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Jerome Corsi has conducted a series of podcast interviews with a Soviet-born man of mystery, named Boris. The interviews began on 19 March of this year and have continued to the present.

Boris claims to represent a network of persons with deep knowledge of Putin’s intrigues in Washington, Kiev and Moscow. He says that Russia and China are planning a war of conquest in which 40 percent of the global population is expected to die. The unleashing of COVID-19 is supposedly the first phase in this war, initiating the collapse of markets, the breaking of supply chains and the beginning of the end of the dollar.

In the first podcast of this series, Boris speculates about a pre-deployed Russian vaccine accounting for Russia’s low COVID-19 mortality rate. Later, on May 7, he predicts the unleashing of a killer strain in September of this year. “If you know certain things you have a certain credibility,” he explained. Elsewhere he says that he wants to stop the war that Putin is planning.

Boris describes Putin as a strategic genius out to conquer the world, seemingly unaware that grandiose Kremlin plans for global conquest long preceded Putin’s tenure. When asked his opinion of Anatoliy Golitsyn, for example, Boris didn’t recognize the famous KGB defector’s name. Jerome Corsi also appeared not to know Golitsyn’s name, having serious trouble in pronouncing it.

Boris has a great deal to say about President Barack Obama, DNI Clapper, DCIA Brennan and FBI Director Comey. They are all Russian assets, he says. Boris also alleges that George Soros is a Russian asset; that the 2014 Euromaidan Revolution was a game in which Putin drove Ukraine into the waiting arms of Soros and other Kremlin agents working from inside the American government.

Boris alleges several conspiracies: (1) in the resignation of Pope Benedict and the election of Pope Francis; (2) in the kidnapping and torture of Osama bin Laden; (3) in an attempt to keep Obama in office through 2018 by disrupting the Electoral College and denying Trump the presidency on account of the “Russian collusion” narrative; (4) an attempt to topple Trump in a coup orchestrated by Putin’s agents in the FBI and Justice Department.

Boris hints that Russia has largely taken control of American intelligence, having thoroughly penetrated the upper echelons of the CIA and FBI. As the NSA’s surveillance capabilities were so readily abused, it was child’s play for the Russians to make U.S. surveillance into their own — compromising and recruiting the bad boys of American intelligence, with Edward Snowden as a much-needed lightning rod. (Snowden, says Boris, was a Russian asset before his defection).

The least believable of Boris’s claims is that Osama bin Laden was not killed in Pakistan by Operation Neptune Spear. Boris says bin Laden was taken prisoner, locked up in a special torture facility in Benghazi — only to be rescued by the Russians, who had help from a double agent named Christopher Stevens (i.e., the late U.S. ambassador to Libya).

Putting all these claims under a microscope would take considerable time and more effort than anyone is likely to make. Certainly, it must be said that Boris is not a subject expert. He does not apparently know much about Soviet or Russian intelligence history, Cold War Strategy, communism, or Putin’s personal beliefs. Yet Boris is very well-versed in the intrigues of the moment. What I mean, in this regard, is not to endorse what he says as gospel; yet it must be admitted that his general overview — his broad grasp of events — is an approximation of my own views. If that inclines me to believe in Boris, the reader would be mistaken. When someone with no supposed knowledge of my writings reflects my opinions back to me, my first instinct — given the unusual nature of my opinions — is suspicion.

I’m not saying Boris is a disinformation agent. However, students of Cold War intrigue shouldn’t trust Russians who mirror their own thoughts; for mirroring in itself can be an intrigue. The hijacking of a narrative with the intention of salting it with absurdities should be guarded against; for the best way to inoculate the public against an idea is to present that idea in a way that discredits it.

That being said, Corsi’s podcasts with Boris are nonetheless important. Everyone should follow them,

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I will be reading and reviewing Corsi’s latest book as soon as it arrives from Amazon.

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  1. The most convincing lies are those dressed up in facts, data, stats etc. It’s been that way ever since the Garden. I cannot tell if this is true or simply aligns with what I (want to) believe. I think it’s worth noting that YouTube hasn’t removed the videos yet, or even demonetized them.

  2. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, I think during last year during a phone conversation in regards to the Hong Kong Protests, I think there was a question on whether the Hong Kong Protesters were on drugs. Well on Twitter, a Hong Kong person who took part in the protests last year told me many Hong Kong Protests were high on a drug called Fenethylline which is a known psychostimulant, it is also well known to be used in the Syrian Civil War and it’s known to keep people fighting and at the same time focused. According to the Hong Kong person who contacted me, many of the Protesters became totally violent and dangerous after going high on Fenethylline. When I asked the Hong Kong person does he know who is supplying the Hong Kong Protest movement with Fenethylline and delivering it from the Mainland to Hong Kong, I was told it was people from Mainland China. Fenethylline is also called Captagon, Biocapton and Fitton. Fenethylline is classed as a Schedule 3 Substance in Canada under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and in Germany under Anlage 3. Fenethylline is classes as a Schedule 1 substance in the US under the Controlled Substances Act. Jeff, may I have your opinion on this?

  3. If this “informant” is under Russian surveillance, he could just as well show his face and give his actual name. His typical robotic Russian voice doesn’t ring true either. Reminds one of the faux Monarchist Association of Central Russia of the 1920s.

  4. The hardest lies to detect and refute are those that are wrapped up in 99% truth.

    We have every reason to be suspicious of this person. Is he part of the Russian exposé of Russian assets to make us distrust our government? Yet I notice that he mentioned only those assets no longer in government employ. Will he name those assets still embedded in the governmental bureaucracy? If he doesn’t, isn’t that evidence that he’s part of a disinformation campaign?

  5. “the best way to inoculate the public against an idea is to present that idea in a way that discredits it.”

    Like making most pandemic movies about zombies! Honestly I prep and did not really think much about a pandemic though i knew about the labs and the possibility. My focus was emp or dollar collapse as most likely. Probably would have thought more about pandemics but the zombies being far fetched made me think about other things.

  6. Two problems I see with this person’s information is that, 1) he did not know anything about Anatoliy Golitsyn (neither did Corsi – very strange), and 2) he did not understand or know that Benedict XVI only resigned his daily duties as Pope, he did not resign the actual Papacy. It was the manner in which he worded his resignation that led people to think he had resigned and retired, when he actually went behind the scenes to run the Church, using Francis as the “frontman” to deal with the day to day aspects of the Papacy.
    A lot of discussion about this behind the scenes, and from a lot of Vatican insiders.
    “…a speech by Benedict’s Personal Secretary, Archbishop Georg Gänswein,
    Prefect of the Papal Household. At Rome’s Gregorianum in 2016, Gänswein
    declared “he has not abandoned this ministry at all. Instead, he has complemented the personal office with a collegial and synodal dimension, as a quasi-shared ministry.” Gänswein adds: “He has not abandoned the office of Peter, a thing which would be completely impossible for him following his irrevocable acceptance of the office…”

    I think this person may have “some” information but not enough to be overly convincing. That China and Russia are up to no good is a given every day of the week.
    Russia (the Soviets) would rather lull the West into becoming dependent on Russian oil and natural gas, then fight a war that does not need to be fought in order to get what they want.

    China is the uncertain variable. Xi is in big trouble, first over the trade agreements that Trump re-negotiated with China, and then the unintended release of the Wuhan virus, which threw off all their plans and disrupted their economy even more. Lastly, Xi is having trouble dealing with Hong Kong which for the moment has quieted down because of the virus, but who is to say what will happen next with Hong Kong. It could turn into, and almost did turn into a gigantic Tiananmen Square situation, before the virus hit. What happens next during the summer when the virus has diminished and things are back to a relative normalcy?

    Should be an interesting summer for every country in the world.

    1. To be fair, Boris is not the person to take note of. Someone is feeding information to Boris. Who is it, and where did they get the more sophisticated portions of this narrative?

      1. That could be any number of people. It could be from Moscow, or from George Soros, or even Bill Gates, or anyone or any organization in between.

  7. I just read your Obama and Russia article. All I can say is “Wow”! Everything they said about Trump was true. Yes, but It is only true about themselves! The secret meetings that Obama, Clinton and Kerry had with Russians! The weak sanctions, Uranium One, and the explosive Tom Fife account! And will even one of the Left read your well researched article?

      1. That is the SOP way to dismiss information that does not follow the “standard methods” of dissemination, and/or research.

  8. Jeff, not sure if you can comment. I have been informed by a former classmate of mine who lives in Hong Kong who informed me that the Chinese Communist Party is having its National People’s Congress on May 22 and apparently the discussion of early reunification of Hong Kong with the Mainland is a hit discussion topic.

  9. Yes we can not be sure about Boris but not understanding the intricacies about the Popes resignation or suspension of duties is not a reason to dismiss or doubt. As he states he is simply relaying information given to him he doesn’t claim to completely understand the intricacies involved.
    In regard to Bin Laden I think one can easily believe or not believe this story because a good majority of the seals involved in the operation were killed along with others involved which leads one to ask what were people trying to keep quiet.

    He has been predicting a second attack in September and yesterday watching the amazing Polly YouTube video The Global Health Mafia at the end she finds in their documents a call for the release of two viruses the second more deadly in September. Coincidence?

    Also Boris talks about trying to establish communication with Putin by sending himself a text to see if Putin still had NSA codes. He mentions Putin went “missing” after he sent his text. I remember when that happened and everyone in the media was wondering where is Putin? Dead, mistress, mistress baby?

    So, I will not tell people to believe I think it’s also reckless to dismiss so early. An open yet skeptical mind seems proper in this case.

    At this point I find it deeply compelling and think as many people as possible should listen.


  10. Very few do understand the intricacies of the Pope’s resignation, including those at the Vatican itself. All we can go on is what little is released from sources in and around the Vatican, and those closest to Benedict XVI. Even then, there is no means for independent confirmation.

  11. If ‘The Sequence’, as you have reported that Russia intends in prelude to a nuclear first strike against America, is for US troops to be spread thin around the globe, a financial collapse of the US economy, along with civil war on US soil, then a private security company in Honolulu, might be infiltrated by the Russian military, and that company seems to be trying to spark the tinderbox.

    This morning I was crossing, Fort Street Mall, downtown, as I came to a woman who was yelling at a security guard who was sitting in a golf cart, at the middle of the public street which has been converted into a wide, sidewalk. She was explaining so that all could hear, about how he continually harasses her so that she actually tries to avoid the area. I joined in saying to him how that I’m fed up with them, too.

    The guard ordered me to keep moving. I replied that I was just passing by, but since he was telling me to leave, that I was going to stay there all day to observe how many others he was going to abuse. I asked him for his name and badge number so that I could sue Securitus, but he refused to comply. He told me to stand back six feet and talk to him. I told him that I was staying put, and for him leave.

    He drove off, and only then I had noticed that a crowd had gathered.

  12. It’s too bad there aren’t any better jobs available than security guards, but people’s Rights are being violated beyond toleration, and just following orders was found to not be a legitimate defense at Nuremberg. If the manager of the private security office orders guards to infringe of people’s Rights, the people might just go Second Amendment on their ass.

    In consideration of the pending economic crash, companies which employ security companies will go out of business, and guards will be out of work, unable to pay rent on their hovels. Police will walk off the job, when property tax revenues fail to cover payroll. People will return to forming possies. Abusive security guards will be rounded up, given a fair trial at Common Law, and hanged.

    The late Reverend Billy Graham once stated” “If God doesn’t punish America, he’s going to owe an apology to Sodom and Gomorrah.

  13. If the globalists in charge of the United States think that this virus hoax is going to endure long enough for people to remain confused into relinquishing their Rights, they are going to find the need to unleash a much, more potent strain, but they would do well to remember, The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

    You can fool most of the people most of the time, but that won’t cut it.

    1. Why is your name an indefinite article? How do you know so much about who controls the United States? And if the virus is a hoax why has the mortality rate risen so significantly — especially since March? It is a very serious charge you are making, and if you are wrong it’s also irresponsible.

  14. Americans who wish to hide at home and wear masks, are at liberty to do so. Why did the Boy In The Bubble, live in the bubble, instead of merely wearing a mask? Do the walls of your hovel keep all the oxygen out, or does it simply get just a bit stuffy in there? The only reason that the dentist wears a surgical mask, is to keep your blood, spit, and phloem, out of his face.

    Personally, I like the social distancing to keep all these buttFLICKers off my ass, so in public, that’s only courteous to practice physically backing off. The reason for the mask during the virus hoax, is to condition people into becoming mute and expressionless. Keeping them inside and persecuting the houseless, is to discouraging congregation, where people can directly communicate and immediately act in political demonstration.

    This Covid bug is as deadly as the flu. Now we have two. It is bio-warfare and more effectively, bio-terrorism. The globalists behind this attack against Freedom don’t want everyone dead; merely weekend, passive, and compliant. The orders however are worded as suggestions, stopping short of violating the Constitution, because even if the courts don’t reopen, Common Law will prevail, and the bastards aren’t entirely confident. This is an experiment as much as anything. It’s already starting to backfire.

    The US policy is that if attacked with WMDs, that the response it to go nuclear. Since China and Russia still exist, they didn’t do this. The fact that the President has not been forthcoming with an explanation, means that he’s either in on the gag, or else his spooks did to him what they did to JFK. In any event, the President is not demonstrating any constructive leadership against it. We are being played.

    I’ve never read anything from you Jeff, in support of The Bill Of Rights. I don’t buy the plead for sacrificing Rights in exchange for safety.

    My moniker is a shortening of the shortening of a derogatory nickname given to me by that, Dick Hoagland. What the spooks don’t get, despite all the facts they collect about the individual behind the ghosts, is that I am not a public figure, and that doesn’t change, even if they were to out me. They slander my profiles all the time, but if they try that with me, I can sue. Whooptydoo.

    1. Missives like this make me regret ever writing a word — and tempts me to close the comments section. I grieve at your muddled banalities. Don’t post here again.

    2. I have decided to require email addresses and signing in for the comments section. I am not allowing anonymous postings. If you troll me, everyone is going to know your email address.

  15. That THE character is really out of line. Richard C Hoagland is a fine, outstanding scientist.

  16. Jeff, I had a listen to Boris interview with Jerome Corsi and feel some of his information is a bit off.

  17. Seeing all this, I can’t help remembering the “spiritual mission” Russian novelists and intellectuals boasted about through the last two centuries, apparently out of nothing. For my surprise, it seems quite clear now that it actually exists, and will be a “negative” mission. If it is to remain any spiritual reality in the world, it depends on the capacity of the Russian people to destroy this monster from the inside out. But on the other hand, this very psychology, of thinking of oneself own mission as “sublime”, “decisive” etc. seems to be the hormonal booster that fosters this recalcitrant communist tumor.
    On the western side, I do see a “spiritual renaissance” that could be something in 50 years or so, it is beginnig in small circles. But its a “maybe” and its probably too late. I do not envy my sons.

    1. This is an intriguing commentary, and I have a similar sense of things. Yes, we might see a real change in Russia, in 50 years — because the spirit has its treasures which take time to manifest. Dostoyevsky once suggested that Christ would return in Russia, but we see it was only the Antichrist. How do we exorcise this demon? It is now, here, inside of us. Inside the West. How much more suffering must there be? Apparently the worst is yet to come.

      1. We can’t blame the poetic minds for this confusion, their activity is to transmit impressions, and on the impression level, the Christ and the Antichrist are identical. Virtues and vices are made up of the same matter, says St. Augustine.
        I make the best of this sense of things through an analogy with the human individual: there is no purification without suffering; you can’t get rid of a simple cavity without excruciating pain. That seems to be so because once the malignant agent enters into the healthy tissue there is no way of pulling it out without damage. In this sense “suffering” is the proper word: there must be something outside of us to act upon us. But more important than that is the capacity of the body to rebuild the structure. That is analogous to the spirit.
        I think there will be as much suffering as it is necessary to penance us for degrading our own religions, art, literature, customs, etc. etc.
        This COVID-19 panic surprised me, it revealed an abyssal cowardice. I see young people, classically known for its audacity, with corporal fear of contact. All these impulses of weakness and depravity will be put on check someday. “Nature abhors a vacuum” observed Aristotle.
        I think what we are seeing now is just the apotheosis of our cowardice. And it is already very ugly. The purgative phase will be worse, but will be a blessing, in the end. Of course, I say this from a social point of view. For the individual the purge has started a long time ago and, in some sense, the life in the West is already a Calvary. We seem to end “not with a bang but a whimper”.

    2. Where does this Russian “sublime destiny” come from anyway? Why do they think like that?

      1. It is a kind of religious thinking. People forget that Russia was the most mystically inclined country in Europe — the country of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, of Madam Blavatsky and Rasputin.

      2. In addition to what Nyquist replied, there is the problem of Russian identity: not occidental, not exactly oriental, but heavily influenced by both traditions. That induces a culture to be more original than natural. But these are just some factors, the actual cause is probably lost in the mists of time – like most things of this kind.

  18. I listened to a couple hours of Boris.

    He comes off as manipulative IMO. Some of what he says, like about the 2016 election, doesn’t ring true to me.

    On the other hand, this guy isn’t some random clown. He’s smart, has a decent about of info, and pretty good understanding of geopolitics.

    What draws my attention is that the story he is telling is neither common nor popular. It’s a dime a dozen for people who say the CIA and Mossad are controlling things behind the scenes. And nowadays it’s pretty popular, with the right at least, to talk about the danger of China.

    But Boris says that Obama is a Kremlin asset. That’s something almost no one else says and it’s not really clear why someone would go out of their way to say that, as in, it’s not even a particularly popular talking point with right wingers who think the Kremlin is a big joke.

    I’m not sure what to make of Boris.

    1. I think someone highly placed — perhaps in Russia — is using Boris to send out information. The purpose? It is not the usual Kremlin propaganda game. It does seem to be a warning message.

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