Golitsyn received CIA’s permission to publish his manuscript in book form, and did so in 1984. But at the time his predictions were made, Sovietologists had little use for Golitsyn or his ‘new methodology for the study of the communist world.’ For the man who had once been ridiculed at CIA’s famous ‘Flat Earth Conference’ for claiming that the Sino-Soviet split was false, it must have seemed yet another classic case of ‘They all laughed at Christopher Columbus.’

Mark Riebling, 1994

The future may be described as an “undiscovered country” gradually revealed by time. However, an occasional Christopher Columbus comes along to trace the vague outline of unknown future continents. And yes, there have been true discoverers and discoveries; some were made by seers, some by auspices, some by scholarly prognosticators and, strangely, some were made by KGB spies.

Nearly everyone has heard of the French physician, Michel de Nostradamus (1503-1566), whose obscure quatrains were written in an archaic French. He allegedly saw the future by staring into a water-filled copper bowl. Of his more famous predictions, he came to the Queen’s attention by foretelling the death of Henry II, King of France. He also predicted the year of the Great Fire of London in 1666, and wrote several quatrains suggestive of Napoleon’s reign, foretelling that France “will have chosen badly in the cropped one”:

An Emperor shall be born near Italy
Who shall cost the Empire dear
When it is seen with whom he allies himself
He shall be found less a prince than a butcher.

The man with cropped hair shall assume authority
In a maritime city held by the enemy
He shall expel the vile men who oppose him
And for 14 years will rule with absolute power

The captive prince, conquered, to Elba
He will pass the Gulf of Genoa by sea to Marseilles
He is completely conquered by a great effort of foreign forces….

Will end his life far from where he was born
Among 5,000 people of strange customs and language
On a chalky island in the sea.

The interpretation follows: Napoleon was born near Italy, on Corsica. Unlike the kings of France, Napoleon cropped his hair. His first military victory was in 1793 when he captured the city of Toulon, a Mediterranean port. He became the ruler of France, expelling the Directory. And yes, he ruled for 14 years, was exiled to Elba from whence he passed the Gulf of Genoa, landed at Marseilles and was defeated by foreign forces at Waterloo. Napoleon ended his life on the island of St. Helena, in the South Atlantic, far from the place of his birth. Although St. Helena is not a “chalky” island, it is a British island – and the British isles are chalky (i.e., the white cliffs of Dover).

Some have argued that Nostradamus’s prophecies are too vague; that anyone who writes a thousand quatrains is going to come up with plausible predictions over several centuries. Yet some of Nostradamus’s predictions are too exact to dismiss out of hand. He inexplicably named leading figures of the French Revolution. He named the Spanish dictator Franco, predicted the rise of America and its rebellion against “the isles.” He predicted his own death and asked that no one disturb his grave. When his coffin was opened to move his remains to a different site in 1700, a metal plaque was found resting on his skeleton. On it was inscribed the date – “1700.”

Browsing in a bookstore forty years ago, I came across a collector’s item: The Book of Predictions, published by the People’s Almanac. I bought the book and kept it for later reference. It is now amusing to see the many bad predictions made by “experts.” For example, one expert predicted that by 1999 the U.S. Government would move from Washington, D.C. to Minneapolis. There were several wrongheaded predictions about crippling oil shortages, a coming revolution in solar power, global food shortages, environmental degradation resulting in widespread degenerative diseases. There were also predictions about near-Earth asteroid mining, orbital power stations, global disarmament, limitations on passenger car use, global economic collapse, the destruction of California through major earthquakes, etc. None of these predictions came to pass within the time-frames given.

Of course, The Book of Predictions got a few good hits; but overall, the book shows how mistaken experts can be. Yet there have been experts who saw the future with perfect clarity. American Army Air Force Brigadier General Billy Mitchell famously warned that a future war between America and Japan would begin with a Japanese air and submarine attack on Pearl Harbor. He was right, of course; but his career ended in a court-martial.

Military prognostication is very tricky, and few have done it successfully. The ancient Romans, who conquered the Mediterranean world, didn’t trust the foresight of their commanders whatsoever. Roman generals were subject to auspices – to irregularities found in the entrails of sacrificial animals, or to the behavior of birds. In terms of prognostication, a Roman general might be outranked by sacred chickens. Such was the situation of a Roman Consul, Publius Claudius, in the First Punic War. Commanding a fleet in 249 B.C, he devised a clever plan of surprise attack which met with the enthusiasm of his officers. But when the sacred chickens refused to eat, the attack could not go forward. Claudius wasn’t happy, so he ordered the sacred chickens thrown into the sea. “If they won’t eat,” he said, “they will have to drink.” According to Cicero, “this jest was followed by a defeat at sea which cost [Claudius] many tears and Rome many lives.”

Having no sacred chickens to restrain our latter-day consuls (Biden and Harris), we are left with chickens of an altogether less sacred stripe (i.e., the Republicans). Judging by these, we have lost the art of augury altogether. But America’s leaders were not without insight in bygone days. There is a well-documented account of Abraham Lincoln having a precognitive dream in which he foresaw his own assassination.

Aside from auspices and dreams, famous leaders have also experienced apparitions. In classical literature, we find that famous scene – also related in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar – of an apparition that haunted Marcus Brutus before the Battle of Philippi. According to a passage in Plutarch’s Lives, Brutus was up “very late all alone in his tent, with a dim light burning by him, all the rest of the camp being hushed and silent … he fancied someone came in, and, looking up towards the door, he saw a terrible and strange appearance of an unnatural and frightful body standing … without speaking.” On seeing the ill-omened being, Brutus boldly challenged it: “What are you, of men or gods, and upon what business come to me?” The apparition answered, “I am your evil genius, Brutus; you shall see me at Philippi.” Brutus gave a matter-of-fact reply, “Then I shall see you.” There followed a series of evil omens – birds of prey in the camp, swarms of bees, an emblem of victory accidentally turned upside down. Of course, Brutus lost the battle and was killed.

And what about astrology in Roman times? The historian Publius Cornelius Tacitus wrote of an accurate prediction made by the Emperor Tiberius while addressing the young Galba: “You, too, Galba, shall one day have a taste of empire.” According to Tacitus, “This prophecy of Galba’s late, brief principate was based on Tiberius’ knowledge of Chaldean astrology, taught him at Rhodes by Thrasyllus.” Yet the strangest story of all was the manner in which Tiberius went about hiring astrologers before he became emperor. “When seeking occult guidance,” noted Tacitus, “Tiberius would retire to the top of his house, with a single tough, illiterate former slave as confidant. Those astrologers whose skill Tiberius had decided to test were escorted to him by this man over pathless, precipitous ground; for the house overhung a cliff. Then, on their way down, if they were suspected of unreliability or fraudulence, the ex-slave hurled them into the sea below, so that no betrayer of the secret proceedings should survive.” Indeed, Thrasyllus could only have become Tiberius’ trusted astrologer by passing this most difficult of tests. Not only did Thrasyllus reveal Tiberius’ imperial destiny, but the astrologer knew in what danger he stood when asked about his own horoscope. He trembled and admitted his life was in danger at that very moment. Tiberius then embraced and protected Thrasyllus thereafter.

One might think that such stories belong only to the ancient world; that Renaissance men could never be so superstitious. One has only to turn the pages of Machiavelli’s Discourses on Livy to find the following heading: “Before Great Misfortunes Befall a City or a Province they are preceded by Portents or foretold by Men.” Machiavelli affirmed the veracity of portents and visions. He said that “no serious misfortune ever befalls a city or a province that has not been predicted either by divination or revelation or by prodigies or by other heavenly signs.”

In more recent times, one of the founders of modern psychology, Dr. Carl Jung, recounted an extraordinary precognitive dream. According to Jung, “It happened in October of the year 1913…” He was leaving for a journey when, during the day, he was “suddenly overcome in broad daylight by a vision.” He saw “a terrible flood that covered all the northern and low-lying lands between the North Sea and the Alps. It reached from England up to Russia….” The flood was not an ordinary one. “I saw yellow waves, swimming rubble, and the death of countless thousands,” wrote Jung, who added, “it confused me and made me ill. I was not able to interpret it.” Two weeks later this “vision” returned, depicting greater violence than before. Jung feared for his sanity. On a later occasion he saw “a sea of blood over the northern lands.” Less than a year later, in 1914, World War I began, claiming millions of lives.

Carl Jung, of course, was not the only classically educated person of his time to write about the future. By the late nineteenth century a number of brilliant thinkers were using antiquity as a mirror or crystal ball, intuiting the future by historical analogy. One finds, for example, in the writings and private letters of the Swiss historian Jacob Burckhardt, the suggestion that Western civilization is out of balance and headed for a fate more horrible than that of antiquity. In Oswald Spengler’s Decline of the West, we are told that civilizations grow and die, as do all living beings; that antiquity declined and now it is our turn. In 1896 Gustave Le Bon predicted that socialism would bring great destruction to mankind. In 1909 Guglielmo Ferrero, who wrote about ancient Rome, suggested the West would pass through a series of European wars akin to the Roman civil wars (linked to rising social and economic expectations). In Vilfredo Pareto’s Mind and Society the coming collapse and spoliation of Western civilization was linked to “the circulation of elites” – with manipulative “foxes” destroying society’s natural protectors – the “lions.” In Nietzsche’s notebooks we find an even more chilling prophecy: “What I relate is the history of the next two centuries. I describe what is coming, what can no longer come differently: the advent of nihilism.”

These scholars and thinkers, of course, were not always precise in their predictions. Like seers and astrologers, they could be equivocal. Yet there is one prophet, as it were, who was neither imprecise nor equivocal. This person was not a scholar or an astrologer. He was, strangely enough, a KGB spy; and I will argue that he was greater than Nostradamus.

For all that we have so far explained about the future, how could a KGB spy be included with the likes of Nostradamus or a Roman emperor’s Chaldean astrologer? What if I told you that KGB and GRU spies have made many accurate predictions about the future? What if I told you that one particular defector made 148 predictions with an accuracy rating of almost 94 percent?

Well, it happens to be true. KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn wrote a book in 1984, titled New Lies for Old. According to national intelligence historian Mark Riebling, Golitsyn foresaw that the leadership of the Soviet Union would fall to “a younger man with a more liberal image,” who would initiate “changes that would have been beyond the imagination of Marx or the practical reach of Lenin and unthinkable to Stalin.” The coming [Soviet] liberalization, said Golitsyn, “would be spectacular and impressive.” However, the liberalization would be calculated and deceptive. The Communist Party Soviet Union would begin to operate underground, ruling Russia from behind the scenes.

Now here is where it gets spooky. According to Riebling, “Golitsyn provided an entire chapter of … predictions [in his book], containing 194 distinct auguries. Of these, 46 were not falsifiable at the time this book went to press [i.e., 1994] … and another 9 … seemed clearly wrong. Yet of Golitsyn’s falsifiable predictions, 139 out of 148 were fulfilled by the end of 1993 – an accuracy rate of nearly 94 percent.” [See Riebling, p. 407-8.]

What ought to frighten all Americans is that some of the 46 non-falsifiable predictions have begun to come true; for example, Golitsyn’s prediction about the rise of the far left in American politics, the political isolation of anti-communists and conservatives, and a new “McCarthyism of the left” (now clearly visible as we watch Trump’s Senate impeachment trial).  

I believe this puts Golitsyn in a higher category than Nostradamus for two reasons. First, Golitsyn did not write obscure predictions in archaic French verse; and second, Golitsyn provided us with insights that dwarf Nostradamus’s trivialities. In fact, Golitsyn told us how the communists planned to take over the United States; and the communists have done almost everything he predicted.

Now that I have talked of other people’s predictions, I’d like to make a prediction of my own. Sometime this year, the Federal Government will demand our guns. In order to facilitate this, some kind of violent provocation will be arranged. It will have to be shocking, bloody – and blamable on right-wing “racists.” I hope I’m wrong about this; but the unconstitutional trial of a private citizen (i.e., Donald Trump) in the United States Senate, without the Chief Justice presiding, without due process of law, is suggestive of what we’re up against.


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44 thoughts on “Of Seers, Auspices, Scholarly Prognosticators and Soviet Spies




  2. It started with the national security law,signed by Truman. Then we have the 5 eyes agreement whereby 5 nations agreed to share intelligence(illegal total domestic spying) with each other. As is public information Britain a member of the 5 eyes operates a suite of offices in the nsa with a armed British soldier at the door. NSA employees are not allowed entrance yet Britain operates and uses our american equipment.
    Information is sent to private detectives operated by mostly former cia and fbi employees.
    That information is relayed to those members of the illegal spying clique.

    The term do it now used by some,The recruitment of military,politicians at the federal,state and local level,law enforcers…the in charge group,who hires,fires,promotes…

    In operation for decades,now bringing socialist agendas into mainstream America.
    It is to our downfall that this goes on unremarked.

    But then some have tried and end up disgraced or dead.

  3. My unqualified prediction is that gun confiscation will be as unenforceable as making everyone dress up in Antifa masks. That is, no guns allowed open carry in licensed businesses. This second Trump impeachment is notwithstanding. There can likewise be no penalty enforced.

    There are more than twelve hundred Prophecies in The Bible, on about eight hundred different subjects. Eighty percent of these have all come true exactly as foretold. None have been wrong. The remaining twenty percent are all for the future; most of which are to take place within a seven year period of time, known as, The Great Tribulation.

    The test of a Prophet requires a series of short term predictions that all come true. Then his long term forecasts are recorded. One false short term prophecy and he is to be stoned to death, and all of his prophecies are to be discarded, including the correct ones. This has proven to be a successful system. Nostradamus had an amazing, sixty percent success rate, statistically impossible, but he really ought to have become a rock pile.

    There are apparently only two Prophecies to be fulfilled, prior to the Great Tribulation; The Rapture of the Church, and the destruction of Damascus.


    1. Only two unfulfilled? No way!

      The Epiphany of the Jews worldwide to see Jesus Christ as the Messiah, the fall of Mystery Babylon, the silencing of the 2 Witnesses of Revelation 11 and their subsequent resurrection to glory and the Golden Age of the church on this earth are just a few not yet fulfilled, although this time 10 years from now, that may be different. And the Church doesn’t get raptured until Christ returns, but before that, those other events must happen first.

    2. I would be careful about “Bible prophecies”. How many of them are truly Biblical, and how many are merely human interpretations that may be false?

      I can list several “prophecies” that people have told me over the years, but when I tried to find them in the Bible, I couldn’t find them. I found a snippet of a prophecy taken out of context, combined with another out of context snippet, bring in a teaching I can’t find in the Bible along with a misinterpretation of another prophecy, and you end up with a fantastic story.

      This article, well done thanks Mr. Nyquist, is not about Biblical prophecy, but about accurate predictions made by a person with insider connections. Those predictions were not supernatural, rather based on plans and plots by people in power. Those have been successful, because those in power in the U.S. have either been blind, or traitors aiding the effort.

      I too agree that we probably will see a false flag event to try to disarm Americans, greater than the machine gunning of mostly conservative concert goers in Las Vegas, a store shooting in El Paso or a school shooting in Florida—those didn’t succeed because too many people recognized them as false flag operations, with patsies as “perpetrators”. Because of that recognition, those events had the opposite of the desired effect. So what can the communists do that won’t result in civil war instead of the disarmament that they desire?

      There are other “prophecies” that can be made, based on present processes and not supernatural. I won’t go into them at this time.

      1. We have a serious problem to solve. But always we imagine God is going to save us from our problem. No. Sorry. God has given us this problem and there is no running away from it. There is no rapture that will relieve us of our duty. There is no prayer we can recite to excuse us from responsibility. We are approaching a turning point in history and our attention is required. We don’t get a pass because we can recite a line from the Bible. Here is the question: Are you willing to defend or not? Oh yes. Let us talk about all these people who know the words but cannot follow through. Faith is not words you memorize to prove you “believe” in something. No. It has to go much deeper — to the Truth, to something that requires struggle, even death; something that has suffering in it, something costly. It is not the shallow theology of the Church of the Latter-Day Fraud; because a cheap escape that evades the real question of this time and place has no salvation in it. A lot of very stupid things have been written about the future by people who think they understand the Bible. Can’t we see how evasive and dodgy it all is? We have had nearly two thousand years of history and we still haven’t learned anything. Why would there be history if not to learn from it? And now an evil set of ideas threaten our civilization, and I don’t think many people are noticing. No. We are at a turning point in history — as I said — and we are failing the next generation. And why are we failing? Because we have been too busy shopping and having fun. We don’t stand up for what is right. We don’t stand up for the truth. We don’t confront. We compromise and temporize. And it’s weak. It’s shameful. And it’s lazy. And I don’t believe God blesses people who are weak and lazy. But that seems to be a comfortable point of theological departure in the Church of Low Expectations. If we were the people we ought to be, would we be where we are now? No.

  4. “The many nations”?

    1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

    12 Woe to the multitude of many people, which make a noise like the noise of the seas; and to the rushing of nations, that make a rushing like the rushing of mighty waters! 13 The nations shall rush like the rushing of many waters: but God shall rebuke them, and they shall flee far off, and shall be chased as the chaff of the mountains before the wind, and like a rolling thing before the whirlwind. 14 And behold at eveningtide* trouble; and before the morning he is not.

  5. “Cause the registration of all firearms on some pretext, with the view of confiscating them and leaving the population defenseless.” Lenin

    That a contrived incident of some kind this year is not beyond belief, as what we have seen the Dhimmicrats capable of in openly and brazenly stealing the election, anything is possible.

    Prophecies of many different types have proven true, false, and undecided over many centuries.
    All I can say now is that I think we are now definitely heading for what the Protestants call the Tribulation, and what Catholics call the Chastisement. Expect anything an everything imaginable to happen, and a lot which is not imaginable at all, as it may be too horrific.

    1. Not being a prophet, but someone who has sifted through a lot of information, my own prediction was borrowed (by permission) from a very smart observer who suggested a terrifying scenario for American gun confiscation. He actually laid out an even more detailed thesis, pointing to clues in various publications that resonated with my sense of Leninist tactics. His scenario was too interesting to pass up; and so I presented it in the article above as my own prediction. Saying something publicly before the fact may have prophylactic effects; and, as sourdough’s quote suggests, we are now dealing with a Leninist left that is presently preparing arguments tailor-made to exploit a strategy of violent provocation. If prediction is science, if we know our enemy, perhaps this little prediction will gain currency and prevent the worst from happening. Everything we see in the new administration bears the stamp of Lenin’s style. Everything partakes of revolutionary creativity, false promises, and the two steps forward one step back approach. Lenin advocated gun confiscation so that all non-communists would be defenseless in Russia. He knew what he was doing. Thus, in my view, the American left’s push in this direction is not innocent. It is profoundly anti-American and craves wary watching.

      1. Jeff, at some point would you be willing to post the specifics of this other person’s predictions, or would he prefer to keep the details quiet?

      2. I am working on details. I will be dropping tidbits from my research and his insights along the way. Watch for subtle clues. I am not going to be overly obvious. You can guess why.

  6. Oh, I don’t doubt that an effort might be made to confiscate firearms. Legislation might be enacted, and soldiers deployed for the effort, but Waco, Oklahoma, and Heaven’s Gate cards have already been played. People have become desensitized to such scenarios, and have continued to stock up on ever increasing collection of guns and ammo. Very few soldiers will actually attempt to follow an order to kick in doors, and few civilians will trade in their guns for the privilege of moving into a homeless shelter when they get evicted for following orders not to go to work. Make my day. Biden will have to merge the US with China, and have their troops go door to door.

  7. I’ve always said that the second amendment is not a “red line,”
    it is “THE RED LINE.”

  8. Democrats own guns, too. If they were to be allowed to keep theirs, while Republicans were confiscated, then you would see some real shooting. Democrats will not surrender their guns, either.

  9. https://www.amazon.com/Zero-Story-Terrorism-Robert-Payne/dp/B0007E6IN2/ref=tmm_hrd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1613168781&sr=8-1
    Zero is an excellent book on Nihilism. Not for the faint of heart. From Nechayev to Hitler: I’d put this read along with Besancon and Aron, Robert Conquest and others. Payne’s book, ‘The Corrupt Society,’ is another examination into the ‘Why’s’ of our predicaments we face in this world today. If only we would listen. But I do have to say that Mr. Nyquist has cost me a bit of money, and I hope you get commissions, in that I usually have to buy the books you write about or quote from, trying to do my due diligence and look the ideas up in context. Another great essay as usual. Sincerely JMPearson

      1. He even had a cup of tea with Hitler. However the first book I read of Payne’s was his “The Wanton Nymph, Hubris, a Study of Pride.’ A great romp through the Literary history of pride, having reread it numerous times. But the points in ‘Zero’ are chilling, fascinating. gruesome, and show how the History of humankind just recirculates, like a dog to it’s vomit or a vinyl record that skips stuck in a groove. We are witnessing many world-wide disruptions, (Critical Theory), in ‘our’ present days of struggle, but the historical analogies that could be made will probably pale in comparisons. (John’s Revelation), I’ve always thought that Nazi Germany was a test-tube case for the Wellsian new world order being sold to us,(Frankfurt school, Comintern etc.). If a country could be taken over as such, why not the world! (Russia, China, USA, etc.) JMPearson


    White House looks at domestic travel restrictions as COVID mutation surges in Florida

    FEBRUARY 10, 2021 03:23 PM, UPDATED FEBRUARY 10, 2021 08:09 PM

    The Biden administration is considering whether to impose domestic travel restrictions, including on Florida, fearful that coronavirus mutations are threatening to reverse hard-fought progress on the pandemic.


    1. They will use all manor of perceived fears and false threats in order to “make history”. My question is where are all the stops in the system? The Constitutional limits to power, righteous legislative leaders, the US Military, the Media, the Patriots and the bikers? It reminds me of what folly occured at Chernobyl when the lead technician under extreme political pressure decided to remove all the built in system safety stops on the reactor controls in order to run the “approved” safety test that politicos demanded of them. We we know the results.

  11. This prediction is just plain absurd. Even the most radical leftists wouldn’t support this kind of government action. Where has your sense of reason gone? Your world of paranoia is a plague on our country.

    1. Even the most radical leftists would not support this kind of action? Forgive me for mocking you, but leftist history already records these types of actions by the left. In Tambov oblast, during the Russian Civil War, entire villages were wiped out using secret police provocations of this kind. Russian historians have talked about this, and they have pointed to various archives where the details of such operations are kept. I spoke with a defector years ago who saw those records with his own eyes and subsequently lost his faith in communism. So please don’t tell me what the left would never do when they have already done it! Provocation and false flag operations are integral to all communist police states. And that is what we are evolving into here. Operations of this type are also described in the writings and public statements of FSB defector Alexander Litvinenko, who was assassinated when Russian operatives put radioactive polonium in his tea.

      1. I’m talking about American leftists of today, obviously. Nice mental magicianship though in turning it into something else.

      2. Oh! I see! Only Russian Marxists use totalitarian methods while American Marxists believe in freedom and rule of law. Is that what you really believe? I wonder if you think I am stupid enough to take you seriously after a summer of leftist looting, rioting and arson? Thirty-six people dead and a-thousand policemen injured. And who is put on trial for inciting political violence? Trump! A totalitarian ideology like radical socialism is going to have the same violent and deceitful characteristics whether practiced in America or Russia. Ideas motivate political conduct. The same socialist ideas have motivated the same murderous conduct time and time again — in Russia, China, Cuba, East Germany, Congo. And now it is coming here. In writing this there is no magic trick on my part; just blindness on yours.

      3. Your dismissal of the specific issue of American racism causes you to churn in a whirlpool of delusion. You repeatedly claim there is something special about the last 60 years of American prosperity, then group your fellow citizens in with history’s worst Communist villains. Do you honestly believe there is no patriotism within the BLM movement? In the LGBTQ rights movement? You’re absolutely delusional if you think these movements aren’t rooted in a foundational love for country, even a country with dark moments in history. These movements are rooted in redemption. But you cannot get over your Communist nightmares because they have become the only thing you understand. The only language you speak. The only value you retain. It’s just a shame.

      4. My friend Jimmy from Brooklyn says you are trying to separate the Marxist past from the Marxist present. “That guy is being cute,” Jimmy says about you. “They are watching what you write, and they want to counter it.” By the way, I never claimed there was “something special about the last 60 years of American prosperity.” In fact, I think the last sixty years has been a period of intellectual degeneracy full of bad ideas like yours. As for identifying a group of fellow citizens with history’s “worst Communist villians,” I am only identifying radical socialists and Marxists with the past actions of radical socialism and Marxism. How is this unfair? If a Nazi comes along I’m not allowed to mention the crimes of Adolf Hitler? Jimmy from Brooklyn reminded me of what CPUSA boss Gus Hall said many years ago: “You cannot separate the communist world movement from the Soviet Union.” You ought to listen to old Gus. As far as racism, let’s discuss communism’s crimes against black Africans in Congo, in Zimbabwe, in Namibia, in Angola. Are you ready to stand up for black African rights in those countries? But no. You aren’t interested in fighting for freedom. You want to attack the system of freedom as imperfect, as “racist,” as an excuse to bring in socialism — a system of real oppression. Recently I quoted from the Program of the Communist Party. It reads exactly like your screed.

      1. Well you don’t post my comments when I use my name. So why do you allow them even though it’s “so obvious” who is posting? You either appreciate my speaking here or you don’t. Which is it?

  12. If you want to see the Utopia that woke progressives fighting white privilege, etc. are taking us to, i give you Seattle, Portland, San Francisco & Baltimore. All now lawless, degenerate, crime-infested cities littered with junkies & homeless. All morally bankrupt & spialing downward.

    No crystal ball needed.

  13. Communism with Canadian Characteristics: Religious persecution well underway in highly secular Canada under guise of pandemic lockdowns as British Columbia’s socialist NDP government seeks authority from provincial supreme court to arrest Christians planning to attend three specific churches, state-run CBC reports: “B.C.’s provincial health officer is seeking an injunction prohibiting gatherings by three Christian churches that are challenging her orders suspending in-person religious services. Lawyers for Dr. Bonnie Henry and B.C.’s attorney general will be in B.C. Supreme Court on Friday seeking orders against the leaders of Langley’s Riverside Calvary Chapel, Abbotsford’s Immanuel Covenant Reformed Church and the Free Reformed Church of Chilliwack”; Canadian conservative Jonathon Van Maren comments: “In America, the U.S. Supreme Court recently overturned California’s restrictions on religious services as unreasonable and neglecting to give weight to the essential nature of worship. I have far less faith in our thoroughly post-Christian judicial system, but perhaps with this draconian request, a government official has finally crossed the line in a manner obvious enough to warrant a rebuke”

    February 13, 2021

    BC government requests authority to have police detain those they suspect of planning to attend church”


      1. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, I have talked with some of my relatives who live in Hong Kong, they have mentioned from the period after the British left, the Chinese communists rapidly moved Mainland Chinese people into Hong Kong at a alarming rate, this begs the question since countries like Canada, Australia, UK, and other countries are opening up to so-called ‘Hong Kong refugees’ the question is whether they will be receiving genuine Hong Kong people or it will be People’s Liberation Army agents in disguise.

      2. We should be aware that some refugees are infiltrators. There needs to be some kind of agency that can determine such things. But can we trust our own agencies?

      3. If there is a agency set up to look into whether the Hong Kong refugee is genuine, I fear it will eventually be infiltrated by CCP or Ministry of State Security Agents working overseas. The Ministry of State Security is not just limited to China

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