Global warming has always been followed by deep cooling within regular two-century cycles.

Khabibullo Abdussamatov
Astronomer, Pulkovo Observatory
Russian Academy of Sciences


What they didn’t tell you, what they won’t tell you, what their active measures were designed to conceal from you, is the significance of the coming solar minimum. If we want to understand China’s strategic timing, in terms of destabilizing actions and military preparations, the coming solar minimum needs to be taken into account.

What is the solar minimum?

It involves a cyclical weakening of the Sun’s electromagnetic field, resulting in a more intense bombardment of the oceans by cosmic rays, increasing the formation of low-level clouds that can reflect up to 60 percent of the Sun’s heat. The effects on weather would include more frequent spring flooding and a shortened growing season in northern latitudes. There would follow, from these and other effects, a significant decrease in world food production.

The Russian government knows all about this. The Chinese government also knows. And both these governments have been preparing, in secret. Already the weather has caused crop losses in China (masked by talk of COVID-19-related losses). Meanwhile, the West has been swindled with an active measure called “anthropogenic global warming science.” In fact, “anthropogenic global warming theory” is pseudo-science. Some who promoted this pseudo-science were agents of Moscow. Others were “useful idiots.”

Contrary to the prevailing narrative, global warming is a cyclical phenomenon — as Dr. Abdussamatov explained in his 2009 paper. Anthropogenic global warming dogmatists have slandered Dr. Abdussamatov, calling him a “hack.” Yet his credit runs high in Kremlin circles. A few years ago, when asked about global warming, Russian President Putin said, “I believe in global cooling.” Putin supports the Uzbek-born astronomer’s assertions, in which the following facts are underscored:

…the eleven-year and two-century cycles of identical and synchronized variations of luminosity, sunspot activity and diameter of the Sun, is one of the most reliably ascertained facts in solar physics.

The climate of the Earth has always been periodically changing and our planet has already experienced several global warmings, similar to the one we [now] observe. Global warming has always been followed by deep cooling….

In 2015 Abdussamatov published a paper in Thermal Science, titled “Earth is now entering its 19th little ice age.” The Russian government put Abdussamatov in charge of all solar experiments conducted on the International Space Station. Russian scientists and government officials know the Sun is the number one causal factor when it comes to climate. And they know the Sun, like the solar system itself, operates cyclically. They also know we are about to enter the 25th solar cycle, which they believe will bring a decade of colder temperatures.

Are the Russians right?

Australian researcher David Archibald agrees with the Russians. His book is titled Twilight of Abundance: Why Life in the 21st Century Will Be Nasty, Brutish, and Short. Archibald cites scientific evidence that a solar minimum is upon us. We are just now reaching the end of a warm period. But this was no ordinary warm period. “From 1930 to 2010,” writes Archibald, “the world’s population increased by 250 percent while world grain production increased 392 percent.” In other words, we have lived through the greatest period of prosperity in man’s history; but now, due to changes in the Sun, our luck is going to run out.

As it happens, 1816 was the worst year of the previous solar minimum (also known as the Dalton Minimum). Archibald warns: “A repeat of the climate experience of 1816 in the world’s temperate-region grain belts would most likely result in almost all of the grain-exporting countries ceasing exports in order to conserve grain for domestic consumption.” He then lists various countries that must import grain to avoid mass starvation. What countries are in greatest danger? Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Israel, Afghanistan, Tunisia, etc. These, he says, are “populations on the verge of collapse.” Archibald’s chapter on China is titled, “China Wants a War.” It is only natural that an overpopulated country, unable to feed itself, would consider a path of conquest.

Let us consider a few historical parallels. Mankind has faced famine and cold many times in history. This is almost certainly what compelled Germanic tribes to cross the Rhine in the early fifth century, resulting in the fall of the western Roman Empire. It is even suspected that global cooling caused the collapse of the Sumerian and Hittite empires in the second millennium BC. Though unrelated to global cooling, a more recent calamity is even more illustrative of the danger: Germany experienced starvation during World War I, resulting in military aggression to acquire “lebensraum.” The Germans needed more land, said Hitler, to avoid a repeat of the starvation which resulted from the Allied blockade of 1914-1919. (Please note: the blockade was maintained after the war, during the Paris Peace Conference that convened in January 1919. In consequence, several hundred thousand German children died of starvation and disease.)

If global cooling threatens major powers with effects more catastrophic than those suffered by Germany in 1914-19, what policies of aggression are likely to emerge? Furthermore, with the global population at a precarious 7.7 billion, the question of who starves and who eats, becomes a political question, a nationalities question, and — as the example of Hitler suggests — a race question. In this context we might ask why China, as a communist regime, has recently adopted “great Han chauvinism.” The founder of communist China, Mao Zedong, denounced Han chauvinism. Yet Mao’s disciples are adopting this racial ideology. Regarding this ideological shift, we ought to ask a question: Was this shift prompted by the approach of the solar minimum?

Think of it this way: Great tribal migrations, involving masses of human beings, under threat of famine, have been known to inflict war and rapine on weak and unprepared nations. Americans see their wealth and technological prowess as advantages. But these “advantages” invariably soften those who enjoy them most. Today this softening is called “white privilege” — a term designating those who are about to be expropriated, plundered, or even starved. If Stalin took the food from the Ukrainian “kulaks,” starving them by the millions to feed the Bolsheviks in the cities, how will the rising leftist movement of today distribute food during a global famine? We listen to the rhetoric of the revolutionaries in our streets. If three billion people have to starve, who will they single out as a “kulak,” deserving of starvation? Touching on this matter, Lawrence Pierce, author of A New Little Ice Age, wrote:

Food will become the ultimate weapon, and the best way to defeat your enemies without being the bad guy is just to find a way to not ship food to them.

The United States would be, under these circumstances, one of the few food exporting countries in prospect. The strategic significance of North America, in an overpopulated world, cannot be underrated from the perspective of a country, like China, which contains 1.4 billion people — unable to feed themselves from their own land. The sheer scope of America’s arable land, and the defective character of American statesmen and generals, makes the country a tempting target on the eve of the solar minimum. The present activation of a communist fifth column on American soil, and the use of Chinese economic (and other) blackmail on America’s elite, promises to divide (and conquer) the United States at the outset of the 25th solar cycle. Is this a coincidence or is it policy? Is it an attempt to grab America’s food supply?

In this context, we should reevaluate one of the most significant active measures advanced by the communists over the last three decades. The intimate connection between former Vice President (and global warming activist) Al Gore, Jr., and a prominent KGB agent named Armand Hammer (see Edward Jay Epstein’s dossier on Hammer, linked below), is more than suggestive. Together with assorted dupes and communist allies in the West, the Russian special services promoted the theory of “anthropogenic global warming” from the outset. It was, without doubt, a strategic deception of the highest order.

Our great centers of learning have not only succumbed to the dictates of Gramsci’s Marxism (discussed in my previous essay), but to the nonsense of “anthropogenic global warming science.” If we look closer, it appears that our great centers of learning are largely composed of political stooges, dupes and brilliant mediocrities, whose words and stock phrases are plagiarized from the pages of “liberal” magazines. There yet exists a handful of sensible people who have been blackballed out of the academy — who are unwelcome in government and big corporations. These have been excluded by a subtle process of peer ostracism. These desperately needed people must be redeemed to the nation. Rather than defunding the police, we must defund our “great” centers of learning and create new institutions dedicated to the nation’s survival, free from enemy interference and subversion. But first, we must have clarity. We must understand the enemy’s strategy and the rationale behind the timing of that strategy.

Readers are encouraged to study the links below and draw their own conclusions.

Notes and Links

Twilight of Abundance: Why Life in the 21st Century Will Be Nasty, Brutish, and Short — A preliminary sketch.

Edward Jay Epstein, The Hammer File,

The Chilling Stars: A New Theory of Climate Change

Cold Sun

NASA officially denies little Ice Age Theory, clinging to its obsession with CO2 –

27 thoughts on “Chinese Strategy and the Solar Minimum

  1. Martin Armstrong has been preaching the Global Warming lie consistently on his blog. He is followed by many and yet we see how strong the enemy is within our Press and politicians. Russia and China are looking to Africa and Central and South America for resources while we here in the West are taught we heading for a global hothouse. Trump is in their way in this nation. I don’t see it going well for him. Buckle up.

  2. Another source you may consider is

    The author here, (going from memory) David Dubyne went to China as a historian, but went into food trading for the money. In Southeast Asia, where he had to pay farmers to grow his crops, he found more and more often that his crops were damaged or destroyed by cold related weather. He then looked through history and noticed that there is a pattern of cold spells, and about every 400 years a deep cold spell. The last deep cold spell was the Maunder Minimum, about 400 years ago.

    He also noticed that there’s a correlation of Chinese emperors being overthrown and killed, with global cooling events. The communists don’t want to die before their time, so they’ll grab Lebensraum to feed their people. If they fail, China will suffer.

    1. Yes, this fits the pattern. Much has been written on this in terms of solar physics, which is not accepted because it does not demonize carbon.

      1. Jeff: A great resource for several years now is Suspicious Observers. It may be more dire than even this… anthropological evidence suggests a tremendous climate catastrophe every 12,000 to 13,000 years due to what Ben Davidson and many others refer to as a “micronova” of the sun. This appears to be activated as our solar system travels through the galaxy and encounters these periodic wave-form plasma sheets (think ripples in a pond, but in a spiral pattern). It corresponds with a dramatic weakening of Earth’s magnetic field, also caused by the plasma sheet.
        Our magnetic field has weakened about 20 percent in the last 100 years, and is dropping precipitously, thus exposing Earth to increased cosmic rays. Our solar system also appears to be entering this periodic plamsa sheet, which is theorized to cause the periodic micronova, which would be something along the lines of a massively severe solar flare, except across the entire surface of the sun. The last one was believed to be about 12,000 years ago (think final extinction of the wooly mammoths in a sudden and devastating deep-freeze, where mammoths have been found with undigested food in their stomachs).
        It may all be coming together, and we may have to endure a solar micronova toward the end of the next solar cycle (solar cycle 25) or it may take longer. There is already evidence on the other planets in our solar system of changes because of the approaching plasma sheet, and the Alpha Centauri star system, which is between us and the galactic center, has demonstrated major luminosity changes to the primary star and the companion red-dwarf, possibly their own micronova event.
        It is possible that the Chinese know this. Our own CIA knows, as referenced by the book suggested above by AMBGUN – World in Peril… a most excellent read.

        Here’s the website for those who are interested. Also check out the climate-science full-length movies… quite well done and without the drama of so many typical doomsday “documentaries”.
        Our Future Is Cold:

      2. While the jury is still out of HAMMERSTHOR’s observations in respect to the “micro-nova” event(s) he describes, it does fit much of the “evidence” we see as well as the fact that we don’t know what the various Globalist powers are keeping from us, but we do know it is SOMETHING.

  3. Another, possibly even more immediate factor affecting China’s food production is that there are locusts headed toward the main agricultural areas in China, arriving from Pakistan and other areas to the east. Their numbers are being described as being of “Biblical proportions”.

    Here’s an interesting and brief YouTube synopsis:

      1. So, I think they are worried about them traveling directly east from India through Bangladesh and Burma into Yunnan… video was a little disjointed. Locusts can very easily cross 8000 feet elevation, which would take but a couple days. Can’t even imagine how hungry those damn things will be when they get to Yuuunan.

      2. China also apparently experiencing a huge amount of rain, landslides, dams failing, etc. since June 1st. One major dam might fail which could cause serious harm to 600 million people. I think Epoch Times might have some coverage on it.

  4. On good book on climate in the history of mankind is “Climate and the Affairs of Men” by Iben Browning. He died in 1991 so, best to get an edition of it published around the time of his death or prior to his death, as the co-writer of the book (basically a ghost writer without the credentials Browning had) has altered it since Iben Browning’s death.

  5. Hi Jeff. Yes, I agree that this GSM, is what the “ones who really run things” have been waiting for. (Illuminati, Free Masons, 13 Blood Line Family’s, Rothschild’s et al, those bad actors)
    It’s like the proverbial pulling of the grenade pin. What is now taking place is just the beginning of events not paralleled since the Flood, nor ever will be again. This marks the end of The Age of Man. Time’s up folks.

    P.S. See Book of Revelation to read how this ends.

  6. German translation here:

    You forgot to give Edward. Jay Epstein’s book, “Dossier: The Secret History of Armand Hammer”, in the link section:

    Also, Lawrence Pierce’s book, “A New Little Ice Age Has Started: How to Survive and Prosper During the Next 50 Difficult Years”, is not listed among the sources:


  7. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, I recently wrote a document called China and the Grand Solar Minimum, in the document, I give an explanation on the events that took place in Ming Dynasty China during the last Little Ice Age that ran from 1350 to 1850. My analysis on the events of 1644, the year that the Ming Dynasty collapsed and coincided with Li Zicheng’s temporary Shun Dynasty which lasted until June 1644 when the Manchu’s took over to what is known as the Qing Dynasty which lasted until 1911. Recently historians and climate scientists have put out an alternative explanation to why the Ming Dynasty collapsed which the underlying factor of the cause of the collapse of the Ming Dynasty is drought which led to famine, pandemics and rebellions. In the document, I outline that the expansion of China into the African continent and the Pacific including Australia and Central and South America is in fact preparation for the Grand Solar Minimum and hence why Communist China can become potentially aggressive during the incoming Grand Solar Minimum. Jeff may I have your opinion on this?

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