The Triumph of Misdirection

To say that we recognize only a straight road, would be a mistake.

Vladimir Lenin [i]

Even many of the well-meaning, intelligent, and leading citizens of open countries where debate is unhindered, and opinions may be expressed freely have lacked the perspicacity to see through the finely woven veil of the Soviet spider.

Natalie Grant [ii]

Last February 15 Havana’s communist government thanked the Russian government for donating 25,000 tons of wheat to Cuba. Foreign Trade Minister Ana Teresita Gonzalez spoke of “the many actions of this type” carried out by Moscow.[iii] For example, in April 2022, the Russian government donated nearly 20,000 tons of wheat to communist Cuba.[iv] Meanwhile, communist North Korea has been hiding its ammunition shipments to Russia, in support of Putin’s war in Ukraine.[v] Even more curious, Russia is aligned with communist Vietnam,[vi] has sent troops to Venezuela in support of communist dictator Nicolás Maduro,[vii] has been invited by another communist dictator, Daniel Ortega, to send troops to Nicaragua,[viii] and has conducted joint military exercises with South Africa (where the ruling ANC has long been a front for the Communist Party of South Africa).[ix] Even more significant, however, is the emerging alliance between Russia and communist China. Shortly before Russia launched its all-out invasion of Ukraine, communist China made a joint declaration with Russia about a “new era” under a new global order. In effect, the world’s most populous communist country has aligned itself with the Russian Federation, a country that supposedly laid aside its communist system in December 1991 in favor of market reforms and democracy. Yet in the end, President Vladimir Putin of Russia and Xi Jinping of China, both say that the friendship between their two countries “has no limits.”[x]

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