I recently watched a video by a German doctor. He said that COVID-19 was all hype. He said it was “a normal flu.” He said “the emperor is naked.” Well, we’ve heard similar arguments from Sean Hannity on Fox, and from Rush Limbaugh.

How might we analyze these claims?

The idea that COVID-19 is a “normal flu” does not explain the facts. Why, in China and Italy, were the hospitals overwhelmed by so many pneumonia patients that they ran out of beds, ran out of respirators, and had to decide who lives or dies? This does not suggest a normal flu outbreak.

As conservatives who are skeptical of big government, we are inclined to believe that the mainstream media exaggerates existing problems. But that is no reason to deny basic facts.

A massive spike in serious pneumonia cases occurs when the COVID-19 virus exponentially spreads through a population. This explosion of pneumonia cannot be explained as “media hype,” or “medical hysteria.” Pneumonia is not an hysterical illness. The government and the media did not cause the hospitals to fill up.

Let us look at the case of China to see whether there was “hype.” At the outset, when the disease was beginning to spread, the CCP threatened doctors for noticing a spike in pneumonia cases. Doctors were told to shut up. The government actively attempted to suppress information about the outbreak, as if people would not know what was happening and die quietly without any fuss.

But people who have trouble breathing will go to the hospital, so the hospitals in Wuhan were flooded with pneumonia patients. When Chinese authorities realized what was happening they built new hospitals, brought in beds, mobilized army doctors. Despite these measures Wuhan was still overwhelmed. So they barricaded people in their apartments.

Does this sound like a normal flu?

The Chinese Communist Party wanted the problem to go away. They did not care about deaths in an overpopulated country. What, then, was their ultimate plan? They wanted seriously ill people to die at home. So they made it known that the hospitals were places of death. Therefore — from the Communist Party’s point of view — depriving hospitals of additional food, for example, would dissuade the sick from seeking care. People were no longer inclined to die among strangers. Better to die quietly at home. The CCP now orders people back to work. The problem is solved.

What about public anger? What about doctors who criticize the CCP? In respect of this, the Ministry of State Security is very efficient. Everyone in China must shut up about the pandemic. Courageous doctors have been executed. Independent bloggers have been arrested. The remainder are afraid to speak out. The political situation, therefore, is stabilizing. The CCP is more confident than it was two weeks ago.

The problem of the pandemic, for the People’s Republic of China, is now solved. Everyone is forced back to work on threat of arrest. The elderly are dying off in record numbers — to the relief of the pension system. Meanwhile, the CCP has a bigger fish to fry; that is, getting ready to exploit the economic collapse of the West.

In North America and Europe, an economic implosion is ongoing. Western governments — with their pretense of compassion — must intervene to save lives. Here is the logic of social democracy. If 20 percent of persons over 80 are threatened with death, let us close borders, shut down cities, collapse economies. Watch as these measures cripple the United States and Western Europe.

The welfare state is an albatross around the neck of the West. With an aging population we were already bankrupting ourselves with “health care” spending. Now comes rapid bankruptcy — on the fast plan.

China’s new virus is a very shrewd asymmetrical weapon. Xi Jinping will force China to accept the extra deaths, so that China will come through it. The West cannot adjust so easily.

COVID-19 is not an ordinary flu. It is a weapon. China’s ruthless leaders can overcome its economic effects. The West’s leaders are struggling.

37 thoughts on “Why COVID-19 is Not Like a Normal Flu

  1. Great entry.

    There is also the simple fact that Wuhan Virus isn’t the flu for the simple fact that it isn’t a flu. It is not a strain of influenza. Coronaviruses are a separate type of disease. This is a disease hitting us on top of the flu which continues as usual. Further, coronavirus is a relative of SARS and MERS which carry mortality rates of 10% and 30%. Very unflu like.

  2. I suppose it can be argued that Communist countries like China do not really have an economy. Although, to some extent, the Chinese are very dependent on selling what they do make in the way of various products. With everything being shutdown, it has to have caused problems as no one was buying much of anything from them, especially not the big countries of the West. I would think that when a major buyer ceases buying, it has to hurt the seller to some extent. It will probably be another month or more before import restrictions are lifted.
    Also, a major issue of concern, that has been overlooked, is that China imports an enormous amount of bottled water from the US as they have so little potable water of their own. That has to be hurting them terribly.

  3. Oh, I think it’s clear they are planning to come get “their” water.

    First, let me congratulate you on an excellent podcast with Mike Adams of Natural News, it should be required viewing.
    Second, do you think this “accidental” release of a clearly weaponized virus maybe wasn’t so accidental after all?
    In other words, if this is the start of “The Sequence” it couldn’t have been accidental, could it? Or could it?
    Either way, we will know for sure later, and we won’t have to wait too terribly long, will we?

  4. It would not surprise if this was thing was released intentionally. Way too easy. As you say, they can be content in loosing 10,000 or 100,000 or 1 million people as a tradeoff for seriously crippling or bringing the West to its knees. Didnt they threaten only this week to hold back medicine shippments and other med supplies? Notice that this has not affected Russia in any significant way yet…that is important. And what if they decided to provide us a little extra pain on top of this virus, like a crippling hack of the entire electrical system or the financials or even an EMP over part of America? As Khan in Star Trek movie says “Do you know the Klingon proverb that tells us revenge is a dish that is best served cold?”.

  5. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, I had a discussion with some Hong Kong people on Twitter today and one of them believes some of the Protesters who took part in the Protests last year and have disappeared up to Mainland China could very well not be only be put in the Laogai for slave labor, some of them could very well be selected to be used as test subjects for the People Liberation Army’s Biological Weapons Program.

    1. The CCP has always used prisoners as test subjects in their biological warfare experiments. Of course, all the weapons developed in this way are intended for use against America.

  6. Oh yes, this virus is great cover to disappear dissidents all over the communist controlled portions of the world. If you have symptoms and go to the clinic and you’re on a ‘list’ you’re probably killed or enslaved. Everyone is locked-down inside their homes, so few witnesses or even questions. Blame it on the virus. Cremate the victims and the evidence goes up in smoke…

    -bill freeman

  7. Whether or not the release of this virus was accidental, it is now the perfect tool for total asymmetrical warfare as never before, including boldly blaming it all on the United States (not to think of what might follow). Trillions in financial value are being destroyed as we speak, so are millions of livelihoods. The communists mean it, they always have. High time to say good-bye to the sweet illusion of China “no longer being really communist”. Which brings us back, i.a., to that bizarre, but serious book by those two Chinese military officers, titled “Unrestricted Warfare”. Tragically, this unrestricted attack has been going on for many years (as a gradual buildup) without the West either acknowledging or fighting back against the threat to its very existence. In more religious terms, one might perhaps say that we have now finally entered “apocalypse proper”. It’ll take strong nerves, precise judgment as well as adaptability in the months (and years) to come. A Darwinian “survival of the fittest” comes to mind. Even though these “fittest” (in terms of health, wealth and preparedness) may not always be the crème of humanity, they will nonetheless have a much greater chance of weathering this unprecedented storm! Another aspect is that the abolition of paper currency (and checques) worldwide may be around the corner: a totalitarian’s dream come true as for totally controlling whole populations to the minutest aspect of their transactions (and of course subsequent taxing everybody to death, without people being able to defend themselves against it, unless they dare set up their own local currency systems, which would of course be strictly prohibited and met with brutal countermeasures). This is all World October in action, only weeks prior to Lenin’s 150th birthday, lest we forget!!! It’s all unfolding in front of our eyes, and the fact that it’s now the most beautiful spring season in most parts of the northern hemisphere, makes it so much more bizarre still. – Afterthought: We are witnessing not only the express economic (and potential social and political) meltdown of the West, but even a religious collapse that is absolutely unprecedented: For the time being, church goers in a growing number of European countries, whatever Christian denomination, can’t attend mass. Masses are instead being replaced with live streams via the internet! Think about it: Religion is silently leaving the scene, too – which merely amounts to a logical endpoint in a sixty-year-long development towards total secularisation of all churches. But when God leaves, or is made obsolete, how much longer will any part of the traditional order remain? The more one thinks about it, the more terrified one could become…

    1. Putin has called for legislation extending his term of office — to be adopted on Lenin’s birthday, 22 April. Thus the ruling Volodya signals his faithfulness to the dead Volodya on Red Square, to the Volodya who lies in state, in the Lenin Mausoleum.

      1. Precisely! The message couldn’t be any clearer. But no comment on this peculiar instance by our honourable media. (Funny enough, Putin was born one Uranus cycle after Lenin’s birth. In other words, both charts show Uranus at the exact same position of 18° Cancer; which makes Putin to be the revival of Leninism personified) When one rhetorically asks people here in the West why they think Russia’s armed forces have kept the Red Star as their emblem; why internally “St. Petersburg” is still referred to as Leningrad; why their sports clubs still carry their old revolutionary names such as Torpedo, Avangard (the new scramjet glider has that name, too), Dynamo, etc; why the largest-circulation sports tabloid in Russia is still named “Sovietsky Sport”; why in 2000 they readopted the old Soviet anthem, and the new lyrics were even written by the same Sergey Mikhalkov who had already written the original text version of 1944 and the “de-Stalinised” version under Brezhnev; why they resumed their bizarre May 9th Victory Day Parades in 2005, after a deceptive pause of 15 years; why the official way of address in Russia’s military and militia is, e.g., “COMRADE General”; why their concentration/forced labour/political reeducation system, once famously known as the Gulag, is still in place; why Lenin’s cadaver is still for display in his devilish mausoleum on Red Square, which unchangedly serves as the number one pilgrimage shrine for communists around the world; why the giant Red Stars on top of those five Kremlin towers, made of ruby-glass, are still there, and lighted from within 24/7, as in Soviet times; why the Russian Foreign Ministry, the Russian Duma, Lomonosov State University, once-Patrice Lumumba University for People’s Friendship (now: “Russian” University for People’s Friendship), most prominent railway stations, etc,, still carry prominently the Soviet Coat of Arms on their facades; why the communist youth organisation Komsomol wasn’t dissolved, but simply transformed into a dozen or so of socialist/communist youth organisations; why their oligarch “capitalism” is merely good old Soviet central planning in another, more “creative” form; why Russia has kept its old close ties with overt communist countries such as Cuba, North Korea, now Nicaragua, etc; why Russia has kept its same old Soviet hatred and despise vis-à-vis America; why they have continued to steer especially Germany away from the United States and turn it eventually into a socialist ally; why, despite the once “Sino-Soviet split”, the two powers now form an official political and strategic alliance; and so on forth; why Russia’s currently displayed “nationalism” is the same deception as Stalin’s apparent nationalism during WWII; and why that war is still being referred to, by supposedly “post-communist” Russia, in good old Soviet tradition, as the “Great Patriotic War” – if one confronts people with these irritating facts, what is their reaction: INDIFFERENCE!!!

      2. Correction no. 1: not “for display”, but “ON display”. – Prepositions…
        Correction no. 2: I had in mind the phrase: “and so on and so forth” (typing mistake).

  8. Thank you for continuing to write as these events unfold. I have corresponded with you a few times over the last dozen years with regard to prophecy. As was predicted by various saints and blesseds through the centuries, we now have two popes in Rome, albeit, only one man is the true Pope. Now we see as foretold by Sr Mariane of Blois, among others (possibly the prophet Daniel who spoke of the cessation of the daily sacrifice), public prayers have been supressed. We were told that this will mark the beginning of the great happenings. I have read and re-read many prophecies over the years, but I am wondering what your thoughts as an analyst with regard to timeline. Do you think war will begin this year? I am praying God will bless and protect you in every way possible as we head into the future.

    1. Thank you for your prayers. I have read extracts of prophecies going back to the Middle Ages in Europe. There are many remarkable predictions. No doubt, the secular mind cannot grasp it. The greatest historians of the ancient world, attested the truth of prophecies and portents. Herodotus, Livy, and Plutarch come immediately to mind. The Italian historian and political thinker, N. Machiavelli, affirmed the reality of supernatural warnings in his Discourses on Livy. Only a narrow-minded person, deceived by the doctrines of materialism and positivism, would deny the reality of such phenomena. The Fatima Prophecy is probably the best documented of recent history, and it’s accuracy has stood the test of time. It is, however, difficult for the rational mind to understand the full implications of any given vision or portent. One of the conditions of mortal existence is our ignorance about the future. This ignorance is nearly absolute and, perhaps, necessary for our peace of mind.

  9. “In North America and Europe, an economic implosion is ongoing. Western governments — with their pretense of compassion — must intervene to save lives. Here is the logic of social democracy. If 20 percent of persons over 80 are threatened with death, let us close borders, shut down cities, collapse economies. Watch as these measures cripple the United States and Western Europe.”

    Hello, here in Brazil this is happening, and they are trying to use the impeachment against President Bolsonaro, it was a masterstroke by the Chinese government, for the suffering of the population.

  10. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, I listened to the John Moore Radio, in regards to the Hong Kong Protests, I agree it is starting to look like a False Flag orchestrated by the likes of the Hong Kong Democratic Party, the Hong Kong Democracy Movement and Independence Movement and individuals like Joshua Wong, Joey Siu, Sunny Cheung and Nathan Law. In less than 6 months, what we saw was a decimation of the youth and people who were against the Chinese Communist Party and were encouraged to come out on the streets. People who I have spoken to about this incident have long suspected that the Hong Kong Democratic Party, the Hong Kong Democracy and Independence movement and individuals like Joshua Wong, Joey Siu, Sunny Cheung and Nathan Law are either collaborators of have long been working for or controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

    1. The government might have known about the outbreak in China, or it was a normal hiring for previous vacancies. Government budget-cutting often leads to positions being infilled for years. Not knowing the specifics, you want to be careful about drawing the wrong inferences.

  11. To me, the fact that the CDC itself hasn’t previously debunked this type of allegation prior to it even being made with exactly the type of information you refer to is dang near proof enough.
    These people really think we are stupid and the media can give them any level of needed “cover.”

    1. You say the CDC has to debunk this — or it’s proof. Oh really? I think there’s a lot we don’t know about CDC staffing and hiring. Wouldn’t it be wiser to take a more cautious approach when it comes to conclusions of this kind? Surely, it would be difficult to imagine a scenario where the CDC knew something was coming and nobody leaked to the press. That would suit the communist narrative admirably; which is, I think, a good reason to be careful about accusing our own institutions of launching a biological war against the world. We are in an information war. Let’s not play into the enemy’s hands.

      1. “Wouldn’t it be wiser to take a more cautious approach when it comes to conclusions of this kind?”
        Yes. Too much that is not fully known yet. Best not to jump to conclusions. The information that may pin the situation on the Red Chinese may eventually come forward. Those things and that type of information does not usually come out quickly for many different reasons. In this case, if we have something definite on the Red Chinese, making it public to quickly could cause very serious problems for many countries as Red China may need to respond in a way that could be detrimental to all concerned.
        The government tends to withhold some information because of the way people tend to over-react, which has been demonstrated by the recent panic buying.

      2. It was an event organized by Bill Gates who has long believed that Coronaviruses pose a long-term threat. He has spoken about this often. In 2015 he gave a TED talk about it.

  12. With apologies, Jeff, we have already lost the information war.
    Our institutions as well.
    I am not an analyst, but I am an observer.

    1. The information wars will be on-going for a very long time. We have not lost, nor have we won, at least not yet.
      The ship is not sinking just yet, we may taken some hits, but so have the Red Chinese and the Bolsheviks. That is why they have not done anything overt at this point in time. They have more to lose than we do, and they do not plan on giving anything up. The Communists are far more needy and protective of what they have then any of our elites will ever be. They know this, and that scares them a great deal.

  13. This German doctor is a communist.

    Politicians and media totally failed to warn about and contain the spread of the virus when there were only a few infections.
    Today I talked with a doctor working for a European government. He said the virus is very dangerous. Those severe cases who survive have damaged lungs. Since it’s a SARS virus it very likely also attacks kidneys and testicles thus damaging male fertility, another indication that it’s a biological weapon.
    In Europe there are early preparations for martial law, at least in the country where the doctor I talked to comes from.
    This crisis will can easily lead to a chain reaction with economical, social, political and geopolitical consequences leading to a total breakdown and the end of the world as we know it.
    The important Asian powers are almost not effected by the virus, while the West starts to crumble. This will lead to enormous geopolitical instability.
    The doctor told me that zinc helps with the virus. So buy zinc supplements.

  14. COVID-19 was apparently circulating in Lombardy, Italy back in Nov. 2019, at least SIX WEEKS before Red China acknowledged the Wuhan outbreak. One should be forgiven for asking the following question, as I have done at my site Once Upon a Time in the West: Did the Moscow-Beijing Axis release the SARS-CoV-2 virus in SEVERAL LOCATIONS, i.e., Italy, Iran and Wuhan, where the last was merely a diversion?



    Many are asking why Russia, like Red China, appears to be underreporting infections and deaths?

    — Perilous Times

    1. These are very interesting questions. Thank you for the links. The regimes in Moscow and Beijing might well approve the work of the virus as it carries away the old and infirm. If some young people die, alas. It must be done for the Revolution. The West cannot react with such brutal denials as found in the East. The West must protect its weak and elderly. Thus the communist strikes at Christian sentiment, almost mockingly. With these opening moves they hope to avoid nuclear retaliation by way of plausible deniability. Notice how Russia and China play the game in the coming days. The objective is to isolate America. A final deadly mutation of the virus in North America may help this process along.

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