Putin’s Russia at the End of Its Tether, Part II

…Gorbachev was not what he seemed. Because he understood his dependent position … he deliberately demonstrated his distance, and he was afraid of fighting with the Party apparat….

Lev Timofeyev [i]

[You will be part of a] new clandestine structure where you will work with the best of the best. Your personnel files will be removed from the archives. No one will ever know your past. You will become a clandestine agent; you will begin to work for the Fatherland against those who want to destroy it…. I agreed…. I worked directly on cleaning up the archives of the KGB. Together with my files, hundreds of others were removed, including that of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

Nikolay (Anonymous KGB Official) [ii]

The criminal nature of Russia’s ruling structures is well known. The criminal nature of Marxism-Leninism is also known, but often ignored. Today the outward trappings of communism in Russia have been papered over – but not entirely. In Red Square, near the Kremlin, we see communist superstar Vladimir Lenin lying in state, after nearly 100 years, mummified in his mausoleum. The music of the Soviet anthem remains, with different words. Instead of “Leningrad” we have “St. Petersburg.” The tricolor flies over the Kremlin instead of the red banner with its hammer and sickle. The Nomenklatura controls the economy, with dolled-up Jewish oligarchs as front men. The KGB and GRU still function as before. The nuclear arsenal and nuclear defenses are new and improved. The army, however, is still the army of Stalin, the Army of 22 June 1941, the Army that lost a quarter of a million men in Finland during the Winter War, etc. And, for reasons unknown, Moscow has attempted to use this army – this Soviet artifact – to force Ukraine back into Moscow’s fold.

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