Once upon a time there lived a little girl in a village whose grandmother was running for President. Indeed, this grandmother was very political; so much so that she gave her beloved granddaughter a red cloak with a hoodie. Thus the girl came to be known as “Little Red Riding Hood.”

The grandmother liked the color red. In fact, she believed it was better to be Red than Dead. The grandmother was so fervent in this idea she imaged herself to be the spawn of Red Indians, which resulted in the grandmother’s political nickname — Pocahontas.

One day Little Red Riding Hood’s mother loaded the girl with campaign donations and sent her to Grandma’s campaign headquarters. “I have heard,” said the mother, “that grandma is in low spirits since Wall Street stopped sending her donations. These offerings will make her very happy.”

Little Red Riding Hood set out at once to her grandmother’s campaign headquarters. She traveled along a path through dark woods, stumbling upon an illegal Marijuana grow tended by the Mexican Mafia.

The criminals contemplated robbing, raping and murdering Little Red Riding Hood; but several agents of Immigrant and Customs Enforcement (ICE) were searching the woods at that exact hour, and the criminals were afraid the girl’s shrieks would give them away. So she passed unharmed.

Arriving at Grandma’s campaign headquarters Little Red Riding Hood could not help telling her grandmother about the Mexican criminals growing dope in the nearby woods. For this her grandmother chastised her: “I am very disappointed to hear such racist sentiments from my own granddaughter!”

“Oh grandma,” said Little Red Riding Hood, “You are so very left wing!”

“The better to stop Trump from making America Great again,” said Grandma with a grin.

“And what big lies you tell!”

“The better to swindle these deplorable rednecks, my dear,” said grandma with a wink.

“And grandma,” added the girl, “what little regard you must have for my future that you champion the cause of foreign lawbreakers over my safety!”

At these words grandma Pocahontas was transformed into the very image of an angry Indian warrior with a whirling tomahawk — which was promptly used to kill and scalp Little Red Riding Hood.


15 thoughts on “Little Red Riding Hood and the 2020 Election: Or, The False Grandmother

  1. Jeff

    Just informing you about the Hong Kong Provocation carried out by the Chinese Communists. The UK Government is now having a debate about giving Hong Kong Chinese UK citizenship. This is a worrying move:


    There are Hong Kong Chinese who are also demanding the US Government to do the same via the Hong Kong Freedom and Democracy and act. Jeff can I have your opinion regarding this?

      1. Jeff

        Given that Hong Kong Chinese are demanding the UK Government to give them British Citizenship and the US Government to give Hong Kong Chinese citizenship under the Hong Kong Freedom and Democracy Act, do you think S.1838 which is the Hong Kong Freedom and Democracy Act awaiting the senate vote, do you think there is still time to oppose it and should Trevor Loudon, Cliff Kincaid, Diana west and etc should be notified that the demands from the Hong Kong Chinese have changed to something worrying like demanding citizenships to be given to them by the UK or US Government?

  2. Jeff

    Just informing you last night I had a discussion with a person who lives in Hong Kong. I have been told the Hong Kong Democracy Faction which includes the Hong Kong Democratic Party founded by Martin Lee also played a role in the early 2000’s in helping Communist China implement Patriotic Education in Hong Kong when Hong Kong was under the control of the Tung Chee Hwa cabinet. This person told me when he observed the young protesters and student rioters from June until October. He told me that it was very obvious they had been through Patriotic Education and when they were told violence is not the answer, he was accused by the protesters of being a Chinese Communist sympathiser and was beaten up severely by the Hong Kong Independence supporters and the young students and rioters. I was also told there have been other Hong Kong people that have been beaten up for saying the same thing.

    Jeff can I have your opinion regarding this?

      1. Jeff

        I am not sure if you have seen this video of Jimmy Lai the Chinese Communist Party Agent at the Hoover Institute:


        Jimmy Lai has long been suspected by Overseas and local Chinese and anti communists to be a agent for the Chinese Communist Party as he has ties with Martin Lee the man who tried to name the Hong Kong Communist Party and Jimmy Lai is a major fundraiser for Hong Kong Democrat Party’s election campaigns.

        The South China Morning Post admits Jimmy Lai is a major fundraiser for the Pan-Democrat faction in 2014:


        “ But the planned meeting is clouded by worries that news of pan-democrats having received huge donations from media tycoon Jimmy Lai Chee-ying could pose a hurdle for the central government to invite pan-democrats for talks in Beijing.”

        Jeff can I have your opinion regarding this, also with the evidence provided would it be safe to say Jimmy Lai is controlled opposition for the Chinese Communist Party?

      2. When we see how thoroughly the Communists control Hong Kong politics, and how ruthlessly they act towards anyone who opposes Beijing, there can be no doubt who these people work for — and everyone there must know it. One country two systems is destined to become one country, one system. Such is the communist way. This is the course they have mapped out — not only for Hong Kong, but the world. A peaceful march of millions showed the will of the people, but see what follows: violent youth beating up bankers, vandalizing Starbucks and other select stores. Does anyone asks why the violent rioters attack businesses and symbols of capitalism? Is this really a protest against the communist system? I don’t see how it could be. The provocation is quite clear — as an attack on freedom and capitalism. China wants to export those trained rioters to California. You watch how they work toward that goal.

      3. Jeff

        I have seen evidence that further confirms Jimmy Lai and the Hong Kong Pan-Democrat’s including the Hong Kong Democracy Faction are controlled opposition. For the last 22 years they have helped Mainland China with facilitating immigration and anti communists in Hong Kong who oppose Mainland Immigration into Hong Kong are being labelled racists. This is information from a Hong Kong person who contacted me on Twitter last night. He has confirmed the Hong Kong Independence Movement is also comprised of Mainland Chinese with loyalties to the Chinese Communist Party:


      4. Jeff

        Just wanting your opinion. Hong Kong now has Black Bloc Protesters involved in the violence and it has been suspected that the Black Bloc in Hong Kong are controlled by the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of State Security.

        Here is a video/livestream of what is currently happening in Hong Kong:


        The violence is surely staged

  3. Jeff

    Just letting you know, it has been revealed that the Hong Kong Education Section which includes schools and universities are also filled with Beijing/Chinese Communist Party Loyalists. Recently a founder of Occupy Hong Kong (Benny Tai) who is tied with the Umbrella Revolution and the Hong Kong Democrat Party and is friends with Chinese Communist Party Agent Jimmy Lai who fundraises for the Hong Kong Democrat Party and the Pro-Democracy Faction election campaigns. Benny Tai who is a Professor specializing in La at the University of Hong Kong is actually the election campaign manager for the Hong Kong Democrat Party and what is now known is that the Hong Kong Independence Movement which includes the Hong Kong Democrat Party and the Hong Kong Democracy Faction has been complicit in helping the Chinese Communist Party in eroding the Basic Law of Hong Kong and are actively helping the Chinese Communist Party in putting Hong Kong under One Country One System


    Jeff, can I have your opinion regarding this?

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