Esoteric Leninism

…the USSR was designed and developed as (1) a resource base for the world revolution and (2) its military mobilization apparatus. And, if we consider its subsequent history on the basis of these goals and objectives, then all the actions of the Soviet authorities in the 1920s-50s, which sometimes seem insane, acquire an exhaustive logical explanation….

Dmitri Savvin [i]

Marxism-Leninism in Russia can best be understood as having an exoteric and esoteric side. The exoteric Marxism-Leninism was for export. The esoteric was what the leaders of the regime actually thought and how they operated. [2] Because the regime did not work so well in economic terms, and they were falling behind in technology, they initiated a New Economic Policy under Gorbachev along the lines set down by Lenin in 1922. They were compelled, for various practical reasons, to give up their exoteric Marxism-Leninism in 1991. Only a stupid minority believed that nonsense anyway, and what good are stupid people? Of course, the soft West was full of people who were willing to believe in that sort of thing. After all, they had never lived under it. And Moscow was sure to take advantage of them as before. By promoting feminism and abortion, to kill population growth, economic arguments could be made for importing Muslims and Africans to Europe. This would disorganize the West and bring ruinous consequences in the long term. Add global warming “science,” and naïve policies regarding China, and the West would be doomed to its own existential crisis. At the same time, the special services’  infiltration of Europe and America would continue at an accelerated pace.

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