The Unraveling of East and West

The minute the KGB was back in power, the idea that the United States was trying to destroy Russia, that America was enemy number one, [comes] back again.

Yevgenia Albats [i]

Imaginative oblivion deforms consciousness. The confusion of language in the wake of the millennial movements is the syndrome of a disorder that has grown in contemporary Western society to the proportions of an established … state of unconsciousness – not to forget the global extension of the disorder [to the East] through the power dynamics of Western ecumenism.

Eric Voegelin [ii]

In both East and West, communist ideas permeate church, state, and culture. Communism is a philosophy, a series of party organizations, a movement, an octopus made up of countless front groups, which has hijacked and perverted political groups across the globe. Intellectually, communism represents a revolt against classical wisdom and middle-class values. It was also a revolt against Christian civilization. In the Encyclical of Pope Pius XI on Atheistic Communism we read, “This modern revolution … has actually broken out or threatens everywhere, and it exceeds in amplitude and violence anything yet experienced in the preceding persecutions launched against the Church. Entire peoples find themselves in danger….”[iii]

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A Lecture on 9/11 Truth

A conspiracy theory offers an explanation of past, ongoing, or future events or circumstances that cites as the main casual factor a small group of powerful persons, the conspirators, acting in secret for their own benefit and against the common good.

Prof. Brian Wagner

Philosophy Professor Brian Wagner of Rock Valley College, in Rockford, Illinois, has given a remarkable lecture that deserves wider attention. His First Tuesday lecture, “Dissecting 9/11 Conspriacy Theories,” delivered 15 September 2021, represents a serious challenge to 9/11 Truther claims. Wagner has done a lot of homework. Here is the most comprehensive treatment of the subject in video form. Because Truther claims continually come up on this website, this video is the perfect eye-opening look at how analysis of such things should be done. Please watch this carefully, with an open mind.

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Poisonous Prattle

I’d been out to Hong Kong, working with intel assets, I’d been overseas in Iran and elsewhere, working with good people who, you know, love our country, in Iran, – who are not enemies of the United States, as well as people in Russia. I’ve been working with people in Russia, in the media, and elsewhere, who love America. We do not have enemies in Russia or Iran, despite the attempt to try and say that they are all terrorists. They are not. Iran has the greatest number of Christians that are coming to the surface.

Scott Bennett [i]

Not being a crackpot, in a world of crackpots, is just another way of being cracked. At least, that is how one is made to feel when crazy talk is given credence; for those who lend an ear to madness would make sanity trade places with madness. In Andrew Lobaczewski’s book, Political Ponerology, we read about the abnormal personalities who thrive in totalitarian movements. “Psychopathic individuals generally stay away from social organizations characterized by reason and ethical discipline,” noted Lobaczewski. “After all, such organizations are created by that other world of normal people so foreign to them.” But once inappropriate passions attach to political discourse, once darker motives appear, the psychopath perceives “this fact with almost infallible sensitivity: a circle has been created wherein they can hide their failings and psychological differentness, find their modus vivendi, and maybe even realize their youthful Utopian dream of a world where they are in power….”[ii]

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