma CEO, who left when Yanukovich fled), as were the oligarchs throughout the CIS they dealt with. Among them was the Mayor of Moscow’s wife who provided
        Hunter Biden with $3.5M. Putin runs Russia like a mafia Don, and has long time ties to the mafia, even placing some of them in govt. positions. That transaction could not have happened without his knowing. Biden strongarmed Poroshenko into a quid pro quo with the $1B in loan guarantees which Ukraine needed. This had been his MO in South America as well, especially Guatemala. The Maidan, which was a people’s uprising, my family was involved, was hijacked by the US and Russia. Ukraine was not a willing partner, but was treated in much the same manner as Guatemala, at least that is what Lithuanian govt. officials have said (https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/10/joe_bidens_hand_in_corruption_subversion_and_crime_in_guatemala.html). The obama hot mic moment with Obama’s message to Putin was one communist speaking to another about actions to be taken after Obama’s second term began. And indeed, where it pertains to Ukraine, Obama set aside the Budapest Memorandum 1994, allowed the annexation of Crimea, and parts of the Donbass, sending no weapons. Zelensky began an investigation into Biden in May of 2020, and was promptly accused of supporting Trump (which he may well have knowing what had happened to Ukraine under The Obama-Biden administration. Interestingly enough Russian media had a negative reaction as well if I remember correctly. https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/ukraine-investigate-leaked-tapes-president-biden-70794148 (side note: interesting that the URL says President Biden 7 months prior to the election). Revolver and Darren Beattie have been shilling for Putin for a long time. He has been on the attack against the “globalist American empire” forever. There is a contingent of conservatives that excuses Russian aggression while reviling the US for its military expansion.

      2. It is interesting how Obama’s White House and Putin’s Kremlin played a Two-Card Monte on the Maidan Revolution. That game is now unfolding against the American people. The U.S. leaders, in part, are not in favor of America or its values. They have been systematically destroying and betraying us. Putin is either their boss or their “partner.”

      3. I have a copy of the Hunter Biden hard drive when the NYPost made it available for download. Since then its been verified by different outlets including Politico (quietly, for the book they published on the Bidens). Given what’s on there its primarily China and Russia we should be looking at.

    2. @VirtualConservative1 I had been thinking the exact same thing! The only question in my mind is, were these sites knowingly perpetuating Russian propaganda, or not?

      1. K: i sure don’t know. But if it sings like a canary, it probably is one.

  5. I can’t remember who said something to the effect that: evil triumphs when good people do nothing. We are witnessing that today with the situation in Ukraine. What a sad week for the world. May God protect the innocent people of Ukraine against Russia and its deranged leadership, and also those who continue to protest the evil actions of their government inside of Russia.

    1. Tonight the big Russian assault will begin against the city of Kiev. Some military analysts think the city will fall during the weekend. Pray for Kiev.

      1. As an Army veteran, my perspective is that time is NOT on the Russians’ side if the Ukrainian resistance is determined. There are 2 million people in Kiev and it is many miles wide and long. A Russian force of say, 50,000 out of the total 200,000 troops, of which maybe 15,000 at best are combat troops CANNOT conquer such a city, clear every apartment building, and hold it all.

        The Ukrainians need only bide their time. The Russians can’t and won’t stay in their tanks for long. They are mostly stupid conscripted kids, who can slowly be picked off by snipers until they dread traveling in the city. Think Warsaw Sep – Dec 1944 when the Polish resistance revolted. It took probably 50,000 veteran Nazi combat troops 4 months to quell the rebellion, and their losses were fearsome. And the Nazis were able to blow up block after block without concern for world opinion or optics. Plus they were mostly fanaticized SS troops, which the Russians have relatively few of.

        And that’s just Kiev. Think about the stretched supply lines and terror attacks on truck convoys, rail, and aircraft. Expect long, slow bleeding by the Russians.

      2. I didntt think the Nazi loses in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising were very high. I know the Jews fought very stubbornly and heroically, but I thought the German losses were relatively low. Not even in the thousands, or even high hundreds if i remember correctly.

        I don’t know if Putin cares about world opinion, or will care about it for long. If Russia and China have the most powerful militaries, and most highly developed, well stocked arsenals, why should they care for world opinion?

        We are already seeing countries show they are intimidated by Russia.

        Not arguing with you. I certainly hope the citizens of Kiev can do major damage to the Russians. I think they are in better physical condition and probably better armed than the Jews were when they finally revolted. But I think they ultimately must lose. If the Russians take enough losses, they may just decide to bomb the city into submission.

        I hope I am wrong, and you are right though.

      3. If the Russians EMP the city? Or tact nuke it? I think they could take it quickly. Depends on what they hope to take.

      4. I expect the Russians will surround cities, cut off supplies, let civilians without weapons flee, wait for the rest to surrender, then launch an assault on anyone left. Probably take a few weeks.

      5. Seems like a civilized way to wage war, sparring civilians. Why not break out the heavy weapons and end it quickly- nukes, bio, emp, massive missiles etc ? Image management?

      6. Virtual, the tooth to tail ration in the Russian army is quite high. The Russians seem to be having logistics problems already. That is the Russians weakness.

      7. Supply problems? I’m surprised that I know so little about war and geography. Russian mil ops could be hung up on this? It’s flat terrain with a few hundred miles to travel right? With paved highways. And Russian air superiority? What am I missing? I really don’t see a problem for Russia. I’m not being sarcastic.

      8. The city still stands, the country remains. Every day that passes without Russian victory is another weight pulling Putin into the abyss. His likely end is with a desperate final action, either via nuke or blitzkrieg, choosing suicide over death. His implosion is imminent. No Communist powers will come to his aid. No masterful moves of war will salvage a victory. We are seeing the predictable failure of modern megalomania in real time. We are seeing Hitler’s invasion of Poland, but in 2022, when a majority of humanity can immediately voice stern opposition to such endeavors. Successes of wars past leaned heavily on the isolation and ignorance of mass populations: aspects of a bygone age. Find hope in the near future, it lies there for us all.

  6. Once again, Jeff–brilliant and very welcome commentary. You and Nevin have the most fascinating discussions.

    At this point in our long and winding journey post-“glasnost,” we find ourselves backed up against the wall. No way out now but I thank you so much for fighting it so ferociously all these years.

  7. I second what Threats n Preps said, Mr. Nyquist. I’ve only been aware of you and your tremendous work for several months, but no matter what happens, you have done an awesome job of correctly analyzing the Communist movement in our nation and the world at large. The Lord only knows exactly what’s going to happen to all of us, but I would like to express my gratitude and admiration for what you do and have done in love for your country and fellow human beings.

  8. Hi Jeff. Thank you for posting this.
    It seems like Russia and China’s facade of friendliness if coming to an end. Do you expect Russia will soon make a push towards the rest of Europe or will they deescalate the situation? How long could they withstand economic sanctions and repercussions?

      1. The reactions as far as shipping weapons and equipment has seemed to improve. I think the Ukrainians are shaming the rest of Europe. they all thought Ukraine would fold within a couple days and it didn’t happen. When you got the mayor of Kyiv and the former President out on the streets with rifles, it has an affect not only on their own people, but shows up the cowardice NATO countries have shown.

    1. I have posted some links and a selection of Jeff’s old articles there.
      Please see, this can be an excellent resource.

  9. I think I have figured out why Democrats are so gung-ho on attacking Russia, after they did everything they could to empower them.

    I just watched an MSNBC segment where they are working very hard to say the entire Republican Party is ideologically allied with Russia. The evidence is flimsy and non-existent, but their propaganda is powerful, so it will work with their base.

    I think this will be part of their 2022 election strategy. It also gives them a message after 2 years of disastrous Biden policies.

    Seen through this lens, anytime they attack Russia, they are in turn attacking Republicans. Every time they portray Putin as a monster, and he is one, in their minds they are transferring that to their political enemies.

    Republicans are by and large totally feckless and idiotic, so I see this strategy working fairly well. It is disgusting on some level, however – while I have no love for the Republican Party, nobody has done more to weaken America and empower the communist bloc than the Democratic Party – nobody. To see this inversion now being perpetrated is morally and factually sick.

    1. But the “Right” has given it to them. See Tucker Carlson agreeing with Putin that Ukraine “isn’t a democracy,” but a puppet of the “Deep State.” Or see Trump’s unfortunate comments praising Putin’s genius, though his other statements condemning him and supporting sanctions are forgotten.

      On conservative forums or communities, there is a large subset of people who see Putin as the “good guy” in all of this, and that Ukraine really is some kind of “fascist junta”!

      In fairness, the far left is Pro-Russian as well. Evidently they’re called ‘Tankies” on Twitter, and consist of Code Pink types, ANTIFA, and other variations of commie.

      Regardless, Tucker Carlson, Pat Buchanan, the response of all these Pro-Russian “conservatives,” is disgusting and of course it will be used against us for the benefit of the Democrats. But it’s not a conspiracy or a nefarious election plot. It was obviously brought on by our side, a self-inflicted wound.

      1. If you watched the stadium debates and followed Zelensky’s campaign for president, there is no doubt he was elected President of Ukraine. Then who says Ukraine is not a “democracy” in the sense of having an elected leader? I don’t really understand that argument.

      2. They believe that the US government, in some conspiracy, with our vast powers over media and narratives, is manipulating the Ukrainians or, in some other mysterious way, putting our puppets in charge. The once great “Conservative Treehouse” recently verbalized this belief:

        “Ukraine has been a satellite operation for the U.S. State Department for approximately 15 to 20 years. The U.S. has held control over Ukraine, and manipulated every political outcome inside Ukraine, for well over a decade. This reality is the source of Vladimir Putin’s angst toward the west for the same amount of time, and it’s the same reason why the EU, specifically Germany, is tenuous in any collaborative response.”


        IOW, Ukraine is not a “democracy.” It is controlled by the US and exists to antagonize the innocent Vladimir Putin, or so these morons would have us believe.

      3. I have felt something was off about Sundancw at the Conservative Treehouse for awhile. First, because of the way he is blindly devoted to Trump, and I have seen Sundace himself, along with his readers, attack people who express legitimate concerns about Trump.

        And now, his take on Ukraine troubles me.

        I have never followed his analysis of many things too closely, because of this feeling, and because I feel he is really missing the mark by not seeing the Russia/China core threat behind so much of what is happening. He refers to the sinister “Deep State” quite regularly, but never sees the hand of a global Communist movement rooted in Russia, and reaching deeply into our government and many if not all others, in some way.

      4. I had started reading that article you referenced. After I read he exact part you quoted, I quit reading it. I wonder if he really believes it, or is it something else?

      5. Ricardo Galvin, now at CTH, a new headline states that U.S. intel baited Russia into attacking Ukraine by telling China Ukraine was going to be allowed to join NATO. I believe I am done with CTH at this point.

      6. Greyknight – re Sundance and CTH, I agree with your observations. I cringed at the recent commentaries on Ukraine. I too have bristled at the Trump worship, almost to the point of mistrusting the whole website. I actually was once blocked from commenting for several months because I questioned the “policy” never to question or second-guess Trump. That was when everyone was all “Trust Trump” no matter what.

        That said, CTH was indispensable on following the details of Russiagate, and helpful on other domestic issues. I haven’t found enough good analysists to wholesale dump those that are really good on at least some issues! I’ve been following that saying, “eat the chicken, spit out the bones.” However, I’m definitely getting a fuller picture on his limitations. Over-ascribes agency and planning to US technocrats and the so-called “party of Davos” to the exclusion of other explanations. Kinda like a sophisticated Alex Jones.

      7. Visitor, I usually try to follow that adage too, but I find myself as you did, -mistrusting Sundance now. But you are right, he has been very good on certain things. I’m just sick with his cocksureness of what is going on with Russia/Ukraine. He prides himself on digging deep, surely he is aware of Jeff and his work. I dont comment on the site, but I have posted links to Mr. Nyquist’s site two or three times.

        And having seen him personally smear someone who legitimately questioned something Trump did…

        Anyone who pays at least some attention to things going on, surely hs some questions about Trump, or at least can understand those who do.

        Something just doesn’t add up about Sundance to me.

      8. Visitor, go take a look at CTH’s latest article. He’s saying this is all staged. The man prides himself on “going deep” investigating all the things he posts analysis on. Surely he is aware of Mr. Nyquist and others who have their eye on the ball of current global events.

        I know I am absolutely done with getting Sundance’s take on things now. Something is very off there. I couldn’t care less if he does get some things right now.

      9. Jeff, I encountered an idiot that told me, and he was serious, that Russia is a democracy and Ukraine an autocracy. That is simply willful blindness.

    2. Also, with their constant drum beat of “right-wing white-nationalists’ are the major terrorist threat, whom do you think the left/media will blame when the spetsnaz go into action on US soil? (Assuming they do not do so under a communist banner @ the outset).

    3. Perseus, if one is a radical leftist democrat, and they ridiculously finger elements within the republican party of being collusion with Russia, you are weakening our nation and the media to fight the wrong battle. If we believe that communists have indeed infiltrated parts of the US governmental leaderership strata and our media, inflaming Russia and China provide them a pretext for WWIII. Its just too easy.

    4. Three Republicans, Pat Buchanan (he might claim to be GOP anymore), Paul Craig Roberts, and Tucker Carlson are all spewing Putinist propaganda at every step. None of them are at all informed about the the truth of Russia on the ground. They just worship Putin and blame everything on the US and everyone else. many other Republicans have praise Putin as a strong leader. If only they realized just how stupid it makes them look, particularly now.

      1. Also Steve Bannon, who has a far-reaching podcast. Covered Covid and the election well, but I stopped watching once he started being a Putinist.

      2. Don’t forget Nick Fuentes, Vince James, Paul Joseph Watson, Walid Shoebat and his son Theodore as well.

  10. Laughing since November 2014.
    Sneering at least since May 1945.

    General Patton, May 8, 1945, at the war room of his headquarters in Regensburg:

    “This [war] was stopped right where it started. Right in the Hun’s backyard which is now Hitler’s graveyard. But that’s not the end of the business by any means. What the tin-soldier politicians in Washington and Paris have managed to do today is another story you’ll be writing for a long while if you live.
    They have allowed us to kick hell out of one bastard and at the same time forced us to help establish a second one as evil or more evil than the first. We have won a series of battles, not a war for peace. We’re headed down another long road to losing another peace. This day we have missed another date with our destiny, and this time we’ll nedd Almighty God’s constant help if we’re to live in the same world with Stalin and his murdering cutthroats.”

    “I wonder how the dead will speak today when they know that for the first time in centuries we have opened Central and Western Europe to the forces of Genghis Khan. I wonder how they fell now that they know there will be no peace in our times and that Americans, some not yet born, will have to fight the Russians tomorrow, or ten, 15 or 20 years from tomorrow.”

    “Unfortunately, some of our leaders were just damn fools who had no idea of Russian history. Hell, I doubt if they even knew Russia, just less than 100 years ago, owned Finland, sucked the blood out of Poland, and were using Siberia as a prison for their own people. How Stalin must have sneered when he got through with them at all those phony conferences.”

    1. An uncle who had been in the Navy in WW2, and participated in Operation Keel Haul wondered why we were repatriating Russian POWs since we were going to end up fighting them. Patton was of the belief that we would end up fighting them as well. Both were wrong about the timing, but I think they were both right that we will end up fighting Russia.

      Alas, we will end up fighting our own as well. The Democrat party is nothing but a fifth column.

      1. Unfortunately Keelhaul wasn’t just about Russian POWs. The USSR demanded that all USSR refugees be returned. Some were until US military saw some being executed. My mom, who was a refugee, was working for the Americans and the French at the time, she is multiligual, and said officers told her that and assured her they wouldn’t be turning anyone over.

    2. It is sad to see so many people out there who are voluntarily obtuse. I see the same Putinist lies spewed by the likes of Carlson, and it’s very disgusting. It is sad to see these people accept Putinist propaganda uncritically as the gospel.

  11. To Greyknight: You are thinking of the wrong Warsaw uprising. Not the Jewish ghetto in 1942, the Polish Home Army in 1944. BTW, it lasted 2 months (Aug – Oct 44), not 4 mos. like I thought.

  12. These are words for the ages. After the US. requested he evacuate Kiev, Zelensky replied “The fight is here; I need ammunition, not a ride.” Some of his actions before this started may have been dubious, but his conduct during the war has been nothing short of heroic.

    1. For me this contrast between Zelensky before war, and Zelensky post-war, causes a problem. There is some piece missing. Something to reconcile. Is he playing a role now? Or before the war started, for whatever strategic or tactical considerations, was he playing coy?

      1. Jeff is right. If he is taken out by Putin, then he was not on their side. Any other outcome and I will still have reservations about him.

      2. I agree, the whole war looks limited or fully staged, no large scale fighting footage yet. He will probably make deal with Putin tomorrow. Became something like Ukraine’s Kadyrov.

      3. I really think he did not believe they would invade. He’s not a seasoned politician, like Trump, and was trying to find some footing. he’s not even a seasoned CEO like Trump. Once he saw it was going to happen, he stepped up. I’m going to posit something in addition, which may be incorrect but its based on translations I’ve been doing of Holocaust materials covering Eastern Europe, and something a Jewish colleague at work mentioned to me. Zelensky is Ukraine’s first Jewish president. In interviews with Jewish survivors about their life pre-war many remarked on having to prove themselves more than native populations in leadership positions, and in the ghettos they had to made painful life and death decisions that “made leaders out of rabbis”. He absolutely cannot fail on any level in this situation. He only agreed to the meeting after Putin ordered that Russia’s nuclear weapons prepared for increased readiness to launch. He lost family members to the Holocaust, and would not want to be the cause of a new one. I think in trying to understand his actions one needs to take the background into consideration.

    2. Russian media (Tass) is reporting that Zelensky is agreeing to “peace talks” with Putin (which would involve agreeing to de-militarize and accept neutrality). Who knows. But I’m suspending judgment on Zelensky. Call me cynical but his dispatches make me wonder if he already has a personal security guarantee from Russia, and some sort of detente is already scripted – designed by Putin for maximum embarrassment of the West (ie, Zelensky, abandoned by the West, turns finally to Putin).

      1. Maximum cynicism is always warranted when dealing with communists. As Jeff said with Nevin, “they lie even when they don’t need to, as if to maintain practice”.

        It could be that they are buffering Zelensky’s image so much so that when he “accepts” the peace terms, it is accepted by the public. To me, I found it rather surprising that he kept his family in Kiev.

      2. Zelensky was given the ultimatum that Putin had broadcast earlier. He had to recognize Crimea as Russia. He had to demilitarize, and essentially, go under Putin’s thumb. Since Putin was offering nothing, the terms were rejected and the war goes on.

    3. “but his conduct during the war has been nothing short of heroic.”

      so was Kadyrov’s (father of Razman) in Chechnya, which made it easier for him to switch sides without being accused from treachery, I believe Zelensky will do the same.

  13. Really excellent talk. Very interesting how it got in to some of the nuances of Ukraine, the Ukraine military, and the exchange about delusions of society and Alex Jones and crew.

    You know the last couple days since Russia has been back in the news, I got back to writing online what I think about Russia. And the negative responses I get back are amazing. People saying just awful almost unspeakable things to me.

    I don’t say this to complain. But because it really gives me a new appreciation for your work. You have been on this for decades now. And you have taken all that negative energy thrown at you with good humor in stride while studying more and spreading the word. It is a tremendous work and accomplishment.

    1. 23 years ago, when I was on the Art Bell Show, I was shocked that a caller accused me of being a paid agent for the Military Industrial Complex. I was flat broke at the time and I’ve never received a penny from the Military Industrial Complex.

  14. That’s how I read New Lies for Old. The IN OUT tab in the back showed the book had not been taken out for like 5 years. 20 years ago. I got it from University of Delaware. Says alot.

      1. I’m rereading my copy now. Got it from Amazon many years ago. I’m trying to read it in light of the technology that’s available now to aid closed systems in the strategic use of disinformation — for example, the ability to “game” out disinformation strategies on social networks, the application of algorithms and new modes of analysis. It’s a pretty scary thought experiment, actually.

      2. What I’ve not been able to find and never read is Sejna’s book — We Will Bury You — I believe it’s called if memory serves. I know you’ve mentioned him several times in your interviews and so forth.

      3. Lots of defector books are “available” for free. If you willing to sail the high seas in a corsair. Fortunately for Nyquist no one has pirated OOTFWW yet as far as I can tell. I’ve purchased half dozen and no one I’ve given them to has read them though sad to say.

  15. What happens if Russia invades Taiwan? Honest question. They have the navy and the military to do it. They have China’s permission. Biden already said he won’t fight Russia over a non-NATO ally. So Russia invades Taiwan, gives it back to mainland China. China stays “clean” from sanctions, and Russia is already at max sanctions without threat of war with the US.

    Heck, if US threatened troops, Putin could point out that they didn’t send any to Ukraine.

      1. Russia doesn’t have the sealift for such an invasion. The Chinese don’t either unless they somehow adapt their merchant fleet for it.

    1. Russia isn’t going to fight a two-front war. Japan’s navy would destroy them before they had the opportunity.

  16. Heavy Fighting Reported Throughout Kyiv:

    Daily Mail: Putin’s troops attack Kyiv from ‘multiple directions’: Fierce fighting erupts across capital after two planes carrying up to ‘300 Russian paratroopers’ were shot down. Zelensky says Ukraine’s fate will be decided TONIGHT and refuses to evacuate

    * Russian troops were advancing on the center of Kyiv in the early hours of Saturday with fierce fighting by the city’s zoo in the west, near the Beresteiska metro, and to the north, near the Troieshchyna thermal plant

    * President Volodymyr Zelensky on Friday night warned his people in an address to the nation that the capital, Kyiv, would be attacked overnight

    * For two nights in a row Russia has bombarded Kyiv, but Moscow in the early hours of Saturday began what it hopes to be a final push

    * Russian troops were encountering heavy resistance, and the advance from the west appeared to have been pushed back, with the Ukrainian Armed Forces claiming to have repelled the move

    * Ukraine’s armed forces said on Friday night that they had shot down south of Kyiv two Russian IL-76 military transport plane carrying Russian paratroopers, in Vasylkiv and in Bila Tserkva

    * Hours later they claimed to have downed in Donbas a helicopter and Su-25 ground attack jet, using surface-to-air missiles

    * Fierce fighting was reported in Troieshchyna, north of Kyiv – site of a thermal power station. The district has been under attack for several days with Russian seeking to control the city’s vital infrastructure

    * Zelensky, speaking from a secret location in the capital, said: ‘Russia will try to break our resistance with all its might. Tonight the enemy will begin storming us’

    * He urged Ukrainians to resist, adding that Chernihiv, Symy, Kharkiv, Donbass, and the south could all come under attack

    * Britain’s Ministry of Defence said Russian forces are moving towards Kyiv from multiple directions, in an attempt to encircle the city

    * Vitali Klitschko, the former world champion heavyweight boxer who is now mayor of Kyiv, said the city faces a ‘difficult night’

    Ukraine’s armed forces were engaged in a fierce battle for Kyiv on Friday night, with footage on social media showing explosions close to a metro station in the western center of the capital by the zoo; a battle ongoing for control of a thermal power plant to the north; and multiple reports suggesting fierce fighting 20 miles south, near a vital airbase.

    In Kyiv, footage shared on social media showed a bombardment close to Beresteiska metro station, in the west of the city, which is near the zoo.

    More than 50 explosions and heavy machine gun fire were reported in the district of Shulyavka, near Beresteiska metro and the zoo, according to The Kyiv Independent.

    Read more:


    The Russian military advance has been shocking. From the start of the invasion early Thursday morning to fighting in the center of Kiev within 48 hours was not expected. I though that it would take at least a week, if not more, before Russian military forces were engaging Ukrainian forces in Kiev.

    As I had mentioned early today. Seeing videos of Russian armor in the suburbs of Kyiv was shocking. And now I am reading reports from the AP, AFP, and others that Russia is airlifting thousands of paratroopers to airfields around Kyiv that were suppose to have been retaken by Ukrainian military forces only yesterday.

    Fog of war indeed.

    The next two days are going to be critical on where this war is heading. If Kiev falls as US intelligence is predicting, Ukraine’s military command and control centers will be decapitated. It will then be only a matter of time before the Ukraine military itself either dissolves or surrender, and those who will want to continue the fight will do so but in a partisan manner.

    Update: Just learned that Russian military forces are in Bila Tserkva. It is a city of about 200,000 and it is 70km south of Kyiv. It is also the place that my family (on my father’s side) has lived for 300 years, and where our ancestral home and the family cemetery is located. It is also where many of my relatives are now staying hoping to avoid the war. I know this because according to reports that is where a Russian transport plane carrying paratroopers to support troops that had seized the airport earlier today was just shot down. At least according to Ukraine media.

  17. Jeff, not sure if you can comment in regards to the Grand Solar Minimum, Adapt2030 (David DuByne) just released a video talking about the grain situation in Ukraine:

      1. There was an issue with Ukrainian grain commodity prices/contracts around the time of the 2008 financial meltdown. I don’t think it was just Ukraine.

  18. “The military capability of Russia to NATO is incomparable. We know that.” Stated Putin recently when meeting with Macron.
    I think many of us, Jeff, would appreciate your detailed analysis of NATO’s actual conventional capabilities, perhaps in a future essay?

    1. I think Russian strategists would laugh at that question as nuclear and conventional weapons are fully integrated in Red war plans. Seems to me they are holding back.

    1. When We The People can’t discern the real enemies and threats then everything and everyone becomes an enemy and threat.

      GLOBAL COMMUNISM IS THE ENEMY and now GLOBAL COMMUNISM is threatning the world.

      IF they win it will mean subjugation and slavery on THIS soil for this generation and the ones to come.

      Peace has been taken from the earth and War is upon you.

      Now is the time for all good Americans to come to the aid of each other.

      1. The best I can say about him is, Savage is a contemptible douche-bag.

        On the other hand, turning to his faults…

    2. Savage cut off Jimmy from Brooklyn decade plus ago. What a gimp. Not surprised. Sickening.

  19. I have been reading and viewing everything I can find on the Russia invasion of the Ukraine. It’s pretty clear now that (1) the Russian offensive has been greatly slowed and, in most areas, stopped; (2) the Russian supply lines, particularly for petrol, have become stretched and highly vulnerable; and (3) the Ukrainians are resisting fiercely and have successfully preserved a substantial portion of their anti-aircraft, artillery, and fighter assets.

    This could become a decisive moment and turning point for the Ukrainians if they seize the initiative. First, they need to seal off the lines of communication from the Belarus, Russian, and Crimean borders, effectively cutting off the Russian units that are deep inside the country. Second, stage sufficient anti-aircraft guns and stinger missiles between the Russian units and the border to make air reinforcement and resupply difficult if not impractical. Finally, having isolated the Russian units, begin to swarm them with unrelenting military/guerilla assaults, including with javelin missiles, until they are destroyed or surrender.

    With continued courage and resolve by the Ukrainians, and the demonstrated lack of resolve and poor planning/logistics of the invaders, the Ukrainians have the opportunity to utterly destroy the Russian army in the next few weeks, inflicting a humiliating defeat upon them. This would shake up Russia in ways we cannot begin to imagine. Could Putin survive such an outcome?

    Stay tuned — it may yet happen!

    1. I have seen reporting similar to what you’ve summarized – but also reporting from the “Russian side” painting a different picture. I don’t think we can draw clear assessments from any of it at this point. It’s all propagandized and subject to fog of war. It’s only a few days in.

      I am conflicted about dumping guns to the civilian population. I find it particularly galling that coddled politicians and technocrats of the West are sipping wine in their parlors, cheering for an untrained, desperate population to fight to the death, while these Western leaders withhold the help of their trained armies. It seems more like they want the “good show” of a determined population holding off an army and preventing a cake walk – but what it really promises is a massacre. How realistic is it that civilians who’ve never held a gun can mount effective guerilla warfare. More likely, it just turns every civilian into a target. Western leaders don’t care; they’ve already bragged that Russia will become “bogged down.” What that means, practically, is many civilians will die. Also, I find it ghoulish that Ukraine has blocked its men from seeking refuge with their families, and abolished any minimum age for fighting. It may all seem romantic — but the context here is Ukraine has been abandoned by any would-be fighting allies, who are cheering from the sidelines like it’s the Roman colosseum.

      My view on arming civilians is driven by fundamentals. If they had a realistic chance to repel an invasion, maybe it would be different. But Ukraine cannot beat Russia in conventional warfare without more help than guns and other hardware from NATO states. Maybe they can stretch it out. But let’s not assume Russia hasn’t considered, and solved, whether it will get bogged down by civilian holdouts. I do not believe there is evidence that Russia has lack of resolve or poor planning. That’s based on certain reporting from the last 72 hrs.; but recall, Russia literally has been preparing this attack since last year.

      At the same time, I don’t want to idealize Russian planning or execution. Maybe things aren’t going according to plan. I think it’ll take at least a week or two to grasp how things are shaking out.

      1. It would be better for the civilians to be armed and have a fighting chance than be at the peril of being abused by invaders. I dont know how the culture in Ukraine is, but I know where I am from (I speak for the rural South in general), handling guns is as natural as handling a spoon or fork or hammer or any other tool. Besides, it doesn’t take much instruction to understand how to use one.

        I agree the fog of war probably keeps us from getting a clear picture of how it is playing out, but I sure hope Virtualconservative is right.

      2. Fog? Russia has the top 5 of everything mil tech in the world. And for SURE the best present Int on Ukrainian troop deployment , capabilities, plans etc.. And its high level military officers in Ukraine that work for Russia. Can’t supply itself a few hundred miles? I’m about to have my concept of war throughly dismantled or you guys are very wrong about some kind feigned incompetence of Red mil. If they can get several US presidents as agents, and apparently a few Ukrainian presidents as well, don’t you think the Russians have several Top level Ukrainian assets as well?

      3. Bedlamsbard, by fog of war, I just meant as far as what us from the outside looking in are able to verify right now. Maybe I misused the term. But I know I didnt say anything about the Russians not being able to supply themselves.

      4. I had to look back. Yes, I misused the term. Was using it the way the person I was responding to used it. I think they were just saying it was hard for us to know exactly what was happening at the time. Exactly who was succeeding overall.

      5. Visitor: Go read about the battle of Dien bien phu in 1954. The French army, with all of its might, got cut off from its logistical support and was forced to surrrender — after shocking losses — to a primitive force of communist guerillas who surrounded and shelled them. The Ukraine is even better armed than the Viets were.

        I think the Russian high command has figured out they are in big trouble, and will either see their units begin to crumble or will have to double-down by committing a LOT more forces. Realize that if you placed the Ukraine on top of the United States, it would stretch from the Mississippi River to New York. Trying to subdue and hold it indefinitely with even 200,000 troops (most of which are non-warrior combat support and service support) seems quite a stretch.

      6. It is hard to tell what is going on. While I understand your reservations about arming civilians, I think the Ukrainians have chosen to fight to the death for liberty and independence. I think a course of total, forceful rejection of Russian occupation is their only hope of victory. World War 3 has not yet begun. If Putin begins it, things will change but for now Ukranian resistance and especially the actions of Zelensky have won the hearts of the western world. Each hour this looks more like the Hungarian uprising, a battle that I think was worth fighting, despite its horrendous consequences. Whatever happens, I agree that the shame and failure lie with the western powers and not Ukraine.

      7. I don’t think they have much choice at this point. Maybe they can also shame the West into doing more, since so much footage is leaking out. I would imagine that lists have already been compiled to determine who gets eliminated as part of the “denazification” plan — as Putin calls it, and which is idiotic since the duly elected leader of Ukraine is, himself, Jewish. I share your frustration, though, in thinking about how so many in the West are just sitting back and sipping wine while the Ukrainians are fighting for their lives. Putin’s cozying up to conservatives has certainly helped to sew a lot of disinformation and misconceptions about the real agenda in invading Ukraine. Zelensky is a brave man and has certainly won my respect, but how long can anyone hold out when they run out of weapons and they know civilians are being targeted and killed?

    2. It seems the Russians are pretending to be weak. They have been planning this attack for years, we must remember.

    3. Logistics is the weak point and is the best point to apply the partially trained people that have taken up arms. It is a simple choice. See a truck, destroy the truck. Particularly fuel trucks. It’s also a relatively low risk activity.

      I think Putin might be able to survive a defeat. He has taken good care of his inner circle and they all got rich from Putin’s corrupt activities. There will be some people mad at him, however. If we see a video clip uploaded to Rumble or elsewhere, of him being led to a gallows, I will admit I was wrong. the question then will become who the new slug in charge will be.

  20. Excellent interviews with both Gussack and Kincaid. Both very enlightening. You’re doing a real service for your country. Thank you.

    Just saw that Russia is about to be expelled from SWIFT. And that there’s a cyberattack in progress against the Russian government. I wonder if that’s us?

    1. Just saw that it’s Anonymous again. While I support their enthusiasm, I hope they don’t inadvertently cause Russia to attack the US.

  21. A few more observations about the Russian aggression:

    – Putin has miscalculated in his apparent goal of quickly decapitating the Ukr. gov’t or chasing away Zelensky. The man’s courage and resolve has served to rally his countrymen ala Churchill and the Brits 80 years ago.
    – Given the Ukrainian resolution to resist, Putin has only the options of a long, grinding war or a true Blitzkrieg-style assault, taking out all power plants, telephone capability, airfields, internet, gas and oil transmission and refining, etc., essentially crushing the Ukraine and its economy. But that is, indeed, a pyrrhic victory since Ukraine would only become a ruined and unproductive drag on Russia’s economy as a vassal state.
    – However, is Russia even capable of a conventional assault of that scale? Intelligence sources are whispering that Russia is already down to 3 or 4 days supply of longer range missiles and won’t have the ability to replenish them for 3-4 months. Is the Russian army much more hollow than we thought?
    – Zelensky has been underestimated. Himself a Jew, he is as clever and courageous as the Israelis, and no doubt has prepared for this in ways that we (and the Russians) haven’t yet fully appreciated. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t pull off an offensive strike against a military base inside Russia or even the Russian government headquarters in Moscow itself if they continue to target him personally — after all, what’s sauce for the goose…
    – As for Russia, it kind of sucks to be a nuclear power if you can’t us ’em.

    1. Virtual, a madman on the loose probably will not require much motivation to use their best weapons, especially if he feels power and the momentum slipping away. Lets hope that there are some Russian commanders who will choose to act with sanity like the Russian sub commander Vasili Arkhipov did by withholding launching nukes in the Cuba missile embargo.

  22. Putin’s no madman. He’s a methodical, committed communist who desires to reassemble the Soviet Union. Nuking the Ukraine in order to own it would be pointless and would trigger an incalculable response from other nuclear-armed powers.

    1. no not Ukraine (too close to home and prevailing winds tend to head toward the east), but knocking down the USA would work.

      1. Some of what has happened has been pretty stupid. The idiots have been shelling Chernobyl and stirring the dust. The last I heard they were seeing counts of over 60,000 nS/hr when the normal is around 600. It has also been reported that Russian arty has hit a waste storage facility. The idiocy just keeps rolling on.

    2. I wouldn’t bet on that. Hitler seemed the same way at first. I do agree that Putin is not stupid enough to nuke Ukraine. He has shown he is stupid with all the transparent lies he’s told, but he isn’t that stupid.

      1. I can believe that putin would nuke ukraine. They build tactical nukes for a reason. To use them. Their war planning includes use of nukes. They even think of them as “de-escalatory”

      2. If the Russians actually think that nukes de-escalatory, they are bigger fools than anyone thought. people who think there is a line between tactical and strategic nukes are also idiots. Once that first nukes off, it’s Katy bar the door, because it is going to get really, really ugly for the world.

  23. PS – If you don’t yet appreciate what a game-changer the javelin anti-tank (fire-and-forget) weapon is, watch one of the Youtube videos about it. Tank crews shudder at the prospect of this weapon; their tank instantly becomes a crematorium.

    1. Very true. And the Ukrainians are a brave people. They’ve shown footage of them trying to stop tanks with their bodies. At the end of the day, if Russia is going to act in this manner, it might as well be as painful for them as possible. In my experience, once aggression has begun, the only thing that stops it is counteraggression.

  24. An interesting thought. Putin tried to appeal to the conservatives in this country so that now many of them actually support Putin. Now, consider how this support is going to look once we are actually in a war with Russia. They will be branded as traitors. What better way to eliminate the people, who theoretically and historically have posed the greatest opposition to communism. Just a thought to all those pro-Putin conservatives out there.

    1. Yes, excellent point — and Mr. Trump had better be more judicious in his admiring words for Putin. I think what he’s trying to say is that Putin is an impressive thinker, but it gets twisted into praise.

      1. Notwithstanding my other comment that conservatives generally aren’t siding with Putin so much as criticizing our current regime and past failures – I totally agree re Trump’s comments. Seems it’s a twisted way of trying to aggrandize himself – e.g., Putin’s so smart, I’m the only one who can keep him in check! – but he’s hitting all the wrong notes and better that he would just be quiet.

      2. This Stockholm syndrome among conservatives will be the next intellectual challenge for us. We have become vile to our own eyes. Somehow we will need to overcome our foulness and at the same time the autoimmunity we developed against that foulness, which out enemy explores. We must rediscover Love, in the proper sense of the word.

      3. I wonder if Trump really knows what Putin is. Trump never gave any indication that he really understood the nature of the Communist beast we are up against.

      4. “If President Trump could read one paragraph of these scribblings, I would wish that he read this last paragraph. Then he might understand, in an instant, who his enemies are – both foreign and domestic. And I say, that enemy is not an opponent, not a competitor, not a business rival. No, no. I mean – an enemy! And once our president can tell friend from foe, his strategic compass will align to true north and half the battle will be won.”

        Golitsyn’s Methodology
        and the Trump Administration
        Commentary for 20 February 2017
        JR Nyquist


    2. I think it’s being overstated here that there is “Putin support” among conservatives. I haven’t heard anyone actually supporting Putin or Russia. I have heard many use Russian aggression as a foil for criticizing Biden, the democrats, and the current national security team – highlighting failures, weakness, corruption, past collusion with elements of the Ukrainian government. This can sound like praise for Putin – and at times reveals grave naivete about the Russian threat – but it’s going too far to say conservatives are siding with Putin.

      This is an important distinction, because I think the REAL risk is criminalizing dissent for foreign policy, or casting dissenters as traitors or terrorists.

      Anyone actually valorizing Putin is a fool, probably a plant. But I don’t think this describes the otherwise serious conservatives or critics of our decades-long foreign policy failures.

      1. I may be overstating it slightly, but that is how it will be seen. Just look at how Trump’s words are already being twisted. I actually do know quite a few conservatives that truly admire Putin. They erroneously see him as a conservative force against the “evil globalists.” Nothing could be further from the truth. I suspect that communists just use these billionaires and “globalists” to build up their own infrastructure, more or less as useful idiots. Berezovsky is a good example. He initially helped Putin and then Putin turned on him and he had to flee for his life, which he lost despite having relocated to Great Britain along with many others affiliated with him such as Alexander Litvinenko.

      2. EMILCK, that is bad news if conservatives actually admire Putin. Obviously Putin’s been trying to play to the right in the culture war. Let’s hope the brutality toward Ukraine sobers them up, and that Trump et al quickly learn that ANY positive statement about Putin, whatever point one’s trying to make, is stupid and rightly reflects badly on the person saying it.

      3. There are conservatives that think Russia is preferable as a country, and Putin is preferable as a leader, to our country and leaders. I have had arguments with them.

      4. No, I wouldn’t say Boris was a globalist, but he was a rich businessman — a very rich one. My only point is that those who say this is a rich billionaire conspiracy make no sense, at least to me. Globalists do exist, of course, but their ability to secretly control world events is greatly exaggerated. Rich does not equate with wise. There are plenty of rich billionaires with differing agendas and I doubt, very seriously, that they all conspire together to plot the overthrow of humanity. There is nothing to unify them as is the case with those who are dedicated to various ideologies — such as communism.

      5. “I haven’t heard anyone actually supporting Putin or Russia.”

        I have – Paul Joseph Watson, Pat Buchanan, Tucker Carlson, Nick Fuentes, Walid & Theodore Shoebat.

  25. So… China just announced a military exercise in the South China Sea beginning Sunday (their time.) Does anyone know if this was already planned or is it new?

      1. That doesn’t sound good. Neither does this from the article: “Earlier this week, Kim, in a verbal message to Xi, vowed to strengthen cooperation with China and together “frustrate” threats and hostile policies from the United States and its allies. “

      2. Time to top off stocks of water, food, fuel, cash. (Whatever happens to cash in the long run – in the immediate, if internet/banks go down, it’ll be the only thing people recognize)

        Things are moving fast, and to the extent we ALL have some normalcy bias, it’s not hyperbolic to perceive that literally anything could happen right now.

      3. The Norks are starving again. Although they try to keep the Army fed, they haven’t succeeded. A hungry Army attacking a fit, well equipped Army is a fool’s errand. They might attack anyway at Xi’s orders to try to deflect from Taiwan, but I don’t think the deflection will last very long.

      4. China is a paper dragon. They have WWII era submarines that run on diesel. The current crop of PLA troops from the generals to the grunts have ZERO combat experience. Their equipment is garbage, mostly bad knockoffs of US/NATO gear, just as likely to kill their own men as an enemy.

        Not to mention they’re about to suffer a major demographic crisis in about 15 years – China’s fertility rate will never recover from the One Child Policy, which not only crushed their birth rate but skewed the ratio of boys to girls (120 to every 100). Their fertility rate has now fallen below Japan’s, down to a record low 1.1. They have over 240 million people over the age of +65, and are about to approach 1 working family for every 4 elderly retirees.

      1. Agreed. The USS Ralph Johnson (missile destroyer) was sent to transit the Taiwan Strait. China’s response: “The United States is “trying to make some gestures to bolster the spirits of pro-Taiwan independence forces. This is hypocritical and useless,” said senior colonel Shi Yi, a spokesperson for the Chinese army’s Eastern Theater Command, headquartered in China’s eastern-central coastal province Jiangsu.”

    1. Can you provide a link for that? I’ve been looking and can’t find anything about this, but I’m not good with search terms. I know things are heating up on that front, but I want to share the article with a friend if you have the link.

    1. Thank you Edward Jones’

      David Starkey displays unusual discernment in his presentation. Dr. Starkey calls a Spade a Spade and

      doesn’t mince words regarding Putin, regarding the Existing Structures of Communism, and regarding

      Putin’s commitment to using Military Force to Obtain and Retain Power.

      Furthermore Starkey makes it clear that in Vladimir Putin’s world there is No God…SO VLADIMIR

      DETERMINES What is Universally Right And …

      What is Universally Wrong.

      As David Starkey ably shows Putin’s working beliefs are: 1. Might Makes Right.

      And 2. Putin believes: (In harmony with Mao’s dictum Political Power emerges from the Barrel of a Gun , a

      Tank, a Howitzer, a Fighter Jet, and a Nuclear Missile silo.)…

      Putin believes that Western nations are completely UNWILLING to FIGHT to Preserve what they believe

      is Right ;

      AND Putin believes that Western nations are Completely UNWILLING to FIGHT to RESIST and

      OVERCOME what they believe is EVIL.

      This brings us to the present state of events in the Western nations where the Western nations have been

      castrated, which is (In my humble opinion) largely due to the SUCCESS of Communist Influence

      Operations waged against Westen countries such as the USA and the NATO countries.

      David Starkey states in no uncertain terms that Putin is Evil and that at this point in time the Western

      nations are Neither Willing, Nor Able to Put a Stop to Putin’s Evil machinations such as what is happening

      in Ukraine.

      Thanks for the video.

    1. Looks like they were being choosy about which Russian banks to cut off. I bet that means they’re not really doing anything of any real meaning.

    2. This is the first I’ve heard that. Last I heard Biden didn’t want to do it. I think the Euros finally came around. Italy and Germany were the road blocks, but they came out publicly supporting such a move.

      From what I’m hearing, hackers have been going after Russian government sites, including that of the Kremlin. They supposedly brought down the Ministry of Defenses site and hacked into at least one database and have compromised the data there.

      The problem with such reports is we have almost no way to corroborate them. I was at the barber shop today and one of the denizens is a retired Army intel officer who still has contacts among the intel apparatus and even they are having trouble getting reliable data.

      1. Moonlight Maze Elligable Reciever. Declassified examples of our grid. 20 years ago. We are frigged.

  26. Mr. Nyquist, I’ve been looking at some of the stuff pit out by Ivana Strader. I havent looked very deeply yet, but I get a good vibe about what I have read fo far. Are you familiar with her, and if so, is she trustworthy?

      1. Never mind. She writes for the CFRs rag, Foreign Affairs. She has a lot of knowledge, but seems to be lacking something at the core of what I’ve read so far. She is ok, but I dont think I can trust her too far.

      1. Thank you. I think she is good on information/analysis (but not an analysis of the whole picture like you have done. Rather a good analysis on certain aspects of what Russia is doing). However, it is her solutions I cant accept. She wants more global solutions via ICC, “international law”, NATO (which I dont know if she realizes just how weak NATO is), EU, etc.
        I still have more to read, but that is what I am picking up.

  27. It is discouraging how many Christians think Putin is some kind of new Charles Martel. Important people making excuses for him could be thrown into prison like Oswald Mosley was during WWII.

    1. The number of Christian that think Putin is a Christian is truly sad. Putin has shown himself to be an inveterate liar, and such a man is not a Christian. Those people are willfully obtuse and have no discernment at all.

      1. Percentage of self identified Christians that voted for Clinton, Obama, Biden. It’s around 50% plus minus 10. Total sepsis.

      2. On the order of 80% of US citizens identify as Christian. Most of the time, at best, it a cultural Christianity, and the real thing. Barna, in doin research on the subject pointed out the 0% number but also said that with only 4-6% was it meaningful and heart felt. The rest are just masquerading as Christian. If 80% were actually Christian you would not see the rampant immorality which leads to social crises, which results in more money being spent on bureaucracy to “solve” the problem. Government never solves the problem and is never set up to do so. It is set up to grow regardless. As time goes on the number of actual Christians declines even further. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  28. I must agree that Zelensky has been a surprise. One never really knows how courageous one will be until tested. May his courage and leadership hold out. The end does not look good, but hope springs eternal. And hope we all have for the Ukrainian people.

    That said, I expect that the Russians would not be in Ukraine unless they intended to win. I would not want to be one of the Russian military leaders returning home after losing. They have proven their prowess in the past and I do not doubt them now. Even if it does look as if they’re playing their B team. Time will tell. The Communists are patient.

    Which gets me to my question. Putin et al must have known the many consequences of invading Ukraine, so what do they gain? This has been a very costly venture in many, many ways and has happened much earlier than I expected. Of course I realize that O’Biden is weak and has frayed our allied ties severely, lost the trust of the American people, divided the country further and is causing serious economic problems now and in the future…not to mention future food issues (may I suggest not only storing food, but making a plan to grow or raise your own). We are seeing a strengthening of our enemie, their alliances building, and the progression of communism. It must terrifying to the Europeans as a great evil has cast it’s shadow on them. Unless, of course, the Communists turn on the US, but are we sufficiently weakened and are their plans fully in place is the question at hand.

    But what does Russia truly gain at this point? Where is he going? Do not underestimate the Communists. They play for keeps and place little value on human life. Ruthless.

    1. Yes, I’ve been trying to follow what is going on using the live maps on the web, and it seems Russian troops and missiles are now directly targeting civilian targets with more frequency trying to terrorize the population into submission, especially in the western parts of the country. Hard to watch some of the footage although the Ukrainians seem to be putting up a fierce fight for as long as their access to arms holds.

      1. Events are happening but without good reporting. No live map I’ve seen seems to have kept up.

        It appears they are going to get an influx of weapons and supplies from the west/. Even Germany has broken down and is sending aid. I think that Ukrainians have shamed the west into supporting them. They all predicted Ukraine would roll over and things would be over in 3-4 days. It seems Putin thought that way, but is getting the quality of his army rubbed in his face, and he is not enjoying it.

    2. Your remark about Russia’s B-team reminded me of a comment I saw on another site, the gist of which was something like, “Russia’s military has yet to seriously engage. Right now, it’s all conscripts outfitted with older and retired Russian vehicles that they are throwing at Kyiv to eat up the Javelin stockpile.” Not saying I believe that is true though. Have to wait and see what they do next.

  29. Jeff, I enjoy and respect your intelligence reports. I wish Nevin would let you talk more..I get sleepy when he goes on and on.

  30. One thing people can do here is demand that some of these YouTube channels be taken down providing aid and support to Russia. I have been researching this Russell Bentley guy, and he is apparently a convicted drug smuggler who left the US in 2014 to join the Vostok Battalion to fight on behalf of the DNR separatists. He has since left active fighting because of his age, but according to BBC he is using charity funding sites to help gather funds for the Russian war effort. I have reported his channel to the folks that control YouTube several times, and yet this guy’s channel is left up as of just a bit ago. If we have sanctions against Russia right now and he is raising money and fighting on behalf of Russian separatists, isn’t that more or less aiding and abetting the enemy? I know it’s a small matter, but it infuriates me to see someone from the US acting like this. It’s beyond embarrassing:

  31. We are all trying to figure out what is actually occurring and where this is actually going from an exceedingly small number of questionable data points. It is a bit of a fools errand. Better to look at the forest than at the trees, as it is so very easy, especially in any and all video formats, to misrepresent the trees. For twenty years Putin has built an appearance in global affairs that left most unprepared for this attack, i.e it caught them by surprise, the most important strategic element of all. And this despite the fact that Russia methodically mobilized a war machine of this size in front of God and everybody and nearly surrounded his enemy. He who let’s himself be ambushed, is toast, as situationally unaware animals are exceedingly easy to kill. So I expect what’s coming is the unexpected, and may just be, because of the decades of groundwork that the communists have laid, exactly what Putin has clearly stated that he will do. That may in fact be the biggest surprise to those who are focused on the trees.

    1. Yes, exactly. Remember, also, that up until just a few days ago, Putin said repeatedly that he had no intention to invade and that he was just conducting exercises. We all see what his word is worth now — nothing. What is truly alarming to me is the number of conservatives that should know better and who support Putin. I just don’t get it, but hopefully that narrative will begin to collapse in very short order as Putin proceeds to reveal just what kind of an individual he is, along with those who support his fanatical ideology and delusions of grandeur. Seeing the forest for the trees is very important. Communists say all sorts of things, but their actions are what is important. People should remember this in considering China’s moves in the upcoming weeks/months.

      1. A long forgotten aphorism: “Actions speak louder than words.”

        Too many people forget that. They think shallowly according to appearances, according to words. Deep thinking looks at the actions.

  32. Putin puts nuclear forces on high alert

    In a significant escalation of tensions over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian nuclear deterrent forces put on high alert Sunday, in response to “aggressive statements” by leading NATO powers and economic sanctions by the West.

    The directive means Putin has ordered Russia’s nuclear weapons prepared for increased readiness to launch, suggesting that tensions could boil over into a nuclear war.


  33. Hi, Jeff! Is NATO’s military inactivity due to awareness of its conventional and strategic weakness?

      1. Germany announced its intentions to raise military budget; France started to refurbish its forces last year. Do you think Russia and China would strike western countries before seeing them strenghtened enough to oppose them?

  34. I continue to be surprised by the sheer incompetence of the conventional Russian forces. Is this really the best they can do? A poorly armed but determined Ukraine has essentially stalled their invasion and is methodically picking them off. I get it that it’s not over. But momentum is everything in warfare, and when it’s lost, it tends to shift to one’s opponent.

    Now Putin says he has put Russian nuclear forces on alert. How ridiculous and indicative of a Russian admission of failure on the battlefield. As is Putin’s insistence on peace negotiations. That does not demonstrate strength at all: contrast this with U.S. Grant’s demand for unconditional surrender by the South.

    Putin has bit off more than could chew. His generals exaggerated the capabilities of their forces. Turns out that, at least from the perspective of conventional forces and making war against real adversaries, Russia is a paper tiger.

    This should raise the question: are its nuclear forces equally as incompetent? (Not that we want to find out, which helps prop up their bluff).

    I’ve seen posters here and other websites who infer that, well, Putin has only deployed his “B team” or the like, or that this was all a ploy to divide the West or destroy the conservatives in the U.S,, or whatever, and that Putin has somehow achieved his ulterior objective. That reminds me of a Monty Python sketch where the aggressor ends up on the ground with a sword at his throat, and exclaims: “now I have you right where i want you!” ; )

    Meanwhile, let’s all be praying for the Ukrainians to have favor in battle.

    1. Do you actually believe this? The Russians have only committed like 30% of their forces, are fighting extremely light to avoid civilian casualties, and are on the verge of taking Kiev. And now they’re putting all of their nuclear missiles on high alert? This entire thing is looking like a pretext to prepare for a nuclear strike on the US right in front of the entire world’s faces, where they mistakenly believe it’s directed at Ukraine. Russia doesn’t need nukes to take Kiev, they have a ton of bombs. Wake up, people.

      1. Perseus: I am wondering whether you have any military experience? Do you understand what it takes in soldiers, resources, and commitment to conquer and hold a nation of determined resistors of 42 million people that is 1,000 miles across? Do you understand the impact of thousands of javelins and stinger missiles in the hands of territorial defense personnel all across the country? Can you imagine the morale of a group of 19 y.o. conscript kids sitting in a tank that, any moment, could become their crematorium? Napoleon’s Grand Army came through there 200 years ago and left with about 10% of its original force.

        I think it’s far-fetched to suggest that this is a prelude to a surprise nuclear attack. Why warn the West of a Russian nuclear alert in advance? Just another bluff.

    2. I hope so, but I get the feeling that Putin is just biding his time. Ukraine is a huge country and they can only continue to fight so long as their supplies hold out. That is the problem. Hats off to the Ukrainian people, though, and their very brave president. I think the nuclear threats are being used — at least at this stage — to discourage the West from supplying arms to Ukraine. Certainly, those whose territory is invaded have a certain home advantage in that they are literally fighting for their lives and their country. I think if the West can somehow continue to supply Ukraine with arms forcing Putin to get bogged down in a conventional war of attrition, his campaign will begin to lose its momentum and he will lose even more support at home. His success depends on his continuing to appear strong and resolute, and I imagine he will continue along these lines. Unfortunately, troops are just cannon fodder to communists, though, and they don’t seem to care how many troops they lose, but getting bogged down in a conventional war could deplete their supplies depending on the severity of the sanctions and other factors.

    3. The belief that the Russian invasion has failed on day four is premature. The Ukrainian capital is practically surrounded. From a military perspective, this is not failure. The Russians have an overland supply line to Kiev. This is not a failure. The main battle line of the Ukrainian Army in Donbas has been flanked. That is not a failure. The Russians are attacking during the worst possible ground conditions and yet they reached Kiev in less than two days and flanked the main Ukrainian line. Instead of characterizing this as a failure, it is a respectable military accomplishment. They accepted high casualties because the weather forced them to attack paved road access or whatever dry ground they could find. Are Russian losses catastrophic? no. The Russians have suffered nearly 5,000 casualties. They have lost over 516 AFVs, over 80 tanks,10 jets and 7 helicopters in the first few days. But let’s put the Russian casualties in perspective. Hitler invaded Poland in 1939. He attacked when the ground was dry. He had air superiority (like the Russians). Hitler flanked the Polish line and arrived at the gates of Warsaw after one week, the Russians reached Kiev and flanked the Ukrainian line in almost one day. In the Polish campaign Hitler lost more than 50,000 casualties, not 5,000. Hitler won a decisive blitzkrieg victory. Basically, Ukraine is a country more than twice the size of Poland. The attackers have suffered unfavorable weather. Yet they have flanked the Ukrainians and established the most advantageous strategic position a general might hope for. Once an enemy surrounds you, and cuts your forces from their sources of supply and reinforcement, your forces are doomed. Encirclement is defeat for the side that is encircled. Can the encircled Ukrainian forces hold out by fighting fiercely? Anything can happen in war, but Russia now has a strong positional advantage. Their forces have not failed, though it suits Moscow for NATO to console itself because no prospect of intervention will be entertained if they falsely believe the Ukrainians are winning. As for the loss of Russia’s 35th Guards Rifle, and the capture of its commander, military blunders repeatedly occur in all armies in every war. Brigades will be destroyed or captured, attacks will be repulsed, movements will bog down. The great victories of the Germans in World War II were full of such incidents. You must not compare this war to America’s trouncing of Iraq in 2003. That was a third rate army belonging to a Third World Arab country, badly led and poorly trained. We are talking here about trained and veteran Ukrainians against largely green Russian troops. And the Russians, despite missteps, are doing okay. Really. But anything can happen.

      1. This is being reported on Fox News:

        “Russian-led forces have taken control of the historically significant town of Nikolayevka, where Soviet forces broke out during the second world war during the Battle of Stalingrad.

        Analysts say Russian forces could now begin to consolidate and make gains that would allow them to push towards the Black Sea.”

        I wouldn’t call that failing either. 🙁

      2. Jeff, not going to try to respond to all your thoughtful points, but consider:

        – The Russian army is not the fanaticized Nazi force of 2,000,000 that invaded Poland in 1939, nor have they managed to destroy or disable the Ukr. army and air force as the Nazis were able to do to the Poles during the first week of Sep ’39. Plus recall that on 17 Sep Stalin invaded Poland from the East, essentially crushing the Poles in a vice.
        – Now the Ukr. are responding and the initial surprise is lost. Kyiv may or may not be (or become) encircled, but it is only the “New York” of Ukraine. The entire western half of Ukr. remains connected to sources of supply like Poland, Hungary, etc. Weapons, supplies, and soldiers are only beginning to pour into Ukr., and the Russians have yet to feel the brunt of that. Ukr. fighters and anti-aircraft guns are constantly moved around.
        – The urban warfare about to take place in Kyiv, Kharkov and other cities is only just beginning and will be catastrophic for both sides. The Ukr.’s have modern anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons, shoulder-fired. No Russian will be safe. Every civilian walking by the Russians is potentially a bomb thrower.
        – Russian morale is middling at best and will only fall. Most of them are not professional soldiers. The Russian soldiers don’t seem to grasp small unit infantry tactics involving the covering of one another and leapfrogging into the enemy. Have you seen videos of the Russian units sitting in their vehicles driving into hostile territory and city streets? They are sitting ducks without unmounted infantry alongside watching the rooftops, etc. Appalling.
        – Stay tuned. No outcome is certain. But I do not believe it’s implausible for Russia’s force of ~ 200,000 to take and hold an area that runs, effectively, from the Mississippi to New York.
        – Putin’s overall military is rather small. Its morale and materiel will become extremely degraded in a lengthy conflict like Russia’s 1979 (I believe) Afghanistan adventure.

      3. You are terribly mistaken in your arguments. In 1939 Poland’s army was entirely deployed against the Germans and not divided between two fronts as you imagine. There was no serious Polish resistance or battles against Stalin’s invasion — which did not enter Poland until September 17, 1939. The Germans had broken the Polish line and reached Warsaw by September 8. In other words, the battle was all but over by the time Stalin entered Poland. He came for his spoils. So Hitler, by comparison with what the Russians achieved, did not do as well as the Russians today — and lost far more men and machines. Yet it was a decisive German victory. The Polish in 1939 and the Ukrainian air forces today can hardly dispute control of the air.

      4. Jeff, from what I read on Wikipedia, (not the most reliable source), there were 17.000 Germans killed in action in Poland and about 40,000 wounded. Did you mean 50,000 casualties or 50,000 dead?

  35. It is interesting to point out that virtually all of Russia’s and China’s modern technology was imported from the West. Communism was built in the East with assistance from the West. Similarly, the rise of Japan and other non-Western powers was assisted by the West. Communism requires capitalism as a foundation on which to build its nefarious legacy and eventually “liquidate” capitalism. Antony Sutton’s works illustrate that the West is the source of virtually all civilisation and that the communists exported Western know-how to Third-World “targets” in order to build up the capitalist West’s future gravediggers.

    1. Thank you VIRTUAL CONSERVATIVE. Mark Antonio Wright’s article is very illuminating and thought provoking. His article sheds some light on the possible significance and implications of Russia’s military operations in Ukraine. Thanks.

    2. I wonder. He doesn’t seem to realize that Russia has a poor logistics train under normal conditions. This not a recent phenomenon either. It too several months for Stalin to build up supply for Operation Bagration. That one thig was the major hold up for the operation. It is no surprise to me that the Russians are running out food and fuel, and the Ukrainians are making things even more difficult by hitting supply convoys with special attention given to fuel tankers.

  36. Jeff, one other question– if you have time (I understand if you don’t). If there is a nuclear or EMP attack on the US, or cyber– something really crippling to a large part of the country, is it at that point that you would expect Spetsnaz forces that have made their way across the US southern border to suddenly attack? Do you anticipate attacks against major/capital cities, as in Ukraine? Mostly on the coasts, or all over?

      1. What about a nuclear or cyber attack? Would you expect them to focus on capital cities across the US, large population centers, the coasts?

      2. Mr. Nyquist. I would like to ask about EMP. I remember you mentioned in one interview something about the possible problems with EMP attack. Something about how it could make nuclear reactors leak, etc. Cause major environmental damage. Is there any major problems regarding an EMP strike?

      3. Some?All. I’ve been trying to find out the details on fail safe systems on reactors. I’m no engineer and my readings have left me confused. Even Pry seems a bit vague on what happens to nuke reactors following EMP.

      4. SCRAM buttons are for shutting down nuclear reactors in an emergency. As it happens, soluble neutron absorbers are found within the Standby Liquid Control System (SLCS), which uses redundant battery-operated injection pumps, or, in the latest models, high pressure nitrogen gas to inject the neutron absorber solution into the reactor vessel against any pressure within. The button requires battery power in either event. No battery no power no working button. The reactor cannot be shut down. Next, the coolant pumps on nuclear reactors are also electric — derived from steam.

        The main components of a reactor coolant pump:

        Electric motor. The motor is a large, air or water (seal-less RCPs) cooled, induction motor.
        Impeller. Impeller is a rotor used to increase the pressure and flow of a coolant.
        Shaft (Rotor). Shaft is a mechanical component for transmitting torque from the motor to the impeller.
        Shaft seal package. Shaft seal package is used to prevent any water from leaking up the shaft into the containment.
        Bearings. Bearings constrain relative motion of the shaft (rotor) and reduce friction between the rotating shaft and the stator. RCPs usually use a combination of fluid dynamic bearings and hydrostatic bearings in the radial bearing assembly (water lubricated; close to the primary coolant) and oil lubricated bearings used in the thrust (axial) bearing assembly (in the motor section).
        Flywheel. The flywheel provides flow coastdown in case of loss of power.
        Auxilliary systems. Oil lubrication system, oil lift system, seal leakoff system, seal cooling system etc.

  37. I just listened to a rather angry man in Kiev who is frustrated with Zelensky make a point that all those Ukrainians with weapons and no training have now become targets. This man on the street thinks that Zelensky handed out the weapons on purpose to try to instigate the Russian forces into damaging photo opportunities. Hmmm…any thoughts?

    1. I think that man’s opinion is bull hockey. Civilians are being killed either way. Sounds like an attempt to demoralize by whoever put the video or audio out to me (or the man himself). Or maybe the man is a coward, too scared to take up arms, believing he will be allowed to live if he doesn’t resist. And is condemning those with the courage to fight.

      They are fighting for their survival. It’s all hands on deck in such a time.

      What does that man suppose will happen to people if the Russians take over?

    2. There are some legal questions regarding arming civilians, and I am not up on all the details; so if there are any legal experts they are welcome to chime in. As long as civilians are not armed, they are technically protected by international law from reprisals from troops. During World War II it was a crime for civilians to attack uniformed troops and for troops to attack unarmed civilians. But once a civilian or group of civilians attack soldiers, the civilians are not protected by law and it is not an atrocity of the soldiers kill them. In fact, armed civilians may have less legal protection under military and international law than a soldier because they are not wearing a uniform. I am not an expert in this and have read only a little.

      1. I think that so long as they have some identification, even just an armband, they are supposed to be protected by law, but of course in many cases this may not be observed.

      2. Yes, but to me, all the international law stuff would mean nothing if my homeland was being invaded. I also dont think civilian lives matter (or will eventually matter) very much to the Russians, just as they didnt to the Nazis. Even if they were to refrain from killing very many civilians during the war, I bet they wouldnt after attaining victory, if they do.

        What I’ve been doubting, is that there is even a country with the morality and authority to even carry out punishment against any war crimes the Russians or Chinese may commit, in the very miniscule chance they are defeated.

        Some think Russia is afraid of bad optics, but I would think if you and your allies comprise the strongest combined militaries, have most if not all of the advantages favorable for winning a war, and have no scruples or morals, then why be concerned about bad optics?

        I can see why they didnt want bad optics in the past. They still needed time and Western money to build up their war machines and get things in place.

        Now, it appears they no longer need anything from the West. So it seems to me that bad optics are not much of an issue.

      3. Customary international law:


        “Rule 1. The parties to the conflict must at all times distinguish between civilians and combatants. Attacks may only be directed against combatants. Attacks must not be directed against civilians.”


        “Rule 6. Civilians are protected against attack, unless and for such time as they take a direct part in hostilities.”

        It’s also questionable to remove the recruitment age, as recruiting children is illegal. Granted, when you read through these rules, sadly many seem to be routinely violated.

        From my experience (not in armed conflict situations), customary rules of international law are recognized as authority in international judicial fora (though the US and some others will caveat that they are non-binding).

      1. In Luhansk, I think, the Russian troops have been sighted putting on gas masks. It is where the Russians tried to break out to make a double envelopment of the main Ukrainian line in Luhansk and Donetsk. Could be they need that breakthrough now and poison gas is the key.

  38. Jeff, what are your thoughts on the Russians putting nuclear forces on alert? Could this be the first strike?

    1. It always could be a first strike — a disarming strike. Or it could be meant to force our leaders to negotiate on some question that the Russians can use to advantage.

  39. Russian nuke status changed to combat readiness.
    North Korea just launched another missile, a covert warning from China?
    Things are getting interesting. I expect an EMP in the US probably launched from a containership in Vancouver, maybe from fishing vessels off the coast of Ecuador or the US west coast utilizing a klub-k or something like it.
    Feels like things have crossed lines and wont go back.

    -bill freeman

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