Out of these pages there comes a blazing challenge to the American people. Shall their Republic, at the end of the next three decades, be vigorously alive or on the road to death? Shall the United States … be transformed to a Soviet America or shall it be a thriving Democratic Republic?

Louis Francis Budenz, 1965
“The Boshevik Invasion of the West”

A Soviet-born intelligence source, with connections in the former Soviet Union, tried to warn the FBI and White House last 26 February about an “imminent cyber attack by Russia on the … Voting System.” He wrote, “I had previously informed the FBI on many occasions on matters of national security. Due to the nature of my disclosures to the FBI … the FBI opened … investigations on me. Last time they secured a 12-month order to monitor my email….”

The Soviet-born source, who resides in the United States, suspects that Christopher Wray is not doing his job. The explanation might be found in The Spectator, which has published a story with the title, “FBI Director Wray Has Been Hiding His Connections to a Russian Energy Company Likely Connected to Uranium One.”

According to The Spectator and other publications, FBI Director Christopher Wray’s bio at the law firm of King & Spalding in Atlanta, where he previously worked as a litigation partner, shows that he represented a Russian oil company – something that should have been widely known when he was nominated for FBI Director. Curiously, King & Spalding provides legal services for two of Russia’s state-controlled energy companies, Rosneft and Gazprom. As The Spectator pointed out, “Rosneft was prominently mentioned in the now infamous 35-page dossier prepared by former British agent Christopher Steele. The [now debunked] dossier claims that CEO of Rosneft, Igor Sechin, offered candidate Donald Trump … a 19% stake in the company in exchange for lifting U.S. sanctions on Russia.”

But there is more. True Pundit presented the following headline last 28 May, “Top FBI Rat Out Wray & the Bombshells Are Epic: FBI Director Who Presided Over Multiple Russian FBI Probes Has Millions in Cash Invested in Russia.” The first line of the story reads, “The FBI’s top agent has as much as $5 million in personal cash invested in varying sectors in Russia, according to details provided by FBI brass and documents obtained by the Thomas Paine Podcast and the Moore Paine Show on Patreon.”

How odd, indeed, if FBI Director Wray has a closer connection to Igor Sechin than President Trump. And why are we learning about this so late in the day? Also of interest: Last July 20, the Washington Examiner reported that Wray hired King & Spalding partner Jason Jones as FBI general counsel. It is also interesting that Sally Yates and Rod Rosenstein rejoined this same law firm after leaving the Justice Department. Again, this law firm represents two of Russia’s biggest energy companies.

Is there a pattern here?

Who people work with, who they defend in court, and who they invest with, might be significant (especially if they are in control of the FBI and the Justice Department). Close analysis of the present crisis and its origins suggest that the Deep State, in fact, is a communist formation. As such it has connections not only to China, but also to Russia. For many decades America’s domestic communists and subversives looked to Moscow for advice and assistance. Given Moscow’s ongoing support for communists in South Africa, Congo, Angola, Venezuela, North Korea, China and Nicaragua, there is no reason to think they have dropped their communist friends in America. It appears that FBI Director Wray and his colleagues don’t seem to understand any of this. Worse yet, they have been focussed on the wrong suspects. Worse than that, they might be suspects themselves.

Notes and links

FBI Director Christopher Wray Has Been Hiding His Connections to a Russian Energy Company Likely Connected to Uranium One | The Spectator | Truth Conquers All

Unbelievable: Are These Foreign Business Ties Why Christopher Wray Has Been Such A Turncoat FBI Head? | Tea Party

FBI hires new top lawyer as it deals with Russia investigation controversies (washingtonexaminer.com)

EXCLUSIVE: TOP FBI RAT OUT Wray & the Bombshells Are Epic: FBI Director Who Presided Over Multiple Russian FBI Probes Has Millions in Cash Invested in Russia – True Pundit

63 thoughts on “Trouble at the FBI?

  1. This stuff just never ends. It’s getting harder to maintain hope. The Lord will ultimately clean house. Hasten the day.

    1. yes, follow the money. Bribery is an ultimate corrupter and causes good men to embrace wickedness or to turn aside and look the other way: Psalm 26: [9] Sweep me not away with sinners, nor my life with bloodthirsty men, [10] men in whose hands are evil devices, and whose right hands are full of bribes.

  2. It definitely makes you wonder who ISN’T part of the Deep State (communist formation)?

    Trump wanted to fire Wray but the White House lawyers told him not to:

    “President Trump has reportedly considered firing the director of the FBI again, but White House lawyers have tried their best to talk him out of it.

    Trump, NBC News reported on Wednesday, “has come so close to firing” FBI Director Christopher Wray that the White House counsel’s office “warned him not to do so because it could put him in potential legal jeopardy.”

    I can’t imagine how frustrated Trump must be that he can trust very few people. 🙁

    Thomas Paine also said this:

    “FBI Dir. Wray Profited from Hunter Biden’s Illegal China-Russia Kickback Deal, per Records & High-Placed Feds. Is This Why the FBI Has Covered Up Hunter’s Laptop? Guess Who Else Cashed In on Hunter’s Deal? AG William Barr. You couldn’t make this up if you tried.”

    *shaking my head*

      1. Good questions. If he was a part of the “sting” then he has a pretty good idea of what happened and why they hushed it up. Maybe someday we’ll find out the truth, but I’m not holding my breath.

      2. The problem with these witnesses and their narratives, I fear, is their vague terminology and confused notions of what is behind the present treason. What on Earth do they think the Deep State is? A political UFO? Is it possible they are so dense that they have failed to identify their enemy? This will never do. No political struggle was ever carried out successfully that could not identity its enemy, or clearly mark out the warring camps. Corruption in itself does not signify a warring camp. A bureaucracy is not a warring camp. We are dealing with a communist attempt to overthrow the Constitution, where the communists have infiltrated the government, where corruption is used to neutralize resistance. Either it is cowardice that leads these prolific chatterers to omit the word “communist” from their incessant chatter, or ignorance. In either case they inevitably become part of the problem because they are inadvertently maintaining the enemy’s camouflage as they hold up a political UFO as enemy. One cannot make war on Bigfoot, or political UFOs. We cannot make war without accessing the big picture, which is only possible if the players in the various little pictures are clearly identified. These chatterers never see the big picture, but only have a vague notion of battling “corrupt” actors. We are not dealing here with a small political mafia of unknown type. We are dealing with Marxists — with Russia and China’s special services and strategies; with Russia and China’s rockets; with their infiltration of our economy; with their hold on Wall Street; with their systemic blackmail of our banks which have laundered the money of the drug cartels; with George Soros’s use of the laundered money to support his many pro-left political front groups. If the Party of Biden were merely vying for power and money and nothing more, a civil war would not be necessary as both parties may be so described. Biden’s party, however, aims at stripping away our military defenses, leaving us vulnerable to nuclear attack and invasion. This is treason and those implicated are domestic enemies in an absolute sense. What we used to call the communist bloc uses corruption to neutralize our intelligence agencies, prevent honest discussion of the emerging threat, and disorient the country as a whole as war is prepared against it. The next time I hear the term “Deep State” it better be followed by the word “communist.” If not, I’m not listening to another word. People who cannot name their enemy are dangerous bunglers and God only knows what fatal errors they are preparing to commit. Putin and Xi are not mafia bosses acting to enrich themselves with more palaces and better-dressed flunkies. They are Marxist-Leninists preparing the final phase of the communist bloc’s long range strategy which was agreed upon at a meeting in Moscow in November of 1960. That strategy has been followed — from the fake Sino-Soviet split to the fake “liberalization” of the USSR and the fake defeat of Leninism. Communists are a tiny minority even in communist countries, even within the CCP where most members join to advance their careers. The real communists, who sit atop the vast pyramidal structures of communist power are deliberate, conscious, revolutionary strategists. Look at their strategy unfolding. It is not some fluke. They are following from a very old playbook. Nobody kicked them out of the Kremlin. They hauled the red flag down from the Kremlin themselves, 29 years ago. And they just now practiced nuking us, again. So I am pretty well worn out by all these people who cannot see the communist forest for the Deep State trees.

      3. Sidney Powell has certainly accused the CCP. At the 1:28 mark (in the Trump betrayed from within video) she says, “The coup is from the CCP and all the people it has bought.” So there are people fighting this who see a bigger part of the picture, but you’re right that many do not.

        “So I am pretty well worn out by all these people who cannot see the communist forest for the Deep State trees.” That’s a great line and understandable! But it’s also important for you to keep educating and informing so they WILL get it! You’ve been studying this for a long time but most have not. Many eyes are being opened in our country right now and there has never been a more critical time for your message to be heard, so keep it up! 🙂

      4. I credit Sydney Powell and Giuliani with a good basic understanding that communism is involved. They have both made important statements. But most otherwise not. We must be careful, then, not to be led away from the truth by an artful relating of facts out of context.,

      5. I have a subscription to the Epoch Times. At the bottom of each email I receive it says:

        “We have communist China at our gates, ready to take over.
        The CCP has carefully studied the U.S. system over the decades and now has successfully taken advantage of our open society and has infiltrated our country. Honest journalism has never been more important than right now.”

        I really do think people are starting to wake up.

      6. Also, there is more to the conversation with Patrick Byrne, that was just a short clip. He tells how he lived in China in the 80s and speaks Chinese, and how that is what is coming for us if this isn’t turned around. So he might understand better than most.

      7. Byrne might understand the game, but his background in China tends to implicate him as much as it sets him up as an authority. People who lived in the enemy country for years and speak their language are prime candidates for recruitment as double agents. If they tried to recruit him, why isn’t he telling us about it? If they did not, then that needs to be explained too. I don’t like this way of making everything look like corruption. Communism is the thing, not corruption. If he could begin talking about communism, he’d be more credible.

      8. If you heard the whole interview, you might be surprised by everything he says and confesses to. 🙂 Right now he’s interested in saving our country and not letting the CCP take over.

      9. It sure seems that way. The last clip from Patrick Byrne explains how Obama controlled Hillary. So who controls Obama?

  3. BUT IT’S NOT OVER UNLESS WE TURN IT OVER! This is our Republic, and it’s OUR JOB to find a way to DEFEND t! Either that or we lose it! We can’t just leave it up to God! He expects us to DO SOMETHING. If we don’t, he’ll figure we don’t care enough to deserve the freedom we’re asking him to preserve!

    Read this powerful article about one big thing we can do right now to help — and watch the two video clips at the bottom that explain the strategy. (The clips are by Sebastian Gorka, former Presidential strategist and a brilliant patriot — along with the illustrious Charlie Kirk, another “action man” if there ever was one. Here is the article, from the “Splinter in the Mind” blog at: https://brontebaxter.wordpress.com/2020/12/24/gorka-explains-jan-6-strategy-and-your-part-in-it/:

    “Sebastian Gorka, former strategist to the president, speaks to thousands of young people at a Turning Point USA event this week, explaining how the strategy works that is planned for January 6th, when the electoral votes are counted and read in Congress. This is the time to fight for our Republic like never before. If we do NOT, we will LOSE it. Gorka explains what we all need to do.

    “I don’t know about you … I don’t want to take the time to do what is required … but I’ve told God I would give my life for my country. If those words are true, and if I can’t give a few hours of my time to do what it takes to save the Republic right now, then I’m really no soldier at all. I’m a hypocrite. I’m just a turncoat, who only professes to care about America.

    “Soldiers in the trenches don’t respond to their leaders only when they feel like it. They trudge through mud and rain and go for days without food when the situation requires it. If I can’t spend a few hours phoning up all Republican senators and leaving messages saying that if they certify a fraudulent election on January 6 their political career is over — if I can’t make that sacrifice of energy and time — I am a hypocrite.

    “Watch this video, patriots. Gorka explains how this strategy works in a way that was only shadowy to me before. It sounds like a solid plan. All we need is 32 members of Congress (if you multiply the eight days in question by four, figuring four objections a day to the vote will fill the agenda for one day) to say they object to the slate of electors, and that will stall the decision of who is declared the genuine president-elect until the 18th. At that point, if we can stall Congress certification that long, the decision will be transferred to the House of Representatives. But fear not: the House does not get one vote for each representative — it gets only one vote for each state. And Republicans control the House in the case where each state is allowed just one vote. The House would then vote on who is to be President, and the likelihood is high that we then would win. (This paragraph will make better sense once you’ve listened to Gorka explain the strategy.)

    “The strategy will only succeed if we put the fear of God into all Republican legislators. Or rather, if we put the fear into them of being dumped by their constituents next time they’re up for election. This is the number to call to leave your message for any D.C. legislator: 202/224-3121.

    “You can also send an email, but if you do that, you’ll be required to give your city and zip code, and your message will be pretty much ignored if they see you are not from their district. That’s why phone calls are better. I’ve been able to leave messages without anyone demanding to know my location. Congressmen will assume we are someone calling from within their district, if we don’t tell them otherwise, so this is the best tactic for getting your message to these people on whom the hope for our continued freedom depends.

    “Most of these Congressmen are swamp dwellers. Most of the Republicans in Congress are not better than the Democrats. They care only about keeping their cushy, high-paying jobs and getting their perks from all the special interest groups they serve. The way to get them to bend to the will of the people is not to appeal to their higher nature — they lost touch with that long ago. Appeal to their desire to keep their damn jobs. Tell them they’re done for if they certify this fraudulent election.

    “This is the time to fight. If we don’t, we will be living in the United States of China under total control of the Communists masquerading as Democrats, within a matter of weeks. It’s now or never. Make your will known. Make known the will of the people. It’s that or perish.

    “I’ve posted two links here: one to Gorka speaking to the students, and beneath it, one of Gorka interviewing Charlie Kirk, the brilliant, brave, young founder of Turning Point USA. These guys will give you the information and motivation you need to take action now, my friends. Re-post this blog article everywhere, get on the phones, and let’s do it!”

    GORKA EXPLAINING THE STRATEGY: https://youtu.be/ai3SFFOU7pg

    CHARLIE KIRK INTERVIEWED BY GORKA: https://twitter.com/i/status/1341979417501962242

      1. Jeff, what do you know about Gorka that I don’t? I thought he was a totally good guy. What did I miss?

      2. The difference between a treasury bill minted by the US Mint and a forgery lies in the fine detail. A forgery never gets the color right or the fine detail correct. If one part of the bill is fake, the whole bill is fake. Always remember: if one thing is crooked, the whole thing is crooked.

    1. Both of my Senators are good people and I did email them. I had no problem giving them my home address and phone number. (I mentioned on an earlier blog what I said to them.) I didn’t feel the need to threaten either of them, but I told them what I would like for them to do.

  4. Remember how Diana West speculated the Weiner laptop contents might have been part of Obama blackmailing HRC as well, with his man Tim Kaine as VP.
    Might have been the “backup” plan.

      1. Jeff, I think you give Anthony Weiner too much credit! LOL
        We’ll never know what was on that laptop, will we?

      2. I give him too much credit? You mean, for possessing blackmail on his laptop and going to jail without being able to use it? How is that credit?

      3. I think Weiner was just another “useful idiot” and I’m not convinced he possessed anything other than perverted poor judgement. Never really figured how he was involved in any thing, seems like an extraordinarily poor choice by Huma and friends, except maybe as a fall guy.

  5. Jeff, could you please share what you are referring to about Gorka specifically? What has he done or said that makes you not trust him?

    1. Gorka has pointedly undermined friends of mine who are strong anti-communists. He kicked Jimmy from Brooklyn off his radio show, after treating Jimmy miserably and saying (among other things) that Earth Day was not Lenin’s birthday — which, as Jimmy pointed out, it is. Gorka eventually cozied up to David Horowitz, who publicly attacked Diana West for writing “American Betrayal.” Gorka was also unduly critical of Diana when appearing on a Judicial Watch panel with her, even contradicting things he has said elsewhere to paint her as a “conspiracy theorist.” He misrepresents himself as a strategy expert and knowledgeable about World War II, which he is not. He even described the siege of Budapest as the longest siege of the war, longer — he said — than the “siege of Stalingrad,” confusing the Stalingrad Battle with the siege of Leningrad, which lasted many times longer than the Hungary encirclement. Gorka is a pretender to knowledge and I do not trust him. He climbs into positions he has no business climbing into. He spreads his flattery of the president too thick for an honest man. He made an absolute fool out of Steve Bannon, leading him to associate with very peculiar people in Europe. Gorka’s television personality on Hungarian TV versus his appearances on American TV are suggestive of a “personality transplant.” I am told there are significant stretches of time in his biography where his location cannot accounted for, which may be why he was denied a security clearance and had to leave the White House in 2017. Besides that, he undermined the good guys at the White House when he was there…. Worse and worse, involving his father and the testimony of a British millionaire that Gorka’s father tried to sell a castle to in 1990 Hungary, one must explain how an anticommunist gets such a job when Soviet troops were still on the streets of that city. There is much more, but there is no point in going further. Just listen to the guests he brings on and the nonsense that comes out of him.

  6. Quoting your article, “Is there a pattern here?”
    Well there has been a hell of a pattern, or patterns, and like you Jeff, I just can’t understand why the heck more people don’t see them. But the inability of these folks, some friends & relatives, to get over their “victory fever” from the supposed end of the Cold War has been our undoing.
    Just why can’t some of these people admit they were in error is baffling, is the “demoralization” that complete?
    Even when you see some traces of realization they retreat back into their denial, more entrenched than ever. Some even immerse themselves into the deluded past, like “Glory Days.”

    This Christmas Eve I wish I saw more hope in my fellow men, but my personal relationship with Jesus has never been stronger.

    Merry Christmas, Jeff, to you and all followers of this website. It’s a pleasure, Sir.

  7. “This is how Communism starts”

    President Donald Trump on Christmas Eve repeated his concerns over Big Tech censorship a day after he vetoed a defense-spending bill over Congress’s failure to remove liability protections for Silicon Valley’s social media companies.

    “Twitter is going wild with their flags, trying hard to suppress even the truth. Just shows how dangerous they are, purposely stifling free speech. Very dangerous for our Country. Does Congress know that this is how Communism starts?” Trump said in a Twitter post on Thursday night.

    “Cancel Culture at its worst. End Section 230!” he said.


    1. I think of Stephen Molyneux, who is described in his wiki as a extreme right wing white supremacist, banned for hate speech. I had the impression he was a libertarian atheist Ayn Rand follower. Anyway, he disappeared altogether.

      1. It is very hard to uncover the truth. It is buried under layers of deception. Wading through this stuff is difficult. It is beyond my understanding. Who are the good guys? Four years into administration that is advertised as an outsider……Why no good guys appointed? I am convinced the Communists won. They did not have to fire anything. We crumbled behind masks! We did to oiurselves!

      2. Jeff for starters the censorship at youtube is an enemy and like what Trump asked congress about communism. Molyneux and L. Southern did an interview with N. Zealand newshub and they both desroyed the man. They articulated very well and exposed the PC nonsense and defended free speech. They both were on the vanguard of defending freedom from my perspective. Southern exposed the communists and murders of farmers in S. Africa.

      3. She posted this month about Google search engine and she posted 6 months ago
        and she explained family etc. I know a contractor with high clearance and he said today
        “she is good” I know a guy in S. Africa that sent the video to me about the murders and he knows his stuff too. Your mention of Molyneux tripped my memory because I could not remember her name but found on Swiss Cows search engine. I remembere she did some events In New Zealand or Australia about 2 years ago and I think she was banned or something or some kind of trouble.
        She speaks articulately and she does no bow to the PC crowd.

  8. You know what comes to mind while I look at the information I can glean from the internet about what is happening in America? It’s that scene in the movie Brave Heart where that Irishman says: “My God says he can save me but you are fooked.”

  9. Thanks, Jeff, for explaining about Gorka. But putting Gorka’s questionable integrity aside for the moment, an important fact remains that has gotten buried in our discussion about him. Remember when I asked in a post what good it would do to find a Senator willing to challenge the slate of electors? You said I made a good point, that if it’s so hard finding just one to challenge it, how would we ever find enough to vote in favor of throwing out the old slate? Gorka’s video provides the answer to that question — an answer I haven’t heard explained elsewhere.

    He says that the point is not to try to vote the old slate of electors down. Rather, the point is get just enough Congressmen from both the House and Senate (about 32 apparently) to say they object to the slate. Each time a Congressman says he objects to the slate, it triggers a required two hours of discussion time. There are eight Congressional sessions, apparently, between Jan. 6 when the votes start to be counted and Jan. 18. If enough Congressmen say they object, it will run out the clock, with all those two-hour required “discussion blocks.”

    If Congress still hasn’t decided on its slate of electors by Jan. 18 (and they won’t be able to put it to a vote if all that discussion is forced to go on), then the decision about who will be president is handed over to the House of Representatives on the 18th. Apparently that’s a good thing, because in the case of an election challenge, each state gets just one vote, rather than each Representative getting one vote. And there would be more GOP votes than Democrat votes, so Trump would be elected president by the House.

    That’s why I thought the Gorka video was important, because it explains this. And if this is one strategy the good guys are pinning their hopes on, we patriots can help it succeed by calling the Republican Senators and leaving messages for them saying that if they certify a fraudulent election, their political career will be dead. Unless enough Congressmen object to the proposed state of electors, the Republic is lost.

    1. I think we need to prove election fraud to the country. Using a parliamentary trick doesn’t seem constructive. We are merely opening the door to the Democrats doing us one better.

      1. Also probably best not to take any of these last ditch plans/dreams seriously.

        Once SCOTUS punted on the excellent Texas case I knew it was over. Since that time I’ve seen people expressing hope that this or that far fetched plan will pull things out. It’s just desperation.

        It’s done. The only thing that could work would be… Trump calling us all to the streets to storm Congress. But he won’t, so that’s that.

        What will probably happen next, if we aren’t nuked, is amnesty of the “11 million” (actually at least 20 million and maybe even as high as 50) illegal aliens with a path to citizenship. If we lose Georgia (and since Stacy Abrams claims she has 7.5 million registered voters out of a population of 10 million, we probably will) then amnesty is guaranteed. This will be followed by the promised 700% increase in “refugee” numbers, with resettlement conveniently placed in Republican areas just as it was done in the Obama years.

        Dems won’t have to steal the elections. They’ll have a new voting electorate in key areas to turn certain states permanently blue. Texas, believe it or not, could have gone blue if there wasn’t a gigantic Trump surge even in Hispanic majority counties. If not for that surge, Democrats in Harris and Austin counties alone would have turned Texas blue based on 2018 and 2016 Republican turnout.

        Mind you, I’m convinced there was massive amounts of fraud in these counties. In 2016 Beto nearly beat Cruz, but for some odd reason Republicans other than Cruz won by a margin of a million or more votes. I know Cruz was in the dog house at the time due to blaming Trump for ANTIFA rioters, but it’s never sat right with me that either (1) a million voters would just not vote for Cruz but would vote for all the other Republicans, (2) or people would vote for Beto by vast numbers but wouldn’t vote for the Democratic candidate for governor or actually voted Republican instead.

        On top of that, consider the fact that Trump massively increased his margins with Hispanics even in South Texas turning many counties red or purple, but somehow Harris and Austin buck the trend and pump out huge Biden support? Pretty weird how Biden just happens to have all this support isolated to big cities where Democrats possess unfettered control over the election process.

        No, Dems have their voter fraud machine down here too. The Cruz v. Beto fight was a trial run. They pumped out just enough votes to take Texas by a small margin in 2020, but Red Counties produced even more.

        In 2022 and 2024 they will have the machine perfected and will likely have their new electorate of illegals all setup and ready to vote too.

        America is done absent revolution or secession, and either of those scenarios seem positive for Russia or China

      2. I tend to agree with you, as I foresaw the preconditions for an attack on America’s “bourgeois” society in Origins of the Fourth World War. No awakening has happened in the intervening 33 years. Our only hope lies in humanity’s rejection of the victors and that the resulting global collapse rebounding on them. Failing that….

  10. Ricardo, you make good points, but it’s not over ’til it’s over. A football team doesn’t walk off the field in the last few minutes just because the score is not in their favor. They give it their all in whatever time is remaining. To accept defeat before defeat is certain is the perfect recipe for ENSURING defeat. It is wrong to stop fighting. It’s wrong to give up. We must do every possible thing we can, whether it’s calling Senators, flying to DC on Jan. 6th for the protest, protesting at our state capitals, whatever.

    There is a saying: “Fortune favors the bold.” Take a defeatist attitude, and you’re not only dead in the water, but you deserve to be dead in the water. Sit back and watch while the Communists take over via a fraudulent election, and you are part of the problem.

    What if George Washington decided not to cross the Delaware because the weather was so terrible that it looked like a total lost cause? He knew what it looked like, but he crossed anyway. And miraculously, a fog developed that cloaked his army from the enemy, and the patriots won the day, against all predictions. Determination to win, buttressed by a sincere appeal to God, is the largest factor in any great success.

    Please don’t say discouraging things. As Tracy Beanz says, “If you can’t fight with us, go home, but get out of the way.” We’ll fight the fight without you. We’ll keep the faith without you. But don’t throw cold water on our efforts to light a fire in this downpour.

    it’s interesting that in another story about George Washington, he had a prophetic dream. He was told by an angel that the Republic would never be destroyed. My bets are on the people who are determined to save it.

    1. A few evil/rich people caused the illegal problem all over the world. They profit from it and they enjoy watching the misery and destruction. I know a lady that literally walked from Guatemala. I know a lady from S. Sudan literally walked miles with babies and got a helicopter lift. I know a medical doctor in Ecuador and had her dreams shattered and works in a sweatshop here. She is a staunch
      Trump supporter. It is complicated. I talked to a lady today in Washington State said they called Inslee victor 15 minutes after polls closed. She travels the state and she said Inslee was about as popular as Biden. The same people will profit after they destroy everything. It seems like the Globalists use Communism for their purposes.

    2. Gretchen, agreed. I have been following the voices of Christian men and women who have been given by God to the church and the nation, a mantle of hearing from the Lord. Almost to the one, they have been speaking out boldly saying God is going to surprise everyone and Trump is going to remain in office. How will this happen with more and more doors being slam closed?

      Now there is an interesting scripture in 2 Chron 20:20 (like that number) where the king of Judah was being invaded by serious trio of enemies, and God told them to not fear and to call on the Lord and the word of God was to “believe in the prophets and you will be established”. All that to say many devout followers of the Lord have chosen to believe that God can do something that is beyond what we think. So we need to continue down this path for a while longer! Please read Hebrews chapter 11. Merry Christmas to all and please keep on praying.

  11. Let’s remember Nicolae Ceausescu. God’s justice caught up to him and his wife and turned the tables on them on Christmas. Just watched a very short and oblique Romanian film on this topic available on Amazon video called The Christmas Gift. the movie makes little sense from an American point-of-view but am sure that from a european POV, its clearly understandable.

  12. Taken from am internet blog:

    “My fellow historian Glenn LeBeouf (who last wrote about the Cuban Missile Crisis here) tells a story that shows the difference between those who win and the rest. One night a young Frenchman, interested in the cause, visited General Washington at his quarters. A sentry was guarding the door. But the poor guy had no shoes! He was standing on his hat in the snow.

    “The Frenchman wrote to Europe detailing the privations of the colonial army. But his colleague wrote back, telling him to stay away. If this was the best the Americans had to guard their leader, a starving stick of a man in the snow with no shoes, the colonials couldn’t beat the powerful British empire. Don’t risk your reputation in a doomed cause, he warned.

    “That Frenchman came to the opposite conclusion: That a freezing, starving sentry barefoot in the snow guarding Washington indicated there was no way the colonials could lose. So who was that Frenchman? The esteemed General Marquis de Lafayette. He reasoned that if the colonials were that determined, willing to endure that level of suffering, they’d send the Redcoats home to England.

    “So who saw the situation clearly, Lafayette or his European friend? That’s the Christmas legacy of Washington’s Crossing.”

  13. Check out @ChuckCallesto on Twitter. He’s paying people’s lodging and airfare to fly to Georgia to Stop the Steal. He’s also gathering a list of signatures of people telling Republican Senators they’ll face a Republican challenger in their next primary if they certify the fraudulent election. Here are some links where you can sign the list for the Senators or sign up to fly to Georgia or donate to the cause of flying people to Georgia:



  14. These replies are posted after approval. Gun forums abound, why is the mod letting this troll post?

    1. Because I am the screener and I have to sleep or do other tasks. I did not see Count Dracula’s posts until just now. He is not welcome here. I believe he was trying to shut down this site.

      1. I am requiring sign-in with email on the discussion board so that posters are identifiable and responsible for their postings. We are overrun by trolls here, malicious postings, and with the advent of internet censorship some postings may be calculated to close this site permanently. I have enjoyed discussions with many people here. I hope nobody is offended, but I cannot have pretend-psychotic gun nuts posting here. It’s pretty obvious who is behind it and why.

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