Strategic Culture and the Art of Seeing

In reality, the main emphasis of the KGB is not in the area of intelligence at all. According to my opinion … only about 15 percent of time, money, and manpower is spent on espionage as such. The other 85 percent is [engaged in] a slow process which we call … ideological subversion or active measures…. What it basically means is, to change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent, that despite the abundance of information, no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves….

Yuri Bezmenov [i]

…the great majority of Americans could be said to represent a refutation on a large scale of the Cartesian principle, ‘Cogito ergo sum’; they ‘do not think and are.’ Better yet, in many cases they are dangerous individuals and in several instances their primitivism goes way beyond the Slavic primitivism of ‘homo sovieticus.’

Julius Evola [ii]

Anti-Americanism includes more than hatred of the American elite. It includes hatred of the American people as a whole. The reason for paying attention to enemies – to the superior minds in an enemy camp – is to know ourselves through the eyes of that enemy. Having an enemy, or a friend, is an unappreciated spiritual gift. We always have something to learn about ourselves from friends and enemies; from those who hate us, and those who love us; for hatred will always find our faults, as love will find our virtues. In America’s case there is a particularly dangerous fault crying out for correction. That fault is the superficiality of our intellectual culture, particularly our strategic culture.

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Brazil’s Presidential Election: The Fate of Bolsonaro

Politics is about three things: Power, power, and power.

James Burnham

What follows is my interview with Brazilian journalist Allan dos Santos, a leading anticommunist and supporter of President Jair Bolsonaro. Some years ago I did a regular podcast with Allan called Update Brazil. In our first episode we interviewed Diana West and Olavo de Carvalho (the Brazilian conservative philosopher). Allan is a famous voice for freedom in Brazil, breaking stories about communist and Chinese infiltration of that country.

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Patterns of Warfare: Discussion With Tommy Carrigan

The assertion that nuclear war will not be a continuation of politics is completely fallacious.

Colonel General Makhmut Gareev

We have several disturbing data points emerging in connection with the Ukraine War.

Point 1: On 23 September Polish teachers in Warsaw were asked to hand out iodine anti-radiation pills to students in case of emergency. In connection with this, the Polish Interior Ministry admitted that potassium iodide pills had been sent to regional fire departments after “media reports of fighting near the Zaprozhye Nuclear Power Plant” in southern Ukraine. Yet, the threat to the power plant has been alleged for months. Why send out these pills now?

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The Kerch Strait Bridge Attack

It doesn’t surprise me at all that the Russians are concerned about [the] Kerch bridge. It’s incredibly important to them.

General Philip Breedlove

According to former supreme allied commander for Europe, Philip Breedlove, commenting last July, the Russians are “very worried about Ukraine launching an attack on the bridge.” And this morning, 8 October 2022, the day immediately following Vladimir Putin’s birthday, the bridge was attacked (supposedly by a truck bomb).

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Macron and Marxism in France: A Discussion with Jean Robin

The general horizon of the era is communist. And this communism will have to be constructed on the basis of society’s self-organizing capacities….

Bruno Bosteels, “The Actuality of Communism”

As far as the communist idea is concerned, anybody who forgets that there are two truths in communism is likely to be deceived. The first ‘esoteric’ truth has a dogmatic and immutable character; it corresponds to the basic tenets of the revolution and is formulated in the writings and in the directives of the early Bolshevik period. The second is a changeable and ‘realistic’ truth, which is forged case by case, often in apparent contrast with the first truth, and characterized by eventual compromises with the ideas of the ‘bourgeois’ world…. The varieties of this second truth are usually set aside as soon as they have achieved their tactical objective; they are mere instruments at the service of the first truth. Therefore, those who would fall into this trap and believe that Bolshevism is a thing of the past, that it has evolved and that it is going to take on normal forms of government and international relations, are indeed extremely naive.

Julius Evola, “Revolt From the Modern World”

My Interview With Jean Robin

This is the first in a series exploring the history of communism in Europe and where things are headed.

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Mobilizations, Annexations and Pipelines

The Russian is clever, but always too late.

Russian Proverb

The Russian will never be able to dispense with the German.”

Otto von Bismarck

In the Russian-occupied oblasts of Ukraine, the voting is over. According to Russian officials, 95 percent of the voters want to be Russian. It seems that the people of Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Luhansk and Donetsk loved being invaded by Russia so much, they want to be annexed as well. It hardly matters that most of these people are non-Russian. The benefits of Russian citizenship are so appealing and so chocolate-filled, they could not resist. Everyone in Southwest Ukraine just loved how the Russians flattened the city of Mariupol. They admired so much the Russian artillerymen who attacked hospitals and apartment buildings. And the biggest bonus of all: A real KGB-man is now their president, instead of that Jewish comedian in Kiev. 

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