So, You Wanna Start a Revolution?

If only half of Americans believe that their 2020 election was stolen by a well-funded, well-coordinated, latest-in-a-long-line-of-coup attempts by the anti-American left, here is a proposal that could surely get the attention of those remaining Americans. We must start by penetrating American minds with fact-based truth that has, up to now, been suppressed and replaced with false narratives by the elites in education, media, politics. The left’s control of the commanding heights of our culture leaves much to despise about the direction they are taking this country; their sinister, undermining labors are a boulder in the path of liberty and a millstone around the necks of free people.

If there is going to be another American Revolution, it will benefit greatly from added popular support.

Since every court refuses to hear evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 elections, I suggest that the following could be the modern equivalent of Thomas Paine’s incendiary patriotic pamphlet, Common Sense:

Hold a Grand Jury hearing with the American People sitting in judgment.

Because it is a Grand Jury trial, only the evidence supporting the case is presented and the President’s attorneys have considerable experience presenting to a Grand Jury. It will be their opportunity to, at last, present their evidence in exactly the way they wish to: organized, concise, deeply thoughtful, and ripe for understanding by the American public – this is an act of genuine, fact-based public education.

Because the American People are the Grand Jury in this matter, it must be on video and presented as publicly and as widely as possible. If the right project producer and craftsman could be found to pull this video together (Dinesh D’Souza, perhaps) to help present these facts to the Grand Jury in a focused, polished presentation, then it would be that much more compelling when this evidence is heard.

After this presentation, the American People must judge: based on these facts, is there a case here worthy of taking forward?

If the people are moved to action, then their leaders can conduct this struggle knowing they have garnered far greater popular support. This would be a positive change from our lamentable status quo ante; it would be an auspicious beginning to the next page of American history that we are in the midst of writing. With conflict already in the air and on the streets, it is time to rally popular support to stand up for America as founded.

When Thomas Jefferson wrote to Henry Lee of Virginia, he said that the object of writing the Declaration of Independence was to “place before mankind the common sense of the subject; in terms so plain and firm as to command their assent, and to justify ourselves in the independent stand we are compelled to take.” He added that, “it was intended to be an expression of the American mind, and to give to that expression the proper tone and spirit called for by the occasion.”

So, I proffer this idea: for a Common Sense video to light the fires so hot we can reforge the mettle of our Independence from the modern forces of oppression that we now face – in government, in education, in media, and among the globalists oligarchs who seek to erase our American character and history.

This moment has come again; we need this Grand Jury hearing just as the founders needed Mr. Paine’s Common Sense.

Scipio Americanus

34 thoughts on “Guest Editorial: An Idea From Scipio

  1. Jeff, do you think that’s what they’re going to attempt to do on Wednesday? Trump said a massive amount of evidence will be presented. I’m guessing it’s an attempt to sway public opinion. There has been so much censorship by Mainstream Media (and rejection in court by judges) that many people haven’t seen the true level of fraud that occurred.

  2. Mr. Paine’s “Common Sense,” this phrase has been adopted by Rudy Giuliani, and it is being used with his weekly podcast. Rudy’s name has been smeared because he supported President Trump.
    I would be honored to sit on this Grand Jury and to see the facts laid out without any biases.

  3. Jeff, in a previous article you mentioned Polybius fragment dealing with cosmic catastrophes. Do you know where this fragment can be found? Thanks.

    1. From memory it is in the later part of the a second Punic War where he discusses Greek affairs. You will have to search through the existing fragments if you can find a good resource.

  4. I don’t watch Fox News anymore, but a friend sent this to me (it’s on YouTube) and I think it’s very important!!! It explains why no decision will be made on January 6th. I’m proud to say Senator Lankford is one of my Senators. 🙂 They are calling for an audit. A 10-day commission to find out what happened. I love Judge Jeanine! You can watch just the first 10 minutes if you don’t have much time.

  5. Am I missing something? Who is going to appoint and conduct this grand jury?

    1. No appointment is necessary, is my understanding. The American people (heck, the WORLD) would be, IN EFFECT, a “Grand Jury” and, after a presentation of the evidence, could decide if acting on that evidence is the proper course. At the moment, no court will even HEAR evidence, so taking it directly to the people seems proper.

  6. I’ve got a question about this thing Ted Cruz is doing. If they appoint a commission to look at the evidence, how will that end up being different from any other group that supposedly has looked at the evidence and said “nothing here to see”? If corrupt people are put on the commission (and how would Ted Cruz keep that from happening?), then the results would be same as the disappointing results we just keep seeing.

    1. I very much doubt the Democrats will allow a commission. If you have the nerve to steal an election and lie without any real adverse consequences, and the courts won’t hear the evidence, and the media won’t report the evidence, how could a commission come into existence? The left effectively controls the country’s primary institutions down to the Kindergartens. They were not going to tolerate another four years without controlling the White House. Besides, they cannot afford any questions to be asked officially. And there won’t be. They won the battle before it began. If you are a white majority citizen you’re a right-ring extremist who wants to suppress the black vote. That’s their stock response to us. So now they have the National Executive back and will continue selling the country to our enemies, disarming us and impoverishing us. Watch what they do next: open borders, massive taxation, and the persecution of patriots as racists and enemies.

      1. They may win another battle or two, but ultimately I believe they will lose the war for the White House. 🙂 I’m still praying and believing God will intervene.

      2. The congressional delegations from key battleground states must ask that their states’ electoral votes be thrown out by the Vice President tomorrow. That is now the only path to stop Biden.

    1. So Iran threatened President Trump’s life as the anniversary of Soleimani’s death draws near, and the USS Nimitz will now stay in that area. They also started 20% Uranium enrichment (and seized a South-Korean tanker) and Israel said they will not tolerate it. The NYSE is de-listing shares of China’s three large telecom companies and they are not happy! In fact, they are preparing for war. And today the FBI said there are: ‘Specific Threats’ Targeting the Senate Election in Georgia. Is anyone besides me getting a little nervous?

  7. A return to Common Law and agrarian society would be the way to live, but what becomes of the US nuclear arsenal?

  8. It’s a sad state of affairs when the blatant fraud that goes on, all “odd” results always favoring a certain candidate, eliminating any notion of those things being simple errors or glitches as some liked to call the occurrences, and reinforcing the idea that all those acts were deliberate election fraud crimes by a senile candidate and his team, a person who even admitted on video his party mounted the biggest fraud operation of all time. This whole situation, how this candidate is strange with kids to put it gently, how he can barely form coherent sentences, putting this person who cannot fill 20 seats with supporters as the elected president is clearly the biggest act of demoralization yet that communists are trying to do. Of people accept this 2020 election fraud travesty, they will accept anything.

    1. Marcelo summed it up well It is beyond belief to accept this fraud. It is our freedom we lost and we are blind.



    Lawmakers Urged to Use Tunnels as Protests Add to Risk:

    Proud Boys leader released from jail; Ordered to leave and stay away:

    Sen. Hawley Says ‘Antifa Scumbags’ Threatened Family. Protesters Describe It Differently:

  10. Is this the one on the airplane related to Iran / Sulemani ? Or a different one ? Hope it,s just a threat and not a hijacking like flight 93. Let us know.

  11. From one of the articles:

    “It’s unclear who sent the threat. While the government does not believe the warning of an attack is credible, it is being investigated as a breach of aviation frequencies, CBS News has learned.

    Sources told CBS News that the Pentagon and other agencies were briefed Tuesday about the digitized voice recording. The sources said they believe the threat was designed to suggest hitting the Capitol on the same day Congress is set to count the Electoral College results.

    Experts said the intrusion is concerning because it could affect the instructions pilots get about how and where planes fly.”

    So they don’t think the threat is credible, but that last sentence is very concerning.

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