Lo, this is the tarantula’s den! Would’st thou see the tarantula itself? Here hangeth it’s web: touch this, so that it may tremble.

Friedrich Nietzsche
Thus Spake Zarathustra, 29


Nietzsche wrote to the tarantulas: “Revenge is in thy soul; wherever thou bitest, there ariseth black scab….” The tarantulas of Nietzsche’s parable preach equality. But their preaching is not honest.

Nietzsche wanted to expose the motives of the tarantulas, rebuking their vengefulness with laughter. “Therefore,” wrote Nietzsche, “I tear at your web, that your rage may lure you out of your den of lies, and that your revenge may leap forth from behind your word ‘justice.’”

Nietzsche warned that the tarantulas want to fill the world “with the storms of their justice.” Their “Will to Equality” has become the basis for a false system of valuation. Today’s tarantulas are better known as “social justice warriors.” They are, in Nietzsche’s words: “against all that hath power.” But this outcry against power masks the tarantulas’ very own lust for power.

Many years ago I confronted a political activist whose inordinate desire for power was suddenly exposed. Instead of covering up and denying, he said to me: “I do not want to be an insect, like my father.” This shocking admission is something that Nietzsche, as the psychologist of the “will to power,” addressed with the following lines:

What the father has hid comes out in the son; and oft have I found in the son the father’s revealed secret.

Inspired ones they resemble; but it is not the heart that inspires them — but vengeance. And when they become subtle and cold, it is not spirit, but envy, that makes them so.

Their jealously leads them also into thinker’s paths; and this is the sign of their jealousy — they always go too far: so that their fatigue has at last to go to sleep on the snow.

In all their lamentations sounds vengeance, in all their eulogies is maleficence; and being judge seems to them bliss.

Nietzsche warned his readers to distrust all “in whom the impulse to punish is powerful.” Out of such countenances “peer the hangman and the sleuth-hound.” They are, in reality, preachers of death. Nietzsche said, “they themselves were formerly the best world-maligners and heretic-burners.”

The world is never going to be a paradise in which everyone has everything in equal measure. Universal peace is not in prospect. The design of this life, of this world, is one in which the soul advances to maturity through difficulties of every kind. The path intended for man is not socialist utopia. The path of man is an upward path, made for climbing. Each individual climbs at his own pace. It is not a world in which the foremost climbers should be forced to retrace their steps for the sake of those who remain below. According to Nietzsche, the world requires elevation and, therefore, it requires steps, and “a variance of steps.” Life strives to rise and, in doing so, to surpass itself.

In quoting Nietzsche I am not endorsing his philosophy. Yet, when a man has good insights to offer, it is best to acknowledge them. The social justice warriors of the present day are not liberators. They are jailers. They are not helping women and minorities, they are destroying the country.

As the psychologist of “the will to power,” Nietzsche saw that something incredibly dangerous was destined to congeal inside the Western mind, and inside Germany. To clarify his actual positions, Nietzsche was not a racist or antisemite. He despised German chauvinism. He despised socialism and nationalism and communism. It is one of those ironies of history that Hitler used Nietzsche as a prop for his demagogy, meeting with the dead philosopher’s sister, giving Nietzsche’s collected works as a gift to Mussolini. In fact, Hitler perverted what he found in Nietzsche — if only to mask his own career as the ultimate tarantula, eager for revenge and lusting for power.

What we find, when examining Nietzsche’s writings, is someone who feared for the future of Europe, who warned of the advent of “European nihilism.” This nihilism offers free play to the tarantulas, because few are able to stand firm. Nihilism fills men with doubt. This doubt quickly turns to despair. Despair turns to self-pity. Self-pity devolves into the politics of the victim. Here we approach to absolute cynicism — to the point at which faith crumbles. And there stands the tarantula with his “new faith.” He is offering you “equality” and “justice.” But as Nietzsche warned, the tarantula is motivated by envy. He is fixated on revenge as he thirsts for power.

Are you ready to join the tarantulas? They are asking you, now, to bend your knee. Many are going to do it, and they have no idea what they are about to unleash. The people they are empowering are not psychologically normal. The process is disintegrative. What we have failed to appreciate, after so many years of stability and prosperity, is that all institutions are fragile; that life itself is fragile.

The power of the tarantulas is growing. Many local and state governments are in their hands. The mainstream media is in their hands, along with many publications. One example should suffice.

If you open the pages of The Atlantic (which was my favorite magazine two decades ago), you will find a concentration of such venom, of such spite and hatred, that to read the whole thing is to be poisoned with a hatred of America so violent, and so profound, that you either become a tarantula yourself, or turn against them for all time.

When every single article is oriented against America’s national interest, against American feelings, against the Founding Fathers, against the president, against the maintenance of a national border — as if all these things were manifestations of “fascism” — you must conclude that tarantulas are behind the work; for it is advanced under the banner of “justice” and “equality.” It is as condemnatory as a hangman, as implacable as its pose of reason is false, and as seditious in spirit as the communist insurrection it complements.

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  1. It’s the insanity of fury and revenge coupled with highly organised, methodical, even scientific strategy. And hardly anyone in the dying West, it appears, comprehends the monstrous and insidious workings of this beast, let alone has the guts to stand up against it…

  2. Mr Nyquist what you wrote here is exactly what happened and what is happening in South Africa – the tarantulas talk equality and justice but their true motive is more power and revenge. My contention is that South Africa was the testing ground for the final assault on the USA. The time for political correctness is past because it is going to kill us all. The white, Christian people of the West had better forget about turning the other cheek and draw the sword as a matter of urgency.

    1. It seems you are on to something. In Europe, especially, this is soon to be fatal. You cannot mix different tribes together and expect smooth sailing. If you add multiculturalism to the mix, you are headed for dictatorship. What you have here is an explosive mixture of socialist indoctrination, utopian expectations and sheer mischief-making. Either the non-whites are made to feel horribly aggrieved, thereafter demanding reparations and an equal society in the socialist sense, or the whites take fright and defy the ideology that promises everything to the non-whites. At that point, it seems, the socialists must carry out their plan — so that the class struggle becomes a race war. To come to grips with this monster, you must (1) call it out for what it is; (2) have a frank discussion about inequality in society; (3) have a frank discussion about the tribal consciousness of human groups (that is, racism). By blithely accepting equality in the socialist sense as inevitable, the country is defeating itself.

    2. … and soon the ANC/SACP government’s (and also SWAPO’s) battlecry of “expropriation without compensation” will come to America (as well as Europe), too. Obama’s audacious “You didn’t build that” of 2012 will logically develop into a categorical “You don’t own that.”

      1. TCO, Ithaca NY is proposing eliminating the ability for owners of tenant properties to be able to collect rent from the last 3 months from laid-off tenants due to COVID job losses. Of course this is all being done in fairness, right. But it could be any excuse. So the landlords are going to be stuck and there is no provision for them. First one thing then another step, then it will be universal incomes for all… or these univeralists dont get their way, Black Lives Matter will get there way, and will require blacks to get free rent forever. In at least in one movie about the bolsheviks, we are painted a terror picture of the communists forcing wealthy home owners to take in the poor or destitute into their own homes…allow their furniture to be broken into firewood and of course all in the name fairness.

    1. It is the verb, defined in my dictionary thus: 3rd person present: complements
      add to (something) in a way that enhances or improves it; make perfect.
      “a classic blazer complements a look that’s stylish or casual”

      1. Sad that you had to explain this, but thank you none the less.

        Stand and fight, Men of the West!

  3. “It is the political task of the social scientist – as of any liberal educator – continually to translate personal troubles into public issues….” C. Wright Mills

    Turning the world upside down, and inside out has been the life’s work of far too many people, especially those that are commonly referred to as being on the Left, which is just a disguise to hide their Communist ideology.
    The battle is not really an ideological battle, it is a battle between good and evil.
    Evil manifests itself in a number of disguises in which to fool people into accepting one or more versions of itself.
    It is not vengeance that evil is seeking, rather it is revenge. Revenge for having been born to an everyday life of toiling just to eek out an existence, rather than to one of riches and power. Evil cannot accept that it does not have the riches and power it desires, so it seeks to destroy all those that do have riches and power, whether perceived or otherwise.
    When all has been destroyed and there is nothing left, then we will all be equal.

    21 For it is from within, from the hearts of men, that their wicked designs come, their sins of adultery, fornication, murder, 22 theft, covetousness, malice, deceit, lasciviousness, envy, blasphemy, pride and folly. 23 All these evils come from within, and it is these which make a man unclean. Mark 7: 21-23

    1. NM, will end with equality? I think it will not end til the tables are totally turned and fierce vengence occurs us who know the truth and stand for righteous and Godly foundations. For example, if you look at what gays originally said, it was about certain rights they wanted, equality, fair treatment etc, but after they got those and more, it was clear that what they really wanted was far more radical and demented…if they had originally spilled the beans, none of the centrists would have have consented.

  4. Yuri Bezmenov explains the four stages of the strategy of the KGB: Demoralization – Destabilization – Crisis – Normalization. He states that once the crisis stage begins, it will be about six weeks and then from no where comes the Normalization stage…the military stage. It is worth the time to listen to this defector, because what he said would happen is happening right now! Six weeks takes us to around July 4th….. But maybe it gets extended. Best not to put a date on it but to prepare for what is going to happen.

    1. The mention of the 6 weeks before the “normalization” stage begins at around the 1:12:00 mark.

      1. I really don’t know what’s worse: Idaho being part of California or China.

    2. The communists have something broader in mind. The attempts to defund the police and create their own legal and enforcement structures are instructive. They are actually forming the beginnings of their own states, their own centers independent of outside control. This tips their hand. Civil war is evidently their objective, with help coming from outside the country. It cannot be otherwise. This is the Revolution by which they set up their states. The election aftermath may be the occasion for open secession. If the army will not intervene now, how will it intervene in November or December? And how much of the army would then defect to the new country? And what formal alliances will be signed?

      1. The telling “assessments” made in 1998 by “Russian political scientist” (read: Soviet strategist) Igor Panarin come to mind, where he expected (read: predicted) for the year 2010 a complete disintegration – and colonisation by foreign powers – of the whole of the United States territory. Of course, Panarin is not an impartial observer. Rather, he revealed Soviet-communist strategy. The time mark may be a bit off, but otherwise things look indeed like materialising according to his “analysis”. His map is in itself a piece of disinformation as it doesn’t show the so-called Russian Federation as part of the mix of occupation forces. Nevertheless, by and large, here we are:


      2. Basically, from Panarin’s interest in the subject of an American civil war, and his position in the special services academy, there is a definite strategic interest on the Russian side that goes to a higher level than Panarin’s. Almost certainly the statements of this KGB Professor reflect studies by the Russian Academy of Sciences which have detailed the fragile and divided state of America’s populace. How good is the Russian political analysis? I believe it is solid as far as it goes. Yet there is a caveat: Such science always tends toward averages and toward results occurring under the assumption of a mediocre American leadership. Here, in fact, is the assumption required for the subject to possess interest in the first place! But consider: Things might turn out differently if the process under study leads to significant spiritual and intellectual changes, including the appearance of a new kind of leader. The dynamism of a given situation often falsifies the scientifically anticipated outcome. This is especially true in war. Clausewitz referred to “friction,” and we all know about Murphy’s law. All the calculations made in Beijing and Moscow are proving correct to date. The danger for them — and they know this — is the appearance of new political actors, new leaders, new ideas. No political scientist can say how new ideas arise, or why new heroes appear (when needed). The ancients referred to the “muses,” the “fates” and the “furies.” The rational mind cannot penetrate these mysteries. Our best calculations break down. We only have recourse to the absurdities of myth formation — to visionary experiences, synchronicities, or the proverbial “owls in the woods.” The best science is baffled by these, and is unable to anticipate them.

      3. Correction: Well, the Russians will take back Alaska, of course…


      5. A mesma estratégia vem sendo executada no Brasil. A Suprema Corte Brasileira deu autonomia aos prefeitos e governadores nas ações relativas ao covid, quebrando a ascendência hierárquica do governo central. Paralelamente, a China vêm fechando acordos diretamente com os estados e as grandes prefeituras posto que não encontra abertura por parte do presidente Bolsonaro.

      1. The crisis that will last about six months and lead to a military strike.

      2. I’m sorry. Besmenov said the crisis would follow the destabilization stage and would last 6 weeks leading to the “normalization” stage which is the military takeover.

      3. In my conversation with Colonel Stanislav Lunev in November 1998, he discussed the crisis stage leading up to missile strikes. His vagueness surprised me. He referred to “weeks or months.” And he was familiar with Russia’s war plans. I think the timing for the United States is variable. We must remember that military plans involve “operation art,” which is not a science. There are rules of thumb, but they are not hard rules. Flexibility is all.

  5. Sorry for coming up with yet another comment: The famous English rock band Pink Floyd, who are certainly no anti-communists, nevertheless (I’ve always sensed) have given us a lot of highly inspired and intelligent clues – as if they had seen it all coming. Their 1979 album The Wall (and the film version of it released in 1982) portray a world so painfully empty and devoid of meaning (as well as life), so buried in nihilism and agony (which was the no-future zeitgeist of the late seventies) that one has to wonder: Were they describing the very cultural, moral and psychological breakdown of a society ripe for communist takeover?

    1. “Hey! Teacher! Leave the kids alone!” —From Pink Floyd. Oh yes, these lyrics gives one pause to reflect. The teacher profession was then coming under stricter Marxist control. The mind-twist was accelerating in earnest. An instinctive revolt would only be healthy on that level.

      1. In a way, Pink Floyd was doing – way before anybody else and certainly long before the final outcome – excellent and profound grief work. The Wall didn’t receive such meteoric reception for no reason! – When I myself first touched British soil in 1984, I found many things eerily confirmed. As for continental Europe, especially Germany, countries were by then all in a brutal process of breakdown. Meanwhile, most people under 40 (if not to say: 50) have no connection whatsoever left with the legacy of previous generations…

      2. This is true, in a way few are in a position to see. It is having a profound effect, a disastrous effect, and will continue to do so until the “great lesson” unfolds.

      1. You commented on my technical question about to complement/compliment to Jeff Nyquist further above: “Sad that you had to explain this, but thank you none the less.”

        To clarify, I’m doing translations of Jeff Nyquist’s articles into German, and I MUST be sure that I’m not translating a typing mistake (as there very much exists in the English language – as you should know – not only the verb “to complement”, but also another verb “to compliment”). And I hadn’t asked, as you can see, for a definition of the verb “to complement” from a dictionary (which I could easily look up myself). I was only asking which of the two verbs was meant, just to be sure.

        So, there’s definitely NOTHING SAD here whatsoever. I’ve translated almost a hundred articles by Jeff Nyquist all the way back to the late 1990s (for free). I did a book translation for him in 2016 (which truly SADLY was destroyed by an incompetent “publisher”).

        You are free to apologise, but I can live without an apology, too.

      2. @ the contemplative observer:

        The English language can certainly be a confusing thing, even to those born to it. I suppose it is understandable that you feel you are owed an apology.

  6. Jeff, what is you analysis of the current economic situation? Where do you think the euphorically bullish stock market combined with a crisis in the real economy will end up? How does the strategy of the communists fit in to this?

      1. And what would be the point?

        We are all led by liars in the service of mass murderers.

        I’ve stared into the abyss and the Abyss looked back at me.

        What I see coming is truly terrifying…and it is as real and urgent as a heart attack.

        My advice? Make your peace…each one for himself. As the Russians say, “The cord may wind long, but an end will appear.”

      2. Markets mean nothing. They are not connected in any way with the real economy at this point. Too much Fed interference to keep the markets pumping up.

  7. Thanks for coming on the John Moore show and sharing all your patriotic virtues. I’m amazed that America still hasn’t learned from the catastrophe’s of Marx 1917-2020. That’s what left wing university idealism produces. It’s reached a time in history where Bach of Arts and Masters degree… still don’t have the ability to balance their check books. They still want free stuff, and repeat mindless matras of Communism. The monsters of Marxism. And of course, there’s always Marxist Zuckerberg. He’s popularized his one sided narrow minded views….. by banning voices like ours.

  8. What can Man do in the face of such supernatural hatred? We endure. We exist. We REMAIN…tattered, scarred and grievously wounded. We fight to the last breath because we have no choice.

    Live Free…or die.

      1. I hear you, brother. I can still stand…and stand I will.

        God Bless!

  9. I found your interview with Frank Gaffney eye-opening. Is there a way you can post a link to the interviews you do on this blog?

  10. from TFP, this is a strong interview by Alan Keys posted by another member. thank you for posting it. such a shame Keys never got elected to a prominient leadership office. he would have been a powerful statesman. Perhaps God is saving him for a time and remnant for that which is to come…

    1. Dr. Keyes would have been perfect as President of the United States! He is an expert in all things Constitution, he loves his country, he loves God, and as one listens to him, one can SEE that this is a man with a lion’s heart: shining, courageous, beautiful! Such combination of a brilliant mind with a warm and genuine heart is a very precious combination, and it has become increasingly rare. There was, by the way, a brief (anyway famous) interview with Dr. Keyes back in early 2009, weeks into Obama’s first term. He saw it all coming: (I would just LOVE to meet this extraordinary man one day and have a little conversation with him…)

      1. Years ago while driving I was scanning through radio stations and landed on one where he was giving a speech somewhere. It left me incredibly impressed. Such an intelligent, well grounded man.

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