Recently I had a long conversation with Simona Pipko, who worked as a Soviet lawyer in the 1950s to early 80s. She said that Stalin devised the Soviet political and legal systems. “He told the communists to never admit any crime,” she explained. “Always put the crime on the enemies of communism.”

What happens when the traitors are calling “treason” and pointing fingers at the innocent? This is the political theater of our day; where traitors pretend to be against treason; where they prosecute — as traitors — anyone who stands in their way. And it is all in accordance with methods developed under J.V. Stalin, the infamous Soviet dictator.

If you are guilty of treason, accuse your political opponents of treason. If you are corrupt, say that they are corrupt. “I have heard Stalin speak in person. He was very clear, very logical,” Pipko added. And obviously, Stalin’s methods were effective, and were used at the famous show trials of the 1930s. Time and again Stalin’s minions accused his political rivals of crimes. But who was the real criminal?

Simona said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff were obviously cast in Stalin’s mold. They are using Stalin’s methods, she noted. One might say that homage to the method is homage to the end. For some of us, Pelosi’s ideological agenda has been obvious for many years. After all, when you constantly support harmful policies, subversive agendas and narratives, then you are a subversive.

Last week House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused Trump of working for Putin. During a meeting with the President she said, “With your foreign policy, all roads lead to Putin.” She has previously called the president a traitor. Did Trump walk out? No, he hit back. Trump scandalized Pelosi and congressional Democratic leaders by saying Pelosi was a third-rate politician. But the real reason they stormed out may have been due to a more telling remark. It seems that Trump implied the Democratic leaders were communist sympathizers. He said there were communists involved in Syria “and you might like that.”

Trump gave the Democrats a strong dose of their own medicine. How did they take it? Strange to say, they feigned outrage about unrelated slights. The New York Times even omitted any mention of Trump’s insinuation of Pelosi’s communist sympathies. This strikes me as calculated.

Why should Trump’s communist insinuation be glossed over by the Times? Given the advance of communism in the country, given the Democratic Party’s subservience to the communist agenda, they didn’t dare underscore the President’s prescient observation.

Related to this, there is another point to be made — which few have dared to make. The defeat of communism in 1991 was neither final nor complete. Moscow’s special services have advanced their agents into many U.S. leadership positions. Over the last three decades the communist penetration of the United States went from an epidemic to a pandemic after the election of Barack Obama. And this is why we are in the mess we see today.

Many will disagree with this analysis. But the reader should stop and think. Given their own past collusion with communist powers, why should Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi accuse Donald Trump of collusion with Moscow? And why would The New York Times refrain from printing Trump’s suggestion about Pelosi’s ideological sympathies?

Because the remark was too close to the truth.

If Pelosi pretends to eschew Moscow and Beijing, we should not trust her. Her ideological record tells a very different story. Therefore, we must reiterate our question: What happens when the traitors are calling “treason” and pointing fingers at the innocent?

Watch carefully what happens next….

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  1. “What would Anatoliy Golitsyn, the KGB defector who correctly anticipated the fake collapse of communism, say about the Trump administration? I believe he would say that the communist strategists have launched a new provocation based upon a supposed split between the communist-dominated U.S. Democratic Party and (Soviet) Russia.”

    Golitsyn’s Methodology and the Trump Administration
    Commentary for 20 February 2017 JR Nyquist

    Jeff, I linked this older article of yours because it is an excellent companion piece to the one above.
    We now even see Mitch McConnell “co-operating” with Schumer on the sham impeachment scam. And, of course many are not familiar with his strong link to the Chinese Communists through his wife’s business associations. And this is just more evidence of the link between these actors, formerly Communist or currently Communist.

      1. Appalling, is how I would characterize it.
        All this time and we are even further along toward oblivion.
        It appears Trump will be but a very small footnote in the history yet to be rewritten.

  2. Any idea why Putin has not framed Trump by showing falsified documentation? Putin could with a wave of his hand. But that would destroy Putin’s fan base in America and that after all is more important. Democrats are that other blade in this scissor scheme.

    1. Putin is pretending to be a friend to Western nationalists. His plan is to destroy Trump with an embrace. So far our leftists have played off it. Will they win? In a year we shall see.

    2. It would also damage Putin’s credibility with the European right. Moscow has a big investment there. They cannot afford to openly attack Trump.

  3. Jeff

    Just wanting your opinion, do you think it is possible, Hong Kong could very well be used as a Potemkin Village by the Chinese Communists. The reason why I am asking is because Overseas Chinese who reside in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand have reported that the local Hong Kong Chinese have contempt and hatred towards the overseas Chinese when any Overseas Chinese visit Hong Kong or live in Hong Kong long term. There is also a American Diplomat who is now stationed in the US consulate in Wellington, New Zealand who attended an Overseas Chinese Expatriate lunch event held at a Chinese Restaurant who was recently transferred from the US consulate in Hong Kong have reported the same thing that local Hong Kong Chinese now have contempt and hatred towards the Overseas Chinese.

    The Diplomat reported that the Patriotic Education in Hong Kong emphasises that Overseas Chinese are traitors and he has also reported that he has seen Hong Kong Chinese ostracise overseas Chinese when it comes to employment and etc. The Diplomat did mention that he tried to report what was going on between the Hong Kong Chinese and Overseas Chinese in Hong Kong but his observations have been dismissed.

      1. Jeff

        The other day, I was reading the New Zealand Herald which is a newspaper in New Zealand. Their reporting of the Hong Kong events was very abysmal that the Overseas Chinese in New Zealand had to meet with their staff as their were issues with the reporting of the riots. The New Zealand Herald outrightly refused to report the Chinese Communist Party’s role in creating the Hong Kong Protest using the Extradition Bill as a provocation. The New Zealand Herald staff were also shown evidence of Joshua Wong, Martin Lee, Anson Chan and Jimmy Lai including the Pan Democrat Faction who are working for the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of State Security.

        The response from the New Zealand Herald was nothing more than full dismissal that the Overseas Chinese in New Zealand hate the local Chinese in Hong Kong and the protesters are legitimate and are protesting for freedom. The New Zealand Herald has also dismissed the evidence shown that the Pan-Democrat’s in Hong Kong are working for the Chinese Communist Party and the Ministry of State Security, the response from their head reporter is that it is a conspiracy theory. In the past the New Zealand Herald has portrayed Overseas Chinese as racist and xenophobic which was very suspicious.

        By the way here are 2 people (Jimmy Lai and Martin Lee) who have involvement with the Pan-Democrats, the Hong Kong Independence Movement and was pivotal in getting China admitted into the World Trade Organization caught meeting with Nancy Pelosi again:

      2. The role of Martin Lee in promoting Communist interests is clear, including his vote to name the Hong Kong Democratic Party the Hong Kong Communist Party.

    1. Jeff

      Another person who resides in Hong Kong has contacted me about Jimmy Lai who owns Apple Media in Hong Kong. The person has mentioned Jimmy Lai has long been suspected by anti communists in Hong Kong that he has ties with Nancy Pelosi, the Chinese Communist Party and the Ministry of State Security. Jimmy Lai is also a fundraiser for the Hong Kong Democratic Party and is already providing funds for the Hong Kong Democrat/Democratic Party for their election campaign.

      Also in November there will be a election in Hong Kong. The chances are the Pan-Democrat’s will retain their seats. The November Hong Kong elections will be a farce because the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Coordination Group for Hong Kong and Macau not only control elections, they decide who is sworn in to the Hong Kong Legislative Council. The Hong Kong November elections will be a farce because it is pre-determined.

      1. It is common practice in Communist countries to keep “dissident” liberals in reserve who are agents of the regime. When they initiate a provocation, they suddenly put them at center stage. Meanwhile the security services are arresting or kidnapping the dissidents they do not control.

  4. Jeff

    I am not sure what you think of the Catalonia Independence thing, it was a bit suspicious when I saw on the news people were waving communist flags. Another thing, the Hong Kong Independence Movement leaders and activists Joshua Wong, Martin Lee, Denise Ho, Jimmy Lai and etc are also supporting the Catalonia Independence by holding a event this weekend in Hong Kong. The Pan-Democrat’s in Hong Kong who are working for the Chinese Communist Party also support Catalonia Independence as well.

      1. So right! Remember Orwell’s “Homage to Catalonia”? Catalonia was the Red stronghold, precisely because it was the most industrially developed region. They want to tear it loose from Spain, so the rest of Spain will fall easier.

  5. This statement cannot be more fitting: “After all, when you constantly support harmful policies, subversive agendas and narratives, then you are a subversive. ” I couldn’t have said it better myself.


    1. Keith, citizens arrest is only valid if you personally witnessed the crime. It would be an interesting exercise, with the following questions at the forefront: 1) To what extent is today’s treason occurring in plain sight? 2) How do we sort those duped into seditious behavior and those who knowingly are attempting to overthrow the Constitution? And 3) given the number of professors, teachers and government employees involved, how could tens of thousands of indictments be handled all at once?

  7. This woman is a traitor in everyway. Much like Adam Schitt and Hillaryous. You did not arrest or hang them and you never will. For they will strike you first when it is THEY that should be buried.

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