Totalitarian Subversion, Part II: Laying Bare the Unreason of the World {With Assorted Videos}

The power struggle of states is not guided by blind destiny; rather, it lays bare the reason of the world.

Eric Voegelin [i]

Destiny is linked to truth and falsehood in the following way: If we adopt truth, we tend to prosper. If our creed is a lie, we are going to suffer. If we adopt the lies of socialism and communism, which exist everywhere today under various guises (environmentalist, antiracist, feminist, etc.), there is going to be great suffering. It is a fateful choice – because those who are leading us into socialism and communism are blind; and those who fail to see this fateful choice are also blind. Therefore, if history has taken a wrong turn, it is not because destiny is blind. It is because men are blind.

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Week’s Discussions: With Jimmy From Brooklyn, Alex and Nevin

I have been involved in researching a long essay for the last three weeks. It is slow-going because the overall situation is so complicated. Without going into the details, which are fascinating, the world is moving toward an abyss. The leaders, West and East, do not seem to understand each other. Russia’s leaders seem to be the most disconnected from reality. In general, Russia continues to lose the war in Ukraine, and the situation is getting worse. Yet the Russian government, rightly expecting the West will rescue them by cutting off Ukraine’s weapons, do not seem to realize how rapidly the Russian Army is unraveling. Military experts are astonished that Ukraine’s careful attacks are, contrary to expectations, causing heavy casualties on the Russian defenders. This is hard to account for, because defense supposedly costs fewer lives. But not in the Russian Army. Now the Russians are feeding their elite paratroops into the meatgrinder. One analyst, whose coverage of the fighting has been superior to all others, wonders if the Russian line is going to collapse before the Russian agents in the West can cut off Ukraine’s supplies. Certainly, even if America stops sending support to Ukraine, the Ukrainians are going to continue to fight and Russians will die in gross disproportion. It is believed, by the most reliable analysts, that Russia has now suffered a half million casualties in the war. This is staggering, even as the Russian economic situation goes from bad to worse. Something is going to happen here. And recent Russian offensive moves, ended in the destruction of hundreds of vehicles and thousands of dead soldiers. Worse and worse for Moscow. To paint this picture, we have to come to terms with what autocratic rule does to people. This dishonesty, the detachment from reality, the falsifying of fact — all sets the society up for calamity. America and the West have their own problems with this, but Russia is the Motherland of Socialism, the Motherland of lies. What happens when the situation gets desperate for Moscow?

My latest talk with Jimmy. Apologies to those were were kept awake. We did finish before 8:30 pm.

Discussion with Alex on the Occult

Terrorism in the Middle East with Nevin


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The Middle East As Stew Pot: Conversations with Jimmy, Seth and Alex

Should Iraq resort to using chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons, be found supporting terrorist acts against the US or coalition partners anywhere in the world, or destroy Kuwait’s oil fields, it shall become an explicit objective of the United States to replace the current leadership of Iraq….

National Security Directive 54, 15 January 1991

Smoke from the burning oil wells was first visible from satellite images as early as February 8, 1991. Satellite images showed the number of oil fires peaked between February 22-24, 1991. In total, Iraq ignited or damaged more than 750 of Kuwaits’s 943 oil wells….

A Chronology of Events

GORBACHEV: I know you were worried that, if Saddam simply withdraws, he would still have significant potential and therefore play a destabilizing role. This is no longer relevant. Besides, then we would be able to continue our cooperation in the UN Security Council framework to implement the idea we discussed: to create new security structures in the Middle East, to solve the numerous problems of that region

G.H.W. BUSH: Let me give you a detailed answer. First, we have no reasons to believe he [Saddam] will agree to your proposal. Second, it is not correct that the military potential which has enabled him to behave so insolently in the region no longer exists. A substantial part of his military potential is still there, and this would enable him to go on threatening his neighbors. The question of the right time to stop the military action should be considered carefully. Wouldn’t that make him look like a hero in the Middle East? Is it the right time now, when he has just attacked Israel, when he continues using Scud missiles, and his Republican Guard is still at his disposal? It seems to me that a cease-fire in the present situation would let him emerge victorious from under the ruins of defeat.

Gorbachev-Bush Telephone call, 18 January 1991

In Pavel Stroilov’s book, Behind the Desert Storm, we see why the first Gulf War led to the Second Gulf War, which led to further troubles and today’s eruption against Israel. Always, Moscow has played an important role. About the chicanery involved in the First Gulf War, Pavel Stroilov wrote, “Again and again, as if all these decades never happened, they give us all this nonsense about the legacy of colonialism, about the centrality of the Palestinian problem….” The real Middle East problem today, said Stroilov, is the work of Red Arabs and their Islamist partners. The Middle East has been Moscow’s nasty stew pot. The Kremlin’s surrogates in the region have always kept the pot simmering so that things can be brought to a boil when necessary.

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Conversations with Nevin, Jimmy, and Alex Benesch

…modern combat can be characterized as nuclear combat. Of course, this does not repudiate its combined arms character but only stresses the decisive role of nuclear weapons in battle and the special features of the battle itself which follow therefrom. The actions of the troops on the battle are coordinated first of all with the nuclear strikes and are directed toward the exploitation of their results.

A.A. Sidorenko

The Russian leaders go to war and destroy cities, kidnap children, massacre civilians, slaughter their own soldiers in frontal assaults. The evil of the process mirrors the leaders themselves. The great game, which is a horrible game, continues….

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