Politics is about three things: Power, power, and power.

James Burnham

What follows is my interview with Brazilian journalist Allan dos Santos, a leading anticommunist and supporter of President Jair Bolsonaro. Some years ago I did a regular podcast with Allan called Update Brazil. In our first episode we interviewed Diana West and Olavo de Carvalho (the Brazilian conservative philosopher). Allan is a famous voice for freedom in Brazil, breaking stories about communist and Chinese infiltration of that country.

Interview with Allan dos Santos Part I
And Below the continuation after lost connection

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236 thoughts on “Brazil’s Presidential Election: The Fate of Bolsonaro

  1. Russian propagandist “Petunia” says: Genocide is genocide. Zelensky should have evacuated instead of massacring his own people. This lends credence to the Globalist depopulation agenda. The end does not justify the means. Why did Zelensky fail to evacuate or at least warn Ukrainians that he was going to bust the dams and flood the valley? At least Putin is evacuating.

    Leaving aside for a moment the issue of truth and falsehood, this passage doesn’t even make sense unless the dam had blown and large numbers had died in the flooding. But the dam hasn’t been blown (as of 12:55 EST), so the tenses are wrong and designed to mislead (there is no sign that this propagandist has problems with the English language).

    As for the truth of the matter, our propagandist simply repeats the Russian story and doesn’t even address Zelensky’s accusation that the Russian forces are planning to blow the dam and blame Kiev as a false-flag operation and as a smokescreen for further Stalin-style deportations (as Jeff mentions).

    1. Re:
      [ROCIOMATAMOROS722 says:
      OCTOBER 21, 2022 AT 12:57 PM ]

      Zelensky, destroyed three of his own dams, months ago. The reports were posted several times in comments on other essays, here.

    2. I was just told by a Ukraine-connected source that the Russians are about to blow that dam. It could compromise the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, too.

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