Think about the global interests behind your own news organizations. Think about the pressure being brought to bear from the social media companies to shut down free speech on any challenge to the election. This is a massive, well-funded, coordinated effort to deprive ‘we the people of the United States’ of our most fundamental right under the Constitution to preserve this Republic that we all cherish…. It is the 1775 of our generation and beyond.

Sidney Powell, 19 November 2020
White House Lawyers’
Press Conference on election fraud

The election fraud on November 3rd was significant. Evidence for fraud was presented yesterday at a press conference led by Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell. The question is: Will we reinstate the values of the American Revolution, or will we embrace the values of the Bolshevik Revolution? Are we ready for hard truths? Or do we prefer willful blindness? Here is the heart of the matter. Civilization is an ethical proposition. And ethics are rooted in truth — not blindness.

During an interview with Sydney Powell on Fox Business, Lou Dobbs lamented that the Department of Justice (DOJ) was “slow to move” on election irregularities. Powell objected. The trouble with the DOJ was not slowness, said Powell. “They have adopted a position of willful blindness to this massive corruption across the country….”

Willful blindness, in this case, is the result of ideological commitments; specifically, socialist commitments. As Benjamin Gitlow pointed out nine decades ago, America’s socialists were corrupted after the success of the Bolshevik Revolution by Lenin’s teaching that the ends justifies the means. A cynical disregard for honest dealing and truth became fashionable on the radical left. And now we see how this plays out, as noted by Sidney Powell during Thursday’s press conference of White House lawyers. She spoke of a “massive attack on the integrity of the voting system….” She said, “They have trashed the right to vote…. And there is no doubt about it. This is a plan. You’d have to be a fool not to realize it.” Powell spoke of “the massive influence of communist money through Venezuela, Cuba, and likely China” in our election.

How did the communists do it? A variety of methods were used. The method with the greatest impact allegedly involved the use of vote-altering computer software.

According to Powell, they used the “Dominion voting systems, the Smartmatic technology software, and the software that goes into other computerized voting systems.” These were “created in Venezeula at the direction of Hugo Chavez to make sure he never lost an election….” Powell spoke of a “very strong witness who explained how it works.”

Chavez, of course, was a communist. He died in communist Cuba before passing power to Nicholas Maduro, the current dictator of Venezuela. The communists have kept power in Venezuela by fraudulent elections. And now they’ve exported this method of taking and holding power to the United States.

You might ask: How did this happen? And why didn’t the Justice Department intervene to protect the integrity of our election system? And why has the justice system allowed corrupt election practices to flourish?

This is what you probably missed: Communists got into our justice system after taking over various law schools. Under the Clintons and Obama they poured into government, infecting the Justice Department with “willful blindness.” Former DOJ official J. Christian Adams explained the situation as follows: “In effect, the precise institution designed to protect our rights is populated by people who believe some of us aren’t worthy of protection.” Adams went on to explain,

The DOJ already had its share of leftwing radicals during the Bush administration, but their skullduggery was counter-balanced by the professionalism of newly hired, non-ideological attorneys and by the political leadership. Later, under the Obama administration, I saw what happens when every part of the bureaucratic machinery resists doing the right thing….

According to Adams, “the DOJ is now staffed with far more extremists than ever before. The prospect that these are the precise individuals who will be enforcing election laws … should keep every law-abiding American awake at night.”

And now we have arrived. The left is attempting to steal an election. If they succeed, they will begin to exercise a new kind of power. Here is the context for understanding Powell’s statement to Lou Dobbs. She knows that the left is ideologically committed to replacing our constitutional system with a socialist system. They intend to use the ongoing pandemic as leverage. Unless they are stopped, the United States may be politically and militarily weakened past the point of recovery.

Nothing about our stolen election ought to surprise us. We were warned about vote fraud for many years. Journalists from South America, like Allan Dos Santos, tried to warn us. Members of Congress tried to warn us. Powell quoted from a 2006 letter written to Hank Paulson from Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney warning of foreign actors, hiding behind various coporate names, becoming part of American computer voting systems. Referring to the Smartmatic voting software, the letter affirmed that a Venezuelan businessman owned a “controlling interest” in Smartmatic. The other owners are “hidden through a web of offshore private entities.”

Two U.S. Senators raised concerns about the integrity of our voting machines last year, noted Powell. “Why our government has not taken them seriously is beyond my comprehension,” Powell added.

What about the foreign-connected perpetrators of the election fraud? Powell made the following observation, which is worth quoting: “the Dominion executives are nowhere to be found now. They are moving their offices overnight to different places. Their office in Toronto [Canada] was shared with one of the Soros entities.” (Of course.)

As an aside, persons associated with the development of the Smartmatic software have made some curious statements. According to Powell,

Speaking of Smartmatic’s leadership, one of the Smartmatic patent-holders, Eric Coomer I believe his name is, is on the web as being recorded in a conversation with Antifa members, saying that he had the election rigged for Biden, ‘Nothing to worry about here.’ And they were going to ‘F Trump.’ His social media is filled with hatred for the president and for the United States of America as a whole, as are the social media accounts of many other Smartmatic people.

Powell then stated that this corrupt computerized vote-counting system (associated with Smartmatic) was “used in two thousand jurisdictions and thirty states.” Widespread use of the software defies expert warnings that the software is highly vulnerable to manipulation. “People can literally go in and change what they want,” noted Powell.

Powell and Giuliani spoke at length during the White House Lawyers’ Press Conference. They are both noteworthy for their courage and public service. Lawyers involved in this process have been physically threatened and harrassed. These are not stupid people, but highly professional people. Attempts to ridicule them will, in the end, backfire. Citizens are beginning to speak out. Consider the recent presentation by actor Jon Voight, who made a very strong statement:

“…this ballot count is corruption, like they are…”

This is a message that resonates with millions of Americans, and it is going to grow. Why will it grow? Because the militant left has become a cancer on the Republic — a cancer of corruption that now threatens our liberty.

Giuliani said during the Thursday press conference, “Our country has had it’s ballots counted — calculated and manipulated — in a foreign country with a company controlled by friends of an enemy of the United States.” That is quite a summary.

Powell was right when she warned that it’s 1775 all over again. The people of this country have a real grievance. If it is not taken seriously there is going to be a breakdown in the country’s political system. “Americans are fed up with the corruption from the lowest level to the highest level of our government,” said Powell, “and we are going to take this country back. We are not going to be intimidated. We are not going to back down.”

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40 thoughts on “Willful Blindness

  1. Excellent job, Jeff!

    “Unless they are stopped, the United States may be politically and militarily weakened past the point of recovery.”

    Absolutely agree, they must be stopped!

    Rep. Devin Nunes (California) said Biden should be welcoming recounts. He won’t, of course, because he knows about all the fraud… just like he knew Hillary was behind the Russia hoax.

  2. Jon Voight and James Woods. Two of the greatest actors who survived Hollywood and have become outspoken patriots. God bless them both.

  3. Hello, here in Brazil there was clearly fraud, but the population cared little, I hope that Trump’s team of lawyers manage to win this battle, I have acquaintances there in the country and I am worried about them in the middle of this storm.

      1. The fact that the western world doesn’t clearly see that (Europe included) already gives us a huge idea of how communists have worked to sell their narratives in the last decades..with success.

  4. Why has Trump not sent in the military to seize everything: ballots, machines, etc. Have the recounts done under guard of the military. I’m sure some evidence has already been destroyed.

      1. Thanks for the response Jeff. I hadn’t thought of that. What about federal marshals?

      2. Federal jurisdiction is required before you can deploy federal law enforcement. Not being a lawyer, I am not sure of the legal basis — as states have authority over their own elections.

      3. We do not want the military involved unless there is absolutely no other way to handle the situation. Martial law is something even the military does not like to implement unless there is no other choice.

    1. We all need to praying overtime for the overthrow of this wicked agenda in this nation. We cannot let up. We know from the scriptures that God hates those given over to lying and cheating and the lusting after power. Thousands and maybe millions of Christians are praying for this exposure and for the reaping and sowing principal to come upon the house of the left—which gives me hope that we can turn it around civilly. Whats left if this does not work is why the founders gave American citizens a 1st and 2nd amendment—and if we dont use it, they surely will be taken away from us!

  5. If the US Supreme Court ignores President Trump’s petition for intervention, perhaps it’s because he has no standing, as the US Constitution gives power to the States to determine for themselves how to select electors.

  6. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, not sure if you have seen this video, the video was sent to me by a Hong Kong contact who has a daughter missing after partaking in the protests last year, I believe the Hong Kong Protest was seriously pre-planned or orchestrated. In 2018 just one year before the Hong Kong Protest in 2019 which turned violent, a People’s Liberation Army General by the name of Xu Yan who is a professor at the Defense University of the People’s Liberation Army citing the need to eradicate Hong Kong people, also he is saying Hong Kong people who have been through western education are actually enemies and should be eradicated and from what I have been told his speech is also aimed at Hong Kong people who live overseas, it seems to me that the Hong Kong Protest last year was also used as a attempt to eradicate Hong Kong people as well. Because of this, my parents have been desperately trying to get their relatives to leave Hong Kong after showing them this video:

  7. The left is built on 2 basic principles:

    1. Evil is good;
    2. Good is evil.

    Their cause is thus cursed, according to Isaiah 5:20, but in the meantime, they’re a wrecking ball on the planet. This is a terrifying time to be alive.

    1. ultimately they and all the other -ism’s will fall and be brought to zero when Messiah Jesus returns. lets hope America can find its strength back in the Lord anddoes not turn into the USSA.

  8. Based on the history & trajectory of our nation since WWII I feel little to no confidence that the Federal Courts (or the Supreme) will ‘do the right thing’ and uphold law and order regarding our corrupt 2020 election. The mainstream media is providing zero coverage of what is really happening other than to show disdain for those standing for the truth. Our historic republic has been in retreat for at least 75 years, it is very difficult for me to see an 11th hour turnaround. I really hope I am wrong and that we restore the rule of law peaceably. Praying for the Republic and all those in authority.

  9. Why did Trump pick Sessions, Barr, and Wray?

    Am I supposed to keep this question silent because Trump is our savior? Nobody wants to answer this because they are afraid of what it might mean.

    1. The meaning has been clear to me all along. We do not choose leaders from those who are knowledgeable, or those who are subtle. A person has to read widely and think a long time before the truth comes into focus. How, then, does a wise man earn a position which requires frantic scrambling for office? Those of us who study things, and who think, are out of the picture. Our time is taken up with knowing, not running around. Those who win office don’t have the time to understand things in depth. This has long been evident to me. To know the smallest thing takes great effort. Today, most people accept the lies and misunderstandings that prevail on every side. Deception is too prevalent in this age of false narratives, fake news, and the supposed collapse of communism. How could anyone involved in politics have time left over for knowing? Why did Trump pick Sessions, Barr and Wray? They were supposedly respectable. They looked solid from a distance. Tell me who he should have picked? Would the Senate have confirmed someone outside the blessed circle of Establishment fraud? Probably not.

      1. In an organization people must be carefully considered. I’m surprised by the number of so called leaders fail in looking deeply at personnel before they hire them. Most of us knew that outsiders were needed as insiders were the problem. Any street cop with character and guts could have been nominated for those jobs. Guys who are fighters with a real F you attitude and a simple dedication to the truth.

        I spent part of my career coaching sports and then running an athletic department. I learned from not so attractive people how to find the best player for the position, and the last thing we considered was how the kid looked in the uniform or what his reputation was. The short, dumpy kid won the position because he was simply better and had more grit.

        Same thing when I hired coaches. Look at the resumes, throw em in the trash, and find my own people after calling people you never call.

        Sessions, Wray, and Barr are all fancy resumes without courage or loyalty, and this should have been spotted by Trump and his advisers.

        Rule #1 when you are trying to clean house is to go outside and get a winner. They are there but overlooked. Look who has emerged: Guiliani, Toensing, DiGenova, Levin, Powell, and others.

        Obama had his wingman and he literally killed us. Look at who Trump has. Is Trump really interested in draining the swamp or not? Everything is in place except the most important pieces—intel and law enforcement agency directors who also support America First and the constitution.

        Yes, I’m really disappointed in Mr. Trump for not casting the characters first.

      2. Any selection requires confirmation. The President was pretty limited to those who Mitch McConnell would allow to pass through the confirmation process. So those chosen may not have been the President’s first choice.

      3. That is probably the case. The leadership of both political parties include many compromised people who are very powerful. Our failures go back to the 1950s, when Joseph McCarthy was “blacklisted by history” and died under mysterious circumstances.

      4. In the age of our Founding Fathers, the studying, research, discussing of such information was a daily part of their lives as they did not have the distractions of radio, TV, Hollyweird movies, and even the music back then was not the demonic nonsense we have been inundated with for such a long time. They had classical music, folk music and not too much more.
        These days we are constantly distracted from being able to study, research, and have civil discussions with people who are willing to share their views on life without wanting to kill you in the process.
        The evil one is running rampant spreading evil throughout the world as never before.
        We are in the middle of a horrific nightmare which we have no idea of how to get out of. The election was brazenly stolen using electronic digital means, along with some very old means of fraud and deception, and only an act of God is going to save the day. We need to pray everyday for that miracle to happen.
        The DC swamp is just as broad and deep as hell itself, and run by the same people.
        We could use an Army of 10s of thousands of Angels right now to clean it out, and to give us another chance before it is too late.

    2. I honestly think Trump had no real understanding of the nest of ideological vipers he was entering into when he took the office of the president. As Newt Gingrich said, “he was not initiated.”

      1. The evil that is in DC, and the evil that runs DC from a far is something that even Freddy Kruger wouldn’t go near. We are dealing with true demons from hell and Trump, nor most of us knew it was as bad as it really is until someone like Trump actually took office. Once Trump was in office, all the masks and facades fell away showing us the true evil that exists in DC and the true evil that runs DC from their strongholds around the country, and in some cases from around the world.
        The battle is on…

  10. Nonsense! Trump knew well about swamp regulators, and he had ADVISERS. You want to make a difference? Stop believing what you can’t do and tell the Turtle there is a new sheriff in town. Sorry, but I am not interested in excuses or men without chests, which perfectly describes patsy R’s and non-conserving conservatives.

    Attitude and reckless abandon. We lost 4 years.

    1. I agree with Retired. Trump could have looked into the history of Barr and Sessions for 5 minutes and know they were Deep State. I cannot counter what Nyquist said about the confirmation issue. Yeah it is complicated. I first voted in 1972 and I thought it was fraudulent voting in Washington State back then.

      1. How many votes are required for confirming AG and FBI appointees?

        I just checked and it is a simple majority!

        The Turtle said he couldn’t get the votes??????

        This belief implies that Cocaine Mitch is either incompetent at vote wrangling, needing only Republican support, or he is a tool of the Establishment and knew that huffing and puffing is acceptable, but NO rough stuff against the corrupt players in DC.

        We lost it all because nobody in DC accepts blind justice and the rule of law.

  11. Listen to the first verse and chorus of the French national anthem and act accordingly or you are doomed. Sorry.

    1. The French evidently stopped listening to their own anthem about 1946, which is why they have almost become a musulmen country at this point in time. The French are already doomed with no hope of saving their country.
      We still have something to fight for, and plenty to fight with!!

      1. That is my point – you wake up and fight or you continue your nice slumber and die.

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