[Lenin] is stated to have been enthusiastic about a ‘beautiful plan,’ i.e., the proposal for the Communists to cross the border into another country in order to hang kulaks, priests, and landowners in that country and then pin it onto the anti-communist guerilla units operating in Soviet Russia at the time.

Natalie Grant

Sometimes it is important to revisit the past. Clarity about the past gives us clarity about the present. The Russians and their communist friends have a big bag of tricks. And in that bag you will find a Russian word: Provokatsiya  [провока́ция] or, in English, Provocation. Definition: “A political event staged by an intelligence service on behalf of its government in order to accomplish some political goal.” In the quote from Natalie Grant above, we see a rather bloodthirsty example of Provikatsiya. The communist special services arrange a horrifying event which is subsequently blamed on anti-communists. There is another Russian word, as well: Dezinformatsiya (or disinformation). It refers to misleading information planted by the Russian special services. Let’s look back into history and see if any examples can be found:

Here are a few that may resonate with readers, depending on their level of knowledge:

  • Assassinate JFK and blame right-wingers (see Edward Jay Epstein’s JFK Assassination Diary or Ion Pacepa’s Programmed to Kill: Lee Harvey Oswald, the Soviet KGB, and the Kennedy Assassination).
  • Drop the Twin Towers, burn the Pentagon, then blame the Military Industrial Complex and Wall Street with “Truther” conspiracy theories. (My sources in the Czech Republic claim that Mohammed Atta, the leader of the 9/11 hijackers, was trained in a terrorist training camp in communist Czechoslovakia in 1987. Please note: Before being fatally poisoned with radioactive polonium sent from Moscow, FSB defector Alexander Litvinenko named Ayman al-Zawahiri as a “long-time KGB agent.” Zawahiri was Osama bin Laden’s number one lieutenant and successor. Litvinenko also said several al-Qaeda leaders were trained in Russia, but he only publicly named Zawahiri. See notes below.)
  • Spend a summer Looting and burning, rioting and threatening, then try Donald Trump as a violent insurrectionist. (Presently the communist strategy is to claim that the right is dangerous and insurrectionist while camouflaging their own insurrection under the “righteous” banner of Black Lives Matter.)
  • Blame Trump for stealing an election in 2016, then censor anyone who says the Democrats stole the 2020 election from Trump. (By setting up the first narrative you would think they could not carry out the second narrative, but communist provocations almost always blame the victim; and this can even be done years in advance.)

Natalie Grant’s book, titled Disinformation, offers us additional insights. There is an old Russian operational principle: “to simulate that which is not, to dissimulate that which exists.” Grant explains, “to this day Soviet military authorities recommend deception of the enemy by concealing existing objects and by creating simulated objects in order to divert the enemy’s attention.”

By “object” the Russians do not only mean physical “objects.” Diversionary narratives may also qualify in this regard. To explain further: Suppose the truth is represented as Narrative A. In order to divert attention from Narrative A the special services will be tasked with spreading several false diversionary narratives; that is, Narratives B – F. If you construct those narratives with sensational claims, people will be drawn to them. Of course, the public mind is very susceptible to sensational claims. Soon enough everybody will forget Narrative A. In fact, people will become so besotted with a sensational false narrative they will spontaneously create home-grown arguments in support of the narrative. In this way a false narrative will gain a life of its own.

As an aside: Many conspiracy theories should be suspected on these grounds. In each case we must ask ourselves the key question: WHO BENEFITS FROM THIS CONSPIRACY THEORY? In many instances the Russians or their communist friends will benefit. If that is the case, the theory in question needs to be examined in terms of its sourcing. Is this coming from identifiably agents of influence? Have defectors shown the information to be concocted by the Russian special services? In the case of the false Kennedy assassination narratives, KGB archivist Vasili Mitrokhin revealed that false JFK assassination narratives were planted in Western newspapers by the KGB. In fact, most JFK assassination theories that exonerate the communists rely on these planted stories; yet most Americans believe in diversionary KGB narratives related to the JFK assassination. It is almost impossible to get people away from these narratives for the simple reason that once someone adopts a false narrative it becomes a hobby horse; and people enjoy their hobby horses.

Imagine how frightening our situation is. The Soviet Union and its Cuban ally can assassinate an American president. Even more frightening, they can successfully blame that assassination on anti-communists within the CIA or Big Oil or the Military Industrial Complex. Once this kind of capability has been used successfully, it can be used again. (Hint, hint.)

In our present crisis there may be several disinformation operations ongoing; and one of these may involve a false election fraud narrative. According to Natalie Grant, the Soviets pioneered the art of “exposing fabrications and false documents to hide real facts” in the 1920s (p. 23). Basically, a Russian agent of influence might be expected to produce information that supposedly proves election fraud. If the agent’s information is later found to be false, it will tend to discredit the election fraud narrative and all those who championed it. According to Grant, this kind of fabrication “possibly” found its cue “in Lenin’s maxim that ‘Every truth … if it is carried beyond the limits in which it can actually be applied, can be reduced to an absurdity.” Here is a Russian method used to “spread [a] distrust of true facts.”

The process would typically involve a Russian agent who advances a hoax. This agent might be an American national paid under the table by Russian intelligence officers. The agent would fabricate false information to prove something like election fraud. By later exposing the deceit, confidence in all election fraud evidence would be undermined. Grant explains as follows: “The targets of the hoaxes, learning that documents they had trusted were false, [assume] that the actual fact around which the false report had been built was also false.”

Is there a candidate for Russian disinformation in the current run of election fraud narratives? Yes, there is. One narrative, above all others, has been called a hoax. Mike Lindell’s Absolute Proof documentary, which uses information from Dennis Montgomery via Mary Fanning, has been called into question. Montgomery’s information has been impugned by investigator Mike Zullo and by Sharon Rondeau (see links below). Readers are encouraged to study the materials and make up their own minds.

An understanding of Russian disinformation strategy is crucial at this time. We cannot afford to be hoaxed. We cannot afford to have real facts and truthful narratives discredited. Mike Lindell is a patriot. We all know he is. All the more terrible if he has been successfully targeted by our nation’s enemies.

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Links and Notes

Disinformation: Soviet Political Warfare 1917 – 1991: Grant, Natalie: 9781733523813: Amazon.com: Kindle Store


Programmed to Kill: Lee Harvey Oswald, the Soviet KGB, and the Kennedy Assassination: Pacepa, Ion Mihai: 9781566637619: Amazon.com: Kindle Store

Blowing up Russia: The Book that Got Litvinenko Murdered – Kindle edition by Litvinenko, Alexander, Felshtinsky, Yuri. Politics & Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

Alexander Litvinenko Was Killed ‘for Calling Putin a Pedophile’ (thedailybeast.com) [Please note the manner in which this story diverts from Litvinenko’s more strategically significant allegation; namely, that the Russian special services were behind 9/11. Here is a perfect example of a sensational story being used to blot out a more important insight into events.]

Defector: Putin’s KGB Trained Top al-Qaeda Terrorists – The New American

Amazon.com: The Sword and the Shield: The Mitrokhin Archive and the Secret History of the KGB eBook: Andrew, Christopher, Vasili Mitrokhin: Kindle Store

Mike Lindell Exposes Voter Fraud in Powerful Documentary Called Absolute Proof (bitchute.com) [information regarding foreign hacking in this video comes from Dennis Montgomery through Mary Fanning. Montgomery’s veracity has been challenged by Mike Zullo, Sharon Rondeau and Larry Johnson.]

“Hammer” Hoaxer Infiltrates Lindell’s “Absolute Proof,” Part 1 – The Post & Email

“Hammer” Hoaxer Infiltrates Lindell’s “Absolute Proof,” Part 2 – The Post & Email [Well researched and difficult to refute.]

Attacks On Dennis Montgomery, HAMMER And SCORECARD, ‘Absolute Proof,’ Have CIA Connections – The American Report [This is Fanning’s response to Sharon Rondeau’s piece on Dennis Montgomery. Larry Johnson absolutely disputes Fanning’s claims, and Fanning may have stretched the context of lawyer Michael Flynn’s endorsement of Montgomery, given a lawsuit Flynn prosecuted against Montgomery.]

The Fool and His Enemy: (Available at Amazon) – J.R. Nyquist Blog

63 thoughts on “Disinformation 101: Hoaxes and False Narratives

  1. Here’s a question for Jeff. ( Or anybody else too ).

    Do you think nefarious people monitor jrnyquist.blog ? I’ve always wondered if I should post freely or watch what I say. I don’t have any secret sources of information. Conservative / alternative media sources and internet searches. I guess if something sounded like a really new, important “scoop” involving “good guys” would they “go after” the “good guys ” ( people who are acting to thwart communist programs ) ? As in sometimes it’s better to say nothing and let people have a low profile.

    Perhaps I just have a suspicious mindset. And maybe it’s better to get everything out in the open in any case. Interesting to hear what people say.

    1. To Tom: the goal has been accomplished. Fear has determined your future. When they come for you there will be no one to speak up for you.

  2. I think we have to be careful in judgement of Dennis Montgomery, especially considering exactly who is trying to smear him, of course the fact that he is not in jail may be even more illuminating. When the FBI raided his house they also simultaneously raided Edward Loomis, Bill Binney, Diane Roark, & Kurt Weibe.
    Disinformation then or now, or both, or neither? If he is working for Patriots (not the football team), he sure as heck isn’t very effective, but then again, who is? Why would you keep this guy around? Or, for that matter, a guy like Carter Page? Do any of them know who they are working for? Do they care?

    Jeff, we are on “Instrument Flying Rules” here, the disinformation “fog” has gotten so thick. You are literally the only guy to go back to the beginning to try to figure out where the F we are. Everybody else is working on some notion that was conceived after December 1991, or worse, 09-11-2001.
    This is insanity defined, all doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

    Tom, you are not crazy, through several former JRN discussion boards many would say we were definitely being monitored. The comment was even made one time jokingly, that members were missing because “They knew too much.” While this is probably a stretch, there is no doubt that some members had unusual personal interactions which seemed “out of place.” There were also changes made to posts on the discussion board that definitely weren’t random, and several times specific information was deleted from multiple threads and topics.

    1. Interesting. The one thing I do know about Montgomery comes from voice recordings published by Sharon Rondeau (in the articles I cited) in which Montgomery tells a very different story about The Hammer. So there are definite problems with Montgomery’s story. Given the work Mike Zullo did on the Obama birth certificate issue, Mary Fanning’s attempts to say Zullo is an agent of the deep state — which I have heard directly from her — doesn’t pass my smell test. I do not know where Mary got her information on Mike, but we are all just one bad source away from swallowing a camel. Unfortunately Mary, Brannon Howse and Mike Lindell swallowed a Bedouin’s prize beast.

  3. Jeff not sure if you can comment, during the week, the New Zealand, Canadian and US media ran a story about the Chinese Police and the Ministry of State Security having access to New Zealand, Canada and US since the mentioned countries have a visa application center based in Beijing which deals with visa applications from China for the US, New Zealand and Canada Immigration:

    New Zealand



    It seems to me the Ministry of State Security are ‘handpicking’ who can leave and this opens a question of whether the people coming from Hong Kong will be genuine refugees and also do you think this is worth mentioning on the John Moore show?

    1. Of course the communists are handpicking who can go to America. The more spies, saboteurs and agents of influence here — the better for the Chinese Communist Party.

  4. Jeff, in regards to Montgomery, I reviewed those articles. this is a complex web. thank you for attempting to unknot the threads. However we know that evil and deception is within the heart of man. The scriptures tell us that that heart and mind of man tends towards corruption when we are not filled with the Holy spirit–this without any foreign influence. The question is Montgomery just another actor of corruption and attempting to exploit others to get money or a larger international plot? I think only God knows. Our problem is that corruption has been given total free reign–it has taken over pretty much the power centers. its the way of America. the corrupt have not been punished but continue to flourish and laugh at attempts to bring it to heel. Corruption is leading to the downfall of America and is leading us to enslavement by communists, globalists, and Islam. we will loose our liberties without the Lord. What is required is both national Christian revival and a return to law, order and the exposure and punishment of corruption in all areas of the nation.

      1. Jesus said “Satan comes only to steal, kill and destroy.” The fruit of collectivism certainly would attest to this being connected to his signature as Richard Wurmbrand and Paul Kengor in their books on the devil and communism would attest.

  5. Without comment, courts neglected to examine presented evidence of voter fraud. As the US Constitution grants authority to the states to select electors as they will, the matter must be moot. One act that President Trump, rightfully ought to have been impeached for, was attempting to invoke the, Insurrection Act, and ordering US troops on the streets of America, but nobody seemed concerned about that, except for the, US Secretary of Defense, who did his job correctly by refusing the President’s order. John Kerry, accused Republicans of using Smartmatic to defeat him in 2004, but no one makes mention of that, now.

    1. The insurrection act has been used to quell rioting and looting dozens of times in the past. It was used in 1992 to put down the Rodney King riots in LA. Why do you say Trump should have been impeached for “attempting” to invoke it? Honestly, I think he should have been impeached for NOT invoking it. After 36 people were killed and a thousand policemen injured — with arson and looting and over $1 billion in businesses destroyed, I say all our derelict officeholders should have been impeached. The Army leaders in question should have been fired for usurping authority in making blatant political pronouncements they had no business making. The whole scene was a disgrace to the country. Allow people to riot and burn and overrun police precincts? The police then defunded in major cities? No. This should never have happened. It should have been impossible! If the police cannot handle such violence you send in the Army. Or else you give a shoot-to-kill order to the police like Mayor Richard Daley did in Chicago during the 1968 riots and it stops immediately. Only today, instead of putting the Chicago Seven on trial as criminals we put the Chicago Seven into office and they try Donald Trump for insurrection instead. The fact is, if we don’t put down real insurrectionists, the insurrectionists will turn the guns and the courts and the political machinery against patriotic Americans. Why? Because they are revolutionaries actively engaged in flipping the system to socialism. And right now, nobody knows how to stop them. Trump certainly didn’t. The voters didn’t. The courts didn’t. The state legislatures didn’t. This country has permitted an enemy ideology to gain ascendency in all our institutions — for all of them are now politically correct. And so, the destruction of the country appears to be imminent. Is this understood? Does anyone grasp this?

      1. Yes, I grasp that we are under International Communism almost one year now. The one chance left was to hold the USA. The Republicans betrayed Trump. We knew the Democrats were Communists a long time ago. The media destroyed Trump. The WEF agenda was outlined which included “Stakeholder Capitalism. How is that going so far? Nikolay Vavilov starved to death in prison under Stalin. He was known for traveling the world and improving crop diversity. Compare him to a guy like Gates. Kevin Taylor

  6. Jeff maybe I should have said slavery instead. Lockdowns for one year worldwide. Who pushed that idea? International puppet masters pushed the idea we will never return to “normal” and eliminate private property and travel restrictions etc.

    1. Are the lockdowns slavery? It seems more like a blockade in which we are not able to work at full capacity, and it is bleeding us. Slavery? No. It’s a form of economic attack.

      1. I listened to Alison Mcdowell for 2 hours and she described Digital Slavery and Blockchain.

  7. Of all these events in America’s past, what happened last summer should have triggered the Insurrection Act. Law and order does not apparently matter when a politically correct theme is used to excuse Marxist bad behavior.

    1. Even Trump admitted he should have invoked Insurrection Act. He didn’t use the words Insurrection Act but he said he should have sent in troops which is the same thing. He said this at the rally speech he gave for the 2 Georgia Senators.

  8. Just an idea? Please also note The Guardian(I know – MSM):

    Yuri Shvets, former KGB agent:
    Three years later Trump opened his first big property development, the Grand Hyatt New York hotel near Grand Central station. Trump bought 200 television sets for the hotel from Semyon Kislin, a Soviet émigré who co-owned Joy-Lud electronics on Fifth Avenue.
    According to Shvets, Joy-Lud was controlled by the KGB and Kislin worked as a so-called “spotter agent” who identified Trump, a young businessman on the rise, as a potential asset. Kislin denies that he had a relationship with the KGB.

    The ex-major recalled: “For the KGB, it was a charm offensive. They had collected a lot of information on his personality so they knew who he was personally. The feeling was that he was extremely vulnerable intellectually, and psychologically, and he was prone to flattery.
    “This is what they exploited. They played the game as if they were immensely impressed by his personality and believed this is the guy who should be the president of the United States one day: it is people like him who could change the world. They fed him these so-called active measures soundbites and it happened. So it was a big achievement for the KGB active measures at the time.”

    US Election 2020 – “Russia-Donald” vs. “China-Joe”?
    Communists in full control?

    1. It is entirely possible. I have Russian and Ukrainian friends who are certain of Trump’s recruitment by the Russians. Yet these claims are, so far, unconvincing and lacking proof. Nothing Trump did as president helped Russia or the communist bloc. At the same time, he never followed through against the communists at home; belying his image as a tough-guy. I look forward to reading the book.

      1. I remember seeing Shvets promote his book years ago on CSPAN. His main point-that the KGB was largely an ineffective organization-was very suspect and conflicted with many other defectors-both before and after 1991. Playing down Soviet power was a frequent attribute of the USSR’s false defectors such as Top Hat, Fedora, Yuri Nosenko, and Vitaly Yurchenko. Shvet’s revelations have the effect of “eliminating” the image of Russia as a continued enemy, thus encouraging the US to slack off in its defense posture, degrade its intelligence capabilities further, and further deregulate export controls on the Russians. I would read Shvet’s book with an abundance of caution.

      2. Again, cui bono (who benefits)?

        I, SPY
        Cold Warriors No More, Russian Spies Languish in Irrelevance
        By JEFF STEIN
        JANUARY 21, 1997 1:00AM (UTC)
        WASHINGTON —
        Earl Pitts, a 13-year FBI veteran who attained the rank of supervisory agent, was charged last month with selling secrets to the Russians and faces an April 21 trial. That trial starts one week before that of Harold Nicholson, a 16-year former CIA station chief accused of spying for Moscow for 29 months.

        From the slew of recent arrests of high-ranking FBI and CIA officers on espionage charges, one could be forgiven for thinking that the Cold War never ended. Are the Russians spying on the U.S. as fervently as ever?
        No, says Yuri Shvets, a major in the 1st Directorate of the KGB, who was stationed in the Soviet embassy in Washington until he quit in 1990. Shvets was responsible for “the American target” — the recruitment of moles. Today Shvets lives anonymously near Washington, D.C., but follows the U.S.-Russian “mole war” closely. In an interview with Salon, he dismisses the alarm raised by some that the Russians are aggressively recruiting spies here. Instead, he makes an equally provocative allegation: that the CIA has a mole at the “highest level” of the Russian government.

        When U.S. officials announced the arrests of an FBI agent and a CIA officer on charges of spying for Moscow, they claimed that Russian intelligence is as aggressive here now as it was during the Cold War. Do you agree?

        No. It’s absolutely false. If anything, Russian intelligence is in worse shape than the CIA. The morale is extremely low. The people who can leave and find a better job in business are doing it. They don’t give a damn. The mid-level people are just waiting for their retirement. The people who are left behind are just the people who can’t find a job anywhere else. The salary for a colonel in the SRV (Russian Intelligence Service) is the equivalent of three cups of coffee in a Moscow restaurant. In Moscow headquarters, they spend their days drinking in the office and recently dozens of people were fired for it.
        How about the Washington office of the SRV?

        The head of the office doesn’t even speak English. He’s not an expert on the United States, he never worked on the United States. His domain was Asia. His deputy is a guy who worked in China for many years, although he was here before. I worked with him. He hasn’t recruited even a fly in his life. It was a kind of joke.

        Why would Moscow send guys like that?
        In Russia, when you want to sabotage a job, you put a guy like that in it. They want a guy without any initiative, to make sure the Washington station doesn’t recruit anybody without authorization.

        Are you saying Russia doesn’t want to spy on the U.S. anymore?
        No, they don’t. Not really.

        Why not?

        It’s a political decision. The top level in Moscow understands that Russia depends tremendously on the United States, for financial aid and so on. They don’t want to provoke the United States. To take money with one hand and to recruit turncoat agents in Washington with the other is, is … bad manners.
        But wouldn’t Moscow want to know some things — say, about secret U.S. military plans?

        Let me tell you a true story. A couple months ago the United States fired a few missiles at Iraq. Three days before, they privately informed the Russian foreign ministry. Afterward, the Russian press found out about it. They demanded to know what the foreign minister did about it, and he was very good at not answering the question. Why? Because what was Russia going to do about it? What can Russia do about anything the United States does?

        But they don’t even feel the need to know?
        I’m not sure Russia needs any agents or foreign intelligence these days. They have problems enough with the economy, of unpaid wages. For instance, let’s say the SRV has a top ranking agent inside the White House, and today he brings back information that tomorrow the United States is going to make a missile attack against Russia. So what? What’s Russia going to do about it?

        So Russian intelligence officers here just sit around waiting for a CIA or FBI agent to walk in and offer to sell documents?


        And the idea that they’re out there aggressively recruiting moles in the CIA and FBI is nonsense?
        Yes, right. In fact, in this country, these days, if an American walked in and volunteered to spy, the Russians would just kick him out. They might welcome him in Delhi, in Latin America, in Japan, or Singapore, but not in the United States.

        So what do Russian intelligence officers do here?

        The number one priority for any Russian official sent to America or the West is to find a permanent job, with a joint venture in Russia, or with a branch of an American company in Russia. So they can retire from the SRV.

        It’s hard to believe, given the history of U.S.-Russian espionage, that there are no dedicated Russian spies here at all.
        These days no one knows what the Russian “national security interest” is. Even the president of Russia has a hard time saying what it is. Meanwhile the people can see how the top-ranking bureaucrats use their positions to make money. People don’t believe in anything. Believe me, no one in the SRV headquarters in Russia or here ever expresses any nationalism — maybe in a (Communist) Party meeting they do. No one else believes in it anymore.

        Given that, it would seem that the CIA and FBI would have great success recruiting moles in Russian intelligence.

        Yes, doubtless. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the collapse of the KGB, American intelligence got a gift. They got lots of information about prior KGB operations, and about the operations that were ongoing in the foreign intelligence service.

        Did the information come from defectors in Russian intelligence?
        It was delivered by top-ranking people. I think it was a political decision in Moscow. I know that this exposure of American intelligence officers was a result of this political decision, which was made shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the fall of 1991.

        What “political decision”?

        You may remember it was reported that George Bush saved Yeltsin during the coup attempt against him? Bush gave Yeltsin transcripts of electronic intercepts that your National Security Agency got, of the plotters talking on cell phones with each other. That saved Yeltsin. In return, he gave Bush a list of all the bugs in the American embassy.

        But what about Ames and other spies who got caught?

        I believe that one of Yeltsin’s men gave the CIA a list of Americans working for Moscow. A list of moles.

        That jibes with recent, vague suggestions in the American media that the CIA today has a high-level mole of its own in Moscow — a high-ranking Russian official.

        I strongly believe that they do — that American intelligence has a top-level source in Moscow — which has allowed the United States government to expose all these agents, starting with Ames and ending with the last case, Pitts.
        It was delivered by top-ranking people. I think it was a political decision in Moscow. I know that this exposure of American intelligence officers was a result of this political decision, which was made shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the fall of 1991.

        What “political decision”?

        You may remember it was reported that George Bush saved Yeltsin during the coup attempt against him? Bush gave Yeltsin transcripts of electronic intercepts that your National Security Agency got, of the plotters talking on cell phones with each other. That saved Yeltsin. In return, he gave Bush a list of all the bugs in the American embassy.

        But what about Ames and other spies who got caught?

        I believe that one of Yeltsin’s men gave the CIA a list of Americans working for Moscow. A list of moles.

        That jibes with recent, vague suggestions in the American media that the CIA today has a high-level mole of its own in Moscow — a high-ranking Russian official.

        I strongly believe that they do — that American intelligence has a top-level source in Moscow — which has allowed the United States government to expose all these agents, starting with Ames and ending with the last case, Pitts.

        What makes you believe that?

        I continue to have friends in Russian intelligence, and they have told me things that persuade me this is true. I have a strong impression that the revelation of all these cases, including this last case of Pitts, came from the highest levels of the Russian government.

        Do you know who?

        I believe I do.

        Who is it?

        I cannot say at this time. It is too dangerous. He is one of the most powerful men in Russian today.

        So it would be dangerous these days for a CIA or FBI agent to walk in and volunteer to sell secrets to Russia.

        Exactly, it’s suicidal, just suicidal! I mean, how can it work? If this agent volunteers to sell his services to a foreign intelligence service, he must be sure that they can handle his case safely for the rest of his life. But today how can he be sure when the Russian intelligence services, like the whole country, doesn’t care?

        Do you think that Americans are still walking into Russian intelligence offices and volunteering to spy?

        They are, they are. There were reports last year that somebody made several attempts to reach the residency (Russian intelligence office) in New York by phone, but they were immediately exposed. (laughs)

        In the cases of Aldrich Ames, Earl Pitts, the FBI agent, or the CIA officer Harold Nicholson — if the charges are true — how could they have not realized how vulnerable they would become?

        They all volunteered their services in the 1980s, while the Soviet Union still existed. It was a gross miscalculation. They did not know if the collapse of the Soviet Union was imminent.

        Does Russian intelligence still use TASS (the official news agency) as cover here?

        Yes, they still do that. They were kicked out of (the newspaper) Izvestia. But they still use TASS. And the foreign ministry, and the foreign trade office.

        During the Cold War the KGB operated a large station out of the Soviet consulate in San Francisco. Is that still active?

        The KGB operation there was one of the most ineffective. That’s where the FBI taught its agents surveillance techniques, and they had round-the-clock surveillance, so the KGB guys there used it as an excuse not to try to do anything. They’d tell Moscow the FBI was all over them and they couldn’t do anything. I remember that in the ’70s and ’80s they didn’t have a single meaningful operation there.

        Today are any Russian agents volunteering to work for the FBI or CIA?

        I don’t think so. It’s too dangerous. And it doesn’t bring very good money. All intelligence services around the world are notorious for being cheap. And remember, two employees in the Washington station who were betrayed by Ames got shot when they got back. It was said one of them worked for the FBI for $10,000. Is it worth being shot for that?

        What about quitting the SRV and then going to work for the FBI or CIA?

        It would be crazy. A smart operative can always get a much better job with a private business.

        We read here that the Russian mafia pervades all aspects of the Russian economy and government. What’s the relationship between the SRV and the mafia?

        Very close, very close. These days everything in the Russian government is controlled by big money, and big money belongs to the mafia. For example, one of the biggest commercial enterprises in Moscow involving both the mafia and the SRV controls the export of arms.

        Wouldn’t a mafia-penetrated SRV want to collect industrial secrets here?

        No, with Russian technology collapsing, they can’t absorb the industrial secrets they collected in the 1970s and ’80s. A lot of it is still locked in KGB vaults. The big money in Russia today is made in selling raw materials — oil, gas, timber and so on — not making technologically advanced things.

      3. More on Shvets:
        Ex-Soviet Spy Exposes Stretch Credulity
        January 13, 1995

        By Daniel Schorr. Daniel Schorr is senior news analyst for National Public Radio.
        YOU might think that when the real Communist spymasters came in from the cold war to tell their stories, the market for spy novels would languish. But Ian Fleming, John LeCarre, and Tom Clancy needn’t worry yet. From what we’ve seen of the revelations of the old KGB crowd, truth tends to be duller than fiction and often a lot less plausible.

        Yuri Shvets, who writes “Washington Station: My Life as a KGB Spy in America,” covers a more recent period, from the viewpoint of a run-of-the-mill spy, rather than spymaster. Much of his book has to do with KGB red tape and in-fighting, probably not much different from the CIA’s. Some of it has to do with the art of evading FBI “tails.” One of the principal jobs of the Washington station, he says, was to spot what Pentagon and other government lights were on late at night that might tip off the coming US surprise attack on the Soviet Union.

        The best stories in Shvets’s book are totally implausible. One is about the US contact who discovered enough information working as a trash collector in defense contractors’ offices to enable the KGB in 1982 to brief Soviet boss Yuri Andropov about American missile capabilities and basing modes. The scene ends with Andropov saying, barely above a whisper: “It’s over then…. We have to come to terms with the United States.” Do you believe that? Some garbage collector!

        Or try this one: Six days before the Reagan-Gorbachev summit in Reykjavik, Iceland, in 1986, Soviet disinformation specialists arranged to have concocted documents linking the Colombian cocaine cartel to the Nicaraguan contra support operation found on the plane piloted by Eugene Hasenfus that was shot down over Nicaragua. Remember that this was the incident that blew open the Iran-contra scandal. Shvets says the purpose, however, was more parochial – to endanger the summit. Why? Because the KGB was souring on Gorbachev. An unlikely story.

        Want my advice? Stick with LeCarre, Fleming, and Clancy. Overt fiction. Spy stories that make sense.

  9. Jeff, do you think Qanon was a communist operation to calm down if not paralyze the masses with false hopes? The constant messages of “trust the plan”, “Trump got this”, “operation storm will jail everyone” really come across as some sort of anesthetic discourse right? Also the plan talk almost sounds like Qanon wants the masses to worship politicians and think our salvation comes from them. Qanon makes it sound as Trump and co have some sort of divine providence ability and that everything will be solved in the end and peopld shouldn’t bother doing anything. It’s some false prophet routine alright.

    1. We have no direct evidence tying the QAnon hoax to the Russians or other communist special services. Of course, somebody perpetrated this hoax for strategic effect. But who? The design of the hoax clearly evidences sophisticated techniques that bear a striking resemblance to past Russian methods used in Operation Trust and the WIN Operation in Poland. As all our enemies share similar methods, and the “patriotic camp” is full of hucksters and frauds, who can say which enemy or “friend” was behind it? Certainly, our enemies all benefitted. The sophistication of this hoax has led some analysts to postulate a Russian design. This cannot be ruled out. Obviously, anyone studying Soviet deception techniques would have been wary on first encountering the Q material. As an aside: It is good that Dr. Jerome Corsi left the scene, as he was a major promoter of this nonsense. You simply cannot fight communism when you do not know the ABCs of Soviet history and strategy. Everything we are experiencing today bears a Soviet stamp. The communists have long acknowledged their debt to the Soviet Union. It is controversial, of course, to suggest the Russian Federation is the Soviet state under false colors, but anyone who has studied Lenin and Stalin can see that Vladimír Putin is using Leninist strategies as he pushes the old communist agenda around the world. It is a fact that Putin supports communist regimes in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Why doesn’t this ever register with anyone in media or government? It may be said that nearly everyone is a useful idiot now. People are not keen on thinking or analyzing the most telling moves on the global chessboard. Everyone is confused by the changing of names in Russia. But here in America no names have been changed and look what now comes to power under the Democratic Party label. How long has it taken for the word “liberal” to signify “communist”? All this time conservatives have ignored the warnings of Golitsyn and Bezmenov as Jerome Corsi acted the role of QAnon Pied Piper. Not only have our favored publicity hounds and right-wing journalists led us in the wrong direction for decades, but even now the befuddled mob is primed for the next shiny bauble on the road to extermination.

      1. Anatoliy Goitsyn has the answer (New Lies for Old):

        Traditional conservatives would be isolated and driven toward extremism. They might become the victims of a new McCarthyism of the left (New lies for Old).
        Q movement has done a “great” job.
        The Q movement has driven conservatives toward extremism, for example:
        Biden is not president, but has been “executed” for a long time, and that transgender people are swarming in politics. Besides, there are clones, and so on …. (if true or not …?)

  10. One thing I think you neglect, is that conspiracy theories thrive in a milieu of government dishonesty. I.e. that the government is lying to the people.

    I give the example of the “black helicopters”. At first the government denied their existence. Yet people saw them. Many people believed the government’s denial that they were connected with the U.S. military. I heard theories about who they were that stretched credulity. I also saw what appeared to be them from a distance doing regular military exercises, which made me conclude that the government was lying (again). Even Rush Limbaugh got in the game, saying that anyone who claims to have seen one is a kook. About that time I saw one close enough that it completely filled the field of view of a seven power binoculars, and it exactly fit the description given by the conspiracy theorists. For me, that was the final straw, I stopped listening to Rush Limbaugh. A few months later they were used in rescues during massive floods, then it was announced that they were Blackhawk helicopters. My conclusion that the government had been lying was vindicated.

    There are many cases where the government has lied to the American people where it’s obvious that the government has lied. In prominent cases, those lies have led to a slew of conspiracy theories. You mentioned the JFK assassination—it’s pretty obvious from the evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy who didn’t pull the trigger. Even now the government is lying. But who did it? I don’t have the resources nor time to find out. Because of government lies, people have spent lifetimes chasing down chimeras of speculation. Me? I’ll probably go to the grave not knowing what happened.

    Even the question “Who benefits?” can lead astray. For communists, it doesn’t matter what is the answer to that question. Their purpose is to spread confusion and distrust. They can feed disinformation to their own operatives in the field, making claims of successes they didn’t have. They can even truthfully admit that they were behind an action, but spread enough other disinformation that finding the truth may be like finding a needle in a haystack.

    Government dishonesty is a type of corruption because it sows confusion and distrust. Just as Jeff said above, “Communism does not operate successfully without corruption. It thrives in corruption as a maggot thrives in dead flesh.”

  11. The Joint Terrorism Task Force, subverts the, Posse Comitatus Act, which prohibits a Federal police force. Bill Clinton started the war against peaceful militia groups in 1997, and began giving cities Federal funding, military grade weaponry, and military training for civilian police. This is what needs to be defunded, and any police trained by the JTTF, ought to be fired.

    Here’s an example of what the FBI does:https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/nicolasmedinamora/did-the-fbi-transform-this-teenager-into-a-terrorist

      1. In some situations, yes. In other situations probably not. Simply because the most susceptible LE agencies tend to be in the very large metro areas where they will take pretty much any help offered them in order to maintain any LE control over already difficult areas.
        In the least populated areas, you would probably tend to find much less willingness to accept such help by the Feds as those LE agencies tend to be more wary of the Feds, and do not want anyone sticking their noses into the locals business..

  12. It already has, sir. Back in 1997, I was at the DMV to renew my driver’s license. This was before digital imagery. The others in line ahead of me, had to sit for a Polaroid snap. The clerk made the same excuse to all of them. “This camera isn’t working right. I need to take another picture.” She took precisely ten photos of every customer. The camera apparently only worked on every tenth attempt. I remember thinking at the time, that these copies were probably being sent to the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.

  13. In the case of Mohamed Osman Mohamud, in the linked article above, I was at Pioneer Square in Portland when the FBI terrorized Americans on Black Friday. The Portland Police plead ignorance, but they were there. I saw them and so avoided the scene. I don’t like crowds anyway, and was just passing by, but the police were making a big show of it. Why? The patsy had no bomb. The FBI knew he was unarmed. He was in their custody when they manipulated him into attempting to detonate a non existent bomb. The FBI used the Portland Police Department, to intimidate Portlanders in their own city. All for the sake of job security, rather than genuine security.

  14. What about Ed Snowden? What did he reveal? All I heard him say is that the NSA records every phone conversation and email. What’s so new about that? My employer back in 1978, told me about how when he was in the Air Force, his job was to monitor radar. He would get a blip on the screen, just long enough to determine that it was an aircraft with a propulsion system alien to then current knowledge, then the craft would vanish. More to the point, he told me that since the early 1960s, that the NSA had been recording every phone call made, and that a main frame punch card computer would be listening for key words. Yes, my boss used the term, “key Words,” back in 1978. If certain key words were mentioned in the monitored call, then a live agent would listen to the tape recording. If the conversation was about the latest James Bond movie or the like, he would make a note and take no further action, but if there were two more red flags from the computer, thereafter, all of the citizens telephone conversations were listened to.

  15. What is of interest is that the Russians have used and have been using for many decades the same sort of diversionary tactics that the Allies used against the 3rd Reich during WWII. Using “props’ of bombers, fighters, and missiles to make us believe that they had weapons that never got past the prototype stage at best. The Soviets seem to have learned the lesson, but we seem to have forgotten it, as soon as WWII was over. Using deception is a very important part of “intelligence/counter-intelligence” and you have to always keep the past deceptions in mind and see if they are continuing to be used in the present day. It seems that is exactly what has been going on since the late 1980s in our dealing with both the Soviets and the CCP.
    Deception works very well in the Western countries because we have too many sources of information; newspapers, radio, TV, the Internet and others that allow for deceptions to be easily placed and used to manipulate those who easily swallow them hook, line, and sinker.
    It is now a matter of whether the real information starts to surface about the virus, about election fraud, and many other things, or if they all just get put in the basement to collect dust and to be forgotten.

  16. It is not logical to put down a theory you don’t like by calling it a “conspiracy theory”, when your own theory is also a “conspiracy theory”.

    “Con” ”spire” = “with” “breathe” = whisper together.

    “Conspiracy” = secret evil planning. Evil pretends to be good. So evil planning is generally secret. So people planning evil, unless acting alone, are “conspiring”.

    A “theory” is simply an idea or concept or hypothesis about how things are and how things work. A true theory is still a theory. The “Theory of Relativity” is considered true by “scientists” with religious devotion. But it is still called a “theory”.

    A conspiracy can be run by Russians, or Chinese, or gangsters, or politicians, or International Bankers, or the Illuminati, or Satan worshippers, or aliens, or lizards. It’s still a conspiracy.

    1. This post is not logical. First, is a “theory” falsifiable? If it is not, then it’s not a theory. It’s an article of faith. If you can falsify it in principle, look for facts that disprove the theory. If you find such a fact, then the theory is falsified.

  17. Conspiracy? How about the masks? A surgical mask will not block a virus. It’s like trying to corral a swarm of mosquitoes with a chain link fence. With all the physicians on staff at every county hospital in the United States, how can every state be ignorant of the fact? Why does every city in the World, order it’s licensed business to require their customers to wear a mask? Who’s behind this global conspiracy, or making people trade Rights for privileges? When they lie about masks, why should we believe anything they say?

    1. Who’s behind this? You are right…The WHO. The CCP uses it as strategy. They have infiltrated the west with intentional leaks of videos formenting fear, death, people dropping dead, insanity and destruction. Sure the virus was deathly the first 6 months, but for the most part it is migrating to a flu virus.

  18. Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Edmonton-area pastor jailed for refusing to shut down in-person worship services during Alberta’s second pandemic lockdown, James Coates turns self into police on Feb. 16, appears before judge, follows closure order from public health authorities, GraceLife Church’s alleged failure to implement social distancing, masking, etc.; Coates’ lawyer James Kitchen talks to CTV News: “The government’s forcing him in to a position where he has to choose between disobeying God and obeying govern- ment, or obeying God and disobeying government”; “Ultimately what Coates and GraceLife is doing is exercising their constitutionally protected rights under Section 2 of the Charter [of Rights and Freedoms]”; GraceLife statement: “We see our actions as contribut- ing to . . . the end of destructive lockdowns and the end of the attempt to institutionalize the debilitating fear of viral infections”; GraceLife theologically aligned with Pastor John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA; meanwhile British Columbia Supreme Court dismisses socialist NDP government’s application for injunction against three churches allegedly breaking COVID-19 rules prohibiting in-person services

    February 17, 2021

    source 1: https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/gracelife-pastor-accused-of-defying-health-orders-turns-himself-in-to-police-lawyer-1.5311737

    source 2: https://bc.ctvnews.ca/no-court-injunction-for-3-fraser-valley-churches-defying-covid-health-order-1.5312457

    Rebel News coverage of story:

    When a country starts shutting down churches and jailing pastors–normally the most harmless members of society–for the sake of a virus whose effects are no worse than the flu, you can say farewell to freedom . . .

    Communism with Canadian Characteristics: John Carpay, president of Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, assesses homeland’s slide into “COVID communism” (our term): “How many Canadians will be locked up in secretly located [Red China-owned] ‘hotel prison’ facilities, without due process, before we wake up and realize that Canada is rapidly becoming a police state? . . . How much longer must houses of worship remain closed, or subjected to arbitrary and irrational restrictions not imposed on big box stores? Will Canadians meekly accept the forthcoming federal restrictions on their internet and social media speech? Will we forever give up our right to assemble peacefully in public to express our opinions?” “These are questions Canadians need to answer as we head into our eleventh month of a new political experiment—never tried before in human history—of locking down healthy people in a futile quest to stop a virus that has only a negligible impact on life expectancy”; “The freedom and independence of media is threatened by the federal government awarding subsidies to the herd of conformist media who . . . have been cheerleaders for lockdowns since early 2020, and now keep Canadians in a permanent state of fear by sensationalizing COVID ‘cases’”

    February 19, 2021

    source 1: https://www.jccf.ca/canada-is-at-risk-of-joining-the-worlds-most-repressive-regimes-in-intolerance-for-free-speech/

    source 2: https://redpilled.ca/canadian-government-forcibly-locks-up-its-own-law-abiding-citizens-in-chinese-owned-hotels-against-their-will-they-say-its-to-stop-the-spread/

    source 3: https://tnc.news/2021/01/14/trudeau-government-promises-to-censor-offensive-social-media-content-in-2021/

    Using Freedom House criteria, Calgary-based civil rights lawyer John Carpay now rates Canada 71 on the “freedom index,” down from 98 in 2019. He actually believes the starting point, 98, is generous, but that’s still a sharp decline.



    Will There Be A 9/11-Style Commission To Investigate U.S. Capitol Building Attack?

    Forbes: Bipartisan Support Grows For 9/11-Style Commission To Probe Capitol Riot

    With the impeachment trial in the rearview mirror, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are calling for the creation of a congressional commission to investigate the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, though Democrats are still more focused on former President Donald Trump’s role in inciting the mob than Republicans.


    WNU Editor: I would like to know more details on what happened. For example …. what did House Speaker Nancy Pelosi know before the attack happened? What did the mayor of Washington DC know? Was there political interference to not deploy more security before the attack?

    But this is not going to happen. If this a commission is approved, its scope will be limited to President Trump and not on anyone else.

    More News On Reports That There May Be A 9/11-Style Commission To Investigate U.S. Capitol Building Attack

    Support grows for Capitol riot inquiry after Trump acquittal — AP
    Calls for US Capitol riot probe as Trump’s legal woes mount — AFP
    US lawmakers call for 9/11-style commission to investigate Capitol riot — The Guardian
    9/11-style commission should investigate Capitol attack: Sen. Coons, Rep. Dean — ABC News

  20. U.S. Scientists Discover Seven New Homegrown COVID Variants In America

    Variants with a mutation known as Q677 have emerged in numerous states in the South and Southwest, with the highest concentrations in New Mexico and Louisiana

    Daily Mail: Scientists discover seven NEW homegrown COVID variants in America – mostly concentrated in Louisiana and New Mexico – amid fears they could be even MORE infectious than current ones

    * Scientists have discovered seven coronavirus variants with nearly identical mutations to their spike proteins in the US
    * Two have gained ground in Louisiana and Mississippi, but the variants, known by their 677 mutations have been spotted in numerous states
    * Scientists aren’t yet sure whether these variants are more infectious
    * But the emergence of the same spike protein mutation in multiple places suggests it could give the virus an advantage over older variants

    Scientists have discovered another seven homegrown coronavirus variants that emerged across the US, and are concerned over identical mutations seen in the ‘spike’ protein that could make them more infectious.

    It’s not yet clear whether these variants are in fact more contagious, or how common they are across the US as a whole, according to a pre-print posted to MedRxiv ahead of peer review on Sunday.

    But the new variants all share a set of mutations to the critical spike protein – the same part of the virus that has mutations in the more infectious UK and South African variants.


    WNU Editor: The U.S. is not the only country discovering new variants …. New Covid variant with potentially worrying mutations found in UK (The Guardian).

  21. The comments here are as interesting as the blog. I have to say tho’ let’s talk about solutions. Solutions that require imagination, wisdom, and creativity. We all see the problem. The challenge is how to counter communist thinking when the majority of our people don’t even realize that we are being led onto the socialist/communist train. For the past week, I was stuck in our RV because we had no power or water at our house, so I rewatched the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I highly recommend this to everyone reading this blog. We need as Jeff says to speak up. The question is where and to whom. We live in an age not of our choosing, but we can choose how to spend our time. What an adventure! The message of The Lord of the Rings is never give up. As long as there is goodness in the world, the world is worth fighting for.

    1. This site is meant to orient the reader so that he will see solutions for himself. But for those who cannot read between the lines, I’ll spell it out. We live in an age of mass media, mass politics, and mass action. No solution is possible without a large body of citizens agreeing that we have a problem. But most of our people cannot even articulate what the country’s problem is. They talk about “the deep state” — but this term is itself disorienting. It is an evasion. People talk of corruption in Washington, or they talk of the globalists, or the military industrial complex. But none of these expressions correctly identifies our enemy or properly orients our people. The fact is, our enemy is communism at home and abroad. They know exactly who they must defeat and how to do it. In fact, the communists have built an entire way of talking so that Americans won’t think of themselves as a country at all — so that Americans will see themselves as members of various victim groups that need to unite with the left in order to overcome racism, sexism and class oppression. We do not understand as yet how effective this rhetoric has been in destroying us as a country; that is, as a country with a culture and a history and traditions and laws. Our enemy wants to break all these things down. Our enemy knows that his rhetoric — if allowed to fester — will leave us divided, disoriented, and without the basic wherewithal to resist. The communist seeks to eliminate our nation by destroying its defenses and erasing our national border. Our enemy seeks to eliminate distinctions of wealth by the redistribution of all property — as the communists see fit. Our enemy seeks to eliminate the law, because the rule of law stands on the way of a regime of violence and lawlessness in which the communists will hold supreme power. The communists govern by force and fraud. Last year we got a small taste of both. If we do not stand up against them, we will get a much bigger taste very soon. And now comes the hard truth nobody is ready for: If any person sides with the communists and their agenda, that person is our enemy — the enemy of the Constitution, the nation and the people. Unless we have millions who understand THIS, we have nothing. And right now, I believe that only a few tens of thousand are willing to accept the full truth and act accordingly. Not one of our political leaders will commit to saying that the communists are our enemy. Not one. You see, we cannot have a solution until we have the numbers that will make a solution possible. Politics is about the friend/enemy distinction; and we do not recognize this distinction as valid. Because the masses will not accept the truth, we have no money, no leaders, no institutions or power of action. The enemy has all these things now (because he believes in the validity of the friend/enemy distinction and fights accordingly). On our side we have a game of “Let’s pretend.” That is — Let’s pretend Trump was going to solve the problem for us. Let’s pretend the communists are people we can do business with. Let’s pretend that the enemy is not inside fortress America — inside our government, our military, our media, our intelligence services. You want a solution? Then 110 million Americans are going to have to stop pretending. Here is the first step to a solution. If you cannot conceive of a way to change one third of the country’s mentality, then you cannot talk about “solutions.” For the communist is actively subverting and destroying the nation’s economy, its sense of itself, its borders, its ability to defend and its internal order. Until 33 percent of the country can say what I just wrote, and understand it and mean it — there can be no solution. We must recognize that a solution requires this very thing as a precondition. Therefore, the first step is to write what I have been writing for 33 years, and to find others who will write or say it, and find readers and listeners who will act on it.

  22. Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Patriots, Christians protest jailing of Pastor James Coates over his church’s alleged failure to comply with Alberta’s draconian COVID-19 restrictions, demo held outside Edmonton Remand Centre on Feb. 20; John Carpay, president of Calgary-based Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, sends strongly worded letter to Jason Kenney, accuses premier of handing over power to govern province to non-elected chief medical officer, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, points out that Canada’s Criminal Code actually prohibits arrest of clergy so as to prevent performance of their ministerial duties: “It is past time for the Alberta legislature to review all of Dr. Hinshaw’s Orders. And it is far past time for your government to cease its religious persecution. We are calling for the immediate release of Pastor Coates, and the rescission of Dr. Hinshaw’s tyrannical orders against Alberta’s churches”; anti-lockdown protesters also hold Freedom Rally outside provincial legislature in downtown Edmonton

    February 20, 2021

    source 1: https://twitter.com/LibertyCCanada/status/1363224568823881730

    source 2: https://www.jccf.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/02172021165321-0001.pdf

    source 3: https://twitter.com/LauraLynnTT/status/1363251711897333761

    Glenn Beck’s coverage of story: https://twitter.com/glennbeck/status/1362932481184342017

  23. WW4 File: Republic of China Air Force intercepts eight PLAAF fighter jets on Feb. 19 as Red China carries out another provocation only weeks after several bomber intrusions near Taiwan, ROC Defence Ministry reports invading force consisted of four Shenyang J-16s, four Xian JH-7s and one EW aircraft, which flew near Taipei-controlled Pratas Islands in S. China Sea; meanwhile four retired ROC MI officers–inc. two colonels and major general “Yueh”–have been indicted for spying for Beijing, Taiwanese prosecutors allege Yueh “received cash, gifts and free excursions during multi- ple trips to mainland China and Macau, and worked to recruit other officers to ‘develop an intelligence net- work’ for Beijing”; follows Oct. sentencing of Taiwanese lieutenant colonel to four-year jail term for spying on behalf of Communist China; Russian, Red Chinese and Iranian navies carry out two-day joint maneuvers in Indian Ocean, New Delhi denies reports India also participated in Maritime Security Belt 2021; Red Chinese dictator Xi Jinping supports admission of Tehran as full member into Shanghai Cooperation Org

    February 20, 2021

    source 1: https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2021-02-19/taiwan-reports-eight-chinese-fighters-in-its-defence-zone

    source 2: https://www.ctvnews.ca/world/four-taiwan-ex-intelligence-officers-charged-with-spying-for-china-1.5317207

    source 3: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/defence/reports-of-indian-navy-part-of-iran-russia-maritime-drill-false/articleshow/81089728.cms

    source 4: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/defence/reports-of-indian-navy-part-of-iran-russia-maritime-drill-false/articleshow/81089728.cms

  24. Maybe we need a new Cardinal Virtue, a new social communication process.

    “Who are you?”

    A necessary amplifying element of the first four.

  25. Interesting interview at https://www.thepostemail.com/2021/02/21/interview-jr-nyquist-on-the-threat-of-communism-today/, but there is a sentence missing between these 2: “Let me give you an idea: the global warming idea was brought up in the Soviet Politburo in the late 1970s. He was a science guy and pioneered the idea that “If we could convince the West that the planet is going to warm out of control and we can get them to ruin themselves with an economic sabotage operation, we can get them to flip to socialism.”” Who was the “guy”?

      1. Interesting…which source did you find this in? Very curious and not entirely unsurprising. After all, Sergei Tretyakov revealed that nuclear winter was a Soviet disinformation operation, so anything is possible.

        You know me…I’m always about sources! 🙂

      2. In 2014 a researcher in Germany sent me a 1982 essay by Soviet academician Ivan Frolov (who became a Soviet Politburo member in 1990). Frolov’s essay was titled “Global Problems and the Future of Mankind.” The essay has been published in English and is available as a book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Global-Problems-Future-Mankind-Timofeevich/dp/0828524793 . You might say Frov’s essay (or book) was ahead of its time: “As a result of the formation of a layer of carbon dioxide around the Earth which encloses it like a glass cover,” wrote Frolov, “the threat of unfavorable changes in climate has arisen that may transform our blue planet into an enormous greenhouse … with possible catastrophic effects.” Frolov was the first “scientist” to give global warming its now familiar socialist spin by saying the “threat of environmental crisis will be the international disaster key to unlock the New World Order.” Frolov explained further: “The effect of such an approach could be enormous if it could also be applied on a wider international scale in situations in which the interests of mankind at large are harmed by the activities of individual persons or organizations pursuing private interests.”

  26. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, I was talking with a person who lives in Taiwan, during the conversation, the Taiwanese person told me they are very suspicious of Jimmy Lai and the Hong Kong Democracy Movement, when I asked what made them suspicious about Jimmy Lai and the Hong Kong Democracy Movement, I was told that Jimmy Lai has connections with the United Front, according to the Taiwanese person, Jimmy Lai is in a circle consisted of United Front people which include property and land speculators. When I asked the Taiwanese person on what the perception of the Hong Kong Democracy Movement is in Taiwan, I was told they are very suspicious of the Hong Kong Democracy Movement as they believe the United Front is involved with the Hong Kong Democracy Movement

  27. The United States Of America, still exists, but the illegitimate 14th Amendment incorporated a new country, the “United States”. We The People, must exercise Rights as put forth in the original, Bill Of Rights, and return to living as The Bible says to live. We have all become dependent on the state and corporations. We are supposed to have small, self sufficient, family farms, and craft trades. The Good Book does not tell us to elect the biggest ego maniac who seeks office, but rather to find the best man for the job, and to press him into service.

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