Totalitarian Subversion, Part III: Plus New Audio with Jimmy from Brooklyn

All the capitalist countries of the world, which were united in the war against us, against our terror and our system, are forced against their will to enter into trade agreements with us, knowing full well that in this way they are helping us to strengthen and secure our system.

Vladimir Lenin [i]

In designing their theater nuclear offensive, the Soviets have selected, as a point of departure, one of the simpler approaches – a nuclear fire barrage followed by a basically conventional exploitation. They believe that the first nuclear strike may be decisive in determining who wins the war.

Joseph D. Douglass, Jr. [ii]

When the time is ripe, we will strike, comrade. In one day we will wipe out all the American war bases from Spain to Alaska. And on the very same day, the one hundred most important Americans will die. Some of them will be poisoned, some crushed under falling rocks, some in ‘unavoidable’ automobile accidents. The sooner these American exploiters, these bloodsuckers of the poor are liquidated, the better.

General Sascha Korotkov [iii]

The future founder of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Ulyanov [Lenin], was born on 22 April 1870. He had an older brother and sister, named Alexander and Anna. (He also had four younger siblings.) They were good children. “Vladimir, on the other hand, was an unruly, noisy child, given to tantrums,” noted biographer Robert Payne. “He learned to walk late, and in the first months of walking he was always falling down and screaming…. His tantrums were sometimes violent, and they were sometimes accompanied by acts of cruelty. His sister Anna remembered that he was always breaking his toys.”[iv] One day little Volodya [Vladimir] was given a caged bird as a pet. He let it die. Later in life, Volodya grew up to let millions of people die. Worse yet, he ordered thousands of executions and mass killings. Today Vladimir Lenin lies in state, at the center of Moscow, in a pyramid-shaped mausoleum.[v] His diminutive namesake, Vladimir Putin, rules Russia, keeping communism’s murderous traditions alive. Like Vladimir Lenin, Vladimir Putin falls down, has tantrums, and breaks his own toys (i.e., his own tanks, artillery, helicopters). But little Volodya Putin has not broken all his toys. In fact, he has not touched his nuclear toys. But he is eyeing them.  

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