The fact that I will visit Russia, our friendly neighbor, shortly after assuming the presidency, is testimony to the great importance China places on its relations with Russia.

Xi Jinping


The President of the United States mobilized a million servicemen on 27 March. The “essential staff” of the Pentagon was placed 2,000 feet underground in a Colorado bunker. Our two aircraft carriers in the Western Pacific, the USS Roosevelt and USS Ronald Reagan are stuck in port because of COVID-19. There are US military moves in the Caribbean which could be masking preparations against Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

What is the U.S. Government seeing? What are they thinking? Mobilization precedes war the way cooking precedes eating. Is President Trump signaling the Chinese? Is he warning them by way of non-verbal cues? Across the world a dividing line is being drawn. On one side, countries are lining up behind China. On the other side, countries are lining up with the USA.

An interesting event in all this: China and Russia have both closed their borders from the outside — so nothing can get in. This suggests more serious moves to come. Economically, the sealing of a border signifies economic autarchy. It suggests a pre-planned stockpiling of imports in advance of the crisis. It suggests, in fact, that Moscow and Beijing have been preparing for this exact moment — that they planned it.

Are you shocked?

The closing of the Russian and Chinese borders to incoming traffic has an additional meaning. It not only suggests the possible deployment of a more deadly COVID-19 strain, but presents a barrier to viral retaliation from the West. Here is a strange admixture of fear and military forethought. Of the 195 countries on earth, China and Russia are the only ones isolating themselves from all others. They are also using propaganda outlets to accuse the United States of starting a biological war. This in itself is a prewar operational measure. It’s a justification for making war on America.

Why would such a justification be deployed by Russia, China and Iran?

As it happens, China has spent many years preparing for war. And so has Russia. Not only have the two “former” communist bloc partners been stockpiling gold — a classic war prep — but they have been building and modernizing their nuclear forces.

The recent congressional testimony of Admiral Charles A. Richard, commander of the United States Strategic Command, presented the following dire picture on 27 February of this year:

…the Nation is at a critical juncture regarding the future of our nuclear forces. Since the end of the Cold War, we led the world in reducing our nuclear stockpile while increasing transparency. While we reduced the number and types of nuclear weapons in our arsenal, our adversaries went in the other direction and continued to modernize and expand their strategic capabilities. We now find ourselves fielding a reduced Cold War era arsenal against a larger, more modern, and more varied Russian force and a continually improving and growing Chinese force.

Need I remind the reader that KGB Major Anatoliy Golitsyn predicted his exact situation? In Golitsyn’s 1984 book, New Lies for Old, we learn about a Soviet long-range strategy predicated on a “deceptive liberalization.” We learn about a plan where the Communist Party gives up power in the Soviet Union. We learn about the planned collapse of the Warsaw Pact Alliance. According to Golitsyn, if the West accepted these changes as genuine, the Chinese and Russians would fully exploit America’s naïveté. America would stop building nuclear weapons while Russia and China would build and modernize. Then would come the moment of “one clenched fist” — when Russia and China would unite to overpower America.

Can it be a coincidence that Golitsyn’s prediction came true? — that nearly all his predictions have come true?

Considering Admiral Richard’s 27 February testimony to Congress, I think we are nearing the moment of “one clenched fist.” The enemy’s plan is coming into full view.

It is shameful that almost nobody knows the real history of the last thirty years. And now we must endure this pathetic admission from America’s STRATCOM commander — as he begs a bankrupt U.S. government for the money to rebuild a rotting nuclear deterrent. Will there be any money left in the treasury after China’s biological attack has crashed the federal government’s tax revenues? Given the many warnings of defectors and dissidents, it is clear that nobody in our intelligence, government, think tanks or universities did their homework. None saw the dire consequences in store after swallowing Moscow’s baited hook — along with the promise of cheap labor from China.

What must we do now? What can we do?

There are grim political tasks in store. We have to set our own house in order. In terms of our business community and their political hirelings, there must be a day of reckoning. All businessmen and politicians who made money from the Chinese communists, who facilitated Beijing’s policies of subversion and war, should be driven out of business, or forced from office, and ostracized. There need be no law, no government edict. Let it be the personal, spontaneous act of every American to shun the CCP’s American “partners in crime.”

It is vital that we cultivate proper feelings in this regard. As a start, watch the profound and emotional declaration of this brave Chinese woman (below). A few weeks ago she stood up against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). She has no one on her side, no hope but arrest, no future but execution. Yet she tells the truth. Watch her shining example. Stand with her. The enemy she decries is your enemy,

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  1. Jeff

    Not sure if you can comment, about the Hong Kong Protests of last year. Is it possible that the Chinese Communist Party was actually warning the world including the US that it will not wait for 2047, what we saw last year was a liquidation of people in Hong Kong who were against the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. Now that it has been admitted that the heads of the Ministry of State Security were in Hong Kong just prior to the violent protests beginning, is it possible that the Hong Kong Protest was in fact not leaderless which many people claim it was originally leaderless and in fact there are people who are now doubting that the Hong Kong Protests was a leaderless or decentralized movement due to the involvement of the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of State Security.

    Another thing, I have noticed, it seems the likes of Martin Lee, the Hong Kong Democratic Party, the Civic Party, Demosisto run by Joshua Wong and Nathan Law, Hong Kong Higher Institutions International Affairs Division run by Joey Siu and Sunny Cheung and other parties associated with the Hong Kong Democracy Movement and Independence Movement which have been exposed as controlled opposition were in fact given roles to play or carry out in the provocation.

    Also it seems the Western Media has reported the Protest as legitimate but have seemed to not report on the Ministry of State Security being involved which is worrying.

  2. Jeff,
    I have followed your work for over 20 years and appreciate the meticulous research and message that you’ve delivered. You and Joel Skousen are like voices in the wilderness trying to awaken your countrymen to the true threats posed by the communists. I saw your last two excellent interviews on Infowars and have shared them with many in my circle. Please don’t stop your important work! Thank you!

  3. Already more than a decade ago, when Hu Jintao was still in charge, there was a strange gesture exchanged among Russia and China: China solemnly declared 2006 as “the Year of Russia”, which was followed by Russia just as solemnly declaring 2007 as “the Year of China”. Though merely symbolical, the act underlined that the Sino-Soviet scissors strategy, as explained by Golitsyn, was about to come to an end, giving way to a solid “reconciliation” and a firm official alliance. Sadly, the West no longer pays attention to such highly significant gestures…

  4. There is another conspiracy out there that this virus was initiated by the globalists in Europe because the European Union is on the verge of collapse. It seems this virus is hindering the one clenched fist especially in China because of its impact.

    Here is what Martin Armstrong wrote on Thursday and he’s one of the better connected people in the world in my opinion.

    The Seriousness We Face

    THURSDAY, 02 APRIL 2020

    I have been in serious conversations all day. I BELIEVE I cannot even express this on the open blog.
    This is ABSOLUTELY a political coup that materialized after the Democrats lost their attempt to hurt Trump with the impeachment.
    The proposal was to take him down by deliberately attacking the economy.

    This was not just a domestic plot, it was pitched by the EU leftists in Europe who knew that also with BREXIT, there was a serious risk that others would follow and that the only way to secure the EU was to also undermine both Germany and the Netherlands.

    This virus actually appeared during the flu season of 2018-2019. This virus does come from bats. There was research done and published in March 2019. It was not a leak from a bioweapons lab. The use of this virus was strategic and has NOT been an accident. It was KNOWN and the question remains was it deliberately deployed in Wuhan and not by a covert act of the Chinese.
    They responded slowly at first but when it was realized that this was of the Coronavirus strain there was no vaccine as with the standard influenza strain.
    This has allowed to be used as a strategic political weapon to further political change for the extreme left.

    The response I have found to be alarming from the outset. It was clearly overblown and the press itself is so polarized against Trump, BREXIT etc, that they were eager to jump on board.

    To bring Trump down in order to win in a major socialist victory they needed to undermine the economy.

    Unemployment fell to 1960s levels and the stock market reached record highs. They saw this as his strength and the way to take him down was to attack the economy.

    I am deeply concerned that Bill Gates is part of this, I believe unknowingly, but his $100 million donations to the NIH and $13.5 million to the CDC has compromised both and the WHO. His push for ID2020 chips and vaccines that interestingly would not be available until AFTER the 2020 election was certainly questionable. But Bill Gates simultaneously resigned from the board of Microsoft and Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway. That decision was made allegedly in late January but was announced on March 13th, 2020 so Gates could spend more time on his claimed philanthropy work.

    The institute’s coronavirus projections that President Trump relied on upon to set COVID-19 policy, forecast that the U.S. would need 135,000 hospital beds by April 1st. So far, there are only about 31,000 patients who are hospitalized. Despite this fact, Democratic governors have used draconian measures to shut their local economies down. Every Democrat, right down to Chelsea Clinton, is out blaming Trump for every death.

    The entire world economy has been shut down and is being used to end paper money and seize power in an astonishing move to takeover government on a global scale.

    This is a very dark hour for freedom. I personally have never seen anything this dramatic in history.

    There were major socialist revolutions attempted in 1848 and then again in 1917. The next target was 1989 which ended in the collapse of Communism.

    This is the year from political HELL. It is going to take just as much as an effort to defeat them this time. They have the corrupt press on their side.

    1. Robert, your author you quote has provided no real evidence to a real thread we can pull back on except Bill Gates. Gates is protected by walls of money, and massive fortifications of seamless progressivist institutions that are globalist and collectivist yet for their public persona, are believed to be benign—for the good all humankind. Although his connections could be there to COVID (massive funding on vaccines, sponsoring Event 201, his own words between the lines about depopulation, his fathers past involvement in abortion industry), it will take a lot more connecting and pulling “globalist” hard links to viral espionage. it takes more than just an idea or wishful thinking to pull off a global pandemic but true evil.

    2. Well I am glad Mr. Armstrong has finally come to his senses and recognized an “attack” for what it is.
      There is absolutely zero reason that we do not already have $5 Z-Pak-Hydroxychloroquin dose packs already hanging in every checkout lane of the country. And this treatment of the whole population including illegals could be accomplished for less than 10 to 15 Billion USD.
      The minuscule number of complications, adverse reactions, or individuals requiring alternate therapy could be easily handled by the current medical system. We could even “require” everyone to register online and give updates of their condition.
      The thousands of lives lost and trillions of dollars wasted should have never happened.
      Everybody could be back to work in two weeks.if they started this process 3 weeks ago.

  5. Jeff, while freedom must be eternally vigilant, it’s important not to read too much into contemporary events. The U.S. military has for generations played a strategic game of shadow chess with our adversaries. I can remember classified Army briefings 40 years ago when war with the Soviet bloc seemed imminent, as they, too, were playing the same game. When I read the above blog post, I remembered your Jan 2014 post that suggested Russian war preparations.

    I guess eventually you will be right. In the meantime, as Mark Twain said, “interesting if true, and if not true, then interesting as well.”

    What’s really appalling to me at the moment is the ease with which virtually everyone in our country accepts what is essentially a new police state.

    1. Eventually I will be right? You mean to say the Chinese and Russians have always been out to get us and it’s only a matter of time? Well, only if we take no countermeasures. On another matter: Are we accepting a new police state, or merely adapting to a biological attack? Do you think we can go about our business as if nothing is happening? The economy is going to suffer from this attack whether or not we adopt measures, because people will change their economic behaviors with or without government direction; in that event, if the virus overwhelmed hospitals and supply portals, would people who supply and transport food refuse to go to work? Would there be good riots in the cities? You see, the government must step in and defend the population before the populous takes measures into their own hands in a manner that collapses vital systems. Now that would be real panic. In a time of war the government has an important role in guiding the public. War always entails limitations to freedom. Sorry. These are not usually permanent. No nation at war tolerates serious dissent. That’s in the nature of war. I think Americans will be the judges of what is appropriate or not, and the government will have to navigate a minefield of options. And yes, I have written about Russian and Chinese war preparations for years. They have always been preparing for war with us. Admiral Charles Richard’s main point was exactly this. We stopped preparing after 1991, they kept on preparing. Now they are dangerously ahead. That’s the point of warning people. We should not have let this go on. It was irresponsible that we allowed our deterrent to become so old. Now we find out, in real time, if we are in trouble or not. How vulnerable are we? Was the virus released on accident or on purpose? Why did they set up the Chinese New Year like they did so this thing would infect the world? Are they going to play a series of moves in the coming days to put our economy on its back? Has this thing been mapped out by their strategists? Or are they improvising? We need to ask these questions.

      1. Jeff, if this is a time for China and Russia to strike us or the west while our military is being diminished by the virus and our economy is struck in the heart by a kind of “perfect storm”, what kinds of events should the watchful be looking for?

      2. Stopped preparing in 1991? It was much worse than that. We were all to be best friends!

        In 1991 I was a Navy fighter pilot attending US Navy Test Pilot School. I had even gotten 4 MIG flights assigned for my final project. My TPS class 100 was invited to attend an event specially put on for us at the Russian embassy; our leadership strongly encouraged us to go and make friends. I was the only one in my class not to go, because while a dual engineering major also taking Russian at university I had been set up by my Russian instructors to have a friendship with a Russian “agricultural economist” visiting them (touring our country to look at our agriculture, allegedly) who “had been” special forces, according to the FBI agents who interviewed me about it. That college experience made me a bit less naive than I otherwise would have been.

      3. Jeff,

        I agree that the powers of the state, even in a free society, are (and should be) at their zenith during a war or pandemic.

        However, I think that the reaction to Covid-19 has been excessive and hysterical. This is not the black plague, where millions suddenly drop dead of incurable infection within a matter of weeks. It is a virus that in a small % of cases, the vast majority of which involve the pneumonia-prone elderly or others suffering from acute health problems, results in death.

        The analysis that I have found most persuasive is that of a Stanford professor of medicine and epidemiology: His conclusion, based primarily on the nearest thing to a controlled experiment we have seen — the cruise ship in Japan — is that we will see a death rate approximating 0.125% +/- a factor of 5 times, in the United States before this runs its course.

        Yes, that’s still potentially a lot of folks (mid-case 380,000) and I don’t want to be callous, but consider that in a nation of 320,000 people, around 1.25% (4 million people) will die annually anyway (assuming 1/80th of population). So, isn’t this quite an overreaction to shut down the entire economy and inflict trillions of losses and National debt upon the country? Isn’t the cure far worse than the disease? My point is that an entire nation has surrendered much of its liberty in such underwhelming circumstances.

        What’s unfortunate is that Trump, facing a tight election year, has essentially been forced to “follow the experts’ advice,” less he be accused of wanton mismanagement. (A more rational response would have been to shield the old and sick, and let the virus create herd immunity like the flu and soon burn out). So here we have gone, down the rabbit hole. I’m not sure that the Chinese could have foreseen such an overreaction from a mildish virus. I think if this were intentional, the virus would have been much more devastating. My hunch is that they were playing with fire (bio warfare) and simply got burned, with the fire spreading worldwide as well. You reason that, well, they intended to hurt us while thinning out their own burdensome elderly population, but aren’t they solving OUR social security underfunding to the same extent?

        Meanwhile, I am working my way through Golitsyn’s book as you and another have suggested and find it all fascinating. What I keep meditating upon is the “why?” behind the communism conspiracy. There is no example (and never can be) of a classless society — after 100 years of efforts — to which they can point potential recruits and up-and-coming functionaries. It always ends in dark despotism, the same old human story of misery going back to ancient Egypt and Babylon. And a party member in Russia or China can readily see that neither country is “walking the walk” toward a classless society; collectivism has been unwound. Rather, there is a super-wealthy oligarchy, and there is only prosperity for the “middle class” because these countries allowed free enterprise 20 years ago.

        As you have pointed out in various writings, Marxism/communism/socialism inevitably leaves to utter destruction of civil society, servitude and mass death. Why then would an aspiring communist party member carry the torch for this? And on what basis would one recruit for this?

        My hypothesis is that this ideology is Luciferian. It is he who is the father of lies and who so loathes humanity — created in the image of God — that such a result would be desired. Communism is simply another instrument of Lucifer’s purpose, along with various forms of moral depravity.

        That’s the only way in which the “convergence” described by Golitsyn makes sense to me. For the notion of creating a world of socialist states will be no more stable than placing several bulls together in a pen: the lust for power and dominance will create further conflict (much like Eurasia and the other rival power in “1984”). But perhaps it would be the ideal means of eventually enthroning a single Antichrist.

        Anyway, rambling a bit…

      4. If we were a competent society … like South Korea … we would have had good testing and would know who had it and isolate only those. If we could learn from them.

      5. The whole thing boils down to unworkable test kits. Our inability to properly test people has led to the rapid spread of the pandemic when otherwise the infected could have been isolated — instead of social distancing for all. It is possible that the mechanisms for reacting to a biological attack were sabotaged; either we got those test kits from China, or we relied on people who were incompetent.

  6. What personal actions would you recommend in response to the possibility of Russo- Chinese attack?

    1. Storing food and water. Having at least two rifles with several hundred rounds of ammunition. Also, having good relations with your immediate neighbors.

      1. Lunev said they would be brought in through the same routes used by drug traffickers. Corrupt border officials would not be watching for weapons. They would assume narcotics, take the money, and look the other way.

  7. Hello, here in Brazil, the Chinese control two tv channels beyond the official channel (CGTN) be saw in cable tv and have influence about great part of the politics of the country, buying much land, companies, this is very bad, yes?

    And as is almost impossible have a legal weapon in the Brazil, I only trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

  8. I get the feeling that war (WW3?) was always in the plans for Trump’s presidency. It was planned that he would be a wartime president. Maybe this virus was released (intentionally or not) by the Chinese. But there seems to be more to it than that. It seems like there are real, pre-planned agendas being carried out in America through this virus. Such as accelerating the country down the road to full-blown socialism..? Such as creating a pretext for war with China, a pretext that most Americans would get behind..? I don’t know.

    Judging this whole thing is complicated. I don’t trust the mass media and government and their fear-mongering and calling for mass lockdown. Neither do I trust the right-wing media, Rush Limbaugh-types who’ve been saying we need to let everyone go back to work. Neither do I trust Trump or his administration. And, neither do I trust the Chinese or Russians. It really almost feels like they’re all on the same team, all just playing different parts, playing against each other in a big game meant to manipulate the people.

    Anyway, to me this whole virus thing just screams “Manufactured crisis!” But for what purpose? And who’s behind it?

  9. Jeff

    Not sure if you can comment, I was talking with some Hong Kong who post on Twitter, during the Protests last year, they mentioned there were over 400 Ministry of State Security Agents in Hong Kong and at least over 4,000 People’s Armed Police which is the Chinese Communist Party’s Paramilitary Force and I have been told that there have that the number of People’s Armed Police could now have exceeded 4,000 as there have been reports of increase in the number of People’s Armed Police in Hong Kong

  10. One thing to keep in mind is that COVID-19 is only the initial attack and that there is a follow-on virus, and a third and fourth attack as well before China seizes California (The Pelosi Plan). The rapid build-up to repel COVID-19 may just be cover for preps to mitigate the follow-on attacks. One thing it did do was entice the Democrats to expose themselves through their hubris. Remember; there are tens of thousands of lamp posts in this nation that have yet to be put to good use. As for kinetic attacks, two can play at that game.

    1. South Korea, because of its readiness for a viral emergency and efficient testing, was able to contain the virus without seriously disrupting their economy. They deployed test kits that worked, then identified the infected persons, and only isolated the sick — not the “non-essential” workforce. In the USA we somehow got test kits that do not work — that deliver false negatives. This has been disastrous for us. This forced us to a containment strategy damaging to the economy. Who is responsible for this? How could such a thing happen? Did we get the test kits from China? Was there witting sabotage from within the CDC? Will this inability to deploy working test kits make us vulnerable to future attacks? This is why the infiltration of our defensive structures by communists is so serious. As for leftist politicians, they are glad of the opportunity to wreck the economy. They have always dreamed of it. Good test kits are the key.

  11. I come from Germany and have experienced 40 years of socialism in the GDR. I can smell this evil ghost at 1000 km. I never thought I would have to experience this again, but even worse. I have been intensively involved in medicine, history, politics and finance for 30 years and have read about 1,000 specialist books since 1989. Unfortunately I didn’t have English at school, but Russian, so I have to write this with an online translator and therefore I can’t read English books. Through T. Mann in Germany, from whom I read all the books, I came across Jeff Nyquist, Trevor Loudon and Diana West. I have read all the reviews of their books. And it’s helped me a lot to understand what’s happening in the West.

    Because I’ve been involved in medicine for 30 years and have tested everything on myself, I can imagine a different scenario, which is actually much more cunning, insolent and cheeky than a bioweapon.

    I believe that the Chinese have used actors, mannequins and the media to simulate a Corona pandemic. And that they themselves have pretended to their own people under the guise of Corona and have killed all the enemies of the state and anti-communists who were also active in Hong Kong. Perhaps they used their organs for transplants.

    I therefore believe that it is only a media virus, and that the whole of the West and America are taking part in it, because they have been infiltrated by Communists for decades, which means that corrupt Communists are sitting at important switching points and playing this game. For example in the WHO, in the countries the chief virologists and in the governments, I can only think of Merkel as an example.

    For understanding, an article by Dr. Lanka:
    Dismantling the virus theory The “measles virus” as an example Why should we doubt the existence of viruses?
    What are viruses and what are they not? How are viruses being scientifically demonstrated to exist?

    At this point I would like to thank Jeff, who writes such excellent articles. I check every day to see if there is something new on his site

  12. Jeff

    Not sure if you have seen this article from RTHK. He is fooling the Hong Kong general public that the Basic Law which he and Szeto Wah drafted in 1989 is still law in Hong Kong. The Basic Law which is Hong Kong’s so-called constitution is known to have been broken or violated by the Chinese Communist Party and what we saw from the Hong Kong Protest last year, the Chinese Communist Party did not care and sent down the Ministry of State Security Agents and People’s Armed Police to kidnap and murder anti communists. Martin Lee also claims the one country two systems arrangement with Hong Kong and Mainland China still exists as well. Jeff can I have your opinion regarding this

    1. The Chinese Communist Party has engaged in serial fraud, kidnapping and murder, regarding Hong Kong. The world has looked the other way, and China has yet to be punished for its lawless behavior. But none of our leading officials, not even the President, have the courage to say that Xi Jinping is a mass murderer. The criminals in Beijing are killing innocent people all the time — in Hong Kong, in China and around the world. But Xi is said to be our president’s “friend.” It must be recognized by the West, that the CCP is a criminal organization, and all who have collaborated with the CCP are also criminals; that doing business with murderers is “aiding and abetting.” This is one of the great crimes of the Western business and political elite which we must acknowledge or die because we failed to acknowledge it. The other great crime, of course, is the abortion industry. The catastrophe which now unfolds is the fruit of these crimes. Every evil act has consequences, and those consequences are as inevitable as night following day.

  13. There is an old USAF saying that no aircraft or weapons system is ever retired or dismantled unless there is another one already there to replace it. That was true when the USAF led people to believe that the U2 was our only advanced spy plane, when the SR-71 was fully operational and being regularly used over Russia and China.
    Do we have some sort of other weapons systems in place that are not known about? I do not know, but it would not surprise me that there is something there to defend us that neither the general public, or the Russians and Chinese know about.
    With all the Black Ops that take place and are funded by non-Congressional funding, almost anything could be possible. What it would come down to is if we have a President willing to use such weapons, or if we have a Hellary or Biden in office that would throw open the doors to being conquered.

      1. How compromised is the US Military? Does Trump have anything to lead?
        The recently fired “Captain” Crozier of the Theodore Roosevelt doesn’t inspire much competence.

  14. This website is probably the only one in the world that deals with this problem.
    I have heard that Russians and Chinese have tens of thousands of trolls on all the social networks of the world. They do brainwashing to millions of people in the West every day and every hour. They divide Americans, Europeans and undermine Western democracy and human freedom. In addition, China will gain a monopoly on the backbone telecommunications of the West [see: Huawei-5G network], so freedom of speech will be suppressed.[eg: censorship method called – Shadow Banning].
    Everything suggests that Russia and China are ruling the world and are just waiting until they manipulatively convince the world public for Russian and Chinese goals because the current world public would not at present accept their world domination.

    For this reason, I have important questions:
    Jeff, how many people are reading your important blog?
    Could you add an audience counter?
    Why are these sites blocked in some countries [eg: France]?
    And how much is your article sharing?
    Thank you.

    Motto: Russia is truly an Empire of Evil!

    1. This website is growing very rapidly. This site started with 50-70 readers per day back in September. I have more than 2,000 unique visitors a day now. My goal is to reach 10,000 by May 1. Events will propel it forward.

      1. I’ve been very pleased to see the blog take off. I hope it continues its trajectory and its curve is never flattened!

    2. “This website is probably the only one in the world that deals with this problem.”

      YOU win the internet for the day!

  15. Dear Jeff, could you kindly get in touch with Allan Dos Santos in Brazil so that you gentlemen can make a live video streaming about this whole subject? It would very important for us Brazilians given the moment we are facing here. Thank you very much and my best regards. Rodrigo Ciparrone

    1. Yes, very much miss the Update Brazil podcasts!!! They are always informative, and I am sure that Brazil is having it’s issues with all of this Wuhan flu situation, as are most or the nations in the world.

  16. Thank you for your excellent work Mr Nyquist. I share your articles with everyone I can.

  17. Apparently, there have been 21 million (!) Chinese cell phone accounts closed from December 2019 till March 2020 – in a country, nota bene, where one can’t live without smart-phones any more. Could that be the real figure of Covid-19-related deaths in the PRC? If so, it would amount to 1.5% of the whole population of communist China!

    1. I have read that 15 million of those cell phones can be explained by unemployed migrant workers who could not pay their bill. But six million cannot be explained. It’s hard to know what the truth is, especially when China claims fewer deaths than New York. Obviously the CCP is lying.

  18. The good news is that Russia and China are now isolated and having to resort to consuming their hoarded emergency rations which they had interned to save to endure war and it’s aftermath. Goldman Sachs has privately secured all the wealth created from the Federal Reserve exponentially expanding the US money supply, and the US Space Force is being readied like the lead up to Desert Storm. Or is that the bad news?

    1. It is hopeful news. And it’s worth noting that the communists are famous for bungling their military operations. Let’s all remember 22 June 1941. Now that is real bungling!

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