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As everyone knows, there were large pro-Trump crowds at the Capitol building yesterday. An element from the crowd broke into the building. The police lost control. A woman was shot and killed by the Capitol Police. Among those who gained access to the building were these folks, above (in the picture). Are they Antifa/BLM? The picture above is suggestive. The man with what appears to be a Hammer & Sickle on the back of his hand doesn’t have the right symbol set for a Trump supporter. The man with the horns has been identified as Jake Angel or Jake Angeli or Jacob Chansely from Phoenix. Why so many names? According to 12 News in Phoenix Angel/Angeli/Chansley has been seen “at numerous rallies, marches and events throughout the past year, ranging from Trump rallies to BLM marches.” Is he a political switch-hitter? Angel/Angeli/Chansley is said to shout QAnon-related slogans, like “Q Sent Me.” Mainstream media takes all this as proof that he is a QAnon supporter. Whatever his real name is, he certainly wants us to think he supports Trump.

I spoke to people who were at the Capitol when the events went down. They are suspicious about the folks who broke into the building. Trump supporters knew the deliberations inside the building were vital to their cause. Why would they interrupt or disrupt the deliberations?

Sadly, the process of public debate was suspended as congressmen were evacuated from the Capitol. Who was at fault? Nancy Pelosi says Trump was at fault. Of course she does. All the same: Anyone can pose as a Trump supporter.

However we understand the event, it in no way compares to the violence of last summer, either in scale or in its intimidation value. Look at what happened at the White House with the injured Secret Service agents when Antifa showed up. Did the mainstream media strongly condemn the real rioting that then occurred? Now CNN presents what happened at the Capitol as “terrorism.” Even if knuckleheaded Trump supports were responsible, it doesn’t rise to the level of what Antifa has done.

The hypocrisy of the media is on full display. The communists get a free pass. Patriots are automatically guilty of terrorism. So this is the outcome: The President’s rally has been converted into an act of “treason.” Was it wise to invite hundreds of thousands of supporters to a city ruled by a hostile mayor, to a city where cell phone coverage could be cut off, where a hostile media would control the narrative? In retrospect, the event backfired badly.

Who got arrested during this event? Did any of the characters in the above picture get arrested? Anyone can attend Trump rallies in a costume. Anyone can shout QAnon slogans. Why did Jake Angel (or whoever he is) attend BLM events, as claimed by 12 News in Phoenix? Does the fat guy standing next to “Jake” really have a hammer & sickle tattoo?

It sure looks like it, though some say it’s a Mark of the Outsider tattoo. One thing is for sure, however; the little guy on the other side of the picture is dressed in black, just like an Antifa rioter. If they are Trump supporters, they are freakish ones.

P.S. – We have better information about what happened at the Capitol. The reader thread below offers many excellent corrections and clarifications. On the morning of 6 January I wrote that we were going to start learning about ourselves as well as the Marxists. We learned plenty on 6 January. We learned that our leaders do not have a master plan. We learned that a mob is a mob. We learned that intelligent leadership is missing.


BREAKING REPORT: Former FBI Agent on the Ground at US Capitol Says at Least One Bus Load of Antifa Thugs Infiltrated Trump Demonstration (

FALSE FLAG CONFIRMED: “Viking” who stormed the Capitol Building previously photographed at BLM rally wearing the same outfit –

Was the assault on the Capitol building a false flag? « Jon Rappoport’s Blog (

See the source image
Let’s take a closer look
Ah, there he is with the anti-police sign behind him….

Was Yesterday’s Brawl At The U.S. Capitol A False Flag Operation? ( – The comments on this one are very interesting. The first person to comment, “dgj,” objects to the idea that these photographs prove Antifa was there. Read the response from Stephen Clark:

Hello dgj, Your comment is uninformed, we were there. Antifa showed up in 4 white vans escorted right up to the Capitol by fake police vehicles. This was planned. They were wearing helmets and black outfits with a touch of Trump gear. We Trump supporters do not wear helmets and we do not destroy property. The entire day was beautiful and peaceful until they showed up. This entire staged event was to stain Trump and all of us who support America. Notice that Congress is now using this event to justify their votes on electors. It is all planned. You should have been there to speak with the hundreds of Vietnamese people who know what Communism will do to our country. We have 13 days to save ourselves. Research it!

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  1. Biden Calls Pro-Trump Capitol Protesters ‘Domestic Terrorists’
    Biden has previously said he plans to pass new legislation aimed at combating ‘domestic terrorism’

    Dave DeCamp Posted on January 8, 2021

    In the wake of pro-Trump demonstrators entering the US Capitol Building, Joe Biden made it clear that he views the incident as “terrorism” in comments on Thursday.

    “Don’t dare call them protesters,” he said from Wilmington, Delaware. “They were a riotous mob. Insurrectionists. Domestic terrorists. It’s that basic. It’s that simple.”

    As The Wall Street Journal reported in November, Biden has said he plans to make a priority of passing a law against domestic terrorism. The Capitol incident will likely speed up the process of crafting domestic terror-related legislation that could have grave implications for the civil liberties of Americans.

    Biden’s transition team is also reportedly considering new “Red Flag” laws that would give law enforcement more authority to confiscate firearms.

    Biden voted for the 2001 Patriot Act, which greatly expanded the federal government’s surveillance capabilities. He has said the Patriot Act was modeled on a terrorism bill he wrote after the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, that was never signed into law.

    “I drafted a terrorism bill after the Oklahoma City bombing,” he was quoted as saying by the New Republic in 2001. “And the bill John Ashcroft sent up was my bill,” he said, referring to then-Attorney General John Ashcroft.

    In a 2002 Senate hearing on FBI counterterrorism efforts, Biden again took credit for creating the Patriot Act. “Civil libertarians were opposed to it,” he said. “Right after 1994, and you can ask the attorney general this, because I got a call when he introduced the Patriot Act. He said, ‘Joe, I’m introducing the act basically as you wrote it in 1994. [sic]’”

    Democrats in Congress are also calling to prioritize domestic terrorism. Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI), a former CIA analyst and Pentagon official, made her priorities clear in an interview with MSNBC.

    “The post 9/11 era is over. We are in a new era. We had a generational event with the infiltration of the Capitol,” Slotkin said. “The single greatest national security threat right now is our internal division. It’s the threat of domestic terrorism.”

  2. FNC’s Carlson Warns Capitol Hill Riots Will Be Used to Strip Americans of Their Rights — Basic Rights ‘in Peril’

    Wednesday, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson delivered a monologue about the riots seen at the U.S. Capitol that left four dead and many more injured.

    After emphasizing how “horrified” he was by the violence, Carlson said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that as long as the people feel that “their democracy is fraudulent” and are silenced while speaking out about it, the people will act out as seen on Wednesday and in history. He warned that the chaos at the Capitol could be used by the nation’s leaders to strip Americans of their basic rights.

    Partial transcript as follows:

    As long as people sincerely believe they can change things by voting, they stay calm. They don’t storm the bastille. They don’t burst into the House chamber. They talk and they organize and they vote. But the opposite is also true. If people begin to believe that their democracy is fraudulent, if they conclude that voting is a charade, that the system is rigged and it’s run in secret by a small group of powerful dishonest people who are acting in their own interests, then God knows what could happen. Actually, we do know what could happen. It’s happening right now. It’s happened in countless other countries over countless centuries, and the cycle is always the same because human nature never changes.

    “Listen to us!” screams the population. “Shut up and do what you’re told,” reply their leaders. In the face of dissent, the first instinct of illegitimate leadership is to crack down on the population. But crackdowns never make it better. Instead, they always make the country more volatile and more dangerous. The people in charge rarely understand that. They don’t care to learn or listen because all of this conversation is a referendum on them and their leadership, so they clamp down harder. “Obey, I tell you. Obey!” This is the Romanov program. It ends badly every single time. But that doesn’t mean they won’t try it again. Of course, they will because it’s their nature. It’s how we got here in the first place.

    Millions of Americans sincerely believe the last election was fake. You can dismiss them as crazy, you can call them conspiracy theorists, you can kick them off Twitter, but that won’t change their minds. Rather than trying to change their minds to convince them and reassure them the system is real, that the democracy works as you would do if you cared about the country or the people who live here, our new leaders will try to silence them.

    What happened today will be used by the people taking power to justify stripping you of the rights were born with as an American. Your right to speak without being censored, your right to assemble, to not be spied upon, to make a living, to defend your family, most critically. These are the most basic and ancient freedoms that we have. They are why we live here in the first place. They’re why we are proud to be Americans. They are what make us different, and they are all now in peril. When thousands of your countrymen storm the Capitol building, you don’t have to like it. We don’t.

    You can be horrified by the violence, and as we said and we will say it again, we are horrified. It’s wrong. But if you don’t bother to pause and learn a single thing from it, from your citizens storming your Capitol building, then you’re a fool. You lack wisdom and you lack self-awareness. You have no place running a country. We got to this sad, chaotic day for a reason. It is not your fault. It is their fault.

  3. Capitol siege was planned online. Trump supporters now planning the next one
    Jan. 9, 2021 at 8:36 am Updated Jan. 9, 2021 at 5:29 pm

    By Craig Timberg, Drew Harwell and Marissa J. Lang
    The Washington Post

    WASHINGTON – The planning for Wednesday’s assault on the U.S. Capitol happened largely in plain view, with chatters in far-right forums explicitly discussing how to storm the building, handcuff lawmakers with zip ties and disrupt the certification of Joe Biden’s election – in what they portrayed as responding to orders from President Donald Trump.

    This went far beyond the widely reported, angry talk about thronging Washington that day. Trump supporters exchanged detailed tactical advice about what to bring and what to do once they assembled at the Capitol to conduct “citizens arrests” of members of Congress. One poster said, “[expletive] zip ties. I’m bringing rope!”

    Such comments were not confined to dark corners of the Web. They were scooped up and catalogued by researchers who made their findings public weeks before a seemingly unprepared Capitol Police force was overrun by thousands of rioters, in an incident that left one officer, one protester and three other people dead.

    The question left unanswered is why didn’t authorities prepare more effectively for a storm that many outsiders saw looming on the horizon – especially when those planning the assault were so open about their intentions?

    “Given the very clear and explicit warning signs – with Trump supporters expressing prior intent to “storm and occupy Congress” and use “handcuffs and zip ties,” clear plans being laid out on public forums, and the recent precedent of the plot to storm the Michigan Capitol building while Congress was in session – it is truly mind-boggling that the police were not better-prepared,” said Rita Katz, executive director of SITE Intelligence Group, which was among the research groups that detailed what was coming in the weeks before the Capitol was attacked. It recapped much of this evidence in a report published Saturday.

    Capitol Police spokeswoman Eva Malecki did not respond to requests for comment on Saturday.

    The desire to prevent a repeat of Wednesday’s attack helped drive Twitter’s decision to suspend Trump’s account after years in which years he challenged their policies against hate speech and inciting violence. The two tweets the company cited in their announcement Friday night were tamer than many during his candidacy or his presidency, but Twitter said it was particularly concerned about contributing to a possible “secondary attack” on the U.S. Capitol and state government facilities next weekend.

    Concerns about more violent incidents appear to be well founded. Calls for widespread protests on the days leading up to the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden have been rampant online for weeks. These demonstrations are scheduled to culminate with what organizers have dubbed a “Million Militia March” on Jan. 20 as Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris are to be sworn in on the same Capitol grounds that rioters overran on Wednesday.

    “We all knew that tens of thousands of extremists would converge on DC Wednesday, so there’s no excuse for the resourcing failure,” said Brian Harrell, a former Trump administration Department of Homeland Security assistant secretary for infrastructure protection, now chief security officer for AVANGRID, an energy company. “Law enforcement was ill prepared for an event the entire country knew was coming, and one that [the president] has been signaling for weeks… It’s shocking.”

    These renewed calls to action have bristled with violent talk and vows to bring guns to Washington in defiance of the city’s strict weapons laws. A new analysis of such posts by Alethea Group, an organization combating disinformation that draws its name from the Greek word for “truth,” found abundant evidence of threatening plans on a range of platforms large and small.

    The aggressive and often hateful chatter has appeared on both mainstream sites such as Twitter and Facebook and niche, conservative sites such as and Parler. The specified locations include the U.S. Capitol and the Mall in Washington, the Utah Capitol in Salt Lake City, and locations in Pittsburgh and Columbus, Ohio. Some events, including an “Armed March on All State Capitals,” include localized events in all 50 states.

    “REFUSE TO BE SILENCED,” said one online post cited by Alethea Group, calling for an “ARMED MARCH ON CAPITOL HILL & ALL STATE CAPITOLS” for Jan. 17, the last Sunday of Trump’s polarizing presidency. Another post called for action at “DC & All State Capitols” and was signed by “common folk who are tired of being tread upon” declares: “We were warned!”

    Parler’s chief operating officer, Jeffrey Wernick, declined to comment. An unnamed moderator for TheDonald wrote an accusatory email in response to a request for comment that used an obscenity to describe Washington Post reporters but did not respond to the substance of the query.

    The bitterness and specificity of the posts cited by the Alethea Group resembles what was publicly reported ahead of Wednesday’s assault. In addition to SITE, the Coalition for a Safer Web sent numerous dispatches warning of the trouble brewing, as did Advance Democracy. Online chatter was organized, in some cases, around hashtags such as #StormTheCapitol and included threats to kill Congressional leaders.

    Numerous researchers cited a Trump tweet urging supporters to come to Washington on Wednesday, the day of the presidential vote certification in Congress, that said, “Be there, will be wild!”

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    One poster responded on a pro-Trump forum, “He can’t exactly openly tell you to revolt . . . This is the closest he’ll ever get.” Another poster, according to the SITE report, called for storming the building to “encircle” Congress and “go after the traitors directly.” Another said, “Bring handcuffs and zip ties to DC” – things that later showed up in numerous images of the riot.

    “It’s not so much that the cops weren’t aware of it. It’s almost like they were willfully ignorant of the possibility of violence.” said Marc Ginsberg, president of the coalition who personally shared his findings with government officials. “I felt like crawling into a hole after I saw what happened.”

    Warnings even came from private citizens, including activists normally wary of the police. One activist, who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of backlash from the far-right groups, said she spent her Christmas neck-deep in far-right death threats, wading through online forums that detailed plans to smuggle guns into the District, kidnap Democrat lawmakers and violently attack District of Columbia police and racial justice activists.

    What she read disturbed her so deeply that she decided to violate one of the cardinal rules of the District activist groups she has protested among since the summer: Call the police. She called the FBI’s tip line on Monday, Dec. 28 and told the woman on the other end of the phone about detailed threats and plans she had seen shared on forums including Parler, Telegram and threads on the website TheDonald. All proved to be major staging grounds for Wednesday’s attack.

    “It was a very difficult decision for me to call the FBI, but who else can you tell? They’re explicitly discussing committing federal crimes – attacking the Capitol, attacking the police, attacking us,” said the activist. “I told them, ‘Look, they’re planning to kill members of Congress and they’re openly discussing bringing guns over state lines.’ I thought if that didn’t get their attention nothing would.”

    The FBI did not respond to a request for comment Saturday.

    Federal, state and local law enforcement have been aggressively building their intelligence capabilities since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks caught the nation off guard. Subsequent investigation pointed to failures to shared pieces of information gathered by various agencies, prompting the creation of fusion centers and other means for transmitting intelligence in the future.

    The spread of social media in recent years – and its widespread use as an organizing tool for activists – has made tracking threats that build online easier.

    “There’s a big distance between having information and having a threat assessment,” said Chuck Wexler, executive director of the Police Executive Research Forum, a think tank. “The question is what they did with the intelligence they had? Did they make a proper threat assessment? If not, why not?”

    Similar information is flowing freely to authorities now, as the same online forums light up with the same kind of violent chatter.

    Some event listings for the days ahead of the inauguration are openly discussing delivering “justice” for Ashli Babbitt, a rioter and Air Force veteran who was fatally shot by police inside the Capitol on Wednesday.

    Cindy Otis, vice president of analysis at Alethea said, “So much of the conversation right now is the general making of threats. There’s a risk of these particular dates leading to violence because that’s the kind of amped-up conversation we’re already seeing from people.”

    This story was originally published at

  4. Ashli Babbit was a crisis actor. A .45 pistol shot would have thrown a slim/ lightweight person like she was against the wall. This was a false flag. No, I don’t have proof but have watched the videos online in slow motion. Plus, her neck would’ve been spurting blood if the bullet would’ve hit the carotid artery. The military hires crisis actors for $20/hour. I hope she got more for her effort.

    1. I’ve dropped a dude with a .45 (in Iraq) and all he did was crumple to the ground, so your opinion is just that.

      Secondly, that was a Gov issued 9mm..

  5. Excuse me if this has already been addressed, but, what about the guy on the right with the Trump flag ***wearing an ID card?!*** What kind of ID card? It’s draped over his neck like most every federal entity now has to do! What’s in his rectangular bag? I’ve seen him in another shot too charging up a staircase carrying the same flag. What do you think HIS deal is?! He looks like he’s out in left field!

      1. It’s getting even worse…. we’re past hysterical and bordering on insane.

      1. Biden even wants to remove the so-called “internet sales loophole” for guns. There is no loophole. It’s a lie. All gun purchases online are delivered to an FFL. But Biden plans to ban internet sales for guns anyway, which would significantly hurt the average person’s ability to buy a firearm and raise prices significantly. Guns are hard to find as it is.

  6. Jeff, are you also hearing rumors about the Emergency Alert System and the Insurrection Act being used tonight?

    1. PrayingInOk, you are engaging in the very kind of magical thinking Jeff just warned us about. These rumors come from the Q-Anon fools who substitute wishful thinking for common sense. Don’t fall into the trap of their sorry ignorance.

      1. Gretchen, that’s why I asked Jeff what he was hearing. As I mentioned in a post up above, I’m just putting information out there to see where it goes. 🙂

      1. I saw video of Wood maybe a week or so ago. First time I had seen him. I have called him a kook, but we should consider the possibility he is a grifter and a scam artist. He triggered the same disdain in me that I feel when seeing fake Evangelists on TV (the Benny Hinn or Todd Bentley types) or how I felt the first time I saw Mitt Romney. I tend to have a pretty good radar for that sort of thing.

        Breitbart accused him of actually being a Democrat due to his voting history. I didn’t followup on that, and I think Wood himself claimed he voted for Dems only years ago and that Breitbart was distorting the evidence.

  7. Jeff, in one of your comments, you said, “Trump blundered.” I’d value hearing your thoughts on where he went wrong and what should have been done differently. If we can learn form the disasters of the past week (and the past four years), we at least could salvage some wisdom from them.

    Did Trump fail to save the Republic because he cozied up to the swamp creatures, instead of placing people with integrity in positions of power during his term? Or did he fail in some other way? What could or should have been done differently?

    Even if we love the man for his good intentions and herculean efforts, clearly they failed. He talked big against the evils we face, but his actions did very little to remove them. In the four years he was in office, things only grew worse.

    Please tell us your thoughts.

    1. This is an excellent comment. Thanks, Gretchen.

      We can all ‘Monday morning QB’ the last 4 years, but IMHO POTUS did what was needed by shining sunlight onto our completely broken political system. But he is 1 man. He’s given The People enough to effect change; it is up to us to see it through.

      As a veteran of many campaigns, I don’t like the connotations my opinion invokes. But I don’t see a peaceful pathway back or forward now. It’s a real shame.

      Historically the world sees mass ‘socio-economic’ conflict every 50-60 years, the last decade a prolonged flashpoint leading to conflict. We are now into that last decade.

      Trump supported us all — ALL — the last 4 years. He deserves our continued support no matter what.

      God Bless us all. 🙏🏼🇺🇸

      1. The mistakes Trump has made are minor compared to those made all around him. It is astonishing to watch the left and center politicians. The country will gradually turn against the Democrats. This is now inevitable, as long as we refrain from violence. Whoever starts a civil war will be blamed. Whoever takes tyrannical actions will be politically discredited.

      2. We’ve been in a soft civil war since Obama’s divisive years, it’s just accelerating today because they weren’t able to complete it under a HRC Administration and there is still the possibility (while P-DJT remains in office) that irrefutable evidence of their treason will see the light of day.

        Democrats and their leftist dhimmies are not fighting Trump because they hate him, they’re doing everything they can to discredit and remove him because the crimes they’re guilty of literally threaten their lives.

        Tyrants are not censored. Tyrant censor. Period.

      3. Our institutions have been reformatted by the left. A civil war would imply that someone is actually resisting the left. I think they basically control everything in terms of institutions. It is impossible to fight people who control everything. However, these people live in a bubble of illusion. They are destroying the country’s prosperity, freedom and national defense. When this becomes fully apparent the country will revolt against them, or their own ranks will split. This is when the Russians and Chinese will begin their intervention. The whole thing could split open at any time. You may be surprised to see how many people are prepared to change their thinking.

      4. I’m not, but I’m impatient and we haven’t reached a critical mass of ‘wokeness’ yet. I also accept that incremental change is more effective.

        I have a young daughter and I’m concerned that she will grow up in a society antithetical to what we did. I know they adapt, but I’m a dad now and it makes you think differently.

        Thank you for this blog, Jeff. I’m very glad to have a friend who sent me a link to it.

    2. I am working on a longer piece about this. I think our problems involve complicated philosophical questions that our culture has given the wrong answers to. Trump lacked the necessary background in knowledge and thinking to overcome these complex problems. Many of his appointees were part of the problem not because of the swamp, but because they shared in the cultural errors that were threatening our future. Only an outsider who could see the errors could fix them. Trump intuitively guessed some of it, but he could not find people who could convert those intuitions into policy, and his own party resisted him. He lacked the ability to make sophisticated arguments and to think strategically about culture. He did not understand communist strategy or tactics, and he failed to see the danger of a provocation. The left is now making a mistake that is much worse. Let’s see if Trump has the skill to turn it around on them. Certainly, he will gain sympathy if they treat him harshly.

      1. I’m very thankful for what he’s done/endured that helped open our eyes to what is really going on.

      2. Jeff, one has to wonder if the White House leaker ultimately leads to Mike Pence?

    3. Agree Gretchen. He carried a big stick, but really never used the authority granted to him by the Constitution and his own executive orders he approved. One can make the argument he had no support in the exercise of that authority (by military and then Senate leaders) which makes sense. This just shows the importance of knowing and obtaining loyal staffers on all fronts–should have removed the Obama staffers right away and made peace with Senate leaders immediately to build a strong front.

      1. That, since 1913, the Senate is comprised of 100 little dictators split relatively evenly across both sides of the Uniparty should show us that there is really no way Trump was going to “return power to the people.” I can’t make any determination except for the fact that it was doomed from the start. And the “seeds” of that doom were planted way back in 1913.

      1. Possibly. It keeps getting pushed back, so who know what’s going on? They are now showing Coronavirus updates from Texas. There have been over 100,000 people watching and waiting for an hour. Maybe Fox just wants to see how many people are interested. ha!

      2. Sounds like “all is well”

        WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have spoken for the first time since last week’s Capitol insurrection, during which Pence was forced to flee the Senate chamber and retreat to a secure location.

        A senior administration official says the two met Monday evening in the Oval Office.

        The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the private meeting, said the two had a “good conversation,” discussing the week ahead and “reflecting” on the administration’s accomplishments over the last four years.

        The official said that during the meeting, both men agreed that “those who broke the law and stormed the Capitol last week do not represent the America first movement backed by 75 million Americans” and pledged to continue working on behalf of the country for the remainder of their term.

  8. Patrick Byrne: This Is a ‘Communist Party Takeover’

    Patrick Byrne, founder and former CEO of Overstock, told Jenny Chang, the host of NTD Television’s “Focus Talk” program, that what is happening now in the United States is a “Communist Party takeover.”

    “That’s what the left is trying to do here. They have a bill that they’re ready to pass as soon as they get in that basically imposes a Chinese-style censorship state,” Byrne said during an interview premiered on Monday. “This is a Communist Party takeover.”


    1. “This is a color revolution. And it was managed really to the T and executed,” Byrne said.

      Byrne went on to explain that the unfolding color revolution has been implemented through four stages: demoralization through the COVID-19 pandemic, disorientation through Antifa’s burning of buildings and the like, with no state response; the crisis of the presidential election; and the normalization phase, which is now the media and big techs wiping out any opposing points of view.

      “It’s quite Orwellian,” Byrne continued, “Did I say that even Twitter outlawed hashtag ‘1984’ now? That’s all you need.”

  9. UH-OH!

    Trump orders state of emergency in Washington for inauguration
    Jan 12, 2021 @ 9:23

    President Donald Trump on Monday declared a state of emergency in Washington, D.C., citing the “emergency conditions” surrounding President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20. Since last week’s turbulent siege of Capital Hill, the city has been awash with reports of more violent demonstrations during and around the event. Trump issued the order after his first conversation with Vice President Mike Pence since the storming of Congress last week by pro-Trump protesters which left five people dead. The White House order covers the extension of DC National Guard support through January 24, 2021.

    1. It’s by request from the Democrats. They have 15,000 troops in DC right now. Considering I saw pictures of a Congresswoman hyperventilating on the ground, surrounded by congressmen looking like they were about to pee themselves, and congressmen have gone to the media and expressed how they all feared they were about to bloody die, this reaction is pretty understandable. We are ruled by complete cowards and buffoons.

  10. Isn’t it strange how they resumed the vote only hours later? For a building that was overrun by a sea of unruly people, some shot to death, how is it that the entire complex wasn’t shut down for at least 24 hours to disinfect and sanitize against Covid-19? Isn’t it a killer virus that explodes in super-spreader events like this?


    3rd Member Of Congress Tests Positive For Coronavirus, Blames Capitol Attack Lockdown
    January 12, 20218:46 AM ET

    Updated at 11:45 a.m. ET

    At least three Democratic members of Congress have tested positive for the coronavirus this week, blaming their results on their Republican colleagues’ refusal to wear face masks during the hours-long lockdown last Wednesday as pro-Trump extremists attacked the U.S. Capitol.

    “Only hours after Trump incited a deadly assault on our Capitol, many Republicans still refused to take the bare minimum COVID-19 precaution and simply wear a damn mask in a crowded room during a pandemic — creating a superspreader event ON TOP of a domestic terrorist attack,” Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., said on Twitter.

    On Tuesday, Rep. Brad Schneider, D-Ill., announced he has tested positive for the coronavirus after sheltering in place with other lawmakers who refused to wear masks.

    “I am at least the third Member from that room paying the price,” Schneider said, noting positive coronavirus tests from Jayapal and Rep. Bonnie Coleman, D-N.J.

    Schneider shared a video of the scene, saying, “Several Republican lawmakers in the room adamantly refused to wear a mask, as demonstrated in video from Punchbowl News, even when politely asked by their colleagues.”

    Crowded conditions during the prolonged security lockdown recently prompted Dr. Brian Monahan, the attending physician to Congress, to urge members and staff to get coronavirus tests, citing a high chance of transmission.

    Monahan also said that at least one lawmaker who was in a holding area was already positive before the chaotic events forced hundreds of people to gather together.

    Jayapal was the second member of Congress to announce a positive test after the lockdown, along with Coleman. With Schneider, they join the ranks of more than 50 lawmakers and 220 workers in Congress who have either tested positive, or are presumed to have been infected with the coronavirus.

    Jayapal, Coleman and Schneider are self-isolating. Coleman, who had taken the first of the required two doses of the coronavirus vaccine, says she is “experiencing mild, cold-like symptoms.” Schneider said he has not had any symptoms.

    Jayapal is pushing for people in Congress to show greater care in following safety guidelines and for anyone who ignores mask requirements to be punished — including senators and representatives.

    “Any Member who refuses to wear a mask should be fully held accountable for endangering our lives because of their selfish idiocy,” she said via Twitter. “I’m calling for every single Member who refuses to wear a mask in the Capitol to be fined and removed from the floor by the Sergeant at Arms.”

    Schneider echoed that sentiment.

    “Wearing a mask is not a political statement, it is public health guidance, common courtesy, and simply what should be expected of all decent people,” he said.

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