Monstrous Crimes of the Inside-Out and Backward

Nobody now disputed that what occurred was a monstrous crime, but – committed by whom? Who is guilty? How did it happen that nobody saw this sooner? You will not find the guilty. One lot will insist that they knew nothing; another, that they were afraid; others still, that they believed.

Vladmir Bukovsky[i]

General Laura Richardson, with four stars, runs the U.S. Southern Command. Last week she said that the United States Government had asked several Latin American nations – including Venezuela and Cuba – to donate their Russian-made military equipment to Ukraine. The Pentagon has, according to Richardson, offered to give U.S military equipment in exchange for Russian-made equipment “if those countries want to donate to Ukraine.” The nine countries in Latin America are, “Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, and Venezuela.”

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Conversation With Piero San Giorgio: A Historical Overview

The very possibility that there are timeless truths is a reproach to the life of laxness and indifference that modern egotism encourages.

Richard M. Weaver

The atomized individual, cut off from his ancestors and his posterity, does not really see himself. And since he does not see himself, he cannot know himself. His education encourages him to specialize; that is, to know more and more about less and less. He sees history as a fragmented jumble of personalities and incidents which cannot be understood and probably should be ignored. He lacks the intellectual tools to see the patterns that are unfolding directly in front of him.

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Ideology, Subversion, and the Fall of Brazil: Not With a Bang

It was while I was going over these stories that I realized for the first time just how important a part of the communist movement in America the teachers were. They touched practically every phase of Party work. They were not used only as teachers in Party education, where they gave their services free of charge, but in the summer they traveled and visited Party figures in other countries. Most of them were an idealistic, selfless lot who manned the front committees and were the backbone of the Party’s strength in the labor Party and later in the Progressive Party. Even in the inner Party apparatus they performed invaluable services.

Bella Dodd[i]

Brazil is falling to the communists. America is only a few steps behind. Here is the process: You capture the public schools. You capture the colleges. You indoctrinate and capture the elite. At the same time, you infiltrate the seminaries and corrupt the churches. You take over the tax-exempt foundations. You enter the intelligence community, the government, and the media. You get control of the money spigot. You make and break careers. You finance false fronts. You shape the larger culture. You conquer society itself. There is one thing you must be careful of, however. When your tyranny becomes effective, and society collapses under your destructive policies, and freedom evaporates, the masses will come after you with their guns (if they have any). Perhaps they will come after you with their bare hands. So, it is advisable that you misdirect the masses. You must get them to blame someone else for your crimes. Even more to the point, if you decide to devastate society with a biological attack, you must convince your victims that someone else was behind it. You must maintain your innocence to the end, even as you are taking over the world in plain view.     

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Stoking the Fires of Civil War

Suppose the plan is to process millions of people and at some future date trigger those minds at one time? Would we suddenly have a world of saints or a world of armed maniacs shooting at one another from bell towers?

John A. Keel[i]

One can detect signs of a suicidal impulse; one feels at times that the modern world is calling for madder music and for stronger wine, is craving some delirium which will take it completely away from reality. One is made to think of Kierkegaard’s figure of spectators in the theater, who applaud the announcement and repeated announcement that the building is on fire.

Richard M. Weaver[ii]

It is January 2023. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues, with support flowing in from communist China and North Korea. On the brink of acquiring nuclear weapons, Iran also supports Russia. It is no surprise, therefore, that Cuba and Venezuela are hoping for a Russian victory in Ukraine, along with the old/new President of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who ambiguously supports “peace” in Eastern Europe – if only to mask his commitment to the Russia-China bloc.[iii]

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