The ideological erosion of the bourgeois order at every level — economic, political, cultural, social — would proceed the initiation of direct frontal assaults on the state.

Carl Boggs
Gramsci’s Marxism, p. 52


Professor Carl Boggs admires Antonio Gramsci. As a socialist, Boggs understands that Gramsci’s idea of the communist revolutionary “process” depends on “the continuous and organic development of the … oppressed classes….” This development is driven by “novel forms of social participation” which gradually extend “the domain of egalitarianism, [and] non-bureaucratic [forms of] social authority….”

At present, Black Lives Matter functions as the “novel form of participation” for extending “the domain of egalitarianism.” The United States is now destabilized. The Communist game of divide-and-conquer has reached its mature stage. There is an ongoing breakdown of authority, an unserious attitude toward law and order, and a lapse of patriotism.

The death of George Floyd has been used as a catalyst. It was the kind of “event” for which the aforesaid revolutionary formation (Black Lives Matter) was created. Now, Black Lives Matter has become a power in its own right.

It is only the ignorance of the many, and the “fog of war,” that makes the casual observer dubious as to authorship of the present insurrection. For those who have not studied communist tactics, further shocks are in store. The existing political system failed to support the thin blue line, and that line is crumbling. The communists are winning.

To make matters worse, the generals of the U.S. military have signaled their neutrality. General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, referred to the rioting and vandalism as “domestic politics.” Misrepresenting the Officer’s Oath as a commitment to egalitarian values, Milley ignored his duty to defend the Constitution against “all enemies, foreign and domestic.” As long as the nation’s enemies give lip service to egalitarianism, General Milley will not list them as enemies. Therefore, a green light has been given. The revolutionaries are free to commit any number of outrages.

Consider the 1,500 buildings damaged or destroyed in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. America’s generals say this is a police matter — though the police in Minneapolis may soon be disbanded in favor of armed revolutionary gangs (i.e., community policing).

When Senator Tom Cotton wrote his Op-Ed in The New York Times on 3 June, he wrote, “The nation must restore order. The military stands ready.” But our military leaders were not ready. And the editors of The New York Times, criticized for publishing Cotton’s piece, begged pardon for indulging the Senator’s “harsh tone.” The editors objected to Cotton’s claim that “cadres of left-wing radicals” were behind the riots, the violence, the looting and burning of buildings. In fact, said The Times editors, “those allegations have not been substantiated and have been widely questioned.”

According to the paper’s editors, “The Op-Ed [of Senator Cotton] should have been subjected to further substantial revisions … or rejected.” It is a difficult job, indeed, to be an editor of The New York Times. Such an editor is able to substantiate that the sun is warm, that water is wet — but he is unable substantiate the presence of left-wing incendiaries and vandals behind left-wing political rhetoric and slogans. Was it laziness or incompetence that Times reporters hadn’t by then participated in left-activist group-phone calls about bolt cutters, gasoline cans and matches? (I know a conservative journalist who listened in on such calls.) And what is the theory of these journalistic geniuses? — That mobs of looters, in city after city, were summoned out of the night by political apathy?

The The New York Times’s denial of communist involvement in today’s revolutionary actions, is yet another dimension of the revolution. Here America’s “paper of record” is teaching the country how to be skeptical of capitalism — not communism. We are not allowed to blame the left. All blame is directed at systemic white racism; that is, the supposed racism of the capitalist system.

We are not allowed to say that a communist revolution has begun. We are not allowed to say that Marxist groups are engaged in a power grab; that they are using racial issues as camouflage, “extending the domain of egalitarianism”; that looting stores, beating white citizens and police officers has everything to do with communist supremacy (and nothing to do with good race relations).

For those who have studied communism, who have sat in communist meetings, the situation is perfectly obvious. Yet the mainstream media pretends there are no communists. They pretend the left is blameless. Our generals wink at the rioters. The President is opposed or mocked by governors and mayors. The communists are immune to counterattack because they have seized the egalitarian high ground of American politics. They have followed Gramsci’s method.

Communism’s overthrow of our culture was accelerated by the feminists, by the abortionists, by the mainstreaming of “illegal aliens,” by gay marriage, by sympathy for the transgendered. And now it advances as the enemy of the police and the champion of the African American. Each of these “causes,” one after the other, has been used to turn civilization’s extended flank. It is exactly as Boggs said: The Revolution is driven by “novel forms of social participation” which gradually extend “the domain of egalitarianism, [and] non-bureaucratic [forms of] social authority….”

Gramsci’s first priority,” wrote Boggs, “was the multidimensional transformation of civil society, which he considered the ultimate key to the ‘war of movement,’ since there … must be political hegemony even before the attainment of power.” And here we see how political hegemony prior to the seizure of power works in practice.

Yesterday I interviewed the famous talk radio caller, Jimmy from Brooklyn, who is an expert in communism. Explaining the meaning of Boggs’s book on Gramsci, Jimmy said, “Basically, the communists have to get large numbers of people on their side before they can seize power.”

According to Jimmy, a small Marxist cadre, lacking the support of numbers, would have to reeducate and also exterminate millions of people after taking power. It is therefore better to make unwitting Marxists out of nearly everyone in advance. If people from every walk of life have accepted leftist ideas, if they no longer understand or uphold the ideas of their forefathers, the Revolution advances without serious resistance.

The communists made a strategic decision, long ago, to champion the “cause” of women, blacks and other minorities. The whole idea is to carve out a majority in opposition to the “white patriarchy.” According to Jimmy, “It’s similar to how a pimp recruits a young girl. He sympathizes with her. He offers her help. He listens to her complaints about her father. Once she sees that his guidance is necessary, she begins to obey him. Soon enough she becomes a prostitute.”

“This is the real nature of community organizing,” said Jimmy. “They offer genuine help to people at the local level. But that help comes with a price.” Now they are offering an alternative order, without police. “In this process the communists are winning,” said Jimmy, “and the conservatives are too stupid to see it.”

To save the country we must begin to call things by their proper names. We cannot be afraid of the enemy’s egalitarian rhetoric. We must not allow them to intimidate us. We must take charge of our own language. We must name our enemy. We must identify the communists and expose their activity. If we fail to do this, we are lost.

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  1. “Yet the mainstream media pretends there are no communists.”
    Isn’t that what Communists do? Deny that there are any Communists involved in anything where the term Communist is mentioned. That is also the disguise used to cover any Communist actions being taken at any level of society. Most Communists these days have no idea that they are Communists. They think they are progressives, centrists, Democrats/social Democrats, or even social justice warriors, when in reality they are Communist revolutionaries, or the useful idiots of Communist revolutionaries.
    We are reaching the edge of the abyss, and we will either gain the strength and wisdom to pull back before it is too late, or we fall into the abyss and suffer whatever fate awaits us.

    Enemy identification is one of the most important aspects of fighting a war. If you cannot identify the enemy, you have lost. What is even worse is that you cannot identify that it is you, yourself, that is the enemy because you have been so taken in by the lies and deceptions of the enemy that you have actually become a useful idiot’s useful idiot. That is the point where the Lame Stream Media and many others in our society have arrived at, not knowing that it is they themselves that are the enemy.

    There was a very controversial book written in the late 60s time frame, which I read in the late 80s. It was not an appealing book in the sense of adding to one’s knowledge in the normal way, rather it provided insight to how “the others” operated and what they would try to do. One of the things mentioned in the book was to let society get so out of hand that the police could no longer handle it on their own, and to assist the police the street gangs would be deputized to police their neighborhoods and “up hold the law”, meaning that they would have complete control over that neighborhood and could do as they pleased because there was no one to stop them from doing it. You could call it Old West style justice, or go back further in history to where tribal groups upheld their idea of justice within their sphere of influence, and were conflicting with other tribal groups over access to resources and control of territory.
    In other words, civilization ceased to exist.

    I do hope that there is some long overdue justice coming down that may reveal far more about what has been going on, who has been behind it, and that it is the eye-opener needed to stop society from collapsing.
    I am not holding my breath. I do have at least the basics to see me through if it gets even more ugly than it already is at this stage.
    God willing, we may be given another chance.

  2. Well, it took 10 years to turn Russia totally communist, but only 4 for Mao in China. How long will this revolution take if not stopped? Unfortunately, if those who have slept through their HS and undergraduate World History/Global Studies classes haven’t listened or learned the lessons about Socialism leading to Communism leading to death, they probably won’t listen until it is too late now. A very good Jewish friend once warned me 30 years ago that, as a Christian and conservative, I needed to make sure my family all had passports. Might be timely advice still.

    On Jan. 10, 1963, Congressman Albert S. Herlong Jr. of Florida read a list of 45 Communist goals into the Congressional Record.
    1. U.S. should accept coexistence as the only alternative to atomic war.
    2. U.S. should be willing to capitulate in preference to engaging in atomic war.

    Did we “capitulate?”
    I have asked this question many times on many forums but have never received a straight answer.
    It would of course explain many things, including these final steps of the “fundamental transformation” we are now undergoing with the complicity of the majority of politicos, bureaucrats and businesses of all countries.
    It would certainly explain our status as the “World Police” over the last three decades.
    It would also explain the “Globalist” phenomenon as simply a minor part of the “World Communist Conspiracy.”

    Jeff, did this happen behind our, and Donald J Trump’s back?

    It seems to be:

    “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.” — J. Edgar Hoover ~The Elks Magazine, August 1956

    1. We (the West) bought the lie (Trojan Horse) that the Soviet Union collapsed and it was the end of the Cold War and Communism. All the Soviets did was put lipstick on a pig and convince the West it was no longer a pig. Nothing change in regards to who was running the Soviet Union/Russia. They had the West pay to rebuild their military.
      Did we capitulate? No, that hasn’t happened just yet. We went to sleep and have yet to wake up and smell the Communism all around us. Now it is a matter of what are we going to do about it.

    2. Capitulation, as in a formal surrender, has not occurred; but a series of compromises, retreats and prevarications have occurred. Because of all these small offenses against truth and common sense, our once strong strategic position is now compromised. If we keep going, it will soon be untenable.

      1. NMOLDSOURDOUGH, and JEFF, thanks for the sincerity of your reply.

        My estimation is that it already is untenable, and the foreseeable end already in sight.
        Never thought I would say this but our survival seems dependent entirely on our admittedly limited ability to complete a successful “First Strike.”

      2. Going by that logic George Washington would not have accepted command of the small Continental Army because it was hopelessly outclassed by the British Empire. Everything is not in numbers, or supposed advantages, or weapons.

      3. “Going by that logic George Washington would not have accepted command of the small Continental Army …”

        Well at least I think we should fight!
        So did General Washington.

        The Second Amendment is not a red line, it is The Red Line.

      4. Here is some new info, some of which I have been waiting to see in order to determine The “when” of how and where China may look to strike the US.
        “According to the report from the independent EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security, China has built a network of satellites, high-speed missiles, and “super-electromagnetic pulse” weapons that could melt down the U.S. electric network, fry critical communications, and stifle aircraft carrier groups.
        According to the report, written by the task force’s executive director, Peter Pry, long an expert on EMP warfare, China developed the weapons as part of its “Total Information Warfare” that includes hacking raids on computers.”

        My threat level is now at the top of the scale. China may be more than ready for a strike based on this new information.

  4. Jeff, when your interview with Jimmy from Brooklyn is available, can you please let us know where to find it? thanks and Lord with you.

  5. Jeff, what are your thoughts on the Chinese aggression in the Himalayas? The last time it occurred on this scale was during the Sino-Indian war, which occurred concurrently with the Cuban Middle Crisis. This has been interpreted as combined aggression on the part of the communist bloc. Do you think what is going on now is a similar situation? Should we expect a larger, concurrent crisis to go along with the confrontation in Lakdah?

      1. My understanding is that the Galwan valley is a key strategic point (though I am no military expert, and am only reporting what I recall Indians saying about it) that, if taken by China, would render the immediate area indefensible by the Indians, thus permitting China to claim many miles of territory–perhaps the entire disputed area, without a fight at all. It seems to me that the Chinese are using bullying tactics to cement themselves in that valley with troops, hastily constructed bunkers and heavy machinery.

        The recent death of 20 Indian troops (and 43 Chinese troops) appears to have been a weird and pre-planned ambush by the Chinese, with the Chinese apparently waiting with batons and clubs wrapped in barbed wire and affixed with nails. A senior military officer on the Indian side, who seems to have been there just to negotiate with the Chinese side, was murdered by the soldiers, either by beating or drowning. A wide ranging melee fight then took place, allegedly lasting as much as 6 hours, with Indian troops getting the upper hand.

        The Chinese claim the Indians invaded Chinese territory and started the fight, which of course is nonsense. The Colonel in question, looking quite pudgy, close to 40 years old, and who had just written to his parents expressing his strong desire to go on vacation and to see them soon, would not have been leading a rogue group of Indians to fight in hand to hand combat with the Chinese who were already armed with clubs and stones. He was obviously there to talk with them, which is supported by the earliest reports that state the melee took place “during talks to defuse the situation.” That situation was apparently that of the Chinese agreeing to withdraw from the area, doing so temporarily, and then returning and setting up camp.

        The Indians so far, though there is a lot of national outrage, do not want any war with China. It seems they expect Pakistan will also join into the fight, and India is not ready right now to engage in such a huge war. The Indians are speaking in terms of economic warfare and mass boycotts.

      2. I suppose China may not be applying mere pressure as I thought. There is another possibility. India is a country the Chinese may have to destroy, as the Chinese see them as competition for a dwindling global food supply during the solar minimum that is now beginning.

      3. This is why I think the next big war will be China vs. India. And it WILL be China vs. India, not China vs. America. China is not ready to fight the US, despite all the saber rattling they’ve been doing. China and India have been having border clashes since the 50s, as China claims parts of northern India. It would be a good warm up for the Chinese, as India has a good enough army but they would not hold out long against China without help. Pakistan is a Chinese ally and it would be a two front war for India to fight, and it would more than likely involve nuclear weapons, which would give China an idea of just how effective their weapons really are.

        But in the aftermath, it would likely be safe to bet that China and India will end up with 50% less people than they have now. I’d also throw in Saudi Arabia, and a few others like Syria, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, and a good chunk of the Mainland Asian and Middle Eastern populations will cease to exist.

  6. The key is to tackle their propaganda head on, without fear of being called “racist.”

    As uncomfortable as it is to say, the idea that cops are hunting african-americans on the streets is a complete fabrication. Blacks are hunting other blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, orthodox Jews, puppies, cats, and everything and everyone else you can think of on the streets of America. Vast majority of black victims are victimized by others from their own community, and something like 80-90% of all interracial crime is committed by blacks. The numbers are so extreme that the idea that there is such a thing as systemic racism against African-Americans can only be viewed as a gigantic joke and an inversion of reality. And if one dares to say that such statistics as these are fabrication, or that cops are selectively arresting African Americans and letting white criminals go free, well, then, just open your local newspaper. Just pull open your local news website. What color are the criminals on the surveillance cameras? Who are the shooters in Chicago committing 19-20 murders every weekend? White people in black face?

    And if a Communist replies, “poverty, and so therefore racist capitalism, produces these numbers,” can anyone point to any other impoverished minority group in the United States that has numbers similar to this? No? So what’s the excuse?

    The real problem is obvious: the black community, awash in criminality, awash in music videos glorifying rape, murder and drugs, educated by our public school system to hate white people but not learn how to read, is utterly dysfunctional and has been weaponized against the nation. And no matter how much money you throw at social programs and whatnot, and no matter how much you hypocritically mourn for criminals like Floyd while ignoring the vast number of victims of black crime and violence, nothing you say or do is going to fix that dysfunction. Only the black community can fix it, and the only way they’ll fix it is if they stop scapegoating white people for all their problems.

  7. “Here America’s “paper of record” is teaching the country how to be skeptical of capitalism — not communism.”… No, here we have “America’s paper of record” outright LYING in support of the communist takeover of the republic. Just like the LYING POS governor of Washington claiming he had no idea of what was going on in Seattle. In fact, I do not believe that a liberal can utter even one word of truth, without their head exploding for deviating from the evil that infests every fiber of their being.

    1. Perhaps I should expand that a bit, I do not believe a liberal “in govt, media, or position of power or authority” can utter even one word of truth, without their head exploding for deviating from the evil that infests every fiber of their being.

  8. The USA is now a communist nation.
    You should change this article to “How I Stopped Worrying and Love Communism”.

      1. Oh yes.
        Who am I to determine how some psychopaths want to run their country or the world?

      2. 2WIT4U: how do you choose to die?

        When the enemy has already declared his intention to depopulate at least half the people of this land (should he win) and replace them with his own people so they don’t starve, do you plan to die fighting with a slim chance of survival, or die on your knees with a bullet to the back of the head?

        If you are not just a deserter, but an active traitor, you’ll be shot as untrustworthy.

        Or do you have a special skill that they can extract from you at the point of a gun, then they might let you live. Live on your knees with the constant threat of being dragged off to the lao gai or executed.

        As for me, I plan to fight, either directly with a gun in my hand, or indirectly helping those who are doing the fighting. Neither death nor life are certain in the coming battle.

  9. I have a very deep sense of foreboding concerning the white people of America. We in South Africa have gone through this and I have a feeling the only thing that saved us from wholesale slaughter was the fact that the Communists did not want to risk waking up the slumbering Americans. Now more than twenty-five years have passed and they are confident that they have the USA with it’s back to the wall. That may explain why the anti white racism in South Africa is reaching fever pitch – the Communists probably think that the fall of the USA is at hand and that their chance for the great purge is fast approaching. Ironically many whites in SA are totally oblivious of the danger. Fortunately a fair number of old soldiers and their sons are realists and AR15’s are selling like hot cakes. The odds however, is freightening. If God does not help us in this battle it will be the first time! I hope and trust it will be the same for the people of the USA.

      1. God usually helps those that help themselves – or at least makes an effort. God did not say to David “Talk to Goliath” He said “Pick up stones”

      2. “God usually helps those that help themselves – or at least makes an effort.” Willem, there is truth in this, we must be willing to do certain things to cooperate with Him, however God is looking for is heart willing to humble himself and seek him and call out for his help and intervention–thats all He requires.

  10. You say there was “no need to exaggerate their wickedness”. I say it was necessary in order to highlight your mitigating the papers motives. Guess we just see things differently.

    1. I mitigated the paper’s motives? No. You miss the point of my writing altogether. I am explaining the enemy’s tactics, their promotion of a false skepticism. You don’t approve of my rhetoric because I am not screaming epithets at the enemy. Such screaming requires no thought. Thoughtlessness is something I leave to others. Demonizing evil people, over and over again, is boring. It gets us nowhere. The point is to understand communist strategy — in order to STOP them. The reason we have not stopped them is because — as Vladimir Bukovsky explained —we have never understood communism (as a strategy). Jump up and down and declare they are evil if you like. Such declarations are not a substitute for understanding. Please try to understand why nearly everyone is skeptical of your position. Skepticism toward your facts, your arguments, your motives, is a key tactic the left has used to beat you. They are deceptively denying a link between communism and the protests. They are alleging that our anti-communism is a cover for racism. They are saying that anti-communism IS racism. We have to show why this skepticism is a “blind” which prevents the majority from asking important questions about the Marxist leadership behind Black Lives Matter and their links to China.

      1. Will do! I’ll store them on disc, and print them out, too! This will then be a concentrated treasure (of nearly a hundred articles)…

  11. This organised revolutionary outrage is spreading everywhere (which shows it is coordinated around the globe, and with military precision). Here is a brief report of Sunday morning, June 21, 2020, found on the website of Austrian Broadcasting:


    “Street battles and looting took place in downtown Stuttgart during the night of Sunday. Hundreds of people smashed shop windows and ransacked stores, a police spokesman for the AFP news agency said. Rescue workers were thrown at them with bottles and stones. Several police officers were injured.

    “At shortly before midnight, the situation near the Schlossplatz “rocked up”, where according to the police spokesman, there were always a lot of people at the weekend. There have been disputes in which around 500 people are said to have been involved.

    “The local police requested support from colleagues from the federal police. The situation was only under control around 3:00 a.m. The police have not yet been able to make any statements on the background.”

    (APA – Austrian Press Agency)

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