A Lecture on 9/11 Truth

A conspiracy theory offers an explanation of past, ongoing, or future events or circumstances that cites as the main casual factor a small group of powerful persons, the conspirators, acting in secret for their own benefit and against the common good.

Prof. Brian Wagner

Philosophy Professor Brian Wagner of Rock Valley College, in Rockford, Illinois, has given a remarkable lecture that deserves wider attention. His First Tuesday lecture, “Dissecting 9/11 Conspriacy Theories,” delivered 15 September 2021, represents a serious challenge to 9/11 Truther claims. Wagner has done a lot of homework. Here is the most comprehensive treatment of the subject in video form. Because Truther claims continually come up on this website, this video is the perfect eye-opening look at how analysis of such things should be done. Please watch this carefully, with an open mind.

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