From a humanitarian perspective, we should issue a warning to the American people and persuade them to leave America and leave the land they have lived in to the Chinese people. Or at least they should leave half the United States to be China’s colony, because America was first discovered by the Chinese. But would this work? If this strategy does not work, then there is only one choice left to us. That is, use decisive means to ‘clean up’ America and reserve America for our use….”

General Chi Haotian, 2003 Secret Speech

China’s defense minister, General Chi Haotian, looked at his desk calendar. On Saturday the Year of the Goat begins, he thought. The goat means luck. But I was born in the Year of the Snakethe “little dragon.” The skin of the snake is always cool, hiding a fervent heart. Chi looked out the window of his Defense Ministry Office at the smoggy Beijing skyline. The time was going by very quickly. He was scheduled to retire in March. How does an old snake retire? A copy of Sun Tzu’s Art of War sat on his desk. I will read classics, he thought to himself. Another book also sat on his desk. It was a volume of essays by Mao Zedong. He turned to the first section of the book, “Analysis of the Classes in Chinese Society.”

General Chi read: “Who are our enemies, and who are our friends? This question is one of primary importance in the revolution. All past revolutionary struggles in China achieved very little, basically because the revolutionaries were unable to unite their real friends to attack their real enemies. A revolutionary party is the guide of the masses, and no revolution ever succeeds when the revolutionary party leads it astray. To make sure that we will not lead our revolution astray but will achieve….”

There came a sharp, short buzzing sound from the desk intercom. Chi answered. His secretary’s soft voice announced the arrival of Colonel Wei Fenghe, the leader of Planning Group A. “Send him directly in,” said General Chi, who rose from his chair to greet the colonel. This is a dangerous man, thought Chi, born in the Year of the Horse. He has many friends. He knows all the right people. One day he will have my job. The door of the spacious office opened and a stocky, slightly balding Colonel Wei entered the room, his hat tucked under his left arm. He was not as short as General Chi, who was the same height as the diminutive Russian leader, Vladimir Putin.

“Please have a seat on the sofa, Colonel Wei. You may pour yourself some tea,” he pointed to cups and a tea pot sitting on a small table to Wei’s right. Colonel Wei thanked him and said nothing. There came another buzz from Chi’s desk. The old general walked back to his large desk and flipped the switch. “Major General Fang Fenghui is here.” Chi replied, “Send him directly in.”

General Fang entered the room, saluted General Chi as a sign of respect. Ambiguously, Chi half-saluted and motioned Fang to partake of tea. “Please have some tea.” General Fang placed his hat on the hat rack, adjusted his wire-rim glasses and poured himself a cup of tea while Colonel Wei nodded in Fang’s direction. General Fang was about to assume command of the Guangzhou Military Region, but for now he was assigned by the Joint Staff Department to lead Planning Group B – in competition with Wei’s Planning Group A.

General Chi recalled that Fang was born in the Year of the Rabbit. Ridiculous, thought Chi. There is no fight in a rabbit. Why give a military region to a rabbit? But then, Fang was no ordinary rabbit. Fang knew where all the defense ministry’s bodies were buried, and he also knew where treasure could be found. Powerful and corrupt, thought Chi. I must be careful.

The two officers went to Chi’s sofa, placing their teacups on the pinewood coffee table. Chi sat down in an elegant chair opposite Wei and Fang. Then he posed a question: “What distinguishes the wise commander from the brutal, self-centered tyrant?”

“He seeks to preserve the people,” Colonel Wei answered.

“And what do you say, General Fang?”

“I cannot disagree.”

General Chi nodded. “Since you are the senior officer, and you are responsible for Team B, I will hear your report first.”

 “Comrade General,” said Fang, “I did not come prepared for a briefing.”

General Chi smiled broadly. “This is an informal meeting. Just tell me what you have.”

“I have no briefing papers.”

General Chi made a clown’s face. “What does a clever man like you need papers for? I am an old man. My eyes are weak. Am I going to read your boring papers? No. When General Secretary Hu asks me about your plan on Saturday shall I say you have done nothing? He will not be pleased.”

General Fang squirmed and looked nervously at Colonel Wei, who smiled slightly. “Alright,” began General Fang. “Our strategic recommendation is for China to continue the Party’s successful policies. Gaining access to America’s capital markets, China’s low labor costs will make us the unmatched economic power of the world. In fifteen years, America’s industrial base will be in China. The Communist Party will control America’s industry and technology. When our superiority is assured, we will release one of the deadly viruses currently under development. Consequently, the hollow American economy will crumble. As they stagger, we will release yet another virus. The American political system will fail. They will be defenseless, without nuclear weapons, without a united government. We will simply take what we want.”

“And how long will this process take?” asked Chi.

“About thirty years,” answered General Fang.

“What do you think, Colonel Wei? Do you see any difficulties in General Fang’s plan?” asked Chi.

“General Fang has a good recipe,” Wei said with a faint smile. “But it needs some seasoning. The Americans always have their secret weapons, their black projects. We must not underestimate them. Therefore, we need our own secret weapon.”

“What kind of secret weapon?” asked General Fang. “A new type of bomb?”

“No bombs,” said Colonel Wei, turning his head calmly toward Fang. “We just put them to sleep forever.”

 “An overdose of sleeping pills, then?” Fang mocked.

“In a manner of speaking,” replied Wei. “Our group has been working on a plan that is showing great promise; and the Americans are giving us everything we need to fulfill it.”

General Chi leaned forward in his chair. “Please continue, Colonel Wei. You have my full attention.”

“Imagine how the West will react to our viral pandemic. They will try anti-viral medications. But our agents and helpers in the West must discourage this. We must use our financial clout to dissuade them from a sensible course. Given our powerful friends in the Western media, we can move everything in the direction of a vaccine. All our resources – and those of our Russian allies – must be used to encourage the hasty development of a new and dangerous vaccine technology.”

“A vaccine?” General Chi asked.

“This is ludicrous,” General Fang interrupted. “If we encourage them to develop a vaccine our viral weapons might be neutralized before the damage is done.”

“Not if our medical science is quietly married to theirs,” said Colonel Wei. “Chinese companies and scientists can be positioned to lend a helping hand in making the new vaccines.”

“They would never allow us to make their vaccines,” said General Fang.

“True,” admitted Wei. “But we are already making vaccine precursors for the Americans. We are providing elements for their medicines. We only need to provide one ingredient, one misguided step. If our companies are in the vaccine production line, we might be able to add what the Americans call ‘secret sauce.’ Perhaps there is a fatal scientific premise our researchers could advance. Lead the Americans to the wrong pandemic solution. With the poor oversight involved in hasty vaccine development, the Americans and the Europeans could end up killing or crippling hundreds of millions of people.”

General Fang objected. “This is farfetched. They cannot be guided to a wrong solution. You would be caught in such a project, and China would suffer a nuclear revenge attack.”

“Possibly,” said Colonel Wei. “But we think the risk of discovery is very low. We can arrange things so that all blame for mistakes will be placed on American and European companies – on capitalism. After all, they are greedy and blameworthy.”

General Fang frowned. “The viral pandemic is already a perfect plan. Why complicate matters with a vaccine? It is too dangerous. It is adventurism.”

Colonel Wei smiled, “We are already deeply involved with all the major Western companies that make vaccines. They all rely on us. We are so cheap, so inexpensive, they cannot do without our services. In a few years we will be involved in making all their vaccines and medicines.”

General Fang interjected, “Then why are we not already poisoning them? What are we waiting for?”

General Wei said, “We are waiting for an emergency in which the U.S. Government requires every American to receive the same set of vaccines. If we can assure that these vaccines are deadly, we can kill off the Americans without a nuclear war. And, we can make it their fault. We can trick them into killing themselves.”

General Chi nodded. “No one needs to know we had a hand in it. That would be the perfect plan.”

General Fang laughed. “Do you really think they are so stupid?”

“They already are,” said Colonel Wei. “We make many things for them. Their stores are full of our products. But we cannot poison them with any product. It must be a product everyone is compelled to use. To succeed, we target their ‘big science,’ which is already corrupt. What better way to bring an end to capitalism than using it against itself? This has the virtue, as General Fang must agree, of relying on insights uniquely available to Marxism-Leninism. In the end, they will only have themselves to blame.”

“Colonel Wei, why does your team believe Western scientists will act like sheep?” Chi asked.

A momentary chill ran down Wei’s spine. Wei’s courage, however, did not forsake him. He had long anticipated General Chi’s question: “The American scientists already believe in global warming, which proves that they are sheep. Even those scientists who do not believe in global warming are afraid to raise their voices. They walk with their heads down, afraid to say anything. Our Russian friends have taught us how this works. Our active measures are strong. Anyone who opposes our narrative will be ostracized from the scientific community. We can work toward this level of control by infiltrating alternative media – exploiting our relationships with Google. We can impose a regime of privatized censorship, step by step. Everyone wants access to our market. We can hold this over their heads. We can control what is said and who is believed.”

“I do not fully understand,” said General Chi. “Why not allow the pandemic to do all the work like General Fang advises? Why add this dangerous step to the plan?”

Wei answered as follows: “What if the virus is weaker than we hope? What if the economic damage to their economy is insufficient? What if they develop anti-viral antidotes? We need our agents to promote a vaccine solution to the pandemic when fear has swept all reason aside.”

General Fang shook his head. “The West will notice that China and her allies are not taking a vaccine. This will make them immediately suspicious. They will detect our grand design.”

“We will have our own vaccine,” said Colonel Wei. “It will be a harmless substance. Why should we use a Western vaccine when our science is better than theirs?”

General Chi covered his mouth with his left hand. His eyes widened. He withdrew his hand and closed his eyes for a moment. Then he began one of his dreaded monologues on Chinese history, which often put his listeners to sleep. Only his listeners on this occasion were eager to hear every word: “During the Warring States Period,” Chi began, “many assassinations took place. Some of the killings were done with daggers, but most were poisonings. Secret poisoning, when combined with palace intrigue, is more effective than a stabbing. The dynastic histories record hundreds of successful murders, with thousands of dead food tasters. The artistic approach to poisoning always involved elaborate plots mounting false accusations to exploit court jealousies and political rivalries. Colonel Wei, I must congratulate you. This plan of yours is perfect. Even if they detect the poison, we can lead them to blame their own system – the bankers and the big pharmaceutical companies.”

Colonel Wei nodded as General Fang stared at the Chinese defense minister with a hurt expression. Chi cast a fake smile toward both men. “I am eager to see your work on Saturday, General Fang. Your team has made a tremendous contribution to our strategic plan. You can give your papers to my secretary. And I especially look forward to your team’s report, Colonel Wei. I will be meeting with the General Secretary on Saturday. I will commend your work to him, personally. He will be very happy to hear of your progress. Now, if you will excuse me. I must finish my preparations for the upcoming Politburo study group.”

General Chi dismissed them with a wave of his hand. Each man bowed slightly and departed hat in hand. Chi walked back to his desk, sat down, and looked out his window at the polluted Beijing sky. In his head he recited the following lines from Sun Tzu’s Art of War:

Subtlety, Subtlety,
Formlessly advance.
Like a ghost, advance.
And become the enemy’s fatal star.


Colonel Wei Fenghe was promoted to general rank. He served as commander of the People’s Liberation Army Rocket Forces from October 2012 to September 2017. He was appointed Minister of National Defense in 2018.

General Fang Fenghui was appointed Chief of the Joint [Military] Staff on October 25, 2012. In August, 2017 Fang was investigated for corruption. He was expelled from the Communist Party on October 16, 2018. He was sentenced to life imprisonment on February 20, 2019 for bribery.

General Chi Hoatian retired in March 2003 and spends his time reading Chinese history.

The people depicted in this story are real, the story itself is fictional. Any similarity to real events craves wary watching.


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65 thoughts on “A (Very) Short Fictitious Interlude

    1. Great job, Mr. Nyquist. I only wish there were a hundred like you in top leadership positions in our government.

  1. It is the first telling of a story that will be told and re-told, much like the Trojan War.

  2. Outstanding writing, Mr. Nyquist! (As always!)
    Through your words one can almost see the smug from Beijing’s traffic down below creeping in or, perhaps, the faint smell of 555 cigarettes (Chairman Mao’s favorite brand!) from within General Haotian office…

    But, Mr. Nyquist, if I may ask, do you think there’s any risk of the tripartite rivalry commonly seen in communist countries between the armed forces, the intelligence services and the politburo that may in the end botch the Chinese plans? As I recall from one of your responses here in the comment section, 1983 plans regarding the invasion in the US by the USSR were aborted at the last minute due to the unwanted increase of political influence by the Red Army. Now, considering the plans from the CCP, it seems that from here on out, it will be pretty much smooth sailing, at least internally.

    Best regards,


      1. Well…fortune favors the bold and, right now, we are certainly lacking in bold leaders…

        …so, yeah, we’re pretty much screwed. 🙃

        Best regards,


  3. Doctor Ryan Cole video at Conservative Treehouse hits it out of the park. The vaccine doesn’t work. It’s dangerous and could be the real pandemic killer. High infection rates are being reported in countries with huge vaccination rates. Don’t take the shot. Long term it may be the worse decision of your life.

  4. Meanwhile, thousands of miles away in the other evil Capitol along the European-Asian frontier:

    Russian siloviki, top brass fuel Putin’s paranoia about coming war with West:

    Putin’s Paranoia, More Than Nuclear Weapons and Oil, Make Russia Dangerous – Jamestown:
    August 2, 2021 – 05:08 P.M.:


    Russian Prepares for Total War With the West:
    December 10, 2020 – 06:12 P.M.:



  5. George Orwell would have congratulated you! Sadly, both in the case of 1984 and in the matter of today’s Chinese Communist Party (or any communist party, for that matter) truth is stranger than fiction indeed…

  6. Thank you Mr. Nyquist for yet another great article.
    An idea came to me one day after reading your blog. The communist plan has lot to do with corrupting people and this has happened both East and West. Their methods of control need people to forsake their morals.

    The CCP has been harvesting organs from political prisoners in large quantities for 20 years, which is something they try to hide from the rest of the world because most people find the practice abominable.

    If they have really managed to tamper with the American vaccines, the goal might not be to simply kill many people, but to cause serious organ damage for many survivors as well, so China can use this desperate situation to sell organ transplants to these desperate people. To have these people to be their partners in crime, because someone else is going to be murdered for those organs. I know many people dont ask questions, they dont want to know where the organs come from, when they or their loved ones are in danger.

    At least thats how criminal organizations try to tie people to them. Make people do something bad for the organization.

  7. Mr Nyquist, I may be wrong but you may be right, And that scares the s#!t out of me because it would seem that the West is run by people who think Sun Tzu is some computer game and Carl von Clausewitz is the manager of the local Mercedes Benz franchise! Of the sheep who stand in long rows to get “vaccinated” I would rather say nothing because amongst them are included most of my family, my friends and even my wife… These people never listen, they always follow the path of least resistance and I think this time it is really going to cost them.

    1. I hope I am wrong, but this whole vaccination thing — the handling of this pandemic — smells bad. Consider my own experience with vaccines: I did not receive a shot for German Measles because I had the disease when I was a one-year-old. They did not force me to take the vaccine since I had natural immunity. Nobody threatened to keep me out of school. My immunity was better than a shot. In fact, nobody I know who received the vaccine for German Measles got German Measles. But now they want to vaccinate people with a mRNA experimental vaccine who have natural immunity from the virus. Worse yet, I know many people who were vaccinated who have come down with COVID. So this is total insanity, and the whole left is pushing it. The MSN is pushing it. The people who push all the commie tropes are behind this. Why? During a pandemic, by the way, it is questionable to deploy mass vaccination: see — So what is this really about? It is not about public health. All of this is political. It follows on the heels of a Chinese biological attack. Anyone who thinks all this is accidental has rocks in their head. This has the smell or pre-planning. It stinks to high Heaven.

      1. That’s been one of the biggest giveaways to me -the ones pushing these shots and masks and lockdowns the hardest. Democrats…MSN… aka the same liars who have done nothing but spew outrageous lies for years! But suddenly, so many people who otherwise wouldnt believe them, are buying into this! It truly boggles my mind. But I’ll tell you how they have worked it in areas like mine: ” “Dont you care about your grandparents? Do you want to be responsible for their deaths?'”

        And they got the older folks to thinking, “well, you young people think you’re invincible. I did too when I was your age, but I’m the one at risk so I’m going to do what they say. When yall get a little older, you will be like me.”

        The Devil’s minions are crafty and smooth-talking. And convincing. Communists know how to divide. We just thought we were divided before this “pandemic”.

      2. Rocks indeed! By the way, I read your brothers work following your recommendation of the other day. I could have done with a brother like that…

      1. Was it ever a real thing – this idea that if they use biological,
        that we would nuke Russia or China in cold blood?

        Just wondering.


  8. Jeff, I agree with everything you warn us about the vaccine and the CCP. How do we demonstrate against the vaccine mandates? Fauci is saying today that FDA will soon license the vaccines and that he expects (happily) that vaccine mandates will become widespread. I have had COVID and don’t plan on getting the vaccine, but I do need to go to the grocery store. How can we stand up to this in your opinion? I think we have to be very clever …. like those evil Chinese generals

      1. Senator Rand Paul
        Aug 8
        We are at a moment of truth and a crossroads. Will we allow these people to use fear and propaganda to do further harm to our society, economy, and children?

        Or will we stand together and say, absolutely not. Not this time. I choose freedom.


        Shock executive order greenlights quarantines, involuntary commitment amid COVID fears
        ‘The pieces add up to a very scary picture! People need to wake up’
        Joe Kovacs
        August 8, 2021

        An executive order signed quietly by Tennessee’s Republican governor is troubling some Americans as it greenlights the National Guard and State Guard to implement quarantines and involuntary commitment of citizens “in connection with certain health care and emergency services operations,” with the governor specifically concerned about “an increase in COVID-19 cases.”

        Gov. Bill Lee signed Executive Order 83 on Friday “with little fanfare” according to Tennessee Stands, an influential conservative coalition.

        The group says it found some of the provisions in the executive order “exceptionally concerning,” including:

        “Discretion to utilize National Guard and State Guard members in connection with certain health care and emergency services operations.”
        “Telephone assessments for involuntary commitment cases are permitted.”
        “Temporary quarantine and isolation facilities may be constructed.”

        Fox News journalist Todd Starnes collected reaction on social media, with one commenter saying:

        “Wow! The guard will be utilized? Involuntary commitment? And construction of quarantine and isolation facilities? Thought all of that was just a silly conspiracy theory.”

        “The pieces add up to a very scary picture!! People need to wake up,” another concerned citizen wrote. “I would like to know the specific scenarios and situations that would need to take place in order for these actions to be implemented. They are too open ended and vague which leads to open door interpretation and neglected use which would not work in our best interests. We need to demand specificity.”

    1. From the beginning of the Covid Live Exercise, business were ordered to commit economic suicide, taking employees with them. It’s as if part of the plan is to end all this ‘Customer Is Always Right,’ crap, and make people more appreciative of business. Mussolini defines Fascism as government using business to coerce citizens. Soon, small companies will be out of business, and only big corporations will remain. As renters become evicted, landlords will still have no revenue stream, and they will become foreclosed upon. Then, the real estate market will crash, and Goldman-Sachs will buy up all realty for ten cents on the dollar. After that, anyone who grovels nicely, will be working for and renting from, Goldman-Sachs.

      That’s not Capitalism, Jeff;, that’s gangsterism.

      1. I do not remember Mussolini writing that. Could you direct me to his texts? As I understand it, the whole thing follows Stalin’s prescription of destroying the small businessman and landholder. Big business can be easily nationalized. Look at AT&T (Ma Bell) during the First World War. Nationalized by Wilson for the duration. Resistance to socialism arises mostly from the Kulak and the independent proprietor. What is undermined is self reliance. What is established is total dependence on the state.

      2. Mussolini had a third alternative to Marxism and German Fascism. His Italian Fascism has many facets. I know you have a fondness for Machiavelli, Jeff, but benevolent dictators like your beloved, Pinochet, are hard to come by.

        “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.” –Benito Mussolini,rise%20of%2020th%20Century%20fascism.

        Death and the Maiden (1994) Trailer

      3. I beg your pardon? Pinochet is my “beloved”? I respect Machiavelli’s work in the Discourses, but I do not feel any “fondness” for the author of the Prince. It is very odd that you post here so often, especially as you write such subtle misrepresentations of my writing. I have deleted your posts before, especially your attempts at personal mockery. You might want to get another hobby. I feel real hostility coming from you. Enemies are not welcome here.

    2. I don’t think covid exists, it’s just a word to scare people around the world. If you had that in 2019, it would have been called flu or pneumonia. It’s old familiar, with a new name! A medial virus from China. And in China, they have built Potemkin villages in early 2020 and made movies like Hollywood to scare the world. Who profits from it? China and Russia. It is information bioterrorism! Dr. Alexander Kouzminov, KGB dropout, January 2017: and he also wrote a book about it in 2005:
      Please excuse my bad English, I am from East Germany and translate with Deepl

      1. Quite a few patients have been examined and autopsies have occurred. Yes, Covid-19 exists. The effects of micro blood-clotting has killed and injured people I personally know. People are being admitted to hospitals across the country. Vaccinated people are being admitted for Covid because the vaccines do not work. Does not exist? I do not understand where you would get that idea.

      2. Dr. Stefan Lanka ist das beste Beispiel eines wahren Naturwissenschaftlers mit Integrität! Der Meeresbiologie arbeitete ursprünglich genau wie der Großteil der Mediziner unter der Annahme, dass die Virologie in ihrem Grundkonzept fehlerfrei ist. Doch im Laufe seiner Forschung wurde er mit kritischen Fragen über die fundamentale Struktur dieses Gebildes „Virus“ konfrontiert.

        Lankas eigene Experimente enthüllten eine schockierende Wahrheit:
        Das, was uns als Virus verkauft wird, ist nur ein Haufen absterbender Zellen unter dem Mikroskop!

        Wenn die Basis nicht stimmt, bricht dann nicht das ganze Kartenhaus zusammen? Was hat das für eine Bedeutung für die gesamte Virologie und nicht zuletzt die vermeintliche Corona-Pandemie? Ist es alles nur ein Märchen? Und was sind Krankheiten?

        ➡️ Hier geht es zum neuen Interview mit Stefan Lanka:

  9. Not sure if any of you have seen news about “new Chinese missile silos” being built…

    Are these for real, or could they be “Potemkin village”? to “waste” our missiles on?

    any thoughts on current significance?

    1. If you deal with backstabbing mass murderer it’s better to assume the worst and be prepared for the worst. Anything to our advantage that comes out later is just an unexpected bonus…

    2. So far, the evidence suggests that they are real, hardened, fully functional missile silos which will be fully occupied by missiles capable of carrying 10 warhead MIRV packages plus penetration aids.
      Perhaps they will follow the old Soviet tech and load multiple refrigerated RVs for “cold beer” or even anthrax, smallpox, ebola, tularemia, SARS-CoV-3, or other “surprises.”

      1. We may be surprised how quickly these Chinese silos are filled with missiles. Meanwhile, we contemplate the elimination or our own ICBM force.

    3. Submarines are the real threat, and we know precisely where each and every on of them are. Furthermore, we have the US Space Force to take them all out. I would imagine that the Space Force is prepared to deal with the silos and subs, simultaneously. Nuclear powered lasers are faster and more accurate than missiles, cheaper and cleaner, as well.

  10. The story may be fiction, but, and this is the scary thing, it fits the data quite well.

  11. Those who would like a copy of the Carlton Brown book on Ice Age Re-entry, and don’t want to sign up with Academia, drop me an email at mrgcoengr at hotmail dot com and I will attach a copy to a return email.

    Use “Ice Age Re-Entry” in the subject line so I can distinguish your email from others readily.

  12. It’s too, bad China didn’t know how deadly the vaccines are, even without defective precursors.

      1. Why would they need to use defective precursors when the vaccines themselves are already so deadly? If the vaccines were proven safe, then even bad precursors would be revealed. Your story is cute, but not credible. The virus is virtually as inert as HIV anyway, as everyone already has antibodies which provide immunity. How many people died of Flu in the past year? We are being played on a global level. China is in on it, and the virus came from China, but it also came from US. The vaccines destroy the immune system and breed like an F2 generation with maximum variation. That might create a virus overload, which also stresses the immune system, even in the case of a retro virus, such as HIV. It’s about a long term gradual decrease in population, and the desecration of The Bill Of Rights.

      2. That is to say that the SARS-2 virus breeds like an F2, and that if these new fangled vaccines had safe precursors, it would still destroy the immune system.

      1. The article is spin. The Pentagon won’t approve without FDA approval. There is no indication that the FDA is about to change it’s procedures to match the unwise trend. What other countries are doing has no bearing, but the article puts that in there as if the trend is your friend. Biden doesn’t have the authority to order it. The National Security Act of 1947, holds that the Secretary Of Defense is not accountable to the President. Remember what happened when Trump tried to put troops on the ground of the United States? The Secretary refused. Trump had to fire him, and the temp wouldn’t even do it, either. This is just scare tactics to panic people into getting vaccinated before they get into trouble with armed enforcers. B frick’n S!

      2. It is a real question, when cleaning up messes, should one, in 2021,
        use your most favorite weapon, or force yourself, to use your most
        effective and efficient one?

        An exercise for the student, at least 20 answers please.

  13. The problem with the concept of biological warfare rationally speaking is the probability of literal microscopic ”blowback”. Your own people will eventually get it, unless one could create ethno-specific plagues but there’s no guarantee that those wouldn’t mutate and still afflict one’s population anyway.

    However, there is a long record of biological warfare in human history, with the Mongols bringing the ”Black Death” to Europe via infected dead bodies thrown over the walls of a Black Sea port they were besieging.

    And then there’s Imperial Japan’s ”Unit 731”…

      1. Yes, but these vaccines are not the solution for what your are alluding to. However, it is a test to see if it would work in that way. These vaccines are slow poison, to gradually reduce population, in an environment of ever decreasing rights. The Covid Live Exercise is a opportunistic power grab, for a cover up of the banking collapse. Businesses were ordered to shut down to make it seem as if the emergency caused the recession, which was already under way. It’s a very complex operation that was largely planned. Deutsch Bank sucked up all the money from every bank and credit union in the country, as the Fed pumped money that was supposedly to go into the US economy. Did the Trump Administration, really not know that the money was going offshore, to Deutsch bank to lend to one customer?

      2. That customer bought oil futures, and drove the price to $80 per barrel. Coincidentally, Saudi Arabia needed $90 oil for it’s trillion dollar IPO. Somebody sold oil and took the windfall profits. Probably Goldman-Sachs, as usual. The customer couldn’t even make the margin calls, let alone begin to repay Deutsch Bank, who in turn can’t repay the US banks it borrowed the funds from in the first place. If everyone were to try and close out their accounts, there wouldn’t be funds available. Go down to the bank and try to withdraw ten grand in cash. See how long they make you wait.

        ‘You don’t want to riot in the streets, there’s a virus out there. Your money wasn’t stolen, the virus crashed the market.’

  14. 6 governors stripped of power because of COVID overreach
    46 states introduce legislation limiting emergency authority
    WND News Services
    Published August 9, 2021

    The Republican-dominated Kentucky legislature in February overrode Democrat Gov. Andy Beshear’s vetoes on three bills designed to limit his executive power. One bill prevented the closure of schools, businesses, and churches during the pandemic so long as they met certain requirements, while another limited Beshear’s executive orders that restrict the function of schools and businesses to no longer than 30 days, with extensions granted by the legislature.

    The legislature also granted itself the power to cancel any of Beshear’s emergency orders, and automatically limited all emergency restrictions affecting businesses, schools, churches, and local governments. Though the bills were enacted, Beshear filed a lawsuit challenging their constitutionality, which is currently ongoing.

    Republicans in the state legislature had been highly critical of Beshear’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, arguing the governor had not properly consulted with lawmakers when enacting emergency restrictions, and that power was too centralized in his hands.

    “While we take this virus seriously, we will not be cover for his unilateral decision-making,” Republican state Rep. David Osborne said, according to LEX 18.

    Republican state Sen. Matt Castlen, a sponsor of one of the bills, cited the need to have the state legislature’s input when enacting emergency restrictions.

    “We gladly look forward to having a seat at the table representing all corners of Kentucky in the decisions going forward,” Castlen said in a press release.

  15. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, the Times in the UK is now admitting that the CCP are sending in spies posing as Hong Kong refugees which the UK Government knows is happening, also the Hong Kong Independence Party in the UK has warned about this happening since at this point many of the genuine protesters who took part in the Hong Kong protest of 2019 won’t be alive anymore:

  16. Nobody who believes in the miraculous creation of the world by God should believe this orthodox medical nonsense.
    “It is about the fact that the predominant science, quite particularly the school medicine and scientific fields connected with it, impute to the nature arbitrariness, defectiveness/imperfection and partly even a downright malice. According to this, the basis of life would be a war, which would rage already with the smallest living beings incessantly. And also our body is in a permanent state of war. Our body’s internal defense system, called the immune system, is in a constant arms race with highly dangerous germs from nature that want to harm us all. Deadly bacteria, fungi and viruses that lurk everywhere and of which nature constantly produces new, even more dangerous variants. This world view is not only hair-raising and completely out of touch with reality, it is also unhealthy. It is based – like so much of the prevailing science – on appearances interpreted within the framework of a fixed worldview.”

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