“In a wilderness of mirrors. What will the spider do [?]”

T.S. Eliot, “Gerontion,” 1920

Twenty-five years ago a Soviet-era defector named Alex told me about a KGB office in the Soviet Union. They had all the desks arranged on the main floor, with one large desk in the middle of the office at which sat a nice, helpful, old man. He was everyone’s friend. He listened sympathetically to the personal problems of the KGB staff. He gave them advice on all matters, and he smoothed things over with the boss, whose office door was always closed and dark. No one ever saw the boss except the old man. One day the old man retired and they had a party for him. It was at this party the old man announced he had been their boss all along. Alex finished the story by making his fingers into walking spider legs and said, “The spiders are everywhere.” Then he winked.

Of course, it is true. The spiders are everywhere. They are set loose — as T.S. Eliot suggested — in a “wilderness of mirrors.” Sometimes, in a wilderness of funhouse mirrors. Take, for example, the case of Brazilian congressman Alexandre Frota. Last Friday, in an interview with UOL (news), he charged several persons with unleashing a sophisticated disinformation campaign on Brazil. According to Frota, “[it is] run by the … writer Olavo de Carvalho and journalist Allan Dos Santos, owner of Terça Livre TV, which is openly supportive of [President] Bolsonaro.”

An intrepid detective, Frota’s “investigation” has unearthed several tentacles of a vast “right wing” conspiracy:

I began to learn of these digital militiamen, far-right militants, who are today dressed as parliamentary aides. With their credentials they are receiving good salaries, working inside government offices. We already have some positive suspicions of where they might be sheltered.

Congressman Frota alleged that a “dirty service” was being performed by someone behind the scenes. “Everybody knows it,” he explained. There is a shadowy person “living there and supported by Filipe G. Martins [the special foreign affairs advisor to the President of the Republic].” It is someone who sits in a special room, near the President’s office. It is someone who is respected by “the old man.”

The journalist conducting the interview asked Frota the name of this shadowy figure; but he could not fully remember. The name was something like Jefferson or Jeffrey. “Yes,” said Congressman Frota, “Jeffrey Richard Nyquist…. He is a person we are keeping our eye on…. He was often seen in the House [Chamber of Deputies], and to my surprise, his name was already connected with ‘fake news.’”

According to Congressman Frota, Jeffrey Richard Nyquist has been loosed on Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies, “providing services” with a charge of “between $15 and $20 thousand” to manipulate social networks, to mobilize “digital militiamen,” to orchestrate a “far-right” revolution in Brazil.

Of course, Congressman Frota has named me — the author of this blog — of sitting at the center of a vast right-wing spiderweb. Indeed, T.S. Eliot was right to ask, “What will the spider do?” In the first instance, I challenge Congressman Frota to document these alleged Jeffrey sightings at the Chamber of Deputies. As a resident of America’s Pacific Northwest region he will find me as difficult to catch as my political associate, Bigfoot Sasquatch. The thick forests around Brasilia provide us with ample cover. Don’t be a little girl’s blouse, Congressman Frota. Lead an expedition into the real wilderness. Step away from that funhouse mirror. Set aside your paranoid projections. My flying saucer is parked in a clearing, covered in camouflage netting. I dare you to find me!

Happy hunting, Flota!

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  1. Take it as a compliment, Jeff. You must be having an impact. Be careful about mocking Sasquatch and ET, though. They are in the hood.

  2. Wow! How interesting! Wonder who the spider is behind that crazy accusation.

    1. Universe has embedded by Creator, hence immanent certain hierarchy in its basic design . The major “cause and effect” pair is that “Spiritual realm” of IDEAS (about things) is primary to THINGS themselves:

      so IDEA is the cause

      and all the rest falls into the EFFECT OF IDEAS category.

      Mind that degenerate marxist take is just the opposite, hence the catastrophic results of such ;).

      Though American tradition , based on IN GOD WE TRUST ( quoting President words repeating our National Motto from from yesterday’s rally) –

      yielded the best possible… MATERIAL (!) results for the Nation and Humanity

      When we look at the Brazilian situation, we need to apply the same methodology :

      IDEAS come first;

      IDEAS will determine the material outcomes including: political, economical,
      EVERY-THING ( about THINGS and all other phenomena of the lower level, in relationship to IDEAS)

      By this logic mr Nyquist in fact may be considered a part of the Primal Force of Positive Change in Brazil that took place when good people came to power thru the last elections there

      This understanding has 100% recognizable elements of dugin school and i bet that this Frota congressmen gets his ideas directly from dugin’s `kagal` .

      Mr Nyquist in 2012 was participating in discussion Olavo De Carvalho conducted directly with alex dugin online. That discussion was detailed and ended in a format of a small book in English for everyone to learn from.

      In my understanding that i presented last summer in detail, in several posts on FB:
      they were Olavo and Jeff who in fact initiated the process of recovery for Brazilian Nation. But it will take time, because as Stepan Bandera wrote in his most profound analysis of American political scene: national consciousness is very inertial and time is needed for planted ideas to grow and create a landslide in pubic thinking and only after that the POLITICAL CHANGE will take root. By the way: in 1991 Gorbachev in the phone conversation with president Bush (recently declassified) explained exactly the same Bandera thesis : we should not push for change too hard, because it will create a damaging REACTION; we need time , the most profound changes in public political consciousness need LONG TIME

      I am proud to learn from Jeff :

      his Ideas DO change the world not only in Brazil, in Ukraine as well, and other places, likely, not that there’s anything wrong with that))))))

    1. recent quarter Hong Kong has a very first GDP decline(!) since the 2008 crisis
      We should remember that Hong Kong is a financial foundation for the economic growth in PRC. HK is on of the 3 major financial centers after NY and London. PRC , again, had the worst quarter in 27 and a half years. MORE: 2018 was a first EVER year of decline in cars sales in PRC with 2019 to follow the suit and likely showing much worse results.

      Reform course adopted by Den Xiaoping became possible ONLY because of the FOREIGN CHINESE BUSINESSMEN Huáqiáo (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overseas_Chinese)

      Of course british regime in Hong Kong allowed them to become a unique financial center not in the region but PLANETARY wise.

      Any serious damage to Hong Kong means A Crisis for PRC and CCP. So , lets sent our support to the good people of Hong Kong: they are doing the job that will finish maoism once and for all. The CCP will HAVE TO change or the PRC will disintegrate

      Ask yourselves WHY such a vast and naturally pluralistic society as China remains a tightly bound federation of so different and numerous peoples?

      It is because of Den Xiaoping and his teacher Lu Shaotzy genius wisdom who draw this Plan for a new economic policies UNDER The direct influence of Khrushchev who was running the same policies also according to NEP success , by the way also prepared and lobbied to lenin by Ukrainian politician Volodymyr Zatonsky, my distant relative
      In NEP period we had some quarters of up to 30% GDP growth.
      Hong Kong had over 20% GDP growth in 1976

      Simple as that. there is no secret in HOW to be successful. But there are degenerates of the left hand path who want to destroy your success, losers and incapable individuals with violent tendencies. THEY ARE THE PROBLEM.

      Us: we just prefer to USE OUR BRAINS. You can do it too. Use em 😉

      1. The analysis regarding Hong Kong prognosis just became a FACT that already took place:
        https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/hong-kong-exchange-suffers-worst-slide-profits-three-yearsand i did not read this before posting my comment.

        Profits, Trading Plunge At World’s 3rd Largest Exchange As Hong Kong Chaos Spreads
        Wed, 11/06/2019 – 19:40
        The social-economic turmoil in Hong Kong is certainly unprecedented.

        Retail sales have crashed, housing prices are rolling over, monetary policy via the Hong Kong Monetary Authority is failing to stabilize the economy, and now, new evidence suggests the financial industry is starting to crack.

        Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Ltd., the world’s third-largest stock exchange (in terms of average daily trading volume), recorded its worst profit in three years as investors fled regional stocks.

        Net income of the exchange plunged 10% to $282 million in Q3 YoY, Bloomberg reported Wednesday. This was one of the most significant drops since the global slowdown in 2016.

        Last week, Hong Kong crashed into a technical recession, the first time since the 2008/09 financial crisis. Hong Kong’s economy plunged 3.2% in Q3, government data showed last week, exceeding economists’ lowest estimates and confirming a technical recession has begun.

        Hong Kong Financial Secretary Paul Chan warned after more than half a year of violent anti-government demonstrations, the end of October marked the start of the recession.

        “After seeing negative growth in the second quarter, the situation continued in the third quarter, meaning our economy has entered technical recession,” Chan wrote in a blog post.

        “It seems it will be extremely difficult for us to reach full-year economic growth of 0 to 1%. I would not rule out the possibility that the full-year economic growth will be negative.”

        With two consecutive quarters of negative growth and no end to the protests in sight, Bloomberg has noted in a series of graphs that a full-year economic contraction is likely for 2020.

        Since the protests became violent in early summer, Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing shares have slipped 12%.

        As the crisis deepens in Hong Kong, it’s likely the Hang Seng is setting up for another leg lower.

        If Hong Kong will go under : the CCP rule goes caput garanteed

  3. I believe i know exactly the genesis of this leftists crazy bullcrap: last summer I wrote a series of facebook posts on astonishing Brazilian success as far as electing great President and his firm, proper and defined anti communist stand on all issues so vital for Brazilian Nation. Since 1990s when i got engaged tin a discussion with moscow communo/nazis lead by Dugin (`national bolsheviks` they used to call themselves) . Recently facebook administration banned my account and this is for may be 5th time. I am not going in details, but trust me: they do it because moscow leninists like Dugin control facebook policies to large extend. Facebook as a public company represented on NASDAQ is owned by a group of funds that are ALL connected to money laundering by russian mafia and ARE in effect russian enterprises. Dugin and his team are known to be the major if not number ONE strategic planning ORGAN for Moscow policies since late 90th. We have evidence that they were the operational planners for 9/11 attacks and many more. Dugin personally visited Donbass before the war begin and also he himself was present in Greece before the last financial MEGA default by Greek gov. I know for a fact that dugin team is closely following all my publications online. SO, this way or another the IDEA to pin a LABEL on my dear friend Jeff Nyquist came to life.

    The story reminds me of the historical development in the early 1950s in USSR known as a CASE OF PHYSICIANS-“SABOTEURS”.

    When NIkita Khrushchev was working in Kyiv, Ukraine, he had a friend who happened to be a physician and was my distant relative. On the other family lines that doctor is related also to the group of Ukrainian patriots , politicians, who planned to overthrow Stalin in the mid 1930s. Among them were famous mr. Skrypnik, general Yakir and my relative mr Zatonsky, a very first short term President of Soviet Ukraine in 1918.

    Stalin was scared that DOCTORS are plotting to liquidate him. That became his most terrible nightmare. This paranoia was the reason for stalin to launch a Soviet Holocaust in the early 1950s : tens of thousands of Jews were deported to Siberia. Many arrested and immediately shot to death.

    Well, Zatonsky and friends Stalin murdered in 1937. But the DOCTOR’s narration is from the late 40s early 50s.

    In some way we may say that our dear Jeff Nyquist is labeled by Brazilian left as some sort of a behind the scene DOCTOR)))))

    Just to clear things up: stalin was murdered likely through the radiation poisoning. Doctor Sakharov a leading nuclear scientist in soviet nuclear project likely was directly involved Mr Beria was supervising that. Also Beria personally and successfully negotiated with Americans a regime change in USSR. This is why (earlier) president Roosevelt in his strategic assessment made a decision to allow Soviets to get some of American nuclear secrets. It was ALL part of the AMERICANIZATION PACKAGE Beria and Khrushchev developed for USSR to be completely reformed into United States of the Soviet Union, a democratic and free market federation

    Very soon this plan was enacted. The massive uprising in GULAG led by the prisoners, who were the officers of Ukrainian Insurgent Army helped Khrushev course and DESTALINIZATION took place

    The fate of Khrushev Plan unfortunately was not all success. But that is another story.
    Mind that the REAL HISTORY OF EVENTS is not officially told by no one:

    mainstream presents a crappy myths, nothing to do with reality about all of it.

    Right wing so called `revisionists` (whom i sympathize a lot) offer much more adequate
    but still more then incomplete explanation.

    Only people directly involved KNOW what happened. UNDERLINE: DIRECTLY INVOLVED as that Kyiv genius physician I mentioned earlier.

    regarding stories told by defectors and other members of the soviet communist/kgb elite: mind that they ALL are DEFORMED human beings. Deformed seriously: mentally, emotionally and sometimes physically. So we should take everything they deliver with a POUND of salt. Also we should question: WHY they came here?

    I lived in USSR and i saw all of it myself: if someone was involved with communist party in ANY WAY: he is damaged for life. One can remain a normal human ONLY if he was an anti communist from his childhood, which is a very often situation in Ukraine

    In my almost 30 years of life in USSR I have never met a single PRO SOVIET person in Ukraine. Many had to pretend just to survive. The situation in Russia was exactly the opposite. Only in Moscow i could meet people who hated that regime and most of them had Ukrainian roots

    Also: one has to understand that EVERYTHING political , all developments and drama and conflicts and DYNAMICS in Russian Empire and later in USSR was structured and happening along this important LINE: competition between Moscovites and Ukrainians

    Ukrainians ALWAYS represented a vector of westernisation, humanistic, rational, educated and Spiritually Aspiring paradigm :

    evryone knows Mazepa, but not many heard of, say, my distant relative Bezborodko, a cossack general and reformer appointed by Catherine the Great to be a chancellor;

    A cousin of Madam Blavatsky, who herself was a magnificent thinker and a huge global influencer born in Dnipropetrivsk – her cousin, Sergei Witte, remains to this day THE MOST accomplished politician in all of Russian 500 years old history. Witte practically CREATED modern and brilliant Russia of the beginning of the 20th century destroyed by lenin

    Without application of this dichotomy : Ukrainians versus other asiatic element one would NEVER understand nothing in so called Russian history or the soviet one for that matter . This is The Source of all developments and will remain like this for any observable future

    Since 2008 I had a chance to state this to mr Nyquist when I found his online publications.

    As you all can see: today it is the Ukrainian ISUE that is already determining who will become a next POTUS.

    Some explain this with esoteric reference to the ancient proto-indo-european discourse, known as `arian`. In this metaphysical theory there are 2 fractions of arian elite : the left hand path and the Right hand path devotees.

    The Right hand means : Creative, Loving Caring, Sharing and Free Spirited.

    This is a Foundation for the so called `Western` democracy and republicanism. At its best it manifested in the Rzech Pospolita Federal State which had a better checks and balances structure even then USA developed here and MUCH earlier.

    The left hand path is a way to steal, loot, parasite and exploit: a way for a criminal looser and degenerate who is incapable to create anything at all and only can dominate others who are born talented when he is not.

    Bolshevism is a left hand path in its uttermost representation L basically an openly satanic pursuit.

    The catch here is that satan has zero personality. It is just chaos, just pile of excrement, which is TOXIC but nothing less. So don’t be afraid!

    Our Lord Jesus was preaching this MOST OF ALL: DON`T BE AFRAID. And only then: Love. But “don’t be AFRAID“ is Primal !

    Satan is nothing, just a piece of `drak on a stick`

    Be aware of those who preach the power of this garbage as something real and impersonated : this is not. There is no personality or planing in chaos. Yes, the damage is real from them but also it is like a disease : CURABLE.

    DON’T BE AFRAID ans stay away from the scared `small people`. They have NO idea

  4. Jeff, as per our last conversation, EXACTLY as I told you then and BEFORE, SINCE the bloody events in Chile started. AGAIN: Brazilian developments are ENTANGLED by the same manner as I commented above

    U.S. warns Russian trolls stoking conflict in Chile

    senior State Department official said there were

    “clear indications” people were taking advantage of the unrest in Chile –

    prompted by inequality and rising living costs –

    and “skewing it through the use and abuse of social media, trolling.”

    When this will hit USA: we should be ready. It will hit here INEVITABLY and You guys are not ready .

  5. Jeff

    I have emailed you the diagram I have done on how the Chinese Communist Party runs the Hong Kong Pro-Democracy/Independence Movement

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