Our military battle preparation appears to aim at Taiwan, but in fact is aimed at the United States, and the preparation is far beyond the scope of attacking aircraft carriers or satellites.

General Chi Haotian


The Chinese Communist Party, and its allies around the world, have been operating under a plan. It is, as Chinese dictator Deng Xiaoping once said, “a united front strategy about which the Americans know nothing.”

Is it a coincidence that this viral outbreak occurred after China was forced to relinquish its unfair trade advantages by President Trump? Is it significant that the death squads in Hong Kong began their campaign of kidnapping and murder to coincide with an anticipated “People’s War,” which President Xi Jinping has declared in the wake of the pandemic?

In 1999 I asked Col. Stanislav Lunev, a defector from the Russian military, when China and Russia might launch a war against America. Lunev said, “When they can no longer get money from the West.”

The events of the last half year are coming together in a peculiar way. Answers to pressing questions are close at hand; especially the answer to the biggest question of all; — did Xi Jinping release the virus on purpose?

I assumed the release was an accident until Monday, when I received information that the Hong Kong legislature is preparing to enact Basic Law, Article 23, which defines treason and subversion as opposition to the CCP. Passage of this law would effectively eliminate all civil liberties in Hong Kong. If this law is passed under present circumstances, then it appears that China intended all along to break its solemn agreements regarding Hong Kong. In that event, China’s break with America was always inevitable. It was only a matter of timing. And oh what timing they had — on the eve of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

It appears that the Chinese communist provocations in Hong Kong were part of a carefully prepared operation. The objective was to root out enemies of the CCP. In this operation, Beijing didn’t care if the capitalist Pearl of the Orient was disrupted in the process. It also appears that the provocations were planned to coincide with a fundamental change in China’s relations with the West. And this change has everything to do with the COVID-19 pandemic.

I waited for evidence the CCP was liquidating young anticommunists. There was no evidence at first. Starting in December I received reports of large numbers of missing persons in Hong Kong. More recently, there have been unsolved murders — dead bodies washing up onshore, or scraped off pavements. The parents of murdered or missing youth have been threatened into silence. Some have been found dead, wrapped in plastic, thrown into dumpsters.

The situation is now perfectly clear. The Hong Kong protest was an operation to “clean up the city.” I am told the Communist secret police deployed 400 undercover officers to Hong Kong — as part of an extended death squad and kidnapping operation.

This is worse than Tiananmen Square. The CCP could never have gained by it, except if they had advanced knowledge of the viral pandemic. The world was about to change forever and Beijing no longer needed Hong Kong as a financial hub. Their false corporate fronts in the city could now be cashiered. China’s New Economic Policy (NEP) was coming to an end.

There are serious questions, related to the pandemic, that should be answered: Why did Beijing’s flunkies at the World Health Organization raise a cry of alarm about leaks and safety issues at the Wuhan virology lab? Everyone on China’s payroll is frightened of criticizing Beijing. In fact, this kind of thing is inconceivable unless Beijing ordered them to register the complaint — in order to lend credibility to Beijing’s alibi of “accidental” release.

There is also the story of doctor Li Wenliang, a witness who is “conveniently” dead. In late December he was ordered to say nothing about the outbreak of a SARS-like illness in Wuhan. He was threatened, forced to sign a confession, etc. The city health officials, who believe in total obedience to the bosses in Beijing, could not have taken such measures on their own initiative. The decision to enable the virus was made at the top.

When the Mayor of Wuhan wanted to cancel the New Year’s potluck, with its 40,000 attendees, the Beijing leadership forbade cancellation of the event — despite the presence of the illness.

However shocking it may seem, the release of the virus was intentional. The CCP wanted to kill off its own sick and elderly prior to starting a war they’ve been planning for decades.

My friend, Robert Buchar, who teaches at Columbia College in Chicago, recently reported an odd fact. He said there were Chinese students at his college, mostly from elite communist families. He said quite a few had dropped out in the fall semester, and all would be leaving for China in the spring.

There is a clear pattern here.

40 thoughts on “Did Xi Jinping Intentionally Release the COVID-19 Virus?

  1. J.R., sorry I don’t find this theory persuasive.
    Do I believe that the corona-virus was being engineered by a Chinese military-related laboratory? Yes. But what most likely happened was that there was an accidental or premature release in Wuhan from that laboratory that essentially shut down China from an industrial perspective. Not a good situation for China. Qui bono? And why would China’s client state, Iran, be permitted to suffer the most catastrophic infection?
    What would a planned release to devastate the West look like? Perhaps a mass vaccination program for the Chinese people first under the guise of a seasonal flu precaution, then a release in one or more international travel hubs to rapidly spread infection.
    As it is, were a war or invasion to be commenced by China, its own military would be particularly paralyzed and prone to infection and sickness — let alone the risk of entering lands in which the viral infection is raging — leaving them far below their capability.

    No, the U.S. will bounce back the quickest from this plague from our sheer medical innovation alone.

    1. I do not read the situation as you do. The CCP is forcing its population back to work. The arms plants are at 100 percent. Xi Jinping accepts the casualties, which largely fall on the elderly and infirm. This frees their socialist system from a primary burden. The West, however, cannot take this approach. Here the shut-down is only beginning. China’s arms plants are going full speed ahead. In the United States, Boeing is on the verge of collapse. I do not think the West can succeed without a candid admission that the CCP and the Kremlin are enemy states. As for Iran, the Supreme Leader has said there is only one cure for the virus, and that is Jihad. The communists and Jihadists thrive in chaos.

  2. But, I think you’re assuming too much. It’s unlikely that the CCP would have really known for sure whom among its population would be most affected by the Covid-19 virus. Didn’t one of the last super-flu bugs (H1N1 I think) principally affect the children and leave the elderly alone?

    The CCP, Russian State, and their allies are a lot of things, but they are not omniscent. In fact, central planning and control inevitably collapses because of its conceited miscalculation. Think clumsy, inherently dishonest, CYA bureaucracy here. Individual liberty leads to innovation and flexibility that allows for a far more nimble and superior system. Granted, the marked decline in the Christian faith in the West has greatly eroded the populace’s sense of divine entitlement to liberty, which may ultimately be our undoing.

    1. Don’t you think they tested their weapon on people? They have every age group in their Gulags. This weapon has been developed over many years.

      1. Of course they have tested it on people! That’s an old communist tradition.

        I find it remarkable that the effective virus protection by colloidal silver combined with large quantities of vitamine C is not acknowledged in the western countries. It has very well known for décades. Big Pharma?

  3. Grim possibilities.

    In light of JR Nyquist’s “Origins of the Fourth World War”, Stanislav’s “New Lies for Old”, Joseph Douglas’s “Red Cocaine”, and Ken Alibek’s “Biohazard”, the hypothesis seems more than just possible.

    1. Unfortunately, my teacher (and your friend) Olavo de Carvalho and some of his students, like Allan dos Santos (whom we both know from Terça Livre), are spreading erroneous information about the virus in Brazil, saying it is a “hoax”, a false flag operation or something like that. They’re practically repeating bad math and irresponsible miscalculations from types like Rush Limbaugh. The health system in Brazil is horrible, these people have a lot of influence over the conservative masses, who are not prepared for this pandemic, much less for a Third World War; and what is worse, these masses will not prepare, because, according to them
      the virus poses no threat. When the smartest people in my country are capable of this atrocious error, we both know what lies ahead: millions of deaths, regardless of the impending war. The virus alone will take care of Brazil.

      1. The Chinese have released a diabolical weapon, specially prepared to disrupt our economy. Their weapon is calculated to kill off China’s elderly in the wake of their two child policy. It is also calculated to cripple the West. The book, “Origins of the Fourth World War,” which was my workbook on the “coming wars of mass destruction,” explained the significance of mass destruction weapons in terms of the inevitable end of economic optimism and its hedonistic market system. I have nothing against economic optimism per se, except to pronounce an obvious truth everyone refused to accept; namely, that our system of economic optimism is irresponsible in its attitude to the future, and has met its match. I did not quote Spengler and Nietzsche and Schumpeter in vain. Their visionary utterances encompassed the doom of modernity’s belief in progress and endless growth. They foresaw the coming of a “new Caesarism” that “breaks the dictature of money and its political weapon, democracy.” Biological and nuclear weapons of mass destruction will have the last word in our era. I am sorry to say this. I am sorry to be a herald of bad tidings; but the Stock Exchange cannot stop an SS-27 ICBM, and it cannot stop COVID-19. I have tried to deliver this dark truth to my contemporaries. I have tried to warn my country. But the spell of economic optimism has closed off their reason. Listen, now, to the evil combination we have engendered: Communist China was built up by our economic optimists. Communist China now deploys its weapon of mass destruction. I do not say that all hope is lost. I referred in my book to “hurricane politics” and “hurricane” politicians. The dictature of money is being broken. And it has now begun. We must understand this, and we must prepare our countries for a terrible war — for an unprecedented “crisis of spoliation,” in which millions die and the foundations of a future age are laid. If we fail to see what the Chinese and Russians are doing, our peoples may be swept from history forever. Nothing here is for the feint of heart. Only faith and courage have a place here. The optimistic pronouncements of Rush Limbaugh belong to an era of grotesque irresponsibility, hubris in the face of a cunning adversary, and the raging fever of Cold War victory sickness. We did not win the Cold War. It was, as the late Vladimir Bukovsky warned, a shameful display of wickedness to slyly collaborate with the criminals in Moscow. Now we must pay a terrible price. To survive we must be fierce and uncompromising in our realism, and honest in the face of the unknown dangers that lie ahead.

  4. Jeff, I agree with your theory. I find it very convincing, and I am planning to read The Art of War by Sun Tzu, with which I think you are very familiar. There was an interview with a general who said they might have to use a plague to cull their population. He said this after admitting it was an uncomfortable topic to discuss. What a convenient way to get rid of all their “undesirables”, too, including, possibly, Christians.

    1. There are many arrests and disappearances in China. It is believed the pandemic is being used to cover a massive purge of “internal enemies.” And yes, I do recall a General making a comment similar to the one you cite. Very chilling.

  5. I think there is a significant chance the CCP unleashed this on purpose. The basic fact pattern is that a killer virus came from near a CCP virus lab, and it hurts China’s enemies, while helping the CCP and CCP goals.

    My friend argued a good counterpoint against me though. He said China is insecure and obsessed about public image. Because of this virus China’s name and image will now forever be tarnished. Even if China is using it as part of a plan for war and does take out America, China will still have this image problem with the rest of the world forever.

    Perhaps the CCP considered this a serious disadvantage but decided the pros of the plans outweigh the downsides but it does seem to me a valid point.

    1. Most people don’t even realize this helps the CCP. They equate the CCP with China’s GDP for 2020 (projecting American thinking on the Chinese) and find it simply unfathomable that China would do this. So in that sense the virus is good cover play for the CCP.

  6. Sorry to ramble here one more post. Contrast this with WWII and how Stalin started that. Hitler was used as the “icebreaker” and he was the great liberator and that image actually has stuck remarkably well over time and helped Russia out enormously. That is the “winning play” and why I felt Russia and/or China starting a war through an “icebreaker” like NK could be what happens. But the Wuhan Virus is really bad for China’s image. It goes against that play of provoking others into starting the conflict and riding in as the hero. With the Wuhan Virus, China just outed themselves as the bad guy. Really one possibility that makes sense is if it was Russia that somehow released a virus in Wuhan but I can’t even argue that idea, that seems far fetched for even me to argue and no one would take it seriously.

    1. The world does not see that China made this weapon or released it intentionally. Many will assume America did it. Therefore, the viral outbreak is a classic provocation — an intentional attack on their own people that is attributed to America.

      1. Oswald came out of Russia to America and killed our President and in the end no one seemed to care and just blamed the CIA. I guess maybe this is more analogous to that.

        Here is a random internet comment I just came across so it seems it’s already happening: “I don’t think the left believe that China has no new internal cases, but they do believe (rightly) that China has handled this much better than this administration. I’ve not heard one single person say the believes the China reports, where are you getting that? People are hopeful yes, but the right is outright dismissive and thinks everyone is dying in China. In reality they are the only country that’s actively helping Europe and even some of the Middle East with supplies, and for all that happened at the start are now the good guys to some while our country looks like complete fools to the ROW.

        For ****s sake, have you looked at the information this regime was given two god damn months ago? How can you look at that with a straight face and think that Trump has done anything but bungle this at every step?”

  7. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, I have been told by Hong Kong people who post on Twitter, that the Hong Kong Democratic Party is against Article 23, when I asked other people on Twitter, there are suspicions it could be controlled opposition. Also I have been told that the opposition of Article 23 from the Hong Kong Democratic Party, Civic Party and other Political Parties within the Hong Kong Democracy and Independence Movement could very well be staged.

  8. The West has no idea that it has an enemy. Nor does it realise that this enemy has a precise strategy. Nor can it fathom that this chessplayer of an enemy is both as cunning and ruthless as Comrade Stalin. We have just entered WORLD OCTOBER, and still the countries of the West think that in a few months the pandemic will be over and life will return to normal. But will it? The calamitous status quo is unique and unprecedented: All cultural and spiritual life has ceased. Theaters, concert halls, cinemas, libraries etc. are closed. And NO MASSES are being held in churches, this in itself being a strong indicator that we have indeed entered no less than the apocalypse, reduced, as we now are, to a frightened herd concerned only about its physical survival – while the spirit is quietly going out the window, with the communists certainly watching with the greatest amusement, surprised maybe how easy it was, in the end, to finish the bourgeoisie off…

  9. The only way for the Red Chinese to quell the situation in Hong Kong without it causing a lot of backlash from the International community was to have something of the coronavirus nature happen which would appear to have not be a deliberate attempt at stopping the protests and riots in Hong Kong.
    The Red Chinese needed a way to control the situation and the release of the coronavirus did exactly what they wanted it to do. No more protests/riots in Hong Kong, any dead can be accounted for as causalities of the virus. Those missing must have somehow left Hong Kong and gone elsewhere. That leaves the Red Chinese in a good situation where they have control but they did not have to fire a shot or have much show up in online videos overtly showing the soldiers quelling the situation.
    “The whole secret lies in confusing the enemy, so that he cannot fathom our real intent.” Sun Tzu

  10. Steal a US bioweapon, unleash it on your own people, knowing it will eventually infect the West. Start up the propaganda machine that it came from the West (which maybe is technically true) to gin up the impetus for war – expel some journalists. You have plausible deniability since your own people were infected first and who would do such a thing? Your moral justification for war is now in place; now attack the West as they descend into anarchy – oh yeah, have your buddy Russia destroy the global energy market at the same time. Checkmate! My question is, will the war come here, or will it be localized in Asia?

      1. based on people’s reactions to the increasingly totalitarian responses here, California would probably welcome them with open arms.

      2. NV: CHECK
        COMMS: CHECK
        AMMO: CHECK
        CAMO: CHECK

        Just don’t stop communicating, Jeff.
        Stay on the net to the last possible moment, then bail out fast!

      3. Good evening, Jeff! Do you think Trump made a mistake by starting an economic war with China too early? I mean, he started a commercial war with China, depriving it of western money before having reinforced American fighting capability?

    1. Thank you! Best regards from Brazil. Hope to read more from you soon.

  11. A few thoughts.

    All the focus is on Wuhan…where Beijing wants it.
    There are a lot of Chinese all over the world. No one knows their true loyalties.
    Who are spies/operatives? Who are saboteurs?
    It’s most conceivable the Chinese developed a vaccine in tandem, yes?
    Therefore, operatives in ALL countries could release and flee based on
    a plan. It’s even possible they’re still releasing it in strategic locations.
    They have all the cover they need.

    Why was Iran hit so hard? To make the US and Israel look guilty.
    Iran is probably a sacrifice to fit into the narrative that the US and the Jews did it.
    Iran is just a convenient partnership. Once they are cripple the Chinese can give them a vaccine and a list of demands. Oil hungry China will have tons of oil and a strategic location…controlling the straits of Hormuz.

    Wuhan was epicenter to blame US personnel at the military games for the release… justifying the coming war with China and Russia.

    China has already blamed the US for the release… so, once it trickles into the Chinese population’s psyches they will be ready…Ready to take out all their anger and frustration on the West.

    The virus hysteria is beginning to blind what’s left of the critical thinking of the US population. Our vulnerability at this stage is immense. If we don’t get it together we’ll ripped to pieces by the dragon and the bear.

    Still, I have faith we will prevail and turn the red tide!

    -Bill Freeman

  12. While I’ve been publicly saying that I thought the release of the covid-19 virus was an accident, in the back of my mind I was asking the same question—was the release deliberate? What better time to prepare for war and invasion, than while the West focuses inward in reaction to the virus?

  13. Thanks Jeff.
    A few items to add.

    The WHO. An epic failure or intentionality? Someone discovered this twitter post from early January:


    Many odd connections about nCOV19 and other events to add to mix:
    • large amounts of dead microbiologists under suspicious circumstances around the world since 911
    • Chinese microbiologist spies kicked out from Canada
    • Bill Gates sponsored Event 201 strategic analysis/working seminar on coronavirus pandemic held months before the epidemic started
    • the CISM global military athletic events in Wuhan, where the USA among other nations participated in…again only a short time before the epidemic started. Could the timing of nCOV19 using this as cover for blaming the USA for releasing the virus?
    • WHO Pandemic Derivative Bond was to expire this July(?)

  14. For a least a short period of time, microbiology was the most dangerous job on earth, even worse than bomb disposal, although for reasons seemingly unrelated to microbiology itself.
    I always wondered about that.

    1. It seems bioweapons are the actual “Holy Grail” in the realm of weapons of mass destruction. It’s indeed a very “clean” way of doing away with the respective target population without harming either infrastructure or the environment – and they can be applied in a manner which obfuscates the real originator. At this stage, or at some point at least in the not-too-distant future, all those “conservatives” who have been viewing Jeff Nyquist as a “kook” or a pathological “Mr. Doom”, should have second thoughts and perhaps personally apologise to him. He has acquired encyclopedic knowledge through relentless reading & studying for decades and has thus acquired a fairly unique ability to properly assess things and put them into perspective. But, as he pointed out constantly, people don’t want to hear uncomfortable messages, as they have become addicted to their nice and cosy, hedonistic comfortableness. And so history is bound to repeat itself: an empire overstretched, yet hollowed out, is nearing its final hour. What will come next? Communist “normalisation”, obviously. How long such global tyranny might last is anyone’s guess…

      1. Meanwhile, Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, a progressive wolf in sheep’s clothing par excellence, has already made an ominous prediction (that sounds more like a Marxist threat that could have been uttered by Comrade Bill Gates, as well): “The Coronavirus crisis will change the face of the earth,” he said in an interview programme on Austrian Broadcasting earlier today, but, he said, hopefully for the better. He hopes for a rethinking in economics (!!!) and for individuals how to lead their personal lives. Globalisation is in need of urgent corrections, the “Cardinal” Marxist politician explained (whose arguments are totally perfidious as they are not spiritual arguments, but arguments meant to advertise a new world limited – and crushed, really – by communistic self-restraint and actual impoverishment). And, said the class warrior disguised as a priest: “Does one have to fly to London for shopping over the weekend? Does one have to spend Christmas on the Maldives? Does one have to participate in luxury cruises with 4,000 people onboard? Is it necessary to have 200,000 aeroplanes in the air every day?” Schönborn spoke against national isolation of countries and for “international solidarity” (the latter, a phrase that’s a brutal communist red flag!). Being a good communist, he praised the shippings from China of protective gear that are now underway (never mind that China is the perpetrator here and SELLS these goodies, while in February China received a significant quantity of protection masks from Austria AS A GIFT). The rest was all tiring socialistic do-gooder gobbledeegook, until he mentioned the implications for church life itself. Not only will there be no Masses, or any religious gatherings, but also baptisms, weddings, and first communions will not take place. Only funerals will have to be held by priests, but under the strictest safety precautions only. As for upcoming Easter (which will be a “Livestream” non-event), the “Cardinal” frivolously – and carelessly! – replied, “Easter and the Resurrection will come nonetheless. Life is stronger than death. Good is stronger than evil. That is and will continue to be the message of Easter.”

        Here is the complete article on the website of Austrian Broadcasting (for which one would have to use some translation tool): https://religion.orf.at/stories/3000335/

        Anybody still caught in the delusion that today’s (post-Conciliar) Roman Catholic Church is anything but a Marxist caricature of its former true self, WAKE UP! The Catholic Church (as the visible structure) is now, sorry to say, a dangerous institution that supports the UN and Moscow and Beijing in their big, gruesome plan to erect world communist dominion. All these priests and cardinals, all the way up to the greatest Marxist clown of them all, Jorge Bergoglio, do not believe in transcendence, but in the Gnostic false gospel of Karl Marx!

      2. The coming weeks will be full of “shocks.” Our only hope is that the Communists have miscalculated. I know what they have planned for California. It is an uncomfortable feeling to think they are so close — in terms of the “sequence.”

  15. It seems as though Trump is routinely underestimated in not only his ability to lead, but his ability to play 4-D chess. We should consider it to be good fortune indeed that he is at the helm right now. Trump knows the score and knows that the CCP is the “silent enemy” as he often says, and I suspect he will hit back 5 times as hard. CCP is evil and will likely feel the wrath of DJT in time. The US is resilient (albeit fat and lazy) and will (by way of unique innovation) somehow overcome this global disaster. If not, well it all happened for a reason and better things (in a spiritual sense) await on the other side. Focus now on hardening your immune system. Maintain an alkaline diet and reduce acid forming foods!

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