On Global Cooling with David DuByne: The Coming Food Crisis

Belief in manmade global warming depends on acting as if the laws of physics are suspended and we are living in special time in which the climate is unchanging apart from the hand of man. In a sense we actually are living in a special time relative to the last 3 million years, which has been an ice age. The special time we live in is an interglacial period — a temporary respite in the ice age.

David Archibald, The Twilight of Abundance

A cold wave hits Europe. Spain has to restart its coal plants. Siberia suffers 68 below zero temperatures on December 2. Record spring temperatures are recorded in Antarctica. Russia and China are husbanding their water and fertilizer resources. Fertilizer shortages begin to be felt in the United States and other countries. What is happening? How do we understand it? I decided to resume my discussion on global cooling with David DuByne of Adapt 2030. By popular demand….

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