Russian Mobilization Continues: A Discussion with Cliff Kincaid

Even conservatives are failing to recognize the stakes here, not that … we’re in favor of sending American troops over to defend or die in Ukraine; but … this is a country just like the Republic of China on Taiwan that deserves its independence from … Russia. I mean, what has happened to the conservative movement, Jeff, where even people who claim to be conservatives on Channels like Fox News are failing to stand up for freedom and independence for freedom-loving people?

Cliff Kincaid

The Russian government has announced that all four of its fleets will be going to sea soon. Over 140 ships of the Russian Navy, all at one time, will be leaving port. The exact date has not been given as of this writing. Moscow is calling this “a drill.” At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin is going to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping on 4 February.

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