It is precisely because Marxism is not a lifeless dogma, not a completed, ready-made, immutable doctrine, but a living guide to action, that it was bound to reflect the astonishingly abrupt change in the conditions of social life.

Vladimir Lenin

The hour is very late. The country has been asleep for decades. But now, it seems, the country is beginning to wake up. The real question is whether our leaders are ready for the task at hand. We have some smart people in government; but do they understand the enemy we are facing? Are they prepared to battle that enemy in the midst of so much confusion and misinformation?

This morning I saw a Breitbart headline about China: “Xi Jinping orders Chinese army to prepare for war ‘at any second.’” Here is our enemy, positioning himself to strike. There is no other way to read it. If we consider the timing of this threat, it’s clear what they want us to do. After all, they have much to gain if Biden becomes president. And besides, they are not so careless as to let their prey escape.

As we watch what happens in today’s joint session of Congress, I am reminded of Stalin’s question, set down in his book, Foundations of Leninism: “Does not the history of the revolutionary movement show that the parliamentary form of struggle is only a school for, and an auxiliary in organizing the extra-parliamentary struggle?”

Marx, Engels and Lenin were opposed to the “opportunism” of those who wanted to work within the capitalist system for peaceful change. The whole point of Marxism is to make a revolution. The Second International, according to Lenin, was dominated by opponents of revolution. He called them “opportunists.” Such people weren’t real Marxists. “Instead of revolutionary policy,” wrote Stalin, “there was flabby philistinism and sordid political bargaining, parliamentary diplomacy and parliamentary scheming….”

“A revolution is not a dinner party,” snarled Mao Zedong, “or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery; it cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another.”

Americans may not fully understand what lies in store for them. A communist revolution, said Friedrich Engels, requires the annihilation of whole races and classes of people. It is in this sense that America is the target of a communist revolution. In this context Joe Biden may seem quite harmless, but his Chinese communist backers are murderers. If Biden assumes power, the government will devolve into a one-party state. He will kowtow to China. There will be no more U.S. nuclear deterrent. The country’s economy will be damaged. A process of weakening, of stripping out defenses, will accelerate. The communists in Beijing know that America cannot be made into a communist country. The American people would violently turn against the government. To use an old Soviet expression, America is “irredeemably bourgeois.” In other words, Engels was right. A communist revolution requires the annihilation of whole races and classes of people. Most of all, it requires the annihilation of the Americans.    

This aspect of communism is not even understood by most communists. After all, very few of them have actually read Marx or Engels. That kind of study is reserved for people at the top of the communist hierarchy. The Americans also never understood communism, because it was too boring to bother with. The conservatives, who pretended to understand communism as an “ideology” of mass murder actually didn’t understand it at all; that is to say, they never got to know communism in depth. They knew it was murderous, yet they never saw the method in its madness. What they saw disgusted and horrified them, so they didn’t want to get any closer and learn what it actually was.

Marxist leaders are not normal people. When Lenin assailed the “opportunists” of the Second International, the first thing he mocked was their bourgeois inclinations; that is, he criticized them for being normal. These fake Marxists, he said, wouldn’t make a revolution because they didn’t have the majority on their side. They wouldn’t make a revolution because they lacked trained cadres. They wouldn’t make a revolution through a “general strike” because parliamentary politics was more effective. Lenin said their Marxism was hooey. You don’t need a majority, said Lenin. You don’t wait to take power because you lack trained cadres. First take power, then train the cadres. And who cares about the anarchist concept of the “general strike”? Marxism is a more focused, tightly and intelligently controlled form of violence.

The key, of course, is always violence; but violence with craft and cunning behind it. There is no dogma in Marxism about having a majority, or having elite cadres, or launching a general strike. Lenin said “revolutionary theory is not a dogma,” and that it “assumes final shape only in close connection with practical activity of a truly mass and truly revolutionary movement….” (See “Left-Wing” Communism: An Infantile Disorder for details).

Now that we’re watching a communist revolution unfold here in the United States, we ought to get a little more familiar with Marxism-Leninism as a “thesis” and not as a “dogma.” It is something that our conservatives long refused to do; and this refusal is exactly why they went running like dogs to lick Mr. Gorbachev’s face three decades ago. You will always hear conservatives refer to “communist ideology” and its “failures,” as if communism actually represented an economic doctrine. But there is no economic system propounded by Marx. For his part, Lenin retreated into state capitalism after the Russian Civil War. And Stalin’s collectivization of farming was a political measure rather than an economic one. If he had not impoverished the farmers, the farmers would have overthrown him.

The whole course of Marxism-Leninism has been misunderstood, from first to last. Our great historians and conservative thinkers had all the facts. But they never really read Marx or Lenin or Stalin. They never quite understood the motivation, the strategy, the brainpower. And so, they mistook Marxism for an ideology when Marxism was never an ideology. Marx defined “ideology” as the “false consciousness” of a ruling class in a society in which ruling ideas are represented as “universal truth.” You see, Marxists don’t believe in universal truth at all.

Stalin said Marxism had two elements: (1) a materialist “outlook” and (2) a dialectical method. Everything followed from these two things. Many people who are not communists believe that a materialist outlook is the most common-sense view available to modern man. Here we begin to see why communism has been so difficult to oppose. After all, many of our non-communists have no problem with its central proposition.

The Marxist, noted Stalin, is opposed to “idealism” which “regards the world as the embodiment of an ‘absolute idea,’ a ‘universal spirit,’ ‘consciousness’….” Stalin explained that “the world is by its very nature material, that the multifold phenomena of the world constitute different forms of matter in motion, that … the world develops in accordance with the laws of movement and matter and stands in no need of a ‘universal spirit.’” (That is, no need of God.)

As you can see, this is not an “ideology.” This is something broader and more fundamental. It is one of two possible cosmologies: (a) one that tends toward the supernatural, and (b) one that tends toward the natural. What makes Marxism different, and more effective as a weapon against supernaturalism, is its reliance on dialectics. “Contrary to metaphysics,” wrote Stalin, “Dialectics does not regard nature as an accidental agglomeration of things, of phenomena, unconnected with, isolated from, and independent of, each other, but as a connected and integral whole, in which things … are organically connected with … and determined by, each other.” What that means is not at all clear, and it is no accident that Marxists look back fondly to the pre-Socratic philosopher Heraclitus who was also known as Heraclitus “the obscure.” Stalin quoted Heraclitus to the effect that “the world, the all in one, was not created by any God or any man, but was, is and ever will be a living flame, systematically flaring up and systematically dying down….” Lenin called this, “A very good exposition of the rudiments of dialectical materialism.”

Heraclitus taught that the universe was continually changing. “Contrary to metaphysics,” noted Stalin, “dialectics holds that nature is not a state of rest and immobility, stagnation and immutability, but a state of continuous movement and change, of continuous renewal and development, where something is always arising and developing, and something is always disintegrating and dying away.”

This is where the revolution comes in. The communist’s simple insight is that the existing order (capitalism) and its attending Christian civilization is “disintegrating and dying away.” Nietzsche was not the only nineteenth century thinker to suppose that “God is dead.” The Marxist is that clever species of legacy-hunter who goes to the funeral of the “dead God” expecting to steal something; that is to say, the legacy of Western civilization.  

One of the reasons that Marxism has been so successful, is the way it plausibly exploits the superficial assumptions of modern man. Another reason is Marxism’s strategic and tactical flexibility. When you draw your inspiration from an obscure Greek philosopher whose utterances were as dubious as the Delphic Oracle, and you claim to be “scientific” in your approach, it is given that your theses will change with time. And this is exactly what has happened. Those academic pedants who see in Marxism a set of rigid doctrines discredited by history have missed the whole point of Marx’s writings. Every failed Marxist thesis paves the way for a new thesis. That is, after all, the scientific method. If something fails, you return to the drawing board; for Marxism is not about believing. Marxism is about doing. It is about the “science of revolution,” as Stalin said. And this science, at the time of Marx, was only in its infancy. Today it has reached its full destructive maturity. Please note with what sophistication Marxism commands events, dominates media, dictates the principles of education, destroys the careers of its opponents, co-opts liberals and pretends to fight climate change. There is so much more that could be added here.

It is true, of course, that the Marxists have gotten a great deal of power by peddling several false doctrines and leftist dogmas: homosexual marriage, transgenderism, critical race theory, global warming, etc. But none of these are Marxist in the true sense. These “dogmas” are merely tools of Marxism – tools in the scientific toolbox of revolution. In his essay, “Certain Features of the Historical Development of Marxism,” Lenin explained that Marxism “is not a dogma, but a guide to action.” Lenin continued, “This classical statement stresses with remarkable force and expressiveness that aspect of Marxism which is very often lost sight of. And by losing sight of it, we turn Marxism into something one-sided, distorted and lifeless; we deprive it of its life blood; we undermine its basic theoretical foundations – dialectics, the doctrine of historical development, all-embracing and full of contradictions; we undermine its connection with the definite practical tasks of the epoch, which may change with every new turn of history.” (p. 248, V.I. Lenin: Marx, Engels, Marxism, Eighth Revised Edition, Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1968).

Imagine the flexibility of a science that “may change with every new turn of history.” This is why George Orwell was so frightened by the Marxists; why the socialist regime in his novel, 1984, was described as a boot stomping on a human face, “forever.” He didn’t see how Marxism would ever lose. Those who said the Marxists would fail because they never understood human nature were wrong. Marx understood human nature perfectly. His adepts could not have lasted in power so long – in China and, dare I say, in Russia too, where they were flexible enough to give up the communist label while retaining the essentials of the communist system. Those families that ruled Soviet Russia – the Central Committee families – yet remain in control. The old Soviet oligarchy hides behind the fake “capitalist” NEP-men of the Gorbachev-Yeltsin-Putin New Economic Policy (NEP). The whole thing is right out of Lenin’s playbook. (And that is what flexibility has to offer.)

You might ask why Marxism is so keen on revolution? Why does dialectical materialism require revolution? The answer to this question is simple. All the Marxist arguments for revolution are not scientific. They are window-dressing. The reason for the revolution will never be stated publicly by Marxist-Leninist theoreticians or leaders. This is the part where you have to study biography; where you have to look at the psychology of Marxist revolutionaries. Think, if you can, what follows from a cynical human being like Marx, who doesn’t believe in God or an afterlife. Cut off from all hope of spiritual salvation, the only thing left for such a person is political power; that is to say, the only real power a materialist can believe in. The salvation found here is that of becoming a God through the politics of revolution. Here we draw closer to the real Marx, and the real Lenin, and – undeniably – the real Stalin; for the Marxist dictators have indeed achieved a godlike status for themselves.  

So, as we live through this momentous day we ought to reflect on what it will take to defeat Marxism. If you think we face an uphill battle now, you haven’t seen anything yet. I do not believe we really know our enemy. I also do not believe we know ourselves; yet today may be a good day to begin learning.    

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Xi Jinping Orders Chinese Army to Prepare for War ‘at Any Second’ (

97 thoughts on “A Momentous Day

  1. Quoting your reply a little while back:
    “There goes the neighborhood.”

    Fantastic Article.

    “You can vote your way into Communism but you have to shoot your way out.”

  2. Jeff, is there such a thing as a “no-win scenario”? We faced this same question in 1776. Americans seem to distinctively hate loosing as was raised in the movie Patton when he addressed the troops. Lord willing, we must rise to this overwhelming challenge.

  3. I have posted this to my timeline on FB. Great writing, and very somber & perceptive message. Thank you.

  4. There is much wisdom in your analysis of motive: “Cut off from all hope of spiritual salvation, the only thing left for such a person is political power; that is to say, the only real power a materialist can believe in. The salvation found here is that of becoming a God through the politics of revolution. Here we draw closer to the real Marx, and the real Lenin, and – undeniably – the real Stalin; for the Marxist dictators have indeed achieved a godlike status for themselves.”

    The underlying motivation of Marxists — even in the undeniable destruction, pain, and societal failure they engender — has always baffled me. The movie “Dr. Zhivago” captures very well the “full speed ahead” insanity of the Bolsheviks leaving in their wake the great suffering of the Russian people. Psychologists say that everyone, in order to function, sees himself as a good person. I wonder how Marxist dictators manage to do so.

    Leftists are invariably obsessed with gaining political power. Trump’s upset election in 2016 psychologically devastated them to the point of despair, and everything (e.g. hydroxychloroquine commended by Trump as a COVID therapeutic) became political, as if life itself depended on gaining political power. Not so much for conservatives, who find much more meaning in life beyond politics. Now, by nook or crook, they have retaken the reins of power, and may God help us!

    So perhaps you’ve come closer than anyone in fingering the ultimate motive of Marxists: to become God-like in exercising power and control over everyone else. A sort of narcissistic psychopathy.

    I share your apprehension that there might be no coming back from a dark world entirely under their control. What a horrible prospect. But then I ask myself, “how can any arrogant mortal possibly overcome the power of Christ, who lives eternally and spoke the universe and all life forms into existence with an ultimate purpose?” God is not to be trifled with, and Revelation tells us the end of the story and the ultimate doom of such evildoers.

    As I’ve said before on this blog, I think the Marxist/Leftist ideology is Luciferian at its core, lured by Satan’s original promise that rebellion against God would open their eyes and make them God-like. Note that the corruption of the Christian church and undermining of Christian faith in the West was the first order of business for the proto-Marxist thinkers 150 years ago. And I think that faith is where the road back must begin.

    1. So, it all boils down to power and control. As gods and kings, they would impose their will upon us all. Why is it so difficult to see this as the underlying issue at hand?
      “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority, still more when you superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption by authority.”
      –John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton

    2. The recent book, The Devil and Karl Marx by Paul Kengor, follows this trail all the way and is well researched. Marx’s poems praising Satin have been ignored and covered up by historians, but Kengor digs deeply into the truth. It is rather hard to find a complete version of “The Player” on the web, but here is a short section of it:

      “Look now, my blood-dark sword shall stab
      Unerringly within thy soul.
      God neither knows nor honors art.
      The hellish vapors rise and fill the brain,

      Till I go mad and my heart is utterly changed.
      See the sword—the Prince of Darkness sold it to me.
      For he beats the time and gives the signs.
      Ever more boldly I play the dance of death.

      I must play darkly, I must play lightly,
      Until my heart and my violin burst.”

      The player strikes up on the violin,
      His blond hair falling down.

      He wears a sword at his side,
      And a wide, wrinkled gown.

  5. I hear the poem of the rebellion clearly now. It’s start as follows: “Hey Hey, Ho Ho, we ain’t your unborn child no more.”

  6. Whatever way Satan sold Marxism to those at the head of it, it reduces down to one thing from his point of view: a monumental effort to prevent the promised Kingdom of Heaven (Daniel 2 + Romans 11) from emerging on earth.

    It is anti-God, anti-truth, anti-liberty, anti-prosperity, anti-nature… in sum, it opposes both the Creator and the creation and is therefore plainly, undeniably, blatantly Satanic from top to bottom and back to front. If you love God, you must see what’s happening now as an existential threat against you, your family and all that is just, right and lovely in this life.

    Accordingly, I consider the present situation a notice of war on free humanity everywhere, especially on the Lord’s people, who must now frantically prepare to survive and resist. Personally, I believe communism’s resurgent ascendancy will, sadly, prevail but will only be brief, though terrible; truly, we stand on the threshold of the darkest hour for humanity, but it will end in the brightest dawn.

  7. 3pm Wed
    instigators using violence to gain access to the Capital. sounds like this is 5th column pretending to be Trump supporters.

    1. When the identities of these criminals comes out and they’re found to be fervent anti-government nuts and Trump fanatics, will you even believe it? Or do you already consider them “Communists”? Is every enemy of America a “Communist”?

      1. The word apocalypse comes from the Greek apokalupsis, which literally means the ‘removal of a veil’, or disclosing an object otherwise concealed from view. For those of us who are prayerful, in addition to any other intentions we have, we should be praying for the whole truth to become abundantly clear to everyone. Is there anyway any of us can know who these people are? I saw somewhere that internet service had been cut in Washington. I don’t know if that happened or not. Expect sources of reliable information and lines of communication to be cut.

      2. Photographs of these pinheads sitting in congressional chairs will get them identified and bring them consequences. Why is this hard to understand?

      3. “of these criminals”– Meanwhile, BLM/ANTIFA, after millions of dollars of damage, 20+ deaths during protests, hitting cops in the back of the head with bricks or running them over, attacking government property and even occupying government buildings, still won’t be called “criminals,” “terrorists” or “insurrectionists” from scumbags like Terry George.

  8. Several have already been identified as Q-anon members. I’m sickened that a young woman lost her life. I’ve seen the video footage and didn’t see anything that warranted her being shot at that moment. What a sad day in America. 🙁 Praying for her family.

      1. I thought to myself, those who are arrested and charged are Trump and freedom supporters, as those who were released over the summer are BLM supporters. Then, I reflected for 5 minutes on the fact that the people orchestrating the events from the top do not care one whit for the fate of the bottom rungs of the Communist hierarchy. They could well be the same communist thugs we watched all summer, and be sent like trash to the gallows, and common people such as ourselves would never know the difference surfing the internet from our suburban or rural homes.

      2. I think the armed young man posing inside the Capitol with the hammer and sickle tattoo on the back of his hand gave the game away.

      3. It took the fight out of most of the Senators who were planning to challenge. Now they don’t believe they will even get the committee/audit they were hoping for. Very sad.

    1. I was on Parler and also saw video of the DC Cops grabbing Trump supporters, who were walking away, and tossing them like rag dolls for no apparent reason. They aren’t using kid gloves like they did with BLM/ANTIFA. It’s clear they were operating under a new ROE.

      As for the woman shot, she was standing just in front of police officers and a crowd of other protests in a cramped stairway. It appears officers, who obviously didn’t feel threatened as they were within inches of protestors, were herding them down some stairs. Whoever shot at the woman, who is not visible from either of the videos, appears to have been somewhere in the room beyond the door and entirely hidden, perhaps sniping from behind one of the pillars or in an unseen corner, and this individual had no problem firing a round in the same direction as other officers.

      And of course it happened, because there will always be a double standard between how our government deals with the Left and us.

  9. Highjacking and discrediting and infiltrating a revolution. That’s an often employed technique by the commies. Anyone notice the police seemed to let them just walk in. Notice they all looked like young punks?

    1. Watching from Canada where our troops train with the Communist Chinese…sorry, but it is true. We also vote with paper ballots up here, but develop software to allow Communists to steal elections in foreign countries. Anyway….I used to live in Allegheny County. I find it hard to believe that the tattooed, white, under-30 youngsters crawling over the Capitol are the same people I know who went out and voted for Donald Trump in November.

    1. Jeff, do men need a leader in a fight for freedom? If so, is there anyone you see emerging in such a role – I know you are American, but the potential leader I am dreaming of does not necessarily have to be American in my opinion – correct me if I am wrong. I read a lot as a young woman, and maybe now as I reach middle age I should not be influenced by fairy stories, but I cannot help but think it is exactly these kinds of circumstances that great men emerge from. If I am right, where do we look for such a man, and how do we recognize him? For what it is worth, I have not given up on Donald Trump.

      1. I believe, if we survive, that some other leader is going to emerge. He will have to do very difficult things. Two traits will be required: hardness and sincerity, like Cromwell. I see no such person among our present leaders.

    2. Dear Prayinginok,
      You may wish to do more research on ‘one of the Q-anon leaders’, rather than cite If you have a mind to, please go to

      Jake Angeli, who likes to wear a fur hat, horns and red white and blue paint on his face, has been seen at a BLM rally in Arizona, from which he hails.
      He describes himself as
      Jake Angeli:Actor/Voice Over Artist/Singer: I am a highly talented actor, voiceover artist and singer. I am capable of performing over 30 different voices and numerous different accents…

      1. Thank you Jani. The link doesn’t work. It says the page has been removed. Yes, I’ve seen the picture that went around of him in Arizona across the street from the BLM people. If you look at the comment below it, it says “have heard from a lot of people that he is part of the Q movement.” If you read the news stories from Arizona back in the summer, there are multiple references to him being part of the Q movement but nothing about him being part of the BLM movement. I can’t prove anything, I can only share what I’ve read. It wasn’t just Business Insider, but they had multiple photos so that is why I used their link.

      2. An agent provocateur pretends to be on your side as he sabotages you. How can you tell who is really in your side? The same way you detect a counterfeit twenty dollar bill. It’s in the fine details.

      3. I thought that would go straight to the video. It’s several posts down.

  10. “We have some smart people in government; but do they understand the enemy we are facing? Are they prepared to battle that enemy in the midst of so much confusion and misinformation?”

    After today, I would say no. 🙁

    Short of a miracle (and I still believe in them!) it’s going to get very ugly.

  11. It’s said that when you want to know who committed the crime, look to see who benefits from it. Who benefits from the chaos created today? Who benefits when the events of the day make Congressmen intending to challenge the fraudulent election have second thoughts? Who benefits from making Trump supporters look like criminals? The Left, the domestic Communists, of course. Antifa and their cohorts are the perpetrators here.

    Why did Antifa and BLM not show up to counter-protest today, as they did at all other Trump protests? Because they were busy dressing as Trump supporters and trying to make it look like it’s US breaking into the Capitol.

    Case in point: The photo of the guy with big steer horns on his head at today’s riot matches the photo of the same guy with big steer horns on his head at this summer’s BLM riots. Here’s a link to the pictures:

    Is everyone aware that Twitter has shut down the President’s Twitter account — Facebook and YouTube also — essentially cutting off his ability to communicate with the American people? They even shut down Trump’s video telling people to peacefully go home. After all, they can’t have that out there, when their purpose is to blame the riot on him.

    1. Yep, “False Flag.”
      And now calls for “Unity.”
      What a Effing joke.

      “Peaceful Transfer of Power”

      1. One last note.

        At all the Trump rallies we have seen, tens of thousands of attendees.
        Never, not once did I see anybody with helmet, elbow and knee pads, like multiples at the protest today.
        Not once.
        And how many Trump fans carry climbing equipment or shields to a Trump rally?

  12. We all were prepared for this, and yes, it feels like defeat. We lost the battle, but the war continues. It has to, because we would rather die than abandon the cause of liberty and truth. With such determination in our hearts, there can never be defeat, because we will never give up. We may not see the path ahead at the moment, but time will reveal our next steps.

    If we believe in something transcendental that guides human development in the direction of betterment and goodness, we know that God’s time is not our time, and sometimes travesties must happen for people to wake up and change.

    I just finished reading the classic, “The Count of Monte Cristo.” In the last chapter, the author summarizes what he says is the point of the long, meandering story: the point, he says, is that the two most important words in the world are “wait” and “hope.” I found this message timely, coming on this day.

    We are alive, at this time in history, because it’s where God intends us to be. We have a role to play, and time will reveal what it is. Meanwhile, let’s have peace in our hearts, remembering that God is greater than the events unfolding around us. In spite of what our senses tell us, God is here. Take heart, dear fellow patriots.

    1. There is no defeat here, just the election is clearly over, and our leaders are scurrying for cover. But the rage is here and it is here to stay. We await only a leader willing to harness it against our enemies, at least as far as a unified, counter revolutionary war is concerned.

    2. Thank you for your post Gretchen. As I said above, I still believe in miracles and I will continue to pray for one. 🙂

    1. Lenin declared “medicine is the keystone of the arch of socialism” Gaetz wears of medical device. Is anyone sick? His actions show what he believes. He bows to Medical Tyranny.

      1. Hey Kevin, I wear a mask. Doing so doesn’t mean a person “bows to ‘Medical Tyranny’.” Some of us believe germs spread less easily with a mask. That doesn’t mean we approve of making laws that people should wear them. Did you even listen to Gaetz’s speech?

      2. Hey Gretchen, I respect your choice to have the freedom to wear what you want.
        I believe the mask is spreading disease and making people sick. Were all those people at the speech
        free to breath without a mask? That is “medical tyranny” displayed. I did pull up the speech and after about 1 1/2 minutes I bailed. It is very hard to hear muffled speech. Medical tyranny can be seen via the Rockefeller Foundations etc.

    2. It was a great speech! Thank you for sharing the link. Wasn’t it unreal how all the Democrats were moaning and carrying on when he said some of those who breached the Capitol were Antifa? It’s also sad to me that Kevin Taylor chooses to focus on the mask rather than the message. So shallow!!!

  13. An imposter on Parler is posting as Donald Trump. Sidney Powell got taken in and linked on Twitter to one of his posts, which is how I found him. Naturally I assumed it was Trump posting, but it’s not.

    Now the imposter is referring to Trump in the third person and posting emojis — clearly a fraud to a discerning reader, but a lot of people will be taken in and think they are receiving instructions from Trump. I wrote to Parler support to report it. The imposter’s handle is @TheOfficiallPotus45.

    Trump has been banned from Twitter for 24 hours, and this morning was banned “for at least 15 days” from Facebook. Here’s that story, with a stunning statement from Zuckerberg:

  14. Jeff can you link to the image of the man with the hammer and sickle tattoo? God bless?

      1. So General Thomas McInerney (and Louie Gohmert) talked about a raid in Germany. It seems pretty obvious to me it wasn’t the “good guys” who were grabbing the servers. When you hear about CIA people involved with this effort in Italy, it starts adding up.

      2. All these rumors are hard to understand. Where is the proof? These rumors are irresponsible. There is the smell of false hope, the stench of conspiracy theory and poor analysis. People ought to think carefully about such bold claims. I waited for proof. I see the same stale claims.

      3. The IT man (Leonardo defense contractor) who testified in court in Italy said CIA operatives were involved. Were they current or former operatives? I don’t know. But it sounds like the raid in Germany when servers were seized was probably those operatives. If so, they would be keeping the information hidden so no one could see it. There is lots of proof of what happened in court in Italy. Whether or not it gains traction, we’ll have to wait and see.

        The left is trying very hard to scrub everything related to it, so that alone makes me suspicious. You can (currently) listen to the audio here:

  15. Interesting that Pelosi’s Capitol Police ALLOWED the lax security and invited the crowd into the Capitol . Why was this not a closed session?

  16. Nancy Pelosi’s Capitol Police Force responsible for the lax security and inviting the protesters into the Capitol building. Why was this not a physically closed session?

  17. Hello, you know that there is a secret visit (no one from the mainstream media touches on the subject) of ex-President Lula to Cuba during all this chaos created by the fraud, Lula being together with dictator Fidel Castro creators of the São Paulo forum and being that this “visira” has already lasted 3 weeks, what will they be plotting – Lula and the Cuban government – against Brazil?

  18. Italy is responsible for the election. Antifa is responsible for the deadly capitol riot yesterday. Pelosi let it all happen. These theories that grow here like an herb garden are each so unreasonable, it just fascinates me to no end. Everything is a conspiracy. What we see in front of us and what is reasonable are of no consideration here. In fact, to see less of something is almost indicative of its absolute truth. All the smoking guns are invisible. None of the well worn and extremely large barrels pointing straight between our eyes are dangerous here.

    You ask why were police lax in their readiness and response to a serious threat at America’s Capitol. Do you not see the glaring reality that police unions and leadership supported this action? At large they complied with this criminal act because they did not order the use of force that was ordered all summer long against similar criminal action taken by BLM protestors across the country. There is no mystery or conspiracy as to why security was lax. Police leadership allowed it to happen because they share much of the same sentiment as the MAGA crowd. They didn’t want to beat their own. Ex-military, law enforcement, etc. They have a bond that justifies abusing their power for each other, and so they do it over and over again. It has been like this for centuries.

    This is exactly why police systems everywhere need to be dissolved and rebuilt, with different types of people in leadership. This is exactly what BLM is calling for. This is exactly the problem. Open your eyes.

    1. Our policemen and women are doing a great job overall.

      Take your nonsense and go away. Please.

      1. Wow you still commend the police when they let the US Capitol be overrun by rioters. If cops who shoot innocent people are still good, and cops who let a violent mob attack our national houses of government are still good, what exactly does a bad cop look like to you?

    2. “ordered all summer long”

      As usual you’re a liar. This lie is one of only being a half-truth. National Guard presence was entirely ordered by Trump, and they still went behind his back to make sure they were disarmed even as BLM/ANTIFA were hitting cops on video in the back of the head with bricks, or running them over in cars, while literally setting fire to DC.

      No black people or ANTIFA were shot or even injured by anything the cops did. In fact, there have been no BLM/ANTIFA deaths at any protest other than (1) the guy who killed 5 cops and was then shot, (2) a guy with a machine gun who menaced cops for hours until finally aiming his gun at them.

      BLM/ANTIFA has provably gotten the kid glove treatment from day one.

  19. Dinklberry Tony. The speaker of the house is in charge of Capitol Police.

  20. Did donald trump really just concede? Is this real? Deep fake? A psych out by Trump in some larger plan?

    1. He said he’s never concede, but he is saying there will be a “peaceful transition.” I think his position is, “I didn’t lose,” but not “I’m going to do a revolution to get Biden out of there,” even though that’s what we all want in our heart of hearts.

    2. I agree with Ricardo. He never conceded, but he has no choice other than to move ahead in a “peaceful” way after what happened yesterday.

      1. Praying do you have a link to either Lin Wood or Sydney Powell’s parler account? I heard both lost Twitter accounts. Agree with you and Ricardo. Also saw thing about Lin Wood saying Trump was at a military base in Texas preparing for something.

      2. Lin Wood seems to be a little “unhinged” lately. Maybe it’s all the stuff he’s seeing and hearing, but for him to say VP Pence needs to be executed by a firing squad is very troubling to me. 🙁

  21. Yes but what about the , our journey together has just begun bit? Crypticly hinting? Also Jeff what do you think about Lin Wood in general? He’s been saying Trump is at military base in Texas preparing for something and waiting for his moment? I never had much hope Trump would stick this out and said so TFP board (Bedlamsbard1). But I had some hope he’s playing a deep game. Thanks for 20+ years of education.

    1. I’m very suspicious of Lin Wood. He’s saying he has the encryption code to videos of gobs of legislators, including Pence, having sex with children and murdering them on camera. If that is true, why doesn’t he release the videos and the encryption codes? He tried to undermine the Georgia recount by telling people not to vote. He “used to be” a Democrat, making donations to their cause. Is the guy nuts, or is he intentionally acting insane to mislead the pro-Trump crowd? He talked a good talk at first, but now I find it very hard to take him seriously.

      1. Thanks for the links and heads up on Lin Wood. Only recently looked at his stuff. Very odd and overtop stuff!

  22. Anonymous, here are the Parler handles you asked for;

    Lin Wood’s is:

    Sidney Powell’s is:

    1. It’s eye-opening for sure!

      The sinister background of “Moderate” Kamala Harris, China’s American dream president

      1. Probably. After Twitter permanently banned President Trump, he said this:

        “I predicted this would happen. We have been negotiating with various other sites, and will have a big announcement soon, while we also look at the possibilities of building out our own platform in the near future. We will not be SILENCED!” he said.

        That sounds encouraging!

  23. I’ve been reading “Black Listed by History” the magisterial book on the McCarthy flap in the 50s. I’ve quit about half way through. What M. Stanton Evans describes is simply too much like what we have in DC now.

    It’s now come out that Antifa was involved up to their Marxist eyeballs and that the capital Police were aiding and abetting them. This would not have been done without Pelosi’s approval as they are her troops.

    One thing centrists need to get is a lot of street smarts and soon. This is not going to end well, and the country’s mechanisms are now just zombies for the left, as we have had driven home over the last two months. I’m afraid there will be bloodshed. It won’t be by the choice of anyone with two brain cells to run together, but the center is going to have to learn how to do things they should already know how to do.

    Contra Virtualconservative1, the Police do OK as long as they don’t have Marxist paymasters. Since the cities, even smaller towns, alas, are run by the left, the Police can not be trusted going forward. We’ve seen too much in the large leftist cities like Atlanta, Portland Seattle, New York, Minneapolis, and others. The Capital Police are too typical, alas.

  24. Jeff, I stumbled upon this quote which i thought was worth sharing. It was a pretty brazen remark: “Whoever can conquer the street will one day conquer the state, for every form of power politics and any dictatorship-run state has its roots in the street.”—Joseph Goebbels. I guess we should be grateful he penned this for all the world to see.

      1. When I was young, I lived in Germany. I met survivors from World War II—one who had a number tattooed on his arm, another who had gone into hiding, both because they were German Christians. That, along with other histories, made me wonder why the Nazis hated us Christians so much. To my surprise, despite their open anti-Semitism, I learned that the Nazis were followers of Karl Marx. The same as the communists. That’s why Nazis and communists think along similar lines.

        Today, the country that is most like the fascist Hitler and Mussolini is China, even as far as demanding Lebensraum.

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