In war, the subjection of the enemy is the end, and the destruction of his fighting forces the means.

Carl von Clausewitz

Roger Cliff is the author of a recent study on the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), titled China’s Military Power: Assessing Current and Future Capabilities. Cliff says that modern wars are decided by strategy and doctrine. He also says China hides its military doctrine behind disinformation and secrecy.

It should come as no surprise that Beijing keeps its military doctrine hidden. The reason is simple. The Chinese rulers have two faces: (1) a communist face; (2) a capitalist face. Shall we guess which is their true face?

The regime in Beijing is Marxist-Leninist. It is totalitarian and criminal. It actively suppresses dissent, murders political activists, operates reeducation labor camps, and persecutes religious believers. Add to this China’s military buildup and threatening behavior toward Australia, India and Taiwan. What sense does it make to think the Chinese leaders are capitalists who merely pretend to be communists?

According to Roger Cliff, China’s military objectives are determined by the ruling Communist Party. This party subscribes to Leninist revolutionary theory — a theory that seeks to engineer the downfall of capitalism. Translation: Beijing is trying to defeat the United States.

On this last point Washington and the Pentagon are confused. Occasionally they see what China is up to. But then everyone in Washington reverts back to Panda-hugging. One might ask: Why do we trade with China when Beijing uses so many unfair trade practices? Why do we tolerate their ongoing intellectual theft and political subversion?

Here we find that American policymakers also have two faces. They have a face that is indignant at Beijing’s crimes, and a face that wants to do business with Beijing. Which is the true face of the American policymakers? Shall we guess?

It is time to say the truth. America’s policy of trading with China is dangerous. It has to stop. We should not be sharing technology with the People’s Liberation Army. We should not give Chinese communists access to our financial system. President Xi Jinping is a thug who sits atop a murderous regime, rife with corruption and primed for military aggression. Close collaboration with such a regime will get us a knife in the back.

It is only a question of when the Chinese communists decide to knife us. After all, America is the enemy the Communist Party has sworn to destroy. In Roger Cliff’s book, there are several clues to China’s military strategy for defeating the United States. We know that Chinese strategy emphasizes preemption, surprise and a desire for “rapid decision.” Chinese texts say, “take the initiative as soon as you can.” Consistent with ancient Chinese practice, these texts also emphasize avoiding a “direct engagement with enemy military forces” together with “precision strikes” and “unified leadership under centralized command.”

In terms of China’s military doctrine, here are the taglines for China’s secret “Campaign Guidance” documents: (1) “integrated joint operations” (suggests an amphibious invasion); (2) “new domains of struggle (suggests the amphibious operation will aim at objectives outside China’s sphere of influence); (3) “expansion of the scope of operations.” (suggests an entirely new theater of operations). If we take the three “Campaign Guidance” concepts together, it seems the Chinese envision some kind of naval/amphibious invasion involving “new domains” by expanding the “scope of [military] operations.”

More recently the PLA has issued a fourth “Campaign Guidance” concept in support of the first three: namely, “counter-terrorist operations.” The Chinese apparently expect to occupy someone’s territory, with attending civilian resistance (i.e., “terrorism”). Thus, “counter-terror” is required, possibly along the lines of Gen. Chi Haotian’s references (in his secret speech) to the killing of “women, children and prisoners of war.”

Might the PLA’s “Campaign Guidance” documents refer to a direct attack on U.S. territory following the collapse of the U.S. economy in a civil war scenario?

When asked by the author whether an invasion of North America had ever been contemplated by Russian or Chinese strategists, Col. Stanislav Lunev (a Russian defector) referred to Operation Weserübung — the German invasion of Norway in 1940. He then made special mention of German infiltration troops. The role of such troops, in a Russian/Chinese invasion scenario, could be greatly enlarged for operations in North America. Troops could be infiltrated into the U.S. as tourists, students, or illegal aliens. Once inside the United States, they could pick up uniforms and weapons at secret arms caches. They could then secure key points of entry (like airfields and ports). Invading forces need not come directly from China or Russia. Lunev noted that ideas presented in the Zimmerman Telegram, during World War I, were ahead of their time. In that telegram, the German Foreign Office proposed a military alliance between Mexico and Imperial Germany. Mexico, under the right circumstances, could be an important ally for an invading power. (Though Germany at that time was in no position to invade the United States or position troops in Mexico.)

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Viktor Suvorov, Spetsnaz: The Inside Story of Soviet Special Forces,

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18 thoughts on “The Mystery of China’s Military Doctrine

  1. The unfortunate mindset of American businessmen that China could be opened to US businesses, and the profits would be enormous, with such an enormous population as their clients overwhelmed most everything else in regards to Security. Nixon and Kissinger getting on board with that mindset dealt an even greater blow to US Security, and threw the doors open for the Chinese Communists to do whatever they wanted to do within the US.
    Neither Nixon or Kissinger seemed to realize that Nixon going to China to meet with Mao, made the US look weak to the Chinese Communists, who saw it as a great victory over capitalism. The problems that have ensued ever since that 1972 visit to China, along with the US pulling out of Vietnam, and then the fall of Nixon a year later, made the US look like the paper tiger that Mao had always claimed we were to the Chinese Communists.
    It has been down hill for the US in our dealings with Communist China ever since.
    No wonder that the CCP thought it could buy the Clinton’s and pretty much anything else they wanted, while preparing for a US takeover, one way or another,
    We now teeter on the edge of the abyss.
    Either Trump wins in November, with a big loss of Democrat seats in the House, and gains by Republicans in both the House and Senate, or we are done for.

  2. What mystery of China’s military doctrine? I’ve been hearing for years, and not just from Jeff Nyquist, that the CCP intends to attack and defeat us. What we don’t know for certain is the timing and exact tactics. We know their tactics include a land invasion of the continental U.S. Several cities in the U.S. will be nuked, as well as missile silos so our land-based response will be crippled.

    When God judges a nation, both the good and bad in the country suffer and die. This country has done wickedly. Just one of our sins, the mass murder of infants in the womb through abortion, makes us worthy of God’s judgment. Our prayers need to be of humility, admitting our wickedness and asking for mercy that we not be treated as we deserve. I think we need to be very clear, that all these displeasing things have come upon us because of our rebellion against God.

    But the Chinese have done even more wickedly. They have murdered many more through abortion. Their people will rejoice as the initial invasions are greeted by traitors in California, Oregon and Washington. But in order to defeat the U.S. they need to defeat the whole country, not just the coasts. A second reason they need to capture the heartland, is because China is running out of food. Will God allow them the victory? Or will God give victory to the millions of American hunters and veterans? If God gives victory to American hunters and veterans, how will the Chinese people react? Will they not rise up in anger against the CCP in civil war?

    I see no mystery of China’s military doctrine. The mystery is in the official American reaction to what is known. In their hubris, top officials don’t listen to what the PLA says. The only thing that is unknown is how it will all end.

    1. The PLA doctrine is contained in their campaign guidance concepts. These are secret. We only know the general headings, which seem consistent with an invasion of the US. If I could show more than that, I would. To know something absolutely, without any doubt, is not always possible.

      1. That is pretty much the way it is with the nature of these geopolitical/military plans, especially when dealing with Communists. You get general information and not much more. On rare occasions, we do get more, but that is usually not released for public consumption. That we got even what we did with the Secret Speech of General Chi Haotian was very unusual. The CCP uses Sun Tzu to the fullest extent, keeping us off balance as much as possible.
        The other issue which we know little of, or at least just generalized information, is how connected are is the CCP to the the Drug cartels and the gangs to operate with the cartels. There is also, how connected is the CCP with the Democrat party, which seems to be very connected. When looking at the situation, the CCP has too much information, and we don’t have enough to be fully prepared for what could happen in the not too distant future.
        The coming Constitutional crisis that surrounds the November Presidential elections, could be a big door opening for any and all enemies; the CCP, Russia, sleeper cells of all kinds that are here in the country. There is also potential problems involving Cuba, Mexico, and Venezuela with any possible attacks taking place.

      2. No one can know something absolutely, without a doubt, except God. Once the shooting starts, the fog of war has a habit of making the best laid plans go awry. Even the general headings can get lost. The general headings are enough that a thinking person should be able to recognize where to start.

        We know that if the PLA follows its general headings, that they must invade the U.S. That is, if they follow their general headings. But once their troops come ashore, then what? How will their green troops fare against our battle-hardened veterans? Will they be able to get across the mountains and deserts that separate California from the heartland? Questions, question, questions, and we know none of the answers. Nor do they.

        We know the PLA can’t take over Japan, Taiwan, and the Philippines without neutralizing the U.S. And they can’t neutralize the U.S. without boots on the ground, i.e. invasion. With starvation on the horizon in China, will they turn to external adventurism to take their people’s mind off their hunger?

        But we do know that God is still the judge of nations and he punishes those nations that do wickedly. To some it’s like a spanking to urge us to return to previous glory, to others it’s saying “Enough already” and ending them. How God will treat us in the coming months and years, is again a question to which we don’t have an answer. We need to fall at God’s feet, admit our national sins, and beg that God not treat us as we deserve. We need to show our repentance by seeking to do justice.

      3. There are complex political aspects to all this, and economic aspects. You have not mentioned biological or nuclear weapons, or the intensive treasonous urges that have been cultivated in this country.

    2. The American people – and we Brits – and westerners in general, have sinned against much greater light than the Chinese people have, most of whom never had a chance to read the Bible or hear sound preaching. Sure, many of our leaders, educators, influencers, movers and shakers have engineered much of the evil we as nations have indulged in, but we as people didn’t have to go along to get along. How can we expect to escape the payback, absent an eleventh hour forsaking of sin and turning to Christ on national levels?

      1. Why was Diocletian, an emperor who persecuted Christians terribly, allowed to avert the fall of the Roman Empire for 200 years by his policies? I disagree that the arc of history tends towards justice. I also disagree that that our crimes are worse than those of the Chinese. They have not sinned against laws that require the Bible to know, but against the basic laws written on every human heart. We have done the same, but to a lesser degree. That being said I do not disagree that judgement is coming on America. I think that judgement however, will be less a consequence of our sins and more a consequence of our blindness. In general, I think that Americans, by and large, did not deliberately choose evil. Rather, they were blind to the moral struggle and especially the power of mass culture, until the evil owned them.

      2. There is no way that sinning against the light of nature is worse than sinning against the light of the Gospel; to do the latter must, by necessity, also include the former.

        Also, God appears much less likely to afflict for blindness than He is for wilful, conscious rebellion against the light of Scripture; as a case in point, Paul the Apostle in 1 Tim 1:12-15 said he had obtained mercy precisely because he sinned in ignorance and unbelief when persecuting the early church.

        As I have said before, the generations who suffered the terrible pain of WW1 and WW2 were far less wicked than this one; how much more worthy of the horrors of war is this generation then? This generation that glorifies and seeks to impose Sodom on society, that enshrines such mischief with laws, that has perverted the meaning of marriage and words themselves, that murders its infants and rejoices in such “liberties and rights” to do so, and that in general calls evil good and good evil? There is emphatic woe unto such people (Isaiah 5:20).

        It may be the case that the process of judgement has already begun with the immigration crisis, then was ramped up with the pain of the pandemic restrictions and looks set to go on all the way to fully blown global war. In between we might see ever worsening civic unrest, food shortages, job losses, economic collapse, currency collapse… who knows. But the trend appears to be towards ever worsening blows of affliction. So are the churches speaking out about national sin? It seems that most of them are either silent or doing their best to promote God-provoking gay “marriage”.

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  4. Ronald Reagan said the only difference of opinion between the Chinese and the Russians was on how to destroy the United States.

  5. I think that we must not ascribe false certainty to God’s judgements. While the United States certainly deserves judgement, so does the CCP. God sends rain on the just and the unjust. Evil happens more to the wicked than the just perhaps, because their wickedness weakens them. But the good and honorable receive their fair share of trouble as well. I believe that there is a Divine Providence at work in the world. But I also believe that much of human life is governed by the fickle lady Fortune. Though God will ultimately decide the contest between us and the red dragon, that decision will be obscured from us by Fortune. After commending the future to God, I think we must rely on our own virtue and energy as little as they may be, supported by prayer, to win the day. The interplay between Fortune and Providence is deep and complex, and I do not claim to understand it. I must disagree however, with any attempt to deny one or the other.

  6. I think it’s important that we not give up on our country. I don’t believe in blind “Fortune.” I think things always happen for a reason. There appear to be forces of good and forces of evil, with the bad stuff being caused by the forces of evil and the people who foolishly do their dirty work, either knowingly or in ignorance. But God is a force for goodness, for life, for the positive aspect of existence. He maintains infinite hope for us, holding the door open for us to change direction when we’ve gone astray and finally catch on. The Good Shepherd never abandons His sheep, even the errant ones.

    If we let ourselves get mired in depression and hopelessness, we’re aligning ourselves with the Enemy, who thrives on our having such emotions. Our God is not a God of depression and misery. He is a God of love and of hope and life. But He can’t extend His gifts, His miracles, to His people if we make up our minds He is determined to punish us and send Hell on Earth our way. We block his grace when we let ourselves think like that.

    Just look at the miracle that has recently happened. God took Justice Ginsberg, just in the moment when her seat could still be filled with a pro-life jurist, which will change the direction of our future and prevent the murder of millions of innocents. How great a blessing is that?

    And look at how so many in the black community, who used to always blindly vote Democrat, are coming around to our side. What is that if not grace? And see how the polls in the last few days are showing that the public is turning away from supporting the riots. People are starting to think more sensibly. If that’s not a gift from our Father, what is?

    The Marxists may want to destroy us, but God is bigger than the Marxists, bigger than Satan. God isn’t out to punish us, but to redeem us. If we lose sight of that, we tie His hands and, in effect, refuse His gifts. Instead, let’s rejoice in the green sprouts that are appearing in the scorched field.

    The Catholic priest and poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins, put this sentiment beautifully:

    God’s Grandeur

    The world is charged with the grandeur of God!
    It will flame out, like shining from shook foil.
    It gathers to a greatness, like the ooze of oil, crushed.
    Why then do men now not reck His rod?
    Generations have trod, have trod, have trod,
    And all is seared with trade, bleared, smeared with toil
    And wears man’s smudge, and shares man’s smell.
    The soil is bare now; nor can foot feel, being shod.

    And, for all this, Nature is never spent.
    There lives the dearest freshness, deep down things!
    And though the last lights off the black west went,
    Lo, morning, at the brown brink, eastward springs!

    The Holy Ghost
    Over the bent world broods.
    With warm breast
    And with, ah!
    Bright wings!

  7. By the way, war has broken out between Armenia and Azerbaijan, with Azerbaijan being the obvious aggressors, though they are blaming Armenia for attacking first. They pulled the same routine in July. Azerbaijan is an ally of Turkey, Armenia is allegedly an ally of Russia, while Turkey is definitely serving Russian-Chinese interests with their constant provocations against Greece.

    1. This sort of thing is curious, and suggests mischief from Turkey, a Moscow-inspired provocation by Azerbaijan, and pressure on Armenia to unite with Moscow.

  8. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, is it possible that the Chinese Communist Party staged Hong Kong Protest last year when I believe it was around this time when I contacted you was part of a strategy to take Hong Kong back early since the Chinese Communists know war is about to happen?

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