To achieve victory in a future war, it will not be sufficient to have nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them very accurately on target; it will also be necessary that the ground forces be able to move rapidly into regions which have been subjected to nuclear strikes. Only when this problem is solved will it be possible to speak of the effective exploitation of nuclear strikes by tanks and infantry in conclusively defeating the enemy, or of carrying out extensive maneuvers and decisive advances in depth.

Soviet Military Strategy, [p. 343]

In 1990 I spoke with a Mexican gun runner. We met at the house of a someone we both knew. The Mexican placed a loaded gun on the table and spoke expansively about his “love” of mankind, his Cuban drinking buddies in Mexico, and the future destruction of the United States. There was an unmistakable Marxist element in the gunrunner’s far-left worldview. It was clear from our conversation that he hated America and he loved communist Cuba.

My interest in the rising cross-border criminal class from Mexico stemmed from a then recently-published book by Joseph D. Douglass, Jr., titled Red Cocaine: The Drugging of America and the West. This book describes “long-term Russian and Chinese intelligence operations aimed at achieving the demoralization and ultimate control of the West….” After preparing for several years, the Soviet special services entered the world of drug trafficking in 1960. They called it “Operation Friendship of Nations.” Soviet dictator Nikita S. Khrushchev got the idea from Chairman Mao Zedong of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), who had instructed his subordinates to “begin cultivating opium on a grand scale” in 1928. According to Douglass, “Mao’s strategy was simple; use drugs to soften a target area. Then after a captured region had been secured, outlaw the use of all narcotics and impose strict controls to ensure that the poppies remained exclusively an instrument of the state for use against its enemies.” [P. 11]

In the 1950s, after Stalin’s death, the Soviet Union modernized its strategy. This involved several steps: (1) They founded Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow to train communists from Third World countries; (2) They began training terrorists from various “national liberation movements”; (3) They set up networks for international drug and narcotics trafficking; (4) they infiltrated crime syndicates throughout the world and set up their own syndicates; (5) they prepared sabotage networks throughout the world, which were to be in place by 1972. [P. 17-18]

The strategy respecting these five points was explained by Douglass as follows: “Narcotics, terrorism and organized crime were coordinated and used together in a complementary fashion. Drugs were used to destroy society. Terrorism was used to destabilize the targeted country and to prepare the revolutionary environment. Organized crime was used to control the elite. All three strands were long-range strategic operations and all three had been incorporated into Soviet Bloc planning by 1956.” [P. 19]

The creation of criminal cartels and the infiltration of international organized crime were key elements of “Operation Friendship of Nations.” As Douglass noted, “The main reason for infiltrating organized crime was the Soviet belief that high-quality information – information on political corruption, money and business, international relations, drug-trafficking, and counter-intelligence – was to be found in organized crime. The Soviets reasoned that if they could successfully infiltrate organized crime, they would acquire unusually promising scope for controlling many politicians and would have access to the best information on drugs, money, weapons and corruption of many kinds.” [P. 18]

How successful was the Soviet and Chinese strategy in subverting the United States? Undoubtedly they compromised America’s banks. They bought many politicians. They corrupted bureaucrats, police officials and intelligence officers. But that is nothing compared to the success they had in Mexico.

Chinese and cubans in mexico

In 2003 a Las Vegas journalist named Scott Gulbransen published a book titled The Silent Invasion. It was about Chinese and Cuban infiltration of northern Mexico and the U.S. southern border. Through the good offices of a Tijuana pimp named Reynaldo, Gulbransen obtained an interview with the leader of a communist group called La Conquidistas.    

Keeping his head down, Gulbransen was driven to a secret location. When he was allowed to look out the window again, he saw a sign depicting an armed man pointing to an image of the state of California. On the sign it read, “Viva Mexico, Viva Baja California.” When he arrived at the meeting place, he was searched. Men with automatic weapons and red scarves were guarding the location. Gulbransen was directed to a trailer at the back of the property. He was told to address el jefe [the boss] as “señor,” and not to ask too many questions. On entering the trailer, he was overcome by the smell of cat piss. Behind a massive maple desk sat a large man in a camouflage jump suit, wearing cheap sunglasses and smoking a cigarette. The following conversation took place:

EL JEFE: So you are the reporter?

GULBRANSEN: No, sir. I am writing a book on the U.S.-Mexican border.

EL JEFE: This I know. And what do you plan to say about the border and the people of Mexico

GULBRANSEN: I plan to discuss the problems of your people and some of the strange things going on down here.

EL JEFE: What strange things my friend?

GULBRANSEN: Well, there’s been incidents with our border patrol who claim they’ve been fired on by Mexican soldiers and soldiers that appear to be Chinese.

EL JEFE: Very well. But I must tell you, you are traveling down a dangerous road. Besides, no matter what you find, no one will believe it. 

El jefe then told Gulbransen, “We are the true Mexican people tired of the economic oppression handed down by the United States. We want our freedom and we want our northern provinces of Tejas, Nuevo Mexico, Arizona and Alta California.”

Question: Why did this maniac with cheap sunglasses think he could wrest four states away from the world’s premier military power? El Jefe’s answer was: “We have friends throughout the world.” Was this a reference to China and Cuba? El Jefe laughed and ended the interview. As Gulbransen departed, el Jefe said: “You tell the fat Americans about the real Mexico. You tell them their day to pay is coming fast. Coming very fast.”

This encounter made Gulbransen more curious than ever. So, he began an extensive investigation. What did he find? He stumbled on testimony from multiple sources indicating that Chinese ships were delivering arms, ammunition, uniforms and men into Baja California through the port of Ensenada. In addition, border agents told him the Chinese were smuggling uniforms and ammunition into the United States.  

Then there was the story of Tijuana policeman Jesus de la Rosa. Because de la Rosa was honest and did not take bribes or inform on his corrupt colleagues, he came to be trusted by his superiors. One night de la Rosa’s captain asked him to drive to a desert location south of Mexicali to meet with a Cuban. There he was given a package of money with a shopping list which included ammunition, beer, rice, cement mix, and Tijuana police uniforms. The Cuban asked that de la Rosa deliver these items. It would be an ongoing job. After making several supply runs to this desert location, de la Rosa asked the Cuban what was going on. The Cuban trusted him and showed him around a secret “army encampment.” The first soldier he met spoke a European language, had blond hair and an enormous scar across his forehead. There were ten black tents with a satellite dish connected to one of them. De la Rosa had been in the Mexican Army and realized this camp was not Mexican. The camp had Chinese, North Korean and Cuban commandos in it. Jesus de la Rosa told Gulbransen, “I don’t care if people think I am crazy, but I think the U.S. is going to be attacked. Chinese, Koreans, Cubans – they all hate the U.S. What I can’t understand is what Mexico has to do with it and how the U.S. can’t see it.”

Months after giving this testimony, de la Rosa was murdered. Gulbransen explained, “Several other sources, sources not named in this book … have also come on hard times. Several lost their jobs suddenly, others became ill with unusual ailments. Still others were harassed and even physically threatened due to their involvement.” [P. 208]

I corresponded with Gulbransen in June of 2003. He was having a hard time since the publication of the book. He said, “I’ve been followed, bumped (with a car) and these cars have also ‘cased’ my house. They’re always the same car – Ford Taurus sedans. Different colors but always the same [model]. When they bump me, it’s usually from behind at a stop light. I get out to exchange insurance, and they take off. Once, the driver (always white males 25-35) told me I am lucky I didn’t get killed and then sped off. I’ve reported them to local police and the tags are always ‘retired.’ The casing of my house I’ve also reported and each time the police never do a thing. I’ve also been followed on foot when I am in New York and also several times shopping with my family. Always [it is] the same ‘looking’ white male who follows me, enough to make it known. Almost like they want me to know and be scared … which I am not. I also have been approached by attractive women … who flirt (I am married with two kids) and say cryptic things like ‘You look like you’re a safe person….’ Or ‘Be careful not to get hurt….’ These all come out of thin air and have no context.”

Was Gulbransen being paranoid? I am inclined to think not. As Nietzsche once wrote, “if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” About a decade ago (give or take) I called Gulbransen to see how he was doing. He sounded good. He was glad his Mexican adventure was behind him. He had decided to never touch the subject again. Can you blame him?

why nukes are not enough

The quote from Soviet Military Strategy, with which I began this essay, is something that most U.S. military experts have missed. As Chinese generals were trained in Marxist-Leninist schools and shared the same philosophy as Soviet generals, there is a common strategic mindset at work in China and Russia. These people do not think like American generals. “To achieve victory in a future war,” their guiding text says, “it will not be sufficient to have nuclear weapons … [but] it will also be necessary that the ground forces be able to move rapidly into regions which have been subjected to nuclear strikes. Only when this problem is solved will it be possible to speak of the effective exploitation of nuclear strikes by tanks and infantry in conclusively defeating the enemy, or of carrying out extensive maneuvers and decisive advances in depth.”

Think of it this way: bombs cannot take over a country. Only soldiers can do that. The real question is: How would you get Chinese soldiers into the United States in the opening days of a war? There are at least three scenarios: (1) you could move military personnel by ship to prepared enclaves in Mexico on the eve of war; (2) you could move military personnel by ship toward American ports; (3) you could fly troops to specially prepared airfields.

Today, Chinese ships are docking up and down the West Coast and in Mexico. We never think of those ships in terms of military sealift capacity. But, in truth, they can move troops and supplies into North America just as easily as they can move consumer goods. What Scott Gulbransen saw in Ensenada almost twenty years ago was nothing compared to the massive off-loading that goes on every day in Southern California or San Francisco Bay. What might they off-load into our ports if war is about to break out? Do we have troops guarding our ports now?

GRU defector Stanislav Lunev told me that Russian and Chinese plans for invading America were based on Germany’s 1940 invasion of Norway. The Germans infiltrated Norway with “tourists.” They had hidden storage facilities with uniforms and weapons. The Germans also put military personnel into merchant ships (instead of the usual merchandise). They sailed right past the British navy. Why? Because they did not look like military ships carrying troops. Imagine, if you will, the access which China enjoys to our port facilities. Imagine, as well, Chinese access to airstrips that might be used to airlift troops deep into American territory. (And yes, there are such airstrips!)

birds of a feather prepare together

The Chinese communists, of course, are now talking about war with the United States. Consider the Newsweek headline which reads, “China State Media Says Country Must Prepare for Nuclear War With U.S. After Biden Asks for COVID Probe.” Consider another disturbing Newsweek headline from 10 June: “China Increasing Military Capability at ‘Serious and Sustained Rate,’ Top U.S. General Says.” According to this story, Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, “warned on Thursday that China’s military is rapidly expanding its capabilities, saying that the U.S. must take steps to ensure it maintains a competitive advantage moving forward.” But China is not America’s only worry. On 26 May General Milley made an even more noteworthy comment. He warned that “fraying” relations with China and Russia required an urgent improvement in ties to prevent a “great power war.”

This is strange advice coming from our leading general. For the last thirty years we have been working to improve ties with Russia and China. And where has this gotten us? We have given the Russians and Chinese every break. They take advantage of us at every turn. They steal and they lie. They break treaties. They commit aggression against their neighbors. (Russia against Ukraine, China against Hong Kong.) We have sent them credits, technology, and more. And what do we get for our pains? America now finds that Russia and China are arrayed against us. General Milley says we must use diplomacy to get ourselves out of this mess. But diplomacy is what got us in it; that is, when Kissinger and Nixon “played the China card” all those years ago. And now General Milley wants President Biden to “play the Russia card” – as if Russia and China were cards that we might play with ease. No! Russia and China are players, not cards; and they have played us.

I am sorry, General Milley, but avoiding a great power conflict is not up to us. We stupidly failed to maintain the balance of power. We wrongly believed that Russia and China were enemies that could never join forces. Our “brilliant” statesmen and our Pentagon strategists made no preparation for this eventuality. Furthermore, we had decades of warnings about this very thing – from Russian defectors! In 1984 KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn warned that the Sino-Soviet split was a deception; that after the “collapse” of the Soviet Union Moscow and Beijing would cleverly shift the balance of power against America and suddenly combine their strength into what he called “one clenched fist.” In 1998 GRU defector Stanislav Lunev warned that Russia and China had developed a war plan against North America. There would be an invasion, he said, in which Russia took Alaska and parts of Canada while China took the lower 48 states. “Fraying’ relations is not the cause of our woes, General Milley; rather, the cause is our own strategic incapacity and readiness to fall into every trap our enemies set for us.

America’s policymakers have failed. They failed to understand their enemy’s strategy. They even failed to properly identify their enemy. Let me explain it in very simple terms: China is part of the “socialist camp.” Russia is part of the “socialist camp.” Cuba and North Korea are part of the “socialist camp.” Their long-range policy is designed to defeat the United States. It is a comprehensive policy, involving all areas of science, government and business. They were never going to give freedom to their people. They were never going to put away their enmity for us. And yet, our elites wanted to believe the Cold War was over. They wanted to believe in the so-called “collapse of communism.” But it was all nonsense. Just look around you. Look at Venezuela, or Cuba, or Africa, or Mexico! (Or even Canada!)

Our pundits and our professors told us that communism was a failed economic system. Such was our conceit; but I tell you: There has never been a communist economic system. The Soviet Union and Red China never had such a system. The communist bloc always practiced a form of state capitalism that restricted consumption (in the same sense that a plantation restricts the consumption of its slaves). Communism is not really about economics. It is about world revolution and the acquisition of absolute power.

Whatever forays into Mexico the Chinese and their allies have made in the past, you can bet there are more Chinese in Baja today than ever. You can also bet that China is stockpiling weapons and uniforms right here, inside the United States. Black Lives Matter, step aside. The real liberators are coming.

Moscow and Beijing have always known that America will never become a truly “socialist” country. After all, why would they want a socialist America? The United States itself must be leveled to the ground, said Stalin in the 1930s, when “the present capitalist encirclement [of the USSR] is replaced by a socialist encirclement [of capitalism] ….” A Marxist takeover of America is only meant to soften the country up, to make it ready for destruction.   

But destruction is not the final goal. As Sokolovsky’s text explained, ground forces will be necessary if the ground is to be conquered. Troops and tanks are needed to “move rapidly into regions which have been subjected to nuclear strikes.” In the paragraph quoted from Sokolovsky’s Soviet Military Strategy at the beginning of this article, the final sentence reads: “If required, the vehicles [used to transport troops] should be transportable by air along with the troops.”

What would you say if a Chinese general acquired a 200-square-mile area in Texas to build a fake wind farm? What would you say if that same Chinese general was building a 10,000-foot runway on that same property? Watch this video and see if I am mistaken:


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321 thoughts on “Invasion America?

  1. I read an article 20 years ago that had been translated from Chinese to English and sent to me by a fellow political commentor. That article simply laid out the desired plan to use the greed of the US leaders, both political and corporate, against themselves to take control of the US. I knew then that this simple truth was the downfall of America. Crony Capitalism knows only the bottom line and whatever it takes to achieve it, where Capitalism has constraints and regulations. The US system has devolved and concentrated itself into Crony Capitalism and its IQ is solely based on profits. This is why you have businesses who think nothing of using Chinese and Mexican slave labor, moving jobs away from the US, and dealing with beasts they know will bite back. Their arrogance is centered around their inner circle and they create a bubble where it is impossible for them to see a consequential effect to their business actions. A one world government is supported for its ease of business for them; consolidating their power and opening up an economic gold mine of forced global consumers. One corporate entity who controls food production, one for textiles, one for entergy, etc. all bypassing individual Country’s regulations and egos and answering to one cohesive power structure. It is the stuff of wet dreams for big business and the perfect lure. This global cabal truly believes it can out-think Communism at its own game. Once, however, this global framework is achieved, then comes the night of the long knives and China will end the useful idiots in a way that is inconceivable to these global intellects of business. Like Jeff has said, they can not conceive nor understand the ways of Marxism and Communism.
    To me, it has always been very simple. Money and power to lure the weakest and softest minds among us to ruin. I know some very affluent people and without a doubt they are the weakest minded and too arrogant to see it. This is why the middle classes must be destroyed fore they always breed innovation and are the keepers of a Nation’s patriotism and checks and balances.

    At this point, our Nation’s situation can be simplified down to two realities.
    One, our Country has been thoroughly purchased through the greed of our leaders in business and politics and all that is left is the softening of the masses to take the Nation down.
    Two, we actually have intelligence left in dark corners of our leadership who value the Country over the cash and are playing the ultimate strategic ruse on China. (Don’t laugh out loud Jeff)
    (This “ruse”, at this point seems more likely to come from Russia after the destruction of America. Putin’s glimmer in his eyes as he spews the virtues of Trump to fan the fires of division tells me as much)

    Actually, the opportunity lies now greater then ever in history to rid the World of these Communist oppressors. When one moves to destroy a superpower they present great opportunities. Those in the dark have to expose themselves for brief periods and once large scale plans are implemented there are short windows of vulnerability. For all that hope in small windows, I fear those intelligent and wise enough to do it are on the other side of the razor wire marked for destruction. Whatever the reality is, a great battle is coming. It hangs in the air, thick with every breath.

    1. From some of their recent comments, it appears that China and Russia already view themselves as victors over the United States. As any student of history knows, in the end, the victors often turn on one another. Jeff, do you think the Chinese and Russians fear being double-crossed by one another, and that this is perhaps what has delayed a full-on assault against the United States up to this point? Yes, Marxism unites these two powers, but a whole host of things separates them— not the least of which are nationality and race.

      1. I hope that Russia and China turn against each other; but I do not believe they would so easily forfeit their coveted advantage over us. Beijing and Moscow have dreamed of this moment for many decades. I expect they will grind us down while they can.

      2. It’s too bad the true patriots in our government don’t try to run an operation like this, to make Beijing believe Putin has made racist remarks about Xi behind the scenes, or vice versa. Something like this would not be difficult to do, for the right people. Once a seed of doubt has been planted, it is almost impossible to uproot. Often doubt takes on a life of its own, far beyond all expectations. The true patriots in our government could use the same tactics the Marxists have employed against us all these years: use racism to divide what is currently united— in this case, Russia and China.

      3. Kristen: I’m more a student of history than of prophecy, yet there’s a prophecy in Ezekiel 38–39 of a war that either I missed when reading history, or it hasn’t happened yet. It mentions a confederation of many nations, not just Russia and China. Near the end of chapter 38, in verse 21, there is the statement “a man’s sword will be in his brother’s side” indicating in their moment of victory, they will turn on each other.

        Looking at the Russia-China confederation, it doesn’t consist of Russia and China alone. It includes Muslims of Turkey (for all practical purposes), Iran, the “-stans”, and within Russia Chechnya and Xinjiang in China, and parts of Muslim north Africa. There’s no love lost between the Muslims and the communists, theirs is an alliance of convenience. Both believe that they are to rule the earth after the victory. The last statement is a recipe for them turning on each other after their victory.

        Then within the countries there’s a simmering hatred of their leaders that threatens to break out as open revolt. I know more about China than Russia, where the extremes of grinding poverty and extreme wealth and corruption of the communist “princes” drives much resentment. Right now the PLA (the CCP’s army, not the people’s army) holds the people in check, but if their iron grip is loosened, an example of being out of the country fighting foreign wars, will the people see this as an opportunity to revolt? Especially if the PLA suffers major defeats in their foreign wars?

        I think that the main thing holding them back is tactical, not a fear of double-cross. Russia wants western Europe. If the U.S. is attacked, NATO has pledged to retaliate. But with the mechanized army, the tanks need solid ground for their operation. In other words, they are waiting for the ground to dry out so their tanks can roll over the fields, and not be bogged down in mud. That should be late July or August. They don’t want a repeat of their defeats during the Winter War in Finland, where their tanks were rendered largely useless by being trapped on the roads while the battle spread over the fields and in the woods.

  2. After the United States is long, gone, Russia is eliminated by the dictator of Europe, and the China, perhaps allied with India and Pakistan, attack Europe. When Christ returns, they all join forces against the Messiah. Big mistake.

    1. You have it all figured out; too bad it bears no relation to the Scriptures or the teachings of the Early Church.

      1. And you are dead wrong on both counts. It is in scripture, and it was taught by the early Church. Russian Orthodoxy has serious problems with the teachings of both.

  3. I’m not sure how familiar you are with Carr’s work but he absolutely does NOT believe jewish cabals are the driving force of this group. He actually goes out of his way to make this point and expresses that it only creates division and is absolutely false. No, he does NOT rely on the protocols and actually provides proof that they are fabricated to create a false narrative.
    To smear his work which he spent years researching, and verifying with actual documents is a testament to the pride of our time. He presented nothing he couldn’t verify. His work evolved over time as he researched and he admits when an earlier theory was wrong and explains why based on new information he unearthed.

    I was not offended by your response but you do seem to jump to conclusions at a rapid pace. Maybe I am not expressing myself to be properly understood? If so, I apologize.

    I’m amendable to being persuaded my beliefs are wrong and I do believe what Commander Carr asserts. But… I really would like people to deal with the facts of his works not the smears made against him.

    Thank you.

    1. Last night I reviewed an article by Carr in which he relies on the Protocols. After WW2 he changed his formula, as did Nesta Webster, because of the Holocaust. I will link to the article.

    2. I am shocked that you would assert the opposite of the truth. Evidently you have not understood that Carr is writing about a Jewish conspiracy. The publisher of his posthumous books was Noontide Press, run by the most notorious antisemite in American publishing, Willis Carto. You really have to understand the background of the writers and publishers who present such ideas. This is the ground of a rabid antisemitism. When Carr writes about the “Illuminati,” he means Jewish Luciferian occultists. He claims the conspiracy started in Heaven with Satan’s rebellion and then “was establshed on this earth.” He wrote that the scribes and Pharisees were the Illuminati of Christ’s day. He adds that the Illuminati killed Christ. Thus he wraps his conspiracy theory in the New Testament, and blames the Jews as Christ killers. He repeatedly refers to the “Synagogue of Satan” which is an antisemitic expression of longstanding. His books are full of historical inaccuracies. Carr argues that the plan referred to in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was formulated before the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati. In fact, he borrowed heavily from Victor E. Marsden’s English translation of the Protocols when he writes of an earlier, “Fifteenth Century ‘Protocol.’” Without any citations or documentary proof, he stated that Amschel Mayer Bauer (1743-1812), who started the (Jewish) House of Rothschild in Frankfurt, was responsible for plotting the French Revolution. Relating to the Protocols, Carr wrote the following: “I am satisfied that the documents [the Protocols] which fell into the hands of Professor S. Nilus in 1901, and which were published under the title ‘The Jewish Peril’ in 1905 in Russia were an enlarlgement of the original plot.” This is a direct and approving reference to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. So I do not understand how you could have read Admiral Carr without knowing he was describing a Jewish conspiracy and that he credited the authenticity of the Protocols. See his book, “Pawns of the Game” (4rth Edition, April 1962), page 31. (P.S., The purported August 15, 1871 letter of Pike, which he also refers to, has also been proved a forgery, written decades later.) This kind of literature appears credible only to those who already believe these things without needing proof. Perhaps you are not a very attentive reader.

      1. William Guy Carr Introduction to Satan, Prince Of This World:

        “I wish to make it clearly and emphatically known that I do not believe the Synagogue of Satan is Jewish, but as Christ told us for a definte purpose it is comprised of “Them who say they are Jews….AND ARE NOT….AND DO LIE. ” (Rev. 2:9 & 3:9). I hope I prove in this book that the Protocols, which contain the details of the diabolical plot Weishaupt revised and modernized between 1770 and 1776 are NOT those of the Learned Elders of Zion, but those of the Synagogue of Satan based on the Luciferian ideology designed to bring about a One World Government, the powers of which will be usurped by the High Priests of the Luciferian Creed who have always secretly controlled the Synagogue of Satan at the top.”

        Page 155:

        “Thus the lecturer proved that what I said about the conspiracy in the previous chapters is true. What he said proves that the Protocols were NOT drawn up by the Learned Elders of Zion for the information of those who attended the Zionist Congress at Basle, Switzerland in August, 1903, as has been claimed by those selected to lead the anti-Semitic phase of the Luciferian conspiracy”

        Mr. Nyquist wrote:
        “argues that the plan referred to in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was formulated before the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati.”

        Commander Carr wrote Page 155:
        “The Conspiracy ante-dates Weishaupt. The Synagogue of Satan, which Christ exposed , goes back further than the days of Solomon. It goes back to the time when Satan first caused our first parents to defect from God for the purpose of preventing our putting His plan for the rule of the Universe into operation on this earth. ”

        Page 146:

        “When Nilus published the lectures as part of his book, The Great and the Little in 1905, as said it exposed :The Jewish Peril,”, he set the world on fire. Intentionally or otherwise, he gave birth to anti-Semitism as the S.O.S. intended, so they could use it to foment World Wars One and Two and bring about the Russian revolution, as required to further their plot.
        My information about Nilus’ part in the publication of the “protocols” was published in 1955 in Pawns in the Game. Since then, I have learned considerably more about this remarkable man. He told three different stories to three different people, when asked to explain HOW the lectures first came into his possession. THAT IS NOT CHARACTERISTIC OF AN HONEST MAN. ”


        I could give more quotes but I’ll leave it there for now. My question for you, where are you getting your information and do you understand what you are reading?

        Furthermore, who or what proved Pikes letter to be a forgery?

        We are in more than a materialistic war it’s actually much more spiritual and those so tied to the material world have to understand that Commander Carr will describe events in regards to the spiritual realm.

        Thank you.

      2. It is standard practice for this kind of conspiracy theory to deny that it is anti-Jewish. I have had anti-semites make this same claim — that they are not opposed to the Jews — then turn around and talk about Israel as the “footstool of the Antichrist.” After WW2 it became important for these writers to obfuscate the anti Jewish subtext because of the Holocaust. Hitler’s crimes made these positions unpalatable to most readers. Willis Carto would not have published Carr’s material if the true subtext was not anti-Jewish. It helps to know the full range of falsification, relationships, etc., and the backtracking changes made to subsequent works and editions. Nesta Webster’s books were clearly anti-Semitic before a certain date. Later her whole conspiracy narrative was rewritten and recast to hide this.

      3. So you are theorizing that because this man published a book 20 years after the authors death that would make the dead author guilty of anti-semitism? The earliest his books on these subjects were published was 1955. The book I quoted from was published in 1957.

        Page 184 of Pawns in the Game(1955):

        “Therefore to charge this diabolical conspiracy as a crime against the whole jewish people and their religious leaders is unjust. I am supported in this opinion by one of the highest ranking intelligence officers in the British Service. He studied the matter in Russia, Germany, and England.”

        Yours is not really a knowledgeable response. It’s simply a way to end the conversation without proof but rather smear.

        However, thank you for your time.

      4. Carr was gaming his antisemitism, revising it by excusing most Jews. He had to do this after the revelations of 1945. The emendation of the original theory was as follows: Only the elite Jews are to blame, and they are not really Jews because they are not believers in Christ but belong to the Synagogue of Satan which crucified Christ. Such is the mantra. Of course, those grisly images of piled corpses at the German concentration camps forced such emendations of the theory. Yet it is the same false theory based on the same poor scholarship. Denying its antisemitism is deceptive, because that was not the original form of it (or the original spirit behind it). But you will not understand me because you believe so strongly in it. You are committed to believe that the Rothschilds and other Jewish bankers and Freemasons rule the world through a massive conspiracy. I tell you it is nonsense. The Marxists are our enemy, not Jewish bankers and cabalists (from whence we get the word “cabal”). Beijing and Moscow and Havana and Pyongyang are threatening us. Red China is not a puppet of Jewish finance capital. But you will never acknowledge this.

      5. Mr. Nyquist,

        You are wrong and are misrepresenting what I believe. I have not and Commander Carr never made the accusations you are accusing us of believing and secretly hiding. There is no point further in having a discussion on a subject in which you are completely ignorant but yet in which you so strongly claim to have knowledge. I believe you are the one with difficulty understanding and strong preconceived notions.

        There is irony in all the insults you have rolled out in the course of this conversation.

        According to your standards in 5-10 years your life’s work and this site will have been a breeding ground for anti-asian, anti-slavic sentiment. And by your standards I’ll say they will have a good case to present. Try as hard as you might all your effort will mean nothing. Keep that in mind as you continue to work.

        Again, thank you for your time.

      6. The term “Synagogue of Satan” has been around since the late 90s, the time when John wrote the Book of Revelation. It is found in the letters to Smyrna and Philadelphia, and references those who claim to be Jews, yet are not.

      7. Synagogue of Satan refers to all Jews who disbelieve Christ. In other words, all non-Christian Jews; or, in plain language — Jews.

        Yet the Jews are Jews, and this a Christian metaphor rebuking the Jews. Yet they are Jews in the sense of our secular understanding, which says that all who identify as Jews are Jews, even if the are and they are not. But here is a theological dispute. To actual Jews, who say they are Jews, this Christian definition merely counts as anti-Semitism. Of course, this touches on very complicated political and religious issues from the Roman Empire.

      8. Jeff, scripture explicitly disagrees with you. Understand, this is not my writing, but two of the letters Jesus dictated to John. Here is the two passages in question.

        To the Church in Smyrna

        Rev 2:8 “And to the angel of the church in Smyrna write, ‘These things says the First and the Last, who was dead, and came to life: 9 “I know your works, tribulation, and poverty (but you are rich); and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. 10 Do not fear any of those things which you are about to suffer. Indeed, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested, and you will have tribulation ten days. Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life. 11 “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. He who overcomes shall not be hurt by the second death.” ‘

        To the Church in Philadelphia

        Rev 3:7 “And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write, ‘These things says He who is holy, He who is true, “HE WHO HAS THE KEY OF DAVID, HE WHO OPENS AND NO ONE SHUTS, AND SHUTS AND NO ONE OPENS”: 8 “I know your works. See, I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it; for you have a little strength, have kept My word, and have not denied My name. 9 Indeed I will make those of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews and are not, but lie—indeed I will make them come and worship before your feet, and to know that I have loved you. 10 Because you have kept My command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth. 11 Behold, I am coming quickly! Hold fast what you have, that no one may take your crown. 12 He who overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God, and he shall go out no more. I will write on him the name of My God and the name of the city of My God, the New Jerusalem, which comes down out of heaven from My God. And I will write on him My new name. 13 “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” ‘

        Your argument is not with me.

      9. You opened the question and I simply pointed out your mistake. It is a very common mistake.

  4. Trigo. I am having trouble approving your three links. The system constantly undoes when I hit “approve.” Very frustrating. I will keep trying.

    1. “Google censors and jams certain sites.” says the person with zero knowledge of how the web works. Most website errors are caused by non-professionals who build their own sites, temporary large-scale outages in platforms or hosts where the cause is determined, or faulty local wifi. Literally the last thing it would ever be is invisible censorship. There is no conspiracy against you.

  5. Jeff, any comments or insights on Putin’s press conference today?

    1. I was more amazed at Biden’s outburst, in which he admitted he had no confidence he could modify Putin’s behavior. There was real frustration there.

  6. Jeff, Any comments or insight on Putin’s press conference? Also, why is no one reporting on the consular office in Moscow being reduced 75% and Americans having to leave if their visa has expired?

    1. Putin gave a strong post-summit performance in his press conference, despite some early groping around. He was served up easy questions by the Russian media that allowed him to portray America as a major violator of human rights. He had some very tough questions from the American media. He oddly praised Biden as an experienced statesman and seasoned politician. He graciousy brushed off references to Biden’s past insults, which made him look gracious and reasonable. He would not name Navalny during the questioning, and in response to questions about disallowing protests in Russia, he mentioned the folks jailed in Washington on January 6 saying that his country merely takes similar measures to prevent disorders. He was smart and sensible in his answers, and careful to avoid too many outright lies. Whether it matters or not, he apparently got Biden to agree on an extension of the New Start Treaty for another five years. It is very difficult to read Russia’s intentions from Putin’s statements. He was stiffer and more tense than usual, which may be a bad sign in terms of what is coming. He gave away one tell, by shifting on his feet, when he was first asked about Ukraine. It was his biggest outright lie, I suspect. He had a cold start at the beginning of the press conference, stumbling around. But he got his focus and had a great deal of carefully prepared rhetoric, with points that could not be easily rebutted. It was an artiful presentation to the Russian people, I think. They will certainly feel good about his leadership if they believe his words. He made the Arctic military buildup sound like an exercise in safety and environmental protection. He stuck to exculpatory technicalities on Navalny, said the talks were “constructive,” blamed the United States for everything, and also blamed Ukraine. The big surprise for me was his lip service to global warming. This is something he has not always done in the past. Clearly, he was trying make a friendly gesture to the Western liberals. It was a remarkable performance in many ways. The American press, with few exceptions, does not appear to have bought his act. That last question to Biden about Putin’s unrepetent ways, was telling. Biden erupted in something of akin to a fit. It was one of those revelatory moments that underscored a deeper layer of tension. What is really going on here? Biden did not seem to have enjoyed the process. he looked weak in comparison to Putin. I’m not sure this meeting accomplished anything for the West. If anything, it made Putin appear in a better light. Perhaps Russia wants to avoid blame for something that is about to happen. This is a guess only. Putin denied any Russian involvement in the cyber-attacks on U.S. infrastructure, and he suggested that most of these attacks are originating inside the USA. Of course!

      1. Do you say it like this because you are absolutely certain without any doubt that there are no cyber criminals based on the USA? We are a cyber criminal free nation?

      2. I would like to comment at the risk of sounding foolish; and I’m amenable to criticism. Regardless of the intentions of Putin and Russia, I have to admit that I like and respect the man. He has a protective interest in the welfare of his country unlike the vast majority of America’s leaders whether they be federal, state or local. Is there any country that is truly free? Is there any country that does not subvert the welfare of its citizens. America certainly isn’t above reproach. But the real tragedy is that our leaders are actively engaged in our destruction apart from the desires of Russia, China and Islam to hasten our demise. Worse yet, we have been responsible for the degradation of societies worldwide as a result of our moral values. And now, we have progressed to the point that there is no way to recover. Every country relies on a certain amount of criminal element (whether ideological or otherwise) to enforce its rule. We simply masquerade ours as democracy. Ideally America would utilize the dedicated patriots in our society to effect positive change. Unfortunately, the worst of the worst is programmed to destroy us from within as Khrushchev promised. I realize the vast majority of our leaders have been compromised. And most are influenced by greed and an elitist attitude. I think if we were to be dominated by anyone other than ourselves I would prefer Russia for the simple reason that they look for people that excel and foster programs that will be of benefit to the country’s welfare and stability. You say Russia and China kill their own. But so does Islam and America. Personally, I would prefer that American patriots rise up to the defense of our country. But there seems to be excuse not to do so. If we’re going to be overrun, I would prefer it to be by Russia. That’s not to say I won’t fight it. It’s just that if we lose, I would prefer Russia rather than China or Islam. I’m open to criticism on the matter. Understand first, however, that I am a hawk by nature and willing to defend our country even though I’m old and tattered.

      3. Putin protects his country after a fashion. Yes. But he muzzles his countrymen, murders the truth-tellers, and governs by deceit and violence. So then, how good is he for Russia? A powerful image may not be good if the underlying reality is corrupt.

      4. Ah yes. And are we any different at this point? Don’t misunderstand me. I want nothing less than to regain control of our heritage as it was designed, though I believe it cannot be done. We profess to be free on the surface; yet it is a delusion. Where do we go from here? We are the authors of our own destruction and, like it or not, perhaps we deserve a wake up call.

      5. I have no disagreement with that. Corruption is corruption regardless of the origin. Every power that ever existed was bent on world domination, insofar as they considered the world, before each was stopped short of achieving their goal. The reasons were varied but the effort was expended all the. Currently there are five vying for control with five others of little importance that are only sideliners. The problem is that three of the major players are out of contention for the golden ring; and America is one of them. It is the sheer greed and stupidity that is sinking our ship. I can think of only two people in recent history who saw the writing on the wall – Buchanan and Perot. When America was of one language and one vision we were unstoppable. When the universal trade language was English nothing was impossible. That doesn’t mean we were always looked upon favorably. It simply means we had an edge. Now we are a rag tag band of misfits ripe for the picking.

      6. So what exactly is the implication of him suggesting most cyber attacks originate in the US? Of course he’s exaggerating, as all politicians do. But what is your response to Putin’s allegation that 35 cyber attacks from US sources were requested for investigation in 2020, and 25 the year before, with no response? Why when the US has a few complaints about cyber attacks is it world headline high priority news but Russia dealing with dozens more attacks year after year is brushed off as unimportant or worse during a globally watched summit? Why would they ever capitulate to American demands when we don’t even acknowledge theirs?

      7. I do not have an answer. What Putin says may be technically true, and may also be misleading. These things are difficult to determine. I take a larger, strategic view. I know what he is aiming at. I know that he lies. I know he prepares to defeat us. This much I can demonstrate. Some details will never be know for sure. Never take your eyes off the big picture.

      8. I get that – the big picture is important. But don’t forget that there are many details of the big picture that are impossible to see. The truth remains that we are all human, we feel human things, and we are limited by the human world. This combination makes V. Putin essentially just another lawn mowing, weight lifting dude. While he holds power that very few hold in the world, he is scrambling to make sense of it the same as we all are. The same as Joe Biden is. The same as Xi Jinping is. Their political ideologies obviously lie far on the spectrum from yours, but what would be their motivation for conspiring to destroy America and possibly the world? More power? More domination? They already dominate their immediate worlds. Why would they ever risk that for probable chaos? Other than being psychopathic madmen, which is not what I see in Putin, there is virtually zero incentive to create mass violence. This fact feels overlooked often on this forum.

        (and if the inevitable starvation by the Chinese due to environmental factors is their incentive, then we should all be sharing and discussing the proof of that inevitability first and foremost. but that is only hinted at here, as a foundational motivation for China to invade our territory.)

      9. Communism/socialism is a powerful atheistic religion. You have been taught that it is no longer a factor in world politics. But it is the biggest factor. You discount it’s power at your peril.

      10. This is where I think your intellectual error exists. The “power” of communism (defined as: a system in which goods are owned in common and are available to all as needed) is very personal to you. You’re more ready than most to denounce the entirety of the concept to the world of Evil. You consider it an “atheistic religion” which, in order to rationalize, you must make mortal enemies out of countless people and their representatives, who go about day-to-day life never once impacting your life personally. To me, this is odd. You bear your fears day after day with words intended to incite some kind of action that ultimately serves the purpose of weeding out these nefarious actors who puppeteer political events, somehow in an ever-successful way, and make tools of all those who dare empathize with their fellow human being living in peacetime. More confusing yet, this group includes those that consider the actual teachings of Jesus, who is supposed to represent Christianity by the way, the only true gospel.

        How do you reconcile an emotional departure from fellow Christians who don’t see the same enemies that you do? What community in which you engage informs you to concepts that reinforce your spirituality? Do you have one?

      11. Hmmm. Seems we’ve had over a decade of crackpot ideas destroying our country. And it’s coming from us.

      12. Avoiding the questions I see. Too on the nose for you to address? Too difficult to reconcile? I understand.

  7. “Hal Lindsey “ wrote the “Late Great Planet Earth” several years ago.


    For those who may not yet have noticed: Among the Russian delegation was also Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, General Valery Gerasimov – in uniform, of course! But allegedly, there were no threats issued… – Come ooon.

    Also, Putin’s separate press conference given inside the mansion (while Biden gave his out in the brutal summer heat!) was like one of his routine Soviet-style press conferences back home in Moscow. And there was a bomb shell, hidden in plain sight: Having first picked two Russian journalists, he then chose CNN’s Matthew Chance: saying,

    “Let’s give the floor to FOREIGN JOURNALISTS. CNN! Matthew Chance!”

    Putin is himself abroad, on Swiss soil. If he addresses an American journalist in a press conference on Swiss soil as a “foreign journalist”, he implies that the location, Geneva, Switzerland, is Russian territory! And that’s how the so-called Russians (read: unchanged Soviets) have indeed been viewing Western Europe for a long time: as their own property!

  9. Excellent article! However, after reading it, a question emerges: are you safe, Jeff?

    By the way, if possible, I would like to ask about your opinion about these articles:

    1) “Communism and Anticommunism
    on the Threshold of the Millennium’s Last Decade” – Published on Wall Street Journal on 27th February 1990.

    Curious note about it (Google’s translation):

    “A significant echo of this manifesto was the letter addressed to the American TFP by Mr. J. F. Steft, Deputy Director of the Office of Soviet Union Affairs of the North American State Department.

    On the part of President Bush (father), he offers arguments against the theses supported by our message. This in part where I launched an interpellation to people, institutions, parties, government personalities, governments and international civil and religious organizations in the West that incorporated collaborators for the maintenance of the communist regime.

    This argument by the US State Department agency was politely expressed and expressed high regard for the work. The American TFP responded in an equally lofty and polite tone. But this exchange of correspondence went no further” (Source: book “Minha Vida Pública” [ENG: My Public Life])

    2) Rethinking China – Published on internet on 21th April 2020

  10. Nobody is safe. Everybody is dressed up like Antifa. Antifa can run amok with impunity. Anyone who looks like Antifa can be charged with assaulting police and eluding. Or are masks to appease Islam?

  11. China is part of the “socialist camp.” Russia is part of the “socialist camp.” Cuba and North Korea are part of the “socialist camp.”…American Democrats are part of the Socialist camp!

  12. EDDIEHNATKO You are a fool. Putin is a murderer. An atheist and communist.

    1. I understand your ire; though I am not really a fool. If we had some sort of leadership I would be out fighting in an effort to rid our country of the evil that has befallen us. Tell me this. Is not our own government murdering our own? Are we not becoming atheist oriented by our own hand. Are we any different from those of whom we are wary? Have our churches fallen away from God and Christ? I will die in the fray; and that’s okay. At least I will go down fighting. I have no problem with what you are saying. I only meant to imply that given a choice I would rather suffer under a government that doesn’t mask its identity than live under one that pretends to be holier than thou.

      1. “Regardless of the intentions of Putin and Russia, I have to admit that I like and respect the man.” You are a fool.

  13. Do you like or respect Moa or Stalin? Kim in North Korea seems a fun guy to have a beer with?

    1. No. I don’t respect the three you mention; and I am not a fan of any form of dictatorship. I would prefer that we go back to our original design. I doubt that will be possible. We have gone past the point of no return. No matter what we decide to do in an effort to regain a semblance of that which we were, I feel the intermission is over and we had best take our seats to see how this plays out. Meanwhile, when someone yells fire try not to get crushed by the mob.

      1. We are not free to go backward, but only forward — into decadence. We are facing a breakup of civilization followed by a reformation. Are you up for it?

      2. I don’t see a reformation, Jeff. No sir. Only grief and despair for those opposed to a world dictatorship and a fearful joy for those who go along with the program.

      3. That’s an optimistic view considering the length of time they actually do last. And, yes, the world will change and, in fact, is changing for the worse. Farther back in time Churchill, Patton, MacArthur and McCarthy all saw it coming. But that was back when we could have done something to change the course of history. Too late now. We/the world are in a downward spiral of death and destruction. Will it eventually end? Yes, but only when the Lord God Almighty puts a stop to it.

    2. Hey, I heard that Pol Pot used to play pool with Mao Zedong. What I’d like to know: Did Pol Pot have to lose on purpose? Or did he ever dare to win?

  14. Mr. Stanwyck,

    I wanted to address certain part’s of Carr’s narrative concerning Sergei Nilus and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion;

    ”Page 146:

    “When Nilus published the lectures as part of his book, The Great and the Little in 1905, as said it exposed :The Jewish Peril,”, he set the world on fire. Intentionally or otherwise, he gave birth to anti-Semitism as the S.O.S. intended, so they could use it to foment World Wars One and Two and bring about the Russian revolution, as required to further their plot.
    My information about Nilus’ part in the publication of the “protocols” was published in 1955 in Pawns in the Game. Since then, I have learned considerably more about this remarkable man. He told three different stories to three different people, when asked to explain HOW the lectures first came into his possession. THAT IS NOT CHARACTERISTIC OF AN HONEST MAN. ””

    Sergei Nilus collated the writings of Nicholai Motovilov after Motovilov’s death, Motovilov being a disciple and primary source of the life of Saint Seraphim of Sarov (Motovilov pushing for Seraphim’s canonization,which happened in 1903). Nilus wrote spiritual works himself, and was quite erudite and wise after a fashion. He was definitely not a naive man, whatever else one may think of him and his ideas. Sergei Nilus is the main source of the prophetic legend about Saint Seraphim that St. Seraphim will be raised from the dead during a time of great spiritual decline, and lead Russia to repentance, back to God.

    Russian Orthodox Christians of the official church are generally very extremely hesitant, despite the Nilus connection to the Protocols, to cast doubt on the man Sergei Nilus or his character.

      1. Mr Nyquist, why are you listening to this person, Vladimir? He is a liar, a deceiver. He is here to lead people astray. Some of his comments have been downright dangerous.
        You have honest people coming on here, searching for the truth.

        Jan Malina was right all those years ago. I tried to help him when he was in prison, then before he disappeared. Afterwards, through a lot of research, I found many of the priests he had been in contact with within the SSPX, mysteriously died.
        Every single thing Jan Malina wrote was the truth. Your work is part of that. What he didn’t realise of course, is what has happened over this past year. He did warn of similar things and that faith will guide us. It certainly has in my case.
        There is only one true Faith, one true Church. That is the Catholic Church. I have been listening to an interview with Harry Wu. As you know, he was a Catholic. His account has deeply moved me and strengthened my resolve. It has also shown me the methods being used against us.

        What Vladimir speaks about is false. I would like to bring your attention to the following Top Secret STB Policy c.j.
        CB-00 2040/0389, that was issued on 11-28-1989, that is AFTER the so called
        “collapse of communism” in Czechoslovakia, in one of its articles we can read
        the following:
        3) Top priority and essential tasks for our STB activities
        Section b) Operations:
        ….. through our influential network subdue attempts of the reactionary
        church officials to activate political clericalism that’s supportive of the
        right wing opposition movements and groups.
        It is my humble opinion, this is what Vladimir has been doing. Although there are no reactionary church officials here, his replies to certain people here, follow this policy.

        I admit that I am scared, for I know what we face. It would be wrong of me though to hide in fear, while others bravely try to spread the truth, even at the cost of their lives. These are truly evil times. We are to be prudent, but…It is our duty to God-to warn and instruct properly our fellow men….as true charity should also direct them to do…. 
        I have done everything that I can to learn the truth and to share with others what I have found. It is time for me now to focus on my children and to prepare.
        I pray for your safety, but most importantly, I pray for your conversion to the true Catholic Faith, without which there is no Salvation. I pray that true men of God will rise up and fight with valour, for Glory of God, Church and country, against this communist scourge.

        ‘In this battle there can be neither neutral nor the undecided. What is needed is a Catholicism which is enlightened, convinced, without fear, a Catholicism of faith and action, of feelings and works, in private as well as in public..’ Pope Pius XII
        We will be victorious, for God will be with us.

      2. I am a Protestant. My theology is different from yours. This site is for anti communists from all backgrounds. I hope you understand that I am not going to discriminate against Orthodox Christians. I have friends who are Catholic and friends who are Orthodox, yet I am neither. This site is not a place to make religious arguments. I seek to unity with all those who recognize our common danger. I wish people kept it to the subjects I cover, but they keep intersecting theology. This will only divide us. As for enemies and their tricks, let us be smart and show that we will not be divided. In this way we can learn from our enemy, who always has things to teach us. We do not have to believe everything that is written here. The important thing is to think things through, a process Americans have not practiced much.

  15. I’d rather have the Chinese in charge than the traitorous, scheming, glutonous jews that control America from top to bottom. Ol’ JR always conveniently leaves out how the Rothschild jews own it all.

      1. To your reply to my comment.
        I am not an American. I am very much accustomed to thinking, it is how I got here.
        Your criticism of me is unfounded. I was tired of the comments section being filled with Vladimir’s Russian Orthodox ramblings, so I decided to say something. He has criticised the Papacy and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Yet any criticism of his orthodoxy is met with contempt. Surely I am not the only one who thinks this. I would rather talk about the matters at hand, which is why I try to share things I believe to be relevant.
        I will stand by what I said.

      2. I did not intend any criticism of you. And I have no contempt for you at all. I think your concerns could be justified. Do you notice how religious quarrels erupt here constantly? I am worried this is intentionally being provoked. Traditionalists and conservatives often come from different traditions. How do we manage this and form a common front against the communists? All these heated disagreements give me a sick feeling — that we are all absorbed in the particulars of our separate faiths, unable to unite against the communist divide-and-conquer game. I appreciate your faith and sincerity. I have great interest in Catholic ideas. As it happens, I have been attacked here on my own website by Protestants who accuse me of sympathizing with Catholics. Now, perhaps, I am being too tolerant of the Orthodox. I do not want to be in the middle of a religious war. It makes me very uncomfortable, as you might imagine. Here, the subject that I care about — our common defense — is constantly being drowned out by various religious confessions and conspiracy theories. These take us away from the danger at hand. Through all these recent posts I find myself discussing topics that leave no room for my own subject-matter. I am criticized, as you see, if I do not agree with this or that idea or theory. Who shall I censor? You must forgive me if I want to draw Vladimir into a discussion to learn — either from him or about him — and discover what he thinks. It doesn’t mean I am going to convert to his way of thinking. If he is trying to manipulate us, time will reveal it. I let communists post here because I sometimes like to answer their slanders, and give people a taste of the hate mail I receive. And yes, there are traps being laid by other people who post here, and there are many deleted posts you do not even see that are very nasty; troll stuff, sometimes having to do with religion or antisemitism. If I say yes to the wrong thing, or I am not careful, people come right after me. I get attacked quite often, and it is preferable to see it here where I can answer — rather than somewhere else where the enemy’s thought process remains hidden. This is a battle of ideas. One ought to engage.

  16. Ohengineer, you said;

    ”And you are dead wrong on both counts. It is in scripture, and it was taught by the early Church. Russian Orthodoxy has serious problems with the teachings of both.”

    Orthodoxy and the Early Church are One. But if you’re right, you should have been able to name those teachings contrary to the Early Church or Scripture held by Orthodox Christianity, right?

    Aside from that, you’re defending what ‘another’ said, that in the End Times, America will be ”long gone”, Russia will be conquered by the ”European Dictator”, and China and some Islamic countries will basically be running amok. I’m no genius, but I am a skeptic of this fairy tale.

    Kindly show from the writings of the Early Church (which do exist!) and/or from Scripture where this God-awful mess of false prophesy or pure speculation has any standing in Christian teaching. Or even in any secular political or military literature instead.

    1. You can dream on. I will say nothing beyond that as Mr. Nyquist’s purpose here is not yours and theology is a peripheral thing here.

  17. I believe the emendate domain should be use by Texas and shut this ranch down.

      1. Interesting article on “The Solar Retrograde Cycle and Little Ice Ages.”

        “Jupiter and Saturn are about to do something not seen since the year 1226”

        “The two largest planets in the solar system have fascinated astronomers for hundreds of years. But the gas giants will do something later this month not seen since the Middle Ages — they will look like a double planet.”

        “The rare occurrence will happen after sunset on Dec. 21, 2020, the start of the winter solstice.”

        “Alignments between these two planets are rather rare, occurring once every 20 years or so, but this conjunction is exceptionally rare because of how close the planets will appear to one another,” said Rice University astronomer Patrick Hartigan. “You’d have to go all the way back to just before dawn on March 4, 1226, to see a closer alignment between these objects visible in the night sky.”

        “So here we sit. The next beat of the 179-year solar retrograde cycle is due. The next beat of the 360-year Little Ice Age cycle is due. The next beat of the 1440-year ice-age cycle is due. The next beat of the 11,500-year ice-age cycle is due. The next beat of the 100,000-year ice-age cycle is due . . . and we’re worried about global warming?”

        “It’s ludicrous to be worried about global warming.”

  18. It makes perfect sense actually. You must abhor the idea of community. Hell is other people, right? Evil is truly caring about the stranger; being willing to sacrifice for the ‘other’. Of course an ideology like communism terrifies you when you can’t even feel comfortable as part of a community. And anyone who can must be a crackpot. You are an isolationist, pure and simple. What a lonely existence that must be!

    1. “Hell is other people,” is a line from Sartre, who was a communist sympathizer. Your ideology is a scam. In practice, it is tyranny.

      1. And a communist sympathizer is always a monster? This is exactly my point. Almost everyone is an enemy to you. Your personal vendetta drives everything about you. Grow up man.

      2. The communists in Beijing want to destroy our country. A communist sympathizer is helping this process of destruction whether he/she knows it or not. I have no vendetta. I just want America to be safe and free. If you sympathize with communism you are dangerously misguided. Look at every communist country on earth. All are despotic. People are crushed by such regimes. No real freedom. State control of every aspect of life. Enforced scarcity. As an adult in this world you should know about all this. You should be able to understand the differences between constitutional government and communist government.

      3. Doggone it, Jeff. You say, “I just want America to be safe and free.” We are neither. Oh sure, we have a modicum of freedom and safety depending on where we live. But the fact is the Communists are already here and have been for a long time. We are governed by Communists. The only reason we haven’t been invaded outright is because we are doing such a good job self-destructing. When the invasion, from other than South America and Islam, finally comes the only thing left for the invading army will be burial detail. You say, ” You should be able to understand the differences between constitutional government and communist government.” But you add that we cannot go backward – only forward. I’m a constitutionalist and a staunch American; and I am beside myself sitting on my butt waiting for TSTHTF. I understand the chaos that would result from an all out civil war. And, in all likelihood it would be a losing proposition anyway (my assessment only); but doing as we are now only guarantees that we are destined to extinction without ever having put up a fight. Don’t get me wrong, Jeff. I have a lot of respect for your opinions or I wouldn’t bother to argue with you.

      4. I do not understand why there should be an argument. The odds are heavily against us. Nobody understood the strategic situation in the past. Now we must explain it again and again until everyone sees that our insights match the unfolding reality. In fact, the enemy will shortly try and make us look like criminals. You watch what happens next. They are setting up Patriots for a fall. January 6 was nothing. Don’t get suckered into the wrong thing.

      5. Indeed. The only ”Socialism” that seems to work in this life is in the voluntary communities of faithful Christian monastics, prayerfully dedicated to the Lord with their whole lives (and a good number of them are solitary ascetics). And certainly no Atheist/Materialist could accomplish Socialism on an involuntary and societal level.

      6. I visited the Orthodox in the Scott Valley of Northern California to visit Bishop Chrysostomos of the Old Calendar Greek Orthodox Church. He was an amazing person. You could not believe the treasures of art they had built in their places of worship.

    2. Communism as community? Neighbors snitch on neighbors and children on their parents unto death. And that’s not just a Russian or Chinese thing. Read an article on Yale university with all your Marxist SJWs switching on fellow students and teachers to the point that the whole campus exists under a cloud of terror.

      It is what you call Conservatism that actually upholds natural law and its integral components of family and community. Imagining that we think “evil” is caring for another exposes your deep ignorance of how the vast majority of Americans live in this country.

      The hives of villainy and psychological isolation are in those big blue Democrat cities with the 700 murders a year (Chicago) run by Marxists in their little anti-social bubbles.

    3. Anonymous, what exactly are you trying to accomplish here? You seem like such an ass to me.

      Have you ever read William Bradford’s journal of the Pilgrims start in America? These were devout, God-fearing people. They tried “Communism”, in the most basic terms you described further up in the posts. It was a failure. It fostered lethargy in some, resentment in others. They abandoned it.

      If it cannot work among the most devout to live on this continent, with probably the strongest faith, and best work ethic, and most goodwill toward their neighbors, who were also engaged together in a serious struggle to survive, then it cannot and will not ever work. It goes against human nature-at least the better parts of human nature.

  19. It seems a theological debate broke out in the comments section. Whether Russian Orthodoxy is in line with the “early church” or not is quite irrelevant to the situation on the ground. While membership numbers are astronomical in Russia, attendance of once a month is only about 7% (at least as of 2008 per this Pew survey):

    This article from 2019 gives the figure of 6%, though the Patriarch Kirill boasts he is building huge numbers of churches:

    Meanwhile, Baptists, Pentecostals, and Christians of all types other than the Orthodox, face police raids, churches being demolished, and anti-evangelization laws that make it a crime to preach the Gospel.

    Kirill, by the way, is an old KGB agent. He spent decades promoting Liberation Theology, which isn’t Christian at all:

    The Russians play a double game where they put out much sound and fury attempting to woo right wingers with false information about Putin’s conservatism and the status of religion in Russia. Russian Orthodoxy is merely a church religion and serves internal and external propaganda/control purposes.

    1. It’s real simple; most people in Russia have a great antipathy for Western Christianity and always have, and even more so for American cults and their toxicity. I have no problem with having rules protecting one’s native culture and spirituality from such cults of Americanization. Whatever most Russian Orthodox might think of the ”official” Russian Orthodox church leadership,most are devout in a pious but very independent way, plus there other factors involved which I don’t think you’d understand or even want to understand. Let’s face it, chances are you’re a ”Jehovah’s Witness” or a Mormon or SDA person that hates Russia because your sect can’t find much of an opening there.

      Error has no rights, and the fact that in the West it does as a matter of principle,goes a long way towards why the West is circling down the toilet right now.

      1. “Let’s face it, chances are you’re a ”Jehovah’s Witness” or a Mormon or SDA person ”

        I am Presbyterian.

        “American cults”

        Russia’s ire is directed against all non-Russian orthodox religions, including communities that have been in Russia for generations, such as German Catholics, who have had churches demolished or outright stolen to be given to the Russian Orthodox. It’s persecution against Baptists and other groups are also not against “American” missionaries, but ethnic German and Russian converts. I believe there were some Baptists recently who got asylum in Germany due to police harassment. I don’t think the Baptist doctrine of sola fide is going to pervert the largely unbelieving Russians who don’t even attend Communion regularly despite claiming to be members of the Russian state church.

        Russia’s prosecution of Christians and the establishment of their own state religion is done for the very same reason why China does it: for purposes of mass control over the population. The “American” “toxicity” they are against is any possibility of opposition to Russian aggression and the rulers of Russia. Like the CCP, Russia has its “state” church, run by “former” KGB degenerates, who utilize the approved religion for political/propaganda/security ends, both at home and abroad. It is far easier for Russia to control religious people by funneling them into a church that is infiltrated and controlled by the government.

        As for “Independent” Russian Orthodox who don’t attend church, this is nonsense. There are no Eastern Orthodox who avoid communion, unless you’re claiming there are underground Priests taking care of the true faithful and are not popping up in these surveys. When Catholics or Orthodox fail to attend weekly communion, they are not actually Catholic or Orthodox.

        Since the above is nonsense, there are no secret “mostly devout” Russian Orthodox in Russia. They are a minority, and all claims to the opposite is pure nonsense.

      2. This is generally true, but the USA still has enough genuine Christians that they dominate the Republican party and make up a significant portion of the national electorate. Weekly attendance correlates quite highly with people actually following Christian teachings and even voting the way you’d expect a Christian to vote, such as the supermajority of such people voting for Trump in the primaries and also in the election.

        The USA is not Europe and definitely not Russia when it comes to the religious issue.

        That said, my intention wasn’t to have a “who is more religious” argument, but to push back at the false impressions made by the other poster about the status of Russian Orthodoxy in his country.

  20. “I am worried about a Marxist takeover of the country or a massive assault from overseas.” Thank you. Now I feel better. The two ended statement separated by “or” did it.

  21. Jeff, there is a post that showed up in my email that I can’t find for some reason. Whatever.

    I can understand your frustration on the comment area. I may be the only person commenting here that was a regular on your first board which you had to close c.a. 2000. Comment areas tend to absorb a lot of energy to keep them from getting away from your purpose. On the other hand, from what I have seen, those blogs that kill the comment area tend to lose a fair amount of readership, no matter what Ann Althouse may claim. I find it frustrating not to be able to comment when I think something needs to be added, or an error corrected, if such exists.

    The religious quarrels that break out are a residual of 2000 years of conflict in the Church, which became especially acute during the Reformation. Those battles were minimized during WW2 because the leadership clamped down hard on such things, but also because men realized such things were minor in comparison with what they were facing in the war.

    I understood why the original board was closed and agreed with the comments friends sent you advising you close the board. I also lost interest when it was closed.

    For me, you are pushing things I have already known for many years and I enjoy reading another take on it. I came at the matter from another angle, biblical prophecy. Nothing that is happening is a surprise to me.

    1. Back on the original board we were caught in 9/11, and it matched up with grey terror a bit; but they played that out for twenty years snd here we are. Actual biological warfare on a massive scale. This phase is looking like the real end game. I am seeing too many of the signs.

  22. Saintclare, you said somethings in which you really calumnate me,which need to be addressed;

    ”Mr Nyquist, why are you listening to this person, Vladimir?”

    It’s his website, and he’s intelligent and open minded.

    ”He is a liar, a deceiver. He is here to lead people astray. Some of his comments have been downright dangerous.”

    What have I lied about, or ”deceived” about? I give my honest opinions about what I believe, and what I know from personal experience. You can take it or leave it, but it is what it is. Have I personally attacked you? Not a good sign for indicating someone living in the truth.

    My God, I am literally almost 100 % in lockstep with Alexander Solzshenitsyn, Igor Sharefevich, Fyodor Dostyoevsky, with the Whites of the Russian Civil War and pretty much almost everybody in Russia prior to the 1917 Revolutions, especially in Anti-Communism, and bizarrely I’m treated as some freakish abomination by delirious western religious fanatics and conspiracy-addled political paranoids….

    ”You have honest people coming on here, searching for the truth.”

    You also have people who favor mystical apparitions and end-times theories who come here to shoe-horn Mr. Nyquist’s ideas into the framework of their hatreds of Russia, the Russian people, and Orthodox Christianity. Anti-Communism is just the fig leaf they use to disguise it, like the Nazis did.

    ”What Vladimir speaks about is false. I would like to bring your attention to the following Top Secret STB Policy c.j.
    CB-00 2040/0389, that was issued on 11-28-1989, that is AFTER the so called
    “collapse of communism” in Czechoslovakia, in one of its articles we can read
    the following:
    3) Top priority and essential tasks for our STB activities

    Section b) Operations:

    ….. through our influential network subdue attempts of the reactionary
    church officials to activate political clericalism that’s supportive of the
    right wing opposition movements and groups.
    It is my humble opinion, this is what Vladimir has been doing. Although there are no reactionary church officials here, his replies to certain people here, follow this policy.”

    What are you going on about? Can you point out what I have said that is false, and why you think that it is false?

    1. I am an admirer of Solzhenitsyn and other Russian anti communists. Many Westerners do not understand Eastern Orthodoxy. Great attention is paid to the early church fathers.

    2. I just spoke to a Brazilian friend, who has a lot of experience with this kind of thing; taht is, people fighting over theological differences. He said that the famous Brazilian conservative writer, Olavo de Carvalho, had this same problem on his websites. He would have Protestants and Catholics provoking fights with each other on his discussion boards. The ones provoking the fights, by the way, were pro-Putin (just to put things into context). I actually got peripherally involved in one of these disputes and I sided against a Protestant by taking Olavo’s side. I did so because this Protestant was clearly pro-Putin, and was spreading Russian state propaganda. This was very clear to me, as Olavo was calling out the communists. Why would an honest Protestant ever side with Putin? This is the dividing line here. And the whole game being played, in fact, was very interesting. If an anti-communist begins to get a larger audience, they break that audience up by inciting religious animosity between Christian groups. They suddenly turn a discussion about the communist threat into a discussion about the evils of Catholicism or Protestantism or Orthodoxy. An appeal is made to religious convictions. And this diverts people. Those who are most likely to oppose communism are those who are seriously religious. And those who are seriously religious are more likely to have particular views that conflict with other seriously religious persons. Do you see how this works? The communists have studied us. They know this about us. They are ready to break up our discussion by injecting such controversies into our deliberations. Any time we try to awaken people to the danger of communism, all the communists have to do is pose as a communicant in one of the three major branches of Christianity and start a food fight (so to speak). Pretty soon everyone forgets about communism because everyone is so angry that their theology is threatened by one of the other Christians. They are laughing at us. We are such fools and they are so clever! If a Catholic believes I am going to Hell, and thinks I am as great a threat to the true religion as a communist, how can I say anything? If an Orthodox Christian has this opinion of my faith, then why is he here? People can say what they will about me, but I know who the real enemy is here. It is the communists, the Marxists. We have to be able to tolerate each other and work together if we expect to physically survive. If we don’t, there will nothing left. And perhaps this will be God’s judgment on us all. My focus on communism is constantly being undermined by religious quarrels. It makes us all look ridiculous. There are no pure Catholic or Orthodox or Protestant countries left in the world. I am sorry. If you expect to defeat the communists, you are not going to win by turning away allies; especially genuine Russian and Chinese Christians. In the political sphere, we live under a secular constitution because there would be a bloody religious war if we didn’t. The kind of vitriol I have seen in this discussion site, in which people attack other forms of Christianity, is an insult to me. I take personal offense at it. I have invited everyone here to have a discussion about communism — not to see you beating each other over the head for not believing in the true gospel. So I don’t want to see religious commentary here. This site is about Marxism, and communism, and the strategy that is now unfolding. If you go off reciting prophecies or scriptures, or Bible versus or interpretations, you are opening a religious discussion, you are opening yourself to a discussion of theology that will divide us. I will no longer have it. Religious differences are being used to disrupt this site. It is painfully obvious. This site does not exist for religious debate. It exists so we can track the advance of Marxism, so we can understand what is happening to America and the world. Statements of faith are personal. If you want to attack another Christian denomination, set up your own site. GET OFF MINE.

  23. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, David DuByne who has a youtube channel uploaded a video talking about crop losses in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, he also talks about the crop losses and food price increase in China:

    1. The world is facing serious food problems. I think the grand solar minimum is part of if. China and Russia new this was coming.

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