No Apostle has ever doubted the future of his faith, and the socialists are persuaded of the approaching triumph of theirs. To the disciples of the new dogmas nothing appears more simple.

Gustave Le Bon

If socialism is a new kind of religion, if they must have power to save the downtrodden, if they are politically correct in word and deed, then they must have Donald Trump’s head.

Donald Trump, as it turns out, is not a socialist. He is not the champion of the downtrodden. He is the champion of the United States of America. By precept he puts the American people ahead of the downtrodden. Consequently, he opposes the core principles of the new religion. He opposes the theory of anthropogenic global warming. The acolytes of the new religion therefore hate Donald Trump.

Since these people dominate the media, Trump’s faults are amplified and exaggerated by the media. Since the socialists control the House of Representatives, the House begins a process of “impeachment.” Since Marxists dominate education in America, they have educated the youth to vote for the party of socialism — against Trump.

The socialist plan is to remove Trump from office in order to consolidate socialist power. This power will be based on socialist concepts of governance, anti-capitalist economics, atheism and the social gospel. This is what is meant by the term “progressivism.”

The socialists must conquer or die under the banner of impeachment. As their narrative evolves, Trump becomes a traitor by definition. As their narrative evolves, all who oppose socialism will also be listed as traitors. The new religion teaches that America itself is a kind of treason — a stain which must be blotted from the world map.

The socialists believe there should be no compromise with the outworn ideals of America’s Founding Fathers. As soon as they can denounce the Founding Fathers without negative consequences they will. If Russian missiles must destroy their targets in America, and Chinese troops must then appear in California, so be it. Such is the socialist faith. It hides its foreign allegiance behind the alibi of Trump-Russia collusion. Here is their political camouflage. Here they set an ambush for their countrymen.

The Socialist Utopia cannot be achieved as long as Trump is President. Remove Donald Trump and the way to paradise will be cleared. Remove Donald Trump and America will open its borders. Open the borders and the party of socialism will dominate forever. Achieving absolute control, they will disarm the country against its foreign enemies.

The world will then belong to Moscow and Beijing.

35 thoughts on “The “Impeachment” Fracas

  1. Jeff

    1. Just wanting to ask about Republican Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky whose wife is Elaine Chao, apparently a lot of internet sites and even Overseas Chinese media are reporting her family has ties to the Chinese Communist Party, is there any truth to it?

    2. A minor update on the Hong Kong situation. A local Hong Kong Chinese contacted me on Twitter last night telling me that the Chinese Communist Party has staged/scripted the whole incident in Hong Kong. When I asked if anyone in Hong Kong can be trusted. The answer I got from the person was that no one in Hong Kong can be trusted anymore as the Chinese Communist Party has total control of Hong Kong Society including Education and etc.. I have also been told the Hong Kong Localism and the Hong Kong Autonomy Movement has also been infiltrated by Chinese Communist Party Ministry of State Security Agents.

    3. In regards to Donald Trump, I hope he does not get impeached. I hope the Republican Party will not turn on Donald Trump.

    1. I hope he is not impeached, but the Democrats are now committed to the process. I believe they will follow through — even if it damages their cause. A kind of logic is at work here. They cannot now back down.

      1. Well there are still the Never Trump Neocons whom he lambasted along with the Democrats. I find President Trump to be mercantilest more than conservative, but he tells Conservatives what they want to hear, as he makes a deal with China that tolerates slave wages, organ harvesting, and coal burning.

        There isn’t time for due process of impeachment before the elections. The bogus proceedings are merely to influence the election and confuse the voters. Nevertheless, Mike Pence might make a good President.

      2. Impeachment is something the Dems have committed to without regard for time or fact or reason. It may be a bellyflop. Or the Republicans could join in. Is Trump perfect? No. Would Pence be better? Maybe. Yet China is pressed by an American President for the first time since Eisenhower. I doubt there is anyone as rough on our enemies as Trump — whatever compromises to the contrary, trump’s giveaways are nothing compared to the coddling of Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Reagan. The record of the others is sickening and weak.

    2. “ I doubt there is anyone as rough on our enemies as Trump — whatever compromises to the contrary, trump’s giveaways are nothing compared to the coddling of Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Reagan. The record of the others is sickening and weak.”

      Even more than Reagan? I figure he wasnt as as radically tough as popularly made out to be but he seemed to be somewhat tough, way better than Bush Clinton Obama, about on Trumps level

      1. Oops sorry for the double post of this question. Word Press software was giving me a hard time

      2. Reagan enabled China — believed China was our ally against Russia — and he embraced the INF agreement which Moscow continues to violate. I do not let Reagan off the hook. He started off well, but he ended by hugging Gorbachev in Red Square. Trump has been the first President to stand up to China in a long while. He is the first president to arm Ukraine against Russia.

      3. Ah yes got it.

        It really is impressive how even now, today, when we are on the verge of ruin from china, our mainstream geopolitical experts still maintain our alliance w china was a genius move.

  2. Just because a candidate tells the deciding constituency what they want to hear, doesn’t mean that he’s all bad. Bush, Clinton, and Dubya, all engineered NAFTA on the pretext that Americans don’t want to do physical labor, and that they do want cheap merchandise to buy.

    The secret to China’s success, is that transnational corporations have evaded stringent pollution legislation and relatively high, minimum wage. American’s have become spoiled by cheap products and easy credit. Now that credit has dried up and decent paying jobs have become scarce for the blue collar class, homelessness is proliferating and the only low pay jobs available are for under educated security guards who have no regard for civil rights. Police don’t enforce laws against abuse by security guards who do what the police want done, so we have now become a defacto police state.

    People fortunate enough and smart enough to have careers related to engineering have been seduced by the rising price of real estate and lose credit, so they pay any price for nice homes, not realizing that a primary residence is not an investment. If you sell the house, you still have to live somewhere.

    Americans should simply render the President’s deal with China, irrelevant, and boycott Chinese goods and services completely. Actually, that will be the result anyway, when the World economy tanks, perhaps as early as next October. Banks are broke. There is no money for bailouts. Companies don’t make profits from goods and services, rather by the sale of stocks. Oil is headed to $100.00 per barrel, manipulated by Saudi Arabia who needs that price for their pending IPO. It helps them that oil from Iran, Venezuela, LIbya, are effectively off the market.

    The price of gas will be brutal for low wage earners, but the good news is that they can make money on oil futures. That is until the price reverses and drops to $5.00 per barrel where it belongs.

    President Trump has at least one great accomplishment. He moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. ‘He who blesses Israel shall be blessed, and he who curses Israel will be cursed.’ That one act might cover a multitude of sins.

  3. Jeff

    Just letting you know today, the Chinese Communist Party’s Ambassador went on New Zealand Television and she was blaming the US Government and the CIA of orchestrating the Hong Kong Protests. The Chinese Communist Party’s Ambassador refuesd to answer the question from the reporter asking why is the Chinese Communist Party in control of both the Protest Movement including the Pro-Democracy Movement in Hong Kong and the possibility that the whole Hong Kong incident was orchestrated by the Chinese Communist Party

    Jeff, can I have your opinion regarding this?

    1. It is not surprising to see a Chinese Communist official blame the United States for the violence in Hong Kong. This is not a new tactic. Many will believe it.

  4. Hong Kongers have had twenty-two years to move to another British Commonwealth country, but they didn’t leave. Now, they call for US intervention. There is a global trend to attempt to embroil the US in brush fires around the World. With decades of the US entertaining migrants who have had plenty of experience of observing and participating in the American way of life, it’s time for them to Americanize their home countries, or else rot in their own swamp. We need to prepare for the Russian nuclear attack and the Chinese armed invasion.

    As long as I’m horning in here, let me ad that the Democratic Party has strayed from it’s ’60s platform, and in it’s thinly veiled advocacy of Marxist ideology, they embrace the Mercantilest, Globalist agenda. Pollution legislation, wages and jobs, were traditionally Democrat issues. Now, they have become the Conservative issues. Problem is that it’s the Neocons and Progressives who have monopolized command.

    As manufacturing went to China, Americans ignored that fact that China doesn’t adhere to US pollution standards, and wages, not to mention civil rights. Now, Progressives bemoan climate change, but support a carbon tax on the First World, that lets China and India burn coal to the extent that nasty yellow clouds of smog drift over the United States.

    Nobody seems to care. Slave prison labor of political activists is employed to manufacture products sold in the US, and we all just buy in ever increasing quantities. Where is the debate, let alone the outrage? Tell me that with the corporate buy out of major media, the intent wasn’t to kill professional journalism, and replace it with propaganda. Americans probably don’t even want to know. Hypocrisy abounds.

    When Great Britain declined China’s offer to renew the 99 year lease on Hong Kong, the news didn’t report that fact. Instead, it was implied that China wanted to keep HK for itself. GB than proclaimed that Hong Kong is not a Democracy, and that China had better do something to remedy that. No matter that it wasn’t a Democracy when GB possessed it.
    If the expectation was that a free Hong Kong would infect China with Western values, that’s not quite how it turned out.

    When China took over HK, they noticed that HK banks were lending vast sums of money to Taiwan, so they cut that off and used those funds to develop Shanghai. As a result, Taiwan could no longer invest in other Asian markets. The secret of success for the Asian Tigers, was that they were taking the money from Taiwan, and lending it among themselves thousands of times per day, like kiting checks.

    They were whipping up the money supply, creating the illusion of wealth. This huge credit bubble is what financed Asian manufacturing. When China pulled the plug, the Ponzi scheme collapsed. The IMF came in and bailed them all out, at the expense of them being required to close their central banks, and let the privately held IMF take the place. The largest shareholders of the IMF are British companies, same as the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank. England scarified the pawn of Hong Kong, and won most all of Asia.

    It’s too, bad about what’s happening in Hong Kong, today, but the World is headed for severely hard times, and the United States needs to defend itself and The Bill Of Rights. It’s up to citizens of other countries, to do the same for their own country. Americans need to learn to live within their means, but those means are becoming quite meager. It might be advantageous to reestablish the Homestead Act. The BLM kills wild horses. Where’s my forty acres and a mule?

    1. Palmer Frondler

      I am not sure if this should be mentioned, Hong Kong Chinese including Mainland Chinese hate and resent overseas Chinese who live in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, US, Canada, UK and etc. If you look into Hong Kong Society itself, overseas Chinese who usually work in Hong Kong companies are usually ostracised by their local Hong Kong colleagues and when Overseas Chinese try to reintegrate with the Local Hong Kong Chinese or Mainland Chinese Society, it is close to impossible that the Overseas Chinese can reintegrate. From most of the testimonials I have read about Overseas Chinese living in Hong Kong, they meet discrimination on a daily basis and the situation does not get better when the Hong Kong Media and Mainland China State Media portray Overseas Chinese like myself as traitors. The situation gets more worse when Patriotic Education which emphasises that Overseas Chinese are traitors have been implemented into Hong Kong Education since the early 2000’s.

      It is in my view that the Overseas Chinese will be marked for extermination after the Chinese Communists and Russians invade Canada and the US. The same will happen when the Chinese Communists invade South East Asia and Oceania including Australia and New Zealand

  5. General Chi’s secret speech mentions the possibility that overseas Chinese will have to be exterminated along with non-Chinese populations.

  6. I have eliminated some postings that are too long, off topic or rambling. This is a comment section, not an invitation to write a book.

  7. Oh, NOW you tell us. At least Twitter has the consideration to limit the number of characters. You do have a Twitter account. Maybe you could just use that, then?

  8. Jeff

    Just informing you a twitter user who lives in Hong Kong has sent me some evidence that Joshua Wong and the Hong Kong Independence Movement have been financially supporting the Catalonia Independence Movement which the Chinese Communist Party has ties with:

    Jeff, can I have your opinion regarding this?

    1. A connection to the Catalonia Independence Movement shows a communist connection to them. This shows an international level of cooperation.

      1. Jeff

        Given the evidence that the Joshua Wong who is one of the leaders in the Hong Kong Independence Movement along with the Hong Kong Independence Movement which is supporting Catalonia Independence, do you think it is safe to conclude that the Chinese Communist Party has total control of Hong Kong Independence Movement because this is what I am starting to see. Because of this, I am starting to see the Hong Kong Protests which has now run for more than 3 months as a orchestrated event by the Chinese Communist Party, can I have your opinion regarding this Jeff?

  9. Great entry. I think your framing of the issue is right on

    Above in the comments you said Reagan was weak on foreign policy. What is that based on? I figure he was ok. Not as great as many think but not as weak as other presidents either

  10. See Sen. Malcolm Wallop’s book, “The Arms Control Delusion.” It was very critical of Reagan’s second term foreign policy. I agree with Wallop’s analysis.

  11. No one is in control of the Hong Kong Independence movement, although China would like to be. China would prefer that there were no protests going on, and that the extradition order would have gone unchallenged. China want’s no appearance of dissatisfaction with government policy, whatsoever.

    1. Palmer

      I disagree with what you are saying there, Martin Lee who is the founder of the Hong Kong Democrat Party is known to have ties with the Chinese Communist Party, Martin Lee’s father who is now deceased is a friend of Zhou Enlai, Joshua Wong one of the leaders of the Demosisto Group who as caught fundraising for the Catalonia Independece Movement also was outed to have ties with the Chinese Communist Party, Jimmy Lai the owner of the Apple Media Empire in Hong Kong and in the past has provided funds for the Hong Kong Civic Party and by the way the Chinese Communist Party do not care about the extradition bill as they already ultilize the Ministry of State Security for its kidnapping operation in Hong Kong.

      The Hong Kong Protest is a Chinese Communist Party orchestration/provocation and both sides are under the control of the Chinese Communist Party and it is too good to be a legitimate protest at this point with many Hong Kong business and American business based in Hong Kong being targeted by rioters.

      I used to live in Hong Kong and have relatives and friends who live in Hong Kong. They are starting to say the same thing. The Hong Kong Protest was orchestrated by the Chinese Communist Party in control of both sides.

      Evidence of Joshua Wong (one of the leaders of the Hong Kong Independence Movemet) supporting Catalonia Independence Movement:

      1. I have no first hand or inside knowledge. The way I see it from a safe distance, is that China is miffed about tariffs, so sought the extradition bill which lit the fuse on the demonstrations, as a counter, bargaining chip with President Trump, as if China has previously made concessions in favor of civil liberties, in exchange for the privilege of doing business with the US. In fact, China makes no concession.

        China only spins concessions for that which they have no control, as if they have deliberately permitted such. Now that the citizens of Hong Kong have taken to the streets, China has most likely tried to get ahead of the curve, in order to cast doubt on the demonstrators, and steer the protests a manageable direction.

        In the end, China will kill the goose that lays the golden egg, because they see the inevitable World economic collapse pending soon, and they want to exert as much control of society as they can, especially in light of much worse conditions for society to have to deal with in the near future.

        Overseas Chinese ought to stay put in their adoptive countries, irrespective of the trend for resenting immigrants. They have a legal right, and it will be respected better in the Commonwealth than in China, for sure.

  12. Ps:
    However, considering that China and Russia try to provoke the US into depleting it’s resources by doing battle with pawns, Hong Kong is just one more brush fire, that the US should avoid stamping out. The US needs to advocate for liberty and justice for all, offer moral support, education and training, perhaps even weapons, but there’s a limit of resources for that, same as for sending troops all over the World.

  13. Hong Kong protesters call for US intervention. Ukraine has called for US intervention. The Kurds want continued US intervention. US Democrats seem to want US to stay in Syria, even though the case for US intervention in Syria was never made to the American people in the first place. I don’t see President Trump invading Hong Kong, but I’d really like to see him acknowledge that Taiwan is in fact, US Territory. Let China chew on that.

  14. Jeff

    Just wanting to inform you and also just wanting your opinion, earlier in the week, the Chinese Communist Party had a 4 day meeting and 1 if the meetings was used to discuss the Hong Kong Incident.

    The Hong Kong discussion session is being kept a secret from the public. I believe/speculate what was discussed by the Chinese Communist Party Leadership was that the People’s Armed Police could very well be deployed into Hong Kong since the Hong Kong Police has failed to stop the protests and a lot of Hong Kong protesters are on social media are now writing that they are very worried that they will be taken up or deported to Mainland China.

  15. There’s no distinguishing whether or not if the refugees would be genuine or else Chinese agents. Why hasn’t the independence movement been active during the past twenty two years? Why do they wait until China exerts a modicum of undue influence to rise up? They should have been working on this from the get go in 1997.

    China has recently been outing the identity of participants in the independence movement. Are the names of those whom China wants to persecute, or are they agents that China wants the US to accept at face value as genuine refugees?

  16. Jeff

    Just informing you the Hong Kong Orchestration has taken a new level. The Pro-Beijing Faction, Triads are now fighting the Hong Kong Independence Movement which both sides are controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. The Hong Kong Fire Service staff and Hong Kong Ambulance staff have been violently beaten up by the Protesters for trying to help the injured and putting out the fires

    Jeff can I have your opinion regarding this?

  17. Jeff

    This article is from the Independent Newspaper in the UK.

    The Protesters have attacked McDonald’s, Starbucks coffee and any shop that are deemed to the Protesters as so-called ‘Pro-China’. Also, a Twitter user in Hong Kong who follows me has made contact and he is involved in the Hong Kong Protest Movement and he has confirmed that the people in the Hong Kong Protest Movement have been beating up their own people because they disagreed with violence or their opinions and the twitter user from Hong Kong who contacted me that their own people who disagree with what is going on when it comes to violence and vandalism are usually savagely beaten up, Jeff can I have your opinion regarding this?

  18. the Impeachment issue has all elements of the Trojan Horse type operation to completely destroy the degenerate elements of the American left.

    We managed to successfully feed the bait to them (the stupid) and they took it ))

    Of course the left wants a payback for Clinton/Monica as they recently had their `day` with Judge Cavanaugh but only DAMAGED THEMSELVES and BIG TIME 😉

    Those who does not like to take risks have to thank Newt Gingrich for opening the pandora box in 1998 .

    But Real Men, as our President Trump, – they are Willing Risk Takers and WINERS !

    Donald went thru several bankruptcies, because his GOALS AND CAUSES are not about money, but about BUILDING things, creating VALUE. As a King of Freemasonry , so to speak, a Builder , a Creator – President Trump takes risks to accomplish a Goal: to clean USA from the most dangerous mental virus of residual communism

    Mind that mr Trump is a close friend to mr Murdok, owner of the Wall Street Journal, that in 2002 published an investigative report on MOSCOW DIRECT INVOLVEMENT in 9/11 attacks:

    President Trump KNOWS for a fact who did this to us on 9/11, 2001
    President Trump knows exactly what a war in Donbas means: a precursor to the nuclear rocket exchange


    if by the logic of devil’ advocate, we, been stupid, ignorant and dumb (God forbid but we are not)

    but what if we allow for the rocket exchange:

    the way leninists in Moscow want it means 100% destruction of all American and many other Nations and population as well.

    The moscow clique invisiones this as ..

    an Empty Earth for them to OWN.

    Them- staying in the underground bunkers as in Yamantau, for years and years, enough for the rest of humanity to go extinct COMPLETELY: biological weapon application included

    This is the basis for President Trump foreign policy.

    Ukrainian intelligence warned USA 8 month before 9/1 attack: a chief Intelligence general mr Malomuzh on a number of occasions explained this on national TV recently, last time about 2 weeks back

    General Malomuzh is a legendary commander of Ukrainian SVR and other security and military `branches` in the past.

    He is highly respected in the NATO elits not only because of the 9/1 warning,

    but because it was Malomuzh who created a successful approach to get rid of the Aden Strait piracy that was infecting the vital for global security oil tanker roots there:

    Malomuzh approach was based on the fact that Ukrainians as a part of the USSR have detailed knowledge and information on..

    ALL of the GLOBAL TERRORIST NETWORKS, that 100% were created, build , developed armed and financed to THIS MOMENT by Soviets , today – by the government of Russian federation and THE SHADOW structures left after USSR formal break up

    In short: Ukrainians knew EXACTLY and know to this day: who is who in global terrorist networks and where THEY LIVE and who are their direct relatives, parents, children

    as Al Zawahiri a 9/11 mastermind did in 1996

    Ukrainians offer to the NATO friends all necessary methodologies to completely wipe out ALL GLOBAL TERRORISM because WE CAN ! Yes WE CAN.

    This is the origins of deep and profound cooperation in defence and security issues between Washington and Kyiv

    Mind that `RUSSIAN COLLUSION` was also a Trojan Horse operation: the term COLLUSION means nothing at all. This is THE comprehensive explanation for `collusion` and `impeachment` story: we managed to drag the stupid into….the trap that will develop into their demise

    I estimate that the Goal is:

    to clean Democratic party from losers and degenerates

    so the Party will have a chance to get REBORN as a constructive opponent to the American Conservative camp

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