In Chinese history, in the replacement of dynasties, the ruthless have always won and the benevolent have always failed.

General Chi Haotian

The great strategist of ancient China, Sun Tzu, offered “sage” advice to military commanders. Central to his teaching was the art of deception. Sun Tzu said, “All warfare is based on deception.” He wrote of holding “out baits to entice the enemy,” feigning disorder and crushing him. Thus, Sun Tzu may be described as the sage of misdirection, a military trickster, and a master of cunning.

According to scholars of the Denma Translation Group, Sun Tzu’s emphasis on deception stands “outside the bounds of conventional morality.” Here we find no moralizing, no concept of honor, and no chivalry. Everything is about victory. Sun Tzu believed in trusting the self-interest of those you intend to manipulate. If you know what they want, you can make use of them. Sun Tzu warned against open aggression. If you commit open aggression, you give your game away. The idea is to minimize resistance at every opportunity, employing treachery if necessary.

The Denma scholars noted, the sage commander “is not a conventional model citizen. He is willing to do whatever is required to bring about victory, including many things that might not normally be considered acceptable acts for a sage. He uses spies, deceives and throws his troops into death ground. He holds no standard of behavior save what will bring the genuine victory….” The sage commander, they continue, “acts without care for others’ opinions of his methods….”

“In fact,” the Denma scholars stated, “one cannot be sure that any activity is outside the sage commander’s arsenal of behavior when victory is at stake. He determines all his actions in relation to the objective of taking the whole.” This is no modest object. No weapon is ruled out. No method is too foul. “As the text tells us,” noted the Denma scholars, a general may “set fire to people (chapter 12) and even kill the enemy general if necessary to attain victory without bringing his or the enemy’s troops into the danger of a full battle.”

What is the boundary of these outrageous actions? “What distinguishes them from the brutal, self-centered actions of the tryrant?” The justification for the ruthlessness of the sage commander – according to Sun Tzu – is that “He seeks only to preserve the people.” Thus, like our modern communists, he is a “humanitarian,” a hero of the little people, and a savior.

Another important Chinese political thinker and strategist was Han Fei-tzu, the leading philosopher of China’s legalist school. According to Professor Wing-tsit Chan, “The legalist school was the most radical of all ancient Chinese schools. It rejected the moral standards of [the] Confucianists … in favor of power.” The only authority the legalists recognized was that of a powerful ruler. They sought to use strict laws to control the population, employing a system of rewards and punishments. “According to their theory, aggression, war, and regimentation would be used without hesitation so long as they contributed to the power of the ruler,” Wing-tsit noted. “It is not surprising that they were instrumental in setting up the dictatorship of Ch’in, in unifying China in 221 B.C., and in instituting the tightest regimentation of life and thought in Chinese history.”

The first emperor of unified China was a tyrant who greatly admired Han Fei-tzu and was, in his reign, guided by legalist scholars. Although Han Fei-tzu was forced to drink poison by jealous colleagues, his writings formed the foundation of the Ch’in emperor’s brutal regime. After a reign of fifteen years, which included the burning of books and violence against the people, the first Ch’in emperor fell. Although the legalist school died out, its precepts have nonetheless been frequently revived in support of despotism (for which Han’s precepts are ideally suited).

Chinese modernists and communists have sometimes praised legalism for its opposition to mysticism and the “vain platitudes” of morality. Han Fei-tzu was the great synthesizer of legalism. His writing style was almost sarcastic in its wit. Accepting that people are bad by nature, Han wrote, “If we had to depend on an arrow being absolutely straight by nature, there would be no arrow in a hundred generations.” Han did not believe in kindness, since “it is the affectionate mother who has spoiled sons.” People can be molded to obedience by what he called “awe-inspiring power.” An enlightened ruler, he said, “does not value people who are naturally good….”

The conclusion may be drawn, in terms of grand strategic choices, that the Chinese people are unfortunate in having sages who make Machiavelli look like a saint by comparison. The strategic ideas of Sun Tzu and the “political object” of Han Fei-tzu continue to influence the thinking of modern Chinese rulers. The founder of the People’s Republic of China, Mao Zedong, said: “Every communist must grasp the truth. Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” Mao also said, “The seizure of power by armed force, the settlement of the issue by war, is the central task and the highest form of revolution. This Marxist-Leninist principle of revolution holds good universally, for China and all other countries.”

Mao’s words belong to the spirit of Sun Tzu and Han Fei-tzu, and to that ruthless approach underscored by General Chi Haotian (in his secret speech on killing 200 million Americans with biological weapons). There is a continuing theme in the history of Chinese grand strategic thought. It is the idea that strategy and morality should have nothing to do with one another. The goal of the strategist is victory at all costs. Morality has no place in politics and war. Ruthlessness always wins. Therefore, morality is of no account. If winning requires wickedness, then wickedness it shall be – and the wicked shall prevail. We should not be surprised to find this idea reflected in Chinese history.  

Turning from Chinese military thought and policy, toward European military thought, we find something different. Wicked rulers exist in Western history, to be sure. Men are not angels and, as Jacob Burckardt once said, “Power is evil.” Therefore, said the sages of the West, power must be limited. Lord Acton famously wrote that “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely.” He was encapsulating one of the central precepts of Europe’s ancient political science (see Polybius’s history and Cicero’s Republic). Here we find ideas of liberty. Here is a political tradition built on notions of self-limitation and political accountability.

This extraordinary heritage is supported by the moral training of armed men; that is, the persons who wage war and thereby maintain order in society. Henry Hallam’s three volume history, Europe During the Middle Ages, tells us that “the best school of moral discipline which the middle ages afforded was the institution of chivalry.” Hallam goes on to say that even the most skeptical modern writers have to admit the “decisive influence” of chivalry on “human improvement.” Hallam wrote, “The more deeply it is considered, the more we shall become sensible of its importance.” Hallam said three “powerful spirits” have, throughout history, moved the “moral sentiments and energies of mankind.” These three spirits, listed in order, are: Liberty, religion, and honor. According to Hallam, “It was the principal business of chivalry to animate and cherish the last of these three.”

Is it possible to bring warfare into closer alignment with moral teachings? Hallam claimed that the institution of chivalry preserved an “exquisite sense of honor.” As far back as the reign of Charlemagne, noted Hallam, “we find a military distinction that appears in fact as well as name, to have given birth” to chivalry. Hallam tells us that “Certain feudal tenants … were bound to serve on horseback, equipped with a coat of mail. These were called Caballarii, from which the world of chevaliers is an obvious corruption.” The mounted warrior was the premier warrior of that age. “We may … observe that these distinctive advantages above ordinary combatants were probably the sources of that remarkable valor and that keen thirst for glory, which became the essential attributes of a knightly character,” wrote Hallam.

The knight was a warrior who sought moral excellence. “The soul of chivalry was individual honor,” noted Hallam, and honor is strict adherence to what is right. “This solitary and independent spirit of chivalry, dwelling, as it were, upon a rock, and disdaining injustice or falsehood from a consciousness of internal dignity, without any calculation of their consequences, is not unlike what we sometimes read of Arabian chiefs or the North American Indians. These nations, so widely remote from each other, seem to partake of that moral energy, which, among European nations … was excited by the spirit of chivalry. But the most beautiful picture that was ever portrayed of this character is the Achilles of Homer, the representative of chivalry in its most general form, with all its sincerity and unyielding rectitude, all its courtesies and munificence.”

Chivalry encouraged men to be heroes. It was transformative. Thomas Carlyle, in his book, On Heroes and Hero Worship, underscored the importance of sincerity and honor to heroism. He further pointed out the importance of heroism to mankind. Providence, he said, used heroes to move history toward the good. Without heroes, he added, the human race would amount to nothing. The hero upholds truth and truthfulness, honor and justice. Such ideals were once deeply ingrained in the Western mind.

According to Hallam, chivalry was mixed with Christianity in the course of the Crusades. In the twelfth century, respect for women became part of the code. As Hallam Explained, “A great respect for the female sex had always been a remarkable characteristic of the northern nations. The German women were high-spirited and virtuous; qualities which might be causes or consequences of the veneration with which they were regarded.” Hallam added, “The love of God and the ladies was enjoined as a single duty. He who was faithful and true to his mistress was held sure of salvation in the theology of castles though not of cloisters.”

Chivalry, said Hallam, elevated the moral standard of Europe. It imbued the man of force – the man of war – with a moral vision and a beautiful code of conduct. “Breach of faith,” noted Hallam, “and especially of express promise, was held a disgrace that no valor could redeem.” Hallam calls this “one of the most striking changes produced by chivalry.” The honorable warrior, therefore, saw treachery as “the usual vice of savage as well as corrupt nations.” According to Hallam, “A knight was unfit to remain a member of the order if he violated his faith” or was ill-acquainted with courtesy. Here we find, for the first time in history, a code of military conduct for the humane treatment of prisoners, generosity toward the weak, and “an active sense of justice.”

Today, of course, chivalry is almost completely dead. It was Edmund Burke, during the French Revolution, who composed a funeral oration for chivalry in his commentary on the rabble’s mistreatment of Marie Antoinette (the Queen of France): “I thought ten thousand swords must have leaped from their scabbards to avenge even a look that threatened her with insult. – But the age of chivalry is gone. – that of sophisters, economists and calculators has succeeded; and the glory of Europe is extinguished forever. Never, never more, shall we behold the generous loyalty to rank and sex, that proud submission, that dignified obedience, that subordination of the heart, which kept alive, even in servitude itself, the spirit of an exalted freedom. The unbought grace of life, the cheap defense of nations, the nurse of manly sentiment and heroic enterprise is gone! It is gone, that sensibility of principle, that chastity of honor, which felt a stain like a wound, which inspired courage whilst it mitigated ferocity, which ennobled whatever it touched, and under which vice itself lost half its evil, by losing all its grossness.”

Burke believed that Europe owned much of its grandeur to chivalry. He warned, “ If it should ever be totally extinguished, the loss I fear will be great. It is this which has given its character to modern Europe. It is this which has distinguished it under all its forms of government, and distinguished it to its advantage, from the states of Asia….”

China and India (in Burke’s time) had sunk into corruption and degradation. Islam had collapsed in on itself. Even now, the rotten shabbiness and corrupt expediency of Chinese politics, with its criminal leaders and labor camps, tells us of a world without effective traditions of chivalry, without the imposition of moral limitations on those in power. And now, the same course awaits the West as it “Chinafies.” As our moral traditions are forgotten, as we mock chivalry in favor of political correctness, the same terrible fate will overcome Europe and America; for civilization is, at its foundation, a moral proposition.

Consider where we have arrived. We labor under the weight of the Chinese pandemic, with Beijing’s cretinous minion in the White House. What would we give now for a little honor in high places? Burke’s words point to all the elements needed for our civilization’s renewal. Here is the very ground of grand strategy. Before one can even have a strategy at all, one must have real men – not masses, not bureaucratic nonentities, not lying politicians, not pregnant women warriors (advanced now, as an ideal, by Biden).

Burke’s words have lost none of their relevance. The revolution he opposed has morphed, has evolved, into something larger and more wicked than before. This revolution is underway here, in the United States. It is near its completion, in fact. Consider how Burke’s words apply to us, when he said: “But now all is to be changed. All the pleasing illusions, which made power gentle, and obedience liberal, which harmonized the different shades of life, and which, by a bland assimilation, incorporated into politics the sentiments which beautify and soften private society are to be dissolved by this new conquering empire of light and reason. All the decent drapery of life is to be rudely torn off. All the super-added ideas, furnished from the wardrobe of the moral imagination, which the heart owns, and the understanding ratifies, as necessary to cover the defects of our naked shivering nature, and to raise it to dignity in our own estimation, are to be exploded as ridiculous, absurd, and antiquated fashion.”

General Chi Haotian said, in his infamous speech of twenty years ago, “death is the engine that moves history forward.” How Chi’s words contrast with those of Burke! It is the contrast of two political traditions. One is Chinese, the other is European. Some will say, that to oppose China, we must become like them. We must adopt a revolutionary or Asian model and put away our old-fashioned Eureopean ideas. “On the scheme of this barbarous philosophy,” wrote Burke, “which is the offspring of cold hearts and muddy understandings, and which is as void of solid wisdom, as it is destitute of all taste and elegance, laws are to be supported only by their own terrors, and by the concern, which each individual may find in them, from his own private speculations, or … his own private interests. In the groves of their academy, at the end of every visto, you see nothing but the gallows. Nothing is left which engages the affections…. On the principles of this mechanic philosophy, our institutions can never be embodied…. There ought to be a system in every nation which a well-formed mind would be disposed to relish. To make us love our country our country ought to be lovely.”

This is why grand strategy must look beyond strategy, toward ultimate ends. In suggesting this, I am not seeking a world of moral perfection. I am only asking for a return to older principles. Those who seek a world of perfection are actually dangerous. They are the legalists of ancient China and the communists of modern China. To build a perfect world is the ready excuse of those pursuing power for power’s sake. Burke warned against the ruthless pursuit of power in politics. Power, he said, “will survive the shock in which manners and opinions perish; and it will find other and worse means for support.” This is exactly what happened in China. If we abandon honor and religion and liberty for the sake of power, Burke warned, “plots and assassinations will be anticipated by preventive murder and preventive confiscation, and that long roll of grim and bloody maxims, which form the political code of all power, not standing on its own honor,” will find honor extinct in the minds of men. Then we would have no compass by which to govern ourselves. We would not know which port to steer for. What good would any strategy do us, then?

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45 thoughts on “Grand Strategy, Part II (China versus the West)

  1. Dear Jeff, in this time when our civilization together with its morality is nearing its collapse it is worthy to mention a Polish example of such an outstanding chivalry we are missing now.
    In the medieval Poland, at the end of the 14th and of the beginning of 15th century there lived a knight of an uncommon valor and an exceptional nobility. His name was Zawisza (Zavisha) The Black. He was called like that because of his dark complexion and black hair.
    Not only was Zawisza the noblest of the noble knights, he was also the most accomplished warrior of his era who has never lost a single tournament and was virtually invincible.
    He was loved by the common folk and revered by the the kings and mighty of the medieval world. His fame stretched over the entire continental Europe.
    He was so noble and trustworthy that the people used and still use to say: “Relay on me like on Zawisza”. This phrase has survived six hundreds years until today.
    He was also very intelligent and spoke four languages and later became a successful diplomat.
    For the Poles Zawisza is also a symbol of an ultimate sacrifice; Not only Zawisza himself has died defending Europe from the raging hordes of the Ottoman empire, so have three of his four sons.
    The entire generations of Poles have been raised following the example of Zawisza.
    When Poland regained her independence in 1918, Zawisza was named as a patron of Polish scouts an organization that was a forgery of the Polish greatest heroes of second world war like Captain Witold Pilecki, perhaps, the greatest hero of WW2 himself, Jan Karski, gen. August Fieldorf, Irena Sendler and as heroic as tragic the so called “Damned Soldiers” who continued to resist the communist takeover of Poland even when knowing very well that they haven’t got a slightest chance of success and who overwhelmingly ended up in communist prisons usually tortured to death with an unspeakable barbarity.
    Names of those (and many, many more) heroes are being revived by the present conservative leadership despite of the fierce resistance of the remnants of the communist and “post communist” regime.
    Regards from Australia – Bogdan

      1. Thank you Jeff. This the link to the video about Witold Pilecki in English. There are few more of them in English and lots of info in Wikipedia. Perhaps, it is also possible to find a video about another super hero of WW2, gen. Stanislaw Skalski a distinguished pilot and the hero of Battle of Britain. There is a movie and a video about Irena Sendler who has rescued 2500 Jewish children from Warsaw Ghetto. However, I don’t think there is much in English in relation to other as heroic as tragic figures from the recent Polish past.
        Professor Marek Jan Chodakiewicz who is residing and lecturing in America could probably providde you with an extended list of works about those heroes in English and much more about Polish history.

        Regards – Bogdan

  2. Martial law is “Legalism”. The, Covid Live Exercise, is infringement of Man’s, God given Rights, as espoused in, The Bill Of Rights. That’s a victory for whatever Draconian puppet master who dictates to the United States, China, Russia, and the World. Boycott China. The hypocrites who assert that the US advantage is based upon slavery, overlook that their Nikes are made by Chinese political dissidents who have had their lung and kidney harvested. Security guards profit from ordering citizens to wear masks that do nothing to block a virus, which may not actually be the pandemic that it’s made out to be anyway. How many people died from influenza last year? Nobody? Who has ever actually been tested for the flu, or rhino virus, or pneumonia? Remove you mask, strap on your sidearm, and go to church.

    1. Look at the bright side. It is a Chinese biological attack and the communist agents of influence in our government are supporting its efficiency by giving themselves away in the process. When have we had a better situation for unmasking domestic enemies?

      1. Why Jeffery, I do believe that you are actually beginning to develop a sense of humor. Fair enough, though; make lemonade.

  3. “To build a perfect world is the ready excuse of those pursuing power for power’s sake.” An excellent distillation of the allure of utopians, who will often pursue the most ruthless means under the guise of a better tomorrow (that never seems to arrive).

    I don’t have much to add with regard to your discussion of chivalry.

    What did occur to me as I read your essay, in particular the axiom that “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely” was the notion that perhaps the best firewalls against the development of ruthless tyrannies are (a) fostering the principle among men that liberty is an unalienable right, and (b) assiduously separating the governing powers into jealous branches — ideas that were embedded in America’s founding documents.

    Notice the cultural and political erosion of these principles by the socialist Left. On the cultural side, the ideas of critical race theory and White privilege depreciate the inviolate nature of individual liberty and herd people into supposed categories of oppressed (victims) and oppressors. Victims, of course, see themselves as essentially paralyzed. On the political front, the Left has eroded the independence of the elected Congress and the independent courts (appointing ideologues and threatening to pack them) and increasingly subordinated both of them to unelected Administrative Branch, which is saturated with Leftists.

    We aren’t far from a dichotomy consisting of an elitist tyranny and a powerless peasantry. History repeats.

  4. This is not the East vs. the West, rather Christianity, often even in corrupted form, vs. paganism. Marxism, the worst of paganism, had its birth in mostly apostate England which is in the West. Marxism had its initial flowering in apostate Germany and Italy under Hitler and Mussolini, and Russia under Lenin and Stalin.

    Paganism has within it the seeds of its own destruction. It has at best the grudging obedience of the people it oppresses. It has no honor to lift men’s souls. It has no reason to strive for excellence. Everything is selfish. Honesty is for the fools. The hero is the one who best takes advantage of others. This is just as true of “civilized” China as for “uncivilized” tribes in the jungles.

    If the Chinese are foolish enough to invade the U.S.. I believe they will be defeated. Not by our “superior military”, I wonder if our military is superior, but because the Chinese will fall to fighting among themselves. Their soldiers know that we have enough chivalry that we won’t kill them if they surrender. But we will be fighting for our lives. The death toll among Americans will be in the millions. I do not look forward to it.

    When Europe was freed from feudalism, thanks largely to the Reformation, that’s when Europe leapfrogged ahead of the world. Even those countries that didn’t share in the Reformation yet were influenced socially and technologically by the Reformation. When Europe stumbled as it sank back into paganism, the U.S. became preeminent. But now the U.S. too is sinking into paganism with its selfishness, dishonesty, lack of honor, and everything that you decry in your article. This is a return to the jungle, where the strongest rule where the ends justify the means, and the honest and weak are fodder.

    In closing, I don’t advocate for a state religion. That’s one of the quickest ways to destroy Christianity. It’s the Christian principles that are the strongest support for a strong society, even for the non-Christians living among us.

    1. It is a bit worse than this. It is a distorted Christianity rejecting father in favor of a brotherhood-christianity in name only (political subscription in lip service) conspiring against father with the unconscious blessing hopes coming from Marxist pagans. It is all in the guilt about crucifixion and the wish to stay a schizophrenic regressed domesticated dog incapable and unwilling to grow – one tamed by Marxist whisperers.

      Basically the FBI, CIA etc… the American cop in general is a fraternity brotherhood rebelling agaisnt a father figure. This fraternity is in an incestuous relation with the mother-media/politician/academic holding keys to the frathouse party. With the father responsibility figure that JRN represents, the party is spoiled. True authority must be suppressed in the unconscious. The incest mother cannot a fun with the boys supplied by her som when dad is around. The son cannot get stimulation from the mom who is always mad when she has to put up with dad.

      So these schizo frat imbeciles at the FBI who get honey trapped for the snatch day in day out like dogs, are doing all they can to please Hollywood, the media and politicians etc. What is interesting is mom also has fantasies as a Harlot of Babylon of the son not making war but making love with the enemy, bringing also Russian and Chinese brothers to her. Of course when they come they will not settle for a sexual romp in lieu of a full pagan human hunt to chase her down and cook her for totemic food.

      The Russian and Chinese brotherhood hinges on sharing that totemic meal together. She thinks she will get a fun gang bang and be the predator, but she is duped and pimped all along. They will eat her after they shoot those stupid dog American police in the back who love her like gelded idiots. She is the one, not dad, gelding those psychically cowardly boys, through incest.

  5. Otto Weininger in Sex and Character mentions the rabble and its definite ties to the Will to Power described by Nietsche – as opposed to the Will to Eternity and Immortality of the artist and philosopher genius based in the pure Reason of Kant. Basically Confucius would be on the side of Pure Reason, not concerned with time contrary to the dictator who is always pressed by the fashion of the times and the craving of action as a means to evade and repress psychologically any self-introspection and connection to the Universe. Interestingly his book is a sociological picture of the psychological game going on in terms of seduction in modernizing Vienna, as it started espousing the acculturated evil ways of the French Revolution, all of which were rationalized by Freud, this cousin of Marx. Basically the seductor is a Sun Tzu Conqueror who wants to score, but after that the conqueror knows not what to do with his conquest, so he keeps treating her like garbage, always in political secular campaign mode, scoring some more while promoting abortions since Marx cannot take care of his own children.

    Both Marx and Freud based their work in their own mental repression. We took Freud with his nephew Edward Bernay who misleads our corporations nowadays into ruthless immoral PR, the East took Marx who equated any construction with the manpower energy of a slave (you know, as if the energy consumption and efficiency of a human slave body was any sane “gold standard”, never mind my mere computer chip processing power to power consumption ratio varies from a RISC to a CISC architecture, and thus we can see how all this madness of Marx ties in with Climate Change propaganda).

    Woman was not always amoral like this, as there are some biblical women out there. Chivalry incidentally was instituted with the Hebrews. The image of God extracting seeds from the Patriachs was an eminently feminine work of God. Patriarchal chivalry was invented at the urge of a feminine side of God. The image of the flood only stopping after Noah saves the animal-seeds in a boat and sends out a message with a dove to Heaven could not be clearer. Also the God at the Garden of Eden is one protecting her womb and extracting from Adam and Eve the agricultural work seedling out of them. They were ejected from the Garden because at the tree of knowledge they simply refused to respect seed extraction and instead chose seed conquest and consumption. The sedentary agricultural work having become incestuous, they were marked for nomadism, forced to learn chivalry in extracting seeds from their herds to feed the tribe.

    Later God took a more masculine side with Hosea, turning on woman and Israel as an unworthy bride, but not without criticizing the role of Jewish men and that of Hosea in it. It basically as if chivalry is dead and woman unconsciously protests by prostituting herself, amoral (and not immoral). It is with Christ and the baptism that the dove returns and is now sent from a masculine God in Heaven down to Christ for His conception as a means to bring closure and balance to the work of God with humans. Christ is the only one worth of chivalry and the example which would bring back dignity to Mary.

    However, here is the catch 22 of sorts. During the Old Testament chivalry was open ended opportunity for man, for any man to under take. Come the New Testament and this now has become a more internal intimate deal between God and His chosen people. Chivalry is no more possible by cultivating works of herding cattle and extracting the seed of man to spread out in quality and quantity, it can only be done by Totemizing the work under a leader representing that work in its purest and most courageous form, that of Christ’s. There is no more tribes with distinct patriarchs endowed with keeping that role, structuring themselves (and society in complementarity) man to man in games of chivalry, because at that point they are not as real and the games start getting rigged, becoming a sport for schizophrenic youth as opposed to adult responsible duty. Christ did not collectivize men under Him as sheeps, men already had become sheeps who now could only be redeemed as adult responsible men in following Christ’s lead in terms of spreading the Word as a seed.

    Suffice to say it did not prevent communists from attacking cattle farmers in Russia, and what not, on grounds that their work was too “capitalistic” and chivalrous, that only death in schizophrenic dog obedience and conquest is the way, not settlement. Ironically communists through our sins have forced our hands in repenting and following Christ, in not merely settling for cattle herding but actually healing and conceiving non schizophrenic individuals. In a way it is them who are a best fit for the incestuous schizoid work of modern industrialized sedentary agriculture and 3D printing food instead of the nomadic herding cow boy type chivalrous work – and its Joan of Arc courage extracting counterpart.

    It is kid of a feminine psychosis going. We have nowadays women who think they can extract good leavening out of certified schizophrenic gays (I am not talking of Greek homosexual philosophers who were NOT schizo and did get their cultural work extracted out by woman eventually, I am talking of the modern schizo derived sexuality) with this ambivalent message of “Hope” that they will turn around, when more and more all we get in return is more cowardly gaslighting and abortion anti-responsibility talk (the sole hope being the fear of not being canceled as a liberal in the future for being not liberal and infantile enough) with same men competing with women for extraction of leavening. The whole thing has become a blasphemer of self castrating infantilism pretending to be inclusive of the future, mixing everything up in Orwellian entropy disorder increase. Chivalry is not only gone, but becoming a mere adult human (and “huwoman” too at that, ha!) is gone. Mothers encourage their sons to be cowards, and fearing the courageous son in hysterical ordipian fantasy, they keep him in the basement, and expects them to be lesser men, as if resenting them deep inside in the first place, castrating them from competing with the collectivized society under pompous and stupid gelded leaders they are fan of, in the end.

  6. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, the other day I was talking to some Hong Kong people based in London on skype and have been informed that during the Hong Kong 2019 protests, the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of State Security disappeared people who opposed the Chinese Communist Party including people who opposed Chinese Communist Sovereignty over Hong Kong by calling on the British Government to repeal/end the Sino Joint British Declaration outside the British Embassy in Hong Kong.

    1. Confucius is China’s #1 enemy, make no mistake about it. I think the West has gone moblisationist/collectivist in its own ways given its gaslighting reaction to covid. The equality and fraternity terms of the French motto has also been applied in England and the US in order to collectivize the consumer as a whole. Equality has made everyone undifferentiated and fraternity has pushed that infantilism in the sphere of brotherhood rejecting any kind of responsibility for the future, The result is a catastrophic mass schizophrenia that is latently hostile to Confucianism while being flirtatious with communists to their peril. I am absolutely disgusted by the current behaviors at all levels of society in the Anglo Saxon world. Even police and FBI are gelded by the incestuous relation they have as a brotherhood with the Mommy harlot of media and academia, always trying to please her, it is gross. Meanwhile this behavior is what cements the confidence of China and Russia in trusting they both can share this totemic meal. As a comedian said cynically, how else can you make person great friend other than when they both burry a dead body together, getting a high from feeling alive and good when death is all around on the battle field. The release of the tension between China and Russia can only occured when both fet together after having fooled the harlot that they just want to be brothers with her FBI/CIA brothers so she can party, and then they will turn these Langley dupes at the table into a shopping center.

      1. Mao said the first Ch’in emperor was nothing because he only killed ten thousand Confucian scholars. Mao bragged that the communists had killed hundreds of thousands of Confucian scholars. Here is the tragedy of modern China, and of the West; for the same evil has infected the Anglo-Saxon world.

  7. Warning, kudos ahead.
    Thank you, Jeff!
    Another great read on our times and history.
    I have read some of the back-and-forth replies from and to your readers. Wow, your responses are excellent. I cannot imagine having to put that much work into a single blog post. You have “the patience of Job.” I just hope that it is not causing too much stress on your part.
    I look forward to your posts; I always learn many things while reading them.
    I have seen others interview you, and while I understand that they have to speak to their followers, I often wish that they would sit quietly and let you speak. Have you considered having your own show?
    You have so much to offer in the way of education. Are you a professor? You should be, but within the current political climate, that would be challenging.

    1. I did teach. But I lost my teaching position at university in 1990, while pursuing a Ph.D. — had to give it all up, but it felt better to be out of there. They said I was a “bad influence” on the students. I had become openly anti-Marxist and that was not acceptable.

  8. Well, you are OUR teacher, Jeff — all the people who read this blog — and we are most grateful for you.

  9. There is always hope,but reality is that American elites and corporate heads have chosen china profits over reality. They do not care or understand history.
    It is all but too late to reverse, light is leaving replaced by darkness.

    How did we let America descend into what we have seen recently!

    Communist defectors have told us,those who have fought communism have shown by example what communism means and what results. It seems those who steal elections and those checks and balances who should have revealed it have been silenced,ignored….to our shame.

    Honor is tied to morality without either we are left with what we have seen take place over the last 4 years. Those seeds were planted decades ago and now have reached their furthest limits,the future is overt force.

    1. This is a good summary of the situation. America’s downward spiral has gone past the proverbial “point of no return.” That means, in effect, our elections, our institutions and our leaders cannot change this downward trajectory. I suspect that our nation’s regeneration is bound up with recovering our sense of honor, moral order, and truth. Communism clearly aims at the eradication of all three.

  10. Great article as always, Jeff. I was wondering what is your opinion on the world-wide vaccination program and the pandemic, and how it relates to the Soviet bloc’s desire for world dominance. Do you think that the vaccinations will be made mandatory and those who do not comply will be second-class citizens, akin to the Jews in WW2? I remember hearing about an interview by Bill Gates where he mentions that he is spending billions on vaccine R&D because this will eventually make him trillions (he was shrugging off the “small” upfront cost and comparing it to the large profit he hopes to make). I also came across this “leaked email” form the government of Canada from October 2020. []. Almost everything has come to pass, expect inter-province border control and a few other things mentioned in the email, which could probably come into fruition as COVID passport tech infrastructure matures. I’m not sure if this email is true, or disinformation of some sort. Is war with China inevitable? Or have we already been conquered without firing a single shot? The vaccination program could also be used for a variety of reasons, from establishing a more comprehensive surveillance network to weakening the population through toxins and sterilization. Not sure how the EU and/or Soviet bloc intend to use the pandemic or if it was just meant for the US elections. Any insights?

    1. The Canadian story from October seems to be apocryphal. However, the situation is nonetheless alarming because the vaccine is so clearly political, and connected with communist-inspired active measures. Fauci recently said that more pandemics were coming because of global warming. This makes Fauci a very special kind of useful idiot (tying two communist-inspired science-disinformation operations together with a laughably unscientific claim). The key takeaway is: We are now ruled by corrupt clowns. Here bad science is piled onto bad science in order to justify what must be an attempt to destroy capitalism and eliminate all personal freedom. Who is behind this? Our enemies are behind this, of course. Who is the enemy? We used to call them the communist bloc: Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, etc., plus their agent networks, dupes, and fellow travelers. They have burrowed their way into government, into the CDC, into big pharma, into the media, etc. Those of us who have studied communism can track their many penetrations through the policy pronouncements of our leading institutions. When policies more and more align with communist strategy and interests, we see who the communist agents of influence are and how their deception unfolds. Every day their strategy becomes increasingly obvious. And that strategy currently involves a program of vaccination and lockdowns. Please note: The Chinese and Russians are using a different vaccine than we are, which is intriguing; yet their vaccine seems to be based on similar principles as our own. Could special versions of this vaccine be used on dissident Chinese or Russians? Possibly. The ruthlessness of these regimes must give us pause. Already large numbers of Russians are feeling uncomfortable about compulsory vaccination. The idea of any government forcing an untested vaccine on its people — a vaccine that changes protein production in the body — is terrifying because government bureaucrats are often primed to advance dangerous social experiments and bad science. This vaccine could, in itself, turn out to be the greatest fiasco in the history of big government, big pharma, and bureaucratized “science.” Imagine if this vaccine caused tens or hundreds of millions of people to develop auto-immune diseases. Imagine if it killed tens of millions worldwide. This is by no means inconceivable. Governments around the world would be destabilized by a mistake of this kind. How obedient to authority would citizens be if their own leaders proved to be a threat to their well-being? How could trust ever be established under any form of government? Our leaders, bureaucrats and media are so full of themselves, yet so incompetent, that we have reached a moment of unprecedented crisis. Our leaders are fools. I return to this theme again and again. The diabolical aspect enters into it when we look East, toward the strategists in Russia, China and the various communist groups. Your average corrupt bureaucrat is no match for the communists. Fauci is a tool. Biden is a tool. Putin and Xi are something else entirely. But in the clown category let us fill out the picture: the socialists and communists are not the only people who pushed the vaccine. Trump also pushed this vaccine. Was he a tool? I believe we are seeing a kind of universal breakdown of common sense, of ordered thought, of responsible leadership. And that probably includes the anti-communists, too. On its face, an informed thinking person would prefer to brave the Chinese virus than become a guinea pig in an irresponsible mass vaccination program. Vaccines for RNA viruses have always been problematic, with past attempts sometimes causing catastrophic losses in livestock animals (e.g., piglets in China), animal test subjects, etc. There has never been a truly successful, robust vaccine for an RNA virus. So now we’re giving this vaccine to millions of people? Whatever else this is, it is proof of the system’s failure — of a failure of leadership. It was suggested by Dr. Lee Merritt that the Chinese stupidly pre-vaccinated Wuhan secret police cadres with a messenger-RNA shot prior to the Wuhan outbreak, which caused an appalling series of deaths of which some were caught on camera. (Click on the link below.) A new technology, like the messenger-RNA vaccine, should never have been given to millions of human beings as we see happening today. Even if this vaccine works, there is no way of knowing the risks without a decade of testing. And no such testing has happened. Any scientist who assures you of this vaccine’s safety is no scientist at all. It may be months or years before we know the full consequences of taking this vaccine. Think of the road on which we are now traveling. The shot is only good for a year or two. And then, if we are hit by a different RNA weapon, we would need yet another vaccine (every year or two). How much cell manipulation can the human body withstand without serious complications? Will the human immune system eventually turn on its own cells? Can we really establish a global vaccination regime that requires all humans to be injected with a concoction that alters the protein production of cells? — that alters our body’s immune response in ways we can never fully anticipate? Here, I do not think that even the communists know what they are doing, or know what they have unleashed. The communists are always experimenting on people. Forced farm collectivization killed tens of millions in Russia and China. This kind of killing is integral to their “scientific management of human affairs” (as Lenin called it). We’re in such a fog of war at the moment, it is hard to see exactly what the communists in Beijing are really doing. One thing is certain, however: they are behind the virus and they are trying to use the pandemic to replace the free market system with controls. This may even be a preliminary attack in advance of an all-out attack on the United States and Western Europe. You might ask: Why can’t they simply conquer with Biden, Fauci, the EU and the World Health Organization? Maybe they can, but I am doubtful. The problem, as ever, is that people will not accept being conquered “without a shot.” That is why, when all these crazy schemes fail, the Chinese and Russians will turn to war. That analysis follows from general principles of strategy and the limits of deception. People are not forever fooled or perpetually blinded by lies. People have instincts. And though they may be aroused to a belated awareness, they will eventually dig in their heels and turn against the authorities whose policies are ruining their lives. In consequence, the West will harden its position against Beijing and Moscow. It is only a matter of time (and time is growing short). War follows from lies, as Russia and China will find themselves trapped by the logic of their own enmity against the West. The deception will get them only so far; then military aggression will be required to carry them after the deception collapses. There is, of course, the possibility that the vaccine is part of a binary biological attack, as postulated by Dr. Lee Merritt. I am not a biological scientist, so I cannot comment on the credibility of Merritt’s suggestion; only, we should keep such ideas in mind in case further evidence proves the case.

      Please listen to her presentation here:

      1. Outstanding reply. Very thought provoking. Your comments on the vaccine/climate change being connected and how this plays into overall strategy is worth expansion into an entire article on your blog.

      2. Thank you for your reply, Jeff. Very insightful and definitely worth a standalone blog post. I just finished listening to the podcast you listed. I think that adding luciferase proteins in the vaccine will be difficult – it will have to be incorporated into the human genome/transcriptome since (from what I understand) luciferase proteins have a half life of only a few hours. Perhaps this is why Israel is opting for a “Green Pass”, instead. I’m not sure how long it’ll be after mass vaccination until side effects become apparent and confidence in government is lost. Perhaps loss of faith in government is the strategy all along.

        As you mentioned, “We’re in such a fog of war at the moment, it is hard to see exactly what the communists in Beijing are really doing.” – I think this really sums up where we are right now.

      3. My guess is that we have one year before people vaccinated start suffering from severe effects. As the vaccine may only last a year to 14 months, and mutations may also get past the vaccine, people may get sick and millions could start dying globally. If that scenario begins to unfold, we’ll know in about a year. Then it will be the greatest medical and bureaucratic fiasco in human history; a mass die-off of human beings like nothing we’ve ever seen. Our institutions would be shaken to their foundations.

  11. I think these words from Saint Paul in his letter to the Ephesians, Chapter 5, have a lot to do with the strength of chivalry in the history of Western Civilization:


    25 Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;

    28 So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself.

    29 For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church:

    31 For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.

    33 Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she reverence her husband.



    A COMING COVID CATASTROPHE: World renown vaccine specialist, Geert Vanden Bossche, gave a groundbreaking interview this week risking his reputation and his career by bravely speaking out against administration of #Covid19 vaccines


    Former Gates Foundation Vaccine Scientist Calls for Halt to Vaccinations, Predicts “Wipe Out” of Populations:

    1. The West’s Obituary

      “Coronaviruses are notorious for ADE reactions, where antibody presence potentiates the infection instead of protecting against it. Using that as a bioweapon is stupid because you will score “own goals” on your own people and there is no way to control that. As a result biological weapons generally are dumb; poison gas and such don’t have this risk since it does not propagate but any disease does.

      The poster child for ADE in coronaviruses was an attempted vaccine for a feline coronavirus that often made cats very sick. The vaccine killed every one of them in the test when they were later exposed, wildly potentiating the infection.


      Ordinary vaccines we have lots of experience with, such as measles, the flu shot, mumps and similar do not carry a risk beyond that of natural infection and cannot be weaponized because they produce the exact same antibody response as a natural infection. If you have had either the measles or the shot you will have antibodies but an antibody test will not tell you which since they’re not distinguishable.

      I suspected from the start that due to the way these mRNA shots work — they are not actually a vaccine at all in that they do not “mimic” natural infection but rather cause your cells to produce the spike protein that the virus has and that elicits an immune response — that the antibodies produced by those jabs would be distinct and distinguishable from natural infection.

      All of the so-called “experts” who worked to develop these and the firms involved knew damn well this was the case when they started developing them — and did it anyway.

      Now we have hard, scientific confirmation of that and it’s very bad.”


      1. You combine this info with that supplied by DR. GEERT VANDEN BOSSCHE above and you see that a second “virus” biowarfare attack may not even be necessary due to enhanced viral immunity selection, but you can be damn sure the adversaries of the West are working on it anyway.

  14. Jeff, just wanting to let you know, I have sent you a document on the issue on Hong Kong sovereignty and not sure if you can comment, I was talking with some Hong Kong people who are based in the UK and there has been concerns voiced out on why the likes of Nathan Law and etc were allowed to leave Hong Kong and have been sent to the UK, one of the people whom I talked to and who participated in the protests outside the British Embassy in Hong Kong has told me that it is well known that the Hong Kong Democracy Movement assists the Chinese Communist Party on legally owning the Sovereignty over Hong Kong under the Sino Joint British Declaration. I have been told that there is total resentment and anger towards the Hong Kong Democracy Movement including the Hong Kong Democratic Party because they have been assisting the Chinese Communist Party on mainlandizing Hong Kong as well.

    1. Maybe when Oaphra’s horse in the race,Meghan Markle, becomes president, the power behind her throne, the wee, lad, Hank, will do something about that?

  15. [ Mr Biden recalled meeting Mr Putin, during which he reportedly told him that he doesn’t “have a soul”: “I wasn’t being a wise guy.”

    “He looked back at me and said, ‘We understand each other’,” Mr Biden said. ]

    [ Asked whether he believes Mr Putin is a “killer” in a pre-taped interview that aired on Wednesday, the president responded: “I do.”

    “The price he’s going to pay, you’ll see shortly,” he said. ]

    1. Biden is helping Putin by these pronouncements, for he is not threatening Putin alone but the entire Russian nation. Even now Putin desperately needs a foreign enemy as his people protest the arrest of Navalny. By threatening an attack on Russia, Biden is taking actions which will unite the Russian people behind Putin, and thereby allow him to depict Navalny as an agent of Western subversion. Biden should not be threatening acts of war. He should be giving the Russian people his best wishes. America is in no position to fight a war against Russia. Such a war does not help us because our leaders are weak and incapable. Tell the world the many wicked things Putin is doing to his people, but do not commit an act of war against him. A cyber-attack on Russia is not the right strategy. Winning the Russian people by speaking the truth is better.

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