Anti-Semitism, hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious or racial group.

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….the Jews are the people that have rejected logos, and because of that, they became revolutionaries, and the book [Jones’s book] is basically about two thousand years of revolutionary activity. All the way up to neoconservatism, and so on, and so forth.

E. Michael Jones


After my “Note on Antisemitism” from last week, a mad twitter-storm erupted in which I was accused of being a “Fraud,” a shill,” a “conscious deceiver,” a “Jew,” a “Judaizer,” and a “traitor.” All this for pointing out the absurdities and false claims of antisemitism. When I cited scholarly books on the Protocols forgery, my assailants insisted the Protocols were authentic, though not as important as the “scholarly” writings of E. Michael Jones.

For several days running the anti-Jewish obsession of my Twitter critics was on full display — along with their intellectual dishonesty. I was even accused of “intimidating gentiles.” My response was simple: “How do you think Jewish people feel when they come across your posts?” Does the antisemite collective imagine that blaming the Jews for the world’s ills is regarded as harmless by a people who were herded into camps and murdered after this same rhetoric became state policy under Hitler? Or are we supposed to forget history?

I was then accused of employing a classic “communist smear.” Here was an ideological collective dedicated to the proposition that communism was a Jewish conspiracy financed by predatory Jewish capitalism. How was it a “smear” to call these people antisemitic? With a straight face, in the midst of blaming the Jews for all the world’s ills, they angrily denied their antisemitism. “Antisemitism is racism,” they said, “and we are not racists.” In this way self-misunderstanding was turned into self-parody.

Possessing no capacity for original thought, as ideological parrots, they had redefined antisemitism in a way suggested by E. Michael Jones. As he explained in one interview, his opposition to Jews is religious, not racial. Hiding behind an immanentized Catholic theology, in which sacred and transcendent symbols are turned toward antisemitic ends, Jones sets aside Christian teachings of forgiveness and love, quoting Holy Scripture to prove that the Jews are the enemies of mankind; that they are the inventors gay marriage, abortion, and feminism. Jones has warned his listeners, “If you turn away from the Catholic Church, you will end up a slave — a slave to the Jews either through their pornography or their usury.”

Here is antisemitism, as raw as it gets. After the October 2018 Pittsburgh synagogue shooting that left eleven dead, Jones warned the Jews, “You have undermined the moral order and now don’t be surprised if people start acting out their aggression towards you. And don’t blame me.”

Only an egregious jackass would deny Jones’s antisemitism. Jones has been working tirelessly, with all the weapons of his scholarship, to demonize Jews. Despite his Catholic coloring, he is not spiritual at all. His rhetoric is the same blood libel that is found in the Protocols forgery, the same belief that animated the anti-Jewish and anti-Catholic fanaticism of Joseph Goebbels and Adolf Hitler.

In my discourse, I offended the antisemite collective, most of all, by calling attention to their ideology’s likeness to Hitlerism. By denying their ideology was racist, they were drawing a line between their theory of history and Hitler’s. After all, they claim to be religious Catholics, not Aryan Supremacists. But the idea that the Jews are behind capitalism and Bolshevism, behind all the degenerative ills of modern society, is practically the same as Hitler’s idea. In fact, when my Twitter critics underscored Karl Marx’s Jewish ethnicity, and I countered with the fact that Marx was raised as a Christian, they dismissed Marx’s religious upbringing as irrelevant. All that mattered was his Jewish blood — not the “niceties” of Jones’s spurious theological perversions. What, exactly, was Jewish about Marx — except his blood?

Naturally, the antisemite collective — berating me as a “Jew” and a “traitor” — became nervous once Hitler’s name was conjured. Everyone knows that antisemitism has a homicidal aspect, which, under the Third Reich, resulted in a massacre of exceptional brutality. I was asked if I believed in the figure of six million Jews exterminated by the Nazis. I deigned reply for fear of falling down their revisionist rabbit hole. By nature, the antisemite privately nurtures the hope that Hitler will be exonerated, and the reason is not far to find. On the one hand, the antisemite sees the Jewish question as the ultimate question. On the other hand he recognizes that the “final solution” of this question damns his ideology as a kind of psychopathy. How to escape the consequences of this damnation?

Here is what all the fuss is about, behind the scenes, on the fringes of the fragmented nationalist right. A revival of antisemitism is in prospect. There are aspects of mass society and mass psychology that predispose some people to Jew hatred. Besides this, Hitler’s charisma is not fully spent. The German dictator has become a cult figure and a symbol to an angry minority. This is a small part of today’s reaction against globalism — a part that craves wary watching. Is Europe going to turn to liberal nationalism or antisemitic nationalism? Here is a question for the future.

My arguments against antisemitism are said, by the antisemites, to be insincere and born out of ignorance. Our real enemy, they say, has a Jewish face. But I have studied the antisemitic sources. I have found them untruthful, unreliable, malicious; in brief, antisemitism is an enemy of liberty. The best example of this comes from E. Michael Jones himself, after he traveled to Iran, and said in all seriousness that Iran was “the leader of the free world.”

It is the veneer of Christianity in Jones’s “scholarship” that deserves special attention. Christianity is a complicated religion, with many cross-currents. It includes a legacy of war and persecution between Christian sects. Jones’s approach to theology would reignite these conflicts at a time when all Christians face the threat of militant Islam and communism. Jones would have us divide by faith when the new religion that threatens mankind is opposed to all faith. Jones postures as a Catholic, but his dogmatic reading of history is without an authentic spiritual point of reference. It should be obvious that the gifts of the Spirit do not include obsessive Jew-hatred. Jones emphasizes that the Jews killed Christ and rejected the “Logos.” But in his narrow worldview, all Protestants are also “Judaizers” and therefore “Christ killers.” Where does that bring us? Are we going to refight the Thirty Years War?

In his book, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and its Impact on World History, Jones quotes passages in the New Testament supposedly proving that the Jews are the children of Satan. Should such scriptures be read literally? I should think the scriptures carry a deeper spiritual message, requiring an understanding of symbolical and metaphoric allusions — in respect of the soul and transcendence. Jones weaponizes those allusions to persuade his reader that the eradication of Jewish influence would allow the manifestation of God’s intended order on earth. This proposition bears a striking likeness to totalitarian Utopianism. Thus, as Eric Voegelin would say, Jones is a gnostic whose claim to knowledge centers on allegations of Jewish villainy. In doing this he has politicized the scriptures by way of antisemitism — all in a quest to “immanentize the gnostic eschaton.” In other words, he proposes antisemitism as a path to salvation. But this salvation is political and cultural, not spiritual. He seeks salvation in the world — through anti-Jewish agitation — eschewing the transcendent altogether.

There is no salvation for man through politics. The imminent world is not perfectible. We are not going to establish permanent peace, eliminate poverty, disease or death. The world is full of ills. The grand solutions for those ills, attempted in the twentieth century, included imperialism, antisemitism and socialism. Jones favors the antisemitic solution while pointedly divorcing himself from Hitler’s Aryan racialism. Yet Jones’s indictment of the Jews very closely resembles Hitler’s. The Jews, says Jones, are behind predatory capitalism and Bolshevism. The Jews, said Hitler, are behind Western finance capital and Bolshevism. This formula failed to make the world a better place when it was tried from 1933-45. It will fail if anyone dares try it again.

30 thoughts on “The Antisemitism of E. Michael Jones

  1. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, just wanting to let you know about the missing young people in Hong Kong, the number is now between 10,000 to 12,000 according to a person who runs a missing person’s page based in Hong Kong on Facebook and also a relative of mine who works at a hotel as a chef near the Hong Kong and Macau Office tells me that the parents of the missing protesters are gathering there to put the photos of the missing children on the walls and mourn, also Martin Lee and Joshua Wong was trying to join the grieving parents in mourning and instead they were told that they were not welcome to join in the mourning because they encouraged the young people to demonstrate on the streets which led to them going missing and I was told that the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) and the Ministry of State Security have begun hacking the phones of the Protesters

  2. It is sad that you even have to write columns denouncing anti-Semitism in this day and age.

    This evil, irrational hatred of these people seems to persist from generation to generation, no doubt inspired from Hell itself.

    One needs only to look at the comments posted on any political website to see the ugly face of Jew-hatred and paranoia.

    Thanks for your courage in challenging this evil.

    1. Yep. is especially bad. I’m always shocked at the antisemitism in the comments.

  3. E. Michael Jones sounds like someone that is very lost, and is using Catholicism as his means to have some contact with reality, although that contact is on the extreme fringe.
    Some always need a scapegoat, a boogeyman to blame for all their ills and shortcomings.
    The Jews always seem to be the easy target for such people, and their skewed, twisted, and distorted view of Christianity has little to do with the actual situation(s) in the world.
    I had never heard of Jones prior to your article, and will keep him in mind as one to avoid. He is definitely on the extreme fringe and would doubt that any Catholics of good faith would ever support such a demented person.
    Sorry you had to deal with such nonsense, but it has provided some good information to go on for the rest of us.

  4. I’m right now reading David Horowitz’s The Politics of Bad Faith, published in 1999, I believe. The book is a shocking account by a communist-radical-turned-conservative of the workings of the revolution (one point is missing, though: an understanding that the “collapse” of communism in 1989/91 was a hoax). There is also a very differentiated analysis of the undeniable concentration of Jews in the revolutionary movement, Mr. Horowitz himself having been one of them – although the author’s findings are not precisely what the Hitlerian anti-semites would wish to hear.

    1. Sorry I fell for this skilled con-artist! Just went back to his and his buddy’s insidious attack against Diana West’s American Betrayal. Quite amazing how these chameleons infiltrate the conservative camp, unhindered and, for the most part, undetected…

      1. Yes. The antisemites and Nazis want to shape our discourse away from liberal Nationalism toward a kind of nationalism based on “anti” principles and conspiracy narratives. This is a primitive kind of nationalism, rooted in sectarian bigotry. It destroy’s the principles of liberty needed for a system of checks and balances. They are insidious, as you say, and often make common cause with communists against the cause of freedom,

  5. I couldn’t see how to respond directly to your comment regarding ZH. In any event, their comment section is always rife with unabashed antisemitism. It’s really shocking. That’s where I first learned that many libertarians or so-called conservatives or however they style themselves are just wacko antisemites. Trump is a Zionist, the Jews are tricking us into fighting their wars, you name it. Really odd.

    1. It is especially worrying since leading American antisemites have famously collaborated with Moscow’s intelligence services — from the 1950s to the present. What is their endgame?

  6. You are trapped in the Christian good vs. evil paradigm. Your writings emanate a depressive energy and a rigidity of perception which comes from the lost freedom of a locked up soul. You were deeply hurt when you realized the evil of the world but your religious coining did not allow you to:
    – fight back
    – go beyond good and evil
    -isolate yourself from the sufferings of the world by realizing the freedom of the will and the self-inflicted nature of suffering as well as total self responsibility for our fate as a whole.
    – realize the Jewish role and the nature and mission of Jews.

    Thus, the only option left for you is wearing the crown of thorns until the end (crucification/Armageddon). You are trapped like the pleasure-is-sin-Puritans, self-scourging monks or the Amish who believe doing God’s will by living a primitive sectarian life.

    What you write about antisemites is partly true. I also don’t like hate, victim role, blaming the Jews for everything while having an impure character which alone is responsible for the misery.
    But I don’t ignore the Jewish role either. The Jews have a mission in this world. They destroy what is not good, that is what is without love, courage and virtue. At the end there will be Armageddon and the survivors will have learned the lesson and will “love their neighbor as themselves”. Also the Jews will be destroyed in this cataclysm. Man will regain his freedom but will use it for good as is his true nature. No need for primitive, distorted, binding religions anymore.

    Be more open. There is good and evil in everything but our fate we create ourselves. This feeling of injustice and insult comes from the inability of either destroying what destroys us (forbidden for Christians) or eradicating any evil thought and inclination in ourselves since they are responsible for our negative reality. Reality is a projection (“heaven and hell are in us”).

    Ultimately everything serves growth and purification of the soul. That is what physical life is about.

  7. Apparently you have never heard of “tikkun olam” – “repairing” the world – and people like Zabatai Zvi.
    You are lost in your sterile and shallow intellectualism.
    What is lacking is the cry of the heart, the fresh breeze of truth and the piercing, uncorruptible view of justice.
    Every youngster with a pure heart knows about the Jewish role.
    Be a follower of Christ, not of brainwashed exponents of a dying religion.

    1. Peter, if you’ve ever been to Israel and seen all of the clashing sects of Jews (and secularism), you’d realize that any notion of a monolithic Jewish mission or worldview is laughable.

      They can’t even agree about the color of the sky.

      And lots of them are wonderful people, just like any other group.

      1. That is true.
        Read Laitman’s article which I posted above or google “Laitman anti-semitism”, he wrote more about it.
        The Jews have a mission in the world but don’t fulfill it. They have to unite and be the world an example of brotherly love and unity. But they are doing the opposite. The gentiles feel that this is the reason for the mess in the world and react, even subconsciously, with antisemitism.

      2. You are using the terms Jew and gentile as broad, sweeping, categories. The gentiles feel….. The Jews have done…. You write as if collective guilt is a valid category of thought. As an American I do not like that my country bombed Dresden. I do not count myself as guilty of that atrocity any more than I hold all Germans guilty of Hitler’s gassing of the mentally ill.

  8. One weakness in this article is a lack of an objective definition of “Christianity” as can be seen in the following quote, “Christianity is a complicated religion, with many cross-currents. It includes a legacy of war and persecution between Christian sects.” The problem is that any objective definition will inevitably exclude many who call themselves “Christian” and show up others’ hypocrisy of not practicing what they claim to espouse.

    A second issue is that antisemitism is connected to a hatred of the Bible. The Bible teaches that Jews as Jews will remain until the end of time (Matthew 24:34, Mark 13:30, Luke 21:32 context indicates that “this people” refers to a tribe of shared ancestry). Therefore, to prove the Bible false, Jews need to be eliminated as a people—either through assimilation and denial of their Jewishness (as happened to the millions of Bohemians who have disappeared as a people) and/or physical elimination (mass murder). Another sign of Bible-hatred is to twist the Bible to support antisemitism and other political goals connected with making utopia here and now, not counting simple book-burning.

    The Left hates the Bible, so antisemitism comes naturally to the Left. That hatred goes back to Karl Marx himself, who was also known as an antisemite.

    1. One cannot be more Jewish than Marx, both of his parents come from a long line of Rabbis. Yes, he hated Jews (or pretended to do so) but he also hated his parents. A total scumbag and degenerate.

      Anti-semitism is not connected to the Bible. I don’t know any antisemites whose anti-semitism is based on the Bible but there are plenty of philosemites whose worshipping of Jews is based on the scripture. The reason for anti-semitism is the behavior of Jews.
      Before the Vatican II concile there was a part in the Catholic liturgy where they prayed for the salvation of Jews from their maliciousness.
      We don’t care about the Jews per se. We don’t want to enforce our religion and ideas on them, we don’t care what they believe, we don’t subvert and undermine their society. But all this they do to us.
      If they all would emigrate to Israel, everything would be fine. But already Hitler wrote in his book that they wouldn’t intend to go to there even if they had this homeland. Instead he wrote they will use Israel as their refuge when fleeing from legal prosecution for their crimes.
      And this is what we see today. They largely prefer the parasitic lifestyle but flee to Israel from prosecution.
      How one can expect Jews who have an identity dating back 4000 years to be loyal to their current country of living is beyond me. They change their names and the country they live in like others change their underwear.
      Of course I am generalizing and exaggerating but this is essentially the problem.

      1. This post is something I ought to censor. Why? It is offensive in its bigotry. You say the reason for antisemitism is the “behavior of the Jews.” Which Jews? What behavior? Are you assigning guilt to an entire people? Do believe in collective guilt? Then, as a member of the human race, are you guilty of everything done by human beings? You assert here that Jews are parasites. It is a shameful assertion. because it implies all Jews are alike, that they are bad, and deserved what Hitler did to them. Have you heard the recordings of Himmler’s Posen speeches, in which he referred to the chilling atrocities against the Jews as an heroic sacrifice about which the SS could never boast? Are you, then, as a German, guilty of Himmler’s crimes? For if you hold that the Jews are parasites, then on that same ground the Germans are killers of defenseless Jewish women and children. Yes, that’s right. Read Himmler’s Posen speech. His words are clearly audible.

    2. I do not want to argue theology on this website because such arguments end up dividing Christians, and dividing Americans. This is not what we need, and it is not spiritually uplifting in any sense. It takes us into the question of whether theological dogmatizing or immanentizing is wicked. Of course, it could not be other than wicked; for God is mysterious and beyond the comprehension of mortals. Because of ambition, however, certain blockheads want to use God’s name in support of their hatreds, political projects and dogmas. Instead of seeing themselves as servants, they attempt to turn the tables on God, making Him into their servant. Such men fill pulpits across the country, and there is no need to name names. God made man in His image, and these fellows have been trying to return the favor. As for the anti-Christian aspect of antisemitism, we have a case history in the Third Reich. Looking at Hitler’s Table Talk, we find that Hitler identified with the last pagan emperor of Rome, Julian the Apostate. Hitler pretended to be Catholic, as he had no choice if he wanted to lead Germany; but he was by no means a Christian. He and his closest followers detested the Catholic Church, and saw Protestantism as something they could Nazify. And this is what they set about doing. It may be, in Hitler’s plans, that the destruction of the Jews was deeply rooted in an animus against Christianity. Hitler privately held that Christianity and Bolshevism were Jewish inventions. Eradicating the ethic group responsible for such “inventions” was the kind of occult memetic that Hitler might have favored. The ideology of E. Michael Jones, on the other hand, is rooted in a specific reading of the Bible, and a Papal pronouncement or two. This is exactly the kind of dogmatizing we ought to be wary of. Jones would sink us straight away in the details of past ethnic conflict, and past recriminations between Jews and Christians. The dredging up of this muck is the staple of his scholarship, and there is no good reason to chase him into the weeds of past internecine conflict — which is exactly where he would like to lead us.

  9. You, Jeff are distorting and twisting everything I say and you draw conclusions which are wrong. Also your accuses against antisemites are full of projections and your refutation of my well-proven claims is logically flawed.
    But I understand that one has to resort to such measures when the evidence is overwhelming.

    French Rabbi: “Destruction of Europe and Christianity is excellent news”

    Futurist (@_the_Futurist_) Tweeted:
    “Jewish Rabbi Ishmael Levitts JEWS promote anti White narrative to amplify the crimes of non-Whites” – #AliceF

    1. Peter. I do not want to discuss this with you any more. You are not understanding the dangerous nature of what you’re doing. It is an abuse of your free speech. If you want non-Jews to hate Jews, etc., then keep it up. But not here. It’s wrong, Peter, and I don’t want you inciting hatred on my dime. Every minority group has been involved in conflicts in which bad things have been said and proposed. Ethnic hatred is old, and it’s a two-way street. You want to quote old rabbi bigots to inflame ethnic hatred to create more bigots, then go somewhere else. Do you understand how dangerous your thinking is? Did you listen to Himmler’s Posen speech? I beg you, for the love of God, to listen to that speech. If you have an ounce of humanity it will change you forever. You owe yourself to listen to that speech before you quote another toxic rabbi. We can find toxic people in every group and turn them into representatives of absolutely everyone — and then what will we have? A world of armed maniacs shooting at one another from bell towers.

      1. I know this speech.

        But you prove the saying that the New Testament is for slaves and the Old Testament is for slave handlers.
        Your loyalty is on the Jewish side. Not the Jewish criminals are the problem but the one who calls them out. Not the 50-60 million people who died in WWII are the problem but a tiny minority of Jews who perished is.
        Not “maniacs shooting at each other” (this will happen without any doubt as a result of Jewish controlled politics) is the problem but that Jews could be hurt in these shootings because of my “incitement of hate”. Not the Jewish hate and genocidal plans are the problem but the people who want to prevent this by waking others up.
        You are an extreme example of spiritual enslavement. Because too many of our people lost their freedom of will because of weakness and manipulation or pseudo Christian demonic influence the apocalypse cannot be prevented.

        I want to stop this by talking about it. You and so many others criminalize those who are talking about it and by this you are facilitating the coming genocide.
        Toxic people are among all peoples you say ? True. But the share of Jews is 10 fold or maybe 100 fold higher. But most importantly the Jews will always protect these toxic people. They protect gays, feminists, leftists, anti-white people, dark races, degenerates, criminals, Muslims/immigrants in Western countries but most importantly they protect other Jews. But they will NEVER protect white people, Christians, healthy families etc.
        Jews impose feelings of guilt on others by accusing them of mostly imaginary crimes but they will NEVER ever admit their own guilt and won’t EVER apologize for anything.
        You say not all Jews are like this ? How many do you know who speak about the Jewish problem ? Speak about the Jewish origin and nature of many crimes and troubles ?
        Recently more than 50 heads of states met in Israel to commemorate the liberation of Auschwitz. An Israeli official held a speech saying that anti-semitism caused WWII and lead to 55 million dead (so he confirmed Hitler who said that the Jews were responsible for the world war). Then he said that if there will be again anti-semitism, there will be another world war – a barely disguised threat. Laitman said openly that the Jews are responsible for all the troubles in the world because they control all sides but if the people will rise up against the Jews then they (Jews) will plunge the world into another war.
        The protocols also say the same. You say they are fake ? I can give you thousands of quotes and facts which prove the Jewish role in this conspiracy and you read one or two books which deny their authenticity and then call the protocols a forgery ?

        If you would say that I am exaggerating the Jewish role I would have no problem with it.
        If you would say, yes, the Jews are guilty but we should answer their hate and crimes with love, as Jesus told us, I would accept this as a valid opinion/option, too.
        If you would tell me that it is wrong to concentrate on evil in the world and twice as wrong to call it out and that instead we should ignore it, I would even accept this opinion.
        But you, as someone who is dedicating his life to writing about the misery and it’s origins, are telling us in total denial of a plethora of facts and proofs that the problem is not Jewish at all. And this I do not accept. This is wrong.

      2. Your idea of the Jews being the center of an evil conspiracy is, I believe, the result of reading books which make this claim, offering various proofs. If you examine these “proofs” more carefully, you will find problems with them. Evidently, it seems, you believe in the authenticity of the Protocols. This book was proven to be a forgery, partially plagiarized from Joly and other sources. I have compared the texts myself and there can be no doubt. You and your co-religionists believe you have found the Devil behind all the evil in the world. You think I don’t believe you because of the New Testament. The blinding effect of your belief leads you to underestimate my sift factcftom fiction; something you have failed to do. I am not a Jewish slave, and it is very insulting for you to think so. I believe you are wrong in your conspiracy theory after studying the evidence you yourself have relied on. Furthermore, the Nazi idea of the Jew poisoning the Aryan with Christianity depends on certain things being objectively true — and those things are not true. Christianity was not invented as part of a Jewish conspiracy. It’s pro-Roman passages and its depiction of the Jewish people as calling for Christ’s crucifixion — as E. Michael Jones shows — rules this out. Your interpretation of the facts of history and religion cannot properly account for those facts without contradiction. The antisemites cannot have it both ways. If the New Testament is true, you are lost. If it was invented for political reasons, as you claim, then those reasons could only have been Roman — not Jewish. This only demonstrates your inability to analyze the various claims, being blinded by belief — a belief that justifies what Himmler did. In fact, you will not accept the recording of Himmler’s speech as authentic. Again, you only believe evidence if it validates your theory. Anything that contradicts it is part of the conspiracy. Thus, you do not think things through honestly, but are the puppet of this ideology of demonizing the Jews. Undoubtedly, some of your facts are true. But these are not proofs of your thesis, but proofs that a pariah people are left with very different choices in the development of their society than others. History is more complicated than your ideology would have us believe.

    2. Peter, please respect my opinion. I believe your interpretations of history are badly misguided — with tragical consequences for us all. Please. I have read all your sources and could critique them at great length — if you only would hear me. But you are not interested in alternate views. Please, this is very nasty stuff. Stop!

  10. This article reminded me of another problem. There are tens of thousands of migrants on the Balkan route. If, with all the problems that migration brings, for example, a Corona virus epidemic erupts among them, what options will the police of the country remain, especially when the media begins to direct the thinking of the native population? If elimination occurs, Muslims will surely respond. Will migrants ever be honest with themselves and realize that they need to adapt to Europe and not to adapt Europe to themselves? Will they understand the desperate actions of Christian countries? Blood is thicker than water. In the end, as always, religion will be the main culprit, the mainstay, and the chief judge. Who will continue the tragedy of the Jews in this situation?

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