The Tragic Assassination of Dugin’s Daughter: Plus, a Video Interview

If I were to rend my garments every time Dugin hatches a new blasphemy, I would have to buy myself a whole new set of clothes….

Charles Upton

Alexander Dugin wanted to ride with friends after a festival event Saturday night. His 29-year-old daughter, Darya, drove his car while he rode in the car behind. Suddenly, the car Darya was driving exploded into a fireball and Darya was burnt beyond recognition. Russian President Vladimir Putin called the attack “vicious and cruel.” Undoubtedly it was. Who carried out the attack? Was it meant for Dugin? And what effect will it have on the war?

Dugin has enemies because his words have an unmistakable militancy. His rhetoric has been violent, even bloodthirsty. He has pushed the war in Ukraine, and many Russians have died who might, on reflection, blame him. War is attended by blame games. The Russian government, taking advantage of this tragedy as a propaganda bonanza, blames Ukraine. From the standpoint of the Kremlin, of course, Alexander Dugin and his daughter are expendable. Especially as the sight of a grieving father might be used to rally a nation that is having second thoughts about a war that is going badly.

On the occult side of the equation, Dugin has allegedly written about the ritual sacrifice of children (about fathers sacrificing their daughters). This is the creepy sort of writing an old fan of Aleister Crowley might engage in. And that, of course, is who Dugin is. Seeing how unserious Dugin is in his political discourse, the way he plays games with the truth, these creepy ideas were never thought to be serious. But now it seems that someone, or some thing, has take him very seriously. Maybe it was something that goes bump in the night.

Regardless of the darker forces at work, blood will answer blood. The heartbroken father says the Ukrainians must pay. The Kremlin says the same. As if to underscore Ukrainian culpability, the FSB claims to have evidence pointing to a Ukrainian woman who entered the country and successfully escaped across the border. But this does not pass a basic smell test. The FSB typically manufactures evidence in assassination cases, or finds no real evidence at all. Take the case of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, gunned down on a street near the Kremlin in 2015. In this case the FSB extracted confessions by torture. Suspects were killed before they could give testimony. The security cameras at the scene of the crime had been conveniently “turned off for maintenance” when the shooting occurred. Hours before being gunned down, Nemtsov was organizing a march against the war in east Ukraine that began in 2014. As with so many political assassinations in Russia, the Kremlin had motive and opportunity. And now, in the present case, the FSB has allegedly, somehow, identified Darya’s assassin in a matter of hours. You have to wonder.

Of his daughter, Dugin said, “She died for Russia, for the people.” Or did she die so that Moscow might justify more killing in Ukraine – of Russians and Ukrainians? It is impossible, at this distance, to say who detonated the bomb in Dugin’s car that killed his daughter. If Russia demands retribution, the suspicion is at least aroused that the death of Darya Dugina is being exploited to justify some kind of military escalation.

The accused assassin – a Ukrainian woman with a child – allegedly rented an apartment in the same building as Darya, following Darya as she moved around Moscow, changing her vehicle license-plates numerous times as she went. If this was all known, why wasn’t this woman arrested? A supposedly independent Russian media outlet, Agentstvo, asked why an assassin would bring along a child. Ilya Ponomarev, an exiled former Russian MP, suggested the assassination was organized by a Russian resistance organization known as the National Republican Army. But hardly anyone has heard of this group.

In Kiev Ukrainian officials are worried. Will weapons of mass destruction be used against the Ukrainian people? You have to wonder. This also dovetails with Russian activity around the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. Is Russia planning to detonate the plant and blame the Ukrainian “Nazis” in order to justify an escalation to tactical nuclear weapons? This may be Moscow’s only way to avoid eventual defeat.

One thing is certain. The war in Ukraine is the beginning of something larger. When the COVID outbreak began, some of us sensed that life would not be returning to normal. One crisis now piggy-backs upon another. We are facing crises involving food, energy, political stability, etc. There are deeper forces at work here, and deeper reasons. We have to wonder what the Russians and Chinese are planning. Why persist in a seemingly futile attack on Ukraine?

The minute we see that Russia is giving up on the war we will all breathe a sigh of relief. Yet the death of Dugin’s daughter signifies an escalation.

Below is my Sunday night discussion with Nevin Gussack

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Providence in History: The Maid of Orleans

If I am in it [grace], may God keep me in it, and if I am not, may it be God’s will to put me in it.

Joan of Arc, [at her trial]

Men do not share the same spiritual rank. There are the elect ones … who are granted revelation, and then there is the great mass of mortals who would flounder about in eternal darkness if God did not from time to time set astir the ‘highest virtues’ in some individuals who become capable of steering their fellow men in the right direction.

Eric Voegelin [1]

There have been many pretenders in history, many actors who rule through the mask of personality. These know how to imitate the good, the truthful and the just; yet they are empty shells seeking compensation through a mere increase of political power. They always strive to break down the checks and balances around them. By nature, these pretenders hate those who seek “justice and all things honorable … for their own sake.”[2]

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Back to the USSR: Hints from On High

If North Korean volunteers with their artillery systems, wealth of experience with counter battery warfare and large caliber multiple rocket systems, made in North Korea, want to participate in the conflict, well let’s give the green light to their volunteer impulse.

Col. Igor Korotchenko
National Defense Journal

Speaking on Rossiya 1 Television, Col. Igor Korotchenko said that North Korea had offered Russia 100,000 “volunteer” troops to fight in Ukraine. “Pyongyang will be able to transfer its tactical units to Donbas,” he added, describing the North Korean troops as “Resilient and undemanding”; but more important, he said they were “motivated.” What was most curious was the communist phraseology used by Korotchenko to describe this offer of troops from North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un: “If North Korea expresses a desire to meet its international duty to fight against Ukrainian fascism, we should let them.”[i]

According to a Soviet textbook, written by Kharis Sabirov in 1987, we are living in the “period of transition from capitalism to socialism” where socialism is “the first phase of the communist formation….”[ii] The text further explained, “Socialism, which is the negation of capitalism, means a revolutionary restructuring of all spheres of bourgeois society on the principles of scientific communism.” This can only be done in the course of a relentless struggle by stamping out the sources of [bourgeois] might….”[iii] The founder of the Soviet state, Vladimir Lenin, said that revolutionary socialism was international in character. After World War II, the followers of Lenin asserted that the communist parties of all countries have an international duty to unite and assist one another. In doing this, they were following Lenin’s lead. According to Sabirov, Lenin “upheld the principle of internationalism….” In this context, communist North Korea does not simply fight for the national interests of North Korea or of Russia. North Korea is duty-bound to the other socialist countries.

Korotchenko’s allusion to North Korea’s “international duty” is therefore a clue from on high. As he is Putin’s toady, he would never say anything to displease his boss. He would never use Leninist terminology unless that terminology was approved at the highest levels. The obliteration of the Ukrainian state, he has affirmed, is “absolutely healthy.” Why is it healthy? Because it signifies the restoration of the Soviet Union. In past appearances on Russian state TV channel Rossiya 1, Korotchenko outlined an optimistic scenario for “capturing the Baltic countries.”[iv] What possible reason could Russia have for invading three independent NATO countries? What possible reason does Russia have for invading and destroying the country of Ukraine?

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Discussions with Man in America and the Patriotic Populist: China and Russia Continue on War Path

We belong to the Marxist camp and can never be so thoughtless that we cannot distinguish friends from enemies. Nixon, Ford, Carter, and future American imperialistic leaders all fall into this category [of enemies].

Deng Xiaoping, 20 July 1977

The Chinese are continuing to mobilize against the West as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lands in Taiwan. This California politician has helped China and the Marxist cause throughout her career. Now the Chinese help to recast her by making threats related to her Taiwan trip.

Below is my recent interviews with at Man in America and Nevin Gussack, author of Golitysn Vindicated.

Nevin Gussack discussion


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