If China shuts the door on exports of medicines … within a couple months our pharmacies would be empty…. our healthcare system would cease to function. That’s how dependent we are.

Rosemary Gibson


It is worth quoting excerpts from President Xi Jinping’s speech of 27 March, made during the “extraordinary” G20 video summit. One might characterize his speech as a tissue of lies. He said, “the COVID-19 outbreak … caught us all by surprise….”

This claim is doubtful. Early reports suggest that Xi was fully informed about the outbreak of a SARS-like illness in Wuhan — weeks before it became a global pandemic. Why else would the dictator’s trembling minions prevent doctors and scientists from alerting others?

The world may have been caught by surprise— but not Xi. According to the mayor of Wuhan, Xi forced the city to hold a holiday potluck at which 10,000 were infected. This facilitated the spread of the virus. Here is how the Wall Street Journal characterized Mayor Zhou Xianwang’s comments:

Mr. Zhou used an interview with state broadcaster China Central Television to push back against criticism of Wuhan’s handling of the virus, saying his hands were tied by rules that required Beijing’s approval before releasing sensitive information. His careful attempt to shift blame to the central leadership mirrored complaints that local officials have expressed in private for years about President Xi Jinping’s rigid, top-down leadership style.


At the G20 video summit, however, Xi bragged about his “prompt” handling of the pandemic. How skillful he was! He boasted of acting with “openness and transparency.” (Does anyone really believe that China has fewer deaths than New York?)

Wonders never cease with these communist miracle workers. They are certainly ahead of the game. Consider Breitbart’s addendum to Xi’s braggadocio:

As of February of this year, China manufactures 97 percent of all American antibiotics, 80 percent of the pharmaceutical ingredients needed in all American drugs, and the majority of the nation’s — and the world’s — medical protective supplies, like masks.


America dares not oppose the Chinese dictator. He has us by the short hairs. He now demands a G20 meeting of health ministers. Naturally, with China’s command of the world’s pharmaceuticals, which health minister would dare balk Beijing’s regime of Global Health governance?

President Xi is prepared to advance his “vision of building a community with a shared future for mankind.” He then added, “China will be more than ready to share our good practices….” — ah yes! And what are these practices? Can anyone guess?

Screams have been reported from the premises of Wuhan’s funeral homes. According to Radio Free Asia, elderly COVID-19 patients are brought to the crematoria alive. They are wrapped, pleading, in plastic body bags. Some are violently subdued.

Speaking with a Wuhan accent, a female witness has recorded a video (below). She says elderly patients were bound and zipped into bags while alive. They were taken to be cremated. “I saw these cases myself,” she said. “It strikes fear into my heart. I want to cry, it’s terrifying.”

President Xi told his “colleagues” at the G20 video summit, “we need to protect … the elderly, people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups….” Then he called for more access to markets, a strengthening of China’s dominant position. He underscored the role of “outbound investment” from China and — last but not least — removing tariffs.

The Chinese Communist Party intends to expand its holdings at the coming corporate fire sale in Europe and America. Beijing is sitting on a mountain of gold and cash. As the global economy slumps, China’s industrial and financial might will be deployed. If that is insufficient, the People’s Liberation Army will be deployed.

And so we are invited to repeat our blunders, our past idiocies, to double-down on the suicidal policy of trading with Communist China. Beijing controls our medicine supply. Xi Jinping can attack our weakened currency. He can force open our markets. He can take charge of our remaining industries.

During the last forty years our politicians and business leaders built China into a great economic and military power. Now we are at China’s mercy. The problem is, President Xi is not inclined to show mercy. Nixon and Kissinger put this process in motion, and we praised them as “visionaries.” But they were not visionaries.

Anyone who studied the Chinese communists closely, or honestly, would have warned against the China policy of Nixon and Kissinger. But our capitalist system, with its eye on short-term profit, sacrificed our national security.

We need to come to terms with the errors of the past. Why were our statesmen such fools, our media so deluded, that nobody raised a serious objection? Those who did object were not even heard. Why? Because we did not want the truth. We wanted a soothing lie, instead.

At this late hour it may be too late to save the country. Our only chance now is contrition, repentance, and a political about-face.


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38 thoughts on “President Xi’s Big Lie

  1. Cremation while alive!? Unspeakably horrifying.

    God will judge these fiends. Their end will be no better than Hitler’s, who cremated dead Jews rather than living ones.

    Meantime, we ought to be rushing to bring pharma manufacturing back onshore.

  2. if there is a silver lining to this pandemic, it will break the back of the just-in-time-Chinese-CCP-global-supply-chain.

      1. It’s starting to happen. Japan just announced they are moving all of their manufacturing out of China. The Japanese government is spending $2 Billion to help all of their country’s corporations move out of China.

  3. Jeff

    Not sure if you can comment, I was talking with my cousin who lives in Hong Kong who was married in 2016 and now has a daughter, he works as a chef at one of Hong Kong’s most Hotels and is now telling me that the Covid 19 Virus has in fact caused economic damage to the local tourism economy and due to the fact that tourist numbers have dwindled in Hong Kong, a lot of Hotels are now laying off staff and also in regards to New Zealand, the Government is now admitting that Covid 19 has caused New Zealand to go into a recession and mass lay offs are happening, is it possible that the Virus that the Chinese Communist Party released was intended to have economic effects as well?

    1. Yes. The primary effect of this virus is economic — largely versus consumer economies. The military industry of a totalitarian state is not as seriously hampered if work discipline can be enforced despite the pandemic — by sanguinary discipline. This is why the virus is an ideal asymmetric weapon.

    2. Yes, it’s economic warfare…in line with what PLA Colonels write in Unrestricted Warfare, which has been translated into English and is available on the Internet.

  4. It looks as if America and the West are nearing their definite checkmate. Who would have thought that a communist “New World Social Order” would be ever introduced through the backdoor of a Chinese-dictated system of “global health governance”, all facilitated by a perfidious biological attack launched by them, and horrendous market imbalances in their favour, to begin with?

      1. I have to disagree. There’s a difference between smarts and wisdom, and lack of smarts and foolishness. Some of the most foolish things I’ve seen written were written by some very smart people.

        This country was founded by some very wise people. But because we’ve abandoned our roots, we’ve become foolish. Are we terminally foolish? I hope not. ’Fraid so.

    1. the Bible tells us of the time of the end when a global beast and his system will arise through unparalleled “deception” and will rule “with iron teeth”. Is this communism, Islam, or other? God holds the nations in His hands. Are we near to the end or is this one more cycle of evil? To me it seems all things are converging across the globe towards a biblical finish line. However, if this is one more cycle, faithful Christians within America could still repent and bring our nation back to God so that we don’t have to collapse. Let’s keep hoping and praying on this Good Friday.

  5. Heff, you might want to check out this video on YouTube. It seems like good info but as I and many do not read Chinese, hard to say what the text he shows really says. What he is saying seems to be good info.


      1. I have seen it and it is a good video. The one I posted is only 10 minutes but he reveals what could possibly be some real damning information, if true.

      2. Just watched to the end. A great and informative documentary that reminds me, in its importance, of the 2007 British documentary, The Great Global Warming Swindle!

  6. The West has sold it soul to the devil in regards to allowing China to have a monopoly on pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and equipment, and far too many other things we use in our daily lives.
    Time to bring it all home and make sure we are as self-sufficient as we can possibly be.

    1. This is no doubt what is desperately needed. I’m sorry to say I am not optimistic we can pull it off. I think too many have their heads in the sand or will allow China to lobby them (bribe them, etc.) and lull them back to sleep about the tremendous risks we face.

      1. China’s corrupting influence and the collaborators are exactly what we must aggressively oppose. This is the immediate struggle, here and now.

  7. In Italy, now again under a leftist government, they’ve already sold out to China, which has taken over a dangerously high portion of the Italian economy already. What’s been happening there for a number of years, may now come to the rest of us, on both sides of the “pond”. Where are the politicians with guts, with spine? We shall see…


  8. Here is a brief amateur video showing the Austrian city of Salzburg at the beginning of Austria’s lock-down more than three weeks ago. Life is virtually FROZEN:

  9. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, I was talking with some Hong Kong people on Twitter and the numbers of people found dead who were in the Hong Kong Protest Movement now number 2,800+ and including the 10,000 people missing. Also I have been told that the first Autonomy Certification stipulated under the Hong Kong Freedom and Democracy Act is due. At this point I think the US Government needs to look at ending the special status for Hong Kong because the Chinese Communist Party is now trying to have Hong Kong become part of the Mainland early rather than wait for 2047. Even people who I know in Hong Kong are now saying that the Chinese Communist Party is trying to have Hong Kong go through an early reunification. Just wanting your opinion, Jeff, do you think this is the best time that the US Government revokes Hong Kong’s Special Status because from what I have seen, it is now just another Mainland Chinese City.

    1. It is tragic that the “Free World” hasn’t come in unison to these people’s plight with offers of relocation assistance for their whole city, culture, and community.
      This will be worse than Operation Keelhaul and a failure that will be noted by historians of the future, if there is a future.

  10. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, last night I was going through Twitter. A person by the name of Eric Feigl-Ding is now warning that the South Korean CDC have found that the 51 patients who were previously cured of Covid 19 have now been re-infected with Covid 19 and it seems that the Covid 19 virus has the capability to reactivate in patients who were previously deemed as cured


    Also just a report from Hong Kong, the other night I was in a Skype conversation with some of the Anti Communists in Hong Kong and the discussion was on the Hong Kong Protests and their opinion is that it was not a victory due to the numbers of people missing and have been found dead and there is already anger being directed at Martin Lee, Joshua Wong, Joey Siu, Nathan Law, Sunny Cheung and Denise Ho and the Hong Kong Democratic Party for their part in encouraging people to go out on the streets which resulted in deaths and disappearances. Also, I am not sure if this comes as a surprise, when I asked them how do they see the likes of Joshua Wong, Nathan Law of Demosisto, Martin Lee the founder of the Hong Kong Democratic Party, Sunny Cheung and Joey Siu of Hong Kong Higher Institutions International Affairs Division and Denise Ho and Jimmy Lai. I was told by the people who attended the Skype conversation that they regarded Martin Lee, Joshua Wong, Nathan Law, Sunny Cheung, Joey Siu and the Hong Kong Democratic Party and the Civic Party, mainly the political parties and leadership of the Hong Kong Democracy and Independence Movement as spies working for the Chinese Communist Party.

  11. After watching the new documentary from Epoch Times on the origin of the virus, I’ve been thinking about a different perspective of what’s going on. I don’t know if it makes sense, but I thought I’d post it and see what kind of feedback I get. First, the documentary to my eyes was a piece of textbook propaganda, meant to stir up hatred for the Chinese Communist regime and ultimately to stir up support for war against China. This does not mean I am siding with the Chinese or that I’m pro-Communist. I’ve been seeing a whole bunch anti-Chicom, anti-communist rhetoric from figures on the right lately, such as Steve Bannon, Charlie Kirk, Sean Hannity, etc. They’ve all been ratcheting up the anti-China propaganda. And these men are not trustworthy; they are propagandists pushing the same agenda that the “powers-that-be” have in mind for the Trump presidency. Based on what I’m hearing and seeing, these PWB want war with China in the near future. Perhaps this has been one main objectives behind this whole coronavirus thing from the beginning. That would make sense. The propagandists are currently setting you up to be in favor of this war, which the U.S. will undoubtedly win, and why shouldn’t you be in favor of overthrowing an evil Communist regime? The answer to this lies in the fact that the powers whose short-term agenda is to overthrow Communists are no less evil than the Communists themselves. Why would they want war with China? As Patrick Wood has said, China today is not actually a Communist country; it is a TECHNOCRACY. A global technocratic society is what the PWB are ultimately aiming for. They know that as long as China is looked upon by the world as a totalitarian Communist dictatorship, its technocratic structure will not be accepted by the world. What may be going on is an agenda to overthrow the Communist ruling party of China and to install some kind of a pretend democratic system of government, in other words, to remove the Communist label from China, making it appear free and democratic, without actually changing the country in its fundamental structure, i.e. a technocracy. For the world to embrace its technological enslavement of the future, it cannot look at China as an evil Communist dictatorship . . . This is why there is currently an agenda to overthrow the Chinese Communist party—not because the PWB in the West are good, holy patriots, but because it will make it easier to convince us to voluntarily embrace the buildup of a China-like technocracy in the U.S. and around the world.

  12. Could it be that the US has been working on bio-warfare agents in partnership with China, ostensibly to join forces against Russia? Naturally, China would have informed Russia about that. Might a Russian agent have released Covid-19, from the Chinese lab?

    1. It is possible, but not likely. China made moves weeks before the outbreak signaling a major shift in its strategic posture — in Hong Kong. And they began preparing for a pandemic by purchasing supplies abroad, which suggests foreknowledge.

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