MIRACLE, n. An act or event out of the order of nature and unaccountable, as beating a normal hand of four kings and an ace with four aces and a king.

Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary

Readers have asked for an update from German author Leo H. DeGard, who tapped me twenty years ago for inclusion in his book, Who is Planning the Third World War: An analysis from prophetic, military and intelligence sources. He graciously agreed to discuss present European events in light of past statements by European mystics and seers. Please note: Coverage of this subject is not meant as an endorsement of specific prophecies, seers or predictions.

interview with leo h. degard

NYQUIST: Some of my readers are keen to get an update from you. They fondly remember the interview I did with you several years ago.

DEGARD: A few days ago, a friend said it was time for a new edition of my prophecy book. Unfortunately, I do not have enough time to revise the old manuscript but if you have any questions about the [European] prophecies please just ask me. I will try to answer.

NYQUIST: Thank you. Do you see some of the prophecies you wrote about in 2002 coming to pass now?

DEGARD: I’d say that by now the overall political environment fits much better into the predicted scenario. There is, for example, one thing that is impressive, and that is the development of military drones which were not being used in 2002 but are ubiquitous today. It’s the same with the ‘comet-like ascent’ of Red China as an economic and military world power. This was predicted in the 1970s by an Austrian seer who I once met in person. And another thing is the widespread use of smartphones that today look exactly as described by Alois Irlmaier in the 1950s. Two decades ago we had cell phones but Irlmaier described the typical wiping or swiping motion of the finger over the touchscreen. This is new and was not known even two decades ago let alone in the 1950s.

NYQUIST: Irlmaier was, as I recall, one of the most impression visionaries of the last century in terms of things he got right.

DEGARD: Yes. Irlmaier was the most impressive seer we had in Germany. There once was a court case against him because someone accused him of ‘jugglery,’ but he could prove his ability in such an impressive way that the court had to acknowledge his gift in the decision and he was acquitted.

NYQUIST: The prophecies you covered in your book pointed to a future war with Russia, China and other countries. Is this unfolding now? And how do you see the timetable we are on?

DEGARD: I don’t know for sure when this war might break out, and I’m not sure if it is beginning soon. It could be, yes. But It is not clear at present. Of course, I think we are coming closer.

NYQUIST: What signs are you looking for?

DEGARD: In Germany we should expect high inflation before the war. At the moment inflation is rising, but it’s not yet high inflation. The next sign after that is some kind of national uprising or maybe a military coup, or something similar. And although the sentiment is getting worse here in Germany, as we have many protests in many cities because of the lockdowns, we are not close to an uprising yet.

NYQUIST: What kind of war is predicted? Were the seers predicting a conventional war or a nuclear war? Do the aggressors win or lose?

DEGARD: It seems that all kinds of weapons will be used, especially nuclear and chemical weapons, and of course conventional weapons too. It is predicted very clearly that the communists will lose the war, that means Russia will lose completely and the U.S. will win. The fate of China is not quite clear. It is possible China defects at one point during the war. First off, they attack the West together with Russia but then later it seems China fights against the Russians. But this is not entirely clear.

NYQUIST: Is there any indication (or agreement) as to where the war starts?

DEGARD: Yes. We should expect two regional wars to break out shortly before things escalate out of control in Europe. There will be a Middle East war in the region Syria-Israel and a new war in the Balkans region involving Macedonia-Greece-Turkey. In the Balkans we should expect the first nuclear strikes. Following these two regional wars there should be a peace initiative with a peace conference. During this peace conference it is predicted that a high-ranking politician gets killed. There are hints the victim of this murder could be the U.S. President or maybe a high-ranking U.S. official.

NYQUIST: There are civil disorders predicted in these prophecies, too, aren’t there? What countries are supposedly impacted?

DEGARD:  Yes. Civil disorders are to be expected in Italy, France and Spain, and in the United States, too. But in the U.S. it seems these are racial disorders. And as you know, the U.S. already suffered racial riots last year with Black Lives Matter. In Germany there should also be a civil-war-like condition. And there is one more sign that I remember. One seer from Austria said that there would be fighting in Galicia, too, before the global escalation. He meant the Galicia in the region Poland-Ukraine, not the Galicia in Spain. This Galicia is in the western part of Ukraine; which means it is not in the eastern parts where we have the [current] war in Donbass.

NYQUIST: So, this could refer to a Russian invasion of western Ukraine?

DEGARD: Yes, I’d say so; but, unfortunately, there is only one source confirming this, at least I don’t know of more than one.

NYQUIST: Do the prophecies refer to a Chinese invasion of the United States?

DEGARD: Yes. This will be a combined invasion by Russia and China through Alaska and maybe on the West Coast, too, but Irlmaier said ‘they won’t get far.’

NYQUIST: This aligns with the testimony of a GRU defector who spoke of Russian and Chinese plans for a future invasion.  

DEGARD: Irlmaier said, ‘At the same time the yellow dragon [China] invades Alaska and Canada. However, it doesn’t get very far.’ Irlmaier added, “The Russians are trying to invade North America via Alaska.”

NYQUIST: Are there any details as to how this invasion is defeated?

DEGARD: Unfortunately, Irlmaier does not explain in detail how the attackers will be defeated. At least, he does not explain this in the case of American soil. In Europe the main reason for the Russian defeat seems to be the use of a chemical barrier that seals off Western Europe from the east along the line Prague-Baltic Sea or maybe Trieste-Baltic Sea. This barrier is laid by a huge fleet of American drones coming from northern Africa as it seems – somewhere in the desert. Irlmaier explained in detail the effects of this agent. It is yellow and/or green (maybe a binary agent) and wherever it falls down all plants, all animals and humans die away. The flesh of the victims gets necrotic and turns black. He said the Russian tanks are still driving when the crews inside are already dead. He said it will be a clear night when these drones start dropping the agent. Because of this barrier the logistics of the Russian attack collapses and the Russian troops that are already in Germany start to panic. They throw away their expendable equipment and retreat to the north.

NYQUIST: There must be a terrifying loss of life in this war.

DEGARD: Oh yes. Irlmaier predicted a huge loss of life. Whole nations will disappear, he said.

NYQUIST: Do any of these prophecies mention biological weapons or the pandemic we are now experiencing?

DEGARD: I cannot remember any good and reliable sources that foretell the current pandemic or any other biological weapons. There are some mentions of new pests or new diseases, but not with any detail.

NYQUIST: Do you think prophecies of this kind are reliable, or should we treat them as an interesting possibility coming from people who have occasionally made accurate predictions?

DEGARD: Irlmaier was such an amazing seer, who predicted the individual fate of so many people accurately – decades into the future – that I consider his prophecies reliable.

NYQUIST: Are there indications of what the world will be like after the war? Will people be more religious? Will civilization be set back to the dark ages? Will mankind be morally improved in any way?

DEGARD: There is a good documentary movie about Irlmaier and how he predicted the individual fate of many people. It is interesting that this documentary hardly mentions his war prophecies. Unfortunately, the language is Bavarian, so it’s probably difficult for you to understand, but if you want to get an impression, you may take a look: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/aloisirlmaier. As for life after the war, it will change in such a way that, yes, people will believe in God once again and there will be a remarkable religious renaissance; and this will be related to a return to a morally renewed lifestyle. For example, Irlmaier said that abortion will be prohibited after the war. He said people will treat each other in a more decent way. At the same time there should be more personal freedom and responsibility. The question of the technological level of life is hard to answer. Soon after the war life will be quite basic but there are other sources that predict amazing technological advances in quite a short time after the war.

NYQUIST: Will Islam be a factor in the war?

DEGARD: Yes, but not a huge factor. There are two occasions in which Islam seems to play a role. First, there is an Austrian prophecy from the 1970s that predicts an Islamist attack against New York City, probably with a nuclear device, probably a missile, shortly before the outbreak of global war. And then there are riots with Muslim youths in European cities also during the prelude to war. But there are also hints that some parts of the Muslim population will help to defend Germany against the Russian invasion. I interpret it this way: that the Muslim population in Europe will be divided. Some will fight the atheist-communists because of their faith and some others will make trouble especially during the prelude to the Russian attack. There are only a few German sources predicting anything about Islam. But there are Islamic prophecies from the Middle East who paint a similar picture concerning the Third World War; for example, one source says that a sign before this war would be that ‘red people’ come to Turkey and Turkey will turn communist. This could mean a Russian invasion into Turkey. That would fit the picture of most European prophecies that predict a kind of Russian encirclement of Europe. The Russians will start their invasion into Europe at its flanks in the north – that means Scandinavia – and in the south – that means the Balkans and possibly Turkey. The next strike is then in the direction of Germany and France. But this strike will barely reach the Rhine before their supplies break down because of the chemical barrier.

NYQUIST: Is there anything more specific on Turkey?

DEGARD: I quote from the Islamic prophecies, Armageddon – the Great War, Sayyidina Mahdi and why Jesus will come again, by Sheikh Nazim, who wrote: ‘For Mahdi’s coming, peace be upon him, there are two signs. The first is that the Turks will become communist, then the great war will break out. That is the second sign. Then Mahdi, peace be upon him, will come….’ [p. 134] Armageddon is here conceived as a war between the East and West. It is written that the West will win and the East will disappear. This greatest war is taking place between followers of Jesus Christ and unbelievers who ‘seek pleasure and follow purely materialistic goals.’ [p. 164] ‘”[The] Red people” have come to Afghanistan. They also have come to Pakistan and then to Turkey. There will be huge Russian forces west of Aleppo. At the same time the American forces will be in Turkey, in Adana, near the sea. There will be a great battle on the plain there. The war will last three months, and during that war the Mahdi will appear.’ These Islamic prophecies agree more or less with similar German predictions; for example, a prophecy by Erwin Zahn, who said, ‘The Soviet communists are also the arsonists in the Middle East as they meet with little resistance in Northern and Western Europe, in the Balkans and in Turkey.’ He continues, ‘First the Soviets invade Afghanistan and Persia. People will scoff at the fact that it does no harm to the mullahs if they are chased away. With the attack, Turkey and the Balkans are also affected by NATO states, which means that this war will spread across Europe.’ A similar Austrian prophecy says: ‘The occupation of Turkey by the Russians will be the beginning of the great war.’ A prophecy from South African seer Nicolaas Rensburg, says: ‘During the night, Russia storms through Turkey on the way to the Suez region, whereby Turkey does not offer any resistance. The Russians now come into contact with the American army in Syria and Palestine, where they (the Russians) are stopped by the Americans. Palestine is destroyed during the fighting. Many secret weapons and gas are used everywhere. While terrible bombs sow death and destruction, nations are wiped out. Some nations cease to exist, other survive, but will then be insignificant.’ He says later, ‘The war will be very fierce and quick, destructive and dire. Nations will be disbanded, very quickly, by air strikes, by bad bombs and bacteriological warfare. Some Arabs are standing on the side of the Americans. Many oil fields in the Middle East are being set fire to by the Red Army which is defeated by the technically advanced weapons of the United States.’

NYQUIST: Many years ago, a South African friend told me about Rensburg, an Afrikaner Christian, farmer and soldier who died in 1926.

DEGARD: There is also a prophecy from Scandinavia by Anton Johansson who said, ‘Persia and Turkey will be conquered – presumably by Russian troops – and will lose their oil wells and riches.’ It is often hard to estimate if these prophecies are reliable because in contrast to Alois Irlmaier these seers do not have a proven track record; but as you see, irrespective of their background, Christian and Islamic visionaries, from totally different parts of the world, paint a similar picture of the future.

NYQUIST: With recent Russian preparations against Ukraine, I cannot help asking what people in Germany are saying. Is NATO going to let Russia take Ukraine?

DEGARD: My impression is that people in Germany do not realize what is happening in Ukraine. They are busy dealing with the corona virus chicanery and the lockdown. My impression is that Ukraine is not in the public mind at all. I guess it is not a coincidence that Putin makes trouble in Ukraine. The strategists in Moscow understand that public support for the government in Germany – and public support for governments throughout Europe – has never been so low. The Kremlin is probably trying to combine the public dissatisfaction because of the lockdown with the foreseeable rejection of any resolute stance against Russia.

NYQUIST: It seems the West has been seriously weakened from within.

DEGARD: In my view it would be much easier if the public would eventually understand that our government [in Germany] is obviously controlled by communist agents who act on orders from Moscow and Beijing. I guess if NATO was exposed to a political stress test in the form of a possible military action against Russia at the moment – well, perhaps NATO would not survive. At least it would lose a lot of its credibility. I would not be surprised if the Ukraine situation [involves] Russian nuclear blackmail against the West. This would boost the peace movement tremendously.

NYQUIST: So, Europe may be at a turning point.

DEGARD: Yes, I’m afraid that is true. When we take a look at the news, our fear grows even more. For example, Europe is rebelling against American power – The Boston Globe.

NYQUIST: Aside from recent developments in France, do you see any positive signs at all?

DEGARD: Unfortunately, at the moment, I do not see anything that could set things right. But I have full confidence that the communists will be defeated. I just don’t see how this happens right now. My confidence comes from the fact that prophecies from the past are coming true. You know, that my starting point for dealing with communist strategy was the fact that prophecies predicted a return of communism. And nobody twenty years ago could imagine that this might really happen. And it did. Twenty years ago, people said I was crazy because I said communism would return. They were laughing at me back then. These people don’t laugh anymore. They are getting afraid and ask me to boost their morale. And there is one more thing I forgot to tell you with regard to your question on how the Russians will be defeated. Irlmaier said that during the war there will be some kind of uprising in Russia, too, and a civil war breaks out that causes heavy loss of life in Russian cities. In the end the Russian leaders will realize the hopelessness of their cause and will commit suicide. This is what Irlmaier said.

NYQUIST: Do you think the war could start this year?

DEGARD: I know that you have concerns. In my view it is too early for world war this year. The signs don’t fit the picture yet; but we are near, I agree. Maybe next year, but I am not sure. The prophecies say that Russia’s attack on Germany will start in July or August. This is coming up fast and I don’t believe the missing signs will happen before then, in such a short time.

NYQUIST: What do you think of the reported food shortages in China?

DEGARD: I remember a statement by Golitsyn that such news about communist food shortages is often deceptive.

NYQUIST: Yes. We must be careful about Beijing’s public claims.

DEGARD: At the moment, in Germany, our government is ruining our agriculture with silly new environmental regulations.

NYQUIST: I think there will be serious economic trouble ahead.

DEGARD: Maybe the communists need even more chaos in Western societies, more public disobedience, more economic ruin – to turn public opinion against our local authorities. This is exactly what [German Chancellor] Merkel seems to go for.

NYQUIST: That seems to be part of the process here, too.

DEGARD: There is no other explanation for our current ‘lockdown.’ Our local police are on the verge of insubordination. A few days ago, an officer in charge of a police operation during a large protest in Stuttgart refused to dissolve the demonstration. In Vienna there was a similar situation during such a protest.

NYQUIST: You heard what Putin said at the DAVOS meeting: ‘Things could get out of control and cause a war of all against all.’

DEGARD: It seems our government [in Germany] is losing the police and, when this happens, they will also lose the military. And yes, I know what Putin said, as I understand it, he said if a ‘peaceful transition to socialism’ (as posited in Sakharov’s writings) fails, then the alternative is civil war followed by invasion.

NYQUIST: Yes, that seems to be the formula. Thank you for taking so much time today. This has been an worthwhile discussion.

DEGARD: By the way, maybe I should use this as an opportunity to say thank you, Jeff, that you are so steadfast to write about the communist menace for decades although you probably don’t get much appreciation.

NYQUIST: Well, I just got some appreciation. Thank you.

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104 thoughts on “Of Miracles, Seers, and Auspices

  1. It seems that associating yourself with Seers and prognosticators Is an attempt simply to re-publish where your name has been mentioned. I know that to struggle as a political and historical writer does not garner you the attention that you actually deserve for your good intellect and historical acumen. I actually give you a hard time because I very much respect you. But I also realize that if you would focus your attention on things that can actually make a difference and save our republic, you could be seriously effective. But you continue to espouse non-aggressive non-kinetic solutions to a letter stage communist revolution. This makes your assertions completely spacious and ineffective. Please turn your Intellect and historical knowledge to how we can effectively fashion counterrevolutionary blow that will decimate the left in our country, enable us to solidify our position here, and then to extend this anti-communist strength throughout the world.

    1. Do you imagine, Robert, that my writings are in any sense popular? If not, then why would you think I could attract a popular following with which to start a counter-revolution? It makes no sense to upbraid me as “ineffective.” Of course I am ineffective, because we are living in an age of publicity, entertainment, and vulgarity. What succeeds nowadays is attention-seeking behavior. That’s not something honorable and serious people can do. Just look around. Look at all those “successful” people on TV, in Washington, on Wall Street. It’s called “the swamp” for a reason. It’s a landscape of reptiles, with a good number of snakes. They do what it takes to get ahead. If it was all about being honest and truthful, don’t you think I’d be a professor somewhere, or a well-paid journalist? The communists are not the only problem we have. You know there’s a problem with our culture and with our educated people, with our business people and our politicians. The public, meanwhile, just wants to be entertained. Of course, you are very upset that your country is being destroyed by its enemies. I am, too. And what you want is the White Army, with tanks and artillery, and a brilliant general to lead it. But there isn’t a White Army, There is no brilliant general out there, Robert. Something bad must happen before this country wakes up. Nothing I write can change these people. Only events can change them, provided somebody has written something that can replace their shattered worldview. In this age of publicity, when everything is based on entertainment, we have only the reality TV star and former president, Donald J. Trump, as our political savior. I couldn’t get elected mayor of a small town, and certainly do not have the resources to try. Do you really think anyone would support a person like me for office? What sort of jackass would I be, then, if I attempted to form a revolutionary army? Did I miss an invitation to a Continental Congress? Did John Adams come up out of his grave to make a speech for me? You know (or maybe you don’t) that I am generally regarded, in polite company, as discreditable. You see, I talk about “communism.” I talk about the subversion of our government in Washington. It is all, ultimately, coming from Moscow and Beijing. Who will honestly state this truth? If you say this truth you are a pariah. The Republican Party will not accept you. Mainstream conservatives will not invite you to their cocktail party. Fox News would never have me on. The rich in this country would never throw their money behind me. You see, what I am saying IS NOT what these people want to hear. And that damns me in their eyes. Meanwhile, the masses are too busy hanging on every word of Alex Jones or other conspiracy theorists. So I am telling you: the first thing to do, is get people to see the truth. That is step one. And it is a monumental step. Frankly, I am overwhelmed just thinking about it. And here, you are ready to bypass that monumental step. It is evidently too much for you. But you cannot skip the big step. You cannot! It will not work.

      1. Even the White Army wasn’t the ”White Army”, Jeff. Too many people thought that a White victory would bring back Serfdom and worse than the worse Romanovs as Tsars (Adm. Kolchak wanted that position) with people like Baron von Ungern Sternberg in charge, and that other countries would carve up Russia. So the people didn’t pick sides, or reluctantly supported the Reds, in many cases.

        It just wasn’t meant to be, White victory.

      2. If I remember the story, Baron von Ungern Sternberg took The Mongolian capital from the Chinese Army. The Bolsheviks caught up with him there. I do not remember exactly how he died. He seemed a bit crazy. Not a sympathetic figure.

      3. Jeff, I am in the process of reading a recently released book called The Lenin Plot by Barnes Carr. I am only 80 pages in so far and not much good stuff yet. He discusses this history/theory that the US was supporting the White Army with money, espionage and we were attempting to assassinate Lenin after the Bolsheviks came to power. It got good reviews for its uncovering these historical artifacts—but bad reviews on writing. I never heard about this narrative before. What is your take on it?

  2. Jeff- first let me commend you for your superlative work. I only discovered your essays a week ago and your analysis of current and past geopolitics and strategy rings true backed by your erudition and depth of knowledge.

    Your message is important to all who value freedom and our western traditions and for the current demise of the west to be turned around will require many people to wake up and be galvanised to action.

    Germane to Mr. Malin’s criticism, maybe it’s time to bring your message to a wider audience by appearing on “friendly” podcasts with large audiences. Perhaps your readers could help by suggesting they host you as a guest on podcasts such as the Joe Rogan experience.

    yours etc.

    1. I do some radio, but the audiences are not super large. For those big audiences you have to be invited, first. Before that, they must condescend to notice you. Time will tell.

  3. Or Steve Bannon’s Warroom or Raheem Kassam’s podcast: https://raheemkassam.com Both podcasts have wide audiences and Steve and Kassam appear to hold many of your same deep concerns.

      1. An interview with Mike Adams is how we discovered you. The job of a guest on an interview is to make the host look good. You may not get many interviews because your knowledge of history and your analysis of current events exceeds the grasp of most who would make the request. You cut a little too close to the truth for mainstream media, so it may be on you to set up your studio and produce your own program. There would be no end of websites/blogs that would promote it, ours included. Looking forward to your premiere episode. We’ll watch for updates.

  4. Thanks for your reply Jeff. I have listened to you with Frank Gaffney and think you come across very well. But I also understand how hard it would be to break in on the larger podcasts. However your work shines and speaks for itself.

    That’s where a bit of help from as many of your readers to suggest you as a guest would help. As Stalin said “Quantity has a quality of its own” If enough readers suggested you as a guest in the contact section for those podcasts such as: https://www.joerogan.com/contact maybe an assistant might just read one of your essays and have their interests piqued enough to suggested you as a guest. I think the excellence and relevance of your work speaks for itself.

    After all one immutable law of the universe is everything starts small, just as the oak grows from the acorn or the universe from a singularity.

    1. Readers are always free to promote this site to podcasters or radio personalities. You might be surprised to know that the late Rush Limbaugh was aware of my writings. He even sent his assistant to take notes when I spoke to a very small gathering at the East India Club in Manhattan in 1998. Limbaugh was an occasional reader of my column at Financial Sense and he once read one of my pieces on the air. I was also a guest on the famous Art Bell Coast-to-Coast program twice in the late 1990s, though I am quite certain it was no accident that Bell’s professional troubles began shortly after my first appearance on his show. In fact, John B. Wells, who initially took over for Bell at Coast-to-Coast, told me the story of being warned by a network executive against talking about communism. Wells ignored that warning and was subsequently blackballed as a radio host and broadcaster (he now runs his own podcast, the “Caravan to Midnight”). So it is by no means child’s play for someone with a big audience to talk about the themes I discuss. Censorship, contrary to what people may think, is not new. Very successful people have long been subject to pressures small fry feel only indirectly. The longtime poetry editor of Chronicles Magazine, for example, was fired from his position several years ago shortly after praising me in an article. Was it because he praised me? I cannot help believing so. When doors are regularly shut against you and people run from your message in panic (pointedly distancing themselves), you come to understand that things are being said against you, and warnings are issued, from behind closed doors. Every imaginable “conspiracy” theory gets air time, as everyone knows. But talking about communism in the context of Beijing and Moscow makes powerful people very uncomfortable. The communists, after all, are the biggest political mafia on the planet. Communists put an end to my academic career thirty-one years ago. I could not get work as a teacher because of my anti-communist views. No one should underestimate the influence wielded by communists in the broadcasting and even podcasting world. People are readily de-platformed and ruined these days. We are not simply dealing with kindhearted leftists who disagree with us. Our problem is much more serious.

      1. Well. Communism is the ideal system for the Uber Wealthy- the Super Rich. It takes some serious meditation for most people to decipher and understand that. It is rather easy to sell it to the broad public (everything is “free”, merit based careers, etc – as a promise). Communism is a “bankers thing” and yes, to be a declared anti-communist means one is against the top accumulation of wealth on this planet. A rather undesirable position to be in.

      2. I remember your Coast to Coast show. I was 18 years old and even then a night owl. That really brings back the memories. 1996 or 1997 at the latest.

  5. One other humble suggestion would it be possible to have a section of the blog with permalinks to your radio and podcast appearances?

    1. Yes, I could refer to my broadcasts more often. I probably should link shows more often. The truth is, I prefer the written word to radio or podcasting; snd I feel strongly that reading is a much more important activity than listening to a “show.” I fear that if people have an easy way of listening they will stop reading.

      1. Thank you for preferring the written word. So do I, even though I have dyslexia therefore cannot speed read. Reading allows one to pause, think about what is written, and really understand what is said. I can’t say that I agree with you 100%, my sources are not the same as yours, yours are more extensive, but I saw that communism was still in control of Russia well after “we won the cold war”. It was like a breath of fresh air to read your columns. Thank you for the written word.

      2. This is quite fair. For instance, I prefer to read my news rather than watch it. The nice thing about podcasts and interviews is that you can multitask. I frequently will download one or more podcasts to listen to while working in the greenhouse, for instance. It’s also appealing to hear the passion in the spoken word. It’s my belief that a weekly podcast or even more frequently would not only increase readership but also enhance your impact and influence, and in these times, we need it desperately. I might refer to Dan Bongino as but one example of someone who essentially began his media career with a podcast.

      3. Danke, für Ihre sehr aufschlussreichen und interessanten Texte. Ich bin sehr froh, wenn ich sie lesen kann. Das ist viel besser als es zu hören! Ich drucke es mir sogar aus.

    2. As a Post Script: You might ask me sometime about those anti-communists who do (by chance) receive substantial media attention and financial support — like Sebastian Gorka and David Horowitz, for example. Did you know that, for 22 years, David Horowitz has refused to take calls from me — or return calls? Did you know that he savagely attacked Diana West for her brilliant anti-communist book, “American Betrayal”? Oh yes! The media took Diana’s syndicated column away after Horowitz’s coordinated attacks on her reputation. It is a long and complicated subject; but those who are permitted to play the role of anti-communist are very special people. It is always important, in a political game, to have the right kind of people in the right positions. If you were a communist, and you were focused on infiltrating your enemy, what groups would be at the top of your list for subversion? Ask yourself, then, if it is mere happenstance that anti-communists have been so unsuccessful and ineffective in recent decades. Look closer at those, on the anti-communist right, who soak up all the money, who suck all the air out of the room, who blackball important writers (like West), who ridicule important themes, and are so very “successful” at telling people how Reagan won the Cold War and how people should be focused on funding the fight against government-funded and tenured Marxist professors (whose jobs are protected by law). Have you ever heard the expression, “Beat your head against a brick wall”? Do you know what funding a losing battle looks like? By all means, look at the geniuses who have been the big-shots on the anti-communist right — from William F. Buckley to David Horowitz. You won’t hear them saying what I am saying. Ask yourself, WHY THEM? Ask yourself why they will not tell the truth about James Angleton or Anatoliy Golitsyn, or the last days of the USSR. Here is a very difficult subject, which is almost impossible to unscramble. What really happened to anti-communism?

      1. All the Communist officials in East Europe simply became even more wealthy “Capitalist” after 1991. In many ways it was a clever ruse – a collapse, with big rewards. Obviously much more IQ Power is behind the Communist mantra then most people expect. Same time, increased bureaucracy ism nothing but communism. Etc, etc, etc.

  6. Dear Jeff, I want to thank you for your articles, especially this one, about a topic I’m very interested in. I found the collection of WW3 prophecies in your previous site years ago and always kept it in my mind.

    I live in Brazil, you have many readers here, especially among the students of professor Olavo de Carvalho. Best wishes!

  7. The superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions.

    The superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in paying for excellence.

    (A Gentleman seeks not, the best of every deal.)

  8. I am not too familiar with all the prophesies of my Orthodox Christian brothers and sisters, but I do recall that after the present ”Time of Troubles” (similar to the last one, or the ”Mongol Yoke”. Russia will be blessed with a Righteous Orthodox Tsar who will stand against Antichrist;

    1. Sounds very similar to DeGard’s sources. A time of troubles followed by a long period of peace, and a resumption of monarchy.

      1. And from the traditional and perhaps more anti-modernist perspective, this sequence of events which will collapse the present age is something that is bound to happen, this age being at the very least simply unsustainable.

        It’s possible that some of these prophesies (whether for good or for evil) are conditional to a degree, and can be modified one way or another to a certain degree by human agency, as when the Assyrian capitol of Nineveh repented with the preaching of the prophet st. Jonah (that the city would be destroyed by God in 40 days), and was not destroyed in his time.

        I think that prophesies and miracles are possible, of course, and such stories, wonders and events offer a glimpse into the workings of Divine Providence, when fulfilled. certainly also offering the vantage point of a ”canary in the coal mine” with looking to the future, when truthful.

    2. I know I said I would no longer comment, but I can’t resist given the gravity of the subject matter, so here goes in the off-chance you’ll let this one through…

      Any prophecy that exalts Russia and Orthodoxy is false; I’m not anti-Russian per se, as my wife is Russian (Protestant) but her aunt bombards her continually with Orthodox idolatrous messages that are totally incompatible with Scripture, to our ongoing distress.

      Russia is plainly the land of Magog, whose chief prince will lead it against an Israel at peace to “take a spoil”, without any concern for intervention from the West, which by that point will be somehow neutered.

      So I will make a prediction for you, and maybe you will remember this in years to come, even though it may be sneered at now.

      Evangelical Protestantism is on course to be silenced worldwide around the year 2025 (through “hate speech” / “anti-terrorism” laws in the West to match the “national security” laws that suppress it in Russia).

      Catholicism will also be shut down, probably a short time afterwards, but in a much more brutal fashion, totally wiped from the face of the earth as a religious institution, leaving just Orthodoxy which the Russians will believe has been confirmed by God as Православная (Pravoslavnaya), the “one true faith”.

      Some time around late 2028, an overconfident Russia will be leading a massive military action in the Middle East against Israel (to seize its vast Leviathan gas field) and at that point, the Jews will have no helper to assist them as the West will somehow be neutered by then. They will cry out to God and He will open their eyes to Jesus as their Messiah, whereupon He will annihilate the Russian led coalition and devastate – with fire – the Russian homeland (among other regions), finishing idolatrous Orthodoxy and atheistic communism and all the other abominations of the earth, such as Islam, and restoring and elevating to power the sovereign grace faith in the West, thus marking the end of ungodly rule and the beginning of the Kingdom of Christ on earth. And by then there will be no doubt what the one true faith is.

      Sources: Ezekiel 37,38 & 39 + Zechariah 12 & 13 + Romans 11 + Revelation 11 & 17 + Daniel 2 &12

      This part that now follows is speculation rather than interpretation of any specific prophecy: Russia, as present day chief arbiter of peace in the ME, will broker or preside over the brokerage of what will be billed as the superlative peace treaty, one that ultimately lulls Israel into a false sense of security, believing Russia has all the hostile parties around Israel pacified under its benevolent control. There is no other world power that has such a peace deal within its gift, so to speak, given the vast surge in influence and respect Russia has achieved in the Levant in recent years. Such a peace deal might also partly contribute to the West’s neglect of Israel’s security, but again, that’s further speculation.

  9. Mr Nyquist, regarding Baron von Ungern-Sternberg, you’re right he really was a piece of work. He was captured by Red Army forces that had invaded Mongolia and executed after a 6 hour trial.

    1. The White Army had very poor prospects, except in Finland. The only victorious White General, Mannerheim, was unique in being politically astute.

    2. The White Army had very poor prospects, it seems, except in Finland. The only victorious White General, Mannerheim, was unique in his political wisdom.

      1. Mannerheim, who was originally a Russian Tsarist general descended from German-Swedish nobility, had the sense to base his break from the Bolshevik regime on the basis of Finnish nationalism, as the Duchy of Finland had already had practice in self-government (having semi-autonomy and a legislature from the Romanov central government) and an ethnic Finnish cultural revival since the 19th century.

      2. I just finished reading Jonathan Clements book on Mannerheim. Such a heroic figure. He was a spy for the Tsar in the Far East and taught the Dali Lama how to shoot a pistol.

  10. Jeff, are you aware of the work of the John Birch Society? They are deeply anti-Communist, and seem to be in alignment with most of your views. They do believe by educating people through conversations and small gatherings, we can wake up the country to the Communist conspiracy. They are therefore more optimistic than you are, but are fighting for the same cause. I’ve taken some of their courses (they have one on the U.S. Constitution), and they strike me as very sincere and well informed. The Communists managed to smear their name back when they got started in the 1950s, causing the average American today to think of Birchers as crazy people, but the fact that the bad guys tried to destroy them in itself speaks to the organization’s integrity. At one time they were a strong political force in America, until the Communists destroyed their good name with their lies.

    1. This is a complicated story. I tried to work with these people many years ago. The leaders of the society believe some very strange things, and the society’s leader was at one time under Soviet control. In fact, there is an allegation against Robert Welch by one of his closest former friends.

      1. Which John Birch Society leader was under Soviet control?
        Where can one find the source and nature of an allegation against Robert Welch.?

        Thanks Mr. Nyquist.

      2. Congressman Larry P. MacDonald, head of the John Birch Society, was being blackmailed by the Soviets in the early 1980s. When he told a close friend he was planning to turn himself in to the FBI his plane, KAL-007, was shot down by a Soviet jet fighter causing a major international incident. The blackmail pictures were published shortly thereafter by Hustler Magazine. Specific allegations were made that Robert Welch was meeting with “the enemy” in the memoirs of his longtime friend, Revilo Oliver. In addition, Welch had a leadership role in a pro-Axis subversive organization during WW2. Welch’s early collaborators at JBS included many anti-Semites like Taylor Caldwell, Revilo Oliver, and Willis Carto — all of who worked for the Birch Society publication in its early days. John McManus, President of the Birch Society in the 1990s, personally told me that Hitler was “the dupe of the Jews,” and that Israel was the “footstool of the Antichrist.” The JBS leadership believes in “a conspiracy behind the communist conspiracy,” which I simply do not believe to be creditable and, in fact, bears a strong likeness to Nazi claims about a Jewish-Masonic conspiracy. McManus told me that he believed the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” to be genuine. When I told him the Protocols were plagiarized from Maurice Joly’s “Conversations Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu in Hell” he simply brushed me off as having been taken in by Zionist propaganda. Basically he said the world is ruled by nine Jewish black magicians (cabalists) who rule through the Masons and the banks. If readers want to know why I am strongly against this kind of half-baked conspiracy theory, they have to understand the extent to which these theories are modifications of Nazi themes that have been Americanized and deceptively presented. I cannot fully express my anger and disappointment at the people who advance such self-discrediting theories (which have greatly harmed American anti-communism). For anyone who has studied these subjects, the footnotes in JBS conspiracy books can sometimes be traced — from book to book — until you find yourself reading a propaganda volume published by an Axis country and distributed in the USA prior to December 7, 1941. I spent a lot of time in a research library going through conspiracy volumes published by the Birch Society, studying footnotes. One footnote led me to an antisemitic English-language book published in Japan in 1940, probably by Germans. Not one vital piece of evidence proving a “conspiracy behind communism” checked out. These researchers had even misinterpreted statements made by Jewish banker Jacob Schiff’s relatives. It took a lot of work to read through all the nonsense these people put out, but I can tell all those who repeatedly write and ask about it — there is no solid evidence anywhere to be found. Ordinary history and events are simply reinterpreted to make Stalin or Lenin or Khrushchev into minions of evil bankers (aka Jews, Rothschilds, “insiders,” Illuminists, etc.). It is crazy. Stalin was not the creature of a secret capitalist conspiracy. If you think that, then you are turning anti-communism into anti capitalism or antisemitism. And who profits by that? I have wasted so much time explaining this to people. But not one single person who believes this stuff has ever been dissuaded by evidence. So I am reluctant to even bring it up. Everyone thinks the Birch Society is wonderful, but I am warning you. It’s founder was rotten and its leadership has its own esoteric doctrine. If some of the people there are good and have done good work, they have nonetheless hurt themselves by associating with a very dubious organization that has hurt our cause more than anyone realizes. I was a member of the JBS for a short time in the 1990s, but when I learned how it operated I got out. Such organizations, by the way, are easy targets for The KGB, which loves to blackmail and/or work with conspiracy theorists of that kind.

  11. The precognition needs to be updated. Russia is NOT Communist any more. The West is Communist.
    Thus the brains have to adjust to the CHANGES that happen in the world. Happens often since precognition is specific while the earthly developments are vague.

    1. I am afraid YOU need to be updated. Gorbachev and his advisor, Georgi Arbatov, publicly stated in 1988 that the USSR was deploying “a new weapon” with which they would “take away the image of [the West’s] enemy.” The following year the Berlin Wall came down. Within the communist groups and fronts in the West, the members were instructed to read Lenin’s writings concerning the NEP of the 1920s and Operation Trust, in which the Communists faked a return to capitalism and created an expectation regarding a new monarchist regime. The year 1991 re-enacted Operation Trust on a much more ambitious scale. By removing “the image” of their enemy, the communists in the USSR prepared the way for a communist takeover here, in the West. At the same time, Russia and China would be given advanced technology and investment capital so they could build the world’s most powerful and advanced weapons (which they are now deploying as our military struggles to match them). Some communist bloc defectors wrote books warning about this “long range strategy.” But these were ignored or attacked by our own “conservatives.” I hope this helps in bringing YOU up to date.

      1. All true. But the point is that the US has a communist regime now. There is absolutely no “America” left and then for a long time. The conservatives throughout the ranks were misers, did not want to spend a cent on anything but color revolutions, no investment in business establishment, no counter intelligence versus communism in various East Europen countries. They were all in Fukuyamas lala land. You know it is different to have been in the field and risked everything. By the way, the communist international readily financed so many top leaders in Europe on both conflicted sides and the HQ and Bank accounts were not in Moscow. So, they achieved their objective. What is important for the present moment is the NOW time.You know, like the worldview of most Native Americans.

        Now, all through the west it are Communist regimes with perhaps a few exceptions.

        What comes in the future, well, those who slept it over will first have to think of gaining back the positions they had. And that, well – that takes a lot.

        Same time, compliments to your great writing – very enjoyable to read.

  12. I am 39 years old. When I was about 15, I found a copy of The New American-the magazine published by the JBS- in the library at my school. I began reading it every month, and subscribed to it for years. I sometimes read it online now. They, like Mr. Nyquist, have always had the ring of truth to what they say. I am thankful they are out there, as well as Jeff and a few others.
    As far as pessimism or optimism goes, I see no hope for our society. Even if we arent conquered by China ir Russia, we are in the process of destroying ourselves, and I believe it is irreversible at this point. Too many millions of brainwashed, kids coming out if high school and college every year, year after year . Besides, a just God cannot but judge a nation given to wickedness such as ours. He has given us many chances to repent over the years. We just wouldn’t do it.

    1. Grey, when you say judgment, you use it as term designated as a final judicial sentence of death. Yes, there are some examples of this in the bible, but numbers of nations that were indeed wicked and judged by God during OT, came back to life—Israel being one. And since the US is most similar to Israel in its history and worldview, we might want to take hope. Look at Japan and Nazi Germany—they did horrific things yet they are still around today and in some ways very prosporous. Does the USA need to be judged? Certainly seems that way. And to be honest, His hand of judgment falling on us might be part of us sovereign plan to bring us to repentance.

  13. Jeff, your work has been very effective since I first came across it on WND in the late 90s/early 2000s. At least it is effective for those who think outside the box, and understand that the standard assumptions that the Soviet Union collapsed and with it Communism, is a bad joke with no punchline. China has not become capitalist, except as they want to use it to advance their military and space/satellite aspirations.
    Those who know can see and hear for themselves, and you have been one of the voices calling out from the wilderness, along with some others, trying to get people to listen, and stop being distracted by all the mediocre entertainment, sports, and other nonsense that we are inundated with on a 24/7/365 basis.
    Keep up the good work, it is very appreciated!

    1. The theories on which our foreign policy was based are wrong. This was actually obvious if anyone had bothered to study our enemy’s strategic ideas. It is incredible that almost nobody did their homework.

      1. I am with Mr. Degard on this. I do believe things will work out as prophecied as too many things that were predicted have already come to pass. This a link to a supposed leaked memo from a member of the Liberal Party last fall (Trudeau’s party). I’ve seen it posted around on social media for months now.


        We are now in Q2 2021, and all of the things on this list have come to pass. We do have police checkpoints preventing people from travelling between some provinces and cities, but not all. A supply chain disruption is supposedly planned for late Q2. I am watching these pipeline shenanigans with foreboding. I don’t like to reflect too long and hard about what chaos such a scenario would bring. Didn’t Lenin say that sometimes nothing happens for years, and sometimes years happen in weeks?

      2. I think it was Anatoliy Golitsyn who said that when he was being interrogated/debriefed by the various intelligence agencies, that he was trying to tell them what the Soviets were planning to do in regards to strategy and tactics, but all they wanted to hear was, how many missiles do they have and where are they, how many bombers do they have and where are they, etc, etc…
        So, basically they thought he didn’t know anything of importance, when he had the most impotant information that we needed.
        Guess those agents were recruited straight out of 5th grade, or had all graduate from the University of Homer Simpson…DOH!

  14. I am waiting to see what happens when the English send their ships in the Black Sea, supposedly soon. This could be the “Battle of the Circumscribed Sea” predicted by St Columbkille, when the English are defeated and the Anglo Race degenerates into oblivion forever.

    1. Didn’t Russia recently say that the Black Sea would be closed too foreign military vessels for some(6) months? This was just a week or so after 🇺🇸 rescinded it decision to send 2 destroyers into Black Sea. Nyquist pointed out that sending 🇺🇸 navy into Black Sea was likely pointless anyway. I gather its to far into Russian territory to deter any moves of the Black Sea fleet. However it does make the West look weak to say we are going in and then pull back. I suspect GB will be forbidden Entergy as well. And retract the deployment to the Mediterranean.

      1. I haven’t heard any follow up to the initial English announcement yet. Have they chickened out also, like the US and Biden did?

  15. Canadian lady – but that is the point. The top financial sector loves communism since they own everything while the plebes gets its share but not title. And the share of course can (as it was the case) be extremely miserable. What Jeff lists as “The Ruse” is rather known – and true, the point simply being that in the game of opposites in WW2 communism has proven to be a much better system for the top capital than
    fascism was, whereby democracy… but what was that. In “post communist” countries the new free market system stil managed by the communist nomenklatura is sometimes referred to as “Communist Feudalism”. To avoid misunderstandings – The King actually loves feudalism. There is a difference viewing these developments from an academic/analytic perspective and the operator/in the field perspective. The game of Monopoly – the bank takes it all. Whatever system the bank will use to win the game of Monopoly is to them irrelevant, a matter of time and testing. To the players on the board of course everything is of a different reality. It is a very old, old game.

    1. Yes, I saw what happened to Mikhail Khodorkovsky. You can own your gas company, but they own you. I have no idea what will happen up here. All elected leaders and health officials are becoming more nonsensical and threatening by the day. It seems like we are under martial law, but there isn’t the manpower to enforce it. Young girls wearing stab vests are giving out orders everywhere I go.

      1. Canadian Lady, I hate to say it, but to me it seems like the Chinese have taken over your country. I have read stories about 2 pastors being arrested for preaching in Canada–James Coates and Artur Pawlowski. I also remember reading last year news stories of the Chinese military doing joint exercises with Canadian military near the U.S. border. BTW, Reuters is saying that the memo you mentioned above from the PMO is a false story. I am not saying Reuters is right, but they are trying to discredit that memo. Who said transparency and truth are casualties of war?

  16. Jeff, when the author talks about seers and mystics, is he referring primarily to Christian/Catholic sources?

    I saw he mentioned some Islamic sources. I have a concern about relying on Islamic sources in regards to accuracy. Some branches of Islam have an eschatological worldview that is 180 degree out of phase with the biblical scriptures and could easily be the fulfillment of those scriptures…Thanks Jeff for the article.

    1. Arnoldfishman, the Islamic prophesies are very concerning to any Christian who reads them, to be sure. Especially when one reads of the Islamic ”Beast of the Earth” who will mark every Muslim and non-muslim with distinguishing marks so they can tell each other apart and not defect to the other’s camp… A ”Prophet Jesus” who descends from Heaven and kills all Christians who won’t accept Islam and the Mahdi, affirming that Islam is true and Christianity is a lie. A Mahdi who will rule the whole world from Jerusalem and conquer the world for Islam, fighting and killing one the Muslims will call the ”Dajjal al-Mastih”, the ”lying Christ”, who appears with all his hosts suddenly and says that he is God and performs miracles, against whom all the Muslims will be fighting…

    2. I think DeGard is looking at similarities between prophecies to see if they agree. He finds curious agreement in places. Just something to note.

      1. It truly is something to pay attention to; the precognitive ”canary in the coalmine”, so to speak. Just as when animals will flee an area in the weeks and days before a great natural disaster.

      1. Jeff – I think you’re indulging in under-statement – but go ahead – you’ve earned it!

  17. Mr. Nyquist, since you closed discussion to your previous article at https://jrnyquist.blog/2021/05/07/when-the-lion-kills-the-fox-or-when-rosencrantz-and-guildenstern-are-dead/, where I put my question to you, I continue here. It would have never ocurred to me that you considered yourself an animal. I think such an answer belongs to your oponents. But in my question it’s not important. Let’s move forward. I wonder whether you don’t think, ETs with physical bodies operate on this planet at the moment. Since you didn’t respond to this I repeat my question. Please answer. Thank you in advance.

    1. Just a note: Aristotle said man was the “rational animal,” or the animal that has speech. I do not think any theologian or authority of any kind disputes that man is an animal, or, as Shakespeare says, “The paragon of the animals.” Your question as to whether there are ETs with physical bodies or not; of course, I do not know. That there are billions of earth-like worlds in the universe, is certain; that there are animals on some of these worlds, is probable. The question is: Have any of these animals developed the wherewithal to come to Earth? Again, I do not know. Today we are flooded with rumors, testimony, from many different sources, saying that bodies of otherworldly creatures have been recovered from one or more crashes. George H.W. Bush was allegedly overheard talking about it on an open mic. Jackie Gleason’s wife claimed that Richard Nixon had shown Gleason the bodies. Col. Philip J. Corso wrote about it. Dozens of people have claimed knowledge of this. But nothing here is proven. Rumors and statements can be used as evidence, but not as absolute proof. Again, I do not know the answer. It could be the rumors are true. On the other hand, the world’s leading expert on UFOs, Jacque Vallee, says the evidence points to an inter-dimensional intelligence that can enter our dimension and exit. Is Vallee right? I do not know. It may be that we will find out. Or not. Reality is pretty complicated and not always straightforward. The positivists and materialists probably missed the spiritual dimension, which many religious people may also misconstrue after their own fashion.

      1. Regarding “I do not think any theologian or authority of any kind disputes that man is an animal”: At least courts don’t think this way. Normal people are offended by being called “animal”. What need for religious life would there be if man was an animal. And on and on. Any number of objections can be made. But call yourself whatever you like. I only find it bizzare. But Frolov would agree.
        Regarding “ETs with physical bodies”: You don’t seem to give much importance to them. You even seem to doubt that they migh get here as you wrote: “intelligent animals on other planets. So what if there are?”. As you mention Vallee repeatedly, even call him “the world’s leading expert on UFOs”, you seem to tend to his opinion. But he’s criticised for not giving many explanations if any. Reading his reviews of others’ work one wonders whether he knows it at all or why the outright lies about it. In his usage of religion, folklore, the intersection in some cases is possible, in other cases it’s quite obvious, that these are different things. Yet he considers them the same. He stretches the connection far beyond its limits. As I don’t think he is stupid, he does all this for a reason. His behaviour also leaves to be desired. His colleague Hynek working for the government as well is openly reported as destroying the evidence.
        There’s an interesting photo at https://twitter.com/churchofsatan/status/956213952593178624?lang=en of Vallee, Aimé Michel, whom he considered the best ufologist, and Anton Szandor LaVey, reportedly the founder of the Church of Satan, the religion of Satanism and book Satanic Bible, having good time together.

  18. I found this essay fascinating. I had never heard of Alois Ihrlmaier and I plan on reading more about him. When I learned he was a douser, it reminded me of a book by Jan DeHartog titled The Roman Centurion. It was about a man who used dousing and crystals to uncover ancient historical mysteries. Jan and his wife Marjorie were good f/Friends of mine and Marjorie confided in me that Jan used dousing and crystals himself for guidance. I guess he was a prophet in his own way. He also wrote a novel about the ocean- going Dutch tug boats that became a national best seller in Holland just after the German tanks rolled in. Hitler tried to arrest/capture Jan. The story of his great escape from Holland to Texas would make a fantastic movie. While not a prophet like Irlmaier, Jan had an uncanny ability with words to effect political change. Anything written by Jan deHartog whether in English or Dutch is worth reading. But when it comes to prophecies, I will stick with the Bible. There are so many dark forces trying to deceive us.

  19. I assumed every reader of Mr. Nyquist might be aware that Justin Trudeau had invited the PLA to train on Canadian soul, but in case they aren’t, and it is prophecied from a reliable seer that a land invasion on the USA is attempted from Canada, I think all readers should know that. They were here in 2018, but according to reports, were not invited back at the insistence of the army. Recently, two of our generals have been accused of sexual misconduct, and we are consistently bombarded with news articles informing us that the Canadian military is a toxic environment for women.

  20. We need a definition of the word “conspiracy”.

    My definition of “conspiracy” is “secret evil planning”.

    Evil men pretend to be good men. Therefore they plan their evil work in secret. This secret evil planning is called “conspiracy”. A conspiracy can be large or small.

    Secret evil planning by communists would be a “communist conspiracy”.

    Another word that needs a definition is “theory”.

    A “theory” is “a group of ideas that seek to explain what is being observed”.

    A theory is not by definition true or by definition false. The “theory of relativity” is considered by many to be very certainly true.

    I have read with great enthusiasm Diana West’s book American Betrayal. I always read your writings with great enthusiasm. What Diana West describes is massive conspiracy in many different areas. This is all controlled by the Russian communists. Therefore her book is all about communist conspiracies, or alternatively one very large communist conspiracy.

    You write above, “Meanwhile, the masses are too busy hanging on every word of Alex Jones or other conspiracy theorists.”. Thus you are using the phrase “conspiracy theorist” as a severe condemnation of anyone who could be so foolish.

    And this strongly indicates that you do not consider yourself a “conspiracy theorist”. But most of your writing, if not all, is about “secret evil planning” done by communists. Therefore it is about communist conspiracies. And you are a “communist conspiracy theorist”.

    It seems to me very obvious that you are a “conspiracy theorist” writing for decades about communist conspiracies.

    Thus it seems to me that for you to so vehemently denying the validity of any “conspiracy theory” is very illogical and therefore very confusing to your readers.

    I think we are in agreement that the important test of any theory is whether there is evidence to back it up. How much and what kind. And this evidence needs to be carefully evaluated.

    It is very obvious that very high officials in the U.S. government, both now and during World War II, are and were working against American interests. So who is in charge of all this? Your idea, your “theory”, is that it is all run at the top either by Russian communists or by Chinese communists. In other words, the important conspiracies are all run at the top by communists.

    The other main theory, as I see it, is that there is a third power center which might be called “Western Globalists”. These people are bankers and businessmen and government officials and whatnot. According to this theory, the communist countries, notably Russia and China, were set up with communist governments by these Western Globalists in order to promote wars leading to total control.

    Now as I see it, it is a very interesting question what evidence there is to support the theory that “It’s all communist.”, and what evidence there is to support the theory that “There are Western Globalists behind and competing with the communists.”.

    I would love to see you write an essay on this subject. But what do we get? Basically an impatient and peremptory and absurd denial that communism has anything to do with conspiracy.

    I do agree that knowing about communist missile systems is very important. And that knowing about communist perversion of education and culture is very important. And that there can be many conspiracies which, even if true, are boring and unimportant.

    One interesting conspiracy is 9/11. A very great many high officials had to be involved, first to pull it off, and second, to cover it up. Are they all communist agents? Or are many of them working for an organization of powerful individuals not controlled by any communist government?

    The Illuminati is a group generally agreed to be important in conspiracies and subversion. It was founded in 1776, well before the Communist Manifesto. That suggests that it is not subordinate to any communist government. Is there another “theory” about how this might be?

    Another question is about “Skull and Bones”, the secret society of very important people written about by Antony Sutton. This is an old group, and its members are very powerful. But it does not have any obvious connection to communism or Russia or China.

    * * * * * * *

    1. Something that is secret is by definition unknown. Thus people write “theories” about it because they cannot provide sufficient fact. They do not really understand it. I prefer actual history and things that can be proven, or theories that are based on good scientific inference. Most conspiracy theory you discuss above is very poorly done (except for Diana West, who has done very good research). Bad scholarship, poor knowledge of history and social science is common. Unfortunately, most people cannot distinguish good scholarship and analysis from bad. Read more history. Read fewer conspiracy books.

      1. Most ”conspiracy theory” works are so full of the same tired old tropes that have bedeviled people roped in by this sort of literature for centuries.

        The important factor to consider is that by 1917, the world was presented with the very real spectacle of a very real revolutionary conspiratorial seizure of power in Russia, and many preferred to believe that it was anything but exactly what it really was. But that’s too simple and frighteningly real for most people to believe in.

        Communism is a most curious phenomenon in itself, worthy of serious study, but Anti-Communism (and Anti-Communists), plagued from the start with stories of superhuman secret societies and sinister but shadowy and elusive conspiracies, doctrinaire mystical doctrines and passionate aversions and attractions, is at least as interesting a phenomena to study in it’s own right. Like a study of why Anti-Communism was so very unsuccessful against Communism until Communism ”died”, for example (my answer is partly that most of us Moderns-but not all- are at least half in the Communist camp ourselves in our personal philosophical and political topography).

        That’s also why many of us fail to seriously ponder the ”miracles, seers, and auspices” that would have matter-of-factly guided previous generations before the modern era.

  21. I disagree that their are Earth like planets in the Cosmos. We can’t even find a sun that like ours. Everything about our solar system is very fine tuned as well as our planet. Every planet in our solar system is equally important for life to exist on Earth. Our Galaxy is unique, our local group is unique our cluster, our super Cluster etc. There are 13 habitatble zones that the Earth perfectly intercedes. People talk about the Goldie locks zone, we find a new Goldie locks zone approx every 9 months. It not just the liquid water zone that’s necessary. Then their are the galatic habitable zones, local group, cluster super cluster etc. There is no evidence of anything remotely like our unique situation in the universe. I refer you Dr. Hugh Ross’s many books on this matter. You are a genius Jeff, but we can’t all be geniuses in every subject. The promoted believe in Earth like worlds is giving credence to the idea of evolution and alien intelligences. Add in the very real UFO phenomenon and we get the possibility of a grand deception wherin ET claims to be our creator. Looking at contactee testimony this is the claim.

    1. @BEDLAMSBARD1 This information is not even remotely accurate. MIT recently did a study that suggests there could be at least 300 million potentially habitable planets orbiting stars like the sun just in our own galaxy –https://www.technologyreview.com/2020/11/06/1011784/half-milky-way-sun-like-stars-home-earth-like-planets-kepler-gaia-habitable-life/ . That is probably a gross underestimate. The occurrence of habitable worlds around stars that are NOT sun-like is also is extremely high, from red dwarf stars (of which there are possibly over a hundred billion in our own galaxy) to double star systems, and even the moons of Jupiter-like planets. Life in the universe is quite likely the rule, not the exception.

      We have only recently begun to discover earth-like planets, simply because they are so small and so immensely far away. It’s like trying to view a gnat next to a car headlight that is 50 miles away… too small and too much glare. However, there are new telescopes such as the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope due to launch mid decade, as well as the James Webb telescope that will help us locate potentially millions of earth-like planets. Regarding the Goldilocks zone, EVERY star has one except for possibly trinary-plus star systems, and that only depends on how close the stars are to each other. The only issue is how long-lived the star is, and giant stars and hot blue stars typically do not live long enough to allow the conditions to develop on their planets for, at least intelligent (as we would understand it) life. Smaller yellow dwarf stars like our sun are commonplace, and exist for well enough time to support life-bearing planets.

      Regarding Dr. Ross, he makes assumptions based on his theological view, not science. His “9 habitable zones”, or 13, or whatever, completely disregards the fact that life can, and has evolved and exists in nearly every previously-believed uninhabitable place on earth, from deep in the ocean, to volcanic calderas, to miles below the surface and miles above sea level…. all areas that would seem to contradict his interpretation of a “Goldilocks” zone. It appears that Dr. Ross has ignored entirely his science background in favor of a dangerously narrow interpretation of scripture. I believe Dr. Ross is a good and pious man, and believes what he says. But he has a severe case of tunnel vision that prevents him from even considering anything outside his view.

      Unlike Dr. Ross, I believe that science and religion can, and should coexist. In fact, the finest scientists out there are also devout Christians. These ideas are not, and by definition cannot be mutually exclusive. As I have aged and learned, and studied the wonders of real science, the closer my relationship with God, because He has made all of these things possible. And God would never EVER waste an entire universe to have only one habitable planet in it. That’s just stupid. The universe is teeming with life, as is the Earth. It is everywhere, and very soon we will find it.

      1. MITs idea of Sol like and earth like are overly broad. You believe in evolution I take it? God does not waste time or resources, being timeless and resourceless. Have you read Why the Universe is the Way It Is? Many of the requirements of Earth like cannot be observed at this time on distant planets. And there are 100s of requirements. The same goes for stars and galaxies, local group etc. Ross is not alone in this interpretation. Origins of life experts, even atheists are starting to admit they are at a dead end. Believe what you will.

  22. And then we have the Vaticans top Astro physisicists and theologians talking about Ets coming to reevanalize us.

  23. For anyone interested, 60 Minutes is having a piece tonight about UFO sightings and the military, including some new footage. It will feature Jeremy Corbell, who’s somewhat of an authority on the topic.

  24. Anyone keeping up on the “double-mutant” Covid-19 strain in India?
    Which, strangely enough has not infected neighboring countries or even the cities between where it has erupted.
    A quote from the WSJ, “Does this not suggest a pattern where the new mutant first strikes the nation’s financial capital, then the political capital and next the soft power capital?”

    Could this be a genetically adapted strain? We need to keep this scenario in mind, as frightful as it is, and clearly referred to for over a decade by the Chinese military itself.
    Time will tell, and of course independent analysis too, a lot of that in India, but if true, we don’t have much time left, and less than zero to spare.

    Hopefully, just food for thought.

    Great interview with Kincaid, Jeff.

  25. In regards to the ransom paid by the (whom?) it was so
    small because the plan (was-is-will be) to have the
    ransom paid.

    Altering the chessboard just slightly, and the opponent
    did nothing.

    Arrange the speculations of your opponent.

    Question: Can Chinese leadership call for peace
    but avoid too much loss of face with their
    population? How much momentum?

  26. How much heart for n-war do the Chinese people really have?

    Go ahead and gamble Mr.Xi Jinping.

  27. Washington, DC (CNN)A Space Force lieutenant colonel has been removed from his command after appearing on a conservative podcast criticizing the United States military.

    Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier joined The Steve Gruber show to discuss his new book, “Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military,” which alleges that Marxist ideologies are becoming widespread within the armed forces. He expounded on those concerns in the podcast.
    “Since taking command as a commander about 10 months ago, I saw what I consider fundamentally incompatible and competing narratives of what America was, is and should be,” Lohmeier said. “That wasn’t just prolific in social media, or throughout the country during this past year, but it was spreading throughout the United States military. And I had recognized those narratives as being Marxist in nature.”


    1. Kt.Col. Lohmeier is an excellent officer. His removal is itself an indication of a serious problem within the armed services higher command — and must be investigated and dealt with. If not, then we ourselves are headed for civil war. Of course, we know who our commander-in-chief is. Right?

  28. Hawaii’s Fishermen Are Worried About China’s Fleet. So Is The Military

    The U.S. military increasingly sees illegal fishing as a national security threat and has China’s vast government-subsidized fleet in its sights.

    By Kevin Knodell

    Hawaii’s commercial fishermen and the U.S. military have a potential threat in common — China’s fleet of government-subsidized ships that has been straying into more distant waters in search of seafood and more influence.

    Local longliners have reported seeing increasing numbers of Chinese vessels near the islands, accusing them of overfishing and intimidating tactics.

    Sometimes the ships are fishing, sometimes they’re making their way into the eastern Pacific and sometimes they’re seemingly just sitting at sea, says Eric Kingma, executive director of the Hawaii Longline Association.

    He noted that a group of Chinese vessels seemed to be loitering north of Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge last week. “What are they fishing for? I don’t know,” said Kingma. “But it’s an example of them being close to Hawaii and, we believe, getting closer.”


  29. Does anyone have reliable data on the relative percentages
    Chinese fish farms compared to “capture” fishing?

    To put in better light Chinese aggression going outwards.

    Seems to be a necessary facet of accurate analysis.

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