The Taiwan Question

Who are our enemies, and who are our friends? This question is one of primary importance in the revolution. All past revolutionary struggles in China achieved very little, basically because the revolutionaries were unable to unite their real friends to attack their real enemies.

Mao Zedong, founder of Communist China
“Analysis of Classes in Chinese Society”

We have to make sure that we deter China on every front, and Taiwan is obviously critical. But most important, we must deter China in a way that does not unbalance our overall strategic position – which faces Russia in Europe and Iran in the Middle East (not to mention Cuba and Venezuela in the Caribbean). To understand our strategic position, it is worth keeping Chinese Grand Strategy in mind. The debate on Chinese grand strategy is difficult because China has successfully hidden its ultimate grand strategic direction and objectives. And so, we are left judging by actions. But actions can also be misleading. Even invasion preparations can be misleading.

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