Palestine, Disinformation and Conspiracy Theory: Discussions with Jimmy, Alex, and Nevin

Moscow’s major aim at this point in history is to whitewash Communism and recycle its image in the West. The Soviet target, Western public opinion, must be made to forget that Communism and its leaders are a danger to the world.

Natalie Grant

When we look at the communist movement, and the disinformation it deploys, we should keep three things in mind: (1) There are the old communist promises of a bright socialist future, which “useful idiots” still believe in; (2) there are bogus conspiracy theories that divert attention away from the communist threat, claiming that capitalists (or Jews, or Satanists) are running the world and that communism is simply a capitalist (or Jewish) trick; and (3) there is this world of trivia, this world of secondary subjects, that could be used to blot out the sun. And there you are, sitting in the dark.

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