One can easily be in a story and not understand it.

Eric Voegelin


The world is in crisis. I am not referring to the viral pandemic. There is another kind of pandemic, more dangerous than any disease. It is a pandemic of the philosophic kind. It encompasses willful misconstruction, disinformation and self-conceit. It is a pandemic of sloppy thinking, of ideological pathologies and pathological idiocies. Fevered and infected, some of our leaders have imagined the wrong kind of future for us. It is a future without poverty, war, or disease. It is a future of perfection — of utopia — of heaven on earth.

And why would such a future be wrong? (Imagine, here, a short sharp slap across the face, to one and all.) Utopia is not just wrong. It is the worst kind of wrong. It is the “grab your wallet” kind of wrong. It is the “world savior destroys the world” kind of wrong. It is the “We’re from the government, and we’re here to help” kind of wrong. It is the man-eating philanthropist kind of wrong. It’s the person who has come to fix your problems and becomes your biggest problem — kind of wrong.

Imagine the following predicament: your political saviors have come. They are constructing a new kind of social system. It is politically correct, because thinking is dangerous. It is administratively despotic, because freedom is dangerous. It has a shrinking market economy, because making money is dangerous. George Orwell described this wonderful system as “a boot stamping on a human face — forever.” It is the system first established in the Soviet Union a hundred years ago. It the system that rules China, Cuba, North Korea — and gathers its power, little by little, in every country.

Such is unfolding and unraveling. It is the process of feminizing, homogenizing, leveling, and making stupid — as the endpoint of civilization. It is happening thus, not because we failed to find a solution to every problem. It is happening because we have imagined solutions where none are possible. We refuse to accept our limitations as creatures; that human life is what it is, and nobody gets out of it alive.

We do not want to accept what reality signifies. We want something more. Here is the conjunction of God’s gift and our ingratitude. From thence we stride forward, determined to change places with God. That, in a nutshell, is socialism, is communism — and all the isms of the world revolutionary saviors (communist, socialist, national socialist, fascist, Islamist, anarchist, syndicalist, liberal democratic, democratic socialist and Satanic onanist).

Through these and other “isms,” the great gnawing worm hollows out man’s material civilization. Sunk in spiritual poverty, modernity pulls the plug on itself, deluded that the way is open to a glorious millennium of peace and plenty. The lessons of history, by which we are taught the limitations of man, are thus reheated and served: — as a big heaping plateful of pestilence, famine, war and death.

How does it happen? How does the heaping plateful come to be served? Shall we count the ways? Because the governing structures of utopia are corrupt; because a sucker is born every three seconds; because the New Religion is a cynical scam; because its apostles are criminals; because moonbeam farms cannot make moonbeams; and some animals are more equal than others.

In respect of our heaping plateful of pestilence, famine, war and death, Bernie Sanders looks like a nice man, and he seems to care about people. But he represents one of the “isms” near and dear to the Four Horsemen listed above. The Devil should have horns and a tail, but sometimes he seems rather “nice.” And people feel like voting for him. With the COVID-19 pandemic underway, if Bernie survives the disease, the economic and social fallout could change the political situation in Bernie’s favor. No horns or tail — but Hell on Earth could be in the offing. There are no certainties here, but the socialist camp sees every grim situation as a possible “leg up.”

To dive into the filthy details of the primary election season, since today is Election Day in California — it’s useful to peek at the mad goings-on. The Democratic Presidential Debates provide clues to the intellectual integrity of the candidates. Sadly, no clues have turned up. The incessant quacking of these politicians will lead a sane listener to purchase earplugs. Theirs is a remonstrance of artful self-contradictions, non sequiturs and ad hominem attacks. Watch as they promise to control the weather, bankrupt the economy, eliminate beef and commercial air travel. It is all nonsense, advanced with moral posturing and virtue signaling. The candidates are “duckspeakers.” The term is from George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984, described as follows:

Winston turned a little sideways in his chair to drink his mug of coffee. At the table on his left the man with the strident voice was still talking remorselessly away…. He held some important post in the FICTION DEPARTMENT…. It was just a noise, a quack-quack-quacking…. Every word of it was pure orthodoxy…. Winston had a curious feeling that this was not a real human being but some kind of dummy. It was not the man’s brain that was speaking, it was his larynx. The stuff that was coming out of him consisted of words, but it was not speech in the true sense: it was noise uttered in unconsciousness, like the quacking of a duck.

This is the kind of speech indulged by the Democratic presidential candidates of 2020. They are its epitome. They found the socialist parade and got in front of it, though only Bernie “owns up” to the S-word (socialism). Only Bernie is a true leader among these people; and he is all-the-more-dangerous for it. His entourage is thoroughly socialist, Marxist, communist — with all the international affiliations that implies; but we must remember — according to the Ministry of Truth — “Trump is the Russian agent.” Bernie is a true-blue American RED.

As some of us know, Moscow has long hosted the General Staff of the global Marxist movement. Benjamin Gitlow once explained, “Russia is a country that is supercharged with politics … the political hotbed of the world. In no other capital does so much information flow into the departments … which deal with world problems.” He further added:

An army is at work gathering information for the Soviet government which no other country can afford to duplicate. In the United States this army consists of the 100,000 members of the Communist Party, a host of fellow travelers, agents of Soviet military intelligence and of the NKVD, the members of all Soviet governmental and diplomatic and commercial agencies — everyone connected with the Communist Party and with the Soviet government acts as a spy and gathers information for Moscow. The voluminous information received by Moscow is, after it is thoroughly sifted, centralized for digestion by a staff of political and economic experts and presented to the Russian rulers in such a form that they can get a comprehensive picture on world affairs by which to guide their foreign policy.

And what does that foreign policy include? Interference with our elections? Of course. The agents of the New Religion, with help from Moscow, have been involved in our politics for a hundred years. But you wouldn’t know exactly how, or exactly who, by listening to the mainstream media. The Democratic candidates are all socialist plug-ins, or like Bloomberg they are plugged directly into Red China. And that is how we roll.

If you think this essay is obsolete Cold War rhetoric, go back to sleep. We didn’t mean to interrupt your rest. But please have the decency to stay away from the polls.


Tina Trent, “Michelle & Barack & Bernardine & Bill: The Real Story of the Obamas and the Terrorist Couple,”

20 thoughts on “The Exigency

  1. The only Democrat candidate that could possibly, challenge President Trump, is Michael Bloomberg, but Bernie Sanders will be the contender. The threat however, as you’ve alluded to previously, is that the DNC will be shaped in his ideology, which is why the party hopes to nominate Joe Biden.

    Trump will get four more years, but if O’bama was bad, just wait until the next, Democrat Prez.

      1. I don’t know that Mini-Che (AOC) will get re-elected, though that does not mean she will not continue to be a force within the Dhimmicrat party in some other way.

  2. It is interesting that you end the article mentioning that, “If you think this essay is obsolete Cold War rhetoric, go back to sleep.”
    We could use a great deal more of the kind of information that was brought forth, or was attempted to be brought forth during the Cold War.
    The Trojan Horse that the Soviets pulled off against the West in 1990-91 has set the stage for the greatest battle ever to be fought against tyranny.
    In too many ways, the West is woefully unprepared, and in the case of Europe has been so thoroughly infiltrated by the Communists, that they may not make it at all.
    The US is teetering on the brink of the abyss, and if not for Trump we would have fallen in that abyss. The danger still persists. If the Dhimmicrats continue to implode as they have since November 2016, perhaps we will have a chance to turn around all the damage done.

  3. If today’s massive Marxist dominance in schools and universities won’t be put to an end, the tyrants will sooner or later have their way.

      1. What is certain is elimination of the majority of the North American population, with or without the infrastructure.

  4. AOC is charismatic and articulate. She might well have a big future if she could manage to become just a bit, more realistic and mature.

  5. Here in Croatia the war ended in 1995, but since then only two parties have been in power. The SDP as a follower of the socialist mentality and the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ), in which 40,000 communists from the former Communist Party joined.
    They run the country alternately.
    But Croats have succumbed to manipulation that turns into hatred of the homeland as a failed project.
    Also, the current president called the state – “random state”!

    1. Very interesting. Genuine love of country is always shortchanged, in all these iterations. One has to wonder if the Russian special services have been busy here.

  6. Freedom of Religion is not freedom from religion. To accede to neutrality is to tolerate the intolerance of the enemy. Bruce lees observed that styles separate men, as you have noted that theological debates divide Christians. Denominations are pervasive, even among the non denominational. The ancient Hebrew Scripture, discovered at Antioch, Syria, are without contradiction and translated for compilation in, The King James Version. They require study and contemplation to be understood correctly, but they aren’t open to interpretation. All other versions, including the New King James, are translated from corrupted texts, found at Alexandria, Egypt. However, we all see through a glass darkly. That doesn’t mean that we ought not to invoke the Word, when taking a stand against Evil.

    1. In political matters, checks and balances are best. Belief by any faction that they have a direct line to God, may lead to a demand for absolute power. In that event — No checks. No balances. Those who bring scripture into politics are therefore in danger of crossing a fine line — depending on their approach.

  7. Any politician claiming to have a direct line to God, would be subject to the Biblical definition of a Prophet and the requirements thereof. Failing that, they are to be stoned to death. The problem isn’t a lack of checks and balances, it’s the lack of Christians defending the Faith, just as Americans fail to defend, The Bill Of Rights.

  8. There’s no one today who could legitimately make that claim. The standard requires 100% accuracy in making short term Prophecies, before trusting long term ones. John was the last Prophet. Nevertheless, there are people calling themselves prophets, but they support the claim with a different definition. Such behavior is apostasy, but as long as they don’t actually try to prophesize, they are merely liars, not false prophets. They still need to be challenged on it, though.

  9. See, when we concede to censor ourselves for the sake of ostensible compromise, the enemy concedes nothing. To dispense with theology, is to abandon moral certitude in favor of situational ethics. Arguing from a correct, Biblical standpoint, is not to become a dictator as some Christians erroneously act. Christianity tolerates hostile religions, as God honors the free will of Man. The line is drawn at human sacrifice, and where one’s liberty might infringe upon the freedom of another. The Bill Of Rights, is based upon this Christian principal. Marxism, Islam, and Satanism, are a few beliefs, which dispenses with Christian and Jewish, theology.

    1. Your “correct” Biblical” standpoint is somebody else’s hot-button. The United States Constitution does not endorse one interpretation over another. Let’s keep that in mind.

  10. Must you always be so very close to reflecting reality? Your mirror is making me uncomfortable but informed, time will tell. Keep it up JR Nyquist. Thomas; a believer.

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