Twenty years ago, a reader sent me an email as follows: “I have read your most recent articles with interest and fascination.” He then described himself as an expert “in biology, biotechnology, chemistry and biological weaponry.” He was apparently troubled by my approach to the subject of biological war, and asked the following question: “Do you have any thoughts as to why many writers or various individuals focus on the threat and do not spend equal time on counter-strategy discussions?”

You raise a great question, I replied. The reason writers spend little time on counter-strategies is that a realistic adaptation to mass destruction weapons requires institutional changes that have long been politically unacceptable to Americans.

It was the Gaither Committee, back in 1957, that first attempted a realistic look at the weapons of mass destruction problem. The report issued by the super-secret committee, which included leading military officers and scientists, is known as the Gaither Report (even though Rowen Gaither had little to do with it, owing to ill health).

The Gaither Report was 29 pages long. Its official title was “Deterrence and Survival in the Nuclear Age.” The report was given to President Dwight Eisenhower on 7 November 1957. The authors of the report saw serious long-term dangers to the United States and offered a number of solutions, of which only a few on the military side were adopted (like keeping SAC bombers in the air and putting long range missiles in underground silos).

Because we were then entering an era of hydrogen bombs and long range missiles, the Gaither Report said America needed a massive shelter system to protect the civilian population. A crash program costing over $20 billion (in 1957 dollars) would be necessary. If memory serves, the report also recommended diverting concrete from freeway construction to meet the demands of the shelter program. In addition, the civilian population needed to be schooled in anti-communism (as communism was the ideology of our adversary).

Unhappy with the report, Eisenhower rejected its key points. He was seconded by Secretary of State John Foster Dulles. They both envisioned a bloodless victory against Soviet communism. This victory would be achieved by the construction of shopping malls and freeways. Our nuclear deterrent would protect us by threatening the Soviet Union with massive retaliation. Meanwhile, the American people would live carefree and happy lives, unencumbered by civil defense or anticommunist education programs in the secondary schools. According to Eisenhower’s vision, we would triumph over communism by living better than the Russians. We would show them how to live the good life. We would shop our way to victory.

No sacrifices, no hard decisions, no tragic confrontations. The formula of Eisenhower was irresistible in its appeal. It was a formula that quickly became institutionalized and intellectualized within the policy-making elite. We lived that policy, and we lived good. At the end of his term, Eisenhower indirectly warned against the authors of the Gaither Report, calling for Americans to “stand guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence … by the military-industrial complex.”

The left seized upon Eisenhower’s words. A stereotype came into existence — of cigar-chomping militarists who had learned “to stop worrying and love the bomb.” We were also taught to despise weapons contractors whose greed allegedly fueled the Cold War. “The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist,” Eisenhower warned. The military and its industrial backers posed a threat.

We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties…. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.

These are the words of a president — and a five star general — who feared anti-communism more than communism. Unlike George Washington’s Farewell Address, which warned of the dangers of foreign entanglements and civil war, Eisenhower’s Farewell Address warned of an internal danger from the institutions charged with defending America from the nuclear and biological weaponry of the communist bloc.

On one hand, Eisenhower’s concern was sensible. On the other hand, the communist bloc was laying siege to America and the West. They were primed to infiltrate our institutions. They had already influenced the policies of two presidents, Roosevelt and Truman; and there would be others. Communism was a real threat to America — internally and externally. Afraid that a form of anticommunism akin to fascism would take hold, Eisenhower did not want to face the communist threat head-on. Therefore, Eisenhower’s speech effectively established a psychological evasion at the core of American policy. Living the good life would come before security. Eventually, socialism would piggy-back on this hedonistic formula, until the demand for social spending would begin to crowd-out military spending.

This is how we came to live in the fool’s paradise of today — unready to deal with our enemy’s nuclear, biological and economic methods of waging war. Instead of a philosophy of preparedness, ours became a policy propelled by hedonism — on the left and the right. Trading with China and Russia will not transform these nations into friendly democracies. Trade will only guarantee that our military-industrial complex — so long maligned by the left — will be undermined and weakened.

We had our chance in 1957. We might have built defenses. But now we are addicted to the shopping mall regime. Serious solutions are now beyond our psychological reach. We haven’t the political will or intellectual integrity to cut through our long-held delusion of supremacy. Something vital in us has rotted away. In order to fix the situation we must first have a diagnosis, a deep sociological analysis, followed by public understanding of the problem. But this will never happen.

If you presented the Gaither Report today, people would shake their heads as if you were a lunatic. Fallout shelters? National self sacrifice? Patriotic education for our high school students? The mere suggestion would cause the left to mobilize. There would be blood in the streets.

Of course, I know what most people will say. In a nuclear war we all die and there’s no point. So eat, drink and be merry. Enjoy the moment. Forget about all that military stuff. Trade with China. Fund the Kremlin. Shop until they drop!

Here is your modern American solution. And most people think it worked perfectly. We won the Cold War by living high off the hog. Isn’t that the real story here? We beat the Russians by talk and retreat, by growing softer and softer under a shopping ethic. We let our kids smoke pot, our schools descend into political correctness, while counter-intelligence collapsed — if it was ever there at all. But then, we didn’t really win the Cold War.

Any academic or literary person who dared suggest that we lost the Cold War, that we built a regime of self-indulgence and self-delusion, would find his work — if published at all — completely ignored. He would be barred from a respectable career and denied a hearing by those in authority. In church and in town they would whisper, “There goes that kook.”

Realistic solutions to realistic problems are not always realistic. This is the Catch-22 of our politics. And so, let us take one thing at a time. Let’s not discuss solutions until we have a consensus on the problem. And the left, with all its culture-power, will never allow that.

Such was my reply twenty years ago — a few months before the September 11 attack on the Twin Towers. We have been at war against “terrorism” since that time. There was even an anthrax scare; but the country went back to shopping, on President Bush’s advice. It is convenient that our enemy in that war had no national border, no recognized religion (since Islam is the religion of peace), and no visible support from any nation state. We have bombed and invaded a number of countries in this strange conflict, wasting trillions of defense dollars, which Viktor Suvorov predicted, in 1987, as a Soviet diversionary operation known as “grey terror.”

If Suvorov is any guide, we are presently experiencing “the overture,” described in his book, titled Spetsnaz. As everything edges closer to “red terror,” a viral pandemic from communist China takes down the stock market. Hotels, restaurants, and airlines are bound to fail. Real estate is going to crash. A banking holiday is inevitable. The shopping mall regime is about to fail the test of history.

The dream of prosperity without vigilance, without appropriate defensive measures, without the proper identification of enemies, was doomed from the start. It is a sweet dream indeed; but it was a dream — used against us by the Chinese Communist Party, the Kremlin, and their allies. Our vulnerability to subversion and infiltration was something we never owned up to. As America faces its greatest crisis in many decades, we will now suffer the consequences of our chronic unreadiness. A Chinese bioweapon, probably intended for the purpose of eliminating global capitalism, has been accidentally unleashed. The pandemic is at the gate. Can a politically divided and subverted society meet the challenge?

Let us pray.

59 thoughts on “The Rise and Fall of a Fool’s Paradise

  1. Jeff

    Not sure if you can comment, in regards to the Hong Kong incident, it seems since the Hong Kong Protests last year, the following has taken place:

    1. The Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of State Security and People’s Liberation Army since June when the Protests were starting hacked into Hong Kong Telecommunications network to track the mobile phones of the Protesters and this has also been mentioned by a relative of mine who lives in Hong Kong and people who run missing Protesters pages on Facebook.

    2. As early as September, dead bodies of Hong Kong Protesters were already being reported on Twitter and other social media outlets, it has since been suspected that the Ministry of State Security has been at work eliminating people in the Hong Kong Protest Movement.

    3. In November when the University Sieges took place at City University of Hong Kong and Baptist University Hong Kong, Polytech University Hong Kong where up to 1,400 young people were actually disappeared, according to Hong Kong people who post on Twitter, this university siege was instigated by Ministry of State Security Agents who had penetrated a lot of Hong Kong forums which the Protesters use to coordinate each other.

    4. From December to January which is the Christmas and New Year period in Hong Kong, people are now suggesting that the events or marches that took place at the Shopping Malls around Hong Kong were organized on the Internet by the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of State Security and there have been people reported missing after the marches since mass round ups did take place.

    5. Recently people are now saying that the Ministry of State Security has its agents in Hong Kong eliminating people including young people who took part in the Protests with at least one known case of a young person being pushed off a building

    Would it be possible to conclude that the Hong Kong Protests was a operation planned by the Ministry of State Security and is now ending with the elimination of people?

  2. In Italy, the most affected country in Europe by far, one quarter of the whole population (i.e., in the highly industrialised north) has been put under quarantine. Milan’s Central Railway Station is now a ghost station. Those who do travel, by car or train or bus, are requested at checkpoints to explain to police and military personnel their reason for travelling, as private travels are forbidden. Several foreign airlines no longer fly to Venice, Milan and Bologna. Two weeks ago, they ended the famous Venice Carnival a few days early. The skiing season has been cut short too, for all of Italy’s skiing resorts. Big mass events (such as football games in large stadiums, or congresses of whatever kind) have been cancelled. Nor do church services, in any part of Italy, take part at all. Riots have occurred in a number of Italian prisons, as visits by relatives have been restricted. Supermarkets are getting stormed now. While especially Lombardy’s health system is coming closer and closer to collapse; they have even called retired medical doctors back to work to join the effort. We may well be watching the early stages of what could become the breakdown of the West’s entire economic and social order.

    An afterthought: As an astrologer, I’m rather concerned, as this outbreak coincided with a major constellation, on January 12, 2020, namely a conjunction of Saturn and Pluto (even joined by the Sun and Mercury, and all of it hit by a semisquare from Mars). The three conjunctions of Saturn and Pluto during the 20th century happened in 1914 (right at the outbreak of WWI); in 1947 (when Indian independence was proclaimed and also on the eve of the first Arab-Israeli War following the foundation of the Jewish state, of the crushing of Czechoslovakia’s parliamentary system, and of the coming to power in China by Mao Zedong); and in 1982, only two days before the death of Leonid Brezhnev, who was then succeeded by long-time KGB boss Yuri Andropov. Also WWII began with an exact square of Saturn and Pluto, while 9/11 happened with an opposition of these two planets…

    1. The situation in Italy is merely a foretaste of things to come. Much worse will transpire as the virus spreads. God only knows how the communists will take advantage of the tragedy.

    2. We are hearing very alarming reports from Italy. I know you are in Austria. How bad is it there? President Trump is about to make a speech. We are on pins and needles.

      1. In Austria, a country with 8 million population, there has only been one death, a man in his sixties, I believe with heavy pre-existing conditions. But the government is taking very drastic measures, akin to those in Italy, with exception of no road blocks set up this far. The main idea is to avoid having the health care system collapse by overburdening it with too many patients. Yet, if one thinks about it: All event locations with more than one hundred people capacity have been forceably closed. Vienna’s prestigious concert halls, the opera, theatres, etc. had to cancel their programmes for the next couple of weeks (and no one really knows for how long). Also pop concerts do not take place. Schools and universities are now closed, beginning with coming Monday. Teachers and school authorities had to work overtime to find practicable ways of online teaching so students can follow things from home. Restaurants and cafés will now have greatly shortened hours. Also big sports events are either held without an audience or were simply cancelled. International congresses have been called off, too. Afraid of uncontrollable developments, this morning Viennese rushed to the stores and bought bread, meat, toilet paper, canned food, and what not, by the truck loads. I just had difficulty to get a mere loaf of bread tonight. Eventually, I found one in the shop of a petrol station! Beginning with next week, the city will probably turn into a ghost town, with very little movement and most people withdrawn in their homes (Milk-face “Chancellor” Sebastian Kurz has already predicted “hard weeks” to be in front of us). As, ALL shops except food stores, pharmacies, banks and post offices will be permanently closed, beginning with next Monday. I wonder whether the economic fallout of these measures might end up being more devastating than the disease itself. Many professions will suffer massively (including my own), and God knows how many businesses (and individuals) will go bankrupt in the process. One example: The new measures were announced on such extreme short notice that, e.g., flower shops were completely caught by surprise, with their shops already full with fresh flowers most of which might well find no buyers. To me, everything looks rather improvised, and I’m shocked by the indifference of our “decision makers” for the effects on the economy (as if they were all capitalism-hating leftists, and perhaps they are). Italy, in contrast, had deaths close to a thousand, I think, with numbers still rising rapidly. Since March 10, the WHOLE COUNTRY has been put under quarantine. – It’s all quite surreal, especially being in the middle of it…

      2. Fear is something we cannot control. Human beings will change their behavior to avoid risk. Even if governments did nothing, the present state of panic will collapse hotels, restaurants, airlines, taxi drivers and retail. The banks are already on the edge of an abyss. Massive economic loss must follow. This is all grist for the socialist mill.

      3. Shops, of course, won’t be “permanently” closed, but, as things stand, for the next three weeks, but so without exception. Want to buy clothes? Not gonna happen. Books? Furniture? A new computer? Whatever it may be. It all will have to wait until those shops that haven’t been killed by the measure will open again…

      4. It is hard to imagine what will become of so many businesses — and the banks, the currency, savings, investments, All because China weaponized a virus that got loose.

      5. JRN said: “It is hard to imagine what will become of so many businesses — and the banks, the currency, savings, investments, All because China weaponized a virus that got loose.”

        Agreed Jeff. America has had so much uninterrupted abundance for so many decades. This abundance has given birth to great wealth and many many businesses and things that we supposedly now “need” as necessities of normal life. I have a terrible feeling that after the initial panic settles from COVID, alot of these things we thought we need are going to be proven to be just vanity and empty things. Its going to be really terrible to watch this unfold.

  3. Jeff, how does the anti-communist Gaither Report square up with his disturbing connection to his work at the leftist Ford Foundation? Gaither was being interviewed by Norman Dodd, a House of Representative in a congressional committee investigation of leftists American foundations…Dodd meeting with Gaither, and Dodd reported: ‘Mr. Dodd, all of us who have a hand in the making of policies here have had experience … operating under directives, … the substance of which is, that we shall use our grant-making power so to alter life in the United States that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.’” (full quote available)

    According to Dodds interview, Gaither is putting the emphasis that the Ford Foundation was just taking orders from elements within the government (State dept?) to create policies and national education directives that would push collectivism in the United States.

    this story is mentioned in the post committee report of their findings in the book Foundations: Their Power and Influence by Rene Wormser.

    If this is true, was Eisenhower aware of this treason happening within his swamp?

    1. As I mentioned in the article, Rowan Gaither had nothing to do with the Gaither Report because his health was bad and he was not able to participate in the deliberations. Dodd’s claims about Gaither are rather sensational. If we accept his testimony as authentic, it merely confirms the communist infiltration of the tax exempt foundations and the government under Truman and Roosevelt — with some carry-over into Eisenhower’s administration. Some think Eisenhower, as a protege of Gen. Marshall, was compromised and compelled to follow the internationalist policies of Franklin Roosevelt respecting the looked for “convergence” of a East and West. Robert Welch wrote a controversial book, “The Politician,” which attempted to say Eisenhower was a Communist. Famously, Russell Kirk objected: “Ike isn’t a communist. He is a golfer.” Welch’s thesis was ridiculed so thoroughly on the right that nobody ever attempted to expand on this theme in later years. There are many mysteries surrounding George Marshall’s senior generals. In the case of Gen. Walter Bedell Smith, the FBI collected evidence suggesting he was a Soviet spy. McCarthy made insinuations regarding Marshall. It was a tangled web, and there is no telling what exactly went on behind the scenes.

  4. Mutually Assured Destruction, seems to be, so far – so good.

    To suggest subversion of, The Bill Of Rights, as a necessary evil, than one must wonder just exactly whom it is to be prayed to, pray tell?

    1. Do you think a shelter system and orientation in high school regarding communist bloc enemies during the Cold War would have subverted the Bill of rights? Or do you not see them being subverted now, by communists in our own government bodies?

  5. The US has already become a virtual police state, with security guards violating people’s civil rights, while the police fail to enforce against them. The police wouldn’t dare be so blatant in abusing people as security guards are, so security guards essentially harass and assault anyone who’s looks they don’t like, with impunity.

    Next thing you know, the Coronavirus will be used as pretext for state’s states of emergency, to round people up and heard them into mud pit, hellholes, all for their own good. Call them shelters if you like. Put up a welcome sign with a smiley face on it. The Flu is worse than the Coronavirus. China’s been hit the hardest by it. I suppose it’s a Communist plot? After all, they have millions of human guinea pigs to spare for the sake of plausible deniability.

    The economy has been due for a major correction for decades already. The Fed has been monetizing the debt exponentially this year. Don’t blame the crooks at Goldman Sachs. Blame it on the Coronavirus.

    It’s time to rescind the USA Freedom Act. What a great name. Obstinate legislators doubling down on the term, PatRIOT Act. None of this horse manure has done anything beneficial. All it’s done is prove to the theorists that people won’t defend, The Bill Of Rights. People only get to elect whomever the two parties say they get to vote for. The United States has already been undermined.

    You think duck and cover ought to fix that, huh? A police state hasn’t done it. What’s the difference if people are dominated by Fascists or Communists? The Second Article of The Bill Of Rights, declares the Right to bear arms. The purpose for that is to enable the People to defend all Rights, from tyrants who have commandeered the Government.

    The implication in context of the nuclear age, is that every Man has the Right to have a suitcase nuke under his bed.

    Let the Commies invade!

  6. One of the themes of the Iliad is “the anger of Achilles”. Achilles and his followers were needed for the Greek war effort against the Trojans. But the king, Agamemnon, unwisely punished Achilles by separating him from his wife Briseis. Achilles’ first impulse was to kill the king but Athena prevented this, so Achilles simply refused to fight. Later, the king tried to reconcile Achilles by restoring Briseis to Achilles, but this failed because Achilles thought that his marital relationship had been irrecoverably damaged. Achilles’ friend Ajax went so far as to try to bring Achilles another satisfactory wife, but Achilles also rejected Ajax’s effort. Only when Achilles’ best male friend, Patroclus, was killed by Hector, would Achilles rejoin the fight.

    Could this be what “women’s lib” is about? Could the Reds be trying to make American men so miserable that they. like Achilles, would just as soon see their own society crash and burn?

  7. “Let the Commies invade!”
    “… see their own society crash and burn?”

    Granted if the Commies invaded we would get a few more people participating in our collective defense. And the “feminist” thing is just more divide and conquer, just like the LGBTQB thing.

    I have a theory about the “homosexual” thing. It comes from the research that indicated the children of the daughters of women who had “hormonal disruptions” during pregnancy are responsible for the increase in homosexual preference. As technology develops and decreases these “disruptions” such as better drugs and less pollution and cleaner environment, not to mention the coming glaciation (2-4K years), we will see homosexuality fall to its previous historical minimum percentages. That is, if they don’t put something in the water.

    Birth Control and Homosexuality: Unintended Consequences

  8. Assuming climate changes is a hoax, what would be the purpose of it? What’s there to win?
    , BS Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida (1975)
    Why the HOAX of Global Warming and Man-Made Climate Change?

    If you “follow the money”, it becomes quite clear. The Russians and OPEC live and die by the price and market share of their oil and natural gas exports. Production outside their border has to be minimized in order for them to improve their economic well-being … it is the essence of their survival. By patronizing and funding world-wide lobbying efforts promoting the HOAX of “Global Warming” and the “Climate Change” movement they hope to do that. They succeeded in western Europe and they now pay 200% to 300% more than the US and Russia pays. This Export Market for oil and gas is valued at about US$ 2 Billion per DAY, I estimate that their costs for this extensive complex lobbying is less than US$ 1 billion per YEAR. Benefiting from this Lobbying include funding of the “Green Parties” through most of the West especially in western Europe. Several US bigtime politicians can be linked including such luminaries as: Al Gore (see his Al Jazeera Media deal), Clintons (see contributions by Russian oligarchs to Foundation), Obama (see his NetFlix deal) and many others. Renewables help establish “benchmark pricing” for their exports at a considerably higher price and improve their market share by limiting the indigenous production of fossil fuels. Russia + has focused effort to eliminate or reduce “Fracking” as the US has almost doubled their O & G production with this technology and it is hurting Russia’s efforts. Nuclear energy also falls into this category.

    Russia relies heavily on oil revenue to support its government. Now Russia is leading a price war in oil to drive the shale oil producers out of business. Won’t that wreck their own economy in the process?
    , BS Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida (1975)
    Russia is taking a calculated risk that US Frackers will fold before the Russians run out of their Sovereign Reserves which are near One Trillion USD. If the Frackers do not fold and OPEC does not …
    Will emerging technology in battery production and stunning reductions in battery cost pretty much end fossil fuels by 2030 on a mass scale worldwide?
    , BS Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida (1975)
    No The storage issue with Solar and Wind will always remain an issue as they face the problem of not being able to overcome the First and Second Law of Thermodynamics.
    Should the EU develop renewable sources of energy to make it less dependent on Russian gas?
    , BS Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida (1975)
    Europe should import LNG instead … Renewables will continue sending EU into economic recession and subject to Russian extorsion.
    Should I go into the oil and gas industry with the current crash?
    , BS Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida (1975)
    Great time to go in if you are a long horizon investor but not a good time as a prospective employee .. hold off for 3 years.
    Is it possible that the US government and oil industry could let itself be sunk by the crash in prices, never anticipating it with no plan to reverse it?
    , BS Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida (1975)
    Since the demise of OPEC, the oil industry is subject to Free Market forces. They have no way to externally affect prices.
    Would fission or fusion be better for creating a clean source of energy?
    , BS Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida (1975)
    What needs to change rapidly to combat climate change?
    , BS Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida (1975)
    Nothing .. as humans cannot affect the changes in climate in anyway … it is completely nature-driven.
    How likely is it that OPEC will be disbanded given the recent disagreement between Saudi Arabia and Russia?
    , BS Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida (1975)
    OPEC has been highly ineffective for many years. This latest rift with Russia will finish the job of killing it.
    Will the US bail out their oil companies if this Saudi-Russia oil war is prolonged?
    , BS Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida (1975)
    No The US really believes in the Free Market. Trump will not interfere and the US Socialists will not interfere either as they generally hate the US Oil Industry. Here is my take on this issue: Putin …
    Why is the USA more active and have more vitality than the collective of Europe, although they both have a similarity in population and scientific base?
    , BS Mechanical Engineering, University of Florida (1975)
    I have thought about this question when I was Teaching Entrepreneurship. I believe you missed on how the USA became the wealthiest and most prosperous nation in the history of mankind. It is not the…

    1. I did not miss how America became the wealthiest nation. Someone famous — you may recall who — said that “man does not live by bread alone.”

  9. HIV is another canard. Does anybody still die of AIDS, anymore, nowadays? So much for natural selection extinguishing the gay agenda, though. At least everyone was terrorized for a moment.

    I love you Jeff. Don’t take that the wrong way. I just don’t see the Communist agenda as viable as you might fear. Sure, Russia and China have plans; big plans, but then who doesn’t? Fukushima is the biggest threat right now.

  10. Jeff, should we assume that the “New World Order” & its “Financial Insiders” is just an “inner ring” of the worldwide “Communist Conspiracy?” Sort of like how the KGB had inner (semi-hidden) and outer subdivisions?

    1. No. Such expressions as “New World Order”
      are vague and related to political sloganeering. The motives of various financial “interests” require deep knowledge of financial history. I am not sure anyone fully understands this subject. It is simply too big, too complicated.

    1. It usually is. Our comfortable life conditions us to set aside bad news in favor of more optimistic assumptions. If we think through the implications of what we already know, however, the picture always gets darker. But we rarely go there.

  11. Don’t you think that the US does in fact have underground facilities capable of enabling elite individuals and necessary support personnel, to survive nuclear war, while counter obliterating Moscow and Beijing’s surface infrastructure? Is it really practical to move all inhabitants of the US, Russia, and China, underground?

    If that were possible, the next step in escalation of WMDs, would be deep Earth penetration weapons. I’ll bet we’ve already got those, too. What good would that do me and you?

    1. I have no idea what you are asking. Strategic thinking by major powers involves more comprehensive assessments and solutions. To take up some fact ad hoc, and reason from there, is only going to confuse you.

  12. Jeff, you once promoted a getaway in Southern Chile. South America, arguably would stand the best chance of avoiding nuclear attack and fallout of World war. Of course, Russia and China have assets there, not to mention the Breakaway Civilization of Space NAZIs who escaped Germany after WWII.

    1. I do not believe I promoted a getaway to Southern Chile, though I had a friend who was promoting this idea and I may have mentioned it. I do not promote fleeing the country. The United States is the last stronghold of the West. If it is taken over or destroyed, by enemies foreign or domestic, there will be no refuge anywhere. As for Space Nazis, no doubt you are a troll. Out of curiosity, how much does it pay?

      1. “Space Nazis” do exist but they are no Nazis anymore and the people in the center weren’t from the beginning.

        Think of them more as an alien civilization, incredibly advanced and positive.

      2. They, as well as positive alien groups will not allow this planet to be destroyed. That is they will prevent a massive use of nuclear weapons.
        This is completely in line with the prophecies about WWIII. At least in Europe the use of nuclear weapons will be extremely limited. According to the prophecies Russia will drop a nuclear bomb into the North Sea which will lead to floodings in England. But besides this it seems maximum one or two other cities will be destroyed by A-Bombs, if at all.
        There are many many reports about UFOs deactivating nuclear ICBMs on both sides of the iron curtain, starting in the 60s.
        Have you heard about the prophecies ? Here they are quite well known. And they all say the same, even in details. There are as much as about 100 of them in Europe and worldwide even 500. The most famous one is that of Irlmeier.

        Different topic:
        Have you heard of Parvulescu ?
        “But who would be the architect of the Eurasian revolution? For Parvulesco, the “messiah” is he: Russia’s current president Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

        According to Parvulescu, Putin is a direct emanation of secret revolutionary groups within the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union first, and then Russia. ”

  13. What I’m asking is what’s the use? Going up against nukes is futile. Just keep appeasing China by supporting slave labor, by shopping at Walmart and maybe the Communist industrialist generals will keep buying T-Bonds.

  14. Didn’t Walmart build it’s customer base by selling exclusively made in America?

  15. Jeff, question for you.

    When I look at Johns Hopkins website for Covid 19, I notice that Russia only has 28 cases, no deaths. Could it be that Russia has released this thing, and also inoculated their own people (via routine shots like immunizations or flu shots) in order to even the odds with China in the long term? I always thought that the weakest link for Russia was their relatively small population (compared to their aspirations). How clever it would be to release a pathogen so close to another country’s level 4 biolab. I have a friend who’s parents grew up in Russia and she said that if you didn’t get your immunizations they would come to your house and force them on you. Don’t know if it is still this way or not.


    1. I am sure the vaccination regime is still strict in Russia. Your theory is possible, of course. But analysis of the virus’s RNA sequence shows it to be a composite of three viruses worked on at the Wuhan lab. So it is a weapon. While anyone could have planted such a weapon, safety at the lab was notoriously bad and other countries are not known to specialize in these particular strains. It is more probably a leak from the Wuhan lab. Also note: since Russia would eventually be caught out for vaccinating it’s people, as later studies would reveal on inspection of vaccinated blood, they would be inviting retaliation — swift and terrible.

      1. Yep, the “Kung Flu” is China’s Chernobyl and a global disaster.
        What concerns me is the fact that we still have not seen followup to the analysis by the Indian researchers which was so helpful to understand aspects of the “weaponization” of the virus. The “Wuhan” research from 2013 debunking this study was proven to be a scam and disinformation.
        Two words: Global Coverup.
        Not a good sign.
        Not a good sign at all.

      2. Too many medical people and the media are repeating this nonsense that the virus jumped off an animal of some kind. It is what we have gone to expect. No independent judgment. No intellectual integrity.

  16. RE: …inviting retaliation — swift and terrible.”

    Are you saying that the US has yet to determine if the virus was released with malice aforethought. Can we honestly rule out that it was President Trump who authorized the CIA to release the prohibited strain from China’s illicit lab? After all, the result is that egomaniac, President Xi, has surrendered the Trade War, and dropped all tariffs from against US products.

    1. How do you determine intention? This is especially difficult for poorly informed people, or people taken in by agents of influence. Here we enter into areas of disagreement among so-called experts. The broadest possible analysis, based on wider historical knowledge, suggests that a senile Western Civilization is evolving toward a new religion — revolutionary socialism (pick your favorite variant). In respect of this, there is a striking parallel between the fourth century A.D. and the present. The idea that specific actors are “in control” is nonsense. There are flexible “players” who survive, and others who are plowed under. Things are going to fall apart. What happened to Rome will happen to us. In a single lifetime Rome went from a population of 800,000 to 30,000. A nuclear bomb could not be so thorough. The West was ruined overnight. But before that happened the pagan temples were destroyed by the Christians. Pagan priests and philosophers were murdered. Freedom of speech and religion disappeared. An oriental despotism dictated economic life. All of these things preceded the barbarian invasions of the early fifth century. I believe that we are in this same situation now. The appearance of a new religion presages the whole. Everything is about to run backwards.

  17. Considering that Russia moved Saddam’s WMDs from Iraq to Syrian occupied Bekaa Valley of Lebanon, and how Syria used chemical weapons on their own people, same as Saddam did to the Kurds, might it be reasonable to wonder if that wasn’t a deliberate provocation, in order to test US resolve?

    The US responded by notifying Russia to evacuate it’s troops from the airfield in Syria, where the chemical attack was launched from, but Russia kept the troops hunkered down in their barracks. The US shot cruise missiles all around the Russian barracks, just like the outlaw who shoots at the boots of the tenderfoot, to make him dance. Russia eventually retaliated likewise, against US troops in Iraq, when the US terminated Iran’s top military officer.

    If the US were to have used China’s bio-weapon against themselves, might it be fair turnabout? Is this sort of tit for tat brinkmanship, to be considered as management of peace though strength?

    1. Why would a president of the United States unleash a super-contagious virus on China, knowing it would eventually spread to the United States? And why would he do so knowing he is in one of the primary at risk groups (being over 70)?

  18. Actually, this virus statistically, uncharacteristically, spares the young and the elderly. It’s ten times more likely to result in death than the Flu, but still is less than one percent fatal.
    President Trump and O’bama are both CIA. The two party system is in fact a one party system. Divide and conquer the American people. The Globalist agenda remains in play. The New World Order is being enacted with the USA Freedom Act and with the Coronavirus, cash becomes contaminated. The cashless society will be next. The stock market crash is mere profit taking of the gains manipulated from exponential monitization of debt.

  19. This is neither science nor a court of law.

    The two parties have gone state by state and pulled up the ladder. Presidential candidates are only awarded delegates to the Electoral College if they are either Republican or Democrat. The secret ballot is un-American from the start. Americans are not to be timidly, intimidated by petty tyrants who threaten and retaliate for how people vote.

    Americans should stand up and be counted. Ballots should be made public, and people should vote by standing in person; say, ‘Republicans stand in the corner on the right, Democrats on the left. You wrote an article about how voting machines are made by a Venezuelan company.

    Legislators are so blatantly, contemptuous of American citizens, that they double down on the sarcastic term, PatRIOT Act, by renaming it, The USA Freedom Act, when in fact they run counter to The Bill Of Rights.

    President Trump still has Goldman Sachs at the helm of the Federal Reserve, despite his public criticism of Muchin.

    Scientific proof is established through following the Scientific Method, which starts with a hypothetical supposition. A theory is a hypothesis with a testable component with a predicted outcome. Hear me now and believe me latter.

    Al Qaeda didn’t believe that O’bamass’ Muslim, and I don’t buy Trump as Conservative; he’s Merchantilist. He’s released more illegal aliens on the streets of American than even O’bama.

    I don’t think we have much more time, before The Rapture, but for what it’s worth, we can go down trying to make a dent. Perhaps in referendum states, people can pass bills which award electors to independent candidates.

  20. I’ve been reading your articles for years, even communicated with you Mr. Nyquist a couple times or so over the decades, usually over incidents of various commenters making outrageous and dehumanizing claims about Russia, ”sub-human Asiatic Slavs”, etc… Well, I happen to be one. I’ve got Russian family and friends, I’m Orthodox Christian, been to Russia and love the place and the people and our 1000 year history. There’s a lot I could say but I just don’t see what you seem to see there. Now I have seen plenty there, believe me, but it appears that the Soviet era is fading history, just like the era of the ”Mongol Yoke” and the ”Time of Troubles”. What worries me is China… But God however is not done with Holy Russia (Holy in her millions of martyrs and confessors and other Orthodox saints), she has struggled and sacrificed and sinned, yes, but Russia is indeed reviving from being put to death over a century ago, and she has nothing to be ashamed of in the interim Soviet period to protect herself from the foreign interventionists and the fascists over the years, including today. Not all was absolutely evil, nothing is or else it doesn’t exist at all.

    I’d just like to hear what your take is on my experience and those people like me, if you could. Thanks

    1. I am by no means hostile to Russian culture or the Russian people. The problem is the small group that controls the government in Moscow. Of course, as I’ve talked to former KGB and GRU officers, they all affirm that communism can never be brought back openly by the leadership cadre. They are attempting to formulate a new kind of ideology or identity for outward presentation. But they are not what they present. We have a similar problem here in America with our socialists. The disease of socialism afflicts all of our countries. It infects government agencies, first and foremost. The secret surveys conducted in the Kremlin during the 1990s greatly disappointed the ruling group. How to hold their power? How to play a game of being what they were, yet being something new. But they are not new. It is, as Golitsyn said, a case of New Lies for Old.

    2. I should respond to you, Vladimir, in greater detail in an article, and I will do so in the next week. You raise such important points.

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