Interview With Nevin: October 2021

People who live according to a falsified picture of the world sooner or later receive sharp blows….

Richard M. Weaver

Here is an interview I did with Nevin Gussack earlier this week. We discussed my analysis of Chinese strategy vs. Taiwan and the United States, how Art Bell was instrumental in encouraging me 23 years ago, and we also discussed why capitalism seems to be failing in the West.

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Why the Brazilian Supreme Court Ordered the Arrest and Extradition of Allan Dos Santos?

We are a free country and we will remain free, even at the sacrifice of our lives.

Jair Bolsonaro

On 21 October 2021, Brazilian Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes ordered the arrest and extradition (from the United States) of journalist Allan dos Santos of Terça Livre TV. What was Allan’s crime? He knew the Court was corrupt, and he had information on felonies committed by two of the Court’s justices. Determined to survive in place, these justices have created a new set of interpretations relating to the Brazilian Constitution. Their plan has been to wage war on something they call “fake news.” They have used their newly acquired powers to silence media criticism. But especially, they want to silence Allan dos Santos.

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The Taiwan Question

Who are our enemies, and who are our friends? This question is one of primary importance in the revolution. All past revolutionary struggles in China achieved very little, basically because the revolutionaries were unable to unite their real friends to attack their real enemies.

Mao Zedong, founder of Communist China
“Analysis of Classes in Chinese Society”

We have to make sure that we deter China on every front, and Taiwan is obviously critical. But most important, we must deter China in a way that does not unbalance our overall strategic position – which faces Russia in Europe and Iran in the Middle East (not to mention Cuba and Venezuela in the Caribbean). To understand our strategic position, it is worth keeping Chinese Grand Strategy in mind. The debate on Chinese grand strategy is difficult because China has successfully hidden its ultimate grand strategic direction and objectives. And so, we are left judging by actions. But actions can also be misleading. Even invasion preparations can be misleading.

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A Note on Brazil, Peru – And 22 Warning Signs

….Mao believes in the Marxist-Leninist theory that war is inevitable, but maintains that he is convinced that the capitalist powers, not the communist countries, will eventually launch a war in a desperate, last-ditch struggle to prevent communism from taking over the world by peaceful means.

Dan Kurzman [i]

Several years ago, I received text messages from a man in Brazil named Allan dos Santos. He was a student of Olavo de Carvalho, and wanted to start a podcast with me. He asked if I could get Diana West to join our first broadcast. On his side, Allan would get Olavo to join us. We would discuss how communism was threatening to take over Brazil and America. Diana and Olavo agreed to join us for a rousing discussion. The broadcast was a success. We had over 10,000 views in two or three days. Most of our listeners were Brazilians who understood English. Allan’s broadcasting efforts grew from there.

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Vaccine Madness, Part II

Though this be madness, yet there is method in it.

Shakespeare, “Hamlet”

We now live in a nation where generals destroy military readiness, doctors destroy health, airlines destroy air travel, the Justice Department destroys justice, and now we have a vaccine that does not vaccinate. The COVID-19 vaccines were supposed to eradicate COVID-19, but now that hundreds of millions are vaccinated the virus is killing more people than ever. Worse yet, the global economy is breaking under the strain. But the “leaders” of West are relentless; – especially President Biden, who has compared the experimental COVID vaccines to vaccines for polio, measles, mumps, etc. We want a cure, right? Biden says the vaccines are the cure. But the numbers suggest otherwise.

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End Game: Man in American Interview

If the ruler loves to use his knowledge to alter the laws, constantly manipulates public matters for his personal benefit, alters and changes the regulations and prohibitions, and frequently issues all sorts of directives, the state can be destroyed.

Han Fei-tzu, “Precursors to Extinction”

Are we in the end-game of an East vs. West Cold War that never really ended? If so, how might we tell who is winning? In The Tao of Spycraft: Intelligence Theory and Practice in Traditional China, Chapter 14 covers the topic of political intelligence, with a subsection titled “Signs of a Doomed State.” Here we read classic commentaries from ancient Chinese sages. Some of the warning signs might be applied to China, others might be applied to America. Are both countries doomed?

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A Tactical Aside From Mao Zedong

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

Mark Twain

In Dan Kurzman’s fine book, Subversion of the Innocents, we learn that Stalin’s strategy in the early Cold War proved inferior to Mao Zedong’s strategy. Mao’s program was called “The Yenan Way” and relied on a special kind of deception. It was all about disguising communists as agrarian reformers. It involved winning over middle class opportunists, businessmen and the intelligentsia. In primitive areas of the world, like Africa, Mao realized that communist ideology did not matter – so there was every reason to ignore Marxist doctrines. Everything was reduced to anti-Americanism or anti-European imperialism. As Kurzman explained, “The central purpose of the Yenan Way is actually not so much to gain mass support as to win over influential noncommunist ‘friends,’ particularly in the political field, who can open channels for infiltration in the highest councils of the nation. Such friends are obtained by any means that will work – lies, flattery, threats, blackmail, bribery, or outright purchase.”[i]

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Vaccine Madness, Part I

Throughout the stagnation period [under Brezhnev], not to mention the cult [of Stalin] era, people were afraid to say anything that conflicted with the ‘supreme’ opinion, learning only one thing – to vote unanimously for anything. We would take comfort from the fact that we were doing the same as everyone else. We were only bold when it came to political anecdotes…. Now we are only just learning to speak the truth.

V. Matveyenko
As quoted in Izvestiya
12 March 1988[i]

What happens to the truth when people are silenced? What happens after the government has extorted something vital from a nation – from its warrior class – by threatening people’s jobs, livelihoods, and freedom of movement? Once you have been intimidated into taking an experimental injection because you are “afraid to say anything,” or incapable of standing up, that is the end of your liberty. Your governors can ride roughshod over you and they know it. In that situation, only one comfort remains; namely, that you are doing what everyone else is doing.

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