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  1. USA File: President Trump calls upon patriots to march on Washington DC on Jan. 6, protest massive fraud and foreign interference in election, urge Congress to not accept Electoral College vote for Beijing-backed Biden/ Harris cabal; POTUS tweets: “[White House trade advisor] Peter Navarro releases 36-page report alleging election fraud ‘more than sufficient’ to swing victory to Trump [i.e., after vote theft corrected] . . . Statistically impossible to have lost the 2020 Election. Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!”; “Lame- stream [media] is, for mostly financial reasons, petri- fied of discussing the possibility that it may be China . . . There could also have been a hit [cyberattack] on our ridiculous voting machines during the election”; Deep State organ NYT alleges Trump in Dec. 18 WH meeting considered “bringing in military to overturn election results in swing states,” ex-NSA Gen. Michael Flynn present, left-leaning Axios reports acting Def. Sec. Chris Miller halted co-op with Biden transition team; mean- while POTUS registers disapproval of PM Boris Johnson’s latest London lockdown as more virulent strain of COVID-19 spreads in SE UK, police deploy to train stations to prevent “non-essential” travel.

    December 21, 2020

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    source 5: https://www.axios.com/pentagon-biden-transition-briefings-123a9658-4af1-4632-a6e6-770117784d60.html?utm_campaign=organic&utm_medium=socialshare&utm_source=twitter

    source 6: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1340377186847625218

    source 7: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/chaotic-scenes-as-londoners-try-to-escape-the-city-before-midnight-lockdown-police-deployed-to-prevent-non-essential-journeys/ar-BB1c5kTk

  2. Thank you for your cogent analysis. We are indeed in a pickle. I have a foreboding regarding the future of our world; the whole of it is in disarray beyond remedy.
    If we consider the galactic changes, those that affect our solar system, and the climate changes that are coming, could it be that these ancient civilizations are preparing? China is presently experiencing extreme climate changes. China’s historical records show that these climate events have occurred in the past. So, are they expanding their power and geopolitical influence to secure their future survival?
    I have contended that we are on a grand cosmic clock, one for which all time is running out. The environmental changes that are external to ourselves are causing humanity to behave in strange manners. I anticipate that this will get much worse.

      1. There are some theories about this. Any links for us? By the way, sunspots have started up again. I do not know the extent to which the Sun’s electromagnetic field is reviving. Very interested to see.

    1. The Chinese leaders almost certainly know about China’s alternating cycles of floods and droughts at onset of a grand solar minimum. And yes, it seems to be recurring now. Sunspot activity has started unexpectedly again, and I do not know what this means for the theory, but we just passed through one of lowest activity cycles ever recorded — if not the lowest. Not good news for China.

  3. Thank you Jeff! From an article about Australia canceling their order for a Covid 19 vaccine:

    “The vaccine contained small fragments of an HIV protein, which helped stabilize the vaccine. Some of the participants developed antibodies against these fragments, and these antibodies triggered false positive results on some HIV tests.”

    People have no clue about the long-term effects from these vaccines. I appreciated what you shared about the polio vaccine. That is just one more example.

    There is a reason why they’ve never been able to produce an effective Coronavirus vaccine before as you mentioned. But money and hysteria made them try.

    1. We have a “scientific establishment” that is not showing common sense, but rather, they are showing hubris. To overreach under the circumstances could spell tragedy for millions. We are under attack from China. Why don’t we make them take the vaccine? Have they shown the least interest in it? This is how we ought to judge this.

      1. Good question regarding China and vaccines? Pray for
        Trump! He is surrounded with people that compromise in every way. We will starve like in the Ukraine. Harris will lead us there.

  4. President Trump now calls for public demonstrations on January 6th. Patriots ought not riot in the streets, but rather stay put and defend their homes. What’s the big idea; to give Biden grounds to invoke the Insurrection Act? The National Security Act of 1947, holds the Secretary of Defense to be unaccountable to the President. Trump already tried to declare Martial Law, and was correctly informed that there was no legitimate justification, so he fired him. We now have no Secretary of Defense, and Trump runs amok. Nobody levels about SARS-2. We can’t handle the truth, or is it that politicians can’t?

    1. When did Trump attempt to declare martial law? The National Security Act does what?! Patriots ought to not riot? Stay in your homes? Yeah. Just let them steal the election. And Biden isn’t president on Jan 6. He cannot invoke anything. You mix disinformation with enemy-friendly advice. Why do you post here?

  5. To me this ‘mutant strain’ means a release of a more toxic variant.
    I doubt any natural mutation, I think immune carriers are strategically planted
    to release when their masters say so.

    On a side note there was a story about how people in Wuhan hears people being burned alive in crematoria. At first I thought it was sensational, but in hindsight I bet the ones screaming, being burned alive were the disappeared Hong Kong dissidents.


  6. It’s probably not a mutation, but an F2 generation of 17 new phenotypes. Who’s immune system can handle SARS + SARS 2 + 17 new strains = 19 cases of flu this year? Out of those 17 new pheynoes, I’ll bet one is a real, Doozy. Nuke China and Russia now, before all farmers are dead and survivors starve to death.

  7. Prophylactic:
    Turmeric with pepper, alkaline water, and T’ai Chi.
    Fresh air and sunshine, too.

  8. Great show Jeff, and Cliff is wonderful about knowing it isn’t about him.
    I have always said the Ukraine corruption was about giving Putin “plausible” excuses to seize Crimea.
    Remember Obama’s “flexibility” comments.

    Could a future “conflict” with Russia perhaps involve one or more Baltic countries and such restrictive ROE (Rules of Engagement) like with the Islamic Caliphate, that a “settlement” occurs ceding territory to Russian domination perhaps even a land bridge to the Kalininberg Oblast, or the Baltics themselves.
    A failure of US leadership to respond effectively to Russian aggression in Europe proper would be more than enough to disintegrate NATO.

  9. Regarding covid 19. I recommend a series of videos on YouTube by Pamela Acker. I would search for sensus fidelium YouTube. She knows a lot about vaccines and worked in that area for a while. It is a Catholic channel, so if people don t like that then skip it.
    I found that after listening to the videos I know a lot more about vaccines. I think this can help everybody make more informed decisions about vaccinations. The pertinent videos would be resistance podcast 68, resistance podcast 74, and resistance podcast 147.
    And a nice discussion with Jeff and Cliff. It was a real back and forth. An honest exchange. Too bad something like that isn,t on the regular media.
    Crossing my finger that Trump prevails in the vote !

  10. Jeff, what is your take on the recent incursion of Russkie and Chicom fighter jets–more than 20–into South Korean defense space? Never heard of an incursion like that before with so many planes.

    1. They have been doing a variety of aggressive maneuvers, which underscores their unity with Pyongyang and Beijing. I don’t know that this is unusual except for the increased numbers which we seem to be seeing at this time on a number of fronts

  11. There have been so many unsuccessful provocation from China and it’s proxy, North Korea, could the Covid Live Exercise be one more, going so far as to invite retaliation against Peking? Do China and Russia find advantage in a counter strike over first strike? Now Russia joins in. So far, the US doesn’t take the bait. What’s the last straw?

    1. To wear down our vigilance, these incessant incursions make aggressive moves routine. This can have the effect of exhausting our defense by harassment in advance of real attacks.

  12. The sun is in the middle of its most stable 10000 years ever. Out of billions of years. Source – PhD Dr. Hugh Ross.

    1. I think that’s in the Defense Bill, not the relief bill. He said he was going to veto it, but I’m glad someone pointed it out!

  13. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, I forgot to mention on the call to the John Moore show in regards to the Grand Solar Minimum, New Zealand has been getting winter like temperatures and also snow in the South Island as well during December. This year, summer in the Southern Hemisphere is weird.

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