Cliff Kincaid of is back and has been writing articles, perhaps the best he has ever written. So it was an honor to be interviewed by Cliff, whose insights into the current crisis are unique. Among those insights: Cliff doubts Trump is going to leave the presidency given the massive election fraud; he notes the surprising changes in the leadership of the Pentagon. Something is bubbling under the surface. Cliff may be onto something here.

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  1. I’m glad you mentioned this because I hadn’t seen it. Very bizarre!

    PELOSI: Biden Will Be Sworn-In as President ‘Whatever the End Count is on Election Day’

    Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi weighed-in Thursday on the upcoming presidential election on November 3rd; saying “whatever the end count is” Joe Biden will be “inaugurated on January 20th.”

    “I feel very confident that Joe Biden will be elected President on Tuesday. Whatever the end count is on the election that occurs on Tuesday, he will be elected, on January 20th he will be inaugurated President.”

    1. Very interesting interview! I would like to hear more about the Chinese saying they’ve hit us twice this year – once with the virus and once with the Biden coup. It blows me away that they are happily admitting it!


    USA File: President Trump cites One America News report exposing Canada’s Dominion Voting Systems as one of several culprits behind Democrat vote theft across country, inc. Pennsylvania: “Report: Dominion deleted 2.7 million Trump votes nationwide. Data analysis finds 221,000 Pennsylvania votes switched from President Trump to Biden. 941,000 Trump votes deleted. States using Dominion Voting Systems switched 435,000 votes from Trump to Biden”; Republicans, who control both houses of PA General Assembly, call for audit before certifying presidential vote in Keystone State, Joe Biden reportedly holds 54,000-vote lead over Donald Trump, 20 Electoral College votes at stake; meanwhile Trump campaign wins case that sought to disqualify small number of mail-in ballots for first-time PA voters unable to confirm their identification by Nov. 9; unclear how many mail-in and absentee ballots fall into this category, PA Dept. of State declines to comment on how many ballots affected; Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani leading charge against Dem vote fraud in PA, optimistic about securing state for POTUS: “Well, I think we have enough to change Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania election was a disaster”

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  3. Jeff, I just saw your most informative interview. I have a few follow-up questions:

    1) If we have two presidents, will we have two Congresses? What would likely happen to the Senate and House if we have two presidents?

    2) If people living on the West Coast right now want to move to safer country, what areas are likely to be safest? Could you share the reasons why you chose the Midwest? What about the West (the “fly-over country”)?

    3) I’m thinking the West (not including the West Coast) could be a nuclear target if the East Coast also secedes and “fly-over territory” is regarded as nothing but the den of the conservative rebels. I don’t see the Commies nuking either of the coasts, because you can’t invade and live in an area that you’ve nuked. No point in it. But the rust belt? The Chinese wouldn’t care to live there, presumably, and might be inclined to nuke it to destroy the stronghold of the resistance. Would you agree?

    4) With two countries, who would control the nukes? Trump has the codes, but geographically speaking, would the nukes be located in his domain or in Biden’s? He who controls the nukes has the power. If the two coasts both secede, and the U.S. dwindles down to the Midwest and the flyover states, would the good guys have physical possession of the nukes or would the bad guys?

    I hope you’ll consider addressing these questions in the comments or in your future blogs. Thank you for a very thought-provoking interview.

    1. Almost all of the nukes are stored in flyover country. Outside of the Navy, most of our military power is based in flyover country. Do understand that the rural counties of much of the east coast, and practically all of the west coast states are unlikely to go along with the desire for the blue cesspools to secede.

      1. The enemy is inside the military itself. The Pentagon, which is run by liberals snd feminists, is not controlled by conservative rural counties. The location of missile bases has nothing to do with the political orientation of generals appointed by Obama. This is something Trump has not learned — unless he learned from the military’s ready insubordination last summer.

      2. Who do you think leaked the information that Trump was considering an attack on Iran last week? The new defense secretary was already in place.

  4. Who is China going to war with…India, the US, Taiwan…the answer could very well be, Yes. It may also include Vietnam, Japan, the Philippines, and South Korea. China’s need to have total control over the Spratley and Paracel islands for the oil and natural gas that is there is enormous, as China cannot continue forward with propping up an economy based on poor quality and stealing patents/intellectual property, and slave labor .
    Xi may very well think that the time is right for China to take control over the entire Western Pacific Rim, Especially, with the US experiencing the social/civic unrest, coupled with the political unrest that has been on-going in many States. It makes the situation ripe for China to take advantage of, with little resistance from the UN and the world in general.
    Not saying it will happen, but anything is possible, and in this day and age where evil is running rampant around the world, I am not counting out that anything can and will happen.

  5. The Two Presidents/Two Narratives concept is an intriguing one that could have very similar results if played out 160 years later.
    Attacking a Federal facility in 1861 was just as bad an idea then, as it would be today.
    Most every State has Federal facilities of some kind in it, and some have some very top level Federal facilities which require very high levels of security and protection.
    California has many of these types of facilities, and California trying to secede from the Union could cause an almost immediate Federal takeover of the State by the military. Far too much in California of a very top level nature to allow any of it to fall into the wrong hands. There would have to be an extreme exercise of Federal control used should California attempt to leave the Union.
    There would not be any other choice.
    Most of the individual facilities already have protections in place, but they could not become isolated with a hostile environment surrounding them. There is far too much at stake if these facilities were threatened in any manner.
    The main difference between 1861 and now, is the speed at which Federal forces could move to secure the State, and keep everything under control, that did not exist in 1861.

  6. Jeff

    Not sure if you can comment, I have been trying to contact Cliff Kincaid and tell him about the coming the Grand Solar Minimum and how it could cause a war between the US and China, also the news from the Russian and Chinese Scientists on the Grand Solar Minimum is that they think it’s going to be major

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