First, you have to discover what the Chinese Communists think. From this you can piece together their agenda. Anyone who studies the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and understands the thinking of President Xi Jinping, will also understand that communism is all about destroying capitalism, and destroying the leading capitalist power — America. Anyone who does not understand this, understands nothing.

The CCP wants America on its knees. They want to become the masters of the earth. They are ruthless in their methods, and do not care how many people will die. The CCP is a totalitarian party employing totalitarian methods. They have killed tens of millions in labor camps, with firing squads and other forms of capital punishment. The leaders of the regime are mass murderers who have trampled down the Chinese people.

Using common sense, would you have relations with these psychopaths? Would you have dealings with someone who wants to destroy you? Would you allow a poisoner to cook your food? Would you allow him to make your vitamins and your Medicines?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then your prudence is at the same level as America’s statesmen and business leaders. In general, they have answered yes to all these questions. Many American business leaders have formed close ties with the murderers in Beijing; for the entire Chinese economy is subject to the CCP. No business in China is truly independent of the government. As for American statesmen, it is shameful that they should clink glasses with CCP leaders. It is shameful to see them enable their country’s most dangerous enemy. It is shameful that they are so stupid, so swindled, so blind to the enemy they are courting.

The best prescription for dealing with communists regimes goes something like this: Do not talk to them, they lie. Do not make deals with them, they cheat. Do not share scientific data with them, they will weaponize it. Do not trade with them, they will undercut your economy. Do not make arms control treaties with them, they will violate such treaties. Do not share deadly microorganisms with them, or you will catch a very bad flu.

It is suicide to snuggle up to a Communist. It is like the story of the man who found a frozen snake on the road, took pity on it, held it to his bosom if only to warm it back to life, and was fatally bitten. Why did he do it? Was it stupidity? Was it arrogance? A man cannot befriend a reptile. A capitalist cannot befriend a communist. The latter is a serpent whose sole intention is to sting.

In his book, Deceiving the Sky, Bill Gertz wrote, “No other Chinese leader since Mao has embraced the rigid orthodox Communist ideology more than Xi Jinping….” — So we shouldn’t be fooled by the slick capitalist exterior of the Red Dragon. The CCP is not a capitalist organization. It is Communist. And they mean to do us harm.

No fooling.

7 thoughts on “How to Deal With the Chinese Communists

  1. It is like the story of the man who found a frozen snake on the road, took pity on it, held it to his bosom if only to warm it back to life, and was fatally bitten.

    I’ve heard a version of this story that concludes something like this: the man protested when the snake bit him because the man was trying to help the snake; he wasn’t threatening the snake, etc, to which the snake replied: “you knew what I was when you picked me up.” We should know better as well.

  2. Jeff

    I enjoyed reading this article and just wanting your comment, I believe this also applies to Hong Kong mainly the Hong Kong Policy Act of 1992 which as enacted by George H W Bush Senior in 1992. I think that act needs to be repealed as the Chinese Communist Party is now using Hong Kong to facilitate/carry out technology theft (Intellectual Property theft) from the US and other Western nations and also there are Chinese people who have tried to contact the likes of Senators Marco Rubio and etc to let them know that the Hong Kong Policy Act of 1992 enacted by George H W Bush senior should be repealed and also, there are business and groups like the American Chamber of Commerce which has a presence in Hong Kong which wants the Hong Kong Policy Act of 1992 to remain in place. From what I am seeing, since 1997, the Chinese Communist Party have been attempting an early reunification of Hong Kong and whatever autonomy and freedom is left in Hong Kong seems to be eroding fast, also the One Country Two Systems which the Chinese Communist Party claims in regards to Hong Kong is all a deception, they are bringing Hong Kong society in line with the Mainland China society.

    1. Yes. Hong Kong has been taken over by the communists, and we are naive to forget how communist tactics work. But most people have never bothered to learn what those tactics are. We need to teach people what a Communist is and why communists are so dangerous.

  3. Regardless of what form of government China has been under for as long as recorded history details, the Chinese have wanted to rule the known world. The Chinese people have never lived under anything but monarchs, war lords, or some form of totalitarian government. Though they have a very rich cultural history, the communists have done great damage to it, and will continue to do so. If Chinese communism spreads outside of the borders it currently has, it will do the same thing wherever it goes. What is happening in Hong Kong is a perfect example of what to expect from the Red Chinese, and it won’t stop with Hong Kong. They want Japan, the Philippines, the Korean Peninsula, all of Southeast Asia, and have been fighting a border war with India since the late 1940s.
    The next major war on planet earth may very well be between India and China. It will go nuclear, and the devastation will not be like anything seen ever before. If that does happen, it could very easily pull in many of the other major powers creating WWIII.
    As you said, the Chinese do not care how many die, so long as they rule over planet earth.

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