By what process did the American Democratic Party become an alternative Communist Party? The answer is simple. After a century of subversion and infiltration, Marxists gradually gained the upper hand at the highest levels — all others driven out. The Marxists often succeeded by portraying themselves as moderates. Behind the scenes, however, as revealed by researcher Trevor Loudon, the leadership of the Democratic Party is anything but moderate. Theirs is a red network of radical groups — from Alinskyite “community organizers” and “Democratic” socialists, to Maoist and Kremlin stooges.

To show this is true (and not a figment of right-wing paranoid imagining), Trevor Loudon has written a book titled White House Reds, with citations and sources to prove his case. Loudon gives us the names of leading activists and their organizations. He shows us how the current crop of Democratic presidential candidates are all attached to the radical left.

A very sad situation now confronts the “land of the free,” as our two party system must eventually tilt toward a Democratic victory in some future election. Meanwhile the Dem socialists have been chipping away at capitalism and the Constitution. Since the end of the Cold War, the Democratic Party has undermined the nation’s defenses, weakened the economy, divided the people along racial lines, and blamed capitalism for the results of their own handiwork.

By exploding the false moderate images presented by the Dems, Loudon shows there is no viable right or center in the Democratic Party — except as a myth with which to smear the ever-leftward-moving Republicans as “right wing extremists.” Loudon has grasped the underlying Marxist monoculture emerging out of the center-left facade of the Democratic Party. Loudon gives us a close-up view of the Democratic Party’s presidential contenders, showing them to be fronts for a revolutionary and destructionist agenda.

Among the many tidbits in Loudon’s book, we learn that Joe Biden became a Senator with help from Soviet agent Armand Hammer; that socialist Bernie Sanders had warm regard for the gulag-ridden Soviet Union; that Elizabeth Warren’s radical anti-business agenda dovetails with her Maoist-left associations (not to mentions teach-ins with the likes of Francis Fox Piven); that Pete Buttigieg stands out as the son of a Marxist scholar and a longtime admirer of Soviet-lover Sanders.

Loudon also reveals how Julián Castro and Cory Booker integrated Marxism-Leninism with Chicano/black racial agendas at Stanford University — and were both promoted into politics by the “usual suspects.” Last but not least, Loudon delivers the true bona fides of the grossly misperceived princess of the Dem “moderates,” Tulsi Gabbard — shown to be a fellow-traveling Sanders-supporter — notoriously soft on Russia’s communist allies in Venezuela and North Korea.

We must not forget that Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama long pretended to be centrists as they moved U.S. policy further and further to the left. Their party has gained such strength, and such a hold on bureaucracy and media there may be no turning back at this late stage in the game. It has even been suggested by President Donald Trump, that the 2020 election will be a contest between socialism and capitalism. Considering what Loudon has unearthed, the president appears to be right.


For those who do not see the leftward drift of both political parties, please look at political scientist Tim Groseclose’s book, Left Turn at

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  1. The more information that gets out to the general public on how the Democrat party in the USA has become the fertile field for Leninist/Stalinist/Maoist ideology and activism, the more people will be able to understand what is going on, why it is happening, and who is behind it.
    One of the worst things to happen was how the John Birch Society was demonized starting in the 1950s, as they were on to a lot of what was going on at that time with the infiltration of communists into our political parties and into the government bureaucracy.

    1. The John Birch Society is a complicated subject, and takes us to some very treacherous ground. Robert Welch, the founder of the Birch Society, believed in a “conspiracy behind the communist conspiracy.” This more elaborate kind of theorizing got him into trouble. It connected Welch to the underworld of antisemitism — from which we cannot untangle him. Welch’s friend, Revilo Oliver, stands out as a major JBS writer in the early years of the Society, and his antisemitism cannot be denied. Oliver broke with Welch in the 1960s and wrote memoir in which he affirmed that Welch privately believed — or pretended to believe — what he (Oliver) believed; but Welch would not follow through. So Oliver nicknamed him “the Welcher.” While the JBS publicly disavowed antisemitism, Welch entertained an esoteric attachment to elements of antisemitic conspiracy lore. Antisemites like Taylor Caldwell wrote for Welch, and Willis Carto was even hired by him. Welch protege and JBS President Jack Manus privately affirmed to me his belief in the authenticity of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. But he denied it was antisemitic to make such an affirmation. When I told him the Protocols were a forgery, he brushed me off as a dupe of “the conspiracy.” He also said Hitler was “the dupe of the Jews.” McManus’s statement was so crazy, its utterance became seared into my memory. In my opinion, the JBS was demonized for an understandable reason; namely, because people like Welch and McManus had two faces. One face was pro-Israel while the other believed that nine Jewish black magicians (cabalists) ruled the world through the banks and Masonic lodges. Welch was playing the game of occupying an ambiguous conspiracy borderland, which allowed him to recruit people whose beliefs were otherwise out of bounds in the postwar world of the 1950s and 60s. The JBS was, in effect, a camouflaged outpost of archaic reactionary elements — of fascism and closeted National Socialism. There were good conservatives in the Society, but their presence was the very substance of the camouflage — which successfully harbored personalities whose conspiracy theories were no longer acceptable after the revelations at Nuremberg in 1945. The world was shocked by the brutality of the Nazis, and scandalized by the raw irrationality of their conspiracist ideas. Of course, we must reckon with the fact that true-believers will not so easily part with a favorite hobby-horse. Personally, I have never understood the obsessions of the antisemites. Their arguments possess an emotional energy that does not allow the light of reason to enter in. Their fixation has all the earmarks of a neurotic compulsion. A society always has enemies of one kind or another, but if that enmity is based the delusions of an obsessive neuroticism, it is worse than ridiculous. It is unjust. And it can flower into atrocity.

      1. The reason for such a good-willing and sharp thinking man like you not wanting to see the Jewish origin of the decay and destruction around us is your cult-like religion which follows the Bible to the letter. And so you must and do believe in the Jews as people chosen by God and cannot see reality.
        This is not the spirit of Christ. I saw several good men of great potential who were literally mentality handicapped by religious brainwashing. Are you aware that Jews hate Jesus ?

      2. It’s a shame you are not very good at drawing inferences. This is a long-standing problem with antisemites. First, I do not write about theology, so you shouldn’t have commented in that vein. It is presumptuous for you to pretend to know why I think as I do — especially when I have taken such pains to clarify why I think certain things. You erroneously assume that my opinions are irrational. Yet I have not offered an opinion about the Jews, one way or another. I have merely commented on factual claims that are not so factual. You do not challenge my facts but attack my objectivity. First remove the log that is in your own eye.

      3. Thank you for the information. I was never a part of the JBS, but have read some of the articles and books they published over the years. I did not see any anti-Semitism in those writings, but as you said, it was behind the scenes. I had some chance encounters with some of Revilo Oliver’s writings, mainly through the defunct Institute for Historical Review, which was pretty borderline as well in many regards. I did not think much of his writings and wondered how he maintained a professorship, even with tenure. Oliver always came across as a Nazi to me. Thank you for the additional information on the JBS, as it gives me some idea of why William F. Buckley may have gone after them when he did in the early 1960s.

  2. You criticized JBS people for believing in anti-semitic conspiracy theories and said that “Nazis” were irrational and brutal.
    My point was that if a well informed and thinking person does not see the Jewish role in the conspiracy, he does not want to see it. My conclusion was that you don’t want to see it because you are a contemporary Christian.
    I can provide plenty of evidence for my anti-semitic views but I did not want to “spam” your comment section with links. I don’t want to enforce my views on others but are ready to explain my point when being asked.

    1. Let’s begin again. I see that you are polite, and do not mean to offend me. I do take offense — not at your manners — but your readiness to draw conclusions about my thinking. I have studied antisemitic conspiracy theory/sociology and found that its claims are based on forgeries — like the Protocols. I also think there are serious errors of interpretation in antisemitism that could occupy scholars a long time — and I do not have the time. There are gross errors, like belief in the Protocols, and subtle errors, like those of MacDonald’s “Culture of Critique.” My rejection of antisemitism was decided long ago on the basis of reason and evidence. Modernity is problematic regardless of Jewish influences. The degenerative tendencies of modernity are not “Jewish,” and the Jews are not the “disease carriers” as you would have it, because the root causes are in every race. Our degeneracy is our own — not the result of contamination from “others.” My philosophy has always been akin to that of Eric Voegelin. We live in between transcendence and being, caught in a tension that leads some of us to falsify reality. That falsification often relies on blame, on an attempt to avoid responsibility, and cowardice before the terrible truth of our own bad inclinations. We are creatures of error. The great danger is that we scapegoat one group of human beings, imagining that their defeat will set the world right. But it won’t. Naturally, you believe what you believe because your theory of social degeneracy sees the Jews as a causal agent. I do not agree. It is not because of my Christian upbringing, but on account of my historical studies, that I disagree with your premise. The degeneracy of the ancient Greeks and Romans was no more caused by the Jews than our own. It is part of a larger cycle of history. As a pariah people, the Jews were at war with the Romans. Monotheism and polytheism did not easily coexist in those days. The Jews, insofar as they refused to convert, continued to be despised by the Catholic Church as the killers of Christ. This takes us through the Middle Ages. With the decline of Christianity there appeared new forms of antisemitic belief. The problem of urbanization, the loss of meaning, the collapse of morality, were not seen as organic to economic rationalization and industrialization. The Jews were blamed for all the negative aspects of modernity. Yet modern degeneracy has more to do with the interpretive corruption of our own cultural symbols and compounded intellectual errors than with outsiders whose very own traditions are suffering the same untoward effects. Nonetheless, the Jews would get the blame and a vast literature of blame would appear. You, of course, are a believer in this interpretation. I am not. I have never changed an antisemite’s thinking, because there is a psychological imperative at work. It is comforting to believe that a hated pariah group is to blame. However you prettify your antisemitism, or dress it up with sociological arguments, or evolutionary theory (like MacDonald), it is still the same old evasion. It is still the same old scapegoating formula. And since all groups and peoples share in the blame of latter-day corruption, evidence can always be produced to convict one among the many. I am not interested in the slightest whether one group bears a greater weight of guilt than any other. I am watching the political fiasco of my country unfold and it is a universal madness I see — afflicting many subgroups, and the entire elite. If Hitler had his way and exterminated every Jew in earth, our situation could be no different; for National Socialism was it’s own madhouse. We have been on our way here for a long time.

      1. Dear Jeff, I enjoyed reading your answer very much. This is the first time someone gave me a lengthy, sincere, honest and rational answer on my remarks about Jews.
        You said there is a psychological component in antisemitism. I agree.
        I do not really blame Jews because “heaven and hell are in us”, everybody is responsible for his life/fate.
        But these subtleties I leave aside to deliver my message. And my message is: The Jews always were and are far overrepresented in malicious activities. They are initiators and catalyst for the latter. To the gentiles I say: Stop being coward, be rightous and don’t accept what these parasitic people do. Confront them with their deeds. Say: No more !
        To the Jews I say: I never saw only one of you admitting your guilt. I never saw you criticizing your fellow Jews for what they do. You are the greatest hypocrites. You are destroyers and liers. You have no peace in you and thus disrupt and corrode the moral fabric of once healthy and virtuous societies. You manipulated the world (at least the US) into WWI for the establishment of the Jewish state. But you are still here and lead parasitic lifes. Go there, plough the soil, plant and harvest. This is a healthy life. Moreover I would tell them: You do not live what is your destiny. You have all the power in the world but instead of using it for good and helping mankind, you cause only destruction.
        You complain about anti-semitism (all the time and everywhere and as a response to any criticism, as small as it may be) ? – I tell you, you can end anti-semitism in one minute. Say to the people if the world: We ask for forgiveness and forgive on our part. We want to be equal among equals. We want to use our forces and our talent for the betterment of the world.
        And if you behave accordingly it will be the instant and total end of anti-semitism.

        So you see there is no hate and no blaming out of a victim mentality. I say this out of rightousness. Personally I am no victim of the Jews because I am above this game. But I see my nation and my people being destroyed. And not only this: We are approaching Armageddon. The Jews have the responsibility for this. They could stop it. They have power and connections and a level of understanding which exeeds that if our people. They are well aware of the disastrous state of our nations and it gives them a feeling of satisfaction.

        You said that there is a psychological reason for anti-semitism and I agreed. What does this mean ? It means that the archetypical psychological core of a gentile (more precisely white people) reacts to the archetypical Jew with rejection and even repulsion and the Jew towards the gentile with fear and hostility. Today because of PC the people would deny this but on a deep psychological level it is still true. Also Wilhelm Reich confirmed this. The nature of these archetypical psychological differences gives the Jews and advantage over the gentiles, thus their leading role in social movements and in society as a whole.
        Cabbalist Laitman said that only the Jews have freedom of will. This is not some delusion of grandeur, this is actually true, but only in the West, not so much in Russia. The reason is that the Western soul is penetrated by Christian ethics regardless of someone being religious or not. Jewish ethics however are different (it’s enough to read the Old Testament or the Talmud to see this) and they relate to Christian ethics like a master relates to a slave. For this reason most of the anti-semitism stems from the fact that christianized gentiles (again, religious or not is not important) feel inferior and weaker because they have obey to the internalized morality which was brought to them 1-2 millennia ago, often by the sword. If they do not obey they feel guilty. And this is the difference to the pagan. The pagan is free of guilt. We are controlled by guilt. Just look how the Jews okay the Holocaust card, the colonialism and racism cards, how they constantly accuse us and blame us. They occupied the position of moral superiors who have the right to force and punish the people. This is also how they see themselves. Needless to say that they look down on us, that for them there is a fundamental difference between “Jewish life” and life of others. They say gentiles are beasts and they mean it. Mostly they restrain from saying it like gentiles restrain from being anti-semitic. Often both is unconscious, the latter however more than the earlier.

        I experienced the freedom and the power and the transcendal quality of the connection to the way of Odin and the other Norse gods. In this state of consciousness one clearly understands how the mechanism of control works.
        I believe that the souls of the people of our civilization are stuck in a tight corsett of ethics which which was designed to suppress us. And in fact the ultimate goal of the Jews is to force the gentiles obey the 7 noahide laws (or they will be killed). The first of the laws forbids idolatry (under threat of decapitation). This also includes worship of Jesus.
        Today we see that the churches produce a lot of zombies who are good-doers, but not good and easy prey for Jews and other manipulators. Look for example at Mike Pence. He clearly is a morally good man but he is a servant of Jewish interests while his country is in a state of decay and it’s collapse only a matter of time. So this man might be a “good Christian” but is he really good ?
        I do not say that the way of Jesus is a bad way. It is probably THE way. It can be freeing and transcendental as well. But how many people achieve this ?
        There is a difference between followers if religion and followers of the true Christian spirit. The latter chases the money lenders out of the temple and calls liers those who are liers. It is strong, it is sharp, it can lead to total transcendence but it is surely not Pence-like or Pope-like or like all the other “good Christians” who sell out our countries and accept that one people should be granted special privileges and a special status because it declared itself to be “chosen by God”.

  3. I now see why you reacted a little thin skinned.
    I wrote that “your” religion is cult-like. Actually I did not want to say this. What I had in mind were for example the Evangelicals who worship Israel or the European churches which are more socialist than Christian. But I did not want to say that you are part of a “cult-like” religion. But I do think that your Christian coining influences your attitude towards Jews.
    So I didn’t want to attack or insult you and apologize if you took my reply this way.

    1. As far as I remember I saw on your FB profile that you are a Christian.
      No impertinence here whatsoever.
      But you wanted to be challenged rationally. Here it comes:

      “When I talk from the point of view of Kabbalah, Putin, Obama and the other so-called leaders for me do not exist. The hearts of these leaders lie in the hands of the creator. What does creator mean ? I am not a believer in the usual sense of the word. It simply depends on the system of forces in the world. But this system of forces is controlled by us, the Jewish people and not Obama or Putin. They are the executors of our orders, angels. All the world does what we want it to do. When we, the Jewish people, unite we get “a good dance” but when we do not unite we get a “bad dance”. The freedom of will exists only for us”
      (Rav Michael Laitman, the most famous contemporary kabbalist)

      1. Why would you take religious ravings of this kind seriously? Every religion has sects with beliefs of this kind. Why is this important? There are many people with delusions of grandeur. Why share in those delusions?

  4. Conspiracies cannot really explain reality because it is controlled by metaphysical forces. One such force is Yahveh, the Jewish tribal god. The Jewish people as a whole are controlled by this force regardless whether they are religious or not, capitalists or communists, pro or anti Israel. We, the white people are called “Edom” by the Jews and the Torah demands the destruction of Edom. This is why despite the Jewish talent and their positive contributions to society (which certainly also exist), Jewish presence in our societies is felt as a destructive force. It corrupts cohesion, creates and incites resentment and enmity. And when Jews get the upper hand genocide (USSR) and downfall of the civilization follow (USA, Europe). To be fair one can blame the Jews only for about half of the problem. For the other half our own people are responsible who are ignorant, coward and amoral.

  5. Seems to me that most Democrats aren’t studied Marxist, but that most civil servants irrespectively are abusive of their agency positions. Most civil servants might well be Democrats, favoring Marxist empty promises, but I see The Bill Of Rights, under attack from all quarters. Recently for instance, someone posted on other social media, a news video from Fox, 2018, of Pence and Trump both favoring, so-called, ‘Red Flag Laws,’ which confiscate firearms from innocent people, accused of being feared likely to commit assault with a gun.

    1. Most Marxists haven’t read Marx. Most absorb their ideas by a kind of osmosis. The ideas are there nonetheless, and the pernicious effects are far-reaching — as is the fanaticism of those who believe in crazy policies, like getting rid of cows and air travel.

      1. Marxist ideology is only a welcome excuse for living out hate and destructive drives.
        The more normal, free, orderly, healthy, beautiful a society is, the more it is hated by left-wingers.
        Just look at AntiFa. They literally seem to be possessed by the devil.

  6. Again I have to come back to your remark that there is a psychological reason for anti-semitism.
    This is not only true for anti-semitism. It is true for being focused on the negative and threats in general. It is true for both of us, as I believe. I see the Jews more responsible and you the communists but essentially the reasons behind the “obsession” (to use a stark expression) are the same.
    Why do I believe this ? Because there were times when I was so positive that the negative could not reach me. I also saw the world in a different way: Destruction, downfall and WWIII were far, far away or seemed unlikely at all. While today they are constantly on my mind, a certainty and cause of much suffering.
    I noticed that it is subconscious emotions which determine our way of thinking without us being aware if it, thus creating entire different realities. Heaven and hell are inside of us and we are responsible for everything in our lives. Reality is a projection.
    I had contact to many right-wingers and I noticed that their psychological structure is always the same. There is a right-wing archetype as there is a left-wing archetype.
    I even believe I found out why I am so focused on the negative sides in society and why it makes me suffer. The underlying feeling is the same as my feelings during childhood: fear, bad experience and expectations from the father’s side and pity for my mother who also suffered from him. (It wasn’t a bad childhood and I’m exaggerating here to make my point clear) I wanted to save and protect my mother.
    Today I want to save and protect my country/people. The feeling which is behind these wishes back in the day and today is the same.
    Hitler said that the masses are female (i.e. weak, obeying) and he was right. There is a psychological identity of (weak, passive) female/mother/folk/nation and of (tyrannical) father/state/authority/god. And when an empathic child felt pity (for the mother) and experienced control and harshness (from the father) then in later years one attaches one’s heart easily at other suppressed subjects and suffers accordingly.
    I do not say that this is the only explanation but it does play a role here.
    While certainly the destruction and downfall of our civilization would be the same, I would not feel the same way about it, just like other people whose lives are centered around others things.
    I would like to know if you can relate what I said to you as well, even if it is only remotely the case.

    What I write is incomplete and imprecise (I am typing on my smartphone). But I want to bring up different ideas and explanations, even when they should be self-contradictory, because I want to understand the origin of the misery. And out of speculation there can arise clarity and understanding as the picture completes.

    1. Your comments are more appropriate for a private email. Please email me. Let’s not continue this here. My address is here under the contact tab.

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