Yeah, I know I’m ugly… I said to a bartender, ‘Make me a zombie.’ He said ‘God beat me to it.’

Rodney Dangerfield

According to a Russian source, more than a year ago, President Vladimir Putin ordered his intelligence staff to determine whether Senator Bernie Sanders could win the White House in 2020. After examining polling data, the Russian analysts determined that Trump would beat Sanders in an electoral landslide. When this conclusion was presented to Putin, he imitated Stalin’s Georgian accent and said, “It depends on who is counting the votes.”

It was a joke, of course. Putin accepted that Bernie would never be president. After all, a Bernie Sanders presidency would quickly devolve into a whole series of jokes. Imagine, if you will, America’s Sunday morning political programming devolving into a “Weekend at Bernie’s.” If people thought communism died in 1991, imagine the living death of a Sanders administration. By the end of Bernie’s first year in office America would smell like a rotting corpse. Of course, Biden’s presidency may amount to the same thing. After all, the country is drinking socialist Kool-aid similar to that recommended by Bernie. Does the exact brand of poison matter? What matters is that the country is being poisoned. Of course, for someone like Putin, that’s when the fun begins; so why would Putin care which clown, or which Marxist shill, passes out the Kool-aid? “Go with Joe” is only marginally preferable to “on the gurney with Bernie.” And besides, Joe and Bernie are completely interchangable in terms of political ideology and rigor mortis.

There is a sense in which America’s political leaders are like the walking dead. Seriously. If today’s America were a movie, it would be a zombie apocalypse. Only it would be a zombie apocalypse with a difference. Think of it this way: A rotting zombie comes hobbling toward you in a dark alley, drooling for your brains. (Please remember that zombies eat brains.) But the zombie realizes he’s in America, and that is meager fare indeed. Worse yet, where is a zombie in this country going to get some respect? America is not exactly into repsecting the dead, walking or not. If Rodney Dangerfield didn’t get respect when he was alive, can you imagine what he’d say as a Zombie?

Image 1 - Zombies-Ahead-Sign-Halloween-Decor-Prop-Road-amp-Lawn-Decoration-Sticker

Dangerfield: I tell ya, I tell ya, I’m all right now but last week I was in bad shape, bad shape. Last week I ate a politician’s brains and burped hot air for three days….Oh man, last week nothin went right. I got a bobby pin to re-attach my arm and my head fell down a storm drain. I crawled down into the storm drain to get my head and there was Gavin Newsom trying it on. I say to Newsom, “Gimme my head back.” He says, “Waddya need a head for? You’re spoiled.” I told him a lot of zombies smell that way. Then Newsom tells me I’m ugly. Are you kiddin? I know I’m ugly. My dog found out he looks like me and ate his own brains. At Holloween, when I answer the door, the kids give me candy and run like Pete Butigieg is chasing them. I tell ya, when I was a kid my dad took me to the zoo and the zoo keeper thanked him for bringing me back, then sold me to the same freak show that ran Adam Schiff for Congress. That’s the story of my life. I don’t get no respect, no respect at all….

American politics is not for zombies. It is brainless. One ought to ask how it got that way. Perhaps the real threat to America is not the undead but the brain-dead. Perhaps that is the root of all evil in our time. This brings to mind one of the more famous poems in the English language: – Alexander Pope’s “Dunciad.” Assailing one of his critics as the favorite son of the Godess of Dullness, Pope wrote a mock-heroic ode to pedantry. In fact, as this odious ode grew in length, Pope added elaborte and silly footnotes, ridiculous errata, prefaces in parody. The poem became, in the end, an Apocalypse for dunces; only the Four Horsemen of Pope’s Apocalypse are not Conquest, War, Famine and Death; but Misunderstanding, Irrelevance, Lunacy and Conceit. Pope shows how a blundering and self-conceited stupidity necessarily puts man in God’s place. Thus, Pope gives us a prophecy for the twenty-first century. In a curious twist of profundity, the poet infers that universal dullness is evil’s true goal and destiny; for intelligence is related to Order, Truth, Goodness and Beauty. Disorder, Lies, Wickedness and Ugliness relies upon a moronic To undermine Order, Truth and Beauty, a moronic inversion must occur. In the following passage, Pope depicts the inner-workings of evil through the mind of a mentally deficient clerk:

‘Be that my task’ (replies a gloomy clerk,
Sworn foe to Myst’ry, yet divinely dark;
Whose pious hope aspires to see the day
When Moral Evidence shall quite decay
And damns implicit faith, and wholy lies,
Prompt to impose, and fond to dogmatize:)
‘Let others creep by timid steps, and slow,
On plain Experience lay foundations low,
By common sense to common knowledge bred,
And last, to Nature’s Cause thro’ Nature led.
All-seeing in thy mists, we want no guide,
Mother of Arrogance, and Source of Pride!
We nobly take the high Priori Road,
And reason downward, till we doubt of God;
Make Nature still encroach upon his plan;
And shove him off as far as e’er we can:
Thrust some Mechanic Cause into His place;
Or bind in Matter, or diffuse in Space.
Or, at one bound o’er-leaping all His laws,
Make God Man’s Image, Man the final Cause,
Find Virtue local, all Relation scorn,
See all in Self, and but for self be born:
Of naught so certain as our Reason still,
Of naught so doubtful as of Soul and Will,
Oh hide the God still more! and make us see
Such as Lucretius drew, a God like Thee:
Wrapped up in Self, a God without a Thought,
Regardless of our merit or default.
Or that bright Image to our fancy draw,
Which Theocles in raptur’d vision saw,
While thro’ Poetic scenes the Genius roves,
Or wanders wild in Academic Groves;
That Nature our Society adores,
Where Tindal dictates, and Silenus snores.’

Here the world is turned upside down by the artless, the blunt and the cretinous. These have no excellence, but enter into beastliness. In this horror show, men lose their humanity while retaining their human form. It cannot end well….

The vulgar herd turn off to roll with Hogs,
To run with Horses, or to hunt with Dogs;
But, sad example! Never to escape
Their Infamy, still keep the human shape.

Toward the end of the poem, the Goddess of Dullness, having conquered the world, having degraded humanity, having leveled Truth, Beauty and Goodness, “confers Titles and Degrees” on her demented subjects. She gives her final command thus:

Then, blessing all, ‘Go Children of my care!
To Practice now from Theory [please] repair.
All my commands are easy, short and full:
My sons! be proud, be selfish, and be dull.
Guard my Prerogative, assert my Throne:
This Nod confirms each Privilege your own.’

Yet as the Goddess of Dullness speaks, she yawns. And all Nature nods. The result of her doctrine is unimagined devastation. Stupidity is boredom and boredom is death; for what interest is there in falsehood? And how can life survive where nothing is interesting?

Lost was the Nation’s Sense, nor could be found,
While the long solemn Unison went round;
Wide, and more wide, it spread o’er all the realm;
Ev’n Palinurus nodded at the Helm:
The Vapour mild o’er each Committee crept;
Unfinish’d Treaties in each Office slept;
And Chiefless Armies doz’d out the Campaign;
And Navies yawn’d for Orders on the Main.

A venal quiet overtakes the wide world as dullness leads to a universal coma. The Goddess of Dullness, that great murderess, comes to lay waste and open the gates of CHOAS.

‘Till drown’d was Sense, and Shame, and Right, and Wrong —
O sing, and hush the Nations with thy song!
In vain, in vain — the all-composing Hour
Resistless falls: the Muse obeys the Pow’r.
She comes! she comes! the sable Throne behold
Of Night primeaval and of Chaos old!
Before her, Fancy’s gilded clouds decay,
And all its varying Rainbows die away.
Wit shoots in vain its momentary fires,
The meteor drops, and in a flash expires.
As one by one, at dread Medea’s strain,
The sick’ning stars fade off th’ ethereal plain;
As Argus’ eyes by Hermes’ wand apprest,
Clos’d one by one to everlasting rest;
Thus at her felt approach, and secret might,
Art after Art goes out, and all is Night.
See skulking Truth to her old cavern fled,
Mountains of Casuistry heap’d o’er her head!
Philosophy, that lean’d on Heav’n before,
Shrinks to her second cause, and is no more.
Physic of Metaphysic begs defence,
And Metaphysic calls for aid on Sense!
See Mystery to Mathematics fly!
In vain! they gaze, turn giddy, rave, and die.
Religion blushing veils her sacred fires,
And unawares Morality expires.
For public Flame, nor private, dares to shine;
Nor human Spark is left, nor Glimpse divine!
Lo! thy dread Empire, CHAOS! is restor’d;
Light dies before thy uncreating word;
Thy hand, great Anarch! lets the curtain fall
And universal darkness buries All.

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35 thoughts on “The Zombie Apocalypse and Pope’s Dunciad

  1. Your Dangerfield is perfect; I could see him exclaim, “the children run like Pete Buttigieg is chasing them.”
     🙂 Thank you for the education/essay; the poem holds a great correlation with our times. 

      1. Now do Don Rickles! Can you imagine him starting his career in today’s climate?

  2. Putin adviser says Kyoto ‘smoke screen’
    Treaty will create Soviet-style ‘monster’ threatening freedom
    November 20, 2004

    © 2004
    An adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin warns the Kyoto protocol ratified by his country is a propaganda “smoke screen” that will create a “supranational bureaucratic monster” threatening human freedom, similar to the Soviet Union’s.

    For most of the world, writes Andrei Illarionov in the Financial Times, the protocol, set to become an international treaty next year, is “bad news.”

    “Like fascism and communism, Kyotoism is an attack on basic human freedoms behind a smokescreen of propaganda,” he said. “Like those ideologies of human hatred, it will be exposed and defeated.”

    Illarionov — whose views, the British paper noted, did not necessarily reflect those of the Russian authorities — asserted the Kyoto protocol is destructive for science and the environment, public health and safety, economic growth and the international fight against hunger and poverty.

    The protocol, the presidential adviser contended, is scientifically unsubstantiated.

    “Climate change is an inalienable feature of Earth,” he argued in his Financial Times piece. “But it is not proved that concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causes changes in global temperature.Variations in energy flow from the sun determine our climate much more than anything else, including emissions of greenhouse gases. Historically, global temperature has fluctuated more than the increase of 0.6° Celsius over the past 100 years cited by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.”

    He pointed out that in the past, the Earth’s climate was warmer, the global temperature rose faster, sea level was higher, floods were more severe, droughts lasted longer and hurricanes were more devastating than in the 20th century.

    “Climate change is real, but it is caused by forces of nature, not of humankind,” he asserted.

    Illarionov contended “propaganda” wrongly equates greenhouse gases with air pollutants.

    “Yet none of the six gases referred to in the Kyoto protocol is considered toxic,” he said. “The protocol tackles none of the real air pollutants. What is more, modern environmental cleaning processes are based on chemical reactions that create additional carbon dioxide as a by-product. Limiting such emissions means limiting implementation of the most efficient technologies.”

    He also contended Kyoto is “devastating” to economic growth, because limiting emissions means limiting energy consumption, economic activity and technological progress.

    Kyoto’s followers already are paying a heavy price, he says, noting that since 1997, slower emissions growth in 17 pro-Kyoto, high-income countries coincided with slower growth in gross domestic product in comparison to non-Kyoto nations such as the U.S., Australia and South Korea.

    Illarionov warned enforcement of Kyoto would remind Russians of the days of the communist Soviet Union.

    “The Kyoto protocol requires a supranational bureaucratic monster in charge of rationing emissions and, therefore, economic activities,” he said in the Financial Times piece. “The Kyotoist system of quota allocation, mandatory restrictions and harsh penalties will be a sort of international Gosplan, a system to rival the former Soviet Union’s.”

    The Russian adviser insisted the majority of humankind does not accept this system, despite claims of worldwide support.

    Even with Russia’s ratification, he pointed out, 75 percent of the world’s CO2 is emitted by the 89 percent of the world’s population living in countries not “handcuffed” by Kyoto’s restrictions.

    1. Illarionov is a libertarian economist who, last I heard, is a fellow at the CATO Institute. I believe he no longer lives in Russia. I have interviewed him.

  3. The Supreme Court sold out once again Monday morning in a failure to hear a review of a Pennsylvania case in Election 2020.
    Exclusive: Joseph Farah takes readers to 1981 in explaining justice’s involvement in the deep state

    … in the 1990s, conservatives blamed everyone but Starr for the failed investigations of Bill Clinton. But Starr enabled Clinton. He enabled evil.

    Then Starr mentored Kavanaugh. The two of them covered up the truth in the Vincent Foster death – actually firing the prosecutor who raised too many obvious questions.

    Then I began to figure it out.

    Starr was not an independent investigator at all. He was the designated “fixer.” He was the cleaner. He was the handler. He was the guy who protected the powerful from themselves. …

  4. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, Louis Francis Goodstadt, a famous Hong Kong Government Official who served as the head of the Central Policy Unit from 1989 to 1997 and died last year has let out some additional information about Martin Lee, Szeto Wah and the Hong Kong Democracy Movement’s connection with the Chinese Communist Party. Martin Lee,Szeto Wah and the Hong Kong Democracy Movement during the Sino Joint British Declaration discussion is known to have promoted the reunification of Hong Kong with Communist China, it is also known the United Democrats of Hong Kong founded by Martin Lee was endorsed by the Chinese Communist Party. Louis Francis Goodstadt has also confirmed that Szeto Wah and Martin Lee were in contact with the Chinese Communist Party leadership during that time:

    Leo Francis Goodstadt, an economist based in Hong Kong emphasized China officiously enlisted the local parties and elites’ support. In return, they would also be endorsed by China. “In the months before the Joint Declaration, China’s leaders made a sustained effort to cultivate community support for their position although Hong Kong was denied any formal role in the negotiations. ‘Pro-democracy’ activists (notably Meeting Point) were endorsed after rallying early in support of Hong Kong’s return to China…whose leaders came to enjoy the closest access to the Chinese leadership.” Subsequently, Martin Lee and Szeto Wah, who were the party leader of United Democrats and the icons of Hong Kong democracy irredentism movement, also joined the Hong Kong Basic Law Drafting Committee.

      1. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, I came across a website called the Qiao Collective and they have a profile on Twitter as well. It seems to me they are assisting the Chinese Communist Party by the use of disinformation/deception or even untrue reporting on the Hong Kong Democracy Movement and including the Hong Kong Democratic Party and Joshua Wong and leaders of the Hong Kong Democracy Movement who are known to be working for the Chinese Communist Party leadership.

        In a article called the Hong Kong reading list which is written last year, the article is deceptive because they portray Joshua Wong, Martin Lee, the Hong Kong Democracy Movement including the Hong Kong Democratic Party as being financed and controlled by the US and portrays it as ‘Western Imperialism’ when my upcoming document on Hong Kong sovereignty challenges the assertion brought on by the Qiao Collective that the West is backing or controlling Joshua Wong, Martin Lee, the Hong Kong Democracy Movement and the Hong Kong Democratic Party. The Qiao Collective also do not report that Joshua Wong, Martin Lee, the Hong Kong Democracy Movement and the Hong Kong Democratic Party are resented because they have been assisting the Chinese Communist Party on moving people from the Mainland into Hong Kong which has caused Hong Kong people to become second class citizens.

        The article is deceptive because it fails to report that since 2014, Hong Kong people have been regularly demonstrating outside the British Embassy in Hong Kong calling on the British Government to end the Sino Joint British Declaration which ensures Chinese Communist Party sovereignty over Hong Kong and that Hong Kong people have switched from protesting for Democracy in Hong Kong under Chinese Communist Party Sovereignty to saving Hong Kong from the Chinese Communist Party from replacing the language and people in Hong Kong

  5. Red World Order File: Pro-Beijing globalist leaders of America and Canada–i.e., dementia patient Joe Biden and pothead Justin Castro/Trudeau–don COVID-19 masks, hold video conference on Feb. 23 to wage economic warfare against independence-minded, energy-rich Texas and Alberta; Canadian PM praises America’s FAKE president for restoring “leadership” to White House (after four-year nationalist Trump Admin), dragging USA back into Paris Climate Accord; meanwhile their female replacements, commie-loving VP Kamala Harris and Soros minion, WEF board member Dep. PM Chrystia Freeland, connive in back- ground; constitutionally minded US counties, however, anxious to secede from Democrat-run states: Fox News interviews “State of Jefferson” leader Mark Baird, initiative approved by 22 counties in N. California; Move Oregon’s Border initiative approved for May 18 special ballot in Baker, Grant, Lake, Malheur and Sherman counties, lead to incorporation of SE Oregon into “Greater Idaho”; GOP state lawmakers Matt Shea and Bob McCaslin introduce bill to secede from Washington, form “State of Liberty” in E. counties; solitary Weld Co. in Colorado seeks admission into Wyoming

    February 25, 2021

    source 1:

    source 2:

    source 3:

    source 4:

    source 5:

    source 6:

    source 7:

    source 8:

  6. USA File: Globalist-backed Democratic Party refuses to admit systemic vote theft last Nov., but clearly does not believe in Joe Biden’s mental fitness to hold office of POTUS, possibly moving to oust figurehead “president” from White House as three dozen House Dems–spear- headed by California Congressman Jimmy Panetta–demand “China” Joe relinquish sole control of nuclear launch codes, presumably hand over some (or all) control to commie-loving VP Kamala Harris and/or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi; Panetta: “I’m calling on @POTUS to install checks & balances in our nuclear command-and-control structure. Past presidents have threatened nuclear attacks on other countries or exhibited concerning behavior that cast doubt on their judgment”; GOP Senator from Utah Mike Lee puzzled by Dems’ suspicious behavior: “The fact is the president is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces. This is why we subject presidents to a very rigorous review process. That is they have to win elections”; “This seems really weird to me that they’d take that away – and by the way, who are they going to give that power to? They’re gonna give that to a committee?”

    February 25, 2021

    source 1:

    source 2:

    HUGE DOT. This is actually a nightmare situation but will America wake up?

  7. End Times File: Alberta pastor who defied COVID-19 restrictions on his church likely to remain jailed until May 3 trial date, pastor’s lawyer seeking to ease bail conditions, free James Coates earlier; Reformanda website reminds Evangelical Protestants (and anyone who values Western Civilization’s Christian heritage): “[T]he Puritans too faced a crackdown related to ‘public health.’ In 1665, a fearsome bout of the plague hit London. Many of the Puritan preachers who had not previously defied government mandates now determined that they could not stay quiet in the wake of the plague. Leading lights like Thomas Watson, John Owen, and Thomas Goodwin all returned to preaching. While the plague raged, they opened the Word to people both grieving and terrified. For numerous reasons, they had previously stepped back in a tough season; now, in defiance of the Conventicles Act, they stepped up in desperate days, and their pulpits rang out once more with the Word and the gospel”; classical liberalism, concept of civil liberties heavily based on Biblical doctrines of dignity of mankind (as image-bearer of God), freedom of worship, conscience, speech, press, assembly and association

    February 26, 2021

    source 1:

    source 2:

    source 3:

    US-based Christian program interviews Canadian pastors on their country’s lockdowns, Coates jailing:

  8. The plan to slow down and take away nuke launch authority from POTUS makes a Red team first strike much more likely. If they manage to do this I will not be surprised if we. are attacked that very day. A massive “axe theory” first strike with a very slow or possibly no counter attack by our communist leaders.

    1. Very true, won’t even be a need to dig up the 400 Minuteman III ICBMs.

      1. Thought it was 500? Ive long been of the opinion Jeff just posted. We are weakening yearly and they don’t need to jump the gun. But this committee to launch idea is potentially game changing.

    2. Biden has many more things to do in order to weaken us. Harris will carry on the work if he resigns for reasons of health. As long as we are weakening our enemies will wait. As soon as we strengthen, they will strike. Consider how this applies to COVID-19. As soon as we compelled them to trade more fairly, they hit us with the virus. Now Trump is gone they are assured of further weakening.

      1. And Jeff, no possibility of the release of anything that would implicate the Democratic Socialist Marxists being in a conspiracy with the Russians. Remember, the Democrats hate the Russians because of gays, or transgenders, or something, right? LOL

        You said this a long time ago (10-2016).

        “The thing you need to know about nuclear war is that (1) its preparatory stage begins when Russia’s communist surrogates in Washington find themselves in an untenable position; (2) when Heaven and Earth must be moved to hide the alliance between the Fifth Columnists and their Russian sponsors through an outrageous diversionary campaign; (3) when this effort fails once and finally war becomes unavoidable.
        In this latter case, if the public discovers that Clinton is allied with Russia; if they discover she is a saboteur of the nation’s defense; if they discover she is a closet revolutionary – then Russia may be compelled to use its present military superiority to crush any domestic uprising in the United States; for Russia’s agents in America have conspired to make the American people “ignorant and compliant.” In fact, Russia’s nuclear missiles exist to preserve this compliance.”

      2. Anything is possible where this kind of subterfuge has taken hold. Any revelation might awaken people to the grave danger they are in.

      3. Jeff, do you think that means the Chinese will wait to strike in the Pacific?

      4. It could mean that. But there may be another factor involved here. China may be experiencing food shortages due to last year’s bad weather. There is also the threat of economic collapse. Would China then be driven to war? I do not know.

    3. Nope, BB, it was 450 triple warhead missiles but now it is down to 400 single warhead ICBMs.
      We still have the other 50 silos, empty, but they would have to be targeted as well, although the Russians probably know which are empty.

      1. I would like to bring up a related topic. So the elite are threatening to pull the nuclear codes from the President. this is not about Biden. but they will use Biden’s failing health as an excuse to pull the codes…but where do they go and who stands to benefit? to remove the football has “nefarious and planned malicious intent” written all over it. will they make it so that it becomes impossible in timely fashion to actual deploy missiles when its zero hour? from TFP as well. thank you Jeff.

  9. And then there is this.
    “Biden Allows “60 Minutes” to Release Military Imagery Secrets that Saved US Lives”
    Gateway Pundit (I won’t post a link cause that seems to get comments deleted)

    “The Biden administration gave CBS access to our military personnel and a critical command center. The 60 Minutes segment airing Sunday night released secret defense strategies that helped save the lives of our troops under President Trump in 2020. This secret is now in the wind making it nearly impossible to be useful again”

    “In one 3 second clip, the dial pad of a CENTCOM phone is also shown. It displays several contact numbers (539-xxxx) and direct dial labels for the Secretary of Defense, the XO, Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, and so on. These are digital labels stored in a database that could be traced. They are not paper overlays. It’s astonishing that a Commander in Chief or staff would allow images like this to be made public. CBS likely has hours of raw footage in Hi-Def – and all of it should be deleted immediately. They could have done an identical story without any of these images. So, who’s side are they on?”

    There is much more.

    Much like we called the Iraqi “Commanders” and bribed them to lay down arms, you can be sure the Communists have done and are doing the same with our military leadership.

  10. What does, The Art Of War, have to say which might describe China’s, recent aggressive behavior?

    “When weak, act strong. When strong, act weak.” –Sun Tzu

  11. Few consider the fact that the Russian mind set is not Western, rather it’s Oriental. Whenever China’s economy grows at a rate of less than three percent, the Chinese Government does something Draconian.

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