The Strategic Context: Plus, A Censored Video Podcast

According to reports, during the most difficult period of the Sino-US trade war, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) considered the use of viral weapons to disrupt the United States.

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The Soviet Party fell apart because no one had the balls to keep it together.

Xi Jinping, to CCP leaders in 2012


President Donald Trump’s push-back against China’s exploitive trade practices from 2017-2019 was not acceptable to Beijing. Trump upset China’s play for economic dominance. Look what followed: — a global pandemic out of China, lockdowns of citizens, an experimental vaccine pushed on hundreds of millions of people, Western markets crashing, countries paralyzed with fear, massive economic dislocations, banks ready to fail, free societies turning to government controls, medical “martial law,” and a Russian invasion of Ukraine. All these events must be seen in context, as part of a sequence. It is a sequence best understood with reference to the defector literature (and testimony) of Anatoliy Golitsyn, Jan Sejna, Viktor Suvorov, and Stanislav Lunev. The main point of these authors is that Russia did not undergo a fundamental change after the fall of the Soviet Union. Golitsyn and Sejna refered to a “long range” communist bloc plan for collapsing the Warsaw Pact. Golitsyn, as well as Lunev, said that Russia and China were in a solid, long-term alliance that was kept hidden from the West. At some future date, the plan was, that Russia and China would confront the West. And that is what is happening now.

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The Politics of Biological Warfare and the Inversion of Blame, Part II

In March [2021] we saw 84% excess mortality into Fall 2021, and though we already knew our analysis was solid, here it was verified by SOA [Society of Actuaries Research Institute]. It is undeniably clear that an event occurred in the Third Quarter of 2021, the same period that vaccine mandates were ordered by the Biden Administration, and enforced by corporate America.

Edward Dowd [1]

Our food, drug, and cosmetic industries are all likely sabotage victims. The production processes of all are vulnerable to the introduction of chemical and biological agents, and the resultant contaminated products could be widely distributed.”

Brigadier General J.H. Rothschild [2]

A statistical anomaly was discovered in 2021, after the United States began mass vaccinations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. People began to die from “cause unknown.”[3] Of course, an intelligent observer might guess the cause. German-based scientists Karina Reiss and Sucharit Bhakdi, writing in 2020, said, “Experts around the world express their concerns and warn of rushed COVID-19 vaccines without sufficient safety guarantees.”[4] With regard to the proposed mRNA vaccines, Reiss and Bhakdi wrote, “No gene-based vaccine[5] has ever received approval for human use, and the present coronavirus vaccines have not undergone preclinical testing as is normally required by international regulations.”[6] What a perfect situation, from the perspective of Brig. Gen. Rothschild’s admonition, for an enemy to introduce a contaminant – a “secret sauce,” if you will – into an already inadvisable product that is being pushed into everyone’s arm. If harm is done, guess who will be blamed?

There is no underestimating the bad judgment of today’s world leaders. In the case of Europe, Reiss and Bhakdi found officialdom’s ready embrace of mRNA vaccines inexplicable. “Germany,” they noted, “a country whose populous widely rejects genetic manipulation of food and opposes animal experiments, now stands at the forefront of these genetic experiments on humans. Laws and safety regulations have been bypassed in a manner that would, under normal circumstances, never be possible.”[7] What could be a better opportunity for an attacker?

Of course, the mainstream press and the vaccine manufacturers have assured the public that mRNA technology will not modify the gene sequence of human subjects; yet, according to NCI/CCR Senior Investigator Shalini Oberdoerffer, “a novel mRNA modification may impact the human genetic code.” In fact, she says, “There are more than one hundred ways an RNA molecule can be chemically modified after it is synthesized” and the “functions of many of these modifications … are largely unknown.” [8] [Italics added.] Imagine the leeway one might have in sabotaging such a product. Oberdoerffer’s research indicates that the enzyme responsible for the mRNA modification of gene activity has “been previously implicated in cancer and aging.”[9] Here it is not really a question of changing the DNA of a cell, though unexpected changes might take place. It is a question of changing the delicate balance of cell protein production in a way that might prove fatal, over time, to an injected individual – accidentally or on purpose. What unexpected consequences might there be once we inject a person’s cells with mRNA by way of lipid nanoparticles? Since when has it been safe for man to tinker with something that only God understands? Given the complexities, I believe we have been playing with fire – in more than one dimension at once.[10]

It was grossly irresponsible to vaccinate roughly 700 million people in the NATO countries with an experimental mRNA technology that may have adverse side-effects. Hundreds of millions were, in the end, manipulated or pushed into taking this treatment. All the while, pharmaceutical companies were shielded from accountability even as they brokered deals with China (a country which should have never been allowed into our vaccine and medicine supply chain). One foolish choice was laid upon another. But who cultivates the virtue of prudence nowadays? The many politicians who backed this mad gamble, in turn, were advised by notoriously incompetent “science” bureaucrats. Given the inherently totalitarian nature of bureaucratized science, and given the readiness to make these bureaucrats into gods, we may ask: – will anyone be held responsible for vaccine deaths?

For decades bureaucrats have claimed to represent science. Some bureaucrats, like Anthony Fauci, have dared to impersonate science (as if science were a person). Such characters, imbedded in the science bureaucracies of the West, have promoted notions like man-made global warming, suggesting that we can control the Earth’s climate by choking off humanity’s gas and oil (i.e., evil carbon). They have blasted us with false predictions of rising oceans and flooded coastlines for years. And now, thinking themselves the saviors of mankind, they have injected 700 million people, in the NATO countries, with something that is truly experimental. In fact, mRNA technology has not been around long enough to guess at the potential long-term effects of injecting children. We know, already, that there have been disastrous short-term effects. While the health bureaucrats attack mRNA vaccine critics as disinformation super-spreaders, statistics based on VAERS data are beginning to tell a different story.[11]

Why did these scientific bureaucrats advise presidents and prime ministers across the Western world to use an mRNA therapy to stop the COVID-19 pandemic? Why would they embark on such a dangerous and unethical course? The answer is that such bureaucrats have always been dangerous. They combine two dangerous elements: Big Government and Big Science. If it could, the latter would make guinea pigs of us all.

It is probable that mRNA vaccines are only the beginning, only a first step. Watch and see if the “owners” of our bodies – the bureaucrats – start pushing actual gene therapies on us. The first gene therapy was licensed in China in 2003.[12] Gene therapy modifies an individual’s genes to treat a disease (as mRNA is said to modify the body’s protein production). Gene therapy is a dangerous and questionable procedure under the best of circumstances. The first human patient treated in a gene therapy trial was 18-year-old Jesse Gelsinger, who suffered from a genetic disease of the liver. Gelsinger had a mild form of the disease; consequently, he was able to survive with medicine and dietary restrictions. Under the auspices of the University of Pennsylvania, on 13 September 1999, Gelsinger was injected with an adenoviral vector carrying a corrected gene. He died four days later from “a massive immune response triggered by the use of the viral vector to transport the gene into his cells….” Not surprisingly, an FDA investigation into Gelsinger’s death showed that the scientists running the trial had violated several rules of conduct: (1) Gelsinger’s ammonia levels were too high for a safe trial; (2) the university failed to report serious side effects experienced by earlier patients; (3) the scientists failed to disclose that monkeys had died when given this same treatment.[13]

The Jesse Gelsinger story does not paint a pretty picture of our scientists. Extend this scenario, once again, to 700 million people in the Western world. And yes, I know, mRNA therapy is not gene therapy, as noted earlier. Nonetheless, the mRNA vaccines belong to the same family of treatments as gene therapies. Basically, you inject a cell with a different set of instructions than the God-give ones. Again, I ask the question: What are the long-term consequences?

More than thirty years ago the first gene therapy trials were run on animals. The results were not promising. The animals suffered from toxicity, inflammation, and cancer. (Sound familiar?) Scientists have tried to find ways to avoid these dangerous effects. According to the Genetic Learning Center, “Despite the best efforts of researchers around the world … gene therapy has seen only limited success.” The reason for this? “Gene therapy poses one of the greatest technical challenges in modern medicine. It is very hard to introduce new genes into cells of the body and keep them working.”[14]

Science, however, has become a kind of religion for many people – a religion that believes man has become a kind of god. This religion says that man has the right to change his maker’s design (i.e., transhumanism) – that man has a duty, in fact, to “improve” his own genetic code. Here we run into an ethical problem, and a philosophical problem. As one authority has stated regarding “germline” gene therapy, “The idea of these germline alterations is controversial. While it could spare future generations in a family from having a particular genetic disorder, it might affect the development of a fetus in unexpected ways or have long-term side effects that are not yet known.”[15]

These technologies are inherently dangerous. Many scientists are excited by all of this, especially our social engineers and their allies, the Big Science bureaucrats. As ever, they would like to redesign the human race. This is a house built on a totalitarian foundation – with the same “man-is-God” philosophy that brought us the horrors of the Holocaust, the gulag and the Laogai. If the state is the “coldest of all cold monsters,” as Nietzsche suggested, science makes the state even colder.

In a January 2019 article for the Harvard Gazette, we read that, “Medicine is … on the cusp of major change as disruptive technologies such as gene, RNA, and cell therapies enable scientists to approach diseases in new ways.” George Q. Daley, a leader in stem cell research, has warned, “You can’t control rogue scientists in any field.”[16] And as it happens, in communist China, experimenting on human beings has already taken a terrifying turn; for it was Professor He Jiankiu who told the world in November 2018 that he had edited the genes of twin girl embryos to grant them HIV immunity; and those twins were brought to term. Here were the first genetically edited human babies. Of course, the scientific world was initially thrilled by this “achievement.” On closer examination, however, the “achievement” was called into question. The informed consent of the parents may not have been obtained. And in 2022 Chinese scientists spoke of the need to build a special care facility for the children, acknowledging that errors may have occurred in the gene editing process.[17]

Imagine you are a person born into the world as a genetic experiment. Would you say, as did Frankenstein’s monster to Frankenstein, “I ought to be thy Adam”? If this does not leave us shuddering in horror, then there is something broken in us. Many scientists were awakened from their ethical slumbers by the shocking callousness of Professor He Jiankiu and his CCP sponsors. Developmental biologist Kathy Niakan of the Francis Crick Institute commented, “If true … this would be a highly irresponsible, unethical and dangerous use of genome editing technology.”[18] 

Imagine a vast hive of tedious mediocrities with huge agencies under them, and even larger egos. In this context, what is the social pathology of a “health bureaucrat”? Is it in their fraudulent claims and ludicrous posturing, or is it in their administrative titles and self-serving rationalizations? Are they creatures of image or of substance? Are they atheists who ideologically seek God’s office? And which of them is equal to scientific discovery? What sort of moral compass guides them? And what scientist, eager to make significant discoveries, aspires to a bureaucratic station?

To state the problem bluntly, modern bureaucracies are unlikely to do ethical science, because high-level bureaucrats are motivated by power. From the atom bomb to the manipulation of the human genome, we have put Nimrod and his Tower of Babel into the shade. And it has all been done through bureaucracies. Furthermore, since bureaucrats are seldom held accountable, it is doubtful that rogue scientists working under ambitious bureaucrats have any real sense of responsibility (the kind that is spiritually felt). Once science itself has been sufficiently corrupted, the bureaucrat who is himself incapable of scientific discovery will be compelled to pseudo-scientific fakery. Here is where the whole thing crashes and burns. To stand before the public, using the word “science” as a bludgeon, is hubris. To “inoculate” 700 million people – as guinea pigs in history’s largest medical experiment – is Nemesis.[19]

The Fauci Syndrome

“Scientific totalitarianism is the background music of Anthony Fauci’s brilliant and long-lasting Ponzi scheme,” wrote Charles Ortleb. “A so-called liberal democracy like America demands a covert form of scientific totalitarianism that does not scare the horses of oversight and public opinion.” Fauci is, after all, the man who personifies bureaucratized science. After reading Ortleb’s writings on the AIDS crisis, it appears he described Tony Fauci’s bureaucracy better than anyone. Tony Fauci’s role in the HIV/AIDS fiasco is a case study in scientific falsification for the sake of bureaucratic convenience and profit. “For a scientific Ponzi scheme to prevail in America and Europe,” noted Ortleb, “nobody must recognize that they have acquiesced to a major medical and scientific fraud.”[20] Ortleb further explained:

Nobody must see the telltale signs of fraud, deceit, and censorship. Fauci knew the tricks required to turn ivy-league-educated elite journalists into servile puppets and perky stenographers. I coined the term ‘Bob Club’ to describe the sycophantic journalists who enabled the massive scientific fraud of disgraced National Cancer Institute researcher Robert Gallo. The ‘Tony Club’ is even worse and consequential in ways that will take medical historians generations to fully illuminate. [21]

Ortleb has described a corrupt bureaucracy, armed with totalitarian prerogatives, led by dishonest and self-serving individuals, tasked with managing the country’s defense in the event of a pandemic or a biological attack. Such a bureaucracy would naturally have been targeted by Russia and/or China for penetration and compromise long ago. The fact that Fauci has partnered with communist China in various enterprises, has probably been misunderstood. If Fauci went to Chinese officials to do gain-of-function research, they would have found his proposals strategically profitable (as opposed to financially profitable). Surely, they have always been ready to accommodate him with glee. “Let him make money,” the Chinese communists might say to themselves. “We will get something better in return.” And why not? Fauci’s Ponzi schemes probably fit in nicely with communist China’s biological war strategy. Why else would Communist Party officials engage with an empty suit like Tony Fauci?

“In one of [Fauci’s] many extraordinary feats of uncanny foresight,” noted Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., “beginning in 2017, Dr. Fauci paid $6 million to his gain-of-function guru, Ralph Baric … to accelerate remdesivir as a coronavirus remedy at China’s biosecurity laboratory in Wuhan.” Kennedy then explained, “Baric used coronavirus cultures obtained from bat caves by Chinese virologists working with Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance, another recipient of Dr. Fauci’s funding.”[22] Here we see Fauci blindly putting himself in China’s hands, paying American scientists to work in China toward an unsafe anti-viral treatment for coronavirus that, in the end, displaced effective anti-viral medicines like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. Why did Fauci oppose safe medications while advancing the use of an unsafe one? Why did Fauci blast the theory that COVID-19 was a Chinese bioweapon? Why did he deny that COVID-19 originated in a Chinese lab?[23] At every turn Fauci was covering for the Chinese. At every turn, the Chinese were also covering for Fauci.

On 22 April 2020 it was reported from China that remdesivir had “flopped in its first randomized clinical trial, disappointing scientists and investors who had high hopes….”[24] Yet, on 29 April 2020 Fauci ordered this dangerous and failed drug to be used in American hospitals. “This will be the standard of care,” said Fauci. “We think it’s opening the door to the fact that we now have the capability of treating COVID-19.”[25] According to Kennedy, Fauci made this statement with full knowledge of the “placebo-controlled Chinese study that showed remdesivir utterly ineffective …. Worst of all, the Chinese study confirmed remdesivir’s deadly toxicity.”[26]

Of course, there was money to be made with Gilead Sciences’ new medicine (remdesivir). Yet, Fauci did not fear getting caught or exposed. One might ask what kind of cartel – what kind of clique – can protect a man of his type? Certainly, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has played its part. They discovered that remdesivir was toxic and dangerous, but they did not send urgent warning messages to the American people that Fauci was poisoning them. While leveling charges against “capitalism” and “imperialism” is integral to communist propaganda, silence was the rule in this instance. The Chinese placebo-controlled study stayed under the radar. That China was a friend of Fauci is now clear. That they would avoid using his poisons on their own population is also clear. (Of course, the Chinese are perfectly happy using toxic treatments on “undesirable” categories of persons). If Fauci was okay with killing COVID patients in American hospitals that was his business. At any rate, this could be used to build an alibi for China later. If Fauci’s crew wants to make money with Gilead, then let them make money.

According to Ortleb, Fauci was unscrupulous. If that is so, it is what made him an ideal yet unwitting partner in China’s biological war strategy. Anyone willing to do a little homework can see that Fauci had been involved in obfuscating certain scientific questions during the AIDS[27] outbreak of the 1980s. In dealing with this “crisis,” Fauci spread confusion by muddying the science. He advanced toxic treatments involving drugs like AZT (azidothymidine),[28] based on the theory that HIV was the cause of AIDS. It was Charles Ortleb, among others, who suggested HIV could not have been the cause of AIDS. It should come as no surprise that it was Fauci who suppressed scientific debate on this question. He ably intimidated the media. He strong-armed writers and threatened the careers of scientists. Fauci had a totalitarian aversion to free inquiry. In fact, I know a scientist who had to leave the United States nearly three decades ago because of Fauci’s bureaucratic bullying.

Since biological war directly impacts strategic planning, the Russian and Chinese special services have long been tasked with infiltrating and compromising those agencies charged with defending America from biological attack. There is no escaping this fact. Corruption in Fauci’s NIAID, or in the NIH and CDC, must never be regarded as a simple case. Corruption in these institutions threatens our national survival. The danger is especially great when an enemy is politically and economically positioned to exploit existing corruption. Any hint of impropriety or conflict of interest within the NIAID, NIH, or CDC should not be viewed with mere indignation or outrage. It cannot be indulged and tolerated as most corruption is. It should be viewed as an immediate threat to the nation’s existence – as a matter of life and death touching every American, every family, and all allied countries. The usual offhand cynicism about our institutions should not be allowed to demoralize us, neither should this matter devolve into the usual run of conspiracy narratives which invariably talk of “an inside job.” No. An inside job would not threaten the existence of the country. We are talking about an outside job; that is, subversion by a foreign enemy; attack by a foreign enemy; extermination at the hands of a foreign enemy. Therefore, to speak of corruption at the NIAID, NIH, and CDC without speaking of China and Russia in the same breath, is to feed the enemy’s diversionary narratives.

The first thing in politics is to identify enemies and friends. The second thing is to identify traitors; for wherever you have enemies, you have traitors. Anthony Fauci presided over our biological defenses for many decades. He is retired, now, but during his long tenure the Russians and Chinese must have noticed his unique deficits. During the AIDS crisis Fauci spread confusion on every side, stifling debate. Some scientists, even now, privately believe HIV is not the cause of AIDS. About this, Charles Ortleb wrote of an alternate theory, smashed by Fauci and his bureaucratic mafia at a 1990 conference in Amsterdam:

Tragically, the HIV-negative AIDS cases were not a wakeup call for the scientists that ‘something had gone wrong’ and hence the anomalous cases were not ‘a prelude to discovery.’ Even though HIV-negative cases ‘violated deeply entrenched expectations,’ they were not allowed to change anything about the AIDS paradigm. In Kuhn’s world of normal science, ‘the traditional pursuit prepares the way for its own change.’ [The] Amsterdam [conference] showed that AIDS research was being conducted in normal science’s cockamamie opposite world, one that should be called ‘abnormal, and totalitarian, and sociopathic science.’ Even if the HIV-negative AIDS cases could have ultimately led to a new paradigm that was ‘able to account for wider range of natural phenomena,’ they were dead on arrival. [29]

Ortleb was not alone in denouncing Fauci’s totalitarian methods. Nearly thirty years ago, two scientists wrote, “Based on internal documents released to us by an anonymous source, we know that … key offices of the U.S. government specifically engineered a strategy for suppressing the HIV debate.”[30] In terms of research grants and medical patents, how much did Fauci’s Ponzi scheme harvest? Could foreign intelligence agents have missed this episode?

Imagine the potential harm wrought by a vain and unprincipled bureaucrat. Imagine how such a person could enable a scenario for a Chinese biological attack without fully knowing what he was enabling. It is only logical that the Russian and Chinese intelligence services would have thick files on Fauci and his colleagues – tasked as they were with defending the U.S. against communist bloc bioweapons. A gifted analyst, somewhere in the labyrinths of Moscow or Beijing, might have discovered that Fauci was, as Ortleb claimed, “The Bernie Madoff of science” who ran an HIV Ponzi scheme that concealed the truth about a disease that has long since lost the limelight. What damage might someone of that kind do during the outbreak of a novel coronavirus? Might he be encouraged, through corrupt practice, to falsely guarantee the safety of an mRNA injection for 700 million persons in West? What Chinese general would not piggyback on the malfeasance, stupidity and greed of such a bureaucrat?

More than twenty years ago, Chinese Defense Minister Chi Haotian reminded an elite audience of Communist Party officials that, “Our Party’s historical mission is to lead the Chinese people to go out.” General Chi said that once China opened its doors to “the profit-seeking western capitalists,” it was inevitable they would “invest capital and technology in China to assist our development, so that they can occupy the biggest market in the world.” In this way the West would awaken what General Chi called “the sleeping lion that is China.” Chi said that China would then “become unstoppable!” China needs living space, said Chi, “Therefore, solving the ‘issue of America’ is the key to solving all our issues. First, this makes it possible for us to migrate there [i.e., America] and even establish another China under the leadership of the CCP.”

How could China, with all its backwardness, solve the American problem? Chi told his party colleagues, “Only by using special means to ‘clean up’ America will we be able to lead the Chinese people there. This is the only choice left for us. This is not a matter of whether we are willing to do it or not.” Chi was talking about a lethal biological attack on the United States:

Conventional weapons such as fighters, canons, missiles and battleships won’t do; neither will highly destructive weapons such as nuclear weapons. We are not as foolish as to want to perish together with America by using nuclear weapons, despite the fact that we have been exclaiming that we will have the Taiwan issue resolved at whatever cost. Only by using non-destructive weapons that can kill many people will we be able to reserve America for ourselves. There has been rapid development of modern biological technology, and new bio-weapons have been invented one after another. Of course, we have not been idle, in the past years we have seized the opportunity to master weapons of this kind. We are capable of achieving our purpose of ‘cleaning up’ America all of a sudden. [31]

The beauty of a biological attack is in the potential anonymity of the attacker. The way the world now works, with countries sharing microorganisms and biological technologies, an attacker could easily acquire specimens from a target country. An attacker could even involve the target country’s leading health officials in gain of function research – using American arrogance and greed against itself. How difficult could it be for the KGB or Chinese State Security to recruit corrupt American officials? Look at who is President of the United States!

In December 2020, Chinese sociologist, Dr. Li Yi, excitedly described the strategic situation of the COVID-19 pandemic: “It turns out that China is going to overtake the United States in 2027. It was said that this might be delayed for a year or two, but this year, God has pulled off a little trick” spreading the COVID-19 infection “to every country in the world.” Dr. Li further explained, “The COVID-19 pandemic is like a test for all the countries of the world. This test is biased though. COVID-19 is bad for Europe and America.”[32]

Let the record show that the CCP allowed the COVID-19 virus to leave Wuhan in the wake of the Chinese New Year celebration in January 2020. The greatest movement of people, in and out of China, takes place before and after the New Year’s celebration. The CCP knew there was a viral outbreak. But they did not lock down the city. They did nothing to protect their foreign “partners.” Instead, they incubated the virus in Wuhan. Then they let travelers carry the virus to North America, Europe, Australia by air. Dr. Li explained that this was to the advantage of China and North Korea. He hinted that the capitalist system cannot cope with pandemics or other emergencies. The Chinese system can cope. The Chinese system, he said, has shown its superiority. Therefore, Dr. Li concluded, “We are ahead of schedule in terms of overtaking the United States. There will be no problem reaching this goal in 2027. The U.S. will not survive … and we are expanding our military at a rate unprecedented in human history.”[33]

Dr. Li’s speech echoes the secret speech of Defense Minister Chi Haotian when he says, “As long as 1.4 billion Chinese people eat, sleep, defecate, and urinate every day; as long as we go to work every day, we will drive the U.S. to its death.”[34] But Dr. Li is not the only Chinese communist to hint at a Chinese biological attack. Consider the comments of another Chinese professor, Chen Ping, a senior Researcher at the China Institute of Fudan University (a CCP think tank). In a video presentation, Professor Chen said, “In 2020, China won the trade war, science and technology war, and especially the biological war. The achievement is unprecedented.”[35] And so it is.

Biological Warfare and the Blame Game

Why would Chinese academics or Communist Party members like Professor Chen say that China has “won” a biological war against America? How does this statement fit with General Chi Haotian’s secret speech about eliminating 100 to 200 million Americans? How does it relate to Dr. Li’s statement that “we will drive the U.S. to its death”? General Chi said that China plans to attack America with biological weapons. Dr. Li says that America will die. In relation to these statements, Professor Chen is implying that the COVID-19 pandemic is part of this strategic offensive – with China gaining mastery over trade, technology, and the politics of viral pandemics. Of course, only a small percentage of Americans have died from COVID; and only a small percentage have died from the vaccines (so far). What are we to make of this?

Perhaps Professor Chen’s remark about China’s victory in this so-called “biological war” is a function of the West’s willingness to be duped by Chinese lies. To safely prosecute a biological war, China must successfully depict each successive pandemic as naturally occurring or accidental. China must impose this interpretation on the rest of the world, at all costs. In fact, China has successfully imposed this interpretation on the mainstream media and the U.S. Government.

When the time comes to place blame on someone for the pandemic and the mRNA vaccines, you can rest assured that the Americans will be the scapegoat. And you can be sure that China and Russia will broadcast America’s guilt to the entire world. Ready at hand, are American environmentalists who have proposed a global population limit of 500 million people. The Internet is full of allegations that the American elite has initiated a “global genocide.” This narrative has already been advanced through pro-Russian and Chinese disinformation channels. And the narrative is gaining traction. In addition, Russian and Chinese sources allege U.S. “biological military activities” in Ukraine.[36]

Assuming General Chi’s plan is still on the table, China must justify its genocidal moves by propagating narratives accusing the United States of genocidal moves. The best justification for exterminating the American people is to implicate America in a heinous plot against mankind. A genocidal campaign against America must be portrayed, politically, as an act of self-defense on the part of America’s enemies. Arguments are already being deployed, in Russia and China, to justify an extermination policy against the United States. Moscow and Beijing would not have designed these narratives unless they were intending to carry out genocidal attacks of their own. Long ago Stalin told a room of young law students in Leningrad: “If anyone accuses us of crimes, we accuse them.”[37]

Of course, before China can successfully blame its intended victim, the CCP must hide its role in spreading the novel coronavirus. China must also hide its role in the development of the mRNA vaccines, which are inherently suspicious insofar as the left-dominated bureaucracies of the West – against all common sense – have pushed these vaccines on children and pregnant woman.[38] It is the Marxists, the communists, the fellow-travelers and useful idiots who have been at the forefront of pushing the vaccine mandates.

While America is being set up for blame, China’s guilty actions remain hidden behind a wall of silence. In December 2021 President Joseph Biden smirked and walked away when The New York Post asked why he hadn’t “done more to push China to be transparent on the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic.”[39] When former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison – a conservative – called for an investigation into the coronavirus’s origins, China warned Australia that Sino-Australian relations could be damaged “beyond repair.”[40] In the Chinese press, Australia was characterized as “chewing gun stuck on the sole our shoes.”[41] The Australian prime minister did not persist in his position, finding little support from America on this issue. Later, Morrison’s government was replaced by a more China-friendly government, as in America and Brazil.

The fact that an investigation into the origins of the pandemic is opposed by Beijing, that Western leaders are threatened when calling for an investigation, is suggestive of Chinese guilt. If China were innocent, China would welcome an investigation. From the moment China resisted an international inquiry into the pandemic’s origins, the West should have turned its back on China. Trade with China should have been curtailed. But this did not happen.

A Global Vaccine Mandate

The World Health Organization, for many years, has issued a medical passport called a “yellow card.” It  certifies that a person traveling between certain countries has been vaccinated against diseases like yellow fever, cholera, and rubella. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic the United Nations and the World Health Organization have proposed to build an official registry of persons vaccinated for COVID-19. What this list might become, and how it could be used to control people, and force injections into people, is worth considering.

The World Health Organization (WHO), which has been referred to as “China’s puppet,”[42] is presently setting up a global health dictatorship. It is working towards a global vaccine mandate. If the science bureaucrats of the United States link arms with the science bureaucrats of China, using the World Health Organization as a cudgel, we may be looking at the forcible vaccination of every American. As transparency has been wanting with respect to the mRNA vaccines, we will see an even greater lack of transparency attending a global vaccine mandate. With its central role in making medicines and vaccine precursors, China will be a principal player in forcing select vaccines on America and the West. As we saw with the mRNA vaccination process, a future global vaccine mandate will involve intrigue, secrecy, bullying, and lies. In other words, a global vaccine mandate will follow communist practice. [43]

How dangerous are vaccines of the new type, deployed without transparency by unaccountable bureaucrats?

According to Wall Street analyst Edward Dowd, the mRNA vaccines are killing people in the United States. According to Dowd’s analysis, “From February 2021 to March 2022, millennials experienced the equivalent of a Vietnam war with more than 60,000 excess deaths. The Vietnam war took 12 years to kill the same number of healthy young people we’ve just seen die in 12 months.”[44] Last year Dowd “convened a group of insurance industry executives to explore” this data further. Expert analysts were recruited from around the world. They discovered that COVID-19 vaccines have been injuring and killing people since their deployment. Worse yet, America’s media is sticking to the narrative of our science bureaucrats that vaccines are safe, that the risks are negligible.

At this juncture it is worth citing two vaccine deaths documented in Dowd’s book. The first involves Australian cricket legend Shane Warne, vaccinated in March 2021. Warne said, “Get your double vax and get on with it and learn to live with it.” Shortly thereafter he died of a suspected heart attack, age 52. Another case was that of Jake R. Kazmarek, 28-years-old, who decided to be vaccinated after initially hesitating. He said, “You can hold out as long as you want but you won’t have much freedom. I’m over it, I did it. Does it make me a sheep? No.” He died four days after being administered the second shot.[45]

In Steve Kirsch’s newsletter we read of a man who owns funeral homes across America, handling over 3,000 deaths a year. On condition of anonymity, this man said his business went up by 50 percent after the vaccines came out. Sadly, he acknowledged, a disproportionate number of the deaths are young people. Kirsch interjected that there has been a twelve-fold increase in still births – deaths that often do not go through funeral homes. The owner of the funeral homes said his company had never buried a teenager who died of a heart attack in 78 years of operating. In December 2022 they buried one teenager a week for three straight weeks – all dead from heart attacks. Nurses who never saw a teenage heart attack are seeing them regularly. Kirsch’s sources also told him of “strange rubbery clots” funeral directors are finding in corpses. One funeral home even called in a medical examiner who confirmed the that the clots were real. The medical examiner would say nothing publicly because he was afraid of losing his job.[46]

The vaccines are not only killing people, however. They are injuring people. Dowd shows that America now has its highest-ever disability rates. Prior to the vaccine mandates 29-30 million Americans of working age were disabled. After mass vaccination the number jumped to almost 33 million. “For math geeks,” noted Dowd, “that’s a stunning 3 standard deviation event.” In other words, this increase in disabilities is probably not due to chance. And how bad are these disabilities? Dr. Jessica Rose, who has studied U.S. Government VAERS data, says, “Although death is the most extreme adverse event, there are some things that might actually be worse than death.”[47]

Our science bureaucrats, of course, are not going to admit to a grisly blunder. According to the CDC director, vaccinating a million children will cause only 30 or 40 cases of myocarditis. As Dowd’s book shows, this is a boldfaced lie. According to Dr. Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins University, “We’re now learning that there’s significant heart damage [from the shots], 31% of people having physical activity restrictions. 63% of children after myocarditis had evidence of heart swelling months down the road on MRI. So we are playing with fire.”[48]

In his book, Edward Dowd shows that the vaccines are striking down healthy people. As we know, the coronavirus principally threatened the infirm and the elderly. Simply put, the vaccines pose a greater threat to society than the pandemic. Then there is the damage vaccines are doing to reproductive organs in men and women. Toward the end of his book, Dowd writes:

Public health officials and vaccine makers are aware of everything that you now know from this book – at a minimum. At this point, they have moved beyond something we could write off as incompetence, in that they are allowing (and even forcing) mass use of products they know are harmful. At this point, powerful people in public health and Pharma are in full cover-up mode. They almost have to be, because it’s hard to imagine how they could pivot from what they’ve done to what they ought to do.”[49]

The negligence and malfeasance of American officials has been criminal. And these officials must be held to account, with no leniency or exceptions. What is even more important in this situation, however, is China’s role in the background. We cannot be putting things into our bodies that are made in China, or pushed by people who are beholden to China (at the CDC or the WHO). And we must not be forced to take such products intravenously. Anyone who tries to forcibly vaccinate Americans with a vaccine made in China, or using Chinese vaccine precursors, should be considered a public enemy and placed under arrest. In this context, it is one thing to have criminally negligent health officials, it is another thing to have criminally negligent health officials collaborating with the communist Chinese – in such things as “vaccine passports” and future vaccine mandates. (Also see, China’s dominance of the World Health Organization).[50] 

When the Most Dangerous Disease is Diagnosis

Coming to the wrong conclusions from the right facts is a disease. Take, for example, Sasha Latypova’s Substack – titled “Due Diligence and Art.” She says that DARPA and the Pentagon intend to genocide the American people. She has written an article titled, “The role of the U.S. DoD (and their co-investors) in ‘covid countermeasures’ enterprise.”[51] There are fascinating tidbits in what she writes. But there are serious problems with her analysis. Pursuing her investigation, Sasha asked the AI Chat Bot what the role of the DoD has been in covid-countermeasures. The Chat Bot linked her to a thread from DARPA’s website on the organization’s role in combating pandemics.[52]

DARPA is the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. On the DARPA website, under the heading of Treat & Prevent, we read that “DARPA technology contributes to preventing future COVID-19 infections through novel vaccine technology and more pervasive environmental aerosol monitoring … and domestic active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacture.”

Is this a smoking gun? No. Does this prove that DARPA and the DoD are engaged in a genocidal campaign against America? No. If DARPA was not researching solutions, working on vaccine technologies, what else would they be doing? Seriously. Research is what government scientists, in their laboratories, are hired to do. In fact, such people are specialists. Nietzsche called them “microscopists” – people who know more and more about less and less. As such, they are not counterintelligence experts, qualified to know when their research is being hijacked by agents of a foreign power. In such matters a science bureaucracy is more like a litter of blind kittens. But there is more to it than this. A significant percentage of U.S. government scientists happen to be Chinese nationals, some of whom are probably Chinese agents. According to the Center for Security Policy’s Team B Report on the pandemic, a major “threat vector for bio sabotage is the presence of Chinese nationals – including People’s Liberation Army personnel – in America’s university and national laboratories, research centers, National Institutes of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), etc.”[53]

If DARPA and the Pentagon are master conspirators, working toward the demise of mankind, there remains a burning question: What self-respecting master-conspirator would casually allow the Chinese People’s Liberation Army to infiltrate his agency?

A blind kitten bureaucracy could hardly be expected to know there is anything wrong with mRNA vaccines. Each microscopist trusts his manager, who trusts the manager above him, and so on. As Jonathan Swift famously wrote:

So, naturalists observe, a flea
Has smaller fleas that on him prey;
And these have smaller still to bite ‘em
And so proceed ad infinitum.[54]

Each “flea,” as it were, is focused on his specialization. Is this nefarious? No. It is bureaucratic “science.” But Sasha says DARPA and the DoD are plotting to kill us. One might ask, are all the junior professors teaching political correctness on college campuses preparing to overthrow the government? No. It doesn’t work like that. Each bureaucratic flea does what he is trained to do for the Great Circus of Fleas, not knowing the real significance of his contribution. Usually, the person at the top is just an empty suit – a fraud, like “the man behind the curtain” in the Wizard of Oz. If he is corrupt, he thinks it’s about money. Even here he is too limited to grasp the strategic significance of his actions.[55] If any of these people have guilt, it is the guilt of not knowing; that is, of the intellectual laziness that attends smallness.

Sasha, of course, paints a very different picture of our Great Circus of Fleas. She writes, “the U.S. Government and DOD specifically ordered a fake theatrical performance from the pharmaceutical manufacturers. Just to make extra certain that the pharmas [sic] are free to conduct the fakery, the contracts include the removal of all liability for the manufacturers and any contractors along the supply and distribution chain under the 2005 PREP Act and related federal legislation.”

She makes the DoD into a puppet-master and the pharmaceutical companies into puppets. She misunderstands the fundamentals. Long ago it was understood: vaccines do save people, but they also kill people. Therefore, under President Reagan, the vaccine companies threatened to stop making vaccines if they were not legislatively secured against legal liability. Therefore, Congress passed the legislation and President Reagan signed it. Was Reagan involved in a nefarious conspiracy? No. It was a cost-benefit calculation by people who believe vaccines save more lives than are killed by the side-effects. To omit this fact is to forget that political leaders are faced with difficult choices all the time. And these leaders are only human.

Belief in the safety and utility of vaccines is longstanding. Opposition to all vaccines in principle is a minority position. If you are bitten by a rabid dog, what do you do? You had better get a rabies shot. If you don’t want to get tetanus, you get a tetanus shot. Nearly everyone in America has been vaccinated for something. Of course, a small percentage of people die from vaccines. Yet most scientists believe vaccines save more people than they harm. In the case of the coronavirus pandemic, most bureaucrats believed that more people would be saved by the mRNA vaccines than harmed. We should remember that most Americans naively believe in the “scientific” explanations of “scientists.” One might add that our blind kitten science bureaucracy is also naïve, believing uncritically in itself. Many who pushed the vaccines in and out of government are not conspirators. In all countries and ages people have believed in things that are untrue. This does not make them evil. This makes them human. The real guilt comes when Big Pharma and the science bureaucracy, having committed a grisly series of blunders, lie to cover up their mistakes. This, again, is a very human thing to do. Who, indeed, readily admits to homicidal negligence? It is damnably wrong, of course; but it is not a conspiracy to exterminate America.

In respect of this, Item 1.1.1 in Sasha’s document trove is one of those blacked-out papers where 99 percent of the content has been redacted. It starts out, “Pfizer and BioNTech entered into an agreement for the co-development and distribution (excluding China) of a potential mRNA-based coronavirus vaccine aimed at preventing COVID-19 infection….” Sasha says, “I know what is in the redacted part of the above paragraph and it was not hard to figure out.” She does not tell us how she knows, however, that the redacted paragraph refers to “Fosun Pharmaceuticals” – a Chinese pharmaceutical company that joined up with Pfizer and BioNTech in the early days of the pandemic. Sasha gives kudos to Naomi Wolf as the “only journalist” who has mentioned Fosun International Ltd as a mRNA vaccine manufacturer. Given the suspicious nature of pandemic, coming out of China as it did, we should all be interested in Fosun’s involvement with vaccine production. Fosun International Ltd is a conglomerate run by a Chinese Communist Party official named Guo Guangchang. In March of 2020, as the pandemic was going worldwide, Fosun Pharma invested $55 million in BioNTech, becoming an important shareholder. Around that time Pfizer also increased its ownership of BioNTech. And why not? Vaccines were being discussed as a possible solution to the pandemic, and there was a lot of money to be made.  

So far, all we have in Sasha’s presentation is a bunch of documents about contracts and investments. If there is a malady in this paperwork, what is Sasha’s diagnosis? She writes, “many people ask me ‘what about China and Russia?’ when I talk about our own government and DoD engaged in mass genocide of Americans. I answered about China – they are allied with the US DoD on this.”

But nearly two million people work for the federal government. Are they all involved? Sasha does not say. And why would our government leaders and Pentagon generals connive at the extermination of their own country – the killing of their colleagues, friends, and relatives? What is their motive for mass murder? What benefits do they hope to gain? Sasha does not say.

Genocide is defined as “the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group.” Of course, Sasha does not present evidence that the U.S. Government, let alone the Pentagon, wants to exterminate the American people. She presents evidence that the government has been working on vaccines, that Pfizer made deals with Fosun International Ltd. Without considering the history of American naivete regarding China and Russia, sasha jumps to a conclusion she has no real evidence for.

We have to ask ourselves how likely is it that (a) the U.S. Government intentionally made the vaccines to kill off the America people? And (b) how likely is it that the U.S. Government is peopled by suicidal maniacs who want to put an end to their own lucrative retirements? In fact, this is what Sasha is alleging. On its face, how probable does any of it sound? Sasha does not produce a “Secret Speech” by General Milley, along the lines of General Chi Haotian’s secret speech. So why does she emphasize the guilt of American officials above that of Chinese officials?

In fact, Sasha’s ideas about the role of Russia and China give the whole game away. Quite explicitly, Sasha says that China is “allied with the U.S. DoD engaged in mass genocide….” She adds, however, that China is only participating for profit, for the money, for what she calls “the financial windfall of the U.S. government printing dollars and throwing them in the mRNA furnaces where they are driving masses of the brainwashed citizens to suicide themselves.” That is to say, the master conspirators are in the U.S. Government, not in the Chinese government. The Chinese have simply been bribed and are performing the role of “accessories” to mass murder. The primary murderers are Americans.

Sasha then moves quickly to exonerate Russia: “I have not seen evidence of any similar alliance with Russia. This makes sense, because ultimately this boils down to the war of the U.S. vs. Russia using proxies and alliances (as it always does). This does not mean that Russia are ‘the good guys.’” Then Sasha suggests that the “owners” of Russia are “not necessarily based in Russia.”

The owners of Russia are not based in Russia?

This whole formulation reeks of conspiracy theory. Nobody who has studied Russia seriously, or studies history, is going to make a statement like this. One may search all the history books, all the encyclopedias, and all the newspapers without finding a shred of evidence that Russia is owned by someone “not based in Russia.” This preposterous idea smacks of Lenin’s theory of imperialism; though Lenin was never so crude as to say, “the owners of Russia are not based in Russia.” Furthermore, Lenin would not say such a thing about today’s Russia, which supports every communist regime on the planet (including North Korea and Cuba).

One might sarcastically respond to Sasha’s analysis by asking whether the foreign owners of Russia, like the family car, have a pink slip? Do the “owners” of Russia pay annual registration fees to the UN’s National Ownership of Countries Department? If Sasha is not wearing a tinfoil hat, then what kind of hat is she wearing?  

But then Sasha’s analysis gets ever weirder, where she writes, “Russia is running the same ‘covid scripts,’ using knock off RNA/DNA injections, probably buying materials from the same suppliers, and also using [the] war to kill off their own younger population. It’s just that they are doing it for THEIR OWN interests, not that of the U.S. and their allies.”

But I thought she said Russia was owned by people “outside of Russia.” Now she says Russia is following its own interest by killing its own people. She ought to explain how it is in the interest of a government to kill off its people. For if all the people are killed off, who is left to govern? If you are going to write serious political analysis, you must be consistent in your premises. You cannot play bait and switch, trundling back and forth between incompatible notions. Specifically, what interest does Russia have in killing off its own younger population if they are already doing it with the same “covid scripts” as the Americans? COVID vaccines are a much easier kill mechanism, and less destructive of property, than a war. Sasha’s analysis makes no sense.

And here is where Sasha really loses me. If the Kremlin wants to kill off the Russian people, even as the U.S. government wants to kill off the American people, why say the Kremlin is doing it for Russian interests as opposed to U.S. interests? She never tells us what the U.S. Government interest is in killing off the American people? I mean, the idea is absurd on its face. There can be no government interest in killing off the people it is tasked with protecting. Are they doing it because these politicians and bureaucrats don’t want their retirement pensions? Of course, she does not explain.

One non sequitur follows another. Sasha says that the “Covid-19 vaccines are biowarfare agents, legally not medicines….” Where, may I ask, are the documents expressly demonstrating this? Here we find words of blame inserted, willy-nilly, throughout Sasha’s text. She writes as if the documents she cites can speak for themselves, saying in effect: “Hey, I’m a Pfizer contract and I’m proof that the U.S. Government wants to exterminate the American people.” And we, the audience, are supposed to look on, horrified and say, “Oh no. It is a smoking gun!”

But we see neither a gun nor smoke. In reality we see a mix of blind kittens, penetration agents, and greedy opportunists. Such people might enable a genocidal attack, unwittingly. But clearly, an attack of this kind can only originate from outside the country; for the motive of such an attack can only be found in the Chinese Communist Party, and in the secret speech of Chi Haotian which refers to “cleaning up America” so that a second China can be built in the lower 48 states.

Sasha presents her conspiracy theory, when all is said and done, in the following way: “The current war is the war of the global governments (plural), that only pretend to be at odds with each other, marketing themselves as ‘left,’ ‘right,’ … etc. in a never ending clown show of the political theater. Behind the scenes, the ‘official enemies’ are partners and co-investors into ‘joint ventures’ against us, [the] people of the world.”

Political Science 101, according to James Burnham, holds that, “Politics is about three things. It is about power, power, and power.” How does a government increase its power by exterminating its own people? Economics 101 teaches us that business is about profit. How do corporate executives maintain profits when they have killed off all their customers? Sasha’s analysis violates the fundamental axioms of politics and business. Such brilliant conspirators they all are! – drooling morons who want to kill and impoverish themselves!  

Sasha may mean well, but she has no analytical ability, no historical understanding, no strategic insight. I cannot understand why people forwarded her commentary to me, as if I was missing something. Her commentary is, in its own right, a false narrative – inverting blame for the pandemic and the vaccines (insofar as these represent a biological attack). Hers is a screed that disconnects motive from action, cause from effect, and real fact from childish imaginings.


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